The Heights (2019) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

1 Previously on the Heights Kat, I've got to pop into work for a bit.
Dad, are you right with her? Hey, your lunch is getting cold.
You're going to have to eat mine.
I'm really sorry.
Where's your mob from? - My mob? - Yeah.
Mum's from up north, but I never really knew her.
I don't see monogamy as particularly practical.
- So he knows about me? - Yeah.
And you're together now? Are you having an affair? Kinda.
It's complicated.
- Last class done.
- Yep.
- How does it feel? - Weird.
I'm just getting the hang of it, and that's it for a while.
You'll be back.
Yeah, but maybe not here.
Want to do something tomorrow? Mark the end of your first placement? What are you thinking? A few beers in the park.
And then? Play your cards right, maybe a kebab.
Come in here for a minute.
What for? Won't take long.
Come on.
As if I'd just let you leave.
Get stuck in.
Hey, thanks.
- Thanks.
- All done? Guess so, yeah.
It's been wonderful having you here.
Yeah, it's been fun.
Would we say fun? Um, it hasn't been completely awful the whole time.
That's better.
Have you had one of these? No, not yet.
You have to.
These are one of yours, aren't they? Of course.
James gets Hugo to make these incredible custard tarts.
- Ah.
- Try one.
I'm lactose intolerant, so Hugo's a genius.
Have you met him? Once or twice.
Can I give you a hand wrapping? Oh, no, I'm nearly done.
I feel like I should do something.
Where are the rest of the presents? I can start on those.
This is it, Mark.
- Oh, right.
- It's not like last year.
Yeah No.
Maybe she won't notice.
Yeah, like she didn't notice when we told her she couldn't go to Dinotopia anymore.
Well, come on, that place was ridiculous to start with.
They were charging, like, 50 bucks a ticket.
- She'd already told her friends.
- I heard it wasn't even that good.
It was just these cardboard cut-out dinosaurs with these phoney sound effects.
I mean, I could do that.
Anyone could.
Rarrh! Rarrh! Scary dinosaur.
Rarrh! I mean, come on, party in the park, family all together, kids stuffing their face with cake, that's the kind thing you're going to remember when you get older.
Damn it.
I haven't done the cake.
Can we order one? Well, no, they're like 80 bucks, Mark.
I'll make one.
I'll make one.
And then everyone in school said that my joke was way funnier than Mikey's.
God, does no-one know how to spell? Mum? Were you even listening? I'm sorry, sweetie.
What were you saying? Nothing.
Doesn't matter.
Hey, Kitty-Kat.
Hey, Dad! - Brother.
- Sister.
- You guys hungry? - Depends.
Lasagne in the oven.
Then yes.
Oi! Don't make a mess in there.
I'm not the slob, bum-face.
You alright? Yeah, just work.
I'm on this case that feels like it's never going to end.
- I've got to go in tomorrow.
- Oh.
You've got to work another Saturday? I'm so not going to be a lawyer.
Hey, Mum, did you pack my costume for tomorrow? What? For Frankie's birthday party.
You didn't pack it? You didn't think to check, say something earlier? Well, maybe I did and you just didn't hear.
OK, I will drop it off before work.
- And that's my cue.
- Oh that was quick.
- OK, bye, my loves.
- Have a good one.
- See ya.
Love you.
- Love you all! Come and sit down.
Happy birthday to you Cha-cha-cha Happy birthday to you Cha-cha-cha Happy birthday, dear Frankie Cha-cha-cha Happy birthday to you Cha-cha-cha You can open it.
Great, thanks.
- How come there's only one? - Noah, it doesn't matter.
It's a bit different this year.
Presents are literally the least important thing about birthdays.
Should we name a few things that are more important? Dad, don't be boring! I'm thinking family, friends.
What else, Noah? Dinotopia tickets? Awesome.
I saw this in the shop.
It's the best.
Hey, don't forget your other prezzie here.
What's it for? Well, it's a box.
I made it.
You can, um you can put your jewellery and stuff in it.
Thank you, Dad.
That's alright.
It should last you a while.
It's a really beautiful timber.
I love it.
I'll go and check on the cake.
Look at that box.
Flat white? Uh, yeah.
Strong one today, please.
What are you doing? Secret mission.
Right now, in the height of party prep? This is party prep.
OK, whatever.
I thought you said you had it sorted.
Yeah, I do.
Food's done, Leonie's bringing ice, you've done the cake.
- Uh - Is that my cake? Uh hmm, it is.
Don't worry, I'll make another one.
It's OK, I won't have a cake.
Guys, could you go out to the shed and grab the esky? Go on, go.
- She has to have a cake.
- Yeah, she will.
OK, let's I'll sort it.
Leave it with me, alright? OK.
- Hey.
- You can bake right? - I can cook.
- Same difference.
Mate - Uh-oh, here comes the lecture.
- Hey? The what? Mark, cooking is an art form.
It's improvisation, it's self expression.
Baking, on the other hand, is a prison.
It's chemistry.
One mistake and everything collapses.
Tell me about it.
I made a cheese cake for Claudia, almost killed me.
Mate, can you make me a bloody birthday cake or not? I won't enjoy it.
I just need a cake.
OK, fine.
What do you know about the late Cretaceous period? More than you do.
Oh OK, here I am riding on about 20 minutes' sleep, but also four shots of coffee, so I think I've levelled out.
Amazing that I've been on this case three years, and never met Lucas.
- Oh, Leonie.
- What time's he coming in? It'd be good to go over those extension details one more time beforehand.
He cancelled.
I'm sorry, what? He can't come in today.
Then what are we doing here? I'm supposed to be helping a friend with her daughter's party.
Well, there's still plenty to do.
This email just came in from the builders pushing the completion date back.
And this can't wait till Monday? Well, we're here, right? So why not deal with it now, then we can go in hard first thing Monday.
Show me what you've got.
So this is the nerd cave? What are you doing here? Got your commerce homework.
- Why do you have it? - 'Cause.
You're not even in that class.
No, I take drama instead.
Of course you do.
Well, it's just drama's completely useless.
Could learn a thing or two.
Not for what I want to do.
Richard Branson, Elon Musk What about them? They have charisma.
I have charisma.
What? I do.
Look, you don't learn charisma in drama anyway.
No, we mainly learn about why Mr F's wife left him.
Hey, can you stop snooping around? Relax.
You're not even supposed to be back here.
OK, if you don't want your homework, then I guess Oh, yeah, hold on.
I want it.
Oh, you want it, do you? Yeah.
Um, Mich told me to give it to you.
He's busy with Amira.
- I know.
- Yeah.
It's cool you have a place to study.
What about you? Where do you study? I don't study, remember? I'm just a drama dumb-dumb.
Nah, don't have anywhere to anyway.
My house is always full of people.
Yeah, same.
You're right.
About what? You have charisma.
Like a quark.
What's a quark? The tiniest atom on earth.
Look it up nerd.
See ya.
Alright, I probably should have told you I failed chemistry at school.
I thought you did a cheesecake.
Yeah, but it has a biscuit base.
It doesn't have to rise.
No chemistry in that.
Look, can we go again? - Yeah, I'll give it another crack.
- Are you sure? Because this you know, this is my daughter's birthday cake.
Yeah, no, it'll be fine.
How hard can it be, right? Yeah, alright.
You'll bring it with you? Yeah, I will.
You going there now, are you? Uh, no, just a couple of things I need to do first.
What are you going to do? - Rarrh! - Whoa! Terrifying.
- And? - And extremely learned.
- Nice.
- Thanks, Dad.
We're going.
Really? I've been doing good work, I promise.
What work? Where's the cake? It's all taken care of, OK? Don't worry.
What, so, are you meeting us there, then? Can you forward me the original documents? I can't find them.
Um, emailing you now.
Pav, what's up? I'm a bit busy.
We've got a serious costume dilemma on our hands here.
She forgot, didn't she? I knew she would.
You forgot, didn't you? Yep.
I'm already at work.
So swing past my house.
Use the spare key.
I can't, I've got a cake in the oven.
A cake? What are you Look, I can't do anything about it now.
Just do what you can I'm sorry.
How's this? Oh.
That's good! I think we might be OK with the costume thing.
Thank God.
OK, bye.
Told you she'd forget.
It's official, I might be the world's worst mother.
Kat has a dinosaur party today, and I forgot to take her costume Sorry did you get those docs? Yep.
Thank you.
You don't have time for a girlfriend.
Huh? The girl that was here.
Rose? She's definitely not my girlfriend.
- Who is she? - Just some girl from school.
She has a curse on you.
Do you mean a crush? No, a curse.
You stay away.
I plan to.
Wait till you go to university for girlfriend.
Fine by me.
Sully had a crush on a boy in school, fail his exams.
- Love is risky.
- OK.
I get the picture.
Love is a waste of time.
If that's true, then where did Sully come from? English, please? He's a gift from God.
I'd forgotten how hideous kids' parties are.
- Oh, come on.
- Why am I here again? Oh, relax.
Go put on your costume.
- You wish.
- Hey, honey.
You look great.
- Thanks! - Don't you? I think my brain's blocked the memory to protect me.
Like soldiers who've been to war and seen the darkest horrors of humanity.
- Maybe I've got PTSD.
- Pav, hi.
Is Leonie on her way? - Er - With the ice? - Uh, no, she's at the office.
- On a Saturday? Yeah, she's deeply passionate about property development.
I can get the ice.
I mean, I don't want you missing out on all the fun.
- No, I think I'll cope.
- How much? Uh, I don't know, three or four bags? - On it.
- Thank you.
Where's Mark? Mum, everyone's bored.
- Well, entertain them.
- I can't.
They want giant dinosaurs like at Dinotopia.
Well, we don't have any giant dinosaurs, do we? Did someone order some dino-mite? Huh? Come on, my little palaeontologists.
Come on, kids, gather round.
We've got some serious work to do.
Dad? What are you doing? Dad? I see no Dad, no.
My name is Doctor Fossil, world famous expert on all things dinosaur.
We're talking Triassic, Jurassic, crustacean - That's a crab.
- Oh, yes, yes.
It's a crab.
Yes, that's right, I mean Cretaceous, of course, yes.
Now, who here has a favourite dinosaur? Because mine is the pterodactyl, the world famous swimming dinosaur.
The pterodactyl didn't swim.
It flew.
OK, Mr Smarty Pants, tell me this then, what noise does a pterodactyl make when it's going to the bathroom? - What? - Nothing! Because its P is silent.
Tough crowd.
Alright, kids, alright.
This area here is very rich with fossils.
- Really? - Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
There's all sorts of remnants to be found here.
So all you have to do is dig a little.
Ooh! Yes, yes, yes.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh! Yes, it definitely, definitely tastes of fossil.
So, everybody, grab a brush and a shovel thingy.
- You mean a trowel? - A trowel! Yes, yes.
Good girl.
Grab a trowel.
Grab your tools, and let's all head for the dig site.
OK, kids? Let's go! Over here.
Let's go, come on.
Let's go.
Everybody start digging.
You'll love it.
There's definitely some fossils over here.
I saw them earlier.
You made these? I had a bit of help, but, yeah.
They're very good.
Well, they're for you.
Enjoy them.
- Well, thank you.
- We going? Yeah, sure.
We've got Mum and Dad for dinner tomorrow.
I thought Hugo was an amazing cook.
Cooking's not the problem.
It's the cleaning.
It's a 24-hour frenzy.
Can't be in the house.
Wow, life is hard.
Then him and Dad will get started on racing and I swear I want to put my head in the oven.
But get through it, they go home, and then, er, next week Hugo's in Brisbane for work.
So I'll be wide open.
Want to come over for dinner? Maybe.
Beer? I don't want a beer.
I don't want to have dinner with you next week either.
I don't want to do anything.
I'm sorry, I just feel No, I'm not sorry.
I just feel like I'm always going to come second with you.
I'm here now, aren't I? Yeah, that's 'cause Hugo's at home cleaning.
Cleaning the house you share with him.
He's got that number one spot, and that's it.
When people look at you, they think of Hugo.
Hugo's tarts are amazing.
Oh, everyone thinks Hugo's great.
I'm the gap filler.
There's no us.
You and Hugo, there's an us, and we're not.
And I want to be an us with someone.
I do.
That's it? What do you want me to say? You're right.
There's nothing to say.
If you dig down there I found a tooth! Oh, well done! Ah, sorry, what was your name again? - Frankie! - Frankie! Yes, yes.
Well done, Frankie.
I want a tooth! You'll just have to keep digging.
- Are there more? - Oh, yes, there's always more.
How do you know? Well, kids, kids-kids-kids, gather round.
Come here.
Let me tell you a story about a dig I was doing in South East Asia.
We were looking for Stegosaurus remains.
I'd been digging for months, I was tired.
I wanted to give up, but I didn't.
So I kept pushing.
- And do you know what I found? - What? A whole T-rex skeleton.
- No way.
- Yes, way.
Meanwhile, what do you call a dinosaur with no eyes? What? Do-you-think-he-saurus? Thank you, Pav.
Alright, go back to digging, everybody.
- Dig-dig-dig.
- Dr Fossil's killing it over there.
- Pav? Did you do this? - Yeah, yeah, is it OK? - Do you like it? - This is perfect.
- Oh, great.
- Thank you.
Took me a few goes, but I ended up using the Women's Weekly recipe in the end.
- Ah.
- Ice! And something for the grownups.
You are my hero.
Dad! Look what I found.
A fossil.
Maybe we should take it to the museum.
No way.
They'll just steal it.
- Can we call Mum? - Yeah.
They are pretty well set for security.
Can you get the documents together? Leonie? Security docs.
Got it.
- Hey.
- Mum! It's me.
Oh, hey, Kitty-Kat.
How's the party going? - I found a fossil! - You what? - A fossil! In the garden.
- Wow.
It might be a millions years old.
That's amazing.
Yeah, she found a fossil.
- So I hear.
How's it going? - Ah, pretty good.
Apparently you were meant to get ice or something.
Yes, I was meant to get ice.
Say sorry to Renee for me.
- Will do.
- OK, bye.
OK, so you'll bring the paperwork to call in that security.
I'll brief the client on Monday.
Be really good if you were in on that call too, actually.
Sorry, Ian, can I just stop you there? What is it? Um I quit.
I beg your pardon? I'm done.
I can't work here anymore.
You don't mean that.
Yeah, I do.
I can't work here anymore.
I just absolutely cannot be here another minute.
Finished for the day? Forever.
I quit.
I just quit my job.
On ya! So how does it feel? That good? Better.
How long have I been coming in here? I don't know.
As long as I've been here.
And I still don't know your name.
Nice to meet you.
So where are you from, Jimmy? I'm Noongar.
From Northam.
- Uh-huh.
- Part of the Hurleys? Cool.
OK, everyone.
Enjoy your cake, keep on digging, and how about a special congratulations to today's champion palaeontologist, Frankie.
- Hip-hip! - Hooray! - Hip-hip! - Hooray! - Hip-hip! - Hooray! Well done, Frankie.
You'll make a terrific palaeontologist one day.
Alright, guys, I've got to go now.
I'll see you later.
OK, who wants cake? Me.
I want the tail.
- I'll have the head.
- No, I want the head.
You can have the hoof.
Your Dad is awesome.
I know.
Alright, that is for you, and who else wants cake? - Me! - Kitty-Kat.
- Mum! - Hey! Don't you look great? - Hey, where's the exciting find? - Here.
Oh, my goodness.
That is the most incredible fossil I have ever seen.
Isn't it great? We thought it should be in the museum.
- No, they'll just steal it.
- Told you.
- Do you want some cake? - I would love some.
Thought you were working all afternoon.
- I don't work anymore.
- What? What do you mean? What happened? It's been a very big day.
Oh, hey, Frankie, how are you? Sorry I'm late.
What'd I miss? Dr Fossil.
Dr Fossil? Oh, I love that guy.
- Dad - What? I'm just gutted.
Oh, man.
Was he good? He had a really dumb accent.
And terrible jokes.
What? Are you sure? Positive.
I heard he was pretty good.
Home so soon? Where's James? Hey! What are you doing? They're no good for you.
I know it was you.
What? - I know it was you.
- What? - Dad, I know it was you.
- Who? Dr Fossil.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I saw you take the colander out of the kitchen, which you used as a hat.
No, that's not ringing any bells.
Hey, what do you call someone who doesn't stop talking about dinosaurs? I don't know.
Goodnight, Frankster.
Happy birthday.
Alright, goodnight.
How long you been there? Hey, did you hear my awesome joke about the dinosaur? That's some of my best work.
- Oh, you haven't heard mine yet.
- What? How do you know if there's a dinosaur in the fridge? The door won't shut.
No, there is no dinosaur in the fridge, but there is a bottle of champagne.
I think we deserve a glass.
Or three.
Come on, then.
Well, I think you're avoiding who I am.
No, I'm not.
You were a cop.
You're ashamed of me.
I gave it everything I had, and it wasn't enough.
- Sully - Don't.
I mean he's ugly, but what's the problem? Dad's got a new girlfriend.
For someone who claims to be straight, you sure hang out with a lot of gay guys.
Waste someone else's time.