The Kennedys s01e07 Episode Script

The Countdown To Tragedy

Previously on The Kennedys I'm feeling so much better now that I'm not doing those shots.
Maybe you should think about stopping.
Well, I'm not a kid anymore, but I keep acting like one.
It was humiliating.
I'm taking the kids to Virginia in the morning.
I'll stay a while and do my work from there.
Did Bobby send you here to fix my marriage? He doesn't know I'm here.
I want the attack wing prepared for wheels up the second the President gives his directive.
(Whispers) I'm glad you're here.
The Kennedys Episode 7 From Dallas, Texas-- the flash apparently official-- President Kennedy died at 1:00 p.
Central Standard Time.
2:00 Eastern Standard Time, some 38 minutes ago.
(Man) As many as 50,000 people are expected to greet President and Mrs.
Kennedy as they motorcade through downtown Dallas later today.
The President spent the night at a Texas hotel in Fort Worth.
The trip marks the unofficial beginning of Mr.
Kennedy's re-election campaign.
He's coming to the Lone Star State to try to bridge the bitter divide between the liberal and conservative wings of the Texas Democratic party.
In other news, a strong low-pressure system in the American midwest is causing concerns of tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas (Blows air) (Click) (Snap) (Clicking bolt) (Blows air) (Exhales deeply) (Exhales deeply) I just have to tell you, Mr.
President, it's humiliating to me.
that you had to come down here in the first place, Did you think that I can't handle these boys in my own state.
It's not that I don't think you can handle it.
But I'm the President.
They need to hear it from me.
It just makes it seem like all the rumors I've been hearing are true.
What rumors? That you don't want me on the ticket next year.
I've heard all that, Lyndon.
And it's not true.
Well, I wish you'd tell Bobby, 'cause I think he's the one that's spreading them.
(Sighs) What do you really want? Just tell me the truth.
If I'm not gonna be on the ticket, tell me now so I can make a graceful exit.
Save me some shred of dignity after what has been the unhappiest period of my life.
Yeah, I know it's not always been easy for you.
And I appreciate your loyalty to me and I believe you've served the country very well overseas.
So, uh, I'll tell you right now, you are on the ticket.
Thank you, Mr.
The only thing I ask is, uh, if you do end up President someday, you don't revoke my brother's citizenship.
(Laughs) Oh, uh, how's Jackie? She's good.
We were all so distraught when you lost the baby.
You tell her from me, we got a ballroom full of people downstairs just waiting to welcome her back.
Well, if it's a boy, how 'bout Patrick? Patrick Joseph, for your father? No, I was thinking of, uh, Patrick Bouvier for yours.
Thank you.
It's beautiful up here, isn't it? Stay a few more days.
No, I can't.
They can run things without you.
I stay a few more days, they'll figure that out.
(Chuckles) I don't think this is what the President had in mind when we got involved in this struggle.
Sir, our objective over there is still-- If changing the regime increases loyalty to Saigon and motivates the South Vietnamese to fight and to sacrifice for their own country, I think it ought to be considered.
You don't switch horses in midstream.
We're over there to beat the commies, pure and simple.
Well, once again, your tremendous grasp of the obvious is contributing nothing here.
On the contrary, if you had a better grasp of the obvious, we'd get some work done, General.
Well, if we are to consider a regime change, I think one of the, uh, first-- I'm sorry, Mr.
Walsh is on line two.
Kennedy went into labor.
Doctor? Is my wife all right? And the baby? It's a boy.
(Chuckles) Wait, what? (Woman speaking indistinctly over P.
) This way, sir.
(Man speaks indistinctly over P.
) (Man speaks indistinctly over .
) Right here.
(Monitors beeping) (Ventilator clicking and hissing) (Indistinct conversations) (Man) Premature infants often have hyaline membrane disease.
It causes the air sacs to collapse with each breath.
The ventilator will hopefully force the sacs to stay open and oxygenate his blood.
Does my wife know? She knows there's a problem.
But she doesn't know how serious? No, sir.
(People speak indistinctly) (Indistinct conversations) I'm sorry, sir.
He didn't make it.
We did everything we could, but I'm sorry, Mr.
(Door opens) Thank you.
(Sighs deeply) He just couldn't hang on.
(Whispers) No.
(Voice breaks) No.
(Voice breaks) No.
(Cries) (Man) It has been a successful visit for President Kennedy, who has been warmly received throughout the state of Texas.
The political climate in Dallas has raised concerns for his safety, and special security measures have been taken.
Nothing must occur that is disrespectful.
And the law enforcement agencies in this area are going to do everything within their power to ensure that no untoward accident or incident occurs.
(Grunts) What did Lyndon want? (Exhales) Love.
Poor thing.
I hope you gave it to him.
Well, yeah.
Piled it on pretty good.
You like? You look terrific.
Are the exercises helping? Well, I think they are.
I feel better.
It's kept me off Jacobson for a while.
I'm so glad, Jack.
How about you? Are you all right? I'm just a little Nervous.
Well, it's a big crowd down there, if you'd rather not go.
I'll be there.
You'll be great.
(Applause) (Voice amplified) Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, it's a great honor for my wife and I to be here.
She's upstairs organizing herself.
Takes her a little longer, but she, uh, looks so much better than I do.
(Laughter) So, uh Suppose it was, um, two years ago (Audience murmurs) (Applause) You look great.
You okay? Hi.
Two years ago in Paris, I introduced myself as the man who accompanied Mrs.
Kennedy to Paris (Laughter) And I'm having that, uh, same sensation as I travel around Texas a little bit here.
(Laughter) Nobody wonders what Lyndon and I wear.
(Applause) Come on.
We're late.
(Door squeaks) (Door closes) What you got there, Lee? Some curtain rods.
(Engine turns over) (Children speaking and laughing indistinctly) And it--it's reliable? All right, I-I-I appreciate that, Dave.
Thank you.
It's my turn for car pool.
And then I've gotta go to the What's going on? A friend of mine at the A.
P (Sighs) Said they're digging in to Marilyn's estate.
They found evidence linking her to Jack.
(Sighs) Oh, God.
It's been a year and a half since she died.
They just won't let it go.
They going public with it? They'd like to.
He was just giving me a heads-up.
I gotta make some calls.
In other words, clean up after Jack again? Yeah, if--if you wanna put it like that.
I suppose.
You're Attorney General, Bobby.
You don't find it a little degrading? No, I-I don't find it degrading.
It's my job.
Uh, it's my job to protect my brother.
Besides, I-I recall, uh, at the time, you telling me to be Attorney General.
Not Jack's Mr.
You can't keep doing this.
It's beneath you.
And it's eating you up.
No, no.
It's not eating me up I can see that it is.
But clearly, it's--it's eating at you.
Listen, when--when he comes under attack, uh, that--that--that becomes my responsibility.
Okay? Wh-what do you want me to say? He's my brother.
And you're his.
He owes you a little respect.
He shouldn't be asking you to do this kind of thing.
After all this time, I thought you understood what it meant to be a Kennedy.
I've given you eight children.
(Scoffs) Just when do I qualify? (Children continue speaking and laughing indistinctly) (Door opens) (Door closes) (Indistinct conversations) (Man) you ask me Want me to liven up that soda pop for you? Maybe a cherry? No, no, no.
I'm fine, Peter.
Don't let him tease you, Bobby.
He's just playing the part of Peter Lawford.
It's a part I play rather well.
Well, maybe Sinatra will hire you for his next picture.
(Woman laughs) (Bobby) Pat, why didn't you tell me Marilyn Monroe would be here? She's always here.
Well, then I shouldn't be here.
You're my brother.
Why wouldn't you be here? She's been with Jack.
If we stopped seeing everyone who's been with Jack, we'd have no friends.
Marilyn! No, Peter-- Pat, I don't wanna-- this is a bad idea.
Oh, enjoy yourself, Bobby.
It's a great party, kids.
Marilyn Hi.
Meet monsignor Kennedy.
How are you? Hello, Mr.
Attorney General.
Well, I, uh, I-I admire your work.
Let's all have a drink.
Uh, Bobby doesn't drink, um, he doesn't smoke, and he doesn't cheat on his wife.
(Indistinct conversations continue) Are you sure you're Jack's brother? (Chuckles) (Laughs) (Man) for every day But you like being the Attorney General? Oh, it's, um, challenging, certainly, uh, difficult at times, but, uh Mm.
I-I find it, uh, very-- very gratifying, really.
Oh, I was just kidding, silly.
I don't care.
(Laughs) How is, um, how is it for you, being, uh, being an actress? Is that what I am? Well, I-I think so.
Come on.
Relax, Mr.
Attorney General.
My--my dad was, um, a-a producer Uh, in the '20s Mm-hmm.
In, uh, Hollywood.
Really? In fact, I, uh, I once, uh, I received a six-gun and holster from Tom Mix.
Ooh! And, uh, he would, uh, come home, uh, from Hollywood and tell us, uh, all sorts of stories.
Oh? Like what? Well, um Just how, uh, people in your business are different from everyone else.
If we were the same, no one would pay to see us.
Just a mile or two and you hear the music playing Whoops.
What? Oh, no.
What did you-- I think I lost my earring.
I don't, uh Come with you with you out on the balcony (Whispers) I-I should-- I should go.
Swing and sway to the melody (Gasps) Oh, there it is.
(Laughs) Good.
You found it.
There you are.
Thank you, Bobby.
(Engine turns off) Here, take my hand.
You're sweet, taking me home.
There you are.
(Marilyn laughs) I'll just be a minute.
(Man) Yes, sir.
Ooh! It's chilly.
(Exhales deeply) I think I'm gonna build a fire A nice, big fire.
And then I'm gonna take off all my clothes 'Cause there's nothing better than lying buck naked in front of the fire Don't you think? (Laughs) (Latch clicks) Aren't you gonna come in and help me build that fire? No, I-I should, um E-ed and I should To, uh I-I really I Oh, you can send him back.
You can get a cab later.
Marilyn, I can't do this.
Come on.
You can't say no to me.
You can't.
I-I really should, uh Go.
You can fight it all you want, but Sooner or later, we'll get you.
(Door closes) (Bobby) Jack? What's going on? Is everything okay? Marilyn's driving me crazy.
She is crazy.
She called me 15 times this week (Sighs) Each time less coherent.
(Folder thuds) It's bizarre.
She says that, uh, sleeping with the President is her, uh, patriotic duty.
She wants to be a, uh, a good soldier.
So tell her to go join the Marines.
And then (Objects rattle) She sends me this goddamn thing.
(Clatters) I mean, Bobby, that is just-- that's way out of line.
It says, "Jack, with love always.
" I know what it says.
Just get rid of it.
Melt it down.
Hide it.
I don't care.
Jack, she is too volatile.
You need to end it with her.
I tried, of course.
I can't call her.
It'd be on the White House log.
Can you talk to her, Bobby? She likes you.
She'll listen to you.
No way.
This is your mess.
You deal with it.
No, no.
I live in the real world, Jack, where--where wives get upset when, uh, their husbands visit Marilyn Monroe.
I'll never ask you to do something like this for me again.
(Sighs) God.
You have my word.
(Sighs) He said he wants to leave Jackie.
No, no.
He told me again just the other-- No, he-- He says I'm all that he lives for! No, he never said any of those things, Marilyn.
(Sighs) Were you there? (Chuckles) You don't know what he wants (Chuckles) And you're turning him against me, because (Whispers) Because you're jealous.
(Normal voice) Because he's with me, and you're not.
No, no.
That's all make-believe.
You're living in a dream world, Marilyn.
I'm not making it up, Bobby.
I know what you're feeling in your heart, and I know you think it's real, but what he says to you in passion and what he really means are two different things.
You're a beautiful, gifted girl.
(Sighs) You need to focus on your career.
(Voice breaking) He said we would get married.
No, he promised me, Bobby.
No, there's no marriage.
(Sighs) It's over.
(Normal voice) I wanna hear it from him.
(Crying) I wanna hear it from him.
I wanna hear it! (Clatters) Look at me.
Listen to me.
No, I know what you-- what, you think this is a secret? (Chuckles) (Normal voice) Jack and me-- everyone in town knows about us.
That's why you can't see him anymore.
It's over, Marilyn.
You need to forget about Jack.
(Voice breaking) You're asking me to forget about the man I love, the man I want to have babies with.
There is no future for you and Jack.
You need to accept that.
You need to accept that.
Bobby, can you just let me talk to him, please? Listen to me! If you try to reach him, we will turn this around on you.
We'll make him innocent, and you'll be the home wrecker who's trying to blackmail the President.
No studio will hire you.
It's over, Marilyn.
(Crying) But he loves me, Bobby.
(Door opens) (Door closes) (Man) But with midterm elections (Children laugh) Only three months away, he acknowledged that If you guys don't stop it, we're gonna just tickle you! (Shouts indistinctly) (Children laugh) In Los Angeles, the body of Marilyn Monroe was found Okay.
All right.
By her housekeeper in the early morning hours (Laughs) Oh! Shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
The victim of an apparent suicide.
The 36-year-old film star, who tantalized millions throughout her career but who was herself troubled by alcohol and drug use, had slipped, according to close friends, into a deep despondency, for reasons that are at the moment unclear.
(band playing "Battle Hymn of the Republic") (Man) Mr.
President! (Indistinct conversations, camera shutters clicking) Mr.
President, how are you gonna get the Southern Democrats to support your civil rights legislation? I believe that civil rights is a moral issue, and I certainly hope that our friends in the south will adopt that view.
Sir, what about Vietnam? Are you considering a troop withdrawal? I, uh, I'm committed to stopping the Communists, but, uh, the war is in the hands of the Vietnamese.
They're gonna have to win or lose that for themselves.
Thank you.
(Man) Over here, Mr.
President! (Man) So no timeline? (Man) What happens if the legislation stays stuck in the Senate? (Man) Mr.
Is this still a war we can win, sir? (Man) Excuse me, can you tell us (Engine roars) (Paper rustling) Mr.
President, Mrs.
Kennedy, we'll be landing in Dallas in a couple of minutes.
Weather any better? It's cleared up, sir.
Why don't you have 'em put the, uh, top down on the car? Yes, sir.
Lady Bird's very excited for us to be spending the weekend at the ranch.
Yes, I'm thrilled.
It's going to be fun, Jack.
Yeah, it's gonna be fun for you.
You're gonna be out there riding horses with, uh, Lady Bird.
I'm gonna be up there listening to Lyndon compl-- Complain about Bobby? Yeah.
That's right.
(Chuckles) Why don't you try changing the subject? Oh.
I never thanked you.
For what? Just for, uh, you know, making the trip (Paper thuds) Coming with me.
Staying with me.
It hasn't always been easy, but it's never been boring.
Well, it's been a hell of a thing, watching you go through these last couple of months.
I don't (Sighs) I don't want to see you suffer like that again.
I'm gonna do everything I can to be the man you deserve.
I love you, Jack.
I love you, too.
I've never been so happy in my life.
What are you doing home? I work here this afternoon.
Some of the guys from the office are coming by.
(Briefcase clatters) Besides that, I I didn't want to apologize to you over the phone.
(Pencil clatters) Ethel, I-I'm so sorry for What I said to you.
To say that you weren't a Kennedy (Voice breaks) That hurt me more than I can tell you.
I know.
The almighty Kennedys.
(Sighs) That may have been true once when dad was dad, but I I don't know anymore.
Bobby, this is our time.
(Sighs) I know.
I belong to you and the children.
You're the Kennedys to me.
Listen to me.
When Jack comes back from Texas, I'm gonna tell him, I'll manage the reelection campaign, but that's it.
I'm through.
No more Mr.
I'm done.
(Sighs) If that means we have to leave Washington, then so be it.
(Sighs) Are you okay with that? I know you love dancing at the White House.
(Both chuckle) And I have done it, and it was great.
I also love watching a ball game at Fenway Park.
(Whispers) I love you.
(Sighs) Mm.
(Man coughs) (Men speaking indistinctly) Hey, Lee! We're all headed down to the knoll, see if we can get a good look at Kennedy.
Why don't you save me a spot? Sure thing.
(Chuckles) (Clanks and whirs) (Speaks inaudibly) (Jet engine humming) (Crowd cheering and shouting indistinctly) Hello.
It's so nice to meet you.
Thanks for coming out.
(Man) The President looks tanned and fit.
Great to see you.
The first lady is dressed in a pink outfit and matching hat.
For me? Thank you.
Hello there.
(Speaks indistinctly) Yes.
(Clicking) (Men) Mr.
Hi there.
(Indistinct shouting) (Jack) Thank you.
How are you doing? Hello.
(Woman) Mr.
President, can I get you to (Indistinct shouting) Thank you.
(Man) Whoo! (Crunches) (Indistinct shouting) (Indistinct shouting) (Gulls cry, waves crash) (Clicks) (Man) You know how much I love you.
(Woman) I think I do.
Uncle Joe, please.
You can watch the television later.
We're gonna get you to stand today.
Won't that be wonderful, to stand all on your own? Now let me help you.
I know you can do it.
You just have to try.
Now come on.
Uncle Joe.
(Grunts) (Sighs) Uncle Joe.
(Rose) Joe, that's enough.
I want to speak to him, Ann, alone.
Your behavior is an embarrassment.
(Sighs) Next week is Thanksgiving.
The children are coming in.
Do you want them to see a pathetic cripple or a man with the courage to fight? (Crying) Look at me.
Joe, look at me this instant.
(Sniffles) Kennedys don't cry.
(Sobs) Isn't that what we always taught them? (Sighs) Hmm? (Inhales deeply) (Sighs) (Sighs) Oh, Joe.
I know how hard this has been for you, being held prisoner in your own body, but We have to bow to God's plan and carry on.
We have to set an example (Sniffles) That the children and their children will always remember.
(Sighs) You're going to stand up and greet them when they come for Thanksgiving.
That will be your gift to them, the gift of courage.
(Sighs) I'll help you.
(Sighs) (Cheers and applause) (Drums playing march) (Clatters) (Bottle clatters) (Sirens wailing) (Rustles packaging) (Packaging clatters) (Cheers and applause) (Drums playing march) (Whistling) (Clicks) (Sighs) All right, Joe.
Stand up.
(Woman) ooh, ooh ooh, ooh (Grunts) Leave him alone, Ann.
He's not strong enough.
He can't-- Ann, dear, stop talking.
(Men speak indistinctly) Thank you.
You're welcome.
What are you waiting for, boys? Dig in.
Thanks, Ethel.
Thank you.
(Man) The motorcade is nearing the downtown area, where people have been gathering since early morning to get a glimpse of President and Mrs.
You can do it, dear.
You have to try.
Picture the children here, Joe.
Jack, Bobby-- they all want to see you stand.
(Thud) (Sighs) (Clicking) (Crowd speaking indistinctly) Very Texas-sized welcome.
People are applauding and waving, 10-deep in places on the Dallas sidewalk.
Ooh, ooh (Grunts) The crowds are growing more enthusiastic with each succeeding block, and the President and First Lady are clearly enjoying their reception.
Any concerns about embarrassing incidents seem to have melted away in the warm Texas sun.
(Crowd cheering) (Applause) (Whistling) Bless us, oh, lord, for these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty through Christ, our lord.
You can do it, Joe, if you try.
You're not trying.
Try, Joe.
Please, Aunt Rose, stop.
It's too much.
Nothing is too much for Joseph Patrick Kennedy.
(Grunting) He can do anything.
(Crowd cheering) Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh (Grunts) (Tires screech, engine roars) (Indistinct shouting) They're going to be so proud of you.
(Grunts and pants) Ohh.
(Man) Here is a bulletin from CBS News.
In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas.
The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting.
(Grunts) (Man speaking indistinctly) (telephone rings) Well, I just want to be there when they cart him off to jail.
(Ethel) Hello? (Chuckles) That'll be a good day.
Hang on.
Telephone, Bobby.
It's Hoover.
Maybe he's calling to resign.
(Men laugh) (Men speaking indistinctly) How are you? I have news for you.
The President has been shot.
When I get more details, I'll call you back.
(Receiver clatters) (Dial tone droning) Oh, my God.
Baby? (Sighs) (Receiver clatters, bell dings) Oh, my God.
(Telephone rings) (Ring) Hello? Bobby.
This is Lyndon.
My heart goes out to you and your family.
Thank you.
I'm on the plane.
They're bringing the casket on board and Mrs.
The Secret Service told me to leave for my own safety, but I said, "no, I'm not leaving without that casket and Mrs.
" That's, uh I'm sure she appreciates that.
I'm not sure whether we're looking at some kinda International communist conspiracy or what it is, but I think it's important that we have a President, so I was wondering if it'd be all right with you if I took the oath of office before we get in the air.
I, uh, I s-- I suppose that would be the right thing to do.
Now there's, uh, some question about the oath-- uh, who can administer it.
Uh, does it have to be the Chief Justice? (Inhales deeply) I can get that for you.
And, uh Could you get me the correct wording? Uh-huh.
I'll, uh, look into that, and I'll get back to you.
Thank you, Bobby.
I appreciate that.
(Receiver clatters) (Sighs) (Ethel, lowered voice) Hey.
Shh, now.
It's okay.
(Sighs) (Girl crying) Shh.
(Sobs) (Sighs) (Sighs) (Sighs deeply) (Crying) (Sniffles) Daddy Does this mean that you're gonna be President now?