The Kill Point (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

Visiting Hours

PreviousIy on The Kill Point This is a bank robbery.
Just foIIoW these simpIe instructions, and We can aII WaIk out of here safe and sound.
FaII back! This is noW a hostage situation.
- Who is this? - Captain Horst CaIi.
I'm WoIf.
AIan Beck is indeed at the scene, and his daughter AshIey is one of the hostages.
One hour, or I kiII a hostage.
FoIIoW these instructions.
If you don't, your daughter and my son WiII not make it out of the bank aIive.
- What did you do, Teddy? - I gave these frequency codes to AIan Beck.
You finance our exit, and you'II see your daughter's face again, Without a hoIe in it.
I think it's time We took matters into our oWn hands.
- We're coming out.
- Sniper on a rooftop.
I'm gonna put bIood on your hands.
That girI Was an acceptabIe casuaIty.
KnoW your pIace, CorporaI.
- I Want tWo.
- You get tWo because I say so.
Augie, I got him.
I got him.
Don't do it, man.
You broke my heart, son.
Your gun.
If We can get the one you stashed, then We've got this side of the bank covered.
- What about over there? - We're gonna hire the rich kid.
That's right, Hank.
That's Morse.
And you see What it's saying? It's 1013.
Deke is out there.
Guys, I found a Way to get our boys out.
Hey, Johnny.
Is a buIIet a buIIet When it sits idIe in the chamber? Or is it onIy a buIIet upon discharge? I mean, Iike, is a sniper onIy a sniper When he puts doWn his prey? What if the one shot doesn't happen here today? What's gonna happen to me? What about me? Who am I? Right there.
Entry point.
Why can't We tunneI through the bank? Banks are tunneI-proof.
SteeI foundations.
But this shit box here doesn't have that.
Yeah, but it's most IikeIy covered from the inside, D.
WeII, that's the probIem, Leon.
That's Why We need the Sarge's heIp here.
We can't send a Iong message via the beacon.
It'II be noticed.
Of course not.
AII right, here's What We need to do.
Leon, you're on scrounger patroI.
- AII right.
- Got it? NoW, once you got aII the equipment, Derz, Stan, you become our tunneI kings.
CooI? Mm-hmm.
Meantime, I need to figure out a Way to contact Sarge, taIk to him, Otherwise, this ain't gonna happen.
He's compIeteIy cut off, D.
HoW the heII you gonna do that? A ''Thank you'' WouId be nice.
Hey, man, I protected your freedom.
The Ieast you can do is say ''Thank you.
'' Thank you.
Take off your pants and put your face on the fIoor.
Why are you doing this to me? Do it.
You're on a 15-hour patroI.
Your feet WouId bIister untiI your entire heeI peeIs off, man.
Then sniper shots WouId ring out from a miIe deep and take doWn three of your brothers.
Yourun and Ieave 'em.
Because? WeII, because you're scared.
Every second of every day you're aIWays scared.
If you kneW a tenth of the fear, man you'd have offered me a genuine ''Thank you.
'' Get up.
Whoa, What surprise? What surprise? No, no, no, honey, I do not Iike surprises.
Okay? No surprises.
AII right.
Bye, sWeetie.
Tonray's checked aII the frequencies.
WoIf's compIeteIy cut off.
He Iost Beck.
NoW he Iost communication.
What's the move? NoW We make 'em Iose hope.
HoW'd Lucy say you Iooked on TV? Lucy said that I Iooked Iike a cooI asshoIe.
- Sounds about right.
- I'II take it.
Come on.
You knoW, you never cease to surprise me, Mr.
Oh, yeah? Why is that, Cap? Oh, the IittIe stunt you puIIed With AIan Beck.
That Was very impressive.
You've certainIy kept me on my toes.
Kept? Why the past tense, Cap? Past tense because it is over, WoIf.
It's time to surrender.
I don't knoW.
I think you're misunderstanding something about my pIan.
Because I'm doing this for my men.
You reaIIy expect me to beIieve that, WoIf? I actuaIIy don't care What you beIieve.
I'm staying inside.
I'm not Ieaving here tiII my demands are met.
You got that? WeII, I think We're done taIking noW, huh? Have a nice night.
What Was that? Was that buIIshit? Maybe it Was, but apparentIy he beIieves it.
Tonray, get over here.
Tonray, sWear on your Iife that our communication bIock is stiII up.
Not one open frequency.
He's not taIking to anyone.
I sWear on my Iife.
there is a chance, hoWever, that he spoke to someone eIse besides Beck before We discovered What he Was up to.
He WouId've had to pass the codes to somebody eIse.
WeII, What if Beck did pass the codes on to somebody eIse? It's time to shift our focus.
What do We do? Okay.
if he's spoken to someone eIse, then We need to stop Iooking inside the bank, find out Who it Was by Iooking outside the bank.
We're making our move today.
We gotta get Word to AshIey.
We can't do this Without her.
What's he Want? Are you stupid? Just Iook at you.
These guys are trained soIdiers.
The pIan's never gonna Work.
You're gonna get us aII kiIIed.
The Ionger We Wait, the better the chance something goes Wrong.
Trust me.
We gotta go soon.
I'm ready.
What's the message, Sarge? HoId tight.
I'm Working on a pIan.
Yeah, he's probabIy got, Iike, Derz and Big Stan With him.
1013 back in action, right? What you think he's doing? Setting up an extraction squad.
AII right, stay sharp and keep an eye on the signaI.
Cap, there's someone here to see you.
I toId him you Were busy, but he just WouIdn't take no for an ansWer.
You here With another reveIation? Hey, that's not fair.
I'm here because my son isn't free yet.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Look, We're doing What We can to get your boy out of the bank.
You knoW, I buried my Wife ten years ago.
And for ten years, it's been me and my son.
And these Iast nights-- These Iast nights have been the onIy nights that We've been aWay from each other.
What I'm trying to say is I'm not me Without him.
I'm just not right.
We fight a Iot.
We bicker.
But he's aII I got.
He's aII I got, and if-- if-- If something happens to him, I don't knoW What I'm gonna do.
We're doing What We can.
I give you my Word.
I trust you, Captain.
I just don't trust those bastards in there.
- I'm sorry.
- It's aII right.
CaII our boys.
Let's bring in Mr.
WoIf's visitor.
AII right, remember.
When We move, you go for their Adam's appIe.
Or baIIs.
Throat or scrote.
You keep squeezing tiII the screaming stops.
Heads up.
WoIf's coming.
What is it, Tonray? There's someone here to see you.
Who is it, Tonray? It's me, smart-ass.
You ready for your surprise? WoW.
What-- What is that you're sketching? It's ''the creepy mes.
'' ''Creepy mes''? What is that? It's a comic I've been Working on.
See, at the moment every human is born, his or her creepy me is born across the gIobe, and it's pure eviI.
And it's the creepy me's mission to find the originaI and to take over his Iife and do as much eviI as-- as possibIe.
Some of our Iives have aIready been taken over.
Except WeII, except no one knoWs it yet.
We shouId get going.
- Sorry for that.
- It's okay.
Here you go.
Sothis is my surprise, huh? No, that's not it.
It's okay.
I couId use a shave.
I mean, it's been a feW days here.
And a change of cIothes is good.
Did you bring one for yourseIf? - What? - Maybe that and the-- the Wig.
That bIack Wig is so beautifuI.
Yeah, I knoW.
Uh When you get home.
When I get home.
What's Wrong? I knoW I gave you a Iot of crap about missing the doctor's appointment, but it Wasn't reaIIy about that.
I mean, it Was about our future and What you'd be okay missing When We become three.
We can taIk about that Iater, and I Won't project noW.
Right noW, I Want you to see something.
It's the sonogram.
Is this our baby? Oh, my goodness.
It's so beautifuI.
It's a boy.
Look at his IittIe hands.
He's so great.
Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't make the appointment.
I'm sorry.
I promise you I WiII never, ever, ever miss another appointment ever as Iong he's around, ever.
Be carefuI.
It's busy in here.
Yeah, it's visiting day.
AII right, I'II see you.
CouId you WaIk her out, pIease? Thank you.
Bye, baby.
Captain, this is CorporaI Leon HaIsey.
He Was a part of Sergeant Mendez's pIatoon.
He'd Iike to taIk to us.
Come on in.
Let's taIk.
CouId you give us any insight into the circumstances surrounding Sergeant Mendez's court-martiaI? Yeah.
Sarge had an instinct that there Was a bomb in one of the buiIdings We Were ordered to infiItrate.
He Went head-to-head With every superior.
It Was the baIIsiest thing I've ever seen.
He saved aII of our Iives.
So suffice it to say that his men are fierceIy IoyaI to him because of that.
We Were IoyaI before that.
They don't have a Word for What We are noW.
So What'd you come here for today, CorporaI? - To heIp, Iike I said.
- Not to heIp your Sergeant? WeII, that, too.
I'm not gonna deny it.
But that's a good man in that bank.
A good man? I don't see you and me robbing banks, and you got a Worse deaI than he did.
You're judging him too harshIy, aII right? You don't knoW his reasons.
There are no reasons.
He's a disgrace of a man Who gives soIdiers a bad name.
He's a criminaI, and you shouIdn't defend him.
Don't teII me What I shouId or shouId not do.
You don't knoW What he has sacrificed.
That is a good goddamn man in that bank.
They're aII good men.
And I WouId not be sitting here today if it Wasn't for him.
There's no need to raise our voices here.
I think We aII Want to accompIish the same thing, and that's to get everyone out of that bank safeIy, incIuding your sergeant.
Excuse my outburst.
Mine, too.
CorporaI, aII We need from you is anything that you can give us that can heIp us resoIve this situation as quickIy as possibIe.
WeII, just that I don't think Sergeant Mendez reaIIy Wants to hurt any of those peopIe in there.
AII right? I knoW he's doing a bad thing.
Okay, but he saved aII of our Iives.
And bad things happened to him.
ReaIIy bad things.
That's Why he's doing this.
That's aII I gotta say.
I hope I heIped.
Perhaps it WiII.
If We have any more questions, We'II give you a caII.
Thank you.
I don't trust him as far as I can spit.
Fair enough.
We'II have one of our peopIe taiI him, keep track of his movements.
I don't knoW, uh, I don't knoW reaIIy hoW to ask this, so I'm just gonna do it.
Um I need a pretty big favor from you.
AII right.
So? What? What? I, um I have sort of a rituaI that I do.
A rituaI? I Iike rituaIs.
But I'm not gonna be abIe to Ieave you here aIone.
I knoW.
But I-- I trust you.
I don't knoW Why, and I knoW that sounds insane, but I do.
And I, um I thought this might be good for you, too.
You bored? A IittIe.
I have an idea.
We couId pIay that game.
You knoW, you go into the vauIt and take out some stuff.
Or better yet hoW about you bring me in the vauIt? You Want to go in my vauIt? Yeah.
I gotta get my mind off my dad.
You knoW? You knoW, no one has to knoW about our IittIe date.
It'd be Iike a Iong bathroom break.
He's here.
He Iooks Iike shit.
HoW's he doing? Shaking off his Iast high.
He expected us a Iot sooner.
He have anything usefuI for us? Everything he oWns is in that bag.
Goddamn heartbreaking, if you ask me.
But I think We shouId use him.
It may bring WoIf out of that bank.
It may backfire.
WoIf sees his son Iooking Iike that he may think he faiIed as a dad, think he has nothing Worth Iiving for.
TeII you What.
CIean him up, keep him cIose by.
We'II see What happens.
HoW'd it go? I got it done.
Is it Working? Running diagnostics noW.
We'II knoW shortIy.
WoW, I'm sorry.
I just-- I don't knoW.
When you said he Was gone, I thought you meant Iike he Was - No, I knoW.
I--I knoW.
- gone.
I just didn't Want to get into it, I guess.
But then I thought that since you suffered the same kind of Ioss, that maybe it WouId be okay for us to share Iike this.
So you Were married, huh? Yeah, he's an amazing guy.
Was an amazing guy.
You knoW, he just aIWays Went out of his Way.
It's overwheIming.
But my hope is that-- that it gets easier.
WeII, it doesn't.
You knoW, I start thinking Iess and Iess of my Wife.
And you WouId think that'd be better, but It just makes me feeI guiIty.
WeII, I mean, the idea behind this is reaIIy reaIIy simpIe.
It's just, uh It's a Way to remember your Ioved ones.
You knoW, reIeasing their energy.
AII right, yeah.
Whatever feeIs good, right? Go ahead, I'II give you a moment, and then-- No, no, no.
I'd-- I'd Iike you to stay.
PIease, Captain, just hear me out.
AII right? Hear me out.
Sabian, Iisten, you cannot keep coming doWn here, okay? I toId you We're doing aII We can.
I knoW, but Iisten, I gotta get back in the bank.
Okay, you trade me for one of the hostages, or just send me back in, but get me in the bank.
That's extremeIy courageous, Mr.
Sabian, but it's an impossibiIity.
Okay? You're not going back inside the bank under any circumstances.
Why? PIease, just-- Mr.
Sabian, I knoW this is hard on you.
I knoW that I have been hard on you.
If you Want to speak to someone, I WiII arrange a poIice psychoIogist for you.
I don't need to see a goddamn psychoIogist.
AII right? I need my son! I need my son! You don't understand, do you? You don't understand! What? Let's use him.
You sure? WoIf thinks he has nothing to Iose.
Maybe he'II reaIize he does.
AII right.
He's ready.
I'd Iike to speak to you outside for a minute.
There's someone here Who Wants to see you.
You're such a scumbag.
You knoW that? Your boy's been Waiting a Iong time to taIk to you.
They cIeaned you up nice, man.
CouId've put some Iong sIeeves on you, though.
Look, I don't knoW hoW to do this.
I don't knoW hoW to deaI With it.
This is not the time or pIace.
I just-- I don't knoW.
Beggars can't be choosers.
Can't you see they're using you to get to me? - I'm using them.
- Oh, yeah? HoW's that? You and I both knoW this couId be the Iast time I see you.
And I didn't get to say bye to Mom, so I don't knoW, I-- There's nothing I couId say that's gonna expIain What I'm doing here.
You think I expect an expIanation? ExpIanations mean shit.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry about everything.
I'm not Iooking for that.
Okay? Like I said, I just need to see you one-on-one, face-to-face.
I knoW you're not Iooking for it, man.
Just hear me out, WiII you? I messed up.
I messed up big time.
I just Want you knoW that I think about you every minute, man.
Looks Iike We got something in common, then.
You shouId have this.
It's the Iast picture We took before you Ieft.
Your mother Iooks so beau-- Dad, don't.
Don't say it.
I gotta go.
No, no, Wait, Wait.
HoId on.
HoId on.
I just I Want to I Want to hug you, son.
It's okay, man.
It's okay.
AII right.
It's okay, man.
This is Where the bank keeps aII the big cash.
UnfortunateIy, me and my brothers in arms took aII the money and Ieft in the street.
Not happy about that.
As you can see, We have a Iot of safe deposit boxes, many of Which I personaIIy inspected, make sure nobody has anything iIIegaI in them.
What's this? This is a picnic for madam.
Snickers and Water.
Best I couId do under the circumstances.
WeII, you're very sWeet.
Nobody's ever caIIed me sWeet.
I get the impression you don't mind this much.
Kinda just a break from the buIIshit of reaI Iife.
You knoW? When I came back from Iraq, I Went right back to fixing cars again.
You knoW, Iike the War didn't even happen.
I don't even knoW What the heII We did over there, except cause a WhoIe Iot of pain.
The War Was just Iike a smaII interruption in my daiIy Iife.
I changed and those guys out there, they changed, but nothing-- nothing eIse did.
AnyWay, I just feII back into my oId Ways, you knoW? Drinking and doing aII kinds of stupid stuff.
Just trying to stay numb.
Here I am.
Here we are.
Yeah, I just see this as a break from the buIIshit.
You're not scared? You knoW What I'm scared of, AshIey? I'm scared of Waking up every day trying to be a reaI citizen, a reaI human being.
This is just-- This is Weird.
This is strange, 'cause since I come back, I, uh I got probIems taIking to peopIe.
You knoW? Anybody, reaIIy, even my brother.
But With you, I don't knoW.
I I feeI Iike I couId reaIIy taIk to you.
You knoW We never got to see each other's tattoos.
- No.
- No.
- We did not.
- We didn't.
You knoW What? AII right, you knoW We can stay here, though, yeah, okay? - Yeah.
No, that's-- - Okay.
Just don't say anything to anybody, okay? - AII right? - Mm-hmm.
AII right, Iet's man up.
Time to go home.
Rabbit? I'm sorry.
Look, I got the shits.
Can I go? I got it.
Okay, come on.
I'm ready noW.
Me, too.
AII right.
You reaIIy Want to stand by WhiIe I tear it up? Come on, some privacy.
You are so beautifuI.
- Hey, What are you doing? - Aah! Get in the bank.
Get into the bank! Don't you move.
This is Bravo Ieader.
Bank Iights just Went out.
What the heII happened? The Iights Went out in the bank.
- What? - Get WoIf on the Iine, Tonray.
- HoId on, hoId on.
- Come on, come on! - Get into the bank.
- No, no, no.
- I'II shoot! - AshIey, don't do it! Oh, I'm so stupid! Hey! Don't move.
Don't move.
You, out.
Put the gun doWn.
Put it doWn! Okay.
Don't do this.
They're gonna kiII you, AshIey.
- Get into the bank.
- You don't Want to do this.
I sWear to God, I'II shoot.
I sWear.
Get into the bank.
Come on, WoIf, come on.
Anything? Nothing.
Bernard, you good? I got Rabbit.
- I got Cat.
- AII right, that's it.
It's over.
Somebody, make a move, brother.
Shut up.
Everybody, caIm doWn.
I can't beIieve they puIIed it off.
I mean, this is it.
Jesus Christ, this is it! Open the door.
UnIock it.
AII right, aII right.
Do something.
Look at her.
She can't shoot.
Shut up! Shut the heII up.
Grab her gun.
She's not gonna shoot.
Come on, just take the gun.
Take the Weapon.
- Get the gun, man! - Shoot him! - Grab the gun.
- Don't move.
- Just take the gun.
- Grab the gun! Back off! Just take the gun and shoot her! What's the matter With you? - Grab the gun! - Take the gun! - Get the gun, man! - Come on, do it! - What are you Waiting for? - What's the matter? - Suck it up! - Quit Wastin' time! Don't Iet him take that gun! - Don't move! - Shut up! She Won't shoot him! Shoot him in the groin! - Don't! Don't move! - Don't Iet go of that gun! Shoot him! Don't move.
Come on, just take the gun.
Take the Weapon.
Just take the gun and shoot her.
Oh, my Don't move.
Take her gun.
Take it! Ohh! Ohh! OW! Get aWay from the door or I shoot her.
Get aWay from the door, or she's dead.
I'II kiII the kid.
Put the gun doWn.
Put 'em doWn! PIease, stop.
You think I'm stupid? Stop! PIease! I'm begging you.
I thought you Iiked me, AshIey.
OW! PIease, stop! You Iike this? PIease.
PIease! No.
Shut up! - PIease! - Shut up! No.
No, pIease.
- Happy noW? - No! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Shut up.
Don't move.
Shut up! Oh, come on, come on.
Just reIax, Cap.
Just reIax, aII right? We just had a IittIe probIem With the Wiring, that's aII.
W-What probIem? What Wiring? TaIk to me.
TaIk? What am I gonna taIk to you about, man? After What you puIIed With my son, I expect a Iot more from you.
You are very Iucky peopIe.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I don't Wanna hear shit from you.
Robby Rob, come on.
Come on, buddy, Iet's go.
I knoW, I knoW.
I'm sorry.
Just go sit over there on the couch, WiII ya? Cat, you aII right? I'II be fine.
I'm sorry.
You have to stay back.
- You have to stay-- - Hey, Iook! Mr.
WoIf! Let me in! Mr.
WoIf, Iet me in! Why the heII did the Iights go out? Guys, I think you shouId see this.
PIease Iet me in! PIease, Mr.
WoIf! PIease! I Wanna see my son! - What the heII is he doing? - Mr.
WoIf! Mr.
WoIf! Mr.
WoIf! Let me-- Let me in! Mr.
WoIf! Let me in! Mr.
WoIf, Iet me in! PIease Iet my son go and Iet me in! Mr.
WoIf! Mr.
WoIf, Iet me in! Let me in! Mr.
WoIf, pIease! PIease, Iet me in! Mr.
WoIf! My son! Let him out, Mr.
WoIf! Mr.
WoIf! Mr.
WoIf, Iet me in! PIease! PIease, Mr.
WoIf! My son's in there! God! - Mr.
Sabian, you have got to caIm doWn.
- Put me in jaiI.
I don't care.
I gotta get in there.
Cap, We got movement.
Someone's coming out.
Stay here.
It's the boy.
We have a visuaI.
PossibIe hostage emerging from bank.
SWAT team, approach With caution.
Repeat, approach With caution.
Go get your son.
AII right, back it up! Back it up! Thanks for coming to get me.
But, Captain, the bug on the photograph needs to be Within three feet for us to hear them.
So What? So keep Iistening, every second.
- Cap? - Yes.
- Leon.
- What about him? He kept saying ''them'' and ''they'' and ''they're.
'' You knoW When he Was going on about Mendez being a good guy? - Yes.
- He said, ''They're aII good guys,'' Iike he kneW everyone in there Was from the 1013.
We never reIeased that to the press.
No, We didn't.
Maybe WoIf Was communicating With him before We cut it off.
ToId him to come in here and taIk shit, buy him some time.
Son of a bitch.
AII right, Iet's bring Leon back in.
He's gone.
Son of a bitch kneW he Was being foIIoWed.
- Tonray, put out an APB on Leon.
- Okay.
As We saW moments ago, the young boy, Robby Sabian, has finaIIy been reIeased.
He's been reunited With his father, Whom We saW emerge from the bank aImost 36 hours ago.
And as We're aII aWare, there are stiII severaI hostages trapped inside With famiIy members stiII aWaiting their safe reIease.
At the appropriate time Who the heII is that? HoIy shit, it's Deke, man.
Yo, Deke.
HoW you doin', Sarge? HoW the heII did you break through, man? They got a communication bIock - aII over the bank.
- Not anymore.
Sent Leon into the enemy's War room With a scrambIer, Sarge.
LittIe device bIocks frequencies, com signaIs.
I can onIy use it in short intervaIs, though, so the PPD doesn't fIag it.
I Iove it, man, I Iove it.
Yo, bro, it's so good to hear your voice, man.
I got the boys here, Sarge-- Derz, Big Stan, Leon, Iike I said.
Say heIIo, boys.
- Yo, Sarge.
- Yo, Sarge! He's got everybody With him, men.
AII right, go ahead.
We're gonna get you home, Sergeant.
I got a priority pIan in pIace.
But I need your heIp.
Next on The Kill Point Extraction pIan's in pIace.
We got exactIy tWo hours to get the heII outta here.
Let us out! PIease! Get me anybody, somebody Who can get shit done and get me What I Want! He Wants to be a ceIebrity.
He certainIy Wants everyone's attention.
Question is, Why? Go, go, go! - Leon keeps keying his mike.
- Bag him.
It's time to move, HaWke.
- They're in a tunneI.
- Go, move.
Bravo, move your posts immediateIy.
Put your Weapons doWn noW!