The Hour (2011) s02e06 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 6

Is Mr Madden in? Allegations have been made against you.
Did he punch you? Yes.
The last time I watched the programme I could feel the tingle.
Hear the tick.
I wrote you a letter.
You didn't write back.
Or jump when you want me.
You have a wife for that.
It's over.
I miss you.
Marnie's very keen I make the move to ITV.
I can't give her children.
She doesn't know yet.
Who are Castlecore? That's you.
They've been working on a deal.
It's ready to be signed tonight.
They will be in El Paradis.
We need to prove Satchell's involved.
They will kill you.
Now! This is a raid! Stay where you are! Raphael Cilenti, I am arresting you for questioning in relation to the murder of Miss Rosa Ramirez.
My parting gift.
Daily Sketch.
Madden caught in Soho Scandal.
Get it here.
Daily Sketch.
Cheers, guv.
Oh, hell! Here he is.
That's him! Mr Stern, Mr Stern, have you charged Mr Cilenti? Are reports of Mr Madden beating up a woman who worked at El Paradis true? 'Mr James Clancy was the first to state surprise at the club's 'closure last night.
'He moved to dissociate himself from El Paradis stating it was 'the place to see and be seen and I would be dismayed 'if allegations made by police proved correct.
' Apparently there were topless girls in back rooms spanking several members of the Foreign Office.
Actually it was the Department of Trade.
Good morning, Veronica.
Morning, Mrs Madden.
Thank you.
Beautiful day! Are you all right? Yes, I'm fine.
I was there with my husband.
Alistair, please.
Thank you.
Where is he? You have a visitor.
Mr Kendall.
Can I take this? No, no, no, Hector's need is far greater.
It's like the sinking of the Titanic at ITV.
All hands on deck, everyone calling their agents, desperate to get a place in the lifeboats.
Too many of our lot there last night.
Fortunately they didn't end up on the front page.
Word from my source is they needed a face for the scandal.
Mr Madden's was a perfect fit.
There were any number of businessmen and ministers from every corner in that club.
Not all of them are accused Wrongly accused.
Of beating up a girl, a fact which you have clearly been hiding and yet is now in the press.
And you wouldn't have done the same? It wasn't on his curriculum vitae.
You're withdrawing your offer.
Hector is a brilliant journalist.
And his stock has just crashed.
You were there, weren't you? Yes.
Why do you always keep me at arm's length? Why didn't you tell me that was where you were going? It was one dinner.
I'm very sorry.
I don't care about the bloody dinner.
I care that this, whatever this is, isn't going anywhere.
I don't know what you want but it's not me.
You're cold.
This is impossible.
YOU are impossible! Is everything all right? Hector, I'm sorry.
It will pass.
For your sake I hope it does.
What does that mean? Perhaps you'd better talk to your agent.
I was cleared.
We're moving on.
It hasn't worked out.
I'm sorry.
You know, for someone running an apparently discerning show you're very quick to believe the lies.
And you say I'm cold? Is it Mr Lyon? You might tell him, and I say this from bitter experience, there's only ever room for one newsman in a relationship.
Drink your coffee.
It's not single malt.
I'm sorry, Hector.
Don't do this.
Why? I was only there cos you said There was a story.
There is.
Not now.
Now this is the story.
I'm the story.
Madden batters and assaults women.
Wines and dines them in a Soho vice bar.
Why can't they dig the dirt on someone else? Why not on you? Because, sadly, there is no dirt.
Because you have a past that is ripe to be exploited.
Because, despite the fact that I have been sitting next to you every week on screen, my face is oddly unmemorable.
Whereas yours is.
This is a cover.
Someone knows we're on to them.
Alistair, I am in the middle of a very delicate operation involving some wafer thin mille-feuille.
Yes, I know, Marnie, but the chaps upstairs We are delighted with Name That Dinner Guest.
Well, I'm glad.
But, we think perhaps a couple of weeks with you off air, until this thing with Hector has blown over? It's all lies.
But it does somewhat mar what one loves about you, Mrs Madden.
The image you present no longer fits the homely ideal we wish to convey? What one SHOULD love about me is the fact that I am a strong and capable woman, perfectly capable of handling this storm in a teacup.
Hardly a teacup.
The lunchtime edition, just in.
I see.
What do you tell your wives when they ask why you are home so late? It was good to see you last night, Mr Roberts, and you, Mr Grogan.
Marnie! I'm sorry.
For what? We all let ourselves down from time to time.
The only difference is my husband has made the front page.
Think yourselves lucky you haven't ended up in the same place.
Fine press coverage.
A very impressive exercise, Commander.
But, er, we would like to go quiet on this.
We've already had a call from Westminster, keen to protect their own.
Chaps like Howard Satchell were in there last night.
So crack down, certainly, but we need to crack down on something else.
So let's focus on the coloureds in Notting Hill.
There's lots of tension, lots of petty crime.
It's an absolute powder keg.
Well, that's a pity, sir.
Because I hoped we might push on with this.
My concern is that Mr Cilenti's activities have made certain chaps like yourself vulnerable to his demands.
There are some photographs of you.
Do you have the negatives? Yes, I do.
Who else is implicated? Who isn't, sir? So, shall we start again? This is a cover up.
This story was given to the press to discredit Hector and therefore us.
Well, how did they get it? A leak from Stern? Laurie wouldn't do that, for all his faults.
Wouldn't he? Well, he must have found something in this raid.
Westminster are running scared.
A sex scandal to cover a nuclear scandal.
Which would you prefer? I called my contact at Castlecore's bank.
They've gone quiet on me.
It's in total shutdown.
We were planning to cover the launch of CND, the threat from abroad but, with the threat from home more pressing, I might suggest We uncover the sex scandal and thereby the profiteering? Darling, isn't it a little provocative to focus on the perils of scandals with one of our presenter's past indiscretions unravelling so publicly? Aren't you a tiny bit relieved about ITV? It always made me nervous to think of you in a glittery waistcoat.
Panel games.
The small print said panel games.
Stern owes us.
If you can get him to give you anything we can use it to expose Cilenti, the blackmail racket, even Satchell? Tonight, on The Hour? We go live in eight hours.
Are you completely deranged? The men who steer our nuclear policy lie, cheat and deceive their wives.
Why should we be surprised when they do the same thing to the country? We are being sold a lie.
That's the real threat.
We need the proof to connect the nuclear scandal to the sex scandal.
The one thing we can be sure of is if we focus on vice then we win viewers tonight.
Had we known this scandal would have proved so popular, Mr Madden, we might have leaked the story ourselves.
But it's risky, so let's get our facts straight.
A little more notice next time would be nice.
Let's get that bloody CND logo down and cancel Henrietta Williams.
Don't we need some contributor? I'll see what I can do.
Mr Wengrow.
Eight hours, ladies and gentleman.
We have eight hours to pull this out of the bag.
I'm sorry about Bill.
I could have killed him.
He's just the messenger.
Still, it wasn't the place to do it.
Well, right now my real concern is Marnie.
I've been trying her all morning.
She's apparently in rehearsal.
I'm going to try her again.
You all right? No, no.
Apparently I'm impossible.
No, you're not.
He was right.
It was wrong.
So he is right.
I AM impossible.
More papers in.
Details of my arrest and every allegation she levelled against me.
No mention I had an alibi.
There was no mention it was all a lie.
Yes, and I'm sorry.
It's very unfortunate.
Did you do this to me, Laurie? No, of course not.
Now leave it.
Sit down, Hector.
The best thing you can do is let it pass, lie low.
Let this ruin me? No.
The best I can do now, is what I do best.
Be a journalist.
What did you find last night? Plenty.
Now these were the ones I could get of you.
Were there any photographs of Satchell? For Christ's sake, take the bloody photographs, Hector.
We are trying to expose serious ministerial malpractice.
Now if there's any photographs, paperwork, anything that implicates Howard Satchell, I need them, Laurie.
We want to run the story but we've got no proof.
Well, there were hundreds but they're police property now.
They've been destroyed on the orders of my superiors.
It was felt it was for best.
Now for Christ's sake, I've done all I can to protect you.
It's not about protecting me.
This is bigger than me, Laurie.
This whole charade goes way beyond any paltry scandal I might find myself in.
Look have a drink with me.
What? They're going to make me Deputy Commissioner.
This mess.
This is your mess.
You beat Miss Delaine.
On what evidence, Hector? You know the difference is I am not denying it.
I frequented that club.
I did things I'm not proud of.
But you? You live in this place where you don't acknowledge anything.
You don't go anywhere that's too dark or uncomfortable because you're terrified of what you might find.
Just button up that uniform and protect yourself.
It will send you mad, Laurie.
Take the bullet, Hector.
I've already saved your life once.
And I've been grateful for far too long.
Isaac? What you doing? Listening to my radio play.
You've got confetti in your hair.
Really? Tied the knot first thing this morning.
Why didn't you say? It was only us and a couple of witnesses.
We had to pull in people off the street.
Took us ages.
No-one wanted to do it when they saw Sey.
But finally I'm so frightened, Isaac, of it all.
My dad wouldn't even give me away.
Should have asked me.
I would have given you away.
Would you have? 'We're trying to get out the finest programme we can.
'Now get on with it, James.
'Mr Radlow, have you finished that coffee yet?' Kiki! Piss off! Phone's been ringing non-stop.
I don't know how they got my number.
My mum thinks I work at Debenhams.
What do I tell her now? Where you going to go? Anywhere.
Somewhere? They were signing something last night.
There are always men signing something, men talking deals, men in whispered conversations, men passing money to other men.
Did you see any paperwork anywhere with the name Castlecore on it? Anything that connects Cilenti to the government.
We need proof.
Mr Cilenti's been arrested.
He will go to prison.
You don't have to be afraid.
What? Like Rosa didn't have to be afraid? I'm going to get my money and get out of here.
I can do this.
I can get away from Mr Cilenti.
He thinks I can't but I can.
He always goes to stop you when you try.
Blinds you with a kindness, then yank! And you're on the floor again.
But I can go somewhere else.
Do something else.
I can do it.
Then why are you so scared? There is a thread.
A thread Cilenti has found.
And he pulls it.
And as he pulls it, he pulls more and more men, successful men, in.
Until they are all hanging off that thread.
And you're on that thread too.
You help us bring down Castlecore, bring down Satchell and I promise you we will keep you safe.
How else are you ever going to escape this? The five o'clock double bill at the Curzon does me fine.
I don't believe you.
They're not going to leave you alone.
This is a scandal to cover a much bigger story.
Piss off! Five o'clock at the Curzon then? Piss off! Piss off! Piss off! Nothing.
The police destroyed everything they found, photographs, paperwork, everything.
Oh, my God.
There's no time.
We've no time.
She's going to get us what she can.
Miss Delaine.
I pushed her.
I hope not too far.
I told her if she helped us, she'd be safe.
But we can't promise that.
Cilenti's been arrested, let the police deal with him.
I'm trying to stop the story falling apart in our hands.
With what? Isaac's already exhausted the entire newsroom contact list.
The Bishop of Woolwich says mothers who work are the enemies of family life.
One better - Sugar Ray Robinson becomes middleweight champion for the fifth time.
Should squeeze a good ten minutes out of that.
If we don't run this story, who will? It will be fine.
Oh, my God.
Even you're worried.
I'm not.
You are.
We are reaching the point of no return, Freddie.
Isaac, any other story, anything we might have binned? Don't be alarmed but McCain has just arrived.
Last night that story about your arrest was leaked by Westminster.
It's a campaign in motion to discredit your programme and anyone associated with it.
A key minister profiteering from the arms race.
You can't honestly believe there's only one.
No, we don't.
It's oddly disconcerting to have you admit the same.
There are just times when one becomes weary of hiding things.
I've spent the last 15 years lying for ministers, covering gaps and gaffes.
And I think last night was the last time.
Are you saying that you want to help us? Yes, perhaps I am.
We have had your help before, Angus.
I would ask you not to reject this out of pride.
Now you have smoked the hive.
You need me more than ever now.
And the question is who is willing to come out and withstand the sting? He works for me.
Bit young, isn't he? I'm 17.
All right, Kiki? Make the papers? Almost famous.
They didn't take you in too? Well, why would they? I ain't done anything illegal.
Is there money in the till? He hasn't paid me this week.
Ooh, when did you take over? When I see an opportunity, I take it.
You should do the same.
You could be a star attraction.
Now, all that stuff in the press, they want to see more of that.
And I could help you with that.
Sex sells.
Why hide it? No, thanks.
I just want to pick up my things, get my money and go.
He'll be out and when he finds you drinking his whisky What? You'll be out too.
Then why are you the one shaking? We've talked to Miss Delaine.
Cilenti has been released.
Oh, my God! There's even more reason to get this out.
There's a story we've been trying to sell but we are limited in how we sell it.
So don't limit yourselves.
Expose it all? Put the person on The Hour who knows better than anyone the comings and goings of El Paradis.
We are running around trying to find a contributor, trying to pull this show together.
It's right in front of us.
But if we use her can we protect her? Sometimes the best place to hide is in fame's spotlight.
One must simply know how to control the direction of the glare.
Such a mess.
Watch yourself.
Don't cut yourself on the glass.
You cut yourself? No.
For Christ's sake, I need a coffee! I'll make it.
You're leaving me? Mr Pike didn't think you were coming back.
He's not to be trusted.
Coaxing you girls into his films.
Have you succumbed, Kiki? Starred in one of his dirty little pictures? No.
Be careful.
You know what he did to Rosa when she betrayed us? How can anyone do that to a person? How can anyone just suffocate someone like that? Bastard.
You know what's funny? That's true.
Mr Pike tells me The Hour have been sniffing around you.
Mr Lyon? You like Mr Lyon? Little vulture, picking at my bones.
Did you tell Mr Stern where my photographs were? You did.
You know what you need to know about Mr Lyon? He will use you, like he uses me.
We're all nothing but whores.
Kiki? See where she goes.
Put me through to the Commissioner.
He's not in, Mr Stern.
'Well, when will he be back?' He's out all day.
'Will you give him a message, please?' Why have they released Raphael Cilenti? Tell him I need to speak to him.
'I'm sorry, Mr Stern' but no-one is available to talk to you today.
Ladies and gentlemen, two and a half hours to go and we've had a last-minute reshuffle.
We're sticking with the simple and direct approach, starting with the intro on Soho, then the growing influence of vice, the raid, and then the examination of the blackmail ring and then finally an interview.
Hector, I realise that this is sensitive.
It's not.
It's what we should do.
You need to mention the scandal.
We can't deny it.
Let's hope you can get Miss Delaine, Mr Lyon.
I'm not coming back without her.
You'd better not otherwise you will be looking at an empty chair.
Be careful.
Worried you can't ride solo now, Mr Madden? Worried I'll like it too much, Mr Lyon.
Freddie! Mr Madden, a word.
Freddie, you can't go on your own.
I sent her to the club, I have to find her.
It's dangerous! You are not impossible.
Impossible is just what hasn't been done.
It's not impossible when it's possible.
We need to talk.
We haven't Haven't what? We haven't About us.
No, we don't.
We need to stop talking.
We talk too much.
Instead we have to do something.
I am tired of it not being possible.
It is possible.
You are possible.
You are possible with me.
Ditch the desk.
Make the camera move with us.
It should be unpolished.
It should be raw.
Single for the double bill, please.
I'll get these.
Two, please.
Yes, I was wondering about setting up on my own.
A little office in Piccadilly.
Where there is fear there is also money.
One can capitalise on that.
You could be my first client.
And my first question would be have you called your lawyer? What? And ask him to lie for me? The worst is out.
They got a story, they printed it.
Who wouldn't have done the same? Truth is, it's oddly liberating.
You should try it.
One day.
I've been trying to reach you all day.
They said you left this morning.
Are you all right? ITV have withdrawn their offer.
Yes, well they think its best I stay off the air for a while too.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
They had that awful woman from the Grove Family in this afternoon.
She can't act for toffee and she has this barking passion for afternoon tea.
Do you know how difficult it is to make pastries for someone who you know will neither appreciate it nor can act? You can walk away now and I'll understand.
Then what do I do? There are things I've done in the last few months, behaviour that I have in myself allowed and have condemned in you.
But I want to make it right now.
I really do.
Especially now.
I think I'm I'm sure You're sure you're what? I'm three weeks gone.
Hector? Well, isn't that wonderful? Isn't that what you always wanted? Yes.
Well, then aren't you clever, Marnie.
You got what you wanted.
Randall, Bel was wondering if you might want to come down onto the floor a little earlier? Sofia Malfrand.
No E.
Born 24th June 1938.
They've they've found her.
Moved to the outskirts of Paris, March 1940.
Died June the same year.
Killed with both her parents in an air raid.
Would you forgive me if I asked you to go? II can't move.
Please, I need you to.
No, Randall, I won't go.
I won't.
You just just do what you need to do.
Girls never do anything in these films.
They are either the ones in glasses or the ones screaming.
What do I do now? You come on The Hour.
You say what you see at the club.
Me? On the television? You talk about Satchell.
Talk about him signing papers, talk about what you do.
How you're used.
He'll kill me.
I can't promise to protect you, it was wrong to promise you that.
But the world knows about Cilenti now.
Fleet Street will want to know more from you.
You think they go after you now, they'll go after you even more now that he's out.
The more you can control what you say and how you say it, the better.
That's how you protect yourself.
You're the bomb.
Me? No, I'm not, I'm nothing.
I'm just a stupid fucking whore.
We broadcast tonight.
If we leave now, we'll take a taxi, we'll be there in half an hour.
You won't have to do anything you don't want to do.
I'll be there, I'll look after you.
You can't.
What time does the film start, darling? Go, now.
All right, don't worry.
They are expecting you.
Ask for Miss Rowley.
I'll follow you.
Come on, go, now.
I'll keep them occupied.
Good evening.
Oh, good night.
Miss Rowley? Yes.
Mr Lyon? He's going to follow me.
This way, please.
Thank you.
It's just this way.
Where's Freddie? God knows.
Miss Delaine said he was following on.
Miss Delaine.
Thank you for joining us.
Could you find Randall? I'm just going to talk you through our plans for this evening.
My makeup, I need to do my makeup.
Oh, of course.
Joan! Where's Liz? Find her.
Ladies and Gentlemen, 30 minutes, please! All right, Trevor? Yeah, I'm fine, thanks, Mr Lyon.
Mr Cilenti asked you to do this, Norman? Rough handle me down here? I don't answer to Mr Cilenti any more.
Thought not.
Thought he had a bit more style.
He's got style, all right.
You're not a good businessman if you can't see the future coming.
You the future? Might be.
You got a fascist as your first recruit! That's impressive.
You do like to rile.
I confess, I do.
Miss Storm, Miss Delaine is here.
Oh, Sissy, is that you? I'm just coming.
Can you just give me a minute, please? Try to stay calm.
Don't talk too quickly and try not to smile too much.
The questions will be direct and not complicated.
You just answer as truthfully as you can.
I was thinking we may need to reinvent a little.
Now, what name were you christened with? Patricia.
Ah, Patricia Delaine.
It's the wrong colour.
It drains my face.
Mr McCain, if you could wait in the green room? Yes, of course.
I can't do this.
Miss Ramirez wanted to help us.
But she couldn't.
You can.
Mr Lyon will take you in and he will do the interview.
What if he doesn't get here? Why wouldn't he get here? No reason.
No reason, I don't know.
'And so tonight, 'with the launch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 'we have one of the leading figures in the pro-nuclear debate, 'Mr Howard Satchell for the Conservatives and 'one of the anti-nuclear debate's strongest voices of support, 'Mrs Henrietta Williams' There is something she's not telling us.
He would have been here by now.
Let's give him ten more minutes.
Try calling him at home again.
He's Freddie, he'll, he'll get here.
Then why do you look worried? I just want to see what Satchell has to say.
Uncovered has just started.
Will you turn it up? 'Now, this is not about money.
'Pure and simple, the nuclear age is here.
' No, No, No! Is this how you have a conversation? We're done with conversation.
Oh, really? Norman here was just just telling me about his plans for your club.
I think he was hoping you were done for.
I'm not in the grave yet.
Are you going to let me go now? Only we go out tonight.
Where is Miss Delaine? Lost her.
She was meeting him at the cinema.
A date now? I wouldn't I wouldn't flatter myself it was a date.
Attack Of The Crab Monsters.
Have you seen it? Don't.
What did she tell you? Do you know the first Do you know what the first rule of journalism is? If you want to get someone to tell you something, you have to give something of yourself first.
You have no evidence.
Whatever it is you think you have, you have no evidence.
The police destroyed it.
That's a That's a start.
'Commander Stern's office.
' Yes, it's Bel Rowley here.
I'm concerned with regards to one of my journalists who's gone missing - Mr Lyon, of The Hour.
Could I speak to Commander Stern, please? Commander Stern, Miss Rowley from The Hour is on the telephone.
Go home.
Hector, prepare.
He wouldn't miss this show.
Isaac, script.
It might need some tweaking now it's in my hands.
There will be those who'll turn off their sets on seeing me tonight.
Then make sure they don't.
Good luck.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's last checks, please.
We're in trouble.
That's the problem with trouble.
It always starts out as such fun.
They hate you.
The businessmen and the ministers, the clientele you've worked so hard to lure in.
They despise you.
The way you fawn, the way you seduce them, the way you rob them.
Yet you still naively think that you will fit in.
Answer me.
Where is she? You'll never fit in.
You've no money and you didn't even go to the right school.
And in the new world order, money money is king.
You're the one trying to fit in.
You're the performer, Mr Lyon.
You don't know where she is.
You tried to get her to help you and she runs.
That's it.
Kiki? Freddie did say he was going to follow on? He he didn't imply that he was going anywhere else? It's all Rosa left.
Couple of lipsticks.
I never got it when she said it to me.
"Your face is your future".
Twist it.
One minute, please.
I've got something coming up from the lab, can you watch out for it? Where the hell is he? You'll never have a face for television now.
Places, please, ladies and gentlemen.
Cue Grams.
Yes, it's over.
Turn it over.
Five, four, three, two, one.
'Good Evening, 'in a departure for The Hour tonight' we will present an expose on the world of vice and the secrets that it hides.
I apologise for the absence of my co-host, Mr Lyon, who could not be with us tonight.
In presenting this special programme, we are acknowledging his fearless pursuit of this story.
'On a day that has been dominated' Ready? '.
by scandal and police raids' Good luck.
here at The Hour we felt events could not be ignored 'even when those closest to the programme were implicated.
' Bring in camera one.
We've invited Miss Delaine to be interviewed on the programme tonight a woman at the heart of the scandal.
A scandal that also involves me.
'Miss Delaine, thank you for joining us tonight.
' Bring in camera two.
'Now, I know you are nervous.
So let's get started.
' Two months ago we met.
And at that time you accused me of attacking you.
I did.
Though it was proved that I had an alibi and you later withdrew the accusation.
Why was that? Because I lied.
And why did you lie? 'Because the man who beat me up is someone important 'and I was seeking revenge.
' Can you name that man? 'Let's go back a little.
' How long have you worked at the club? 'Four years.
And in that time' can you tell us about the men that you've met? Pick it up, pick it up! Is it him? It's Presentation.
They'll call back.
'And you're there to listen? Is that right? 'That's what we're there for.
' To hear things.
To honeytrap.
'For the benefit of those viewers 'who may be unfamiliar with that term, what is a honeytrap?' We're the bait.
For Mr Cilenti.
He's the owner of El Paradis.
Bait for what? Just breathe.
'To trap them.
To help them blackmail them.
'To help him make deals.
' You know the funny thing? I grew up near a British base in Italy.
My mother serviced any number of British soldiers until I was born.
What does that make me? An English man.
Mr Cilenti at its heart.
' Tonight, on ITV's Uncovered 'there is a fierce debate raging regarding the Government's 'nuclear armament budget.
'The minister on that programme is justifying his campaign 'for increased spending, claiming it is for protection.
' I'm going down on the floor.
Cue up the NATO film.
'Well, there's one company in particular' that is set to make a lot of money in this arms race.
That company is called Tufnell Engineering, the company co-owned by Mr Rafael Cilenti.
Now, it is our belief that a leading minister has personally invested in this company in a deal brokered by Mr Cilenti.
Miss Delaine was a witness to this deal.
Miss Delaine, can you name that minister? 'Mr Howard Satchell.
' 'Thank you to Mr Howard Satchell' 'As a leading defence minister' Mr Satchell attended the NATO summit late last year.
Here is footage of that same summit, where some of the key decisions on the British nuclear defence policy were made.
Miss Delaine was holding onto the negatives.
Are you all right? Has Mr Lyon arrived? They've got him.
Cilenti's got Mr Lyon.
Oh, God.
Freddie! Call the police! Somebody call the police! Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power of the country will endeavour to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.
Abe Lincoln.
Abe Lincoln said it.
What did you say? Money.
No money.
'I've just been handed some photographs by my producer.
' Go to camera two.
They're en route, the police will be there soon.
'I understand that you have provided these, Miss Delaine.
' May I ask where you acquired these? A friend of mine believed every girl needs a little insurance.
'I'm going to hold one of these photographs up to the camera.
' Can you confirm that is Mr Howard Satchell? Miss Delaine.
'It looks like a very relaxed evening.
'There is clearly entertainment.
What were you celebrating? 'They just got back from Paris.
They were very pleased with themselves.
And what month was this? December.
'Just after the NATO summit.
' Now I also note, in this second photograph, I believe that's the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Laurence Stern.
Is that right? 'Yes.
He's the man who beat me.
' 'There will be those viewers undoubtedly shocked to see 'Mr Stern in so compromising a position.
' Is it your belief that Mr Stern has enabled Mr Cilenti's actions? It is.
And other officers.
'And are there other men who you could name, Miss Delaine? 'Yes.
All names girls don't forget.
'The Commissioner of Police often visits.
'There are any number of officers in Cilenti's pocket.
' Are you aware of any other criminal activities that have also been ignored? 'I know bribes were paid 'I know girls were brought into the country illegally 'and nothing was done.
' I know girls who were beaten and worse.
I know of worse.
We would like to thank you, Miss Delaine.
Perhaps one last question? What do you believe these men come to you for? Comfort.
To tell you their secrets.
The things they can't say at home, to their wives.
They talk about things they're scared about.
Maybe stuff they've seen in the past.
And when they leave you, I don't know, in some hotel room, you lie there, daylight creeping under the curtains, your head full of their secrets, keeping you awake.
Knowing you've got to go back, the next night and the next.
We dance with them, drink with them and they flatter themselves that we like them.
But we're just the ghosts in their lives.
Kevin, could you .
could you get my bag? I've left it upstairs.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Everyone, sooner or later, has to sit down to the consequences.
So they shouldn't be surprised when we come back to haunt them.
'Well, thank you, Miss Delaine, for talking to us.
' Well done, Hector.
There's that tick.
We're off air.
Miss Delaine, Miss Delaine! Good evening, gentlemen.
Miss Patricia Delaine is unavailable for comment.
But she will release a statement in the morning.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Thank you, thank you.
'Dear Freddie.
'So I got your letter.
San Francisco - amazing.
'I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write back.
'There are life's natural heroes and then there's you.
'Your words.
'You always believe somewhere deep in you that there is a coward.
'I wish I'd told you that that's not true 'because you leapt while I stayed.
Feet first into the unknown.
'Why should I have expected anything less than fearlessness from you?' Money.
'But I am not as brave as you.
' 'I want to write and say I'll be there.
' 'I'll get on a plane, I'll come right now.
I really do.
'But I can't.
Not because I don't love you.
'I love you, Freddie Lyon.
'But because you won't even get this letter.
' Money.
'Because I won't ever send it.
'I'm the coward Freddie, not you.
'So, instead, I'm sending this prayer out there.
' Moneypenny.
'Just hoping that somehow you'll know to come home.
'Just please come home.
Now, soon and 'maybe your courage will make me brave too.
'Just come home and I will leap too.
' Moneypenny.

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