The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) (2014) s01e23 Episode Script

Yokohama Disturbance Part V

1 10/29/2095AD 12:15am Yokohoma Mr.
I've been notified that the home country will be sending us a warship.
Thanks to you, we can launch our next operation.
I'm honored to have been able to assist you.
The thing is, Fortune deserted us and my second-in-command has fallen into the enemy's hands.
Truly, that could only have been the worst of luck.
Who knew that Master Lu It's a colossal disgrace, but all the same, our country needs this soldier.
I wonder if you could help us out? Ah, of course I can, my lord.
As it turns out, Master Lu is scheduled to be transported to the foreigners' prison in Yokosuka tomorrow.
Is that true? Yes, the timing couldn't be better.
And in exchange, if I may put it that way during tomorrow's operation, if you could stay away from this city But of course.
I'll see to it that Chinatown is spared from harm - as much as possible.
That said, our No.
1 target, the Kanto Branch of the Magic Association, is located right near Chinatown.
Not only that, but if we're going after the magicians heading to the Thesis Competition and their research data Some skirmishing will be unavoidable.
I am grateful for your consideration.
10/29/2095AD 10:31am First High School Tatsuya, what time are you heading to the convention center tomorrow? I'm meeting the others there at eight.
The competition starts at nine.
And First High will be taking the stage at three.
Hmm You're meeting up there? What about the demo device? The Student Council hired a transport company.
Why do you ask? Oh, uh, it's just Listen, the guard detail for that demo device and stuff Could you let us help out, too? That's fine with me.
But why would you want to go to all that trouble? Uh, well, you see Uh After all that special training, letting it just go to waste would be a shame I can't say that, can I? Oh, man! I even ditched school to train this guy's butt off! So wouldn't I look like an idiot if the incident got resolved without us? Oh! I don't know what it is you two are up to but it's not like nothing's going to happen anymore.
Huh? But I thought the incident did get resolved? It's not as if these incidents are a one-and-done thing.
I hear that the Thesis Competition is targeted every year.
I see You're right.
In that case, will you let me go on guard duty, too? Then if there's anything I can do, please let me know.
All right.
But you don't have to get all gung-ho about security.
Cheering us on from the audience will be enough.
Huh? You don't mean that, Tatsuya.
Well, if there is some kind of incident, I guess no one will complain if the audience helps pick up the pieces.
I see.
Helps, huh? 10/29/2095AD 11:26am National Magic University Affiliated Tachikawa Hospital Come in.
Excuse us.
Welcome, Ms.
I'd like to speak with her.
Fine with me.
Chiaki Hirakawa.
Your methods will not garner Shiba's attention.
Never mind goodwill You will elicit neither enmity nor animosity from him, either.
Shiba is an arrogant man.
No matter how the multitude wails and sobs, most likely, Shiba will pay no mind.
He won't take the time to sneer at you, never mind sympathize with you.
Chiaki, did you know? In the written exam for the first semester finals, Shiba scored so high that he left everyone below second place in the dust.
In particular, he achieved an astonishing perfect score in Magic Engineering.
What does that have to do with anything? And the first year who came in second was you.
You scored 92 out of 100.
Normally, you could make a claim for top marks with such a score.
So what if I did? As far as the field of Magic Engineering goes, Chiaki, I believe you have the potential to surpass Shiba.
After having worked with him for three weeks or so, I noticed that Shiba doesn't seem very adept with hardware.
If you can hold onto your feelings of bitterness, I'm sure that one day you'll find a way to accomplish it.
Please come to the competition tomorrow.
I'm sure you'll find it rewarding.
Uh, Ms.
Ichihara? If you're not feeling well No, there's no need to worry.
It's just a bit of self-loathing, that's all.
We need to make sure that our school reaps the benefits of Chiaki's gifts as a magical engineer.
Seriously I'd make a fine con artist, wouldn't I? This smells divine.
I'm glad that you like it.
Thanks to you, it looks like we'll be closing this case soon.
So this is my way of thanking you personally.
Inspectordid you invite me here today just to thank me? Huh? If you're available, I'd like to request your company tomorrow as well.
Huh? Um S-Sure! If you're okay with me, then I'd be glad to! Thank you very much.
Then how's eighty-thirty tomorrow morning, at Sakuragicho Station? What? Morning? Tomorrow they'll be holding the National High School Magic Thesis Competition at the International Convention Centerdid you not know? No, I am aware of that, but And a boy I'm acquainted with will be taking part, so I'd like to go cheer him on.
Oh, right, if possible, please ask your subordinates to join us, too.
If you could also come equipped with weapons and live ammo guns, that would be a huge help.
Fujibayashi, what's the plan? Of course, I hope that nothing happens.
10/30/2095AD 8:30am Yokohoma International Conference Center I knew it 8:35am Yokohoma International Conference Center - First High School Meeting Room Miyuki, it's been a long time.
Yes, I haven't seen you since that day in February.
Fujibayashi, are you sure it's all right for you to be visiting the First High green room? Oh, it's fine.
As a technical officer, there's nothing strange about me visiting you, the student who unveiled such dazzling skills at the NSC.
All right, enough with the pleasantries The Mobile Suit we discussed has been completed.
Sanada told me to let you know that they'll be delivering it here by tonight.
They finished it already? Impressive, as always.
One more thing.
That incident It doesn't look like it's over just yet.
Is there some kind of problem? Take a look at this for the details.
I've taken some precautions myself, but You never know, a battle may be brewing.
We'll be sure to at least be prepared.
Yes, Brother.
If anything happens I'm counting on you.
8:45am Yokohoma International Conference Center Hall Very well.
Very well.
Huh? Erika, that guy over there Do you know him, Erika? He's just some pick-up artist.
8:50am Yokohoma International Conference Center Lobby Ms.
Shiba! Mr.
It's been a while, Ms.
I haven't seen you since that after-party dance.
I'm sorry I haven't been in touch.
Uh, no I should be sorry Are you patrolling the site? Y-Yes, that's right.
I'm taking part in the Joint Security Detail.
Knowing that you're out there keeping watch truly puts my mind at ease.
I'm counting on you.
Right! I promise I'll do my best to live up to your expectations! Good luck to you, too, Mr.
Y-You know my name? Th-Thank you very much! Now, then, it's almost time, so we'll be going.
I'll be looking forward to the next time.
In a few minutes, from nine o' clock, we'll be holding the opening ceremony.
8:58am Yokohoma International Conference Center Hall Staff members, contestants, please come to the main hall.
Tatsuya! Is that you, Erika? Where's Leo? Would you mind not lumping me in with that guy? All I did was bestow some skills and weapons on him There's nothing at all between us beyond that! I didn't mean for you to take it that way.
By the way, where are the others? Mizuki and Miki are here.
They're sitting up front.
So cozy together.
Yokohama Disturbance Part V 10:15am Yokohoma International Conference Center Cafe Do you have a minute? Y-Yes.
Have a seat.
Being stared at so intently is pretty embarrassing, you know.
I'm sorry.
No Actually I'm honored that Ms.
Phantom has such a keen interest in me.
Who would've thought that the Electron Sorceress knew about the likes of me.
I'm just as honored as you.
So what did you want to discuss? I'm sure you already know without my going further into detail? I'm sorry, I'm not a prodigy like you.
How modest you are.
Master Kokonoe had the highest praise for you.
May I be blunt with you? Don't worry, you're just being loyal to your mission.
I'm just suggesting that we respect each other's boundaries - nothing more.
I'm not really sure what you mean by that.
There won't be any admonishment from above.
Whoever's unduly curious about my cherished friends That's who deserves to be admonished.
For her to send me a warning now Means that there's something about the relationship between Shiba and Kyoko Fujibayashi that has to be kept secret.
The JDF? Or else Lu Gonghu escaped? Sorry to be rude, but is that intel reliable? His transport vehicle was attacked on its way to Yokosuka.
Why today, of all days? Fortunately, thanks to the weapons test scheduled for tomorrow in Hodogaya, we're ready to mobilize.
I've decided to leave early and head over there now.
We should be arriving at 1500 hours.
Roger that.
I'll be on the lookout myself.
I'm counting on you, 2nd Lieutenant.
12:00pm Yokohoma International Conference Center Security Headquarters Sekimoto and Hirakawa's sister were after the Thesis Competition materials.
Today, after interrogating Sekimoto further, we learned that he'd been subjected to mind control.
The organization that's using Sekimoto and the others to target the thesis might take drastic measures.
I was told that they wanted Jumonji to keep a close watch on the site.
That's the message I was given by Ms.
Hattori and Kirihara, I want you to monitor the perimeter of the convention center.
Understood! Hattori, Kirihara Yes? Is there anything about the current situation that feels off to you? Feels off to us? Last week, I came here to case the joint.
There seems to be too many foreigners around here now.
You think so, too, Hattori? Yes.
What about you, Kirihara? Yes, sir.
Compared to the convention center, the atmosphere in the city seems more strangely menacing.
Hmm True.
Hattori, Kirihara, I want you to wear bullet-proof vests.
This is Jumonji of First High.
I'm notifying the Joint Security Detail.
Starting this afternoon, all members are to wear bullet-proof vests.
Repeat you are to patrol the site wearing bullet-proof vests.
2:58pm Yokohoma International Conference Center Hall Mikihiko How's it looking? For now, there's nothing amiss.
What about you, Mizuki? I'm not seeing anything weird yet.
First High School.
Their theme is Gravity Control-type Thermonuclear Reactor.
Allotted time: 30 minutes.
What is required to actualize nuclear power? The answer has already been made clear in the previous century.
First, to convert the hydrogen serving as fuel into plasma, sufficient time to allow for a fusion reaction generating enough heat, and to sustain that reaction.
As you can see, this issue has already been resolved through Release-type Magic.
The other challenge is bringing these atomic nuclei into contact despite electrical repulsion.
However, no effective method of addressing this issue has been found, and we have yet to actualize a stable nuclear fusion reaction.
The reasons are many, but a case can be made that all of these issues focus on the fact that the electric repulsive force within fusing range cannot be overcome by the energy being extracted.
3:20pm Yokohoma Harbor We're in position.
We'll be setting our plan in motion as scheduled.
As the distance closes between them, the electric repulsive force increases geometrically.
When objects possessing strong Coulomb forces of like charges draw closer, the repulsive interaction increases, making it impossible for them to collide.
However It is possible to reduce the electric repulsive force through magic.
This year, we have succeeded in developing a magic sequence that will reduce the apparent Coulomb force within a restricted area to 1/100,000.
Without an external impetus, a nuclear reaction will immediately come to a standstill.
Our school's Gravity Control-type Thermonuclear Reactor takes advantage of this.
Once the reaction stops, it cools the hydrogen gas through a Vibration-type spell to a level that the container can withstand.
At this time, it allocates the heat it has collected to Gravity Control and Coulomb Control energy.
Through Gravity Control-type Magic, the pistons continue to rise due to inertial energy And the hydrogen gas, now cooled to optimum levels, is sent to a heat sink tank.
At this time, a highly-ranked magician is required to keep this experimental device operating, but with improved efficiency in energy retrieval, and by using Release-type Magic as a substitution, we are confident that a Gravity Control-type Thermonuclear Reactor requiring a magician only for the initial activation can be actualized.
We will now take a ten-minute break.
Third High School's presentation will start at 15:40.
You pulled it off, huh? Abandoning the challenge of a sustained nuclear reaction, and going for the actualization of an intermittent nuclear reaction through Loop Casting was an inspired idea.
Thank youI guess I should say? It's not like I was expecting you to thank me.
Gravity Control-type Magic is used in Flying-type Magic as well.
It's a conventional application of the spell.
The Coulomb Control-type spell is a variation on the Molecular Binding Counter-spell, right? I have to tip my cap to your keen eyesight.
As expected of Cardinal George.
But we're not going to lose to you.
Actually, this time we're going to beat you.
What's going on? 3:37pm Yokohoma International Conference Center Hall NEXT TIME Yokohama Disturbance Part VI