The House of Flowers (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

POPPY (symb. resurrection)

1 [church bell tolling nearby] I brought you flowers.
Your favorite.
I never had them at the store.
I had to order them from La Chiquis, and I never told anyone.
Like I never told anyone you used to steal a few when I wasn't there.
You thought I didn't notice.
[Roberta] I never took anything without permission.
You stole my flowers, and you stole my husband.
It was my fault, I admit it.
I hired you at the flower shop and told you all my secrets.
I made it easy for you.
I'm sorry.
I fell in love.
So did I.
In my own way, but - You know what, Roberta? - Tell me, Virginia.
I was left with so many questions and doubts when I saw you hanging in the flower shop.
I regretted it immediately.
- Killing yourself? - No, hanging myself.
I should've slit my wrists.
You're looking for answers.
That's why you're here.
Now it's your turn.
I don't dare.
I don't want to make any more mistakes, not anymore.
Making mistakes is one of the most wonderful things in life, because they remind you that you're alive.
It's never too late, Virginia.
You know perfectly well what you have to do.
Thank you.
[Roberta] I always knew this day would come.
Thank you.
And best of luck, Virginia.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I'm glad you're here.
Here? - In jail? - No.
Here, by my side.
[Virginia sighs] Ernesto.
- I have something to tell you.
- So do I.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no.
- I'm sorry.
No, I'm the one who's sorry.
For everything I did to you.
I wish none of this had ever happened, Virginia, really.
Believe me.
The letter.
What letter? The letter Roberta left me, asking me to look after Micaela.
It was also about fraud, missing money, what she used it for, revenge, and Revenge? What revenge? She gave me the chance to save you.
But I kept quiet.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
Please understand there's nothing quite as bad as a woman scorned.
- Virginia, I'm dying here.
- I know.
- That's why I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
- It's fine, it's fine.
It's fine, we all make mistakes.
When I get out of here, we'll go back to the way it was.
Minus Roberta, of course.
Rather, it will go back to the way people thought it was.
If you only knew how much has happened.
- Everything has changed so much.
- I've changed, too.
I'm not the man I was.
I still love you.
And I want us to put our family back together.
I want us to be happy again.
[Delia] Yes, over there.
- Perfect, thank you.
- [Elena] Thank you very much.
THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS Delia, an empty seat will only raise more questions about Dad, don't you think? Plus, Mom hasn't told us the official version yet.
All these lies are getting too complicated for me.
[chuckles] Listen.
Has Mom said anything about who's inheriting the flower shop? She's supposed to announce it today at the party, right? My child, your mother is acting as if she saw the ghost lady.
- Totally mute.
- I know.
I just I want the flower shop to be mine, Delia.
[both laughing] I know.
I don't know.
After so much confusion with Claudio and Dominique, Mexico and New York all I'm sure about is my place in this house.
I feel like if I get the flower shop, all this will have been worth it.
- Right.
- Imagine, Delia.
You and I against the world, in the House of Flowers.
You and I as the bosses of the House of Flowers! [both laughing] Fuck men.
[Delia] Fuck them.
Need any help? No.
This way, I'll learn.
Since you're dying to leave.
Paulina, I'm not dying to leave.
I already explained it to you.
I have an emergency at work.
I've been away for too long.
Besides, without the money, I can't help Ernesto.
Once you raise that sum, I'll come back and negotiate the pardon.
Don't even worry about it.
I'll find Diego and ruin him myself.
Then, I'll get my dad out on my own.
Why are you so angry with me? Because I would've liked it if you stayed for the party.
[sighs] Oh, please.
Your mother would die if she sees me there.
Imagine: - "Oh, what will people say?" - No, she'll die if Bruno isn't there.
So, speak up.
- There's still time.
- No need, it's fine.
Everyone's so nervous already, no one will even notice.
Well, if you're sure, there's nothing more to say.
I'll help Bruno pack so we can leave early and avoid traffic.
What's the matter? I'm nervous.
Pau, I promise I'll be back soon.
That's not it.
Mom Mm-hm? is deciding today who gets the flower shop.
And I've been And I feel she'll let resentment get the better of her.
I don't want to go.
You can't make me.
I don't want to go with her.
Bruno, we already talked about this.
[ringing] [cell phone chimes] [Julián on recording] This is my hundredth voicemail.
Please, pick up, honey.
- Please take your seat, sir.
- Sure.
I'm going crazy.
I know I fucked up.
I fucked up bad.
But don't do anything stupid.
This isn't who you are.
You're not a thief.
I know you love me.
And I love you, so much.
[sobbing] Your Mom has to show up at the flower shop's party to stand up for her whole family, as always.
Hmm? I wish you'd realized that your true family is us three.
Yay, Madrid.
Look, Julián, the problem is that you're a shitty person.
A child, too self-centered to notice anyone but himself.
In our five years together, you never thought of me.
Never, you piece of shit.
[singing] You may take As much time as you need As for me, I'll be waiting You'll never see me again, or your family's money.
And no, I'm not a thief.
Not at all.
But you all took away my dignity and this is just my payment.
[woman] Please, sir, buckle your seatbelt and turn off your phone.
Certainly, thank you.
Julián go fuck yourself.
Diego? Diego.
Diego, please wait.
I'm with you even if you are Far away from my life I'll trade my happiness In exchange for yours [Virginia] Hello, sweetie.
- What is this? - [Elena] Do you like it? It's gorgeous.
Elena, you've learned so much.
I would've never thought this was your thing.
Oh, Mom.
That's what I want to talk about.
About what? I think I've proved - my commitment to the House of Flowers.
- Yes.
- On the legal and the illegal one.
- No, that's all over with.
[Elena chuckles] Lately, I've realized I'd love to take over the flower shop.
- Oh, Elena, but - No, I know that you only hired me to teach Paulina a lesson.
And I know that my three months here can't compare to her 20 years working here with you.
But, Mom, she already has the other House of Flowers.
Sweetie [chuckles] you're an architect, a professional with a degree.
You can I don't know, design smart buildings, - do amazing things, - But - have a wonderful life, - Yes - be happy.
- Yes, Mom, but it's more than that.
I would love to see our whole family together in the flower shop.
Plus, with my architecture skills and all I've learned here, I know I can do great things for the flower shop.
Fantastic new things.
Fuck the cabaret.
- Well, yes, fuck it.
- Yes.
I feel like ever since Roberta hung herself I don't know.
We all lost our way.
It's like we're disconnected.
And, Mom, I think it's about time we became united once again.
- And be happy again, why not? - Yes.
- I'll go get changed, sweetie.
- All right, Mom.
I'm glad you guys are here, I was looking for you.
He told me to go fuck myself.
Don't worry, Julián.
We're going to find him and we're going to ruin him.
Oh, Paulina, there's something important you should know.
I want you to be prepared.
What I'm about to tell you shouldn't affect us as siblings.
Plus, it's what I need - to get over Dominique and Claudio.
- What are you talking about, Elena? I'm inheriting the flower shop.
I already talked to Mom.
Listen here, Elenita.
The fact that you stepped up for a couple of days while Mom and I worked out our issues, doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that you're getting the flower shop, because we all know here who's getting it.
Dude, you have the cabaret.
You can't have everything in life, Paulina! You know what? You're right.
I can't have everything in life.
Keep the flower shop.
What's wrong with her? I wouldn't know.
He's just a self-centered asshole who thinks with his penis.
[knocking on door] Come on in! [door opens, then shuts] Micaela, it's you.
The party has started, are the guests all here? What? You're not talking? I made this for you.
- Do you like it? - It's gorgeous.
So gorgeous.
Thank you, sweetheart.
You sure got my talent.
[chuckles] - Go to the party.
Have fun.
- Okay.
I have things to tell you all.
[dance music playing on speakers] [Julián] Pipino.
- [Elena] Pipino? - [Julián] Pipino? [Elena] Pipino? Pipino? Pipino.
[Elena] Pipino? - It's not here.
I don't know where - What happened? Where have you been? - [Julián] We were looking for Pipino.
- Give that dog away, please.
Oh, no.
Poor thing.
He is the only thing he has left.
No boyfriend, no dog, no flower shop.
Poor thing.
What about you? No husband, no more of Claudio's dick, no house or visa.
- [Paulina] Julián.
- But I'll have the flower shop.
- It's like we're cursed, right? - [Elena] What? Cursed to be alone? - It's worth considering.
- At least you have Bruno.
No, Bruno is gone.
He left for Madrid with María José.
What? Why? We decided that was the best thing for him.
- He left without saying goodbye to Mom? - I know.
I have to tell her.
Paulina, why did you do it? It was the only way to save him.
If I couldn't save Dad, - then at least - Save your Dad from what? Oh, nothing.
Just an expression.
He is coming, right? My editor approved the cover and my guys are ready for the portrait, - [Paulina] Yes, of course.
- but no Dad, no photo.
- Unless he's dead, in that case - Oh, God.
- My dad isn't dead.
- [Elena] Luka, my dad isn't coming.
- Elena.
- He's not coming because he is He's here! Why do you do this to me? Dad! - Please excuse us.
- Of course.
[chattering] - I can't believe you're here.
Is it real? - My darling! My love! - My princess! - If I wasn't so sad, I'd be happy.
How did you pull this off? How? I did what Diego couldn't and sold one of the properties.
[Elena] Which one, Mom? Shall we go away from the guests? No, no.
We need to be with our guests.
I'll sit here, too many gossips around.
- [Ernesto] Darling, you look gorgeous.
- [Elena] Dad, how exciting! [chattering] Your mom visited me in jail and said she had the money to get me out.
Did she sell the Cuernavaca house? - Or Great-Grandma's ring.
- What matters is she forgave me, and we can be a family again.
By the way, Elena, where's Dominique? Go get him so I can hug my son-in-law.
Let's go look for your dog.
[Julián] His name is Pipino.
What's going on? Why did you never come to visit? You haven't forgiven me? It's not that, Dad.
I didn't visit because my guilt was too strong.
Guilt? What did you do? [sighs] I cheated on Dominique with Claudio.
- Claudio? Our Claudio? - Mm-hm.
I'm sorry.
So, you're with Claudio now.
- Or both? - No.
No, Dad.
- No, trust me.
- [laughs] Having two partners is not so easy.
[chuckles] No, no.
I'm not with either of them.
It doesn't matter now, I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
All I care about is taking over the flower shop.
I really want to expand our business.
I don't know, maybe open another store, - online orders.
- I love it.
I'll help you.
[music stops] Thank you.
Hello, everyone.
- Can you all hear me? - [all] Yes.
[Virginia] Thank you.
I'd like to welcome you once again to the House of Flowers.
Today is a special day, the 50th anniversary of our great House of Flowers.
[all applauding] Don't freak out when she says my name.
Nothing changes.
[Virginia] Fifty years is easy to say, but we've worked incredibly hard to renovate it, to renovate us, to reinvent ourselves as a family.
If they only knew.
[Virginia] This is a special occasion because my children have always wondered who'll take over the flower shop.
Fortunately, it's someone who loves flowers as much as I do.
Let's all give a warm welcome to Chiquis Corcuera.
[all applauding] What? [Virginia] Welcome to your new house.
I hope you'll be happy here.
And I hope you'll make this House of Flowers grow as much as your own flowers.
This is now part of your emporium.
- No.
What's happening.
What is this? - This is me taking over the flower shop.
I hate you, fucking Chiquis.
- Julián! - Don't talk to my sister that way.
She's a saint, - and the reason your dad isn't in jail.
- [Virginia] To my friends in the press Excuse us.
I've kept my promise.
Ernesto and my children are all here.
All that's left is to take the family portrait.
And we're ready.
[chuckles] Let's do it.
Thank you.
- Bravo! - Thank you.
- [Micaela] Dad! - Honey! Oh, no.
Now this on top of everything Try to smile a little.
[Virginia] All together.
Come, Micaela.
Let's take our places.
Don't look so shocked.
No one died this time.
What have you done? Why didn't you tell me? Tell you what? You wanted your dad here.
Well, here he is.
You wanted us all together and here we are.
- Where is Bruno? - Bruno isn't here.
He's in Madrid with María José.
- He left without saying goodbye? - Today of all days? I didn't make a mistake.
At least I spared him all this.
- No, come here, Micaela! - Leave her, we're here, okay? [Luka] Ready? One, two, three.
Again, one, two - One more.
Ready? One, two - You know what? Enough.
- What? Where are they going? - No, no.
Pipino? I can't thank you enough for the sacrifice you've made.
Selling the flower shop to pay for Roberta's debts and to get me out.
I promise I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
Well, yes.
Excuse me one moment.
[sighs] It's finally mine! But we'll have to renovate it, the 50 years are showing.
Renovate it? We're tearing it down.
But it's a great opportunity for us, the location is unbeatable.
It's our chance to erase all the traces of this shitty flower shop.
We'll become the very best florists in Mexico.
I love it when you talk like in House of Cards.
[both mimicking cats purring and meowing] [both laughing] [dance music playing on speaker] [Ernesto] Tell me what happened with Diego.
- [Julián] He's gone.
- [Ernesto] Where did he go? I don't know.
That's the problem.
He somehow found out I was fucking Mara.
- Ma Mara? - Mara.
Then he called to say I was a self-centered prick.
I'm just like you, Dad.
It's in my blood.
No, Julián, no.
Before Roberta, I never cheated on your mom.
I was with Roberta because I fell in love.
Hmm? I'm not trying to justify it, what I did was horrible, but it wasn't mere lust.
I want you to know I love your mom and I'll never hurt her again.
I'll be faithful to her until the day I die.
So, do you love this Mara? No.
There it is.
You need to figure out what you want in life.
You're young, bisexual, more to choose from [both chuckling] Enjoy life.
You and Diego are right.
I need to stop making excuses and accept my nature.
I'm everything Diego said and much more.
The world will know who Julián de la Mora really is.
- No, no.
Don't go overboard, son.
- No, Dad.
There's only one thing worse than a scorned woman: A scorned bisexual.
I think I'll go look for Micaela.
[gasps] Caramel.
- Poncho.
- I came looking for you.
- I can't stop thinking about you.
- Me neither.
I've tried to bury this feeling, but I just can't.
- My, my, Carmelita.
- [Carmela gasps] - Uh Paulina, it's not what you - I'm happy for you guys.
[chuckles] Hello, hello.
[Micaela] Hi.
- I've been looking for you everywhere.
- Bruno left without saying goodbye.
Like you, like Mom.
Everyone leaves without a word.
Oh, sweetheart.
Sometimes things don't turn out the way we want.
But you know what? I'm not going anywhere.
How are things in the cabaret in my absence? - Mm - How are Yuri, Pau and Gloria? They always ask for you.
What about the changes your siblings made? [groans] Any suggestions? Oh.
So many.
It's too sleazy now, Dad.
- It's a good thing you're back.
- Yes.
I'm back to set things straight.
And you're going to help me, okay? Mm-hm.
I love you.
[Fernandez singing in Spanish] [Beba] It's so cool Virginia booked Alejandro Fernandez.
I've always loved him.
[laughing] You know Virginia throws the best parties.
But I don't know what happened to him, he looks a little heavier.
[Beba laughing] I was looking for you.
I just saw an impersonator dressed as Ernesto.
Looks a little fake.
No, it's really Dad.
How did he get out? Mom sold the flower shop.
I don't understand.
I don't know what's happening.
I don't know what I'm going to do, or what will happen to my family.
Don't worry, I'm here for you.
- I thought I was just your fuck buddy.
- Come on, Elena.
I really care about you, and I'll always be here for you.
We rushed things.
You had a boyfriend, I was grieving, we were sneaking around.
Things got out of hand.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I don't know where my head is lately.
- No, no.
- Forgive me.
My child.
I just heard something terrible.
What? I was in the flower shop when I heard Chiquis say she's tearing it down.
She didn't see me because she's blind, poor thing.
- What do you mean "tearing it down"? - Yes.
She's going to demolish it.
Fucking crazy bitch.
It won't happen.
We won't let that happen.
- We'll ruin her if she tries.
- I'm with you, like always.
You know what? I have to fight this battle myself.
- Yes.
- Wanna make a video? If you want to.
I guess you're into it now.
Thanks for coming.
- I'll help you.
- Yes.
What's up? - More like it's not up, right? - It must be the stress.
Let me take a deep breath.
- Julián, you're freaking me out.
- This has never happened before.
It's Diego's curse.
- You're destroying the flower shop? - Elena, calm down.
You can't stop me, Elena.
- Your mom signed the paperwork.
- This way.
Over there.
The flower shop is mine to do as I please.
Wait, Chiquis, calm down.
Think this through, if you destroy the flower shop, you destroy us.
My family is falling apart.
And I can't hold on.
So, please, Chiquis.
Think this through.
You're a pious woman show some compassion.
What would Jesus do? I don't give a flying fuck.
I'm going to destroy you, Ana Paula! You'll regret this, you bitch! - If it's the last thing I do! - I'll be here waiting, Elena.
Waiting for you.
No one threatens a Corcuera.
She left.
She left.
[knocking on door] Come in.
What happened? "What happened?" Heh.
What had to happen, what you asked me to make happen.
To get your Dad out of jail.
I didn't ask for this.
Especially not selling the flower shop.
What are you going to do now? Oh, Paulina.
We're the same, you and I.
We make the same mistakes.
Sometimes I think of you, and I see myself in you and you in me.
We're very alike.
We'll do anything for this family.
We fix their problems, worry about everything But this can't go on.
Things have to change.
Oh, Mom, please.
It's too late for me.
Too late? No, you're still too young.
Don't let the love of your life get away, Paulina.
Especially not because of people's stupid prejudices.
Oh, Mom You've lost your family once.
[sighs] Don't lose them again.
You're high, aren't you? Go, Paulina.
Go get them.
This is where you run.
Don't end up alone.
Go now.
María José! Paulina? But What if you try disciplining Bruno here, instead of Madrid? - What about the party? - Who cares? Please, don't get on that plane.
- Shall we try this again? - Oh, Paulina I've tried living here after our separation.
It's harder to find a job here.
And it wasn't easy for me.
No, no, no.
I'm not asking you to try to live in Mexico again.
I'm asking you to give "us" one more chance.
What? Seriously? We are a family, dysfunctional, weird, but we're a family.
I don't know, if only you were a lesbian Yup, they're my parents.
Will you stay? I don't know.
THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS [both laughing] No, no, wait a minute! Come here! Boss, I have the perfect story to go with the cover.
No, it's not the party.
"The de la Mora family: The secret life of an almost perfect family.
" [Julián] Delia.
- Does Dad have any Viagra? - Read this, my child! Alfredo.
- Ernesto.
- Salomón.
- Have you seen Virginia? - Why do you ask? I owe you no explanations.
This is my house.
- You abandoned it long ago.
- Let her go already.
Virginia chose to be with me 40 years ago.
Well, not anymore.
There's a rave in the garden and the family is gone.
What's happening? Elena Mom left for good.
She abandoned us.
What? - Mom's gone? - What? - Did she take her pipe? - Yes.
Alfredo! Alfredo, don't! What was that? - Was that a gunshot? - I don't know.
Subtitle translation by Matt D