The Hills (2006) s06e05 Episode Script

A New Bird

previously on the hills Spencer started turning his Anger against his oldest Friends.
you're up in my face, dog.
Walk away from me before we have A problem.
and heidi seemed more lost Than ever.
this one is for geniuses.
It opens your mind into Everything and is for protection When you're in a war zone.
things finally got so bad we All decided to move on for good.
I don't want my family to Have to be this way anymore.
yeah, I think I want to cut Them out of my life.
audrina and ryan were Officially a couple.
does that mean we're Exclusive? I'm not even thinking about Another girl.
but he was still finding it Hard to fit in with her friends.
kristin and I want to set up, Like, a night out at wonderland With everyone.
as awesome as that sounds, I mean, you understand.
it's a little intense at Times.
while all this was going on, Brody and I turned our Friendship into friends with Benefits.
I'm gonna be honest though.
what? I'm really enjoying being Single.
yeah, so am I.
But what I didn't know is that Our new arrangement was about to Become the biggest test our Friendship had ever seen.
let's get this party started.
Katrina's gonna spin the wheel.
katrina! Katrina! the special for the next 15 minutes is going to be $5 cazadores shots.
whoo! So I'm hanging out with audrina Tomorrow.
She's really happy with ryan.
She's more outgoing.
at first I didn't really know What to think about him, But I like him.
He's a nice guy.
but everybody's got A girlfriend, everybody's got A boyfriend.
I know.
I mean, you're dating guys, You know? I'm not dating anyone.
you're not? no.
just me? who said we were dating? well, I haven't really Necessarily been dating, But I may go on a date.
really? With who? a friend I met.
Had a nice little conversation.
all right, good to know.
So then I can go on dates if I want to.
of course you can.
You can do whatever you'd like.
I just always want to be on The same page, you know? I don't wanna hurt your feelings By going on a date.
not really looking for the Relationship.
I'm enjoying being single.
? staring ? at the blank page before you open up the dirty window let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find reaching for something in the distance so close you can almost taste it release your inhibitions feel the rain on your skin no one else can feel it for you only you can let it in no one else no one else can speak the words on your lips drench yourself in words unspoken live your life with arms wide open today is where your book begins the rest is still unwritten yeah ? I don't wanna live a life ? of moderation I walk around like I'm a millionaire and if you're wondering about my situation all you need to know is I'm mr.
Right now thanks for lunch, baby.
you're welcome.
Well, I talked to kristin, And lo, and steph, and everyone, And we're all gonna go out.
oh, yeah? do you wanna come? I always want to hang out With you or to be with you, But at the same time I want to Hang out with my friends too.
and I encourage that.
I don't want no drama.
? no drama ? so if we all are friends and We all hang out, then it's Perfect.
that would be.
We'll be there or be not there.
be there.
Come on! I'll be waiting at home in my Candy thong.
reading catcher in the rye.
only you.
? I've stayed blown away ? loving everything you say oh baby you sound ridiculous laugh out loud you stand out in a crowd such a beautiful place.
I know.
I love this little melrose place Area.
I know, me too.
What'd you do earlier? oh, I had an a.
oh, you did? yeah.
I need, like, something more In my life though than just Going to a.
S and going to Bed at 10:00.
You know, I want a guy now.
I feel like I'm finally, like, In the place where I'm good Enough to be able to handle That.
>>e, I'm s Yoyou know, I finally have just Let go of spencer and heidi and, Like, all of that baggage.
well, scott and I have a guy For you.
oh, my god, are you kidding? his name is max.
He's one of scott's really good Friends.
What if I called max and we set Up a double date? but, like, shouldn't you, Like, tell him, like, I don't Drink? That's gonna freak him out.
I'm 23 and I'm sober.
I mean, in a normal world I should have just started Drinking two years ago.
well, here's the thing, If somebody freaks out about it They're not a good enough person For you to date.
You deserve better than that.
all right, okay.
Okay, thank you, thank you.
you're welcome.
? everyone but me ? could see it everyone but you could feel it tell me how on earth we missed this hey maybe it's too plain to see popcorn.
I could smell it.
I know, it smells so good.
This is twist-off, but that's All right.
So you and ryan are good, right? Do you feel better now that you Guys have talked and-- I do because now I know he's Not gonna go on any other dates Or be interested in anyone else.
Having a label sometimes, It just makes things feel Secure.
What about you and brody? we're having a good time, You know? But I don't know.
well, I think it's good to Have fun and just, like, go out, Hook up, whatever, but just keep Your guard up because he's Obviously out playing the field.
But whenever you guys are Together, it's like it seems Like you guys are, like, "together" together, And it's so obvious.
Like, anyone could walk in A room and see you guys and be Like, "oh, they're a couple.
" I know, we just have this, Like, crazy chemistry.
and you're not getting, like, Attached.
I don't know.
who knows? I'm gonna call brody, See where he is.
I have a no-phone-at-table Rule.
do you? mm-hmm.
um, that's like The third time today it's gone Straight to voicemail.
that's rude.
I feel like whenever guys are Like that, they're, like, guilty Or like-- he's never been like that Before.
He's acting really weird.
that was my friend kristin.
She's my ex-girlfriend from four Or five years ago, long time Ago, but she's a nice girl.
We'll always be friends.
To meeting new people in l.
I want to know, you gotta Tell me about you.
I've lived here for six Months now.
yeah? it's still an adjustment.
I think the hardest thing for me Is trying to find genuine Friends.
I can be a genuine friend.
oh, really? did you say to me, the night We met, did you that you surfed? I remember you saying something About surfing.
I'm like, girls don't surf.
I guess I just have to Prove it to you, don't I? oh, so you do surf? I can show you a battle wound On my foot.
you got scarred from surfing? Where? Let's see this.
I'm not taking anything off Here.
oh, let me see.
Oh, oh, here.
Oh, wow.
? yeah ? let's get out of here.
Thank you so much, bro.
Appreciate it, man.
god, is it raining? It's cold.
oh, my god.
Get under the umbrella, quick, Quick, quick; oh, this is Perfect, just keep raining.
? release me ? release my body I know it's wrong so why do I keep coming back one, two, three, all the way Around the horn.
no, let's do these three In a line, come on.
all right.
I've known you since I was What? 14, 15.
you used to drive me around 'cause I didn't have my driver's License; you were the old man.
I'm like, "he's old.
He can drive me around.
" I even remember sitting in Your bathroom and you looking At--staring at yourself in the Mirror for about six hours a Day, popping sááá on your face.
That was pretty good.
Really get into it.
Oh, yeah, there you go.
yeah, break to the left.
so you're bringing a new bird Around the flock of-- wild animals.
no, I told kristin about Mckaela.
She got all quiet and weird, Like a chick.
if she doesn't have some Sharp teeth, it's gonna be tough To bring her around the crew, You know? Even if she's nice, like, I Think those girls will just Eat her up alive, man.
oh, I'm not gonna not bring Her around 'cause of that.
It's like, aren't people allowed To just, like, hook up and just Be friends? last time I checked that was Cool, casual dating-- yeah, exactly, casual-- you know, that's why you just Never have that conversation To begin with.
Don't go to any lunch or Breakfasts or coffees.
lunch or breakfasts.
Is that the date-- that's when it comes up the Next day, or pillow talk.
you just have to wake up and You have to pretend like you're Doing something.
Yeah, like, "oh, god, I gotta--" And then you get ready all fast, And then they walk out and then You're like, "oh, I just gotta Go grab something real quick.
" And you just jump straight back Into bed.
do you want sugar or Anything? yes.
I'm glad that I finally Convinced ryan to come tonight To jane's house.
glad you convinced ryan to Let you come here.
oh, my god.
you have, like, literally Been m.
I've just been with him all The time.
So I finally told him like, "I know that my friends are Drama but, for me, can you just Come and, like, hang out and Give it another shot?" So I think everyone's gonna be There tonight, and I just hope That he has a good time and-- I mean, brody's gonna be there, So hopefully him and brody will Get along because-- 'cause of kristin, yeah.
is lo coming? Have you talked to her? yes.
Oh, my god, she found a guy For me.
she did? yeah, it's one of scott's Friends.
so we're gonna go on A double date, so it's not, Like, too weird, like-- that's good.
Do you know anything about him? oh, yeah, I totally asked lo, Like, 20 questions.
he has a car? you know that's a standard, And yes, he does.
He has a job also.
he is a professional lacrosse Player.
I don't know what lacrosse is.
but he's an athlete, So that's a good thing.
yes, but I just--I don't know If the timing is right.
I just, I feel like my life is Really complicated right now.
so everyone's gonna, like, Have a drink, and obviously I'm Not going to and he's gonna be Like, "why aren't you having A drink?" I'm gonna have to tell him I got A d.
And then he's probably gonna be Like, "how's your family?" I'm gonna have to tell him that My brother and I don't speak.
There's just, like, so much.
I just, I feel like it'd be Scary for someone to hear, like, All the complications.
well, I don't think you need To tell him everything.
It's the first date.
Just keep it light and have fun.
it's not light once you've Been to jail, audrina.
oh, my god.
? baby ? before I love and leave you they call me heartbreaker hi.
How are you? this is audrina.
This is ryan.
Nice to meet you.
let's squeeze you guys in.
Come on.
oh, what's up, guys? mckaela.
Nice to meet you.
kristin's gonna flip out When she comes.
why would she flip out? I don't know, maybe not.
? I'm only gonna break ? break your, break break your heart I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart I'm only gonna oh, look who it is.
Here we go.
hey! kristin.
how are you? hello, hello, hello.
what up? So, uh-- what? nothing, never mind.
no, what? never mind.
I expected a nice hug, but okay.
what am I supposed to do, Lean all the way over? yeah, come over here.
By the way, mckaela, this is Kristin.
Kristin, mckaela.
nice to meet you.
that was very non-genuine, But okay.
what are you talking about? are you okay with this right Now? it's just annoying.
They're holding hands.
>> I love how you're just loving Life right now.
hi, girlies.
how are you? I'm all right.
How are you? He's, like, all over, like, Rubbing her back and .
well, at least you know now.
I'd rather find out now than In, like, three months when I Really start having feelings For him again.
you did start-- yeah, I started though.
look at this little girl Situation over here.
I'm not part of it.
no, you're all right.
I wish they would embrace you A little more.
I'm not gonna lie, it's A little intimidating.
would you like to get out of Here and go somewhere else? 'cause I'd rather get away from Them, to be honest.
Come on.
are you guys leaving? I mean, we're so secluded.
You guys are having your own Fun.
This is the first girl that You've met that I've ever Brought out and you're not even Being nice to her.
what am I supposed to do, Go sit next to her and hold her Hand? Was I rude to you at all? say hello.
was I rude to you? say hello.
Oh, my god, are you kidding me? I'm sorry I didn't hold her hand.
Ugh! ? this right here ? this right here this is hollywood life ? 'cause your love ? your love, your love is my drug your love, your love your love I still can't get over last Night, brody bringing that girl And being all over her in front Of me.
I understand that he's gonna Date other girls and he was very Honest with me about it.
But he was rubbing her back And her hair.
it was just uncomfortable For everybody.
He was, like, all over her.
and then to yell at me on top Of it, saying that I was rude to Her.
you can't act like you care.
well, I'm not gonna go out of My way to care.
I'm hanging out with the guy You're hanging out with, so it's A little awkward.
I don't blame you.
It's like he brought her there Just to flaunt her in front of You.
It was just, like, awkward.
it's like, "I'm sorry, brody.
What am I supposed to do, Go out of my way to be best Friends with her so that you Feel okay?" Like, what's that about? well, I mean, if she didn't Know about you guys, now she Does; she has to.
unless she's an idiot, she Has to know that something's up.
kristin, you knew this was Gonna end up bad though with you And brody.
yeah, I mean, I guess I Didn't know really what I Thought.
I don't know.
I don't know what's gonna happen Now but-- you have to go talk to him.
? no matter ? how hard I try can't keep out of trouble and I don't know why what color shoes are you Thinking, just black? wait.
oh, my god, those are Amazing.
right? those are hot.
but are they too hot? Is he gonna think I'm like-- no, no, no, girlfriend.
You wear the shoes.
Oh, they're here.
He just sent me a message.
Oh, my god.
are you excited? stop it.
okay, I'll go get 'em.
You put your shoes on and grab Your purse.
what's up? hi.
Hi, max.
hey, how are you? good.
? running late to work ? when I saw his colorful flashy side they were messing with my mind oh, here she is.
how you doing? you guys know each other.
how are you? good.
You? This is my friend max.
hi, I'm stephanie.
good to meet you.
stephanie, max.
Max, stephanie.
going to the special spot, The "w" in westwood.
Have you been there before? what? have you been to the "w" Before? yes, I have been.
I really like it.
Are you guys--oh, my god, are You guys for real right now? Let's just go.
? no matter how hard I try ? can't keep out of trouble and I don't know why I'll have a glass of Sauvignon blanc.
I'm gonna have grey goose On the rocks.
yeah, same.
oh, both of you.
may I have a coke? it's a heck of a week.
heck of a week, the whole Thing.
so wait, scott's your boss? not really.
Max, actually we have an apparel Line, and he's our spokesguy.
max, are you the model? >> stephanie, you're dating A model.
like, beckham, ess-- Yeah, essentially beckham.
how old are you? 24.
when's your birthday? August 16th.
what's your sign? uh, leo.
I like what's happening right Now.
can you guys not-- things are getting weird.
stars are aligning.
it's funny.
I'm gonna run to the Bathroom really fast.
I'm gonna come with.
nice little setup.
she's cute.
he's actually, like, really Cool.
I'm surprised.
are you, like, into it? Do you think it's going well? I wish he wasn't 24.
I wish he was, like, 30.
stephanie, like, don't focus On that kinda stuff.
If you like him, go for it.
Who cares if he's young? He's clearly far beyond any guy That I've ever known you to Date.
It's like, sorry to say-- you know what, lo? I'm just the matchmaker, Okay? you are the matchmaker.
>> ? I didn't want ? your memory we're gonna go wait for The car, okay? okay.
you cold? Did you have fun? I had a good time.
Would you want to do this again? yeah.
Like dinner or something? yeah, that'd be cool.
Without team scott and lo? yeah.
cool if I got your number And did it that way, the whole Thing? here, I'll put it in.
? I just wanted you ? good job, kid.
? and I just wanted you ? yeah, I just wanted you hi.
what's up? nothing.
come on in.
oh, just gonna walk right by? um, I don't think that you Really deserve a hug after-- oh, I don't think you deserve A hug, but I'll still give you One.
You're mad at me? yeah, let's talk about that.
At jane's house, I felt like you Were being really rude by being All over mckaela right in front Of me like that.
well, I thought you were Being rude by not paying Attention to her.
I said hello to her.
you said hello and then you Sat down with the wolf pack and You guys like 'cause I was a little upset About the whole thing.
And then I have, like, lo and Stacie like, "oh, my god, Kristin, are you okay?" obviously I'm allowed to like Whoever I want, and, you know, I do like mckaela and I like You.
well, figure it out.
You know, I'm not gonna wait Around while you figure out what You wanna do.
It's not fair.
but who is it not fair to? We're friends.
brody, shut up.
I just don't understand how you Don't see my point of view.
I see your point of view.
I do understand.
no, you don't.
You think that I was being rude To mckaela.
I thought that we were on A different understanding.
I said to you, "I'm allowed to Date other girls and you're Allowed to date other guys.
" brody, you were all over her.
Like, just out of respect for Each other, I would never in A million years bring around Some guy and be all over him the Way that you were all over Mckaela in front of you.
It's just disrespectful.
It's not cool, and I thought That we were friends before Anything and friends don't do That sort of thing to each Other.
exactly, you just said it, "friends.
" Girlfriend and boyfriend don't Do that to each other.
okay, I'm sorry that I wasn't Nice to your new little Girlfriend, brody.
she's not my--hey, first of All, first of all-- you don't understand where I'm coming from.
first of all, she's not my-- it's like nothing goes Through your head, brody.
listen to you.
You're freaking out over-- so good luck with mckaela.
I hope it works out real well For you.
we're friends, kristin.
Remember that.
shut up.
? like a record on repeat ? you are not what you first seemed ? it's been one too many times good-bye, good-bye Adriano_CSI