The I-Land (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Many Goodly Creatures

Yeah, maybe I might if you stop waving the spear around.
I'm not waving it, I'm holding it.
- What if she's - It's okay, she's still breathing.
Why do you even need a weapon? She's tied up.
- I'm staying alert.
- It's threatening.
Please? - Satisfied? - Thank you.
Look, we can't I don't know why we did this.
We shouldn't.
- Chase, it's Blair.
Can you hear me? - Hey, hey, relax.
She's just lying down there and nobody knows if she's even alive! Hey! Stop, man! Breathe! Stop, stop! Okay? If we didn't subdue her, she would've killed somebody.
She's pretty concussed.
Did you say ten minutes ago? I was gone way longer than that.
Wait, wait, wait.
You keep saying this thing happened, but it didn't actually happen, 'cause you've been lying right there the whole time.
Look, I can't explain the logistics of it, but what I just told you did happen.
I was there! You hit her too hard.
Too hard? A man's dead.
The fucking guy who attacked us! That mean you get to kill him? No.
I did not kill him! But it doesn't mean that he didn't deserve it.
Okay, it doesn't matter.
Not right now.
Your mind is shook up, Chase, - and you've been hallucinating.
- No, I'm not hallucinating.
You're not making any sense.
I'm not fucking hallucinating! There was liquid, this electrified water, and we were all lying in it! It's an experiment, all of it! - Why do you have all my stuff? - Just holding on to them for you.
It's not your stuff.
- It's everybody's stuff.
- You know what? It doesn't matter.
This is just a simulation.
This beach, this island.
That's how all of this makes sense.
I mean, why are we all wearing the same thing? Huh? Look, it feels real, but it's not.
The only thing that's real is us, and we are in this thing, right now.
- Look, I'm not crazy! - No one said you're crazy.
Those kinds of judgmental words really aren't useful right now, by the way.
You need to rest.
You got a nasty bump on your head.
You probably need to eat and drink some water.
- I need you to - No, I'm fine.
You're not making sense.
Sit down.
Just come and lean back here.
Just leave me alone.
Try and rest.
What she's talking about is not that I believe her, but time could work differently in another dimension.
This is such bullshit.
Fuck another dimension.
I need to make you guys understand before it's too late.
We all did something wrong.
We're in jail.
But we're also here on this island.
It's a chance for us to not repeat the same mistakes that we did before.
To find redemption, somehow, so we can all be rehabilitated.
I mean, look, I think that's what the sign was about.
"Find your way back.
" That this isn't just a physical journey, but that maybe it's also something inwards.
I have a question.
Can you hear yourself right now? They told me this! And the warden told me himself.
The warden, that's the cowboy guy you were talking about? Yes, him, okay? And he said it's gonna get worse.
You got any proof? - Look, guys, just listen - No.
We're not listening! You listen to us! You're insane.
You've been scattering your insanity since you got here.
Why don't you just leave us alone? I know I'm just the sick guy in the corner, but in case you all forgot, this is the girl you thought was nuts before she started talking about fucking prophecies, right? No one here believes you, okay, so can you please just keep it down to a medium roar? I mean, honestly, it's I should be used to you guys being a disappointment to me already.
Can you just please take this off? It's starting to hurt.
I'm not gonna do anything.
You know what, man? Why should I care? Huh? If you guys don't give a fuck, fine by me.
You guys go try to figure this out on your own and see how it goes.
I'm sorry.
You have to forgive me, but you say we've met before? You knew one of my friends.
Ah, well, any friend of yours is a friend of mine.
As they say.
You should take your pants off.
You'll never harm a woman again! Hey.
Are you Are you okay? What? I mean, you just seem really upset.
Someone was murdered.
It's a lot to take in.
Yeah, yeah.
I know.
You know what? I did not touch that man! And I mean it.
Even if he deserved it.
There was a hunting knife in his back.
Okay? The same one that you carry on your hip.
- What more do you want? - I want more than that.
Jesus Christ! Stop it! Anybody could've taken that knife while I was sleeping! - So what? - There are people here with just as much reason to kill him.
Are you really not gonna say anything? Chase, let's just not go there, okay? - I agree.
- I'm telling you guys the truth.
You don't even know the meaning of the word truth.
- The fuck is that supposed to mean? - You! She means you.
With your finding shit in the sand, and the sign on the beach, and the lifeboat found in the middle of nowhere.
Talk about lying, you've been hiding things from us - this whole time.
- I have? Why don't you all check his pockets? He's been lying to us since the beginning.
Look who's talking.
Is there anything else you're hiding from us? Check her.
Try it.
Chase! - Come back now! - Stop! Stop! Wait, no! - Don't hurt her! - Relax! Get her! Get her down! - Stop! - Let go of me! Get off! - No! - Check her pockets.
Check her pocket there.
Check it.
No! Please! Don't touch me! There's nothing there.
What the fuck is wrong with you people?! You're a fucking liar! - What're you doing to her? - Move away.
Don't you fucking touch me! What's going on here? Wait, are you real or you're part of this thing? - I can't tell anymore.
- Thing? What thing? Look, it's hard to explain, but a lot of bad things that have happened along the way.
Us too.
But why were they all over you a minute ago - when we saw you running? - It's a good question.
Any of you guys wanna answer that? We were playing tag.
Look, I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here.
Anyhoo why don't we all just sit down, and we can start from the beginning.
No, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I know that.
I remember that from the prison.
- The warden would say that all the time.
- Chase, what are you talking about? Okay? Look, they've been sent here.
We can't trust them.
This can't be a coincidence.
- Just stop.
- No! I mean, how much shit has to fucking happen before you guys believe me? They're here to manipulate us.
The warden sent them.
- Chase! - The warden said he had things up his sleeve.
Why wouldn't he do something like that? Bring avatars, or people, - or whatever the fuck they are? - Hey! To put us against each other.
I mean, think about it.
Sounds like your friend's been drinking the salt water.
- She got hit in the head earlier, and - No, I didn't.
- Where'd you say you're from? - We didn't.
Not yet.
I'm sorry, it's It's actually great to see some other people.
It's just been us.
We've been stuck here for I don't know how long, not knowing why or how, nothing.
Same for us.
Other side of the island.
That's where we started.
But we've been going out each day, exploring, - trying to figure out our situation.
- Same.
Same here, we're doing the same thing.
Got it.
Look, I think maybe we're all just a little on edge right now, so We saw your smoke.
We decided to check it out.
That's all.
Well, hey.
You guys hungry? You guys wanna maybe We can get some food and sit down, get to know each other.
- No.
- That sounds great.
Appreciate it.
Guys, we can't trust them.
Chase, stop.
Let us get a handle on this, okay? - They aren't who you think they are.
- Chase! I'm, sorry.
Uh I didn't catch your name before.
I'm Cooper.
Mine's Clyde.
Nice to meet you.
And I'm Bonnie.
Why does that sound familiar? "Bonnie and Clyde"? I think it was a Like, a TV show, or a film, or something.
It feels like I heard it before too.
Bonnie and Clyde.
I'm sorry, we're all just a little bit rattled.
Moses is right.
Let's get some food.
Sure, let's.
Let's eat.
Clyde! Bonnie! Can I ask you guys something else? I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass, but Sure.
What's up? Where you guys are, you said it's a beach, like this one, - but over on the other side, right? - Yeah.
Over across the island.
Is it Is it nice there? - I mean, you know, nicer than here? - Well, yeah.
It's just different.
You guys have more space, maybe.
But, well, we've been here longer, so our village is I mean, it's an actual village.
A village? They were outlaws.
Bonnie and Clyde.
You're right.
I remember now.
They were bank robbers.
I'm sorry.
I You guys You don't think that it's weird that these people haven't mentioned the dead body on the beach? Not one mention at all.
They didn't say anything.
- You don't find that strange? - What dead body? - Oh, come on.
- No, I'm serious.
We don't even know what you're talking about.
That's good.
That's very, very good.
It's a fair point, Chase.
We fucked up, babe.
Someone should've made a fuss about the dead guy on the beach.
- I thought you were gonna say something - But you could have, too.
- I know, but it seemed like you - I told you before we came in here.
I said, "Do not forget about the dead guy.
" Someone should've mentioned Brody.
And what do we do? We forgot.
- That was fucking dumb.
- Sorry.
- I honestly thought that - Don't worry.
We blew it.
Okay, everybody, playtime is over.
- Now it's time to get serious.
- What's going on here? - Stop where you are, right now.
- Get behind me, everyone.
Yes, they were bank robbers.
Duh! Took you long enough.
Figured you might've got that one a little quicker.
Put it down.
- Please.
- No.
You will get it back, I promise, but you need to do what I say right now.
Or people are going to die.
Now, KC.
That's good.
Now, where'd y'all hide those boxes? What boxes? Did she not tell you guys about the boxes in the raft? What the fuck? No? Of course not.
Because she's a fucking criminal who only looks out for herself.
And that's what makes her so damn dangerous.
Look, don't listen to him.
I'd keep an eye on this one if I were you.
You got me.
So, where are they, then? I buried them, so they're safe in case I need them later.
Chase, what are they talking about? She has a gun.
- The fuck? - That's what we're talking about.
See? She's still hiding things from you guys.
No, no, no.
Look, don't believe him, okay? Do not listen to him! Says the little thief.
That was before, all right? Before I found out all the shit that was going on in this place.
Haven't you done just about enough here? Huh? Hiding things, lying, killing people.
Oh, my God.
I didn't kill anyone! - No, you didn't? - No! People, I did not kill Brody! I swear that I didn't.
Oh! That's right! You know, she's actually telling the truth, guys.
She didn't do it.
And you all were ready to string her up.
Shame on you! But it wasn't her, nope.
No, she couldn't have done it.
Because somebody else did.
No! Shit! What the fuck did you do? - Hayden, did you do it? - You can't do that.
That wasn't me.
I'm just a vessel.
That is the island taking its full justice.
You kill here, you die.
You go back to your old ways, you die.
And that's you all talking.
Not me.
You all agreed to that when you signed waivers to be a part of this.
And us? We're here, my bonny Bonnie and me, to make sure that that happens, that justice is served.
Just think of us as your worst nightmare.
Courtesy of the US legal system.
- Nah, this can't really be happening.
- Oh, but it is.
It is happening.
It's not.
But it is.
She's dead.
Check her out.
She decided to kill Brody for what he'd done, took that to into her own hands, some vigilante shit.
Same shit that got her incarcerated in the first place.
She was a bad, bad girl.
And now she's dead.
Both in here and back there too.
In reality.
Where's "there"? No, there's people watching us.
Okay, look, the warden told me himself.
There's technical people, and and there's therapists.
But there's all kind of blind spots in here.
This is a brand-new system, and it's full of glitches.
Just like everything else electronic in the world.
I mean, if cell phone service sucks, imagine how hard it is to make this damn thing work.
They wouldn't put that much money into something and just let you guys run around and I mean, you can't just run You can't just go running around killing fucking people.
Sure about that? We already reversed your memory wipes before we were activated.
Pretty soon, you're about to have a flood of images coming your way.
And I mean, pronto.
You're gonna feel so bad about all the horrible shit you've done, you're just gonna wanna kill yourselves.
Or worse, each other.
And I'm talking about over anything.
Water, those little trinkets you found on the beach, all the information that Chase is keeping from you.
- He's lying.
I'm not keeping anything - Actually, I'd probably get out of here right about now if I were you.
What about you two? - What about us? - What, we can't kill you? Or is that not allowed? Oh! You can try.
But we're faster than you, stronger than you, and know more than you do.
So, take your best shot.
I really do think you should go now, before this bunch realizes how valuable the information you have is.
Information that's probably worth killing over.
Don't listen to him.
All right? - He's just trying to pit you against me.
- It's workin'.
Don't forget to take all the shit you stole from us on your way out.
Maybe Chase is right.
No, maybe she's as crazy as we thought she was.
Don't do that.
I beg you.
I beg you, please.
Here! What is this? You've been hiding this the whole time? Yeah.
In case I needed it.
Jesus! Who the fuck are you? I wish I knew.
Shit is getting real, isn't it? Yes, it is.
Are we supposed to find our way out of here or something, guys? I mean, if there's some truth to what Chase was saying, there should be some kinda like like, um logic, right? Logic? Hmm, sorta.
And we can't stop you from doing that, trying to get to the other island.
But don't leave until you get our approval.
You will know if you've gotten it.
Or we will come after you and we will hunt you down.
Oh, yes, we will.
- What other island? - You know, you guys sat on your asses those first few days, eating bananas and splashing around in the water, and look where that got you.
You fucked around bickering with each other, not even bothering to check this place out.
Just wait till you remember who you are.
What you are.
It's gonna make you mad.
And sad, and you're gonna wanna hunt and kill.
Bash your brains out on the rocks.
Ooh! Fuck yes, you will! So, you better get ready.
And we'll be around, watching you.
That village we talked about, on the other side of the island? That really exists.
But you gotta go out there and find it.
From here on out, shit comes at a cost.
So just remember that.
Good luck, everybody.
That's some cold shit, honey.
"Good luck.
" But, yeah.
Like she said.
Guys, what are we gonna do? We have to do something.
We don't have to run off and hide right now just 'cause he said so.
We can fight this.
We wait, we stay together, and we might be able to win this thing.
They're not just gonna kill us out of nowhere.
Oh, sure, just ask Hayden.
- Stop.
- Hayden? - Do you think they're gonna kill us? - Stop! That was different.
They said they had to do that because she killed Brody.
They said they had to do that.
Right? Maybe they'll just wait and watch, and see what we do.
Are we gonna do something? Or are we gonna sit around roasting marshmallows? First things first.
Anybody want to say anything? I don't know about all of you, but I'm gonna make a go of it.
Set out, find this other village.
That sounds like a good idea.
Can I come with you? I thought we said stay together.
What happened to that, huh? Donovan's still pretty weak.
I'm gonna stay here on this side of the island.
Me too.
You're welcome to come with us.
Unless you're chasin' Chase.
Yeah, I'll come check out this other place with you.
Why not? But if this is because of that guy, Clyde, - what he said, I don't think this is a good - It's just better for now.
Food, shelter It's for the best.
We should get going before it's dark.
I hope you guys don't feel like I held you back or whatever, just because I don't feel so great yet.
Any of them could've gone and it wouldn't have made me feel any sort of way, - you know? - No.
I I told you, you know, you need to stay here, and we need to let you rest, and you need to get better.
No, I didn't mean you, Blair.
You and me should definitely stay together.
But, uh, you other guys, you guys can go with KC and the other dudes if you want to.
It sounds like they got a really nice spot out there.
I'm fine here for now.
Yeah, thanks, but all this walking around to find some place that's as nice as this one I'm good.
Plus, you know, uh I think that everyone maybe, you know, we should just take some time to themselves.
Especially after everything that happened today.
Just checking.
Hey, little dude.
- What's with all the coconut shells? - For water.
If it rains, for us to drink.
You know, one less thing for us to fight over, right? Maybe if we each have a container, it means we're less likely to attack each other.
They didn't lie about this place.
It's here.
That's true.
It's just rad! I'm gonna go explore.
You feel like killing me yet? No, not yet.
I'll let you know when I do.
This one's mine.
Let the games begin.
Yes, indeed.
Oh, my God! Fell asleep.
Where's Cooper? Uh I don't know.
I haven't seen him in a while.
- Whoa! - Easy.
Just go slow.
Try and put a bit more weight Yeah.
- Yeah? - Okay, how does it feel? On a scale of one to ten? Uh A seven, which I think is pretty great, considering yesterday, it was more like a 20.
But I chalk that up to you being a beautiful miracle worker and the amazing drugs.
She told me she filed a "Do Not Resuscitate.
" Well, we don't have it on file.
She doesn't want to live anymore.
That's really not our problem if the paperwork got lost.
This isn't about paperwork, Richard.
- This is about a patient's life.
- Enough! Just listen to me.
They're all in pain.
And half of them are begging me to end their lives.
This isn't a euthanasia state.
We don't even discuss that.
I know.
- But she actually filed a "Do Not Resus" - Which is now lost! Go home, Blair.
Have a glass of wine.
Leave this here.
Blair? Are you okay? Blair? Whoa! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
You um you did good, but um I think that's good for the day - and and you should just rest.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Um Hello? This isn't here.
This is just a simulation.
This is not real.
Who are you? No, it's not real.
It's not real.
- Stop.
- Could you help me, please? No.
No, it's not you.
- I know you're really not alive.
- Yes.
Because you killed me! - What? - Such an unnatural thing to kill your own mother.
No No You're not my mother.
You are not my mother.
I'm not your mother.
You're not her.
You're not real.
The fuck?