The Heights (2019) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

1 Previously on the Heights - Do you regret it? - No.
But, obviously, you have some stuff to sort out.
You gotta see this.
It's your mum's death certificate.
I have a sister? Maggie was barely a year old when they removed her from your mother.
You don't like cheese all of a sudden? You know, I've got to go.
I'm sorry, the cake was too much, wasn't it? I shouldn't have done that.
('QUIET ZONE' BY TOM ROSENTHAL PLAYS) I wanna be in the quiet zone I wanna be here on my own Wanna see what I can do But I don't know what I'd be - If you were to go - (GASPS) Maybe it would be just fine Ring the bell and the bell would chime I could fly somewhere, somewhen - (PHONE BUZZES) - But I don't know what I'd be If you were to go Hey.
What's up? I need to burn my house down.
Oh? How do you feel about spiders? You want me to come over? Do you mind? I mean, I know it's against the rules, but No, sure, it's fine.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
(SIGHS) I don't know what I'd be if you were to go There's so much about your past that I didn't know back in London.
You knew enough, didn't you? Yeah, but you never talked about it much, did you? I guess not.
Why? I'm not my past, and I set my whole life up over there to be exactly what I wanted it to be.
But everyone's their past, whether they like it or not.
Man! This is getting a little deep.
I'm just saying, I'm seeing you in a different light is all.
All the cute things that you used to do here, like dressing up as a Spice Girl or getting beat up by kids at the canal I wish you'd talked about that stuff.
I guess I was self-conscious.
Your family is so well off and You know, that doesn't matter.
You know what? I'm happy.
A summer lost Hey! Hey.
Do you need a hand? Heard about your djook.
My what? Your sister.
- How? - Mich.
Oh, right.
Maggie is her name.
She was barely a year old when they took her.
Bloody government, taking kids away.
I tried contacting Link-Up last night, but it was out of office hours.
So, what do you know about her? Not much, her name, which could have changed by now.
She was born in West Point.
Do you know it? It's not far.
Little bit long way.
- Fishing's good.
- (BABY CRIES) Would you know anyone up that way? You got the nappy bag? No.
I asked you upstairs did you have it.
You know what? You're busy.
I'll speak to you about it later.
- Wait a sec.
- It's alright.
Just give me five minutes! (BABY CRIES) - It was above the fridge.
- Above the fridge.
No, what are you doing? You can't kill it.
Why? What?! I just want it closer to New Zealand.
To New OK.
It's un-Australian to kill a huntsman.
Um, alright, can you, uh, pass me a bowl or something? - Thanks.
- Easy.
Let's see it Not there.
Maybe it's down the side of the fridge.
- (PHONE RINGS LOUDLY) - Oh, my God.
Your phone is turned up to 11.
That is insane.
No, it's just in case the hospital try and call me and I'm dead to the world.
OK, so, maybe we have to just pull the fridge out or something.
It might have just gone behind it, I reckon.
Or we could just pretend that you know - Pav.
- it's run away and not do - What? - It's on your back.
Hmm? Whoa! Ah - Ahh! Ahh! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Whoa - (SCREAMS) (LAUGHS) Whoa.
If the bees die, we all die.
- That's dark.
- True though.
If all bees die, humans will only last four years.
I'm sure that's not gonna happen, bub.
It won't if we get some pet bees.
- Your mum home? - Yeah.
I thought we could finish that chat you ran away from.
- You ran away? - I didn't run away.
So, what were you talking about? I got a mate up at West Point.
We could ask him about your sister.
That's awesome! Thanks.
I'd love his number.
- He doesn't have one.
- Email? That either.
How do we contact him? We go up there.
We? Yeah, I thought I'd come with you.
I know that place.
Plus, this fella owes me 100 bucks.
Sweet, we can go today.
Yeah, the fish are fat up there this time of year.
I can't, sorry.
- Mum - I've got to work.
I've been assigned a new client.
We can go in a couple of weeks.
There's no hurry.
If the bees die, the world's gonna end.
Well, we'll still have four years, then, won't we? I can't, sorry.
Whenever you're ready.
It's like she doesn't even want to go.
I like your Mum.
She's ambitious.
You don't have a crush on her or something do you? Really? Wanna go back to mine and play Wolfenstein? - Yeah, let's do it.
- WATTO: Kam! Kam! - Hey, Kam.
- Oh, God.
I need a favour.
Why would I do you a favour? Iris won't sell to me at the moment.
At the moment? You're banned for life.
Over one banh mi.
Ridiculous! Alright, look, what do you need? This is worth the cost of a beer.
- A packet of water bombs.
- Seriously? Where did that come from? You have to help me, this is war.
Taste my bombs, leprechaun man! That's what your mother said.
OK, here's my theory.
You are petrified of spiders, but you wanted to maintain some kind of alpha male status with me.
Oh, that obvious? Uh, the manly squeal was a bit of a giveaway, - and the whole jazz hands thing.
- Yeah.
Iris, do you have any bug bombs? Left aisle, somewhere in the middle.
Ah, right.
Got it.
What you killing? Well, at this point, anything that moves.
The green one's better for spiders.
Oh, good to know.
Do you have any that just gently encourage them to leave the building? Not really.
We'll just apologise nicely before we nuke them.
How about that? Do you have any that work on humans, Iris? You two argue just like you're on your honeymoon or something.
We've got it from here.
Thank you.
RYAN: Are you kidding me? You couldn't live on one coffee a day.
Thanks for opening up.
Did you unplug Pac-man? What? Did you unplug Pac-man? No.
My high score's been wiped.
Are you trying to say I wiped your high score on purpose? No, I'm saying you're a dumb-dumb, who doesn't realise you're not supposed to unplug these machines.
I think that I'm the dumb-dumb.
I unplugged it last night.
Why? I was watching this show on conserving energy, and you're supposed to turn off all electric items when you leave.
We're a pub.
You didn't turn the fridges off too, did you? No, I'm not that stupid.
I'm sorry.
It's not a big deal.
Am I missing something? I feel like I've just murdered a cat.
Don't worry about it.
Why don't you go and get your high score back while it's still quiet? You're saying I can bludge? Pretty much.
Hey, um, did you know it's illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland? - Really? - Yeah, cause they get lonely.
My uncle makes us do this 'fact of the day' thing.
He thinks it helps with our English.
- You must know a lot of facts.
- They're all useless.
No facts are useless.
What's with everybody buying bombs? Sleeping Beauty is, without a doubt, the most useless female fairytale character.
The three fairy godmothers are pretty boss, though.
(PHONE CHIMES) Not another one.
It's great Mum got me a new number, but somebody's obviously shared it.
Show us.
You definitely don't want to see this one.
Oh, great.
He called me a skank too.
- Delightful.
- This really sucks, doesn't it? - Yeah, I'm pretty over it.
- Mm.
Quick, what's a cool fact I can tell the girls? Um, the mating ritual of a male hippo is to poo itself in front of a female.
Did you know it's illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland because the other gets lonely? We do now.
What are you guys up to? Um, Watto's in this massive water bomb fight.
Watto's the crazy Irish guy in the Hawaiian shirt, right? Yeah.
This I gotta see.
Quick! You're in the line of fire.
Who's firing? - (BENNY SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY) - That bastard, Benny.
He's got a height advantage, I'll give him that.
Aaah! - Did you get the bombs? Alright.
- Yeah.
BENNY: Reinforcements can't help you now! I designed a plan, so huddle around.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, we're not getting involved in this.
Yeah, we're just here to watch the show.
Show? This is life and death.
BENNY: It's hopeless! Victory at all costs! Benny's going to make it rain.
WATTO: Victory in spite of all terror.
(BOTH LAUGH) Oi, you think you can pick on us because we're girls? That's not even close! WATTO: Don't listen to him.
Fire! OK, so, how do we do this? You ever seen the end of 'Apocalypse Now'? - No.
- You've never seen 'Apocalypse Now'.
Seriously? Who hasn't seen 'Apocalypse Now'? We're gonna nuke 'em.
Time to earn your stripes, soldier.
Yeah, but won't this kill it? Yeah, that's the idea.
We're gonna burn your house down.
Oh, yeah, it did jump on your back.
OK, so, um, we'll just go on a countdown, and we'll go at the same time.
So, we'll go five, four, three - (HISSING) - Oh, no, mine's gone.
Mines gone! Two, one.
Whoa! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Whoa! (SIGHS) You can come to my house and save the day any time.
Good to know.
So, I can come round and save the day, but I can't be your plus one.
- Ohh! - Is that it? That is a boring work do! Oh, so, you weren't going to invite me? You actually weren't, were you? Hey.
We agreed to keep this casual.
That would be stepping out in public.
That's against the rules.
But we break the rules all the time, don't we? I mean, we help each other out with our kids, and I help you out with spiders.
Yeah, but what we have is working fine.
Except it's not casual.
Not anymore.
Not if I'm to be honest about it Well, it's not for me.
It's not casual for me.
I don't know what you want me to say.
So, here you go, take that.
So, just keep the doors and the windows open for, like, two hours.
Pav? (GAME BLEEPS) Don't act like you're not stoked by this.
No way.
It feels wrong that Chairman Meow isn't at the top of that scoreboard, taunting me at 56,821 points.
- You remember the actual score? - Oh, yeah.
I've been trying to beat it for weeks.
(IMITATES RUSSIAN ACCENT) Senor Fish will never take my top score, as long as I shall live.
Poor Senor Fish.
Didn't one of the Mr Birds eat him? Mm.
He was my favourite pet.
No-one's favourite pet is a fish.
- Hey, Ana.
- What? Would you rather be a reverse centaur or a reverse mermaid? So, I either have the head of a horse or the head of a fish.
Yeah, but you'd also either have fish arms or horse arms.
Fish don't have arms.
Neither do horses.
- Idiot.
- But it would be cool to have hooves.
Like when you don't want to talk to someone, you're like, "Talk to the hoof, moron.
" (LAUGHS) I would say that to Watto every single day.
OK, your voice is Fran Drescher's or your leg is a Toblerone and when it's gone, it's gone.
Is it a leg-sized Toblerone? Uh, proportionate to your body.
So, if I put my foot in my mouth, I'd have a feast? Correct.
(GAME BLEEPS) Alright, Watto, so, what's the plan? We need to stage a coup de main on the enemy's stronghold.
I'm sorry, English, please.
Mich, Amira, take the stairwell, get into position, ready to strike.
You two, take the ramp and create a diversion.
- Come out and face me! - Well, what are you waiting for? You expect us to take the fall? Every good soldier is prepared to take a bullet.
Plus, I can see rage in you.
Take it out on Benny.
What are you guys fighting over, anyway? Only the most important relic in Arcadian history.
Keep up those bombs! You want this trophy, you'll have to pry it from my cold, wet hands.
- Who are these guys? - Watto and Benny.
They're, like, famous around here.
For what? Being nuts? Pretty much.
It's pretty weird, eh? Why don't we just run up and grab whatever it is they're fighting over.
- Off you go, then.
- No way! You go.
- Your idea.
- Fine.
If you're gonna be such a chicken, I'll go.
WATTO: You thief! Oi, Mich? - Race ya! - Wait, wait, wait, wait! BENNY: No way! It was for me! (GAME BLEEPS) How'd you go? Few thousand short.
I'm sorry.
Really don't worry about it.
Nah, I feel like I came here and ruined something that you really cared about.
I don't care about it that much.
You seem pretty invested in it.
There's other games I can play.
And I'm sorry too.
For what? Making a big deal out of it.
Making you feel bad.
It's OK.
It's quiet.
Too quiet.
What do you think you're doing? Deserting.
Do you think the soldiers who knocked the stuffing out of the Germans in Stalingrad sat around and read a book between battles? Maybe, if they had Sabine on their side.
Tch-tch-tch! Hey, hey, hey, we're superhuman I'll never surrender! Oi, Benny! Time for a bath.
Ah! Sneak attack! This is so weird.
Final push, final push, final push, final push Time is ticking, push is on - Take that! - Stepping out, game on Game on, game on And that! Oh, my God, that can't be it.
- Whoo-hoo! - We won! We won! - My heroes! - We won! We won! - We won! - One for good luck.
- Yeah! - Whoo! Whoo-hoo! This is what you guys were fighting over? Skinny Harper's 1983 darts trophy.
I'll never let it out of me sight again.
Throw it down.
Come on.
Throw it down.
Come on.
Come on! - Ready? - Here it comes! Mutiny in the ranks! I'm gonna get you too, Kam.
Oh, I am too late for a coffee? I just turned off the machine.
Any way I could convince you to turn it on again? I turn into a she-demon when I don't have my caffeine.
And you're my favourite barista.
Oh! Now I have to say yes.
- Flat white? - That's me.
At least you get time to have a chat without the usual weekday crowd.
If I have a yarn on the weekday, I get scowls from the queue.
Oh, probably because they're all turning into she-demons.
Right? Hey, I've always wanted to ask, where's your mob from? - My mob? - Yeah.
Uh, how could you? You're not wadjela.
Uh, my Mum's from up north, but I never really knew her.
(ESPRESSO MACHINE HISSES) ('MUMMA' BY ELLI SCHOEN PLAYS) I don't wanna grow old, Mumma I don't wanna find gold, Mumma I wanna climb trees till my very knees bleed I wanna stay close Stay close to me Stay close to me (TRAIN HORN BLARES) They're just not working.
How do you bait the traps? - Cheese.
- No good.
Arcadian mice only eat muesli bars.
I used to run me own exterminator company.
Oh, was that before you sold pools or after you ran your pizza shop? You want the critters gone, hire me.
One beer per body.
No deal, Watto.
You don't need me.
I What? Here.
At the bar.
Lottie's a natural.
Doesn't mean there isn't room for you.
Actually, it kinda does.
Everyone loves you here.
All the regulars, everyone.
They've been offering me more shifts at the hospital.
Well, we can just cut your pub hours back, if you want? I've been thinking about going back to school part-time, becoming a nurse.
You said so yourself.
Sure, but that doesn't mean that you just have to quit You'll be fine without me.
May as well make this my last shift.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm not going off to war, dumbo.
Bloody eejit.
Sorry? For letting her go.
She's the only one who could pour a beer around here.
I went to a private school.
It's not all that.
Yeah, but you had a choice, though.
That's true.
I'm just saying, if you don't get in, it's not the worst.
Why'd you change schools again? We moved.
This was closer.
You went to an all-girls school, right? Yeah.
Sometimes I felt like I was in 'The Hunger Games'.
- I don't know, I think it's better.
- Same-sex schools? Yeah.
You know, less distractions, less hormones.
Oh, they're there, trust me.
So, where's Rose? She's away with her parents.
I thought you two were inseparable.
Uh, not really.
Kinda really.
Could say the same about you and Sabine.
- What's going on there? - Huh? Amira and Mich.
- I think he likes her.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Either that or he's having some sort of brain aneurysm.
So, what do you want to do now? Uh, we could go to the movies.
- Sounds good.
- (HORN HONKS) That your Mum? Just give us a sec.
What's up? - We're going.
- To West Point.
What about work? This is more important.
That's wicked, Mum.
Uh, just give me a second.
Should I be this nervous? What are you so nervous about? I don't know.
I just am.
Storms make trees take deeper roots.
Is that an Indigenous quote? Dolly Parton.
(CHUCKLES) ('LISTEN TO THE EARTH' BY TRACEY BARNETT PLAYS) Well, I'm thinking The time has come When we all need to change And I'm thinking I cannot judge if I am not doing all I can So, I cry out "Mother, help me grow into who I wanna be" And I cry out "Mother, shape me to the one" What's that gross smell? How was your day, dear daughter? Fought in my first war.
Wasn't all that.
(CHUCKLES) What are you doing? When did you become so fearless? Well, ever since I entered the public school system.
CLAUDIA: Oh SABINE: (OUTSIDE) Run free, live long.
Whose shirt is that? No-one's.
- It's your boyfriend's.
- He's not my boyfriend.
Oh, my God, Mum, he is! He's bringing you cookies, baking you cheesecake, leaving his shirt here.
Get over it! I have to pop out.
What, now? I just got home.
Oh, yeah, cause my life revolves around you.
Oh, actually, it pretty much does.
I need to get a life.
Back soon.
But Whatever.
('LOVE IS A HURRICANE' BY STUART ORCHARD PLAYS) Your love is a hurricane (KNOCKS) Can't see for the pouring rain Oh, hey.
Thank you.
Do you own a suit and, more importantly, do you look hot in it? (LAUGHS) I look hot in everything.
But I've got to warn you, hospital functions drain the atmosphere like black holes.
I've got some baggage.
No! Really? Do you? Well, we all have baggage.
Mine turned up on our first date, didn't it? Yeah, but your baggage is lovely.
- My baggage is dark and bitter and - Twisted? Yeah.
What are you gonna do? Just avoid it for the rest of your life? Yeah, that was the plan.
What are you scared of, exactly? Um, spiders.
And cheesecake, clearly.
What? What is it? Being responsible for another person's feelings.
And having mine governed by someone else again.
Well That's just life sometimes, isn't it? Yeah, I guess.
So, what do you want to do? I want to get over it.
I know it doesn't feel right sometimes - Evening.
- Evening.
We're dating.
- Trust me, we know.
- Everyone knows.
(BOTH LAUGH) My mother was a Gibson.
Did you know her? Men, Hazel.
Can't trust 'em.
Go, go, go! I don't take cash anymore.
Cash is all I'm offering.
When I walked out Mum?