The InBetween (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Another Broken Morning

Previously on "The InBetween" Cassie has certain abilities that can be very helpful.
She's still alive.
Medic! Over here! - What she sees - Run! Is incredibly rough on her.
I see ghosts.
Abigail! You're just like my mom.
You don't care about me.
Sometimes they send me a message.
And sometimes they just show up.
This stuff only happens when the universe wants it to happen.
- Tom, it's me.
- Hey.
I'm having a weird morning.
Well, I'm at a drive-by shooting, so the gunfire tracks, but no horned monsters, scary trees, or crying babies, not yet, anyway.
Listen, I got to go.
I'll talk to you later.
- Dispatch said shots fired.
- Mia Fuentes was hit.
She's running for City Council young, Latina, lot of fans.
And at least one enemy.
She and her team were leaving a campaign fund-raiser.
They came through this back door.
Witnesses say that someone started shooting from a motorcycle.
Edwin Bernal, the campaign manager.
Fuentes is on her way to ER.
A lone gunman on a motorcycle says hit job to me.
Maybe a street gang? Well, Fuentes has been very vocal about cracking down on local crime.
Yeah, but isn't everyone who's running for office? - Why her? Why now? - Good questions.
And what about this? If the shooter was waiting in the alley, that means he must have known the team would be using the back door.
Someone tipped him off.
Let's go visit Fuentes.
- A monster? - Yes.
Some sort of horned creature and a scary tree with no leaves.
Well, Seattle's full of trees.
Well, let's just sit on it, shall we? Mr.
Fuentes? Detectives Asante and Hackett, Seattle PD.
Any word on your wife's condition? Uh, she's still in surgery.
You were working on your wife's campaign.
I took a leave from my job.
Had Mia received any threats from anyone? Anyone on the team acting suspiciously? Uh, well, last night one of the volunteers made a bit of a scene.
He'd spent the day canvassing, and when he came back to headquarters, he was very agitated.
He demanded to see Edwin, the campaign manager, in private.
Then we could hear raised voices.
- What was the argument about? - I don't know.
They were speaking Filipino.
But I heard the word "denila" several times.
Honestly, it was all over pretty quick.
The kid stormed off.
Edwin said we shouldn't worry.
It was just "end of the campaign" stress.
What was the volunteer's name? Olly Navarro.
Uh, well, now that I think about it, Olly rides a motorcycle.
Okay, we'll check him out.
And we'll need a full list of your campaign employees.
Of course.
I'll have someone send it right over.
Thank you, Mr.
And we'll keep a good thought for your wife.
Okay, I'm looking up "denila".
It doesn't mean anything in Filipino.
- Well, maybe it's a name.
- Damien, Tom.
The security cameras from the parking lot in the alley caught a partial view of the attack.
Oh, facial recognition's out, obviously.
And there's no license plate on the bike.
- What's that? - It's a gang tag VB16, Vicious Bloods.
That's the local chapter of the Asian gang.
What's their makeup? Cambodian, Vietnamese, Filipino.
Oh, so Olly Navarro's a campaign volunteer by day, gang member by night? Maybe VB16 had him infiltrate the campaign.
Maria's doing a background check - on Navarro right now.
- Good stuff.
Thanks, Zayn.
Will, can you do me a favor? Yeah, sure.
Um, why are you yelling? Sorry, I have a migraine.
I have to go home and rest.
Can you cover for me? Yeah, yeah, no worries.
Okay All set, let's go.
Head north towards Thomas Street.
Olly Navarro is 24, a naturalized citizen of Filipino origin.
What else do we know about him? There's not much we can tell from immigration records, other than that he was eight when he came to the U.
He'd been orphaned in the Philippines, - raised in foster care.
- Gang ties? Well, he's record's clean, but word on the street is he rides with VB16.
And the make and model of his motorbike registered at DMV, same one used at the drive-by.
All right, well, why don't we just get a couple of unis, - go pick him up? - Already done that.
Neighbor said that he hasn't been home since he left for campaign headquarters yesterday morning.
If the gang is hiding him, he won't be easy to track down.
Let's reach out to all the precincts in the city.
Let's see if anyone has a CI in VB16, and let them know we're willing to make a deal - for information on Olly Navarro.
- You got it.
- Will do.
- Okay? You have arrived at your destination.
Hello? Hi.
Yes, I'm at 71 East Olive Street.
Uh, a woman has been injured.
No, I-I don't know what happened.
Well, I'll tell you what happened.
Crystal's daddy had too much to drink last night, and her Mom didn't move fast enough to get him breakfast.
That's what happened.
Yes, I can wait.
Thank you.
Abigail, how long has this been going on? Forever.
And you're just wasting your time trying to help.
You'll see.
What are you gonna tell the cops when they come? That you know Hannah because you talk to her dead daughter? I'll say I walked past the house on my way to somewhere, and I heard a baby crying.
The crying was still going on when I walked past an hour later, so I got worried.
You're a good liar.
You know who else is a good liar? My mom.
Hannah? - Hi.
- Who are you? Where's the baby? Oh.
My name is Cassie.
The baby's fine.
I-I put her down in her crib.
There's an ambulance coming.
Ambulance? No, I'm I'm fine.
I just oh, God, I took a tumble down the stairs.
See? You should let them check you out.
I-I think you were unconscious for a while.
You may have a concussion.
And if there's something else going on, they might be able to help with that, too.
Look, uh hey, thanks for stopping.
I got it from here.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, positive.
Oh, yeah.
Next time feel free to keep walking, okay? I just hung up with Vice in Lake City.
They brought in a guy for possession with ties to VB16.
In exchange for a walk, he gave up the street name of Olly Navarro's lieutenant guy named Q.
- Did they get an actual name? - Negative.
But the perp did give them the address to Q's safe house.
Let's go take a look.
- Mm.
- Can you run the name "Q"? See if you can get an actual ID? - On it.
- Thank you.
Just going to talk to Cassie for a second.
I'll arrange a few units to bring with us.
Hey, what's up? Hey, do you have a minute? It's about something kind of tricky.
Well, I specialize in tricky.
Take a seat.
Do remember the little girl who was staying with me? - Abigail? - Mm-hmm.
- I think her mom's in trouble.
- What kind of trouble? She's with a guy who's violent, and they have a baby.
I, uh, found her this morning after he clearly knocked her around.
And she was a mess, so I called 911.
But then when the ambulance came, she told them she fell down the stairs.
Well, if she's scared of him, she's got her reasons.
Can you just convince her to leave him? Mm, I don't know.
But it'll be fun to see you try.
She's pretty resistant.
Is there anything you can do? To be honest, there's not much anybody can do if she refuses to file charges on the guy.
That's what I was afraid of.
She'll never report him.
I think she feels like she doesn't deserve any better.
I think she feels guilty about what happened to Abigail.
That's understandable.
It's a parent's job to protect their child.
Aw, see? He gets it.
Well, I'm not going to give up on her.
She needs help.
Just don't be too surprised if she doesn't want your help.
It sounds like she needs a professional.
- Thanks.
- Okay, no problem.
Good luck.
No sign of Olly.
The safe house was a dead end.
Maybe not.
You see that? You mean the scary tree with no leaves? Yeah.
I appreciate you wanting to do something for Hannah, but if she doesn't want your help I thought maybe you could talk to her.
She needs a professional, and you're a psychiatrist.
I think she'd do better talking with someone who specializes in domestic-violence survivors.
You're all I've got right now.
Patients need to seek out therapists, not the other way around.
I can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped, and neither can you, for that matter.
I have to try if not for Hannah, then for the little baby.
I know what it's like to grow up with a mom you can't rely on.
Okay, I'll tell you what.
If you can get her to agree to come see me, I will meet with her free of charge.
And I'll put together some names of shelters in town where she can go and stay with the baby.
Thank you.
But steer clear of the boyfriend.
- Don't put yourself at risk.
- I won't.
I promise.
Oh, I got to go.
You're not working too hard, are you? Someone's been talking to Tom.
He might have casually mentioned you've been having some headaches lately.
He worries too much, and so do you.
You worry about me.
I worry about you.
I hear this is how families work.
Must be nice.
- What must be? - Having a dad.
I didn't have one, you know just Grandpa.
- You've been practicing.
- Uh-huh.
You know, Crystal's dad is mean to my mom, but he's nice to the baby.
They're so sweet.
You should see them together.
No, thanks.
I'm good.
He pays for everything.
He always sends my mom flowers after they fight.
If you think about it, you're breaking up a family.
You want to take the only daddy Crystal has and put him in jail? How come you never step in and help your mom, Abigail? I saw you push your grandpa around.
What for? If this one went away, she'd just find another crappy boyfriend.
All my mom knows how to do is make bad choices and cry all day.
She's crying because she feels guilty for not protecting you.
That's what you say, but I don't believe it.
She just feels sorry for herself.
When they locked me up in that box after they made my face pretty and put my favorite dress on me, they asked her if she wanted to stay.
But she shook her head and said, "Oh, no, I can't.
" She put my toy bear, Otis, in with me, and she let them take me away.
And do you know what they did? They set me on fire.
That's just what people do when someone's dead because your soul wasn't there anymore.
That was just your body.
The dress, too.
I can't ever wear it again.
And it was so pretty.
I hate these.
You're wearing those because you're stuck in a moment.
You've got all this pent-up anger, and it's pinned you to the night you died.
It's got nothing to do with what you were wearing when you were cremated.
She should have stayed with me until it was over.
She should have made sure they did it right.
They gave her the little bag that's just my ashes, and she put it in a drawer.
She never talks to me.
She deserves to be unhappy.
If that's the way you feel, Abigail, then why'd you lead me there? I didn't, and I want you to go away.
You know, my mom she never talks to me either.
Isn't your mom dead? Maybe she doesn't know you can hear her.
No, she knows.
My point is, Abigail, I know what it's like to have a mom who lets you down.
The truth is, sometimes we stay mad at them because it's easy, not because it's right.
I don't know what your mom did to you, but you're still alive.
So don't talk to me like you understand.
Fan out, guys.
Go ahead and just work your way around.
They might need them.
Stand by.
Just make sure he's posted by the door.
Take a look at this.
- Sir, we got something.
- Watch your step.
- Check the barrels.
- Sarge, over here.
It's Olly Navarro.
The cause of death was bullet from a 45 to the heart.
Based on body temp and rigor, probably sometime between 1:00 and 5:00 a.
yesterday morning.
That's at least six hours before the drive-by.
Olly Navarro is not our shooter.
- Looks like he was tortured.
- Oh, yeah.
And as far as torture goes, this is some pretty sophisticated stuff.
You see this tape residue here? These abrasions suggest that it was pulled on and off repeatedly.
- To asphyxiate him? - Almost.
And then off for a breath and back on.
When the asphyxiation didn't work, the killer went for an infallible method.
Electric shock? Tongue, chest, genital trifecta.
They used two electrodes, an entry point and an exit, to create a closed circuit in the body.
It maximizes pain.
The muscle contractions got so intense that it even caused the victim's left femur to fracture.
Is this what they used to restrain him? You see this? Well, those are nautical knots.
Our killer has sailing expertise.
Along with torture techniques and gunplay.
Amy, thank you.
Yeah, good work.
You again.
Look, if you're here for money, I got none, so No, I I wasn't completely honest with you the other day.
I didn't just come by and find you.
- I was kind of led here.
- Led here? How? I'm still trying to figure that out.
Can I come in? I-I waited until your boyfriend left with the baby.
I was hoping we could talk privately.
It's important.
- So that's Olly's lieutenant? - Yeah, he goes by Q.
Full name, Quentin Hahn.
Pretty high up on the Vicious Bloods food chain He operates out of the safe house where we think the kid was grabbed.
And Olly was taken out by his own gang.
Wouldn't be the first time, would it? Maybe Olly turned on them, refused to do the hit on Fuentes.
If he tried to warn the campaign manager, that could be why they fought at headquarters.
We're about to find out.
So you going to tell me why the hell you raided my house? We were looking for Olly Navarro.
- Why would he be there? - When did you last see Olly? What's this about? Olly Navarro is dead.
We found him stuffed in a barrel a stone's throw away from your safe house.
That's why we got to think you did it, or you know who did.
You were his lieutenant.
Was it a rival gang? No.
Olly didn't ride with us.
That was just a front.
Olly grew up in a foster house on my block.
I put our tag on his bike to let people know he was under my protection so they won't mess with him.
- He did me a solid once.
- What did he do for you? Saved my life.
That kid was always wired, always on edge.
One day I'm coming out of my crib when a couple bangers cruise by looking to start something.
Olly peeped them before I did and had me on the ground before they even had their weapons out their jackets.
Sounds like he'd be a fine addition to your gang.
Yeah, but Olly wasn't like that.
He went through stuff as a kid.
It messed with his head.
- In the foster care? - In the Philippines.
But he didn't talk about it, not even to me.
And I was the closest thing he had to family until that Edwin guy started coming around, anyway.
- Edwin Bernal.
- The Fuentes campaign manager.
Edwin was from the same town as Olly back in the Philippines.
They hooked up here.
His family kind of took Olly in.
Edwin got the kid a job, said he'd look out for him.
But if he had stuck with me and my boys, maybe he'd still be alive.
They'll be back soon.
He won't like it if you're here.
He took the baby to the park.
He's so good with her.
I mean, you could make assumptions about people based on the way they act sometimes, but that's not really who they are inside.
I know he's good with Crystal.
Abigail told me.
Abigail never knew him.
She was He he came along after she Who are you? What do you want? I don't want anything, I swear.
I have a message from Abigail, and then if you want, I'll go.
And I-I won't come back.
Why should I believe anything you say? Abigail told me that at the funeral home, you put her favorite stuffed toy in the coffin with her.
What is this, some trick you play on grieving mothers? - It's disgusting.
- She called him Otis the bear.
She also said you keep her ashes in a drawer, and you never talk to her.
I think she wishes you would.
I try to talk to her.
I really do.
But then I feel this emptiness, like I don't have the right.
I think she blames me for what happened.
I blame myself.
Well, she's smarter than I thought.
Tell her she's right.
Tell her it's all her fault.
Abigail doesn't blame you for what happened.
She knows it's not your fault.
That's not true.
Stop it! Stop it right now! She sees you're in pain.
She doesn't want that.
Liar! You're a liar! Abigail forgives you.
Now you need to forgive yourself.
Was that her? She wants you to know she's here and that she loves you and that if you want to talk to her, she'll listen.
Because your daughter's at peace.
I never want to see you again.
What have you got? So Olly Navarro's immigration file was practically nonexistent, but going off the new intel that he and Edwin Bernal were from the same village that would be Takaban, a small town on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao apparently Takaban was wiped out in 2001.
The Bernal family had already emigrated to the U.
by then, - but Olly was still back home.
- Wiped out how? Unclear.
Some sort of violent conflict, maybe a tribal thing.
All I've been able to dig up are pictures an NGO took when they came across the massacre, but by the time help arrived, it was too late.
Everyone was dead.
Everyone except for six-year-old Olly.
This must be the traumatic past Q was talking about.
- Thanks, Zayn.
- Sure thing.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
A horned monster.
Two of our victims are from the same small town in the Philippines.
That can't be a coincidence.
I cannot believe you lied to her.
Therapists don't do stuff like that.
- But maybe we should.
- I'm not sure.
I may have made another mistake.
Well, what was your first mistake? Bringing Abigail to the prison.
She was so angry, and I wanted to protect the baby, but I think she got worse there.
Well, here's your chance to make it right.
Or maybe I should just do as Abigail says and butt out go back to trying to block this stuff.
I'm not so sure about that.
You were always the one trying to make it stop.
Well, making it stop completely is one thing.
I'm still for that if we can figure out a way.
But, you know, trying to block it or just ignoring it, that didn't work out so well for your mom.
Well, maybe that's because she went for the "drinking herself into a stupor" method.
There might be something else I could try.
Like medication? Remember that summer, you were 16, and we put you on a low dose of Clozapine? I don't, actually.
I I might have slept through that.
Listen, you're not going to get it right every time.
- Mm.
- But in the end, are you doing more good than bad? Oh, this is Hannah's number.
Hello? I just heard from the hospital.
Mia Fuentes is out of surgery.
Her condition is stable.
So you get to get her statement tomorrow.
That's good to hear, but we no longer believe it's a politically motivated hit.
Ballistics confirmed the bullet that killed Olly Navarro was from the same weapon used in the drive-by.
Okay, now we're looking for a killer who had a motive against Olly and Fuentes.
Uh, take a seat.
It turns out the campaign manager, Edwin Bernal he was close with Olly.
They were from the same village in the Philippines Takaban.
Apparently there was a total solar eclipse in the southern Philippines in 1988.
The villagers of Takaban believed it to be an omen.
Then a farmer found a dead carabao - that washed up by the swamp.
- Uh, a dead what? It's a water buffalo, sacred in the Philippines a lot of superstition surrounding its death.
A local fellow, Nimuel, jumps on that.
He starts talking about judgment day.
As in he started a doomsday cult? Yeah, and to solidify his control, he brings in a group of rogue soldiers to basically murder and torture anyone who speaks out.
Hmm, the kind of torture that they did to Olly.
Nimuel grew more and more paranoid.
He became convinced that the government was coming to take them all away.
Nimuel's soldiers slaughtered everyone in the village.
- Everyone but Olly Navarro.
- Somehow he escaped.
Fast forward 18 years later, and Olly connects with other Filipino emigrants.
And eventually he meets someone else from Takaban.
- Edwin Bernal.
- So Edwin knows all about Olly's troubled past.
He sympathizes, even gives the kid a job canvassing houses for Mia Fuentes.
Okay, so Both of our victims share a violent past.
Probably had something to do with their murders, but why now? Well, that's what we're trying to figure out.
We're tracing Olly and Edwin's final steps.
- Okay, well, keep me posted.
- Will do.
- Hey.
- Um, I can't stay long.
- Crystal's with a sitter.
- Yeah, that's okay.
Uh, come in, this is Brian.
Brian, Hannah.
It's really nice to meet you, Hannah.
So what do we do now? Well, you and I are going to talk a little bit about what's going on with you, and what your options are.
Yeah, I'm going to leave you alone to do that.
Call me later and tell me how it went, okay? - Okay.
- There's a pot of coffee on.
I'm just going to get my jacket.
You want to head this way? I wasn't going to come back.
I was so mad.
But Mom talked to me today.
She said she was sorry.
She told me a story about her sister, Molly.
I didn't know you had an aunt.
I don't.
Not really.
She killed herself when Mom was 15.
Mom thinks She thinks maybe Grandpa did to Molly the same stuff he did to me.
Mom said she didn't know.
Do you believe her? I do.
But I'm still so mad it happened.
I think about it, and I just want to You have to learn to control your anger, Abigail.
- Why? - Because you're just making yourself more unhappy.
When I was about your age, I was seeing lots of scary stuff stuff that wasn't there and stuff that I couldn't do anything about.
But I couldn't handle it, so I started acting out.
My mom, she knew it was otherworldly, so she didn't take me to therapy or anything.
She took me to a shaman.
What's a shaman? It's like a wise person.
He told me that we all have two wolves inside us.
One is kind and generous and moves toward the light.
The other is violent and angry and brings despair.
The two wolves are always fighting, but only one will win.
Which one? The one you feed.
I'll see you later, okay? Mia Fuentes's husband said that when Edwin and Olly were arguing at campaign headquarters, he heard the name Denila several times.
- Yeah, and? - It turns out Colonel Denila is the alias of a criminal wanted by Philippine authorities.
Wanted for what? Denila was Nimuel's hired gun.
He led the massacre of the village.
Interpol issued a Red Notice on him in 2004.
Hasn't been seen since.
Fled the Philippines, suspected of hiding in the U.
Now, we think Olly - saw Denila here.
- In Seattle? Why else would Denila's name come up in a heated conversation with Edwin all these years later? And that torture that Olly suffered was very specific.
We've never seen anything like that locally.
And Olly and Edwin were from the same town in the Philippines where Denila carried out the massacre.
So you're saying that Denila is hiding in plain sight under an assumed name.
Invisible to law enforcement, unrecognizable to anyone.
Except Olly.
Picture this, okay? The kid's out there.
He's canvassing.
He's knocking on doors.
Who greets him one time? The Colonel.
Wait, wait, wait, this massacre happened years ago.
Olly was just a kid.
The Colonel wouldn't have recognized him.
No, but Olly would have recognized Denila.
It's hard to forget the face of the man who blew your world to smithereens.
And something about Olly's reaction gives him away.
Denila knows he's been made.
He's got to keep Olly quiet, right? He follows him, he grabs him at the safe house, and he tortures him.
He wants to know who Olly might have told.
Olly fights hard, but he gives up Edwin Bernal.
And then this is the clever bit Denila uses Olly's motorbike in the shooting of Mia Fuentes and Edwin Bernal, and he makes it look like a gang hit.
It's a damn good plan.
We're cross-referencing DMV records with the addresses Olly canvassed on the day he was murdered.
And what if Olly ran into Denila at a coffee shop? Then he'll be a lot harder to find.
Excuse us.
You were surrounded by dead bodies? It was more like buried underneath them.
That's how Olly survived the massacre.
Is there anything else? Uh, there was a lighthouse, and I could hear seagulls and waves on the shore.
But Takaban's several miles inland.
We'll figure it out.
Thanks, kid.
Yeah, thanks.
The sea.
What could that mean? I think we found the Colonel.
George Duane West.
Nothing on his record before 2004.
It's like he didn't even exist before then.
That's when he was last spotted in the Philippines.
Now he works private security.
- Fits his profile.
- His boss says George is a good employee, keeps to himself.
He also said George showed up for his shift on Monday.
Yesterday he must have thought - he'd gotten away with it.
- Today he called in sick.
He's on to plan B running.
Let's get SWAT on to this.
Denila's armed, extremely dangerous.
It's clear.
Great, thanks.
CSU found a vat of sodium hydroxide in the garage.
Looks like we got to Olly's body before Denila could destroy the evidence.
If these bullets match the ones used in the drive-by, that'll be enough to send him to prison for life.
Assuming we can find him before he vanishes - for another 20 years.
- That was Zayn on the line.
Apparently our suspect, Mr.
George West, has just purchased a one-way train ticket to Vancouver.
Swanstrom says that she's deployed a unit to King Street Station as we speak.
- Great, let's go grab the guy.
- You see these? Do you remember Cassie saw the sea and a lighthouse? Olly's body was covered in nautical knots.
What are you thinking? We check local marinas for boats registered under the Colonel's fake name? He knows we're onto him.
I've got a feeling that train ticket is a decoy.
The Colonel's leaving by sea.
Cassie! Cassie! Come quick! It's my mom! Hannah? Are you okay? What are you doing here? What happened? Where's Crystal? She's in her crib asleep.
I'm just sitting here working up the courage to call the cops and turn myself in.
Oh, my oh, my God.
He came home early, and he caught me packing to leave.
He said, "I'm gonna kill you.
" I said, "Go ahead.
I can't live like this anymore.
" And he said, "I'm going to kill Crystal, too.
" And he grabbed the knife, and as he was walking to her room, I thought, "Oh, God, not again.
" This time I can't say I didn't know what was happening.
This time I'm not going to let anyone hurt my child.
Yeah, it's okay.
It'll be okay.
Seattle Police! Don't move! Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands! Hold it right there! George West, you're under arrest for the murder of Edwin Bernal and Olly Navarro and the attempted murder of Mia Fuentes.
You got the wrong guy.
Then we'll hand you off to Interpol and the Hague, and you will stand trial for crimes against humanity, Colonel.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say Hi.
I spoke with the detective assigned to your case and the ADA.
They're confident you acted in self-defense.
They won't be filing charges.
Thanks, Tom.
What about Crystal? Will I lose my baby? Don't worry.
I'll speak with Social Services.
There's still a spot for you over at the shelter.
I'll take you over there tonight.
And if you need anything, even just to talk, please reach out.
You should.
He's the best.
Thank you.
I will.
And thank you for everything.
Hey, sleepyhead.
- Look what I found.
- Oh.
It's as pretty as you said.
I just wanted to show you before saying good-bye.
Where are you going? Not back to see Grandpa, right? I have other plans.
You said someone called you to come and help my mom, but it wasn't me.
I think maybe it was my Aunt Molly.
I'm going to go find her.
I think that's a great idea.
If I see your mom, I'll tell her you're not angry at her.
Maybe then she'll come see you.
Don't you get stuck, too.
Sometimes we stay mad because it's easy, not because it's right.
Good point.
Oh, and one more thing.
I'm going to feed the good wolf.