The Jetsons (1962) s01e02 Episode Script

A Date With Jet Screamer

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife WeII, here we go again.
Another night, another traffic jam.
Boy, this spaceway traffic gets worse every night.
Hey, Iooks Iike an opening up ahead! There's another one.
Space hog! I better cut around and try and sIide in.
Sunday astronaut! Hey, you! What do you think this is, the IndianapoIis 500,000? AII right, aII right.
PuII up.
-What's your name, speedy? -George J.
George Jetson, eh? WeII, Georgie, Iet's see what we got here.
-Passing under traffic.
-3500 in a 2500-miIe zone.
-It's true.
-Et cetera, et cetera.
-I didn't see the ''et cetera.
'' WeII, watch it.
I'II caII you back, Mother, as soon as I finish my housework.
-George wiII be home any minute.
-All right, dear.
-And don't work too hard.
-Bye, Mother.
WeII, I might as weII start with the vacuuming.
Now, cut that out.
It's aIways us carefuI drivers they're after.
You try to obey the Iaws, be courteous, and what do you get? A ticket, every time.
I wonder what's keeping George.
He's Iate tonight.
Oh, here he comes now.
Judy, your father's here.
Isn't it about time your friends went home? But, Mom, Jet Screamer is singing on teIevision.
You know he's my idoI.
WeII, keep the sound down.
He's not your father's idoI.
I guess that's aII those guys have to do, give out tickets.
Why aren't they out chasing burgIars? What a way to end the day.
Why do they aIways have to pick on me? The third traffic ticket this week.
Tickets, tickets, tickets! This is more Iike it.
HeIIo, honey.
Bad day at the office? Yeah.
Those three-hour workdays are kiIIing me.
Hey, what is it? Chinese New Year? No, dear.
It's a meeting of the Jet Screamer Fan CIub.
-He's on TV.
-Oh, not Jet Screamer again.
I wiII not put up with that noise.
I want quiet! Daddy, can we have a IittIe quiet, pIease? We can't hear the music.
Quiet, huh? I'II give her quiet.
And here he is, the star of the show Jet Screamer! Baby, baby, baby! Everyone out there, turn on the antigravity floor and let's do the Solar Swivel! One antigravity fIoor coming up.
Honey, those kids are gonna kiII themseIves.
But, George, dear, they Iike to dance to that music.
Dance? AII they're doing is wearing their cIothes out from the inside.
And music, you caII that music? And, George, when you pIay your drums Judy doesn't caII that music.
So you're even.
Oh, yeah? I'II take the drums every time.
-Where are you going? -Down to the corner to get some bananas.
But you don't eat bananas.
I'm not gonna eat them.
I'm gonna stuff them in my ears.
Oh, my, what a mess.
-Have they aII gone? -Yep, aII gone.
WeII, that Jet Screamer has got to go too.
-Where's Judy? -In her bedroom.
WeII, we're gonna have a nice IittIe Daddy-to-dame taIk.
Just a minute, Dad.
Oh, doing your homework, huh? Nope.
I'm writing a song Iyric.
-A song Iyric? -That's right.
Jet Screamer has a contest.
If your song wins, you get to go out with him on a reaI date.
I can't Iose, Dad.
Listen: Jet Screamer, Screamer Screamer, Screamer, Screamer I'm a dreamer, dreamer Dreamer, dreamer, dreamer When the trumpets blare I wanna run barefoot Through your jet-black Hair, hair, hair, hair Hey, hey, weII, don't sIip on aII that hair oiI.
-But, Pops! -And don't ''Pops'' me, young Iady.
UntiI you get back to doing your homework, no more Jet Screamer tapes no more Jet Screamer pictures and no more Jet screamer anything! Baby, baby, baby! WeII, that's one down and one to go.
-Honey, where's EIroy? -Oh, he's up at the pIayground, dear.
EIroy, time for dinner.
Gee, Pop, do I have to come now? Oh, that kid.
Yes, EIroy, it's time to come home.
Well, so long, Irving.
See you tomorrow.
Same time, same sandbox.
WeII, what took you so Iong? Oh, we were pIaying, Dad.
AII right, hop in the shower, son, and-- -PIaying what? -Writing messages in secret code.
See? Oh, Iet me see that.
In secret code means: ''Meet me tonight.
'' Dad, that's supposed to be secret.
Yeah, yeah.
Wait a minute.
-Means: ''Don't be Iate.
'' -But, Dad! Come on, suppertime, or ''wham bam bop.
'' -What does that mean? -''Wham,'' if we're Iate for dinner and ''bam,'' your mother's gonna bop us.
-WeII, what wiII it be for dinner tonight? -I want a pizza! -Me too! -AII right, to make it unanimous.
Okay, one unanimous pizza coming up.
Now, Iet's see.
Oh, here's the card.
''FIying sausage pizza.
'' EIroy! Can't you wait for the rest of us? Sorry, Mom.
It's sure nice to have some peace and quiet for a change.
You know, I had a taIk with Judy, and that Jet Screamer is finished around here.
-That's nice.
-Night, Dad.
Night, Mom.
Can you maiI this for me in the morning, pIease? And thanks! ''Jet Screamer Song Writing Contest.
'' George, wouIdn't it be funny if she won? Funny? That's aII we need.
But I am gonna remove aII doubts from the matter.
George, what are you doing? I'm simpIy removing Judy's entry and repIacing it with EIroy's secret code.
But why, dear? Because with stuff Iike: -We got a guaranteed Ioser.
You get it? -Oh, dear.
George, isn't it Iate for EIroy to be up? Let's see.
What time is it? -Thank you.
-It's all right.
EIroy, bedtime.
-And how are things in Outer PIutonia? -Not bad.
-GIad to hear it.
-EIroy! I gotta sign off.
OId ''you know who'' is barking.
I'II taIk to you tomorrow on the 1 4 MG Y osciIIoscopic.
Faster, Bobby, can't you? I'm aIready going over 1 000.
What's the big hurry? My big chance is coming up on TV tonight.
That's what's the big hurry.
Judy, what's the rush? They're gonna announce the winner of the contest on The Jet Screamer Show.
Oh, Mother, I'm so excited! Judy, honey, you reaIize the chances are a miIIion to one against you.
And now, the exciting announcement for some lucky girl.
Remember, Judy, we can't aII be winners.
And the winner of the Jet Screamer Contest is Miss Judy Jetson! I'm sorry you didn't win, honey-- Judy Jetson? And her prize is a date with Jet Screamer! Baby, baby, baby! And I'd like to sing the winning song called ''Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah '' which means, ''Meet me tonight.
'' -Oh, no, you don't! -Hey, he knows the secret-code message.
Mom, I won! I won! I have a date with Jet Screamer tomorrow night! I have a date.
I have a d-- -I think I'm gonna faint.
-Move over.
Make room for me.
But, George, ''Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah'' was Judy's idea in the first pIace, so she won anyway.
That's right, Pop.
She wrote it for me yesterday.
AII right, EIroy, go to bed.
I don't think Jet Screamer wouId care too much about going out on a date with EIroy.
That's right.
He's not my type.
-You heard me! -Yeah, I know.
''EIroy, go to bed.
'' I stiII don't Iike that ''baby, baby, baby'' coming over here.
Oh, now, settIe down, George.
He's probabIy a IittIe shy.
Yeah, a IittIe shy in brains.
WeII, I've just made up my mind.
No date for Judy.
Oh, dear.
This must be him now.
Now, pIease, George.
PIease try to be pIeasant.
Baby, baby, baby, I am here the star of the evening, Jet Screamer! Jane, now Iisten to me, Jane I want this bunch of phonies out of here right now.
Stand by for the teIevision interview.
George, how nice.
We're going to be on teIevision.
I don't care if we're-- TeIevision? WeII, I suppose you TV peopIe are aIways Iooking for new taIent.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
The rain on the plain Falls mainly in Spain What did you say? The rain on the plain Falls mainly in Spain -I think we got a troubIemaker here.
-Oh, yeah? Which one? The guy next to me giving Spanish weather reports.
-We're on the air! -Good evening, foIks! This is Jack Star, bringing you a speciaI treat.
The winner of the Jet Screamer Song Contest and her famiIy.
But first, Jet Screamer himseIf! Yeah, baby, baby, baby! The winner and his date for the evening, Judy Jetson! Say something, Judy.
And her mother and father.
Jetson, how does it feeI to have a famous daughter? -I feeI, I feeI, I feeI.
-Thank you.
I feeI.
Back to the studio for an announcement.
-George? George, are you aII right? -I feeI, I feeI, I feeI.
George, dear? -One more, pIease.
HoId it.
HoId it! -Hey, Jet, where are you going? -SwiveIing, boys.
WeII, there they go.
Yeah, our IittIe Judy with a guy we don't know anything about.
-Oh, what's to get excited about? -What's to get excited about? You know the oId saying: ''When danger threatens the young, doth not the mother eagIe bare her cIaws?'' An eagIe? You're acting more Iike a cuckoo bird.
George, now where are you going? My daughter's gonna have a chaperon whether she Iikes it or not! Baby, baby, how's about we stop at the Spaceburger drive-in? -Oh, sweII.
-I never swiveI on an empty stomach.
Whatever you say, Jet.
Sure is a beautifuI car you have.
Yeah, cars are my hobby.
You see, I got six more at home.
I hate to eavesdrop, but after aII, she is my daughter.
What do you do with so many? I Iike to keep a string of beauties around.
Never know when you'll need one.
Boy, what nerve! Bragging about aII his girIs to Judy! Got a different one for each day of the week.
Big ones, smaII ones fast ones, the whoIe bit.
I Iike to run them in competition with each other.
-How thrilling! -How thriIIing? You must be the first kid on your bIock to have a string of seven cars, Jet! Just Iucky, I guess.
Hang on, baby, I'm gonna put her in high! Cars? He was taIking about cars.
Two burgers and two Strato-shakes.
-You having fun, Judy? -Oh, gosh, am I.
Imagine me, out on a date with Jet Screamer.
-What's up? -Somebody was peeking in at us.
ProbabIy one of my fans.
-But this one Iooked Iike my father.
-ReIax, reIax.
I get them aII ages.
Next stop, the Fun Pad for a few Iaughs.
Oh, whatever you say, Jet.
''Ride the rocket chute''? Oh, Jet, how exciting.
And on the way up, I'II sing you my new number: ''Like, Marry Me on the Moon.
'' Marry her on the moon? FoIIow that rocket! Hey, bud, you can't use this rocket.
It's in for repairs.
This is where I do my swiveI show, baby, baby.
''Baby, baby,'' huh? WeII, I'II swiveI him.
-Teenagers onIy.
How oId are you? -Seventeen.
Your suit's oIder than that.
AII right, aII right, I'II teII the truth.
I'm 1 9.
AII right, aII right, bIast off.
Now, wait a minute, she's my father.
I mean, she's my daughter.
You can't stop me! I'II try the back way.
''Band entrance.
'' It's about time you guys got here.
Hurry it up and get on the stage.
You're Iate.
Hey, bud.
I'II give you 1 0 bucks to take the night off.
Ten bucks? Hey, for 1 0 bucks, I'II take the week off, man.
Baby, baby, you're gonna hear music tonight.
Fats Fanjet on the bass.
Sonny SoIar, oId hot-Iicks himseIf, at the piano.
-And on the drum-- -Daddy! No, that's supposed to be Boom-Boom BasiI.
No, it's Daddy.
It's my daddy.
-What's he doing here? -WeII, it's obvious.
He's a fan.
-Can he pIay the boom-booms? -No, but he can pIay the drums, a IittIe.
WeII, good! Oh, it's gonna be a big night tonight.
Hit that curtain! HoId it.
HoId it, hoId it, hoId it! Tune in, swiveIers! I got a treat for you, a new song by Judy Jetson! And to keep it in the famiIy, on the drums, her father.
OId Spacedust Daddy himseIf.
And we're gonna kick off with a drum soIo.
Go, go, Boom-Boom! A drum soIo? Who? Who, me? AIone? Sure, you! You can do it! -Go get them, Dad! -Zoom, Dad, zoom.
Get in this capsuIe, baby.
We are bIasting off! Thank goodness.
There's the door now.
Somebody's coming home.
Judy, you're home.
-Did you see your father, dear? -Did I? Oh, I hope he didn't ruin your evening.
-Did you have a good time? -I sure did, but not as good as Dad.
-What do you mean, dear? -Take a Iook.
Baby, baby, baby! Your daddy's home And he's the star of the show! George, what's going on? Mother, you are Iooking at the new president of the Jet Screamer Fan CIub.
HeIp! HeIp! Jane, stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp, Jane!