The Ipcress File (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

What do you want with Adem? I'm hoping he can help me find someone.
Did you follow my instructions? Yes.
Exactly as I told you? Yes.
There was no-one following me.
Of course there was someone following you.
I know these people.
You should have left when you had the chance.
Our friend, survivor of Nagasaki.
I find him interesting.
How interesting? Enough to wanna know more.
Dr Polina Lavotchkin.
Dr Lavotchkin's dead.
We are prepared to let her go.
What do you want, Colonel? There is a dossier.
We both just knew.
'We kissed.
' I wanted to and you felt the same.
It would be a mistake.
It can save your life.
Randall, get down on the ground.
Professor, walk towards me.
You see? You see? I lost the professor as he boarded the launch.
Then, whilst I was still trying to stop Randall I was assaulted by an armed man.
While believing my life was in danger I acted to defend myself.
I fired my weapon and in doing so, I, er I killed him.
'I don't want men who enjoy this sort of thing.
' Any who do don't last long with me.
But sometimes we find ourselves with no choice.
Come with me.
Under normal circumstances, the forensic office of the Beirut Police Department would either return personal possessions to next of kin or else retain them for evidence in an investigation.
In this case, with no next of kin identified, I was able to move swiftly and make a reasonable offer.
Gas mask, Russian-style, manufacturer's stamp here.
CZ Model 24 Czechoslovak sub-machine gun, modified to fire Soviet Tokarev ammunition.
Overcoat from a department store in Moscow.
Suit, label intact, manufactured Factory 15, Nizhny Novgorod.
The shoes are from Omsk.
In the pocket of the coat, we find a ticket for route 58 on the Leningrad tram network.
Autopsy report, cause of death, gunshot wound to chest and head.
X-rays of chest confirm ballistic trajectory involving left ventricle and vertebral column.
X-ray of skull Sir.
I'm not finished yet.
X-ray of skull shows entry and exit path of a single round.
You see? Yes, sir.
And what else do you see? I don't know.
The pathologist mentioned it.
The right upper three molars are held in place by extensive bridgework which could only have been done by someone with considerable expertise.
This is not available to your average KGB gunman.
Most of them have false teeth after the age of 40.
Hardly available to anyone in the entire Soviet Union, I should think.
In New York, on the other hand Sir, are you suggesting? Soviet gun, American dentistry.
It was the tram ticket that sealed it, really.
Trying too hard, that is.
I find it difficult to be convinced, sir.
Of course you do.
Which is why you're going on a mission.
You are going to snoop, to stir things up and to find out what you can.
Alice will furnish you with further details, but you and Miss Courtney will leave tomorrow on a flight from RAF Northolt to Diego Garcia, where you will transfer.
With Jean, sir? Yes, why? Nothing.
It's just I haven't seen her.
Will her instructions be the same as mine? You needn't worry.
I've spoken to her.
She knows what to do.
It is your intention to despatch two spies to an H-bomb test? It's a neutron bomb, sir.
Dawson's area of expertise.
'You think he'll be there?' 'I think there will certainly be people there 'who are aware of where he is.
' Welcome, guys, to the US Government Sopinofu Island and the Grant Madison Airbase! This way, guys.
So, we are heading towards the command centre right now.
Along there, we have the PX, where you can get yourself anything from toothpaste to a Chevrolet.
Down that way, we have the bowling alley and the drive-in theatre Your usual spot, I presume.
Every so often, I like to leave the base, remind myself of the bucolic paradise that we protect.
The beef is excellent.
I shall follow your recommendation.
So, you're sending a couple of spies to Sopinofu.
Our treaty with you on nuclear cooperation entitles us to send anyone with the requisite clearance.
Observers for the Ministry of Defence.
And what are they hoping to observe? The march of progress.
Shouldn't they be busy looking for that missing scientist of yours? Who says they're not? You're quite a character Mr Dalby.
Is this real? I mean, why we're not talking, is it part of Dalby's orders or? Or what? Is it because of that night at Adem's? Because if it is I really don't want to talk about that.
It doesn't matter, Harry.
I'm sorry.
I misread you.
It's not that.
I know you don't want to be here after what happened, but we both have our assignment, so I suggest we just concentrate on what we have to do.
Tomorrow, you will receive a technical briefing, but what I'm here to talk about is security.
No photography on the base.
The use of radios or other form of unauthorised communication is forbidden.
20 miles offshore, there's a Russian nuclear-powered submarine.
I mention this to illustrate that this is not some genteel scientific gathering.
This is preparation for war.
I'm a fast-jet pilot, fly off carriers.
If you want, we could take you down there, show you around.
We got a twin-seat trainer, if you wanna feel the full thrill.
Sorry to interrupt, but I wonder if you'd like to dance? You'll have to excuse me.
Thank you for rescuing me.
My pleasure.
I wasn't expecting to see you here.
Yet I'm not surprised to see you.
The Agency likes to keep an overview of all defence developments.
Now, as you can tell, I'm not much of a dancer, but I wonder if you'd like to step outside.
There's some things I'd love to talk about.
Looks like your girl is leaving.
She's not my girl.
You sure about that? She's gone.
You may as well sit down and drink.
You look like the married type anyhow.
Getting divorced, actually.
Aren't we all? So, what brings you to the tropical paradise of Sopinofu? I'm just an observer.
From the Ministry of Defence, in England.
Is that really supposed to fool anyone? You're the first person I've tried it on.
It needs some work.
How about you? I'm a psychiatrist.
Military? Civilian.
Stanford University.
Really? And what's a psychiatrist from Stanford doing halfway across the Pacific Ocean? Research.
I'm studying the long-term psychological impact of working with nuclear weapons.
And what is the impact, would you say, so far? Turns every man into an asshole.
See, there's about 87 guys to every woman here.
And each of those guys, a long way from home, becomes convinced that he's every woman's dream.
They see a female, they think it's gonna happen.
What? A big explosion.
That's what I'm waiting for, too.
Dalby suspects Professor Dawson was abducted by Americans.
Does he back that up? He thinks you can't complete the weapon without Dawson's expertise.
So he jumps from that to concluding that we are the guilty party.
I am here to identify high-ranking personnel and establish links with likely future sources.
But he didn't come himself? I imagine he has other things to do.
Dalby's in Helsinki.
Any idea why? None of my business.
Dalby plays his cards very close to his chest.
That makes us wonder about the nature of his hand.
And do you accuse him of jumping to conclusions? Someone has thwarted your efforts to retrieve a vital asset.
Could be Dalby himself, or someone he recruited, like Palmer.
Or me.
But let's say we give you a clean bill of health.
Not a blemish on your record.
But Palmer, on the other hand What do you think of him? He's capable.
Nearly got killed in Korea.
Didn't get the medal he deserved.
I don't think that bothers him.
I think you've got him wrong.
Well I guess we'll find out.
Argh! Do you think the radiation will kill the mosquitoes? We're not supposed to discuss the bomb.
You should've learned that from the briefing.
Well, I was too busy trying to finish a crossword.
"Barrier or obstacle.
" Nine letters, fifth letter, R.
Tell me.
Were you a smart kid? What kind of question is that? A psychiatrist's.
You see, we either ask you something meaningless like, "Which do you prefer, Tuesday or Wednesday?" And then we draw absurd conclusions about your sexuality or Wednesday, as it happens.
Or we throw you off-guard by going straight for the heart with something personal.
I wasn't.
At least, I don't think.
Just annoying.
Annoying how? Well Because I kept asking for more than was on offer.
In America, we call that ambition.
My dad was a docker.
His ambition was to live long enough to retire.
But somehow, I decided I was too good for that.
You see, it all comes out.
Maybe I really am a psychiatrist.
All right, here's a question for you.
Would I care to come in for a drink? If I guess correctly, you brought a bottle of Scotch from London, you have ice in your refrigerator and two glasses in your cupboard but you only need one.
What do you think? Delightful.
I have great plans for it if I stay long enough.
It reminds me of my own, including the orange drapes that make you wanna throw.
Please, make yourself at home.
Where's my whisky, Harry? In the deluxe kitchen.
Promise I won't be long.
Captain Henderson.
Where's Dr Newton? She was called away on an urgent matter.
I see.
In that case, would you like a drink? I seem to have one in each hand.
I'm on duty.
And you're the kind of man who is always on duty, even when he's not.
And you're the kind that has an answer for everything.
May I ask the purpose of your visit? I'm in charge of security on the base, and I'd like to see your passport.
" The nature of your business? I am not permitted to discuss that, as I'm sure you well know.
Dammit! Slippery limey! Dammit! Dr Karen Newton, psychiatrist.
Knew Radley from Stanford.
Find out what she knows.
One way or another.
Where did you go to last night? I don't like Skip Henderson.
He gives me the creeps.
I think he might be a psychopath.
I could support that diagnosis.
What's he got against you? Jealousy.
You'll make me all self-conscious.
At Stanford, did you ever meet an English psychiatrist, one Theodore Radley? Sure.
We met.
Did you work with him? Briefly.
Why? How would you describe him? Clever.
Curious about human nature.
Innovative in his approach to therapy.
Why do you ask? He was shot dead a few weeks ago.
And not by accident.
I didn't know.
So I never met him, and I just wonder what he was like.
And there I was, naively imagining for a moment that the reason you were here was to see me.
Maybe it is.
Maybe I'm just using my inquiry as an excuse.
Maybe you are.
Good morning, Mrs Dalby, I'm calling from the Ministry of Records department, looking for Mr Dalby.
'Oh, did his office not tell you?' He's still in Brussels for the trade negotiations.
Oh, I am sorry, I should have checked with someone else.
'Shall I tell him you called, Miss?' Oh, no, don't worry.
It's not important.
Good day.
You'll be under surveillance, so fake a certain disillusionment, a distrust, even, of myself, Palmer, of this entire organisation.
Your objective is to gain his confidence, make him careless.
'Good morning, Mrs Dalby, 'I'm calling from the Ministry of Records' 'Oh, did his office not tell you?' Captain, thank you for coming in.
It sucks.
I implore you to be patient.
That's easy for you to say.
We're all grieving.
You didn't even know the guy.
I got this bastard in my sights.
But you're not allowed to pull the trigger.
We have an interest in Palmer.
And if the situation changes? Then you will be the first to know.
But I can assure you, Captain, he's going nowhere.
Are you enjoying your time here? Since you ask, I'd probably rather be at home.
Oh? Anything we can do to make it more enjoyable? Detonate the bomb.
Then I can get on an aeroplane.
Of course.
After all, you have had a lot to deal with, on a personal level.
Jean told me.
Can imagine, it must be difficult for a man.
Gets married young, infant dies Sorry to hear that.
Can't even imagine.
Then you meet this beautiful, intelligent, high-class woman.
You work together.
A certain development seems inevitable.
And yet Am I right? It's none of your business.
Did you know that Jean has asked to join the CIA? I didn't know that.
I'm not saying it's a bad idea.
More money, more resources, and, of course, we'd sort out that whole citizenship side of things.
But, I wonder, is there something else? Not that I'm aware of.
Well good.
I was just curious.
'Fancy a stroll?' I'm sorry, I can't right now, I've got work to do.
Something that just came up.
But hey, later, there's a drive-in.
Oh, yeah.
'And I have a car here, 'and I can drive, so' OK, great.
I'll see you later.
Evening, ma'am.
What's the problem? Flashbacks.
He's not fully focused.
Well, what do they expect? They expect you to do your job.
If I'm treating a patient, I'm supposed to do what's best for them.
If a technique is used in a way that was never intended Doctor, you don't have a patient here, you have a scientific instrument that's crucial to the mission.
Your responsibility is to ensure the smooth functioning of that instrument, so that he can fix these glitches before the test.
Play the tape.
Let's focus those thoughts of his.
Did you get hold of Dalby? No? Well Perhaps it's all innocent.
I feel bad if I've created unjustified suspicion.
That's exactly what you meant to do.
Unjustified? You sure about that? No, I'm not.
Is that what you want to hear? Maybe you're right.
Maybe Dalby is It wears us down.
Every direction we look you don't know what to think, who to trust.
Every direction.
Jean, I'm gonna recruit you.
Really? Look at the future.
You're with the company.
You have a team of 20 people working under you.
You have 5,000 square feet of real estate at Langley, Ford Thunderbird in the parking lot.
$1,500 per annum, with health and retirement benefits.
What if I want a Corvette? There's no problem either.
Maybe I'll think about it.
As promised to Colonel Stok.
Palmer came to see me earlier.
About what? At first, I wasn't sure.
He said he wanted to introduce himself.
Invited me to go shoot some pool, actually.
And? It was sort of strange.
Started talking about you.
I know what you're doing, by the way.
Trying to unsettle you with surprising insight? Perhaps with the aim of manipulating you.
Something like that? Yes.
Because you've done it yourself, I guess.
And it works, right? Not hungry? So, what did he say about me? He told me your wedding fell through.
That your fiance called it off and you were all messed up about it.
He didn't say that.
He suggested I be respectful of what he called your "emotional vulnerability".
Wish I had a practice in Beverly Hills.
$100 an hour to listen to neurotic millionaires talk about their childhood.
Instead, I'm in a place that I don't wanna be.
Do you know what this is, Harry? This is therapy.
You're being a therapist.
By saying nothing? That's the secret.
The less you say, the more you can charge.
Excuse me.
I won't be long.
Shall we go in? 'Talk to me about IPCRESS.
' Tell me about it.
It's unethical, that's all.
Tell me what it stands for.
I don't like to talk about that.
Let's talk about something else please.
'Like what?' 'Like you.
' 'Go ahead.
' 'Maybe it's her.
That woman.
'She's angry with you, Harry.
' And you don't wanna think about why.
And you don't wanna think about why you got divorced.
And you got this job, you don't even know if you like it or why you're doing it.
And then they send you halfway round the world to watch a bomb go off, and you find yourself drinking cheap whisky in a cheap cabin with a cheap woman who's almost as unhappy as you are.
Let's make us happy, Harry.
Paul? I got a call.
Henderson and his guys found something interesting.
Up near North Point.
So, what have we got? A few of the guys were at the beach down there, figured they'd come up here, light a fire, shoot the breeze.
They saw a male figure up here, walking away, checked it out and found this.
A VLF transmitter.
Capable of communicating with a submarine up to 30 yards below the surface.
Did you find anything else? Still searching.
We'll dust it for prints and question all external personnel in the morning.
Where were you between midnight last night and 2am this morning? In my accommodation.
Alone? Alone.
You were seen at the drive-in with Dr Newton.
That's right.
We watched a Western.
It was very exciting, and the good guy won in the end.
And then? Then we had a drink at my place and then she returned to her own accommodation.
So you can't corroborate your story? No.
Who are they? My goddaughters.
Their father, whom they adored, was one of my very best friends.
Passed away only three weeks ago.
In Beirut.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm sure you are.
Do you regret what you have done? No.
Then why would you not touch me? You'll need to be debriefed in London.
This will be done by agents from my department, who will assess your truthfulness and your value as a defector.
They'll write a report, but it will fall to me to make a recommendation to the Ministry of Defence regarding your status.
I thought you were dead.
I will return to London alone.
You will present yourself through the appropriate channel.
I will be waiting for you.
Here we are, ten clicks from the main island.
But if you were standing here this time tomorrow, you would be turned into atoms, and some of those atoms will get split! This way, back on the boat.
You're being set up as a Soviet spy.
Maddox was Randall's handler in the Congo.
They've worked together before.
I won't be able to do anything for you.
You know that.
And Dalby was right.
The man I killed in Beirut was an American intelligence officer.
It's not the Soviets that abducted Professor Dawson, it was the Americans.
Do you have an alibi for last night? I was with her.
Did you tell them that? No.
Why not? I didn't want her getting into trouble.
So was it personal or professional? I don't know.
Did you talk to Maddox about me? About my emotional vulnerability? No.
Course not.
Maybe I had a lucky escape.
Jean It's from her diary.
I don't have much time.
Where is Dawson? Get out, Harry.
Concentrate on getting off this island alive.
You're in a lot of trouble already.
And so am I.
Henderson already told me not to speak to you.
If he finds out again I'm sorry.
At first, I didn't know if you were a spy.
You seemed sorta honest, sorta decent.
But what did you see when I spoke to you? An unhappy woman? You're in intelligence, so what was I, a source, someone to use? Just, please, believe me.
I liked you, but that was a mistake.
I'm gonna walk.
I found this at the site of the VLF radio.
It belongs to Palmer.
May I ask where he is now? Probably up near North Point, waiting to be picked up by a submarine.
OK, we'll send out a helicopter.
Were you bugging his bedroom? We may have been.
You hear everything? At 00:17, he left her, returning to her at 01:38.
If you don't believe me, I can play you the tape.
Did he buy it? They'll be coming for you.
Whatever you can get from her, you should get it now.
Jean Before it's too late, Harry.
I'll try and get off the island.
But if I don't It's all right.
I know you didn't tell Maddox anything.
'Received your message, Mr Maddox.
' 'I think we can contain this.
' I have confidence that you will.
And from what I read in the technical briefings, everything looks good.
Tomorrow will be a great day for humanity.
I'm sure it will, General.
'But let's not leave any loose ends.
' No, sir.
I won't.
Copy that, Unit Seven to North Point.
Alert level three.
Hey! Ugh! I should kill you.
I don't think you've got it in you any more, Harry.
Where is Dawson? You just missed him.
Took off in the helicopter about ten minutes ago.
He was supposed to stay and watch the test, but for his own safety, he's been shipped out early.
Where are you taking him? That's not my department.
But if he's as good as everyone says, then pretty soon, we'll be manufacturing the finest atomic weapons the world has ever seen.
Now put the gun down, Harry.
Right through that door!
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