The Hills (2006) s01e01 Episode Script

New City, New Drama

Hi, I'm Lauren.
I grew up in Laguna Beach, a small town with big drama.
But now, it's time for me to move on.
I got an apartment with my good friend, Heidi.
I'm going to fashion school, and I scored an interview for a killer internship with Teen Vogue.
This is my chance to make it all happen in the one city where they say dreams come true.
Geplaatst door: Wendelina1987 Hi! I was so Ionely.
This is cute.
- Hi! - Are you all moved in? - No, I didn't do anything.
- Heidi! Well, I think it's, like, something we should do together, like a bonding thing, you know? - I want to, like, see my apartment.
- Okay.
- Is that okay? - Let's go see it.
Let's go see it.
Come on.
Come on.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Surprise! - I like the red.
- Isn't it gorgeous? - Oh, my God! - So, we need to figure out how big we can get a couch here, too.
A really little one! And upstairs, awesome! - Heidi? - Yeah.
- TV's up here.
- Yeah.
I can see myself, like, running up We need to get, like, a fire pole.
You know, like - What time is your Vogue thing today? - 5:00.
- Are you nervous? - Yeah.
- How are you gonna do your hair? - I'll do my hair normal.
It's like, "Wow, you're really fashionable.
"You should work here.
" Hello? Yeah, this is she.
I can get there as soon as I can.
Okay, bye.
Okay, bye.
The person I'm interviewing with has - What? - Well, she has an event tonight, and they just asked if I could be there in 20 minutes.
What? Dude, I have to get ready in 10 minutes.
- What's the look you're going for? - I don't know! - The look is - Like, sophisticated? - Cute? - I had till 5:00 to get ready.
- Okay.
- Black cardigan, found it.
Okay, this is probably really bad for my skirt.
- Yeah.
- Well, it's a flatiron.
It irons my hair.
I gotta go.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- I'll be by the pool if you need anything.
- Bye.
Love you.
Lisa, this is Lauren.
- Hi.
- Hi, Lauren.
How are you? - Pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Can you hold on one second? I'm sorry.
Hello? Okay.
Okay, thanks.
- Why Teen Vogue? - Because, I mean, I love Vogue.
I've read Vogue for years, and I loved Teen Vogue because, like, that's where I get ideas for everything I do.
And I like that it does have all the fashion, and then, like, in every one, they have, like, an issue that affects teens.
- Can you write? - Can I Yeah.
You can? Good? Well, I enjoy writing.
I'm not No, no, no, no.
- Hey, baby.
- Hello.
Lauren, this is Audrina.
Audrina, this is Lauren.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
This is my first new friend in L.
- You been having a hard day, babe? - I've been very busy.
- Heidi! - I had to make friends for us.
All right, let's hear about it.
I seriously hope I get it.
- I'm gonna be so bummed if I don't.
- What intern did you apply for? I applied for an internship with Teen Vogue.
I'm sure you'll get it.
Well, you definitely have to hang out with us.
- Cool.
- You're adopted.
So, what nights How many nights do you work? Normally, I usually work, like, - Holy full-time.
- Yeah.
I just really don't like working.
Hey, guys, you know people do have full-time jobs.
Crazy thought, I know, like, way out there.
I have a full-time job.
I go out every night.
That is a full-time job in itself.
When do you find out about your job or not, if you get it? I don't know.
They said sometime this week.
So, hopefully, like, tomorrow or the next day.
- They wouldn't leave you hanging.
- Yeah, they would! Some people do, like, they just You don't get a call back.
You'll have one.
You'll be good.
Teen Vogue.
- Thanks, guys, for being so reassuring.
- Don't worry about it.
You'll get it.
I can't wait to start going out more.
I know.
But as soon as we start school, it's gonna be kind of hard 'cause we're going to be busy.
- Crap.
- School gets in the way of everything.
I'm, like, already, like, ready to finish.
- Heidi, you haven't even started here.
- I know.
- You must be Heidi and Lauren.
- Yes.
- Hi.
- I'm Susan Aronson.
- Very nice to meet you.
- Hi, I'm Heidi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Heidi, nice to meet you as well.
- I'm gonna start with you, Lauren.
- Okay.
And then I'll come out and meet with you right after that.
- Okay.
- Come in.
Have a seat, and welcome to Los Angeles.
I do want to tell you that we are very proud of you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Because we notice your 3.
- It's a whole new story.
- Yeah.
It's almost one grade point above, and that's a wonderful beginning.
How do you feel about your major, product development? I like it so far.
I mean, it seems like I've kind of looked over them all, and this is definitely where I have the most interest.
You have an interview with Teen Vogue? - That's very exciting.
- I know.
- That's a great opportunity.
- So A lot of students would pay to have that opportunity.
To work for Teen Vogue, that's like the top.
When I get an opportunity like this that I'm really interested in, I will devote everything to it.
What a together gal.
Come on in.
Make yourself comfortable.
- Have a seat.
- Oh, it's so pretty.
How would you characterise yourself as a high-school student? I never learned anything.
I never went to school.
I never did anything.
I just, like, went shopping and hung out, going out, so - Have you looked at the curriculum? - No.
- Have not looked at the curriculum? - No.
Well, let me ask you this, what do you What are your goals? Well, I want to do P.
That's, like, my ultimate goal.
I want to be, like, the fun, party P.
Girl in L.
, type of thing.
So that's kind of what I would do, - kind of more, like, the party scene.
- Party scene.
But it usually takes someone being in the industry for a very long time to land on the fun type - of "I want to organise a party" position.
- Really? It's not, like, right away? You don't get to do that? - No.
- No? No.
I mean, would you be willing to work in retail sales? You mean, like, actually working the floor and stuff? - Actually working the floor and stuff.
- Yeah, I don't think I could do that.
You couldn't do that.
Are there any other majors you were thinking about - or other industries other than fashion? - No.
You feel you're Are you sure you're in the right college? Yeah.
Can you get that? - Hello? - Hi, Lauren, it's Chantal from Teen Vogue.
I have Blaine on the phone for you.
- Oh, okay.
- Can you hold, please? Yeah.
Teen Vogue? It's a long hold.
- Hello? - Hi, Lauren, it's Blaine.
I'm one of the editors here at Teen Vogue.
I just wanted to give you a little feedback.
First of all, it's really tough for us to make this decision.
There are not a lot of interns that we find that are ready at the age of 19.
It's just You need to have a lot of experience in writing and fashion and publicity and all this stuff if you want to be an intern at Teen Vogue.
So, that said, Lisa really liked you and saw a lot of potential, and we'd like to offer you an internship.
- You had me nervous.
- You had me nervous.
And we think it might be a good match and we We have high hopes for you.
So, yeah, again, if you want to think about it and get back to us, that's okay.
Oh, no.
I'd like to formally accept.
Great, great.
Well, then, that works out really well.
- We'll see you tomorrow.
- Thank you very much, Blaine.
What a freaking relief.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I'm just here for my first day.
- What's your name? - Whitney.
- Whitney.
- Yeah.
Hi, Lisa.
Whitney's here in reception waiting for you.
Okay, great.
She'll be right out.
- Just wait over here.
- Okay, thank you.
- Okay, girls, are you ready? - Yeah.
I'll take you back now.
All right, Whitney, you can have a seat right here.
- Oh, wow.
- Lauren, you can sit right here.
And someone will be with you in a minute.
- Cool.
Thank you.
- Bye.
This is awesome.
I don't want to touch anything 'cause I don't know what I'm allowed to touch yet.
You're fired already.
You're fired.
Hi, this is Olivia.
- Hi.
- Olivia, this is Whitney.
- I'm Whitney.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is Lauren.
- Hi.
Good to meet you.
- Hi.
Olivia is one of our fashion editors.
I want to have her, you know, check out your ensembles, 'cause we always want to look our best for Lisa.
I just feel like you need something to cover your shoulders a little bit, maybe.
Obviously, the Teen Vogue style is all about the mix, which is why, like, a little jacket on top of this would really be ideal.
I feel like maybe that's a little too matchy-matchy.
- We've kind of done the western look.
- Okay.
- Why don't you give that a whirl? - Take this off? Okay.
Most probably gonna be a little bit big on you, but - That looks great.
- Okay.
- You happy? - Just more Teen Vogue.
- Hello.
- Hi, Blaine.
- How are you doing? - Hi, how are you? - You remember these ones.
- Good.
- How are you? - Hi, how are you? Come.
- Whitney.
- You look great.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
Hi, Lauren.
In terms of working for Teen Vogue now, you're representing Teen Vogue, so it means that whatever you do in the outside world also reflects on us, and we take it really seriously.
So if you're out and you're employed by us, you work for us, you represent us, you look great, you don't behave badly, you don't do anything that we would be embarrassed by, because if it comes back to me, then you're in trouble.
It's just, like, the workday's over, and we're probably gonna get a job right now.
- I know.
- Hello.
I am Nicole, one of the features editors at the magazine in New York.
We've just came out today with our Hollywood issue, which is basically, for me, like, the biggest issue of the year.
When it comes out, we have a party for it, and we need to get the invitations out, a lot of invitations.
There's, you know, almost 500 of them.
Everything has to be done pretty, glamorous, chic, Vogue, beautiful, and that is, like, down to the stamps, - okay? - Okay.
All right, let me know if you need anything.
- Thank you.
- Nice meeting you.
- Josh Duhamel is on here.
- Oh, my God.
He is my love.
Oh, and Gavin DeGraw.
Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where, like, that bald guy's fiancée, like, licked all the envelopes and she died from, like, glue poisoning? No.
And there was only 300 of those.
We so better get to go to this.
The thing is with an internship, it's, like, kind of fun work, you know? I had to do, like, a bunch of RSVP's for that Young Hollywood party.
Are you gonna be able to get us in that party? - No.
- Yeah, are you gonna ask? I'm not gonna, like, mess up my internship and, like, do something shady just, like, to go to a party.
I was like The other night, I had my sorority invite.
We showed up Hi, Lauren.
- Hi, how are you? - Good.
How are you? - How are you guys doing? - Good.
So, we're going to have you guys work tomorrow night at this party.
- Awesome.
- Whitney, you'll be at the door with Blaine.
Lauren, you're gonna be in the party, and you're There's a section of seats that we're reserving for celebrities.
But what I really want you to do is to understand that you're working.
You're not partying.
You're not playing.
You're not sitting down.
If I see you sitting, hanging out, you'll be gone.
- Okay.
- Okay? Cool.
- So we're going.
- It's exciting.
Your job is simply to stand here, okay, and guard this area.
- Okay, so no one can sit here? - No one can sit here.
- Can they sit here until they come? - No.
- Okay.
- I want you to guard it.
- Thank you.
- You got it, Blaine.
- Okay.
- You have fun.
Thank you.
Whitney, come in.
It's Lauren.
I know.
- Are you gonna call Lauren? - Yeah, I'm gonna call Lauren.
- I hope we get in.
- I hope we get in.
Hey, Heidi.
How are you, darling? Well, I'm standing outside with Jordan, Audrina and Brian.
Can you get us in? - Seriously? - Yeah, we're here.
What are you doing here, Heidi? Well, we're trying to get in.
We're gonna sneak in.
Okay, but you're not on the list.
No, but just sneak us in.
Yeah, I don't want to get in trouble for letting you guys in, but Whitney's working the door, so I'll see if she can let you guys in.
Just do whatever you can, please.
Go up to the front and ask for Whitney.
She's wearing a white dress.
All right, we'll go find her.
- Whitney.
Whitney, come in.
It's Lauren.
- Yeah? Hey, I have a couple of friends.
How much of a big deal would it be to get them in? If they come right now, like, right this second, maybe I can do it.
Okay, well, they're gonna ask for you right now.
- They're coming up to the front door.
- Okay.
Whitney, hi.
I'm Heidi.
I'm Lauren's friend.
- Hi, you guys are Lauren's friends? - Hi.
- Okay.
- Thank you so much.
Lauren! You look gorgeous! - Thank you for getting us in.
- You cannot get me in trouble.
Are you stressed out? You look stressed.
I have a very stressful job.
- What are you doing? - I have to guard this VIP area.
- This right here? This is VIP? - Yes.
- That's our table.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Jordan! - Can I sit on the "reserved" sign? - You can sit on my lap.
- Brian, you can't sit here.
- Where? Brian, stop.
You're gonna get me in trouble.
Brian, up! - Where did Heidi go? - To hook up with Jean-Paul.
Drama, always drama.
Hey, hey.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Stay here, stay here.
- No, no, no, no.
This is the second time he's done it.
'Cause you know what he's saying to you.
And he's trying to Dude, he wants to get in your pants, bottom line.
I didn't do anything! I walked over there.
I went to the bathroom.
- Calm down.
- Next time, I'm beating his ass.
- Can I talk to you for a second? - Yeah.
- What was all the drama at the door? - There was drama at the door? Yeah, there were people, like, sad and crying, and fights and tears.
Oh, it was just them fighting, but you can see it's all better.
They were just fighting over something, but now they're fine.
They're just boyfriend and girlfriend.
They fight a lot.
Everything's okay.
Is everything okay with you? - Yeah, we're good.
- I'll be here.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
You guys! Hey! You can't fight in public any more.
- We're not fighting.
- You looked teary-eyed for a second.
- I was like - No, I'm fine.
It's just so frustrating when they show up, especially when you ask them not to.
And who are these people? These are This is Brian and Audrina and David.
Nobody should be sitting here yet.
- Okay.
- Move, okay? - Okay.
- We'll talk about it on Monday.
Get up, get up, get up.
I'm getting in trouble.
- Is that who you work for? - Yeah.
- Why'd she get all mad? - I don't know.
Did she just yell at you? Did something just happen? - Pretty much.
- She was like, "No one should be sitting here.
" She's like, "I'll talk to you about it on Monday.
" Like - Yo, this party's over.
Let's beat it.
- I'm down.
Are you gonna go?