The Kennedys s01e01 Episode Script

A Father's Great Expectations

"Ambition is not a vice of little people.
" - Michel de Montaige.
So tonight marks the end of this campaign.
And tomorrow, in our time-honored tradition of freedom, America will make its choice.
If elected, I welcome the challenge of serving as president and of defending that freedom in its hour of maximum danger.
Though half the globe now lives under tyranny, the kind of society that we build here the kind of power we generate, the kind of enthusiasm we incite will tell whether darkness or light overtakes us all.
So I ask that you join us tomorrow in moving America forward, making America a great beacon of light for the 1960s and for all time.
Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Senator Kennedy, at 43, would be the youngest man ever elected and the first Roman catholic.
A naval officer in world war ii, he was severely wounded and received the Navy and marine corps medal for heroism.
The Kennedy campaign has been largely a family affair.
The candidate's brother Robert has served as campaign manager, and with financing provided by senator Kennedy's father, Joseph p.
Kennedy, one of America's richest men.
Though the elder Kennedy is estimated to have spent as much as $10 million, the race between senator Kennedy and vice president Nixon is a virtual dead heat.
Damn it.
If I don't do it myself, it never gets done.
The buses in bridgeport never showed up.
There are old people who can't make it to the polls, and we need every vote.
Lyndon tells me his people need another 300 grand.
Wire it to him, but not to his headquarters.
Go through Al Wirtz.
Then I want to talk to mayor daley and pat brown in California.
Dad, I think the, uh, weather's looking good on the entire east coast.
The buses in bridgeport never showed up.
No, no, I had that all arranged.
I had to take care of it myself.
I got cabs and limos from funeral homes, so if Jack loses out there, it's on your head.
I know, dad.
I know.
Anyway, mayor Wagner called.
Said the, uh, turnout in Harlem is running, uh 18% higher than projected.
You got anything useful to tell me about besides the weather? Would you like some grapefruit? No, he doesn't want grapefruit.
He needs to check on the buses in Trenton.
Just go out there and help us win.
It's what we do around here.
It kicked again.
It's been doing it all morning.
Daddy, wanna come feel the baby? Well, of course.
Let's see what's going on in there.
Do you feel it? I do.
Today's a big day.
Your daddy's going to become president.
Now go get dressed.
Bye, honey.
How are you feeling? Oh, like hell.
They don't have a nursery in the White House.
Oh, they do.
It's called the cabinet room.
Let's not, uh, worry about the floor plan until, uh Until they count the votes.
You know you're going to win.
No, I really don't.
Then why were you singing "hail to the chief" in the shower? Was I, uh, was I doing that? It's a very catchy tune.
Tom? Tom? Now I want you to get on the phone, make sure those buses are rolling in Trenton the minute the polls open, okay? Jack? We're behind schedule.
Sorry to rush you, but, uh, you have radio interviews at 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00.
Then, uh, then this afternoon, I have you, uh, set up with the a.
, u.
, and, uh, possibly cronkite.
I was hoping to go to the golf course.
Jackie, I need you to do a-an on-air segment with WBX Boston.
Can you do that for me? No, you cancel that, Bobby.
She she's worked hard.
She's done enough interviews.
I want her to rest.
Well, Jack, I appreciate that, but, uh, you would his campaign tremendously if if you could rest tomorrow.
With all due respect, I don't believe one interview is gonna make a lot of difference.
It's all right, Jack.
I'll do it.
No, when we get back, uh, from voting, I want you to relax with Caroline, really.
All right? Where's dad? Well, he's probably fixing my mistakes.
A record number of Americans, upwards of 67 million, go to the polls to elect the 35th president of the United States.
Citizens from Maine to Hawaii record their choices as the attention of the entire globe focuses on the contest for the leadership of the most powerful nation of the free world.
The Democratic nominee is an early favorite, and first returns bear out predictions in Mr.
Kennedy's favor.
The gop standard-bearer, Richard Nixon is Is that it? Senator.
Here are the latest numbers from north Carolina and west Virginia.
How's the turnout been so far? Heavier than expected.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Eager crowds gather We'll, uh, take that.
Public library.
Harry, you were one of the great presidents, and Jack's gonna rely on you, but we gotta win first.
Now those baptists in your state are worried about this catholic thing.
Now you gotta let 'em know that he won't let his strings be pulled by the pope.
Yeah, I know you will, Harry.
You're a true patriot.
Yes, regards to Bess.
Thank you.
That son of a bitch.
You know he wouldn't let 'em drink scotch in the White House 'cause I own the import rights? Joe, dear, are you ready? For what? Will you come to mass with me? Oh, Rosie, I've got a stack of calls this high, each one more important than the last.
What could be more important than praying for Jack? Getting the Polack vote out in Detroit.
I'll go with you tomorrow, sweetheart, after Jack's elected.
See that he eats a good lunch, will you, Michelle, dear? Yes, Mrs.
Finest wife a fellow could have.
But I don't understand her faith.
I admire it, but I don't understand it.
You don't believe that God had a hand in all this? Oh, absolutely.
Here is God's hand, my hand.
Gotcha! Ooh! Hey.
Just short of the first down.
How are you? Good.
You? Good.
Jackie all right? I think she's fine, really.
I ran into the crew of WBX.
They said she wasn't feeling well, couldn't do the interview.
No, Jack just wanted her to rest.
She's she's fine.
Well, I can, uh, pinch-hit for her if, uh, you think it would help.
I can tell 'em what it's like to be part of the Kennedy team.
You wouldn't mind doing that? I think you'd be great.
I'm gonna tell 'em.
I'll go get changed.
There's daddy and me at our wedding.
Who's that? Grandma and grandpa.
Daddy and me.
Who's that? Your uncle Joe.
I don't have an uncle Joe.
He was daddy's older brother.
Wasn't he handsome? Ambassador Kennedy is very anxious to talk to the governor.
Well, can you ring through to the residence? All right.
Please have him call ambassador Kennedy as soon as he arrives.
Thank you.
Left word for governor brown.
Why are they writing about me? "Wall street manipulator, appeaser of Hitler" none of it's true.
You shouldn't read these things.
They just upset you.
It could cost Jack the election.
It won't.
He'll be fine.
Let me make you some tea.
No, no, no, no, no.
I d I don't want any tea.
Just stay with me.
Are you feeling all right? Yes, yes.
Uh I-I I've been thinking a lot of Joe Jr Today.
I miss him.
Roosevelt named the ambassador to england.
How do you like that? Proud of you, pop.
Me, too.
Well, you know, this job is a springboard for me.
War might break out in Europe, and I'll be in a perfect position to make sure we stay out of it.
In two years time, they'll be handing me the nomination on a plate.
Uh, what do you mean? Dad's gonna be president, Jack.
Roosevelt will have finished his two terms.
If I keep us out of the war, I'll be a shoo-in.
But, uh, you're a catholic.
I'm an American.
When my parents came over in steerage, they worked themselves sick so there'd be clothes and food and something for the plate on Sunday.
In the old country, they were Mr.
and Mrs.
In Boston, they were a couple of micks.
Well, this Mick is going to the White House, and nobody will ever say we don't belong.
Now if you boys don't remember anything else I say, remember this it's not what you are, it's what people think you are.
And with the right amount of money, you can make 'em think whatever you want.
We're on our way, boys.
This country is ours for the taking.
Despite a series of broken promises, by Adolf Hitler, prime minister Chamberlain of Great Britain has staked his political future on a negotiated settlement with the German chancellor.
Hopes seem to be fading, however, that war can be avoided.
Uh, and this is for the president only.
"Dear boss, perhaps a note from you "could buck up Chamberlain, "assure him that America is committed to avoiding conflict in Europe at all costs.
" And any concessions to Hitler must be viewed in that light.
That's very good.
You you can add that.
What makes you so sure Hitler's gonna keep his word this time? That's not our concern.
You read what Lindbergh's been saying? We couldn't beat the Germans anyway.
"I am confident, Mr.
president, "that you share this view.
"Keeping us out of the war "will, in this young man's opinion, will be the enduring legacy of your administration.
" Mwah.
"With love, as always," etcetera, etcetera.
And, uh, put it in the noon pouch.
All right, pop.
I'm off to the club.
Lunching with the foreign secretary.
And I'm Lunching with the, uh, secretary's Secretary.
Oh, we're due at the palace at 8:00.
That Jack is quite delightful.
Yes, but it's It's Joe who's going places.
Hitler's demands on the sudetenland of czechoslovakia amount to nothing more than a reunification of the greater German reich.
The desire of German-speaking peoples to be part of the same nation seems to me to be no more unreasonable than the desire of English-speaking people to be united on this blessed island.
Has he, uh, cleared this with Washington? Why should he? It's the truth.
It's not the truth, no.
That's his opinion.
We refer to the expansion of our boundaries as manifest destiny.
Herr Hitler has renounced further territorial claims on the continent of Europe.
And we would be ungenerous not to take him at his word.
Why would we take him at his word? He's been lying since the moment he took power.
It's not our problem.
That's all dad's saying.
Dad is going against everything that Roosevelt's been saying.
Going against Roosevelt's gonna make dad president.
But for the vast majority of American people when I say that we You worry too much, kid.
Li you Dad's the most popular American in Europe.
Roosevelt can't touch him.
Wish to never again witness the carnage He wouldn't dare.
And misery of the great war.
Britain and France have declared war on Germany.
In London, ambassador Kennedy still maintains his opinion that America should stay out of it, a position that has caused friction between the ambassador and the Roosevelt administration.
Joe, dear, we're going to be late for this reception unless we g Joe? What is it? That was the White House.
The White House? I'm out, Rosie.
I-I don't believe it.
The president fired you? No, no, he didn't have the guts.
It was his Jew boys Rosenman and Morgenthau they wanted me out.
I embarrassed him, they said.
They called me an appeaser.
They made it sound like I like Hitler.
Said I was anti-American.
Me! And Roosevelt Roosevelt listened to them! So what are you going to do? Oh, I am going to throw everything I can at that son of a bitch.
I'm gonna spend whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't get reelected.
No, Joe.
When I want your advice you Are going to endorse him for a third term.
He gave you, a catholic, the most important diplomatic post this country has to give.
People will think you're ungrateful if you come out against him.
You'll never be able to hold your head up again.
I don't care what people think! Well, you should, Joe Because there's more to this family than just you.
You were right.
About what? It is over for me.
But this family Is not going to disappear.
I'll make sure of that.
America has been attacked without warning.
That's the dramatic, the almost fantastic news that presidential secretary early tells the press.
And throughout the nation, the news is flashed it's war! American lives lost, American property destroyed with growing resentment, Americans learn of the treacherous assault.
We didn't start this war, but we can finish it.
All right.
You take care of yourself, Bobby.
See you, Joe.
Teddy, you stay out of trouble, huh? Girls.
Take care.
Careful, Joe.
I'll see you soon, okay? Be good to mom.
Oh, I hate the idea of you flying over Europe.
Well, we're in this thing now.
We've got to win.
I know, but if I could write Hitler a check and get him to call the whole thing off, I'd do it.
I'll be fine, dad.
I'll bring you back some medals, and you can wave 'em around when I run for congress.
That's just the beginning.
You'll succeed where I failed.
You're gonna go all the way.
I know.
You know? Yeah.
I knew it the second you got that call from Roosevelt.
I love you, son.
You, too, pop.
Save my clippings, huh? And start planning my campaign.
You read Walter Winchell's column this morning? No.
I, uh, I missed it.
Well, I know you don't have your brother's common sense, but damn it, Jack.
"One of ex-ambassador Kennedy's sons "is the target "of a Washington gal columnist's affections "so much so, she is divorcing her explorer groom.
Pa Kennedy no like.
" Now the FBI were bugging her phone.
The FBI? Must have been a slow week.
"Inga Arvad, Danish national.
" J.
Edgar hoover thinks she's a Nazi spy.
Is it true? She is Danish.
Oh, for God sake.
Look, she's not a spy.
She's under investigation.
Now you can do what you like after the war.
But what you don't do now is embarrass me and hurt your brother's chances by carrying on with this girl.
I got you a desk job in Washington to keep you out of trouble.
I didn't want a desk job.
I wanted to get out there.
I wanted to fight like Joe.
One son at risk is enough.
I'll make you a deal.
I'll lose the girl.
You get me into combat.
I had to phony up your medical records to get you in the Navy in the first place.
You did it once.
You can do it again.
Look, dad I want this.
Okay? I need to get out there, and I need to do something that matters, or I'm gonna regret it for the rest of my life.
Write to me, okay? You bet, jeanie.
Me, too.
Well, take care.
Be careful.
So remember, when the bullets start flying, duck.
And don't bring me home any half-jap grandchildren.
Well, I-I hear they, uh, keep PT boat commanders pretty busy, so Thanks for letting me do this, pop.
Take care of yourself, Jack.
One club.
One no trump.
Uh, three no trumps.
May I speak to the ambassador, please? This is the ambassador.
This is commander Michael Donovan of the war department.
ambassador, I have some news regarding your son.
Which one? Your son, lieutenant John f.
His p.
Boat was rammed by a Japanese destroyer.
Now we found the wreckage, but your son and the rest of his crew are unaccounted for at this time.
Now we have reconnaissance in the area, and I'll be in touch with you as soon as we have word.
Uh, speak only to me, you understand? Not to my wife.
Very well, sir.
Is everything all right, Joe? Everything's fine.
Thank you.
Jack's been missing for five days.
How's rose handling it? I haven't told her.
You haven't told her? She's the boy's mother, Joe.
Well, I don't want her to go through what I've been going through, not knowing if He's safe, if he's alive.
And it's my fault.
How is it your fault? He shouldn't be in the Navy at all.
I fixed it so he could get in.
It's my fault.
Why are you here, Joe? I want you to pray for him.
Of course.
I will.
Thank you.
But God will listen to your prayers, too.
No, he won't listen to me.
I've sinned too much in the past.
You should see a doctor.
You're not sleeping.
You're not eating.
I'm fine.
ambassador, I have good news.
Your son's been found.
He's alive.
He's been taken to the hospital, but his injuries don't appear to be life-threatening.
Joe? Sir? Yes, uh Thank you.
Very good, sir.
for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny which nobody can deny which nobody can deny for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny To our war hero And a job well-done.
Yeah, we're all proud of you, kid.
Thanks, Joe.
So that, uh, jap destroyer just cut you clean in two, huh? Oh, yeah.
Like we were butter.
Couldn't take evasive measures? It was pitch-black.
I never saw her.
I'm getting calls from people all over the world saying what a great job you did.
Really lifted their spirits.
Where was your radar? It was on, but, uh, sometimes the signal doesn't come through.
Interference? Yeah.
In the middle of the ocean? What are you getting at, son? Nothing, pop.
Just trying to figure out how it happened, that's all.
He told you what happened.
300-foot destroyer, he never saw her coming? I didn't know they were handing out medals for being asleep at the helm.
I wasn't asleep.
That's enough.
Maybe next time you screw up, they'll give you the medal of honor, huh? Good.
Then I'll have two more than you.
That was disgusting.
His medal's a joke.
He risked his life.
You owe him some respect.
His getting decorated only helps this family.
It doesn't help me! I've flown 25 missions.
People are gonna think I spent the war having tea in Cliveden.
How am I supposed to run for office when let me worry about that.
It wasn't supposed to be this way.
It's fine.
You'll be president no matter what JK does.
Now go and apologize to him.
Mom says, uh, that you're in a lot of pain.
They got you on pills? Yeah.
I'm okay.
Look, uh, Jack, I'm sorry.
Okay? You deserve that medal as much as anyone.
I'm going back to england.
What for? Well, I want to keep flying, that's why.
Joe Is a piece of metal hanging from a ribbon really that important to you? Oh, yeah, sure.
You can say that.
You got one.
Joe Don't fly anymore.
Hey, I'll be all right.
It's bad enough you out-medaled me.
You think I'm gonna let you outlive me, too? Those union reps in Nevada are supposed to be getting out the vote.
I-I agree.
I think they should be making more of an effort, but I-I haven't seen any indication of that up to the present time.
Boy, look at you.
They're, uh, they're ready whenever you are.
What's she doing? She's gonna do the interview for WBX.
We'll send the feed up and down the east coast.
Since when does she get interviewed? Well, Jackie was supposed to do it, but, uh, Jack said she was tired, so she's gonna rest.
Oh, she's tired? I'm tired.
We're all tired.
Oh, no, it's fine, dad.
Look at her.
She's happy to do it.
Yeah, I'll bet she is.
Tell Jack to get Jackie out of bed, have her put her face on, and dazzle those sons of bitches.
Kennedy, could we Over here, please.
Just over here, please.
Kennedy, sometimes in politics, the image of a candidate is quite different from the reality.
Well That's the wonderful thing about my husband.
He's not interested in image.
He's exactly who he appears to be a man who Cares about his family and who's devoted to this country.
I think the American people see that.
They know my husband I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I got my makeup done for free.
Kennedy, just over here.
Senator Kennedy has tried during the campaign to stress the need to get the country moving again.
What do you think that means to the women voters? And I think women respond to that, because as mothers, we want the future to look bright for our children.
How's Ethel? Oh, she's doing fine, really.
I appreciate how supportive she's been on the campaign.
She's been great.
So wh-why are you telling me? Tell her.
You know how dad is when he wants something.
Well, that's just it.
I'm wondering, is he gonna keep getting his way? Yes, probably.
Really? So how's that gonna be if you get into the White House, hmm? What are you gonna say, uh, "my fellow Americans, "my dad wanted me to invade Russia, therefore, that's what we shall do"? The last thing that you wanted to do was manage this campaign, and here you are.
How's that any different? Well, it is different.
It is tremendously different.
Because after today, I'm done, and he becomes your responsibility, your burden.
And and I hope that, uh, the two of you have a-a-a successful presidency together.
I'm sorry it happened, okay? It's fine.
You you should go get ready.
The car's gonna be here shortly to pick you and Jackie up to vote.
I'm about to vote for myself for president of the United States.
Who ever thought it'd work out like this? It was supposed to be Joe's day.
But it's not, Jack.
It's yours.
You earned it.
Kennedy, I'm father O'byrne.
Can I help you, father? May we speak with the ambassador? H-he's taking a nap.
I think you should wake him.
I-is there something I can help you with? It's urgent that we speak with him.
We have news About your son Joe.
Joe, we We have to pray.
We have to pray for his soul.
To who? A God who let him die? Oh, don't say that.
We have to have faith.
No, I-I-I don't want to hear it, rose.
Everything is part of God's plan.
It's part of God's plan to let Joe die A boy Oh.
A young boy with his life in front of him?! Well, it's not part of my plan! We have to have faith.
What? What? In this? No, Joe, no.
You can pray to this thing if you want, Rosie, but not me.
Never again! Never again! Please, Joe.
What's going on? Mom? What is it? What what happened? Your brother Joe is dead.
We have to pray for him.
It's up to you now, Jack.
You know that, don't you? To do what? Carry on for your brother.
After the war, you'll r for congress and take up the seat that he would've had.
I can't.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
I can't do it.
I'm I'm not Joe.
You'll do it, Jack For him For all of us.
Well, no.
That's just it.
That's why said I want precinct captains to call in every half-hour.
Well well, of course they can reverse the charges.
All right.
All right.
All right.
The, uh, polls have been open in the west for an hour.
When we get back from voting, I want to talk to you about some cabinet choices.
No, no.
That's for your transition team.
After today, I'm retired.
I just want to know who's on your mind.
I'm ready.
See now, that that's perfect for today.
Look, you look great in that color.
Thank you.
Put yourself down for, uh, secretary of wardrobe.
Yeah? Let's go vote for president.
Vice president Nixon and his wife pat voted in the playroom of a private home in whittier, California the Los Angeles suburb where Mr.
Nixon grew up.
Nixon's running mate on the gop ticket, ambassador Henry cabot lodge, was almost totally overshadowed on election day by the popular concentration on the principles.
Well, it's my back.
Do you want a pill? Are you okay? No, no.
I'm loaded up on this, uh, procaine.
Oh, Jack.
The hair.
"Life" magazine says women like you unkempt.
Is that true? Well, we need men older men and they prefer their presidents kempt.
What? This President.
Why are we running in Charlestown? I mean, I've never even been here.
We should be in back bay or Beacon Hill people I have something in common with.
They'd never elect a catholic in back bay.
Charlestown's full of 'em second-generation micks with calluses on their hands.
Suppose I should mention my calluses are from trimming sails? Thanks, pat.
Spread it around.
Be right down! This is where you grew up.
Hellhole even then.
Believe me, the only good thing about starting at the bottom is, you sure as hell know where you don't want to end up.
Here he is Mr.
Good to see you again, Mr.
Hiya, Jimmy.
And this is the candidate.
I'm Jimmy Ryan, Jack.
Jimmy knows Charlestown inside out.
You're a good-looking kid.
Uh, we have a problem of perception.
As far as people are concerned, Jack's a rich man's son who's out of touch with the people who live on these streets.
Of course, we do have some things going for us.
Jack's a war hero.
It was accidental.
They sank my boat.
A modest hero with a sense of humor.
That's grand.
Saved his entire crew.
Swam 3 Miles through shark-infested waters, towing a fella by the string of his life jacket in his teeth.
There were no sharks.
Well, there are now.
All right, Jimmy.
A warm stove in every apartment, a beer in every icebox.
If a bum needs a drink, if a stiff needs a wake And let me know when that's gone.
What? Charlestown may be shanty, but, uh, it knows when it's being sold a bill of goods.
We'll be running against fellas who were born and raised here, and they live to campaign.
It's in their blood.
Now I can show Jack the ropes teach him how to drink whiskey, slap backs, and kiss babies, but if he doesn't really want to do this, the campaign is doomed before it begins.
Show him the ropes.
No one gets elected from charlestown unless the longshoremen give 'em their blessing.
Thought that's what priests were for.
And do me a favor.
Don't mention that you never worked a day in your life.
Timmy Doolan, say hello to Jack Kennedy.
How are ya, Timmy? How are ya? Hi there.
Max! Max O'Hara! Come here and meet your next congressman.
Thank you very much.
Hope you show me some consideration in the election.
Hi there.
How are you? Jack.
I'm Jack.
I hope, uh, you make it to the polls this year.
Running for congress.
How are you? How are you? I hope I'll get you in, uh, voting this year.
Hi there.
Jack Kennedy.
Running for congress.
Jack Kennedy.
Ladies, you coming down here or what? Hi! Hey! This is where all the action is.
Tomorrow's feast of the assumption.
Jack should go to mass at St.
Bernardine's and glad-hand the wives and mothers.
Tomorrow night there's a wake for Dan Murphy's uncle pat.
Jack needs to pay his respects.
I don't even know the guy.
Doesn't matter.
Pat was beloved.
I actually have a date tomorrow night.
Send her over to me.
You're going to the wake.
What the hell is that? Joseph Russo.
I never heard of him.
Doesn't matter.
Every Italian in this strict has, and that's a substantial amount of votes.
Enough to win? Enough to hurt us.
And that is, uh, one of the reasons why I, uh, chose to run in this campaign, uh, to begin with.
Um, having won the, uh, war, we must now win the peace.
Um you know, I don't believe that opportunity is a, uh, privilege.
I believe it that it's a-a right, and the people of charlestown here, uh, they'll tell you, uh, they want less jobs.
Um they want more jobs is what they want, and, uh, the fact of the matter is that opportunity is, um, is what people in this area, uh, are striving for right now We need new speech writers.
I believe, uh, uh, not bureaucratic red tape It's not what he's sayin'.
It's how he's sayin' it like English wasn't his mother tongue.
We, uh, we've got to, uh, find opportunities, and, uh, uh, try to, uh Uh, work on that, rather than, uh, you know, missing, uh, the the, um, areas that we are missing in.
I-I can't do this! You want me to be Joe, and I'm not! Well, that's obvious.
Well, then save your money, for Christ sake! End it right now! I can't win.
Yes, you can.
Your name is Kennedy, and Kennedys never come second, ever.
I've been listening to this since I was 4.
Well, you can listen to it some more, till it sinks in.
Well There's no ambiguity in him.
It's exhausting.
What do you want to do? What do I want to do? I want to go to Harvard and teach history, chase girls.
I'm not running against Russo and the others.
I'm running against a ghost.
I don't envy you, lad.
Ladies! Sorry I'm late.
Ladies, please take your seats now.
Use these.
What? What for? You're a war hero.
Look like one.
And now it's my great pleasure to introduce to you a young man Gold star mothers, Jack.
Every one of 'em lost a son in the war.
They'll be lookin' at you, but they'll be seein' them.
Jack Kennedy.
Um, having won the war, we must now win the peace.
Uh, prosperity is a, uh, privilege.
Um, not only a privilege, but also a right, and I believe, as a congressman, uh, these are the sorts of organizations I would, uh, very much like to help, and if I have the honor of representing you in congress, I can tell you right now that that'll be, uh, uh, something that we will, um, work to, uh, to further, and we can we can help organizations like this, and I can do that for all of you.
I can do that, uh, uh, by, uh, various tax incentives.
Um, we can I, uh I think I know how, uh, many of you feel.
My, uh My mother is a part of this organization.
She's a gold star mother as well.
Our house is filled with many memories, just like yours.
We, uh We see my brother We see his smile everywhere, and my mother cries for him, and there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of Joe.
He'll always be with us, the same way that your sons will always be with you.
And I would say that this is exactly the sort of organization that we are gonna support.
This is the sort of organization that needs our help, and we're gonna give it to 'em! This is the sort of organization that I believe in.
Let me represent this district in congress, and I will serve your interests! Ma'am, I appreciate that.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
This is my this is my son.
He was lost at sea.
Oh, I'm They liked him.
That's 'cause he spoke from the heart.
That's what it's all about.
So what do you think, Jimmy? I think we turned a corner tonight.
I think we're gonna make it.
We're gonna try.
What do you mean "try"? I'm still worried about Russo.
We're behind in his district.
Well, what are we doing about it? You think I should throw more money at it? Money's not the problem.
Neither's organization.
We've got more volunteers than anyone.
We got the Kennedy razzle-dazzle.
But we're Irish, and Russo's Italian, and there's nothing you can do about that.
Here he comes.
Kennedy! Hey, Jimmy.
How are ya? How are you feeling today, sir? Mr.
We need you right here.
Mm I think you need that, right? There it is.
So right over here? Right, sir.
Thank you.
Over here, Mr.
Russo! Let's get a shot of the new candidates! Oh.
Come on, Mr.
Shake hands and smile.
There we go.
That was a lousy trick, Jack.
What are you talking about? Like you don't know.
I, uh, would like to know why there's a, uh, second Joseph Russo on the ballot.
I put him there.
Well, who the hell is he? He's a plumber.
He works up the street.
He doesn't speak any English, does he, Jimmy? Uh, no, sir.
He doesn't.
You put him there to confuse people? I put him on the ballot to split the Italian vote.
There's nothing illegal about it, Jack.
It's the way the game's played around here.
Congratulations! Hey, quiet, quiet, quiet! Quiet, everybody! Quiet down! To the next congressman from charlestown Jack Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! So the, uh, projections are looking good in north Carolina.
Just not so hot in west Virginia.
Oh, I knew that'd be tough.
He just walked in.
Too many baptists.
I'll tell him.
You know, I think we're gonna win this thing, dad, but, uh, when we do, Jack's gonna need some serious guys to help him run this country, and all he knows is politicians up to the present time.
I have a list of names.
ambassador, Sinatra called again.
It's the third time.
He's upset because I pulled Sammy Davis from his tv show.
Why would you do that? He helps us with the negro vote as well as the Jewish vote.
He's black, and his wife is white.
Every time the two show their faces, we lose a precinct in Alabama.
Am I the only one who understands politics around here? Yeah, you're the only one, dad.
The only one.
I don't particularly care what happens really.
I mean, after today, I'm done.
Don't let him get to you.
Yeah, I know.
I-I'm just tired of it.
Seems like, uh, everything I do is wrong.
Look, he's just on edge.
He's been waiting 50 years for this day.
By tomorrow he'll be telling the world what a genius you are.
No, no.
No, it's quite clear in his mind, I'm an idiot, and he, uh, did it all himself.
Come on.
Oh, well.
Just one more day.
Yeah, and then what? Then it's just Bobby and Ethel two ordinary people living ordinary lives.
That's what you wanted, isn't it? I want whatever makes you happy.
Go long.
Ohh! Come on, Kennedy! You got hands like bricks! Henry cabot lodge and I have had the opportunity of serving with president eisenhower Hell, I don't think I'd buy a used car from that man.
Would you, Mike? Huh? Who'd you vote for, senator? Me? Well, I'm a, uh, I'm a strict party guy, so Senator.
I've, uh, been putting together some clippings, in case your wife might want them.
You know, mementos from the election.
They're from all over the country.
Well, that's very nice of you.
Thank you.
If, um There's anything else you need, I'm happy to do anything.
Thank you.
Are you okay? I mean, what what are you doing, uh, with her? We were having conversation.
Just talking.
It was Well, I-I think it would be much safer if you just talk to me.
I-I'm right here.
Just talk to me.
Recent comments by senator Kennedy have been taken by many southerners to be Civil rights legislation.
Seem to be costing Mr.
Kennedy votes, particularly in the rural areas of Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama.
Mike, have you seen my husband? Yes, he's in the war room.
Looks like he's going to win New York.
Yes and there.
Am I supposed to check here or yeah.
With the state of New York now securely in senator Kennedy's column How's it going? Thank you.
Well, I think it's going really well.
The focus of interest is now turning to the industrial states of the midwest.
You know, I just realized that in a couple of hours, the polls are gonna close on the west coast, and I'll have nothing left to do but watch tv.
There's nothing good on tonight anyway.
So what happens tomorrow? I don't know.
Haven't you heard? I'm officially out of politics.
Have you told your father yet? No, I think you should do it.
I don't think so.
What if he doesn't approve? Well I do have seven children of my own.
Think I'm allowed to make my own decisions now.
Yes, you are.
Earlier polls have indicated a strong Senator Kennedy's Hey, kid.
I've been lookin' for ya.
Bobby says everything's going real well.
What's all this? Thank-you cards for the campaign workers.
Boy, this has been the most exciting day of my life.
I don't know how you're not bursting! I rarely burst, Ethel.
Jackie, you are gonna be the first lady of the United States.
It's, uh I can hardly think about it.
It's all so unreal.
Oh, come on.
Tell me you didn't know this was gonna happen the first time you met Jack.
It only occurred to me the first time I met Joe.
The east coast results are coming in.
I'm gonna go watch the returns.
Are you coming? I'll be there in a minute.
Jack, can I pull you away for a moment? There's someone I'd like you to meet right over there.
Started to turn, and then oh Jackie.
Excuse me.
How are you? How are you? Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Jacqueline Bouvier, congressman Jack Kennedy.
Jackie's the roving photographer for the "times-herald.
" Before that, she worked in the Paris office of "vogue.
" And Jack Needs no introduction.
Well, I've, uh, I've read your column.
I've read your speeches.
Oh, you've read the, uh, congressional record? Christ sake, it's the, uh, dullest thing on paper.
Well, that's the challenge trying to find signs of intelligent life.
Jackie! So, uh, what do you do when you're not, uh, photographing? I ride horses.
And what do you do when you're not congressing Or cutting a swath through Washington's women? You have quite a reputation.
It's not true.
If half of it were, I'd be dead by now.
Or cast in bronze.
I, uh, I sail.
I go up to the cape.
My stepfather has a summer home in Newport.
Yeah, I like the winters up there.
For sailing or swathing? No, really.
You get those, uh, 10-foot swells and that, uh, spray against your face.
It's like, uh, needles of ice.
You should've been a writer.
Well, that was the plan at one time.
Very nice meeting you.
You, too.
You hooked him.
Trust me.
I could see it from the bar.
He's not interested.
Did he proposition you? Then he's interested.
How was your ride? Wonderful.
You should've come along, mother.
I have to go.
Jack's taking me to dinner.
Join me for one drink.
You're kidding yourself if you think this is going somewhere.
Jack Kennedy can have any woman he wants.
Well, he wants me.
Then he must not mind big shoulders, tiny breasts, feet the size of just stop it.
I'm just trying to protect you.
Well, don't.
He's asked me to marry him.
I hope you haven't said yes.
Joe Kennedy raised his sons to take what they want and discard what they want, with not a flicker of concern for anyone else.
Well, that's not Jack.
Don't delude yourself, darling.
He'll never be faithful, not for a single day.
He's just like his father.
Just like your father.
Why can't you just be happy for me? Because you're a silly little girl, and you're infatuated with a public man who will hurt you every chance he gets.
He loves me, and I love him, and it's an emotion you can't understand.
Well, then marry him, and good luck to both of you.
Well, I don't know why you let her get to you like this.
She's, uh, never approved of anything you've done.
This is your decision.
Right? Jackie? Are you having second thoughts? Are you sure marriage is what you really want? I am.
And are you sure I'm who you want? Yes.
I love you.
I'll take care of you the rest of my life.
Will you let me do that? Yes.
I've got him on the line right now.
Great job.
Mother? I-I just heard, we're gonna take Virginia.
That's wonderful, Bobby.
Michelle's made tea.
Would you like some? No, no, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Uh, where's dad? In his office.
You must be very proud of Bobby.
I'm proud of all my children, dear, but he is a little special to me.
And why is that? The older boys were Joe's.
Bobby's mine.
No, no, no.
Just listen to me.
Tell him the situation we discussed.
He'll be extremely happy with the outcome.
All right.
Gotta run.
Dad, my, uh, source at nbc said, uh, they're gonna report we took Virginia.
Ha ha ha! That's great, Bobby.
That means the whole damn eastern seaboard's coming in exactly the way we wanted.
Yeah, I don't know, dad.
I'm a little worried.
Uh, I think we're gonna have a difficult time in the midwest.
The Midwest'll be fine.
Well, we have no choice but to take Illinois.
We could lose, uh, Michigan and Wisconsin, which I suspect we will.
And, uh, you know, we just can't afford to lose Illinois.
Oh, we'll take it.
Chicago'll come through.
How do you know? Well, there are more catholics there than there are in Rome.
I threw enough money at 'em to keep 'em in wafers till 1980.
So don't worry.
So, uh, what's on your mind? Uh, well, you know, I, uh, I know it's gonna be Hectic here for the next few weeks, so, uh I-I just wanted to, um Uh, well, I want to discuss with you What, uh, I want to do after tonight.
What are you going to do? Well, uh, dad, I-I want to I want to get out of politics.
I want to, uh, move the family to Boston and, uh, open my own practice, spend more time with Ethel and the children.
That's about it, really.
Good idea.
You really feel that way? Absolutely.
You made a big sacrifice for Jack, and I love you for it.
So whatever you decide to do, I'll be in your corner, just as I was for Jack.
And I-I know I-I rode you pretty hard at times, but if Jack makes it to the White House, we both know it was you that put him there.
I-I I really appreciate that, dad.
Yeah? Bobby Thank you, Bobby, for making my dream come true.
Thank you, dad.
No, I'm sorry.
He's not available.
He'll get back to you.
He said he was going out for some air.
I said, uh, I said How we doing in the midwest? Midwest is fine.
Bobby, she, uh, she works here.
So let her work.
I would appreciate it if you would just have a little more sensitivity and not do that here.
I mean, Jackie's upstairs.
I know where she is.
You're unbelievable, you know.
Always the altar boy, aren't ya? I talked to, uh, Henry luce today.
Yeah? What did he say? Well, I gave it to him for about 45 minutes.
He helped me take a look at the article.
Well, I think I'm, uh, more nervous than you are.
How are you feeling? Well, my knee's still killing me from that blind-side hit you put on me yesterday.
No, no, I mean, uh, about getting married.
All right.
All right.
We'll get this show on the road just as soon as I've had a man-to-man talk with the bridegroom.
Newsreels are turning like it's a coronation.
They're calling it the wedding of the decade.
I will see you at the altar.
No, no.
No, you can stay.
I'll be quick.
I'm renting the cardinal by the hour.
You got yourself a good girl.
Jackie's smart, uh, well-bred, damn attractive.
That's all to our advantage.
Is that our man-to-man talk? No, no.
Not exactly.
Uh Just Just stay discreet.
Wives don't expect fidelity, but they don't want infidelity thrown in their faces.
What? No, no.
Dad, why would you even say that? That's not true.
Jack, remember, you you take that vow before God.
Sometimes you make me think I've failed as a father.
Thanks, dad.
Above all, make sure the girls are discreet.
I knew What I was getting myself into.
I all the women throwing themselves at him I just thought he'd Throw some of them back.
I'll talk to him.
And tell him what? "Just don't get caught"? That's not a solution.
Well, what do you want me to do? Nothing.
I just wanted you to know that I'm Going to file for divorce.
Well, y-y-you're upset.
I-I understand that, but, um He'll grow up.
He'll change.
He can't change.
This is what he is.
This is How he's been raised.
Don't talk to me about how he's been raised.
Jackie, if you, uh, if you divorce him, his career would be over.
Everything he's worked for It would destroy him.
And what about me? Don't I deserve a life? Yes, you do, and you'll have one.
Do you think Jack's gonna be in the senate for the rest of his life? He's gonna run for president in 1960 and he's gonna win.
Have you told him? That makes you the first lady at the age of 31.
What difference does that make if He doesn't respect me? He respects you.
And he loves you.
He keeps telling me all the time, you're the best thing that ever happened.
To his career.
To him.
You're going through a rough patch.
Rough patch? That's all I've ever known.
I-I want a husband.
I-I want a family.
And you'll have them both.
I guarantee it.
But you have to stay.
I'll put a million dollars into a trust.
If Jack doesn't make it to the White House, you can have your divorce and keep the million dollars.
You really think everyone can be bought? I haven't met the exception.
Well, you have now.
Jackie? Do you love him? That's not the point.
That's exactly the point.
Look, I know he's not perfect.
No man is.
But I do know, you can be happy with him.
And I'll see to it that you are.
Yeah! You sure you don't need me for anything else, Mr.
Kennedy? No, no, no.
You should get some sleep.
You, too.
I know that Jack will win.
No, we've come too far to lose.
Now I need to make an early start.
There's gonna be a Mountain of calls tomorrow.
I'll be here.
I miss being with you, Joe.
It's chilly out there.
Would you like a sweater? Thank you, Mrs.
I'll be fine.
Good night.
Good night, dear.
Good night.
Shall we go to bed, Rosie girl? The vice president expressed his appreciation to his staff and to the volunteers in the ballroom, but he stopped short of a concession.
Bastard just won't concede.
Electoral politics is well known, and according to sources, being urged by several members of his inner circle, to make his concession speech now.
Thanks for everything.
Even if he does concede, there is always the possibility that he might ask for a recount Okay.
I'm tired.
I'm gonna go to bed.
What do you mean? You're not gonna watch this? I'm tired.
president! Mr.
president! Mr.
president! Wake up.
president, wake up.
Shaw? Wake up, Mr.
Are we in? Congratulations, sir.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Or you.
Come here.
What's this? What's this? What oh! Oh! Oh! My head! The unexpectedly delayed climax saw senator Kennedy the Victor with a clear margin of electoral votes.
At 43 years of age, he is the youngest man ever voted Well, we're just gonna have to, uh, stay after him, lyndon.
Well, thank you for everything.
Well, I will.
Of a long-standing political He, uh, says congratulations from, uh, him and lady bird.
That's nice.
Come on.
Uh, let's get downstairs and, uh, bask in our glory.
You okay? Jack, you're going to be president, and things are going to be different Well, honey, I think that's probably true.
Between us.
Our marriage works because I decided several years ago to accept certain things about you, and I've dealt with it.
I've had my private humiliations, but I won't have them in front of the American people.
The "times" wrote the same damn thing.
I know.
It was perfect.
Did you sleep at all? Are you kidding? I can't believe you did.
We did it.
We did it.
Closest margin in history, dad.
You think I was gonna pay for a landslide? I love you, boys.
Now wait.
I have some, uh, ideas for your cabinet.
Oh, here we go.
Can't we just enjoy this, just for the afternoon? I think his memory's, uh, failing him.
Dad, you got me as, uh, Attorney General.
Yeah, because that's where you're gonna be.
We talked about this.
You said you were fine.
I'm going to Boston tomorrow to look for office space.
No, you're not.
Jack needs somebody he can trust, and I need you to keep an eye on Jack.
I'm picking my own cabinet, dad.
I believe they elected me president, not you.
That's very true, son.
They did.