The Invaders (1967) s01e01 Episode Script


We have a rare treasure to share with the Invaders fans.
Here is the extended 60-minute version of the pilot to show.
Unearthed from the deep vaults, this never-broadcast version contains deleted and extended scenes that few people have ever seen, including a special final-end-credit sequence.
Once again, for the first time, here is "Beachhead.
" Next NARRATOR: How does a nightmare begin? For David Vincent, architect, returning home from a business trip, it began at a few minutes past 4:00 on a lost Tuesday morning, looking for a shortcut that he never found.
It began with a welcoming sign that gave hope of black coffee.
It began with a closed, deserted diner and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey.
In the weeks to come, David Vincent would go back to how it all began many times.
(distant shrill whirring) (whirring grows louder) (loud, sustained, shrill whirring) (whirring intensifies) (whirring continues) ANNOUNCER: Starring Roy Thinness.
With guest stars Diane Baker J.
Cannon James Daly John Milford.
Highway 166, dirt road, Bud-- wait a second-- Bud's Diner.
Anything else, Mr.
Vincent? (sighs) I know it sounds wild.
There was this-- there was this light, a-a kind of glow.
Yes, you told us that.
Anything else? Well, no, I got out of there right away, I came here.
I see.
Show him in.
Now, look, that ship landed just over an hour ago.
It could still be there.
Now, if you want me to go, I'll go with you.
Oh, I don't think that'll be necessary, Mr.
David, what happened? Alan, what are you doing here? They woke me up to ask me if I have a partner who sees things, so I Oh, excuse me.
My name is Landers.
I'm Mr.
Vincent's partner.
I thought maybe I could be of some help.
Yes, I know who you are, Mr.
I appreciate your coming down, but I think you told us everything we needed to know on the phone.
They wanted to know if you were really on a business trip.
Then they told me some wild story about your claiming to have seen a-a spaceship.
I'm afraid it's true.
I know, it shook me up, too.
Vincent, you've driven a long way in the last 20 hours.
I'd like to suggest that you leave your car here, and Mr.
Landers or one of my men will drive you home.
I'm not going anywhere until you do something.
Now, you'll need those notes to find where the ship landed.
Vincent, it's 6:00 a.
, and we're all a little tired.
Stop playing games with me! I insist you do something.
Deputy, get a car.
Vincent insists.
Vincent is a very important citizen.
Right, Mr.
Vincent? Well, it seems to be Kelly's Diner.
You said Bud's Diner.
Ready to go home now, Mr.
Vincent? It came down right over here.
It stretched out, uh (sighs) from about right around in through here, all the way over to here.
Those trees-- I re-recognize that tree, the evergreen.
It came down right here! It looks as if nobody's been around here for a hundred years.
Alan, I saw it.
Look, I'm no crackpot, you know that.
I really saw it.
All right, David.
David! (gunshot) (gunshot) Hello.
Say, I was driving out here last night, and, uh, I saw something very Excuse me, Mr.
That was a good shot.
Thank you.
I'm Detective- Lieutenant Holman.
We're investigating an incident reported last night by Mr.
Vincent here.
Oh, what, wh-what sort of incident? Were you around here last night? At what time? All night.
All night? Well, yes, you see, we have this camper-truck parked out behind the, uh big tree over there.
My my wife and I, we, uh, we were just married.
How long have you been camped here? Uh, two days.
At approximately 4:20 this morning, did you see or hear anything unusual? No.
Well, how can you be sure of anything at 4:00 in the morning? Mr.
Vincent, let me.
Well, look, you see, we were awake, you know.
We were getting ready to go fishing.
I mean, uh, there was nothing.
Well, you must have seen something.
I drove in here, I parked at the diner.
Now, if you were awake, you must have seen me.
I'm sorry.
It was here, right Wait a minute, Mr.
Sorry to have troubled you.
Oh, I'll need some identification for the report.
Well, I, uh I do have a driver's license.
I suppose you'll be in the vicinity a few days in case there are any further questions, Mr.
, uh, Brandon.
Uh W-Well, we had, we had planned on going back today.
Pretty short honeymoon.
(chuckling): Yes, it is.
Well, I have to get back to my store, but, uh, we'd be glad to stay until, uh until tonight.
Thank you, Mr.
Oh, uh, congratulations on your marriage.
Thank you.
(electrical buzzing) That's the way it looked? Yep.
(chuckles) Ah creatures from outer space-- even the words stick in my throat.
You haven't said much since this morning.
It's not the kind of story you're told every day.
Well, it's not the kind of thing you see every day, either.
But I saw it.
All right, let's talk about it.
So you saw it.
Don't humor me, huh? I can't take that.
Look, David, I'm not saying it couldn't happen.
You're not the only person to have seen things.
But, uh You can't accept it.
Well, can you? How about some cognac in that coffee? Accept it or not, they're here, Alan.
Maybe just to look us over.
I hope that's all.
But they're here, not a million miles out in space, and somebody's got to accept it.
You keep saying "they.
" Does that bother you? Yes, it bothers me.
It takes me back 12 years to the young man in an Army hospital in Korea.
He was always talking about what "they" were doing.
I didn't think you'd have to dig that deep.
I'm sorry.
I guess I was just reaching for something, some reason.
All right, David.
What I really think is this: I think you were tired and lost and you fell asleep.
I think you honestly imagined that you saw something.
(scoffs) Well, I guess if you told me that you saw a ship from space I'd think the same thing.
David I did not imagine it, Alan.
It was there, and I saw it and I'm gonna prove it.
What do you want? I want to ask you a question.
Did you change the sign on that diner? I don't know what you're talking about.
Now, we agreed to stay until this evening, but we have to go now.
Quickly, quickly, get in the truck.
It's past time for me.
(panting) You you go away.
Nobody has hurt you.
I want to see your hands.
Take off your gloves.
We have to go! Take off those gloves.
We have to go! (grunts) Hurry! Hurry up! (sighs) What happened? Do you remember anything? (sighs) Oh, the truck.
I almost got out of the way.
It must have side-swiped me.
Don't try to remember anymore.
Take these.
What are they? Something to help you get back to sleep.
No no.
Otherwise, we will be forced to administer it intravenously.
Will you take these now? "Arthur Gordon"? What are you trying to do to me? What is this? You're one of them, aren't you?! (groaning) (yells) (grunting weakly) (straining) (grunts) (glass shattering) Help! Help me! For God's sake, help me! (coughing) All right? Oh, yeah, fine, thanks.
Oh, hi, buddy.
David, I want to tell you how sorry I am about what happened yesterday, but, uh, I was afraid in a larger hospital, there might be reporters and people who would twist the story of what you saw.
That's why I didn't want to take a chance on your making any phone calls and why I gave them a phony name.
I tried to tell you yesterday, but they had you too heavily sedated that I couldn't.
As it stands, one of the papers did get wind of your accident, but I think I talked them out of using the story.
Accident? You don't remember? Holman says your car went off the road and you were thrown clear No, no, no, that's not the way it happened.
I, uh, brought some magazines for you.
The doctor told me you can go home tonight, and I don't want to see you in that office Alan, listen to me for at least two weeks.
They'll have your car fixed in the morning.
Alan, will you listen to me? Just Please.
I found some proof.
I can't show it to you, David but that man and that woman at the camper-truck, they were some kind of alien being.
I know it.
Look, there was something about their skin.
They they started to glow and their hands, the, the bone structure was different.
David, please.
That's over now.
It's not over.
Look, you've got to talk to Holman, and find out everything you can about that man and woman David, no more.
Not now.
We'll talk about it later.
Will you please I've got to get back to the office.
We'll talk about it this evening when I pick you up.
I promise.
Vincent? (whispers): Mr.
Vincent! You are not alone.
I want you to know that.
Many of us believe.
We know.
They've been in contact with me since I was a child.
Did they talk to you too? Yeah.
But of course, it's not an invasion.
They're friendly little creatures.
It's-It's just such a shame that nobody seems to believe us.
Call it a cooling off period.
Two weeks-- give yourself a chance to get back on your feet.
Then if you still feel the same way All right, all right.
It wasn't easy, but I, uh, got the name and address of that honeymoon couple from Holman.
and Mrs.
John Brandon, 285 Front Street, Kinney Kinney? It's a little town between San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield.
Put it away, hmm? Promise you won't pick it up again for a couple of weeks? David? Two weeks? All right.
Good boy.
David I want to believe you.
(crackling) (fire roaring) (distant siren wailing) (siren wailing) (grunts) All right, get those other people.
All right, come on, let's go.
These look like the last ones.
All right, forget it.
Bring up that ladder.
Fireman, there's still an old woman up there.
You'd better go check her out.
Let's have those high poles up there.
All right, Dennis, where's the ladder? Smoking in bed? No, no.
Any idea how it started? The old woman, she must have done it.
(coughing) Pete and Phil, they broke through but there's nobody there.
No body.
No nothing.
Well, she's (phone rings) Hello? Alan, this is David.
I want you to know that I'm, uh I'm going away for a while.
You mean you're finally going to take my advice and grab yourself a vacation? DAVID (over phone): I'm calling because I have to break that promise I made you.
Alan, I think they just tried to kill me.
What? Now, listen, David Look, I have to find that couple from that camper-truck.
I'm going up to Kinney.
(honks horn) (shuts engine off) Hello! Hello! Is there anybody here? Can I help you? I'm Mrs.
I run this place.
(sighs) Well, it looks like you lost a town somewhere.
Where is everybody? Our total population is down to 12 now.
And that's including the two dogs and my little Siamese cat.
Thank you.
It doesn't seem to have affected business any.
Oh, that sign? That that just means, uh, we're not open to the public right now.
Golly, it's hot.
I'm, uh, looking for someone.
A man and a woman named Brandon.
They gave this as their last Pardon, I'm Brandon.
A man and a woman.
They gave this as their last address.
Brandon-- I don't I don't think I Sorry, it doesn't ring any bells.
You can check the register, but on the other hand, if they were clients of Mr.
Kogan's they wouldn't have, uh, registered.
Who's Mr.
Kogan? Well, I don't suppose there's any real secret to it.
Kogan's the head of the investment group that's buying up this town.
I think they're going to turn it into one of those retirement cities.
How do you go about buying a town? Well, I First, you gotta find the right town.
Then you just walk in with a suitcase full of cash.
Howdy, my name's Carver.
I saw your car outside.
You, uh, looking for someone? A couple of friends.
Well, they probably moved away.
This used to be a going town till the state closed down its hydroelectric plant, but Oh, a few of them are still holding out but in the end, they'll sell.
Does that include you? No, I sold out just after my husband died.
I'm staying on as a sort of caretaker until Mr.
Kogan's group takes over.
Sometimes he, uh, sends clients down here.
Uh, mind if I have some lemonade, Kathy? Oh, no, go right ahead.
Thank you.
Uh when Mr.
Kogan does bring his clients down here, what do you they do? Hunting and fishing, I guess.
Where? Gee, I don't know.
Let's see, there's a, there's a wooded lake a couple of miles north of here.
And there's always the river, of course.
Where's that? On the other side of town.
Gee, I'm awful sorry I couldn't be of more help.
No, no, thank you.
No, really Thank you.
So long.
When is Lieutenant Holman due back? Well, tell him he was right.
That psycho of his did show up down here.
I'll keep an eye on him.
(chain rattles) MALE VOICE (over speaker): Kinney Station to Bakersfield Control.
Red alert.
Red alert.
(shrill tone) Kinney Station to Bakersfield Control.
Red alert.
Red alert.
Kinney Station to Bakersfield Control.
Red alert.
Red alert.
Kinney Station to Bakersfield Control.
Red alert.
Red alert.
(truck engine revving) (loud high-pitched tone) (high-pitched tone stops) (engine roaring) (rock music playing in distance) You got a telephone that works? Pardon me, do you have a telephone? What? Do you have a telephone that works? Well, they ain't pulled that one yet.
(coins clinking in slot) Operator, I want to make a collect call to Santa Barbara.
The number is five-five-five, five-two-three-five.
My name is David Vincent.
I'm calling Mr.
(rock music continues) Alan, it's David.
I'm in Kinney.
I think I've found something, some proof.
Alan, you've got to come up here right away, 'cause if you don't get here right away, somehow it'll all be gone.
I'm not sure I can get away right now.
Look, Alan, listen to me, will you? There's some kind of pattern to this whole thing.
I've seen the evidence-- an abandoned power station here in town.
Alan, I believe I really believe this is some kind of invasion.
Now, listen, David Look, they're here in Kinney.
They may be (music stops) (rock music resumes) (whispers): They may be all over this planet.
Now, I need a witness, just one witness.
Look, Alan, if I can't ask you, who can I ask? I'll be there as soon as I can.
All right.
Now, there's a hotel on Front Street here.
I'll be waiting for you there.
And thanks, buddy.
(muted rock music playing) I see you've found the sole entertainment center in Kinney.
Yeah, I heard the music.
Have you met Mr.
Kemper? He's one of our last holdouts.
And those are the Ackerman girls.
They live just outside of town.
Can I offer you some coffee? Oh, that's a good idea.
Deputy Carver's looking for you.
He telephoned Santa Barbara.
Hey, you don't look like a dangerous psycho to me.
I'm not.
Well, if you're worried about him, don't be.
He already checked here.
It'll be a while before he comes back again.
Is something the matter? No.
Now, how long has Carver been in town? A few months.
Uh, he came in about the same time the Kogan people began buying up the town.
When are they taking over? As soon as Mr.
Kemper and a few others set a price.
Hey, Mr.
Kemper! Mr.
Kemper, you're gonna really make them pay, aren't you? In the refrigerator! Doesn't what Carver said about me bother you at all? Unh-unh.
Just because you happen to see certain things doesn't mean Who said anything about seeing things? Carver.
Oh, I've been through this before.
For months before my husband died, he-he kept saying over and over that What did he see? No.
How did he die? Well, it It was a heart attack.
Tell me what he saw.
It's over.
He's dead, and I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Please, don't go.
Adams, I need your help.
Look, I've got to take this coffee to my aunt.
I wasn't sure I could talk to you at first.
Look, please, Mister, uh Vincent.
David Vincent.
Well, Mr.
Vincent, I Will-Will you sit down here and just listen to me for a moment? Please? Well I'm going to tell you something you won't believe.
Someday I'll get them all.
There were transparent tubes large enough to fit a human form.
Now, I think they need these tubes to regenerate themselves somehow.
I don't know.
If-if I could If I could see them, see something Yeah.
Well, maybe when my friend gets here.
(door closes) I I want you to see them, because, Mrs.
Adams, when Kogan finishes buying up this town, his people are going to take over.
They'll have a foothold, and it's got to be stopped, because who knows how many towns like this there are in the world? All right.
All right.
Is there anything I can do to help you? You believe me? I don't know what I believe.
Just tell me what I can do.
(sighs) Is your aunt still at the motel? Yes.
Well, tell her that my business partner is coming here.
He'll be here in a few hours.
His name is Landers.
I can call from here.
That's a good idea.
And tell her to have him meet me here.
All right.
But don't let Carver find out about it.
Look, what was his name again? Landers.
(door squeaking) If that Vincent fella comes back here, Aunt Sara, try and stall him, all right? I'll certainly do what I can, Lou.
We don't think he's dangerous.
Just that things seem to happen when he's around.
Fires, accidents, you know.
We just want to keep an eye on him.
All right.
Thank you, Lou.
(cash register bell rings) Uh, Mr.
Kemper, I'll close up.
Uh, we're waiting for a friend.
Good night.
Good night.
It's funny how a man's life can change so fast.
After I saw that, uh, saucer, it seems as though I had been cut off from everything, piece by piece.
Was it the same with your husband? (sighs) Kathy? Yes.
Yes, it-it was the same.
You know, I've been thinking.
What happened to him might not have been a heart attack.
They could have ways of arranging that.
Well, if-if that's true, th-then it could happen again with you.
I've already talked too loud, and that fire in my apartment was their last safe shot.
Anything more would cause a lot of attention.
Make people think that maybe I was right.
(footsteps approaching) (softly): Down.
SHERIFF: Kemper! (doorknob rattles) Kemper! (footsteps receding) Maybe your friend won't come.
No, he was delayed; he'll be here.
But how can you be sure? He'll be here.
Why should he really believe? You saw what happened when you told the truth.
Suspicion, right? Ridicule, it's going to happen again, you'll see.
He'll be here.
(tires screeching) I'm sorry.
I didn't see you.
Oh, that's all right.
That's all right.
You are looking for Mr.
Vincent, aren't you? Why, yes, that's right.
Well, he said you were to meet him at the power station.
You're to park your car there.
Well, it's easier to walk.
It's only a couple of blocks.
Go on.
(engine starting) Did you hear a car just now? No.
Oh, David.
Hey, forget about him.
Look, he won't come.
He's no different than anybody else.
Nobody wanted to hear the truth from my husband.
They just wanted to sell at a profit and get out of this town.
A lot of things killed him: hate, greed, ignorance.
If he'd thought about it, he would've wondered what he was fighting for.
What is there in this world that's so special? So so worth preserving? You still have time.
You can think about that.
(loud music playing) Why did you do that? You know I'm listening for Landers.
(music stops) David.
I did it to wake you up.
Don't spend your life listening for cars that will never come, looking for faces you can never find.
Fingers? We're not all like that, David.
Some of us learn.
We're always learning.
Don't go! Don't fight us.
You can't stop it.
It's going to happen.
Don't go.
Don't fight us.
No, don't go! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! David? David? Alan! CARVER: Hold it! Hold it! Now hold it right there.
Take it easy.
Now easy, Mr.
Now, don't be afraid.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Now, look, we have to get to that power station right away.
Now, look, if you're not one of them, you've got to help me.
My partner's there, he's alone.
They're gonna kill him! Sure.
First thing in the morning, I'll call Mr.
If it's all right with him, we'll go down and take a look at his power station.
Oh, no.
(loud high-pitched tone) (screaming) Alan! Alan! Alan? Alan.
All right, Vincent.
They did it.
Sheriff, they What happened? What is it? Nothing, Mr.
What? Just a sick fella got a little out of hand.
You two help me load him into the car, will you? What a shame.
H-He looked and talked so normal.
You just never know.
(tires screeching) (chuckles) Good to see you, Ben.
Four or five years now.
Hello, Vincent.
He'd still be alive today if he hadn't wanted to believe your crazy dreams.
Sheriff Carver checked out the power station.
Except for him, there was nothing.
No, there wouldn't be, not now.
The coroner's report was heart attack.
Whatever you think, that's the way it was.
Ben, what do you want me to do with him? Let him go.
Let him go? That's right.
Let him go.
I don't know why you came here, Vincent but don't come back.
No reason to.
Not anymore.
Lieutenant I know I can find an answer to this if you'll only help me.
This is the final word, Vincent, the bottom line.
For your own sake, let it end here.
Whatever you're planning, let it end here.
I wish I could.
NARRATOR: How does a nightmare end? Not here in the forgotten town of Kinney.
Perhaps in Bakersfield, perhaps at some undiscovered beachhead in another state or another continent.
Perhaps, for David Vincent, it will never end.