The Hills (2006) s02e05 Episode Script

One Big Interruption

Do you think you can do this on your own? I worked really hard to get back on my boss' good side at Teen Vogue.
Let the chaos begin.
And now I was really starting to enjoy my internship again.
- And I love the umbrella.
- Yeah! Heidi finally made up with Audrina.
He was trying to use me to make it look like we were together and to piss you off.
But the more she heard about Spencer, the less she trusted him.
You're crazy jealous.
I don't know when I got so jealous, either.
And when Heidi decided to surprise Spencer at AREA He walked in with two blond bimbos.
What blond bimbos? she got a tough lesson on love in L.
I was really falling in love with him.
Now it was the morning after, and we all hoped that Heidi finally knew what she had to do about Spencer.
- I'm dead.
This is death face.
- Yeah, you were pretty bad last night.
Did I tell you what that Playmate said? She was like, "Oh, that guy," and points at him.
She's like, "That's my boo.
" And I was like, "Your boo?" She's like, "Yeah.
I think I'll hook up with him later.
" He's this dirtbag, Heidi.
How many people need to tell you, like, bad things about him? Remember I told you, like, he wanted to meet at Pinkberry? - And he brought roses, and I was like - What? What? - You did not tell me this story! - I told you about Pinkberry.
- Shut up.
- Ask him.
I hooked up with him that night, didn't I? I don't know.
Call him on speaker right now, and so he can't lie.
- Yeah, call him.
- Just do it.
What up? Hey, remember that day you arrived with Audrina at AREA? - We hooked up that night, right? - Obviously.
Then you brought my roses to Audrina at Pinkberry? - I don't know.
I said, "Obviously.
" - We hooked up that night! Oh, my God.
I can't I'm shaking, I'm so angry right now.
What? You brought roses to her at Pinkberry? What the hell? Seriously, like If you want to just keep fighting about it, like, I thought we were starting new and fresh.
It's like, I don't want to keep finding out things.
Like, I can't believe that I just found that out.
Like, that's a big thing you might want to tell me.
I'm done, and I'm done trying to explain who I am.
- See him turn it around? - You didn't do anything wrong.
Don't let him flip it.
- I don't like him at all.
- I trust him as far as I can throw him, and I don't even think I could lift him.
Don't ever get involved with someone who can manipulate you like that.
Geplaatst door: Wendelina1987 So, let me just talk to the girls, here.
Are you both coming in tomorrow? I know I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, - so I don't think I'll be - That's comfortable.
All right.
We're gonna have a dinner for probably 20 young designers in L.
, and also Jane Keltner is coming out.
And her intern, Emily, will be coming out with her, and she'll be helping you, Lauren, with dinner arrangements.
She comes in tomorrow at 10:00.
She's supposed to be incredible, she's really hard-working, and she's worked on events before, and so she can help you through this.
These are the people that are coming here, and you might want to do an Excel sheet for me with their phone numbers and addresses.
And we want to send them all reminder cards.
Who's the one with better writing? - Whitney.
- I have pretty good writing.
- I'll do the - You'll do the list.
The Excel.
I can type.
Remember that this is the Teen Vogue way of doing things.
I want to make sure that everything is taken care of in the manner that we're accustomed to.
- All right.
- So, I'll just take that box? Yeah, take that box, there should be more of them in there.
I wonder what this New York intern's like? If she's anything like Jane, this should be interesting.
She's very like Very like Precise? Yeah, yeah.
- And that's so not me.
- Yeah.
Hello? Look who picks up their phone.
About time.
Why are you acting so weird? Why are you not taking my calls? I don't understand it.
Why am I acting so weird? Because you showed up with Playmates the other night.
Wait, why are you whispering? I can't hear you.
You're whispering.
I'm at work.
You're interrupting me at work.
- Interrupting you, now.
- You are.
You're one big interruption in my life.
I didn't know showing up with girls was that big of a deal.
It's not like I hooked up with any girls.
I didn't kiss any of those Playmates.
How do I know? How do I know? Because I'm telling you.
I'm not a liar.
It's just all a little sketchy to me.
Then I hear about this Audrina thing.
Actions speak louder than words, so obviously you're not ready for a girlfriend when you tell me that you are.
I am ready for a girlfriend.
Why would I be calling you about it and want you in my life? I need a week without talking to you, without texting you.
I just need to clear my head.
Clear your head? What's in your head? What's in my head? Playmates running around all over you are in my head.
You need to realise, if I didn't want to be with Heidi, I wouldn't be calling you.
If you want me in your life ever again, then you need to, like, respect this.
I know what I want.
I want Heidi.
No, you take a week.
Let's see if I'm here to call.
I'll talk to you later.
Hi! You're Lauren, right? Hi, I'm Emily.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
So, we have a big day ahead of us, planning.
Do we? What are we doing? We need to go to the florist at 11:00 and pick out the flowers.
We have some things being delivered for the table settings to Kevin Healey's house at 3:00, so we're gonna need to go over there at 3:00.
Can I actually have those top two pages? - Oh, here you go.
Just take them.
- Thanks.
So until then, we actually just need to get directions to Kevin's house, which apparently is sort of tricky to get to.
So we need to print those out for everyone, so that everyone knows where they're going.
And also find out how to get to the florist, which is Velvet Garden.
So we've got some MapQuesting to do.
So, I'm gonna start addressing - the reminder cards for the party.
- Okay.
Maybe we can divide it up.
Like, I can do half and you can do half? Sure.
Lisa doesn't usually like me to address things - because I have really bad penmanship.
- Oh, handwriting? Oh, no.
Okay, then I'll have to be extra careful with my own.
Yeah, last time she threw mine away, so - Hi.
- Hi.
What's going on? Nothing much.
What a disaster.
Yeah, what an idiot.
What was he thinking? - I have no idea.
- Who were those girls? - You saw them.
Like, what happened? - I don't know, I mean, it was him, Brody, and the two blond girls, and I'm thinking to myself, "Who are these two blond girls?" Never saw them before.
Did he have his arm around them or anything? No.
They really just sat there.
They didn't really do anything.
They were dancing at the table, but they never left the table.
It's like, don't make me look stupid, especially at my work and my place.
It's like, are you kidding me? Who do you think you are to do that at all? If it were me, I would not be okay - with my boyfriend bringing in two - No.
blond Playmate-looking chicks - to the club where I work.
- No way.
- No way.
- Not okay.
Audrina was the first thing, and it's like So, I spoke with Lisa about the flowers.
We're gonna go, I think, either with garden roses, like light pink.
Or maybe peonies.
She wants, like, a chinoiserie kind of vase, which I don't know what a chinoiserie is.
Like, sort of Asian-inspired, like, ceramic vase.
Hopefully, they'll be able to source them from elsewhere, but she doesn't just want a plain vase.
That's crazy, they put so much detail in this stuff.
It's not really like an event, it's just like a dinner.
- Well, I mean, it's important.
- Yeah, of course it is.
I'm not saying it's not as important as an event.
- It's just a dinner.
- Well, it has to be just right.
- Do you go to school? - Yeah, I go to NYU.
Oh, cool.
Do you take a full schedule? - Yeah, I have 18 credits.
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, I have 18 credits on two days, and then I work two days at Teen Vogue and one day at Chanel.
The peonies are great.
Are these Coral Charm? Yeah, that's the perfect one for your other palette.
Right, right.
Have you been here before? I didn't even know this place existed.
These vases are really beautiful, and they look very chinoiserie.
- Oh, yeah, those are nice.
- Oh! We could lead, like, down the table with, like, different patterns.
And do, like, all one type of flower in each one.
I should have brought my digital camera.
- I have mine.
- You do? Good thinking.
And then I would probably suggest, if you're gonna go with the coral peonies, maybe you do, like, the orange Ballerina tulips over there and possibly we do, like, some really open garden roses.
- Yeah.
I'm loving the pink ones, though.
- These are incredible.
This is like the most incredible specimen of flower, I think, available.
- Yeah, they're great.
- And they get huge, and they change.
No, I have some at home right now.
They're fantastic.
- There's also ranunculus.
- Yeah, I love ranunculus.
- Yeah, I could show you those.
- You know a lot about flowers.
Do you like this flower? - Dahlias? - Yeah.
You're so smart in every flower.
You know all the names.
Cheers to single nights out.
I wouldn't give up my singleness right now for anything.
Yeah, but that's because you guys have had the most serious relationships ever.
- I can't date someone right now.
- Me, either.
The thought of love right now makes me want to throw up.
It makes me want to throw up, too, because I don't believe in it.
I think that love is stupid.
I think you can get over anyone, though.
I was head over heels, wanted to marry Jason, - like, obsessed with him.
- I know.
You guys had your wedding date set.
And I'm fine.
The only time I miss having a boyfriend is when I have to put something together, when I have to pick something like a TV out, - or do car stuff.
- Okay, Lauren, that's not good! Or when I have a lot of groceries.
- Lauren! - Missing the boyfriend.
I can't lift them all.
Damn it! Stop texting me! - Spencer? - Yes.
I swear to God, he's called me three times today.
Heidi, I'm gonna take this Sidekick and, like, throw it in my mojito.
I told him I need a break, and then he calls me all night, - leaving messages on my machine.
- Who got these? Great, thank you.
- So then what did he say? - He says, "I just want "to know what the deal is.
" And he's sitting there.
It's like, "You tell me that you haven't had the best time with me.
" And I'm like, "What, are you gonna freaking cry about it? "Like, get over it.
" Hello, we don't even want to talk about him.
- This is so ruining the night.
- He's not a good guy.
- Oh, my God! - How did your wisdom teeth go? - My God.
- How are you feeling? - I'm okay.
I'm good.
- Good.
Here, sit down.
You want a pillow or something? - No, I'm good.
- So, what's up? I heard it didn't go very well.
Well, it was okay, and then, I got these things called dry sockets.
- My friend had those, yeah.
- You've heard of those? How's work been? - Good.
You missed Emily.
- How was Emily? No, it was, like, intense.
We were in this flower store.
I literally didn't say one word.
- I would just like - Really? She definitely knew the name of every flower in the store.
- Shut up.
That was good, then - It was really funny.
because some of the flowers were hard to find, I'm sure.
- She's like super intern.
- 'Cause she does so much? - Yeah.
- Well, she probably has more time.
I mean, is she in school, too? Yeah.
She goes to NYU, and she works at Chanel.
- Are you serious? - It was funny.
It just wasn't really a meshing situation.
I know.
I know.
The whole time I was there, I was just like, "Whitney, where are you?" - I'll be there tonight.
- I appreciate you 10 times more now.
Hey, what's up? Sorry to bother you at work.
Do you mind talking to me outside for a minute? - Sure, are you okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
- Just like so confused.
- Why? I don't know.
It's just that whole thing happened with Spencer, you know? How are you feeling? I really miss him.
How can you miss someone that does that to you? You don't choose who you love.
I really do miss him.
He's been calling me a little bit and I haven't answered, and he's been texting me and he was just kind of like, "Please, give me a chance to actually be your boyfriend.
" You know, he's like, "I'll make it up to you.
" And do you believe him? Do you think that if you do give him a chance that you'll be able to trust him? I mean, a big part of me does, but I guess you also - build trust with people, you know? - Exactly, and he's done really nothing to show you that he's trustworthy right now.
Jordan hurt you.
So are you ready to sign up for that again? I just don't know what to do.
What do you want to do? What does Heidi want to do about Spencer? - I mean - It's up to you.
I mean There's nothing else I can say about him.
It's 6:20.
Let's see, how should we do this? We need a plate here.
Do you have the plates? - Yeah, here.
- We need one here.
Do you want to start moving those down? - Do you want them closer together? - Yeah.
Look at us.
We could go into business.
Everything looks really good.
I've just been double-checking - to make sure, you know.
- It's pretty.
- Yeah.
- It looks really good.
It's amazing.
- What do you think? - Perfect.
- Do you think Lisa will like it? - I think so, definitely.
- What do you think, Jane? - It looks great.
I love the flowers.
- Hi, Lisa.
- Hi, Jane.
- What do you think? - It looks beautiful.
- Yeah? - I think there's a little too many flowers.
Maybe you could take every other one out? That's a good idea.
- That looks better, Lisa.
- Okay, that looks much better.
I don't think so.
I don't know.
I guess I'll just wait for direction.
- Yeah, I'm sure we're staying.
- I actually think we're all set.
She's not coming.
Emily, why don't you take a seat at the table? And you can take the other girls down.
They're gonna go.
Thank you for doing this.
Emily, make yourself a place card.
- Right now? - Yeah.
It was so nice meeting you.
I know.
It was so good to meet you, too.
Thank you so much for showing me around.
Our pleasure.
And I think it was good.
We did good, right? Yeah, we did good, and hopefully, we'll see you soon.
- Yeah, hopefully.
- Safe flight home.
I hope I can come back and stay a little longer next time.
- Enjoy your dinner.
- Thank you.
Bye, girls.
- I'm so glad you were there today.
- What time was the dinner starting? - 7:30? - They're not even eating yet.
And look at us.
We're chilling in the car.
I know.
Like, it totally would have been cool to see how it all went down, you know, and, like, what an actual dinner like that would entail.
When she pulled away the first name and she was like, "All right, Emily's sitting here," I was like, "Oh, no.
" It's okay.
At least we got to be part of, like, the process.
- Hello, beautiful.
- Hi.
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