The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2001) s02e03 Episode Script

A Suitable Vengeance

Dr Trenarrow.
Where the hell have you been? Nurse.
TINA! There you are! Helen, wonderful to see you.
I'm so happy for you both.
It's good to see you.
You're looking very well.
Hello, there.
John, hi! Tommy.
Helen, you remember John, our estate manager? Of course.
You're a lucky man.
HELEN: That's what I tell him.
Well, Aunt Lavinia's arrived, but apart from that, you're the first.
Did you two stay over somewhere last night? Yeah.
In Taunton.
I'm so glad you decided to have the engagement party here.
Of course.
Where shall I put the champagne? In the hall, please, Nancy.
Hi, Tommy! Congratulations.
Here, let me take those.
Congratulations to you too.
I hear you're married now.
Sounds fun.
Fun is a tad optimistic, but it's an annual village event and they expect me to be there.
The Nanrunnel Am Dram Society! They know you're both here this weekend.
They'd be hurt if you didn't go.
Then we're coming.
50-1 on the vicar's given himself the lead.
Have a word with him later about wedding dates.
Well, we haven't got that far yethave we? Well, give me a shout if there's anything you need.
Your mother is extraordinary.
Yes, isn't she? Are you going to be like this all weekend? At least try.
I am trying! It's a chance for you and your mum to sort things out I'm just going to sort the car out.
Where's he disappeared to now? I don't know.
Some tart or another.
Dad, there was another letter from the bank.
Did you open it? I can't open his letters.
Why not? You've got a right to know what debt you're in.
A gas bill came yesterday.
Final demand.
Oh, Dad! Come on.
I'm so tired.
- Leave him.
Come home.
- I can't.
You'll never change him, Nance.
Where is he? What's this one's name? I don't want to talk about it.
Excuse me.
What is it? I'm fine.
Nancy! Come on.
I'll give you a lift home, OK? Is everything all right at home? I know John doesn't really get on with your husband, does he? Sorry.
None of my business.
Mick's back.
Thanks for the lift.
If you take those through, someone will show you where to put them.
Is this the? Thank you so much for coming at such short notice.
Oh, it was nice Come through with me.
I just had this idea.
If you could just see the whole set-up, it would make things so much easier for you tomorrow.
Er, well, yeah.
Was it you I spoke to on the phone, or the other girl? Which girl? Oh, Tommy, I won't be a moment.
I'm just showing the florist Oh! I didn't get your name.
This isn't I'm not.
Mother, this isn't the florist.
This is Barbara Havers - my colleague from the Met.
Oh, my God! What a fool I am! It's my fault.
I've been longing to meet you.
I'm so glad you could come.
Tommy, will you bring Barbara's things up? .
Now, come along, my dear Here we are.
The bed's a bit lumpy, I'm afraid, but I wanted you to have this room because the view's so lovely.
Is anyone home? Oh, it's Sidney! Settle yourself in, and join us for a drink when you're ready.
Why are these houses so damn cold? Do you good to rough it a bit.
Sidney, darling! Hello! Lovely to see you.
This is my aunt, Lady Asherton.
This is Justin Brooke.
You're in chemicals, aren't you? What else did she say? Ercome in.
Where do you want these? The bed? Someone called Sidney's arrived.
Who's Sidney? My cousin.
Just back from Chechnya, I think.
She's a news photographer.
Not on the counter at Argos, then.
So, what happens now? Unpack.
Come on down when you're ready.
Will I do as I am, or? You're fine.
I'm going to get it wrong.
You will tell me? Get my head bitten off? No, seriously, I don't want to mess this up.
Which I've already done.
Actually, your mum was sweet about it.
I like her.
People always do.
This is so out of my league.
It isn't, actually, you know.
No, seriously, sir.
I mean this iswell, this is a private family party.
For family and friends.
You're a friend.
Which reminds me, I have a favour to ask of you.
Would you call me Tommy this weekend? Or even Thomas? No, I don't think so, sir.
Barbara, hi.
I was just coming to find you.
Where've you been? Excuse us.
See you downstairs.
Helen, I had to take Nancy home.
You could have told me.
I had no idea where you were.
I needed some air.
You've only just arrived.
For heaven's sake! I'm sorry, Tommy, butwhat is this thing with you and your mother? You act like a tortured adolescent.
If you can't sort it out before the wedding, it'll make it Come on.
I want to show you something.
Tommy's here.
He's dying to see you.
See that window there? That was the room where my father was dyingabout to die of cancer.
Now, I'm 17, standing here.
I can't face going back in.
I'm too scared.
Suddenly, my mother appears at this window with her arms wrapped around a man, and I think it's a miracle.
I run in, race up the stairs, don't even think to knock, burst in My mother and Trenarrow.
Oh, there's an eye-opener! My mother and the good doctor, going at it like there's no tomorrow.
That's where I hid.
Watched my mother running through the garden, looking for me.
If I was dying, and you were scared and you needed comfort I still wouldn't do that.
You don't know what you'd do.
No-one knows how they'll react.
If she loved him, why didn't she marry him years ago? I didn't stop her.
Of course you did! The way you obviously feel about him, it would mean losing you.
What's this? Heroin! Did you bring my case up? It's in the car.
There are papers I need to see.
Oh, not tonight! Relax.
I've got the accountants' meeting first thing on Monday .
and there's the board meeting.
Babe, you should have stuck to the plan and stayed in Dublin.
Why did you? Why did you change your mind? To be with you.
Excuse me, is that the right, er? I'm not a guest.
I'm below stairs.
My dad's the estate manager here.
It's just through there.
They won't bite! Got their gobs too crammed full of silver spoons to bite anything.
Come with me.
I'll take you in.
Blimey! So, is this all yours? No, it's my brother's.
Well, I think that's everybody.
I'm hopeless with names.
You get good at them in the police.
Oh, I bet! Oh.
Oh, thank you.
So, tell me - my son, what's he like to work with? Impossible? Oh, no, not at all.
I know nothing about his work.
He tells me nothing.
Helen says he's very good.
Is he? Yeah.
The best I've ever worked with.
Really? Yeah.
No question.
Peter! Darling! Oh Hello, lovely.
This is my girlfriend, Sasha.
Hello, Sasha.
Come on, darling, you'll love it.
Oscar Wilde Peter.
Lovely to see you again, Peter.
How's your life going? How are you? Well, someone is.
Someone's cutting and bagging heroin in there.
Oh, so it must be me! Sorry, I'm spoiled for choice here(!) Is it? I've only just walked through the door! Are you using again? You never stop, do you? Sergeant Plod, right down to the stuffy soul.
We must leave! It starts in half an hour.
Come along! Who's coming? To what, Mum? Oscar Wilde, darling.
Village Hall.
I think we'll give that a miss.
Sash Come on.
It's going to start in half an hour Um Mmm, actually, I've got a bit of a headache.
I'm off home now, Lady A.
Right, John.
We'll see you in the morning.
Mark! Mark! You can drive your sister's van.
I'm just having a drink.
I'm just going to get my camera.
Don't go without me.
That's all that can be said about land! I have a country house with land attached to it - about 1,500 acres - but I don't depend on that for my real income.
In fact, as far as I can make out, the poachers are the only people who make anything out of it.
A country house! How many bedrooms? That can be cleared up afterwards.
You have a town house, I hope? A girl with a simple, unspoiled nature like Gwendolen could hardly be expected to reside in the country.
I have a house in Belgrave Square, but it's let to Lady Bloxham.
Lady Bloxham! I don't know her.
Have you never had a brother of any kind? Never.
Not even of any kind.
I am afraid it is quite clear, Cecily, that neither of us is engaged to be married to anyone.
It's not a very pleasant position for a young girl to find herself in.
Let us go into the house.
They will hardly venture to come after us.
No, men are cowardly, aren't they? This ghastly state of things is what you call Bunburying, I suppose? Yes, and a wonderful Bunbury it is too.
Are you sure this is OK? You can trust this guy, yeah? Yeah.
So, where is he? Don't worry, it'll be fine.
How you can calmly eat muffins when we are in this horrible trouble I can't make out.
You seem to me perfectly heartless.
Hey! What's going on? Where's the stuff? With your brother here? I'm not carrying gear on me when he's around.
What are you talking about? What are we supposed to do? It's with a mate.
Just pick it up.
Congratulations, Tommy.
Thank you.
Give you a hand with them? I'm fine.
Your mother misses you, you know.
A couple of days at Christmas, the odd phone call.
She's put a lot into this weekend.
Look I don't expect you to like me.
I do expect you to act your age.
What happened happened.
Get over it.
Do those two not get on? Family business.
Oh, right.
Hello? I told you not to come here.
What if someone saw you? - You said no contact.
- Who the hell do you think you are? - Listen to me.
- No, you listen! You've ruined six months of - I'm sorry.
- Forget it! You're out of the loop, Cambrey.
I won't let a runt destroy me.
Mick? You got something for me, right? Oh, hi, you're, um Sidney's? Yeah.
- Ran out of fags.
- You don't sell fags, do you? I'll take some of these, then.
Yeah um Thank you.
Mark left something for me, yeah? They don't seem to notice us at all.
Couldn't you cough? But I haven't got a cough! They're looking at us.
What effrontery! They're approaching.
That's very forward of them.
Let's preserve a dignified silence.
It is the only thing to do now.
THEY WHISTLE Did you get it? Yeah.
Let's go.
Come on! What's the matter? It's nothing.
Did you take the pills? Don't fuss.
Was it Tommy? No, it's not.
It's It's that boy I told you about.
He died yesterday.
I just feel terrible.
II could do nothing to help him.
I just couldn't help him.
Mr Worthing, there is some error! There is the woman who can tell you who you really are.
Lady Bracknell, I hate to seem inquisitive, but would you kindly inform me who I am? Mick? NANCY SCREAMS Nancy, what is it? Oh, God! Is he dead? Yeah.
Put me through to Where? Newquay.
Ask for DI Boscowan.
Yeah, Newquay.
Who? Ted Boscowan.
Sidney! I thought you'd want a record.
There's a mess at the back of his head.
Severe bruising to the jaw.
DS Havers, the Met.
Sidney, what did I just say? What's this shop called? Just say Cambrey's place.
Cambrey's place.
What's happened? Yeah, suspicious death.
Good God! Boscowan's on his way.
Sidney, will you get out of here?! Take mother back to the house.
It IS a murder scene.
He's warm.
Come on, Sidney, we're in the way.
I'm going, I'm going! Till's been emptied.
It looks like a robbery.
Any sign of the murder weapon? Helen, will you take Nancy back to the Lodge? Yeah.
Come on, Nancy.
It WAS a robbery, wasn't it? Don't bother to come in.
My father will be there.
I'll be OK now.
You go.
We'll see you in safely.
Hello? Mr Penellin? Hello? .
Are you sure he's here? I rang him.
He was here.
All evening.
Dad? Do you think she rang him? A bit too keen to establish an alibi, you mean? Shocking business, Nancy.
I'm so sorry.
Is your father here? No, he's, um This is DI Boscowan.
Detective Sergeant Havers, Helen Clyde.
Good evening.
Couple of questions, Nancy.
Sit down.
I just need to know what time you left the shop this evening.
About five? I don't remember.
Was Mick there when you left? He'd just got back.
Do you know why your father went round to see him? To see Mick? When? He can't have done.
Your neighbours saw him go into the shop about nine.
- Dad didn't know Mick was back.
- There was a row.
They had a fight.
No, no, that can't be right.
What's going on? What's that idle waster done now? Dad, he's Johnlook, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to come to Newquay with me.
Into? Now? - If you wouldn't mind.
- Why? I need to ask you some questions in connection with the murder of your son-in-law, Michael Cambrey.
- It's got nothing to do with him! - Nancy! That's enough.
Fair enough.
Let's get it over with.
I'll be back in a bit, love.
What's going on? What were the police doing here? This is your fault.
Um, your sister's husband was murdered a couple of hours ago.
You're joking! Hey, wait a minute, why've they taken Dad in? What's it got to do with Dad? He's been with us for 40 years.
John Penellin would not hurt a fly.
He obviously wasn't keen on his son-in-law.
Did you see how he shut Nancy up? Yeah, what was that about? Can I point out that it's not actually your case? Well, Iguess we'll just have to cancel.
Why? I-I don't think that we can.
People are coming from all over.
If John Penellin had an argument with his son-in-law, so what? There are family rows all the time.
It could have been a local gang.
An off-season tourist shop? Mick Cambrey disturbed him We don't have to worry about Or made it look like a robbery.
Sorry, darling.
But why would anyone want to kill Mick Cambrey? Well, he was a bit of a lad, and I know the marriage was rocky.
Look, um would anyone like a cup of tea? Or perhaps a nightcap? Sorry, darling, you were saying? Your mother asked you a question.
Look, I think I'm going to call it a night.
Good night, Barbara.
Sorry, umwrong room.
Of course, if he WAS seeing other women, it could have just been a fight with a jealous husband.
Repeat after me, in triplicate, "This" This is not my case.
I know.
One more word and I'll have to impose penalties.
Mmm, what kind of penalties? John, where are you? What time did they let you go? What, in the shop? Good morning.
Good morning.
I'll sort that out.
I've seen this in films, but I didn't know it happened.
No, no, we're still going ahead with the party.
Yeah, one sec.
Havers! Barbara, it's John Penellin.
Oh, how is he? He's fine.
Tell him to rest.
We can manage.
John, Mother says to tell you Yeah Hopefully, we'll see you later on.
All the best.
Nancy needs to pick up something.
Coming? Why do YOU have to go? John asked me.
I'll clear it with Boscowan.
We'll only be half an hour.
Mrs Cambrey will be along later.
Sir, um I don't know how to put this.
You do know, don't you, that your brother is using heroin? What makes you think that? I saw him injecting.
Last night.
Nancy, hi.
Are you all right? Yep.
Do you want anyone to come up with you? No, I'll be fine.
He's been in and out of rehab since he was 18.
I thought he'd finally kicked it.
Not from what I saw.
Silly boy's throwing his life awayto spite ME.
To spite you? It's complicated.
BANGING Nancy, what're you doing? I need to see how much debt he's left me in.
Debt? He never let me see anything.
He dealt with all the bills.
I wasn't allowed to £28,000? In debt? No.
In credit.
I don't get it.
Where's all this money come from? I've been working myself into the grave with worry, and he has 28 grand in his account! Where was your husband yesterday? Sorry? You said that your dad didn't know that Mick was back.
Back from where? That was a lie.
I rang Dad and told him.
Back from where, Nancy? I-I don't know.
Why are you lying? What are you covering up? Do you think your dad killed Mick? No! God I really screwed up this time, didn't I? Hey, it's OK, come on.
You're not alone.
We all do things we wish we hadn't.
But the test is toface up to it, to learn from it.
We'll sort this out.
God, I wish you'd been You should have married Mum years ago.
She wouldn't have me.
Too many ghosts from the past.
But even if she had, Peter, would it have made a difference? I mean, to be perfectly honest, I was always there.
Perhaps we should think about starting you on methadone again.
I was doing fine, I was OK, I didn't touch it for six months, and then I don't know.
It all got too much.
Finals the whole Oxford thing, and Sasha, my girlfriend, well, she said The truth is she just handles it better than I do.
Sasha does heroin? You know I hate the stuff.
I mean, it messes with my mind.
I hate what it makes me do.
I What it makes you do? Like last night.
Last night? I got a bit needy for a hit and, er Do you want to tell me about it? So, this is where you are.
Messing about on boats - clears the mind.
And look what I found.
Someone's been using it.
You should tell the police.
Oh, is it worth bothering them? I should sell it, really.
Unless you and Tommy want it.
Look, Helen, I just wanted to say, if you two decided you wanted to take over Howenstow - you know, come and live here - I can move out as soon as you like.
We wouldn't dream of it.
Look I'm just the caretaker here, and I'd be glad to hand over the reins.
He's not comfortable here, is he? I saw the relief in his eyes last night.
A murder - something he understands.
Good excuse to get out of my way.
He was positively chirpy this morning.
I'm sure he doesn't Yes, he does.
He still finds it hard being in the same room with me.
Look after him.
These bathrooms are Neolithic.
These are yummy.
What are? Nanrunnel chocolates.
I wasn't supposed to find them, was I? So, who DID you buy them for? I hate these things.
You're the one that wanted a big do.
Only because you said Tommy, I don't care about engagement parties.
I don't give a toss about wedding arrangements.
I just want to marry you.
Why don't we just get married on a beach somewhere? OK.
But if we DO do that .
you have to speak to your mother.
Look at you.
Look at YOU.
Leave him.
I'll have one of those.
How did finals go? I don't know.
I wasn't there.
Oh, come on, you did all that stuff - rowing blues, firsts - why should I waste my time repeating your triumphs? Don't be so silly! Yeah, well, don't talk to me like I'm six.
Does Mother know you've quit Oxford? Not yet.
Does she know you're using again? Oh, here it comes - the concerned brother lecture.
I AM concerned, actually.
Yeah? When did we last speak? Was I shaving then? OK, so I'm busy, but I am on the end of a phone, you know.
If you're in trouble, Peter, you can come to me.
You know that.
And get the third degree? Great(!) All right, one question.
Here we go.
The heroin you injected last night, was that the same stuff I saw at the mill? What were you doing down the mill, anyway? Reliving your precious moment of angst? Have you any idea what this will do to Mother? Like you care! If this place went up in flames with me and Mum in it, you'd be jumping up and down.
Maybe I haven't been in the frame No, you haven't! So, piss off back to London, Tommy, and leave me alone.
Peter! Sorry, Mum, we were just Go and get changed.
A policewoman? Yes.
With eyes like that? You're joking! Seriously, I had you down as a TV presenter.
No, it's an article of faith.
All policewomen have thick ankles and hairy arms.
You've ruined one of my favourite prejudices.
For goodness sake, stop sulking.
You invited the good doctor of Nanrunnel to a family party! He's a family friend! It must have been difficult, starting a business from scratch.
No, it was a struggling chemical company before I bought it.
You two must vaguely be in the same field.
This is Dr Trenarrow.
- How do you do? - Justin Brooke.
Praxis Pharmaceuticals.
Oh, really? Medical research.
Oh, do you know it? Of it.
So, you're just back from Chechnya? Yes.
Yes, I am.
This is very drinkable.
Do you know what year it is? Er, no, sorry.
Thank you.
But I'd really like to be a conceptual artist.
I've got a great idea.
I'm calling it "Wardrobe".
It's basically a very personal piece about me.
Very bleak.
Quite empty.
- Sid, you not hungry? - No, it's delicious, but I'm full.
Too many Nanrunnel chocs.
Which - guess what - my boyfriend bought.
God knows when.
For some other woman.
I know where he got them.
He I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
It's fine.
There, you can't see anything.
Speech! Speeches later.
Ladies and gentlemen a toast to the happy couple.
To the lovely Helen, the face that launched a thousand Sit down.
Et cetera, et cetera.
And to my esteemed elder brother - Eton, Oxford, currently wowing them at the Met.
My thoroughly upright, not to say uptight, brother That's enough, Peter.
who walked out on us when I was knee-high to What would I be knee-high to when I was seven? Anyway, my point is that my father had just died and I was a very sad little boy.
Very sad.
And my brother here Who cares? He didn't.
And there was always the chequebook.
To my brother the selfish, self-obsessed, sanctimonious Thank you, Peter.
Thank you.
Yes, good idea.
Shall we all raise our glasses? To Tommy and Helen.
ALL: Tommy and Helen.
To a long, happy and wonderful marriage.
ALL: Hear, hear! Tommy and Helen! Thank you, Roderick(!) You should be grateful to him.
Do you think I could manage this place without his support? God forbid you should give up your career to do it(!) Would you? Would you excuse me? Of course.
What's happening? It's all right, Tommy.
It doesn't matter.
Are you arresting him? We got the lab results - prints, fibres, skin samples.
It's conclusive.
I don't care what the evidence is, he didn't do it.
I'll be happy to prove that.
Let me get on with it.
Ah, there you are! Everybody's looking for you.
Those chocolates Yes, I knew you'd pick up on that.
They're probably all packed for the tourist trade, you know.
Probably all made in Birmingham.
And the only place you can get Nanrunnel chocolates is Nanrunnel.
I can be even more specific than that.
The gift shop.
The question is when? Last night.
I ran out of fags, so I went down to the village and found this little shop.
Was Cambrey there? Yes, but Alone? Buthe didn't sell fags, so I felt obliged to buy something.
Look, help me out here.
What time exactly? Nine-ish? Did you see John Penellin? Look I should have told the police this, but the reason I didn't You saw him? No, he'd already gone.
How do you know? Mick Cambrey told me he'd just thrown him out.
I'm going to ring Boscowan.
No, no.
Hang on.
No, no.
Come in.
Close the door.
Go on.
The reason I didn't say anything I wasn't the only one there.
Who else? Peter.
Peter? He came in to pick something up.
From the state of him, I'd say it was smack.
He said someone had left something there for him.
And then what happened? I don't know.
I went to the pub.
My point is, the reason why I didn't want to say anything until tonight was over, was that after I left, Peter .
was still there, in the shop.
Has Tommy been through here? Not that I noticed.
I want to apologise about what happened in there.
I made a fool of myself.
If I said anything offensive Don't worry about it.
I know what you want.
That'll make it a whole lot better.
You have to tell Boscowan.
I can't.
You have to.
You know what you're asking me to do? Yes, sir.
Clear an innocent man who's your friend.
And put my brother in the frame for murder at the same time? Then let me do it.
I'll talk to Boscowan.
No! Give me time, Havers.
Let me think.
HE KNOCKS SOFTLY Peter? Peter? Peter! Oh, my God.
It's Justin, isn't it? Stay there, Sidney! Stay there.
Looks like he missed his footing in the dark and fell.
An accident? Sir.
Excuse me.
Do you think it was an accident? Not my case.
Do you? If Peter knew Brooke was the one person who could link him to Cambrey's murder So Peter killed Cambrey and Brooke? The evidence is pointing that way.
He could have panicked and ran.
If I'd been around when Peter was younger, he wouldn't have got into drugs.
That's rubbish.
What the hell do you know about it? You know nothing about us.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
Have you spoken to Boscowan yet? Well, do it now, because if you don'tI will.
Give me till midday, OK? Why should I? I want to be certain that he's guilty before I shop him.
At least let me find him.
We've searched the grounds.
No sign of either of them.
He really might have OD'd.
Have they got a car? No.
No, they came by train.
Well, then they must have got a taxi or hitched.
What about the boat? He can't have.
He wouldn't be that stupid.
It's not here.
Helen, he can't sail! He's a useless sailor.
OK, OK! Sasha seems even worse.
Your mother said someone's been using the boat.
So? Suppose Peter's on the boat, but someone else is sailing it.
Sir! Come here and have a look at this.
It's Mark Penellin's.
Helen, can you call the coastguard, see if they can spot the boat? Havers, come with me.
Someone to see you, John.
Where do I begin? How much do you know? Your son's running drugs.
I begged him to stop it.
I pleaded with him.
Was Peter involved? Tommy, I hope not.
I pray not.
SoMark takes my mother's boat Where? The Scillies? Picks up a kilo of heroin, cuts it and bags it at the mill? Where does Mick Cambrey come in? I don't know.
Because he does, doesn't he? And you're prepared to stand trial for his murder? If I have to.
No, you didn't do it! Cambrey was alive when you left the shop.
The two-timing, flash waste of space! I hit him.
And I'm not apologising for it.
But you didn't kill him.
I could have done.
But you didn't! He threw you out.
Oh, John, this is crazy! You could end up serving a life sentence.
Better than seeing my son banged up.
Which is what he deserves! Don't be so damned stubborn! Tell Boscowan the truth.
You tell him.
Don't ask me to inform on my son.
I won't do it, Tommy.
So, you're not taking your own advice, then? What advice? You're bullying Mr Penellin to shop his son, but you still haven't told Boscowan about your brother.
So, it's different for you? Yes, it's different for me! PHONE RINGS Yes? Where? Thank you.
They've seen the boat.
Where's Peter? How should I know? Is he on the boat? No.
I'm not your brother's keeper.
You arrogant Though I'd have made a better job of it.
Say that again! Sir! I could have you for assault.
I'll take that.
You can hand it over to us, or wait for the Drug Squad.
They're coming.
Don't you just hate people like him? Everything served up on a plate.
And us, nothing.
Was Mick Cambrey in this? Is that where he got money? What's this? A little errand I do for a friend.
In my mother's boat? Is this a heroin derivative? I just pick up the case and deliver it.
To whom? No-one you'd know.
Give me a name.
SIREN You want a name? Tina.
PHONE RINGS Tina what? Find out yourself.
Hello? .
Peter! Where are you? Tommy something terrible's happened.
What? Stay where you are, sir.
I can't Trenarrow here.
Yes, he's with me.
See how the hands are clenched? Strychnine! Though I believe she thought she was injecting heroin.
The stuff she was using was adulterated with strychnine? Yes.
You're saying she was murdered? I'm absolutely certain she was murdered.
Where's Peter? Has anyone called the police? One of the nurses called them.
He came here? To YOU? If I'd known you were so concerned Why here? He always comes to me.
He always has whenever he's in trouble.
Peter It's OK.
It's OK.
We'll sort it out.
I need to know some facts.
Your friend, Sasha - where did she get the heroin from? I gave it to her.
YOU did? I didn't want it.
I put him on methadone again.
You're gonna kick it this time, aren't you? But Sash wasn't ready for it yet, so I gave the heroin to her.
Who gave it to YOU? Justin Brooke gave it to me.
Brooke?! Did anyone see him give it to you? No.
Do you keep strychnine on the premises? Strictly under lock and key.
He couldn't've had access I didn't take anything! I didn't kill her! I loved her.
And what about Mick Cambrey? Mick? Was Mick involved in the drug-smuggling business? What drug-smuggling business? Peter .
did you kill Mick? What? You think I killed him? This is absurd! Peter couldn't kill anyone! Just tell your brother what happened.
I went to get some skag which Mark left for me.
I'd already given him the money, but Cambrey wanted more, so it got a bit nasty.
But I swear, Tommy, he was fine when I left him.
He was fine! I'll do everything I can.
I didn't kill anyone.
Please, don't let them arrest me.
I didn't do anything.
Peter Lynley? I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Sasha Nifford.
Peter, I'm sorry.
You've got to go with them.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say will be used in evidence.
Murder? They haven't charged him yet He didn't do it, did he? I don't know if we can prove it.
You will.
It's not just Sasha.
He's also in the frame for killing Mick Cambrey.
Why on earth? It was a drug thing - they had a row.
How could you let him get into this state? How could I? Do you think I haven't tried every last thing to get him off heroin?! Didn't you notice what was happening? Where were you? Right here.
Where were YOU? And you know what? I'm sick of you blaming me for everything! I'm quite capable of blaming myself! All I'm saying I cannot be perfect.
No-one's asking you to be perfect.
That's what you want - the perfect mother! No faults, no weaknesses, no life of my own.
Well, I'm sorry, I can't do it! I am human! Oh, OK, fine! Off you go! Spoiled little boy stamping off in tears.
You cheated on Dad.
I loved your father till the day he died, but I needed comfort and support and I still do, and Roddy gives me that.
Darling, if I could change the past for you, I would.
But I can't! I've been very childish, haven't I? I have, haven't I? Helen thinks that I've stopped you from marrying him.
Is that true? Have I done that? No.
Next time he asks, just say yes.
Can I talk to you for a minute, please? I'm just off to see Justin's parents.
Oh .
can you give this to Tommy? Sure.
I just wanted to ask if Justin had ever met Peter? Before this weekend? No.
Because I don't think it was an accident.
Sorry? I don't think he did just miss his footing.
I think he killed himself.
Why? His company was going under and he had this tough meeting on Monday and he was going to lose everything.
He couldn't face it.
And the one thing he was counting on to save him - this anti-cancer drug.
The big breakthrough.
It was going to make Praxis Pharmaceuticals a major player and NIC banned it.
Why? Side effects.
A 5% chance of liver damage.
But, God if you're dying of cancer, that's an acceptable risk, don't you think? Umthis drug, what's it called? Oncozyme.
That case of ampoules we found on Mark Penellin It has some kind of connection with this? Oncozyme.
We need to get back to the beginning, Havers.
Where is the beginning? Cambrey.
He's the key.
Sir, look at this.
Hereand again, there.
Why do you need to see these again? Where's all this money coming from, Nancy? I told you, I don't know.
Did you know that your husband was paying over 1,000 a month He didn't earn 1,000 a month.
to a property company in Newquay? Ring them.
Nancy I'm ringing about a client of yours, Mr Michael Cambrey.
Did you know Mark was running drugs? Yes.
Was your husband involved in that? No.
Who killed him? I don't know.
That's your standard answer for everything.
You don't seem to know anything.
Right, I've got an address.
The rent was paid by Michael Cambrey, but the tenant was a Miss Tina Cogan.
Oh, God! She's in and out.
Some kind of sales person, I believe.
But there is a young man that comes to see her a lot.
Thank you.
So this is Cambrey's love nest.
PHONE RINGS Hello? No, there's nobody in the office at the moment.
I'll take your name and someone will get back to you.
Thank you.
You change your name to Tracy, you could do that for a living.
A Mr Perriam.
He ordered something called "Hope" on the internet.
Hope? It hasn't been delivered.
There's a list of names here.
A client list? Yeah.
Perriam, Perriam Here we are - Perriam.
I'm gonna ring some of these names.
All right.
I'll check upstairs.
I'm conducting a customer satisfaction survey.
Have you bought anything recently on the internet? Thank you very much.
Thank you.
She's a tall girl! I was wondering if you've had any dealings recently with a company called Finding Hope? In strictest confidence Can I ask what it was that you bought from the company? Thank you for your help.
Thank you.
All cancer patients or carers of cancer patients.
And all have recently bought a drug from a company called "Finding Hope".
The interesting thing is they're all getting better.
Look what I found.
All paths lead to Oncozyme.
So Mark Penellin brings it in from wherever and Tina sells it.
But how does that tie in with Mick Cambrey? Can I just show you these? Shoes? Yeah, but, well I guess a size ten.
They won't let me see him yet.
I know.
He can't have done it, can he? No, of course not.
Tommy thinks they might not be able to prove it.
Everything will be all right, I promise.
How do you know? Because .
Peter couldn't harm anyone.
Look, I'm sorry, but I can't stay.
What? I was just thinking how much I loved you.
This case Have you ever seen one like it before? No.
Who is Tina, Nancy? You know, don't you? They told him he couldn't start the hormone treatment until he'd lived as a woman for six months.
I mean, if he wanted to wear dresses in private, that was his problem.
But openly? In Nanrunnel? So you said no? Everybody laughing at us! My husband mincing about in skirts and high heels! Over my dead body, I said.
I said to him, "God made you a man, Mick! End of story!" You had no idea about the place in Newquay? I didn't even know he could afford the rent! What about the money in the bank? I honestly don't know where it came from.
It was for the operation, I guess.
I did everything I could think of to stop it.
I loved him so much! I didn't want him to be Tina! I wanted Mick! He's all I've ever wanted! Imagine it.
Loving someone, and then, they turn around and want to be someone else.
So, Mark Penellin delivers the Oncozyme to Tina Cogan AKA Mick Cambrey.
who sells it to cancer patients on the internet.
Sick - making money out of people's suffering.
Everyone I spoke to was getting better.
Oh, Sidney gave me this for you.
It's probably photographs from the shop.
Should we just check through what happened that night? OK.
Who went in there first? John Penellin.
So he did.
So he goes in, has a fight with his son-in-law.
It gets physical And Mick throws him out.
Then, Peter went in to get his heroin.
No, Brooke went in before that.
Why? What was Brooke doing there? Buying cigarettes, he said.
How much did Brooke know? Maybe he discovered that Cambrey was selling Oncozyme on the internet.
And making himself a massive profit.
Would that be enough to kill him? Maybe.
But when? Brooke left before the murder.
Peter saw him.
Maybe he waited till Peter left and then, went back in.
It still doesn't answer the question - who killed Brooke? Sir look at this Tommy I've been expecting you.
I need you to clear something up for me.
Oh, yes.
How careless of me.
My angina pills.
Here they are.
And here, I've put them back in my pocket before anyone could notice.
I must have dropped them when I killed him.
I'm sorry? I would do anything to save my patients, Tommy.
This is all about Oncozyme, isn't it? Yes, this has everything to do with Oncozyme.
Do you know what Oncozyme is? It's an exceptionally potent drug.
The benefits are immediate.
The chance of remission increases exponentially.
And you're testing it here illegally? Yes.
It is an unlicensed drug! I don't care if it has a licence or not.
It saves people's lives.
Brooke was convinced that my results here would get further trials authorised, so he saved his company, while I saved my patients.
And Mick Cambrey - Tina - was your go-between.
He delivered it to you.
Things went very well to begin with.
People got better.
And then suddenly, my patients started dying again.
I couldn't understand why.
So I had my current batch analysed.
And? Saline solution.
I have been injecting my patients with salt water.
Cambrey had been selling Oncozyme on the internet to terminally ill people for vast amounts of money.
Oh, God.
He was a disgusting human being.
Even so, I I didn't mean to kill him.
You killed You're saying this to get Peter off the hook, aren't you? I know you love him.
You don't have to do this.
When I went to see him, I wanted to tell him that I knew what he was doing.
I'd lost a patient that afternoon, a young boy - liver cancer.
He just laughed.
"So what?" he said, "They're all going to die anyway!" He laughed and kept on laughing, so I hit him.
I wanted to wipe that look off his face.
I kept on hitting him until he stopped moving.
And then, you made it look like a robbery.
And Brooke? No.
Brooke lost his footing and fell.
No, he didn't, Tommy.
I pushed him.
I had to, you see, because Brooke was concerned that Peter had heard too much in the shop.
Said he was bound to talk.
And of course, it would ruin him.
Well, I couldn't let him hurt Peter.
So I killed him.
The irony is that I was too late anyway.
Because Brooke had already given the spiked heroin to Peter.
And Peter passed it on to Sasha.
Well I'm not really very good at this, am I? I suppose I should be rather worried if I was.
I've written it all down.
So I suppose you have to arrest me now.
I'm afraid so.
Well, you must be rather enjoying this, Tommy.
After all this time, my downfall.
If Oncozyme had been available when my father was alive .
would you have given it to HIM? Oh, yes, yes.
Most certainly.
I do hope you believe that, Tommy.
I do.
I do.
Thank you.
My mother! Yes This is going to be very hard for her.
Could you just give me a few moments to finish things here? Yes, of course.
SirI don't think A few moments, that's all I need.
We'll wait outside.
Are you all right, sir? I'm fine.
What am I going to do, Havers? You have to ring Boscowan.
I know.
I mean, everything he's done, he's done for the right reasons - to save his patients, to save Peter.
He loves And this puts Peter in the clear.
You know what, Havers, I've spent half my life hating that man And now I'll ring Boscowan.
DI Boscowan, please.
Sir Strychnine How do I do it, Havers? How do I tell my mother? No! and Carla Rossi BBC Broadcast - 2003