The InBetween (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Monsters & Angels

1 [GASPS.]
Previously So on "The InBetween" - Find me.
- I see ghosts.
Peter Rabbit He'll be hopping along The woman I saw was dead.
He'd taken out her eyes.
Perp's name was Ed Roven.
Texas, mid '90s.
Six women murdered.
Same MO, same signature.
Roven made a mistake when he left his last victim's son, Mark Waterman, alive.
I have PTSD from witnessing Ed Roven kill my mother.
And that drove you to kill? It was very similar to Ed Roven's work.
Roven's a ghost.
When he talks to people, they can't hear him.
It might be about time we bust you out of here.
He told me to take your eyes.
- [GASPS.]
I went home.
Baby Crystal was in the bath.
And I just pushed.
I think she blames me for what happened.
Oh, my mom's necklace.
She never took this off.
Brian has what's called a meningioma.
It's a slow-growing benign tumor on his brain.
- Surgery's the only option? - I need you to be okay.
I can't have anything happen to you.
Mom? Mom! Mom, stop! [DOOR CLOSES.]
Mom? Where are you going? [GASPS.]
Roven, what are you doing here? Hey, there, Cottontail.
Looking for someone? - Where is she? - See for yourself.
Mom? Cassie.
I'm over here.
- You're a witch! - [SCREAMS.]
Let's go over it one more time.
Um, my social security card is right here.
My most recent will and, uh, my advanced directive, which explicitly lays out all of my wishes should the worst happen.
Babe, we've been over this.
You're going to be fine.
We ran through all the worst-case scenarios, which aren't going to happen knock wood.
- We each have a copy of the prime directive - Advanced directive.
- Which we won't need.
- The surgery is tomorrow.
- Look, we're all nervous.
But you're going to a great hospital, and you've got one of the best brain surgeons in the world flying in.
There is a snowstorm coming.
I hope that doesn't delay her flight.
- Knock on wood.
Are you gonna be all right waiting at the hospital during the procedure? I know how upsetting that energy is for you.
I've been going over every day walking around, kind of inoculating myself to it.
By the time you go in, I should be able to block most of it out.
I did want to wear my lucky sweater, though.
They gray one.
Is that here? Washed, folded, and ready to work its magic on my behalf.
It's in the dresser in your room.
Thank you.
Knock more wood while I'm gone, just to be safe.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's gonna be all right, babe.
It's gonna be all right.
The guy you described sounds like Mark Waterman, but according to this county jail video, there he is in his cell.
He couldn't have killed anyone.
Yeah, that's the guy I saw.
Is that work? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
A woman's been murdered.
Her throat was cut.
What have we got? Well, the victim's name is Suzy Lim, 32.
A schoolteacher.
Looks like he caught her by surprise.
No defensive wounds on her hands, just a clean, straight cut from left to right on the neck.
Robbery? Television, computer, cell phone they were all left out in the open.
No jewelry was missing, but her wallet was gone.
- Who found her? - Neighbor called 911 when she saw an unidentified male exiting through the victim's kitchen door in a big hurry.
Did she get a description? Caucasian, bearded, about 6 feet tall blue pants and a yellow parka.
Just got a call from Suzy Lim's credit union.
Her ATM card was used at a cash machine just about two blocks from here.
- Did you send unis over? - Yeah.
The guy's gone, but the owner's pulling up the security tape.
I know this guy.
His name is Calvin Hayes.
We need to bring him in.
Alert all precincts in the city.
On it.
How do you know Hayes? He's the man that attacked Cassie in front of Council last month.
She had a dream about him last night.
I don't have time for you, Ed.
Won't be a minute.
Just wanted to say a proper good-bye is all.
Are you finally going somewhere? Oh, no.
Not me.
But give my best to you and yours.
If Hayes was arrested for aggravated assault, what's he doing out of jail already? He was released O.
due to overcrowding.
Oh, you're kidding me.
We've got every unit in the city on the street looking for him.
We will get him back in custody.
Well, I doubt that's gonna bring much comfort to Suzy Lim's family.
You're checking into Suzy Lim's friends and family, yes? - Yeah.
- See if she has any connection to anyone at county jail, and if so, find out if she has ever crossed paths with Mark Waterman.
On it.
Unis picked up Hayes at a homeless camp on Burnage.
They're bringing him in now.
- How's the crowd been so far? - Good.
But we're running out of the cinnamon-infused bourbon, so don't push the spicy Manhattans.
Well, we need to unload some of that vanilla gin anyways.
Good luck with that.
I'm out of here.
Hey, there, Cottontail.
I don't know why you brought me in here.
I was just minding my own business.
Minding your own business? As in attacking young women with sharp objects.
You got the wrong guy.
You recognize her? You had her ATM card.
I found it.
Your fingerprints were on her kitchen door, Calvin.
When unis picked you up, you had her blood on your clothes.
We know you killed her.
What we want to know is why.
I'm just an instrument of the Witch Hunter.
Change is brought to the Earth through me, but I'm not worthy enough to know why.
- Who's the Witch Hunter? - It's not a person.
He's like a [SOFTLY.]
Spirit guide.
How does this spirit guide communicate with you? He talks to me [LAUGHS.]
Tells me what I need to know, which road to take.
What did he tell you about Suzy Lim? He said she was sticking her nose where it didn't belong.
Said she was a snitch.
Said she had to die.
- Snitching about what? - He didn't say.
Last month you were arrested for attacking another young woman.
He told me she was hurting people with her eyes.
They needed plucked.
Bitch hit me with the pepper spray before I got a chance, but next time There's no next time, Calvin.
You are spending the rest of your life in prison.
Peter Rabbit and the little red hen Talking things over in the high-wired pen Along came McDonald with his trusty gun And he goes "Everybody run" Peter Rabbit He'll be hopping along Thanks.
County says, Waterman still stays locked in his cell.
But they'll double up security.
Then I don't know why I keep seeing him.
I think I do.
When's the last time you spoke with Ed Roven? Today.
He's still pissed we found Millie Pierce's body.
Yeah, I don't want to humanize a vicious killer, but Roven was sentimental about Millie.
- Yeah.
- He wanted to keep her for himself.
- Did he threaten you? - Well, not in so many words.
Why? Calvin Hayes the homeless guy that attacked you last month he murdered a woman this morning.
He cut her throat.
You think Roven told him to do it? I don't know.
I'm still putting the pieces together.
But listen I think that Hayes can hear Roven and I think Waterman can hear Roven.
Think about it.
If someone is just a little bit perceptive and Roven is persistent, couldn't he start to sound like a voice in your head? And if you already have violent tendencies, maybe he can get you to kill.
So you think that Roven and Waterman they're planning something now? I'm not sure yet.
But the woman that you just saw Waterman murder at the bar, can you describe her to our sketch artist? - Maybe the FBI can identify her.
- Yeah, I can do that.
But I need something from you.
There's an FBI file on Roven, right? Yeah, field office sent it over during the Waterman case.
- Can I take a look at it? - Why? Because I need to know everything about Roven the stuff you can't find online, that dark stuff.
To what end? There are places far worse than the inbetween.
It's time that Ed Roven went there, and I think that that that could solve all our problems.
If it's all right with Asante, it's all right with me.
I'll grab the drive.
And listen, you, I am putting a car on your house until this is all over.
- You understand? - Yeah.
Totally okay with that.
And if you need anything else, you let me know, okay? - Thanks.
- Please.
Why don't I walk you upstairs to Forensics, make sure they send the sketch to the FBI? Great, thanks.
- Hey, Tom.
- Yeah? All right, I found Suzy Lim's connection to county.
It's her.
She volunteers at the jail once a month tutors prisoners.
See that name? Mark Waterman was one of her students.
Brian? What are you doing here? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
Forensics sent this down for you.
Said they emailed Asante's friend at the Bureau, too.
Thank you.
Tom, I just hung up with the warden at county.
He said that you requested they put Mark Waterman in solitary.
That's right.
We think he may be connected to Suzy Lim's murder.
Yeah, the warden thinks so, too.
He just learned that Suzy Lim requested a meeting with him this morning.
She told his assistant it was about Mark Waterman.
Did she say anything else? Just that it was an urgent matter.
An hour later, she was murdered.
Waterman is in solitary now, and they're gonna search his cell.
If he was planning something, they'll put a stop to it quick.
Good work.
Y-you didn't tell Tom you were meeting me? I told him I was coming here to grab dinner.
- What's going on? - I have a problem.
Uh right now you're the only person I can talk to.
The day that Sally passed away remember I said I had seen her? I saw the two of you together.
I remember.
That wasn't the first time I had seen her.
Earlier, I saw her fetch.
It's like a premonition.
You see a person's spirit, but they're still alive, but usually it means they're gonna die.
I just saw Brian.
I don't know what to do.
Should I tell him? Should I tell Tom? You said it "usually" means death.
Nothing's ever a certainty, I guess.
So what if Brian postponed his procedure? I'm not sure that would take care of it.
Or worse, maybe making that change is what brings about the bad outcome.
Do you wish I had told you about Sally? Would it have changed anything? No, it wouldn't.
So you're saying I should I should just leave it.
If telling them won't solve the problem you know, if we can't know which decision's the right one I guess that's what I'm saying, yeah.
I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.
You got to go.
I'll be okay.
All right.
I'll call you later.
What happened? Waterman was in solitary when he began showing symptoms of a heart attack.
He's got to be faking it.
His blood pressure was off the charts.
They're rushing him to the nearest facility with a cardiac unit - Woodgate Memorial.
- [SIGHS.]
That's where Waterman worked as an EMT.
He knows that place inside and out.
That was the plan all along.
He's gonna try and escape from that hospital.
- What happened? - We got your call.
We came up to check on the prisoner.
He'd already made his move.
Looks like he lured the guard into his room, disabled him, and then escaped down a back staircase.
Establish a five-block perimeter.
Start a house-to-house search.
He could not have gotten far without someone spotting him.
Yes, sir.
We put out a BOLO and alerted the news stations.
They're blasting Waterman's picture all over town.
I'm looking over the footage for the last hour.
That stairway he went down leads to the basement.
Connects the entire complex.
There are eight exits he could have used without tripping an alarm.
Hold on.
What's that right there? That's him.
He's had someone pick him up.
It's a woman.
- No plates.
- Run the make and model.
Yeah, just send it to my phone.
And thanks, man.
I owe you.
That sketch Cassie did of the woman she saw with Waterman my buddy from the FBI just ID'd her.
Who is she? Her name's Deborah Strong 552 Bloomfield Road, and she drives a white four-door, just like the one that picked up Waterman.
She's Waterman's accomplice.
But when Cassie saw Deborah being murdered, she was actually alive and well helping Waterman escape.
Cassie wasn't seeing the past.
She was seeing the future.
So maybe we're not too late.
- Cassie! - Hannah.
I hope it's all right I came by without calling.
Of course.
Come in.
Come by anytime.
You're always welcome.
How have you been? I've been okay, thanks.
Some bad days, but mostly good.
I still miss Abigail so much.
But I talk to her now, and that seems to make things easier.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and I hear Crystal laughing in her room, talking to someone, playing peekaboo.
I like to think it's Abigail come for a visit.
Babies can often see spirits.
They just they usually grow out of it.
I hope she can always see her sister or at least feel her near.
The truth is, Hannah, I'm looking for Abigail.
It's important, and I was hoping that she would be here with you.
If you think that she visits the baby, would it be okay if maybe I sat in Crystal's room for a minute? Of course.
It's just up the stairs.
Thank you.
- What's the story? - Spoke with the landlord.
He says Deborah's car isn't in the lot.
It looks like she hasn't been home all night.
She and Waterman are holed up somewhere else.
- Anyone in the apartment now? - Yeah, just her mom, Lorraine.
- Deborah lives with her.
- All right.
I don't understand any of this.
What do you want with Deborah? We need to talk to her about a friend of hers.
Did she ever mention the name Mark? The boyfriend.
Debbie's crazy about him.
But she never brings him around.
She's always going to see him.
How long since your daughter's been home? She left last night and hasn't been back.
I had to get my own breakfast.
I had to remember to take my pills.
What medications do you take, Mrs.
Strong? Everything under the sun.
Pills for pain, pills for my cholesterol, pills to help me sleep, pills to wake me up.
Baltoxin? Well, that one keeps my heart beating.
Excuse us one second.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe Deborah smuggled in a few of those pills into jail on one of her visits.
And Waterman takes the pills, makes his healthy heart start to race.
- Looks like he's having a heart attack.
- Yeah.
Suzy Lim was tutoring Waterman.
If he and Deborah were planning an escape, maybe she got onto it.
Calvin Hayes said she was a snitch, remember? Then Ed Roven gets Hayes to murder her before she can tell the warden.
- Exactly.
- Think I found something.
Two weeks ago, Deborah rented a furnished apartment in a building on Barber Street.
Strong? Was Deborah planning to move out? Of course not.
Who would take care of me? According to the building manager, Deborah only picked up the key yesterday.
That must be where they're hiding out.
Let's get the marshals over there.
Two bedrooms search! - Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Get an EMT here, now.
- Deborah.
- [GASPS.]
- It's all right.
- Help me.
It's all right.
Listen, where is Waterman? I don't know.
He he attacked me.
I thought he was gonna kill me, but then he stopped.
He stopped.
He said "police," and [VOICE BREAKING.]
And then he ran out.
We just missed him.
Check the emergency stairs, now.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
He knew we were coming.
How? Mark's special like that.
He knows things.
Roven told him.
She's sweet, isn't she? I can't believe I ever wanted to hurt her.
You weren't thinking straight at the time.
I guess not.
Thank you for stopping me and for helping me get unstuck.
I can go all sorts of places now.
Did you ever find your Aunt Molly? Not yet.
Because I'm looking for someone.
She's unstuck, too, and I don't know how to find her.
I was hoping maybe you could.
The last vocabulary word I learned before I died was "vast" a very great extent or quantity.
The inbetween is vast but I can try.
Her name is Millie.
Can I show you a photo? - [CAR BEEPS.]
Crazy weather, huh? I know, I can't believe it.
But I hear it's gonna stop soon.
You need to get home now.
It's your little one.
If he gets on that school bus with all this snow, it's gonna crash.
You need to get home now.
He told me he was innocent that he didn't hurt that girl.
I believed him.
I feel so stupid.
Just help us find him, Deborah, so he can't do this to anybody else.
What was your plan? You couldn't stay in that apartment forever.
I was gonna trade in my car get us some new clothes, hair dye.
He was gonna talk to his friend Ed.
Ed was gonna tell him what to do next.
- Ed Roven? - He didn't give me a last name.
But I heard them talking this morning in the other room.
That was right before Mark attacked me.
I thought the four of us were leaving together, but then Mark said, "Plans change, Cottontail.
" Detectives, we need to get her to a hospital.
Hang on, we're almost done.
What do you mean the four of you? Mark and me and Ed and Ed's girlfriend.
Who's Ed's girlfriend? I never met her [SNIFFLES.]
But Mark said I'd like her.
She was special, he said.
She knows things.
He's going after Cassie.
- Hey, Cassie.
You bitch.
Come on, Cottontail, I just want to play.
This ain't over, Cassie girl.
I'm coming for you and everyone you love.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Sure thing.
- Here, take this.
Really, you guys, stop fussing.
For inflammation.
Put it on it.
- I'm okay.
- Yeah, define okay.
There's a big difference between fighting non-corporeal monsters and real live ones.
Nothing's broken, I swear.
All the same, maybe we should postpone the surgery.
It's only a few hours away.
W-we're all stressed out.
Babe, you heard what the doctor said.
We don't have a choice.
Why? What did the doctor say? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
The tumor hasn't been shrinking as fast as we'd like.
Steroids aren't doing the job.
And you didn't tell me? Because surgery will fix the problem.
The woman that they're flying in to do the procedure, Dr.
Ashcroft, she's one of the best in the world.
But if we don't do it now, she won't be available again for months.
And that's months spent waiting, the tumor still growing.
It's it's just what it is.
Well, I don't know the answer.
Then we have to have faith that everything will be okay.
Sweetie You're wearing Mom's necklace.
Something told me to put it on.
I guess I was hoping it would bring me luck a little extra strength.
Maybe she was there with you when you were fighting off Waterman.
If so, then I hope she stays around sticks with you during your procedure.
- So we're doing this.
Yeah, we're doing this.
This is it, kids.
I'll see you in about ten hours.
We'll be here every second.
- Wait.
- I love you.
- I love you.
I love you, Brian.
I hope it's okay I came to wait with you.
Please, yeah.
Distract us.
It's been hours.
No word.
They were supposed to be finished by now, weren't they? It's a complicated procedure.
Well, I brought you guys some food.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm just gonna go for a walk around the hall.
I'll be right back.
We'll be here.
Whoever or whatever you are up there [SIGHS.]
I feel like I've been sending you prayers my whole life.
Please make it stop, so I don't have to keep seeing these awful things.
Please make my mom quit drinking.
Please don't let my mom die.
Maybe you're sick of me asking for things you'll never make happen.
I get that.
But here's the deal If you want to keep sending me this horrible stuff and you want me to keep doing something about it, then you leave Brian alone.
You let him stay right here with Tom and me.
If you don't if you don't do that if you take him [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Then I won't give you what you want either.
I'll just walk away.
You can rain down visions on my head, and I will bat them away just as fast.
I don't care if I go mad.
I don't care if I die.
So think long and hard about this.
Think about what you'll be losing If you even care.
That was beautiful, Cottontail.
Of course you're here.
You're never more happy, are you, Ed than when I am scared and alone.
Now, that's harsh, Cassie girl.
You know as well as I do it didn't have to end like this.
We make a good team, you and me.
We were never a team.
Maybe we are better off as enemies.
At least we know where we stand.
Can you tell me something? Was any of it true? That whole "doing good deeds to buy your way into Heaven" bit did you believe any of it? There was a moment there when it was true.
But I thought to myself, "Well, it's never too late to change.
" But then Millie Pierce punched a hole through the inbetween and showed us both who you really are and what you'll always be a killer.
And bless her for that.
40 years on Earth, 20 years-plus in this limbo, trying and failing to deny my true nature.
But that's all over now.
How long do you think it'll take me to create another Waterman? A month? A year? Sooner or later, someone's gonna come to snuff out your life and deliver your spirit to me.
And there'll be nothing left of the girl you are now once he's done.
Just black holes where them pretty green eyes used to be.
So you just keep looking over your shoulder because I got all the time in the world.
That is where you are wrong.
Your time is up, Ed.
I'm sending you down to the dark place.
Just the thought of it, it it scares you, doesn't it? Because you know that is where you should be.
You've been hiding in the inbetween for years, making these fake attempts at atonement, all the while hoping that nobody notices that little old Ed Roven he's not where he belongs.
You'd better get your affairs in order.
You don't have nearly that kind of power.
I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Well, well who's this niblet? I'm Cassie's friend.
Can you do any tricks? - [AIR WHOOSHES.]
That's cute.
But it's gonna take more than one little girl to get rid of me.
Which is why she brought backup.
Hi, Ed.
What are you doing here, baby? She's here for you.
- What are you talking about? - Remember what you told me? Remember? Best to let the dead deal with their own.
They're all here, Ed your victims.
You took the lives of these women.
Now they have come for your soul.
Hang on.
Thank you.
I can't believe you found the others so fast.
After you told me how big the inbetween was, I was managing my expectations.
It was even harder than I thought.
I couldn't find Millie or anyone.
But then I got some help.
From who? Just this nice lady.
She said her name was Clare.
That's my mother's name.
Was she wearing a lilac coat? Kind of like like this color.
And a white cap.
She didn't give you a message for me.
But without her, I don't think I could have done it, Cassie.
She really helped.
I'm glad you got to meet her.
If you see her again, tell her I said not to be a stranger.
Okay, I will.
Bye, Cassie.
Good-bye, Abigail.
Oh, no, no, no, no, please.
Ashcroft, please come to third-floor recovery.
- Code blue.
- No.
Ashcroft to third-floor recovery code blue.
The doctor's the best in her field.
They're doing everything they can.
What happened? What happened? They they're not sure.
He was fine, and then he uh, he started to crash.
The doctor's in with him now.
Wait here.
I'll find out what's going on.
Thank you.
We should have postponed the surgery.
I should have said something.
I had the answer.
I just I was afraid to say so.
What are you talking about? Cassie saw Brian the same way she saw Sally before Sally died.
I am so sorry.
Listen, you, none of this is your fault, okay? None of it.
Brian told you what the doctor said.
We had to do the surgery today, okay? And even if you had told us What you saw we still would have done it.
How can you be sure? 'Cause we talked about it.
These are conversations you have when your child is gifted.
- Mr.
Hackett? - Dr.
Sorry you had to wait so long for news, but I just wanted to be positive he was out of the woods.
Now, his heart did stop for a moment, but we were able to resuscitate him.
- You're saying he was dead? - For about 15 seconds, yes.
- But he's all right? - He's stabilized.
He's awake and talking.
I'd say the procedure was a complete success.
If you just give him a minute, you can go in and see him.
- Thank you.
- Come here, you.
- That's great news, man.
- Yeah.
Come here.
- Thank you, Damien.
- No worries.
I'm just I'm just glad it's a happy ending.
I'm so sorry it wasn't a happy ending for everyone.
I was with Sally when she passed.
Every day I'm grateful for that last message you brought me.
But the universe keeps turning, right? - Yeah.
- All right.
Let's hope for better days ahead.
I know it sounds crazy, but I just want to get back to work.
Not so fast.
You need to rest up.
I've been doing nothing but resting for months now.
At least let us take care of you for another week or two.
The chance to be waited on hand and foot might not come again.
Seriously, Brian.
You've got to take it easy at least for a few weeks.
Maybe when I feel up to it, we can drive out to that little place in La Conner.
Mm, long weekend the two of us, right? [SINISTER MUSIC.]
You must be Cassie.
You look just like your mother.
Everything all right, sweetheart? Yes, everything's fine.
Everything's just fine.