The House of Flowers (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

LOTUS, (Symb. mystery)

1 [Ernesto.]
It's an honor to meet you, Jenny.
Did you make the transfer? For the amount they told me.
I've heard a lot about you, about your passion for my teachings.
- They saved my life, Jenny.
- Yes.
After my second partner died I didn't want to keep living.
When I learned your teachings, thanks to 62, I found meaning in my life again.
And now all I want is to transcend, to be part of the great coming.
That's easy to say, Ernesto, but you are afraid.
- No! - You are afraid.
- No, I'm not - You are afraid.
Yes, you are afraid.
Yes, yes, yes, I'm afraid.
That's right.
Something stops you from giving me Giving me Giving your all.
You have to detach, renounce, release everything that this filthy society teaches us.
Click! Yes, yes, yes, I know.
I know.
But my family doesn't understand.
Sometimes, we have to get away from those who make us rotten, Ernesto.
It's painful because sometimes we love these people.
But we have to grow.
I won't let anyone make me rotten, Jenny.
That's it.
That's it.
Very good, Ernesto.
I want you to be Ernesto de la Mora.
My husband in light.
Wife in light.
I want you to be Sixty-four, sixty-four.
Welcome to your worst nightmare, Ernesto.
Now, take off your clothes.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES With everything? We need you back.
No, Paulina.
I told you on the phone I can't do it.
Your dad kicked us out of the place we loved most.
But try to understand, he was confused and sad.
Do you have pork cheek? Lean meat, eye and tongue.
- Tongue.
- How many? Plus, my dad has nothing to do with the business anymore.
He's not interested in it.
He won't be involved.
The strippers will be separate, it will be a whole new era.
And without you, the others won't want to come back.
You're the leader, Amanda.
Jorge! You're much more than Jorge.
Look, Paulina.
We always knew La Casa de las Flores was the small house.
And the small house is still part of La Casa de las Flores.
And Claudio? Claudio who? Oh, Claudio.
What about him? How does he feel about you running the cabaret? I need his blessing to come back.
Out of respect for Roberta's memory.
You drive a hard bargain for a stripper.
Is this one spicy? They're all spicy.
Saucy! Yeah.
Hold on a second.
It's still squeaking, isn't it? - No, Cacas - Listen.
Leave it alone, Cacas, really.
Elena, do you think the kiosk's big enough to appease Paulina? I don't know.
Hi, Greg.
Sorry, I'm just handling some things at my parents' house.
- But the meeting is in ten minutes.
- No, no, I know.
The new clients are my neighbors, so don't worry, I'll be right there.
Remember, this project is super important for us.
Yeah, for me too, believe me.
I can still hear it, listen.
It just won't go away.
Like you.
How'd that app work out for you? - Terrible.
I didn't expect it.
- Uh-huh.
- I had like five matches.
- Uh-huh.
And they just wanted to fuck.
Not even meet up and talk.
Nothing, just on the phone.
Delicious, huh? Elena de la Mora.
Elena, what a surprise.
Jesus, it's not a surprise.
I'm detecting something.
I'm detecting a sound.
Chiquis, can you hear it too or is it just me? - Yeah, a little something.
- Like [both whining.]
If you want me to take on this project, you'll have to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
What, you're going to handle this project? No, Elena Ciao is in charge.
That's my married name.
It fits my personality better and I'm pretty much still married.
Hey, no way.
Did you know? Look, we don't want to hurt you, really.
So we're going to look for someone else.
Thank you.
No, no, I need the work.
As long as you sign, it's fine.
Look, Elena.
We're not signing a nondisclosure agreement with you.
I already signed.
Okay, I'm going to get started.
Thank you.
Cacas, come here.
- Hold on.
- Come quickly.
I need to tell you something.
What's up, Ernesto? I'm reborn.
Oh, cool.
Lupito! Come here.
Hey, where were you? Come here, don't worry.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, how can I Paulina! What a coincidence, I'm Gloria.
I know who you are.
I didn't come to pay taxes.
I bet.
No one comes here to pay their taxes.
I came for you, Gloria.
No one calls me Gloria here.
No one respects me here.
I hate the place, they even give me my coffee cold.
We're going to reopen the cabaret and I wanted to know if you wanted to come back.
You have no idea how much I was hoping you'd say that.
I quit, assholes! I'm tired of your misogyny, your transphobia, your looks, your insults Gloria, calm down, we haven't opened yet.
I'm recruiting everyone.
I need to know if you'll come back, if I can count on you.
Of course you can count on me.
Get me out of here, please.
- Don't worry, I promise.
- Please.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I thought you lost it.
- So did I.
Weren't you going to bring a peace offering? Yeah, look.
I made it myself.
Oh, delicious, thanks.
Look, you have to understand that this ship has sailed.
Are you busy? Because I have some things to do and I thought maybe you could come with me.
- Sure.
- Sure? - Yes.
- Let's go.
This one has good reviews and it's on sale.
Oh, fuck me! - This is the sale price? - Uh-huh.
Shit, I don't have enough.
Look at my list.
Well, if you want I can buy it.
Are you going to pay with our money? - Thanks, but no thanks.
- Listen, listen.
One more time.
I only took one million, I invested it, and used it to buy the cabaret.
The rest of the money What? Look, this one has good reviews too.
Buying the cabaret is one thing, trying to buy our forgiveness is different.
It's designed for dads who are willing to leave grudges behind and love the man of their dreams again.
You tried to blame my mom.
And it's on sale too.
Forgive me.
I can't.
Then why'd you get back in touch? If you can't tell me you forgive me then I should just go back to Celaya and wait to die.
Go ahead.
It's hard for me to forget you.
"And even though I decided to break up, though I keep telling you we wouldn't get back together, it's hard for me to forget you.
" Stop, Diego.
"Between heaven and earth, there's something that just wears down from remembering so much.
" I cried for like two weeks straight.
"And that something is me.
A picture of duplicity that only shows one side.
" Stop, please.
"The face you see is a smile in a toothpaste ad, and the hidden face is the result of my great idea of leaving you.
It's hard for me to forget you.
" Enough.
This ship has sailed.
Oh, wow! Who shrunk the business? - It's for you.
- Mm.
Well, and Micaela too.
No, honey! - I told you not to make - I'm flying! Delia fly in the yard.
Micaela, come here, this is your new business.
Amazing! - Oh, Salomon! You scared me.
- [chuckles.]
- Hi, daughter.
- Hi.
You can call me Paulina, okay? I heard you were here and I wanted to pay you a visit.
Thank you.
I don't want to work with flowers, I want to do magic.
Well, do both! Magic with flowers, think about it.
I suggest that if Micaela wants to do something she really likes, that she does it.
Pressuring a kid her age to do things they don't like can have bad consequences.
Yes, yes, of course.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Isn't it lovely? Divine.
I love it, Elena.
I'm glad you like it.
Yeah, it's awesome.
Oh, sweetie.
Hey, I'm gonna get you a lot of clients, you'll see.
I bet Mom is very proud of you, Elena.
I, however, am a disaster.
But why? You couldn't convince them to come back to the cabaret? Just Gloria, because Amanda says she won't come back without Claudio's blessing.
And Claudio doesn't want anything to do with the cabaret.
Well, I can talk to him if you want.
No, Elena, I know how you handle things.
Really, I can fix it.
No! Your addiction is stronger than you are.
Hey, how about we all go convince Yuri together.
Oh, Juli, Micaela just gave me terrible news.
This is it.
Good job.
Why don't you just leave it in the middle of the street? - [Julián.]
I don't drive soccer mom SUVs.
- [Paulina.]
Julián "Checo Pérez.
" Looks like they already hired an architect to build the Fish Empire.
Let's see what he's done.
I think it will be minimalist and in good taste.
Just think how many people will go in.
All the noise.
That's nothing, they're going to tear down walls Grandma put up with her own hands.
We don't have to pretend to love Grandma when we're alone.
If she used her hands it was to say: "Put this here, put that over there.
" But not building with her own hands.
With her own hands! She's over there, I think.
- Poor Grandma.
- Now we care about Grandma.
Be quiet, I think it's here.
Elena do you know the architects? Maybe it's a friend, or enemy now.
Very funny.
No one cares about fish except when fishing.
The flower kiosk will do really well, you'll see.
Shut up about the kiosk already! Well, luckily we have IMPERIODELOSPECES: ARCHITEC REMODELING THE FISH EMPIRE!! the best architect in all of Mexico remodeling the cabaret.
[knocking on door.]
- Right? - [Yuri.]
Who is it? - Yes.
- The De la Moras.
- Hi.
- Hi.
And that's why we all wanted to come, so you'd know La Casa de las Flores is going to be a family business again.
Because for us, - family is the most important thing.
- Thanks.
Yes, I agree.
Which is why I want to dedicate more time to my two blessings.
Give me that, it's mine.
Take that! Not gonna give it to you, not gonna give it to you! - How cute.
- Let's get to it.
Look, Yuri.
What's important is that if you come back, we can do something very special for you.
- This isn't about money, is it? - No, no, no Eh But Paulina told me you were dying to be Rihanna.
- Oh, no, J-Lo.
- No.
No, not Rihanna or J-Lo.
But you and I know very well who you want to be.
- Beyoncé! - Beyoncé! I love his voice, it's like very - Sensual.
- No - Like really horny.
- Horny? You're crazy.
Excuse me, someone is looking for you.
You betrayed me! We signed an NDA and you betrayed me.
That voice is just You put my picture on Instagram! Why? No, no, no.
That was our community manager's fault.
And we didn't break any agreement.
You signed for your name, not a photo.
No, no, no, but I'm in it.
Help me please, Julián already saw it.
Chiquis, help me, please.
You said we could be friends.
Yeah, in another life.
Look, like my brother said, next time you sign something, read it thoroughly before you sign so you won't have any problem.
We deleted it, don't worry.
What? Thank you so much, really, thank you.
You know I love you guys, right? Yeah, we love you too.
Bye, take care.
What? Thank you, Cristobal, how kind.
You're so nice, thank you.
- Why did you delete it? - Because I made a decision.
Why did you act without consulting me first? Well, just trust me.
I'm going to look over some accounting things.
Here's your phone.
There you go, bye.
Like I was saying - Here.
- Thank you.
- I want to be Julieta Venegas.
- No, impossible.
What, why not? Yuri gets to be Beyoncé.
Start out as The Golden Girl, then we'll convince Diego and you can be Julieta, - Julieta doesn't even dance.
- Diego? Why? Because he's the owner of the cabaret, he has the last word.
No, if this keeps up, soon Cacas will be the owner of the cabaret too.
What do you know about Cacas? Tell me.
I want to confess that I've been faithful for 134 days, 14 hours and 15 seconds.
- Bravo! - Wow, Delia! - Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- I don't know if I should believe you.
I'd really like to say I don't have a hankering for a nice butt or a rhythmic pelvis.
No, that's not it.
Like 15 or 20 people would be perfect.
I mean, I want it to look like a success on the first day.
Did you light a candle? It has to be Saint Diego, okay? He's the patron saint of florists.
I want there to be a lot of people, because, I mean, I can buy flowers myself.
You're trying to cover up your guilt.
Well, yeah, I'm a traitor.
No, not at all.
You have a noble goal.
God will be merciful with you.
God, whatever.
My sister! I'll send some people from church.
We're a really big community.
- What church do you go to? - San Fermin.
No way, that's where my mom went.
Hey, this will get in the way.
It's the architect's orders.
For safety, we have to make the place sturdy.
You have no idea how expensive having a baby is.
Of course I know, Julián, I have a kid.
I need a salary.
Can't you see what we're doing? - You're incredible! - Yeah, it's almost done.
- What's left? - What's left? Amanda Miguel.
Why don't you talk to Claudio? We ended on bad terms and Amanda won't return without his blessing.
Help me out.
Okay, how much will you pay? I mean, can you pay me now? Julián, honestly.
You're such a professional gold digger.
- I have debts.
- Yeah, we all do.
Three hundred, sir.
Look, I won't say anything about you working for Chiquis.
Shh! Be quiet.
But let me go, I need to keep practicing.
Just a little longer, so when Paulina gets here, she'll see us all together.
She wants to be together, like a family, with La Casa de las Flores.
It's just a stupid flower stand.
- Well, yeah.
- Have you decided? A dozen azaleas, please.
Azaleas? They were my mom's favorite.
Well, they're mine too.
- Are you Spanish? - Not at all, I'm Catalan.
- One moment.
- I had a Spanish boyfriend.
- Thank you.
- Or maybe two? Would you mind if I took a stroll around the yard? No.
Go ahead.
He's cute.
Hi, how are you? Where are you visiting from? I'm coming from San Agustin church.
- Oh, the church.
- Yes.
Thanks for coming.
Ready to meet your pimp? I don't know, Julián.
I'm having second thoughts.
But you sent me a smiley face, that means yes.
No, it wasn't a smiley face.
It was an emoji with its hand over its mouth like this Elena, come on.
After all, I've kept your secret.
Shh! Don't talk about the secret.
What's he doing? - [Elena.]
Hey, who is he? He's really cute.
- [Julián.]
What's he laughing about? No, he's crying, why would he be laughing? - He's laughing his ass off.
- No, he's crying, Julián.
- Why would he be? - Let me give you - Look.
See? He's laughing.
- What's he doing? Good job, Mica, more magic! Stop it, Elena.
Damn, I can't stand her.
She has such a bad attitude.
- She has to get better, doesn't she? - Yeah, really.
Okay, let's go see Claudio.
THE HOUSE OF COSTUMES What's this? You're up Name sound familiar? Yep.
Good afternoon, I'm looking for Claudio.
- Elena? - Claudio, sorry, I didn't recognize you.
I shortened my beard.
Want something to drink? Coffee, tea, milk? No, I'm fine, thank you.
So, what do you think about the cabaret? Well, I don't have much to add to what we talked about.
I don't want anything to do with the cabaret.
- Okay.
- Ernesto gave me my part, and I'm doing really well here, as you can see.
- Yeah, it's incredible.
- It is, isn't it? Listen, the truth is Amanda just wants your blessing.
So, I don't know, maybe you could give her a call, a little blessing.
Please, call her, come on.
Fine, I'll talk to her.
You will? Thank you.
- You're terrible.
- Why? You know I couldn't say no if you came.
You're more beautiful than ever.
Thank you.
No, no, I can't, Claudio, I'm in rehab.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning just to think about you.
Let's go in the back.
- No, I like it here.
- Let me take off the costume.
- It turns me on.
- The udders don't get in the way? I like the udders.
[clears throat.]
It's not what it looks like.
Here she is with the Dalai Lama.
Here, with Pope Francis.
Here, with John Paul II.
We skipped Benedict.
Here she is with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.
And here she is with Los Tigres del Norte.
Let me see.
Oh, that one's cool.
I'm afraid.
Everyone is afraid.
But when Jenny Quetzal chooses you as her husband, that fear turns into strength, and that strength becomes a long-term investment Brother, unfortunately, our beloved Jenny Quetzal can't see you today.
Excuse me, but I'm the magic number, I need to see her.
Impossible, especially since there's a darkness overwhelming her.
Is it me, or my nose, or Is this cotton? Polyester.
Come on, Ernesto.
I have something that will brighten her day.
Neto, really, don't fuck this up.
Yeah, come on.
I saw it in the window.
How, who did it? I don't know.
Claudio! Yes, Paulina.
Hey, I heard you talked to Amanda and I wanted to thank you.
Elena? But, I asked Julián to.
- [Micaela.]
Paulina! - [Ernesto.]
Careful! Get back! Claudio, sorry, but Can I call you later? - It's burning.
Paulina, come! - Come here! It's burning.
It's burning, no one go near it.
Don't get close, it's very dangerous.
Get back! Get back, I'll go.
No! What are you doing? Don't go near it! Dad, come here! Dad, Dad! Calm down, Micaela.
Get back.
- My sweater! - Oh, my God.
- The sweater! - It keeps growing, call the firefighters.
- Was it cashmere? - What did you do, Elena? It wasn't me, Julián.
- Fucking Chiquis.
- She's a bitch.
I was alone on the street When suddenly there was a blackout It’s better for me to stay quiet The adventure that I lived there Wow, it's incredible.
- Yes, it really is.
- With the boss' portrait and everything.
See? All thanks to Elena.
- No, I know how important it is for you.
- Thank you.
I needed you to come.
After the fire today, this is our only way to get the flower shop back.
Although, really, the flower shop is even further away.
Now that they're going to build The Fish Empire there, right? Listen.
I want to tell you something.
Elena is the architect for The Fish Empire.
You? - Julián is still fucking Diego.
- What the hell, Elena! What the hell yourself! Hey, no, no.
I didn't come back from Madrid for this shit.
Elena, are you really working for the Chiquis vampires? Well, yeah.
No, don't shake your head.
Fucking that thief, what are you thinking? We haven't made love yet.
Yeah, right, Julián! Plus, that isn't what I wanted to say.
It was something else.
What? I left a candle lit in the flower stand.
Honestly, you two, you take stupidity to a new level.
I mean, at this pace we'll end up losing the house.
No, not the house.
Well, if you don't want to keep losing things, please, have pity, make sure no one else gets involved in our decisions.
No one can enter our family unit.
You understand, right? - Yes.
- Yes.
Promise me.
I promise.
I love your house, 64.
My humble house is your house.
I feel I feel a lot of light in this home.
Our wedding could be here.
I don't believe in weddings, 64.
My apologies.
I believe in human empowerment.
In excellence.
In transcendence.
And do you know what I see here? This light, love.
The future, Ernesto.
The future.
It looks so good on you.
It was my great-grandma's.
What else did your great-grandma have? Honey, your dad just arrived with some SUVs, with some really strange people.
Is he going back to jail? Delia, if he was going to jail, they'd be taking him, not bringing him back home.
Oh, right.
Hey, Elena, one of you should be here, okay? No, I can't, Delia.
I have to see someone who paid me a favor and I have to thank him.
Are you going to sin? I'm going to thank God, Delia.
Listen to yourself, Elena.
You aren't even a believer.
It's that Simon guy, he's filling your head with these things.
Whatever, I'm here, I have to go.
I'll call you later.
Good afternoon.
Do you know Simon? Simon? Just Simon the priest.
Holy shit! [all singing indistinctly.]
There are new members of the family.
Some, sent from heaven.
Others, from hell