The Larry Sanders Show (1992) s03e14 Episode Script

The Fourteenth Floor

Hank: no, no.
I--i'm kidding.
It says "applause.
" Ray, do me a favor, Could you flick That once? [Applause] All right.
Now, remember, You're all A big part Of the show.
So the better You are, The better larry is.
You see This gentleman? Now he's giving me The sign, And it says, "We're on In 10 seconds, So get ready to have A good time.
" Here we go.
This is exciting, Isn't it? Man: in 54 Hank: live on tape From hollywood, the larry sanders show! Tonight, join larry And his guests john ritter, Debbie allen, Musical guest bonnie raitt And me "Hey, now!" Hank kingsley.
And now, because he's Wearing a new pair of pants He can't wait to show off, Lar-r-r-y-y-y Sanders! [Applause and whistling] Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That is really Very kind, very kind.
You're so much better Than last night's crowd.
[Laughter] A new study shows That people In their 80s and 90s Can actually Benefit enormously From lifting weights This will come As very good news To my grandmother Who needs a spotter To pick up a spoon.
[Laughter] Ahem.
A bear--a bay A bay area man [Laughter] Listen, when you live In the bay area, It's not easy to say "Bay area man.
" [Laughter] [Cheering] Has been charged with Biting an exotic dancer On her left buttock.
[Laughter] The intoxicated man later Tried to convince police He was one of those new, Crazy, flesh-eating viruses.
[Laughter] [Applause and cheering] A new nbc/ wall street journal poll says That most people Believe hillary clinton Has too much power.
When asked To comment on this, A white house aide said, "Please go away.
"If she finds out I talked to you, She'll hurt me.
" [Laughter] [Applause and cheering] When hillary clinton Was 27 years old, She tried to join The, uh, marines, And the recruiter Actually told her, "You know, You're too old, You can't see, And you're a woman," Which, by coincidence, Is exactly the same excuse Bill clinton Used to get out.
[Laughter] [Applause] Ok, we'll be right back With john ritter and others.
We have a great show.
No flipping! We'll be right back.
[Applause and cheering] I get a call From the network.
They say, "here's Our new schedule.
"One of the shows on Our new schedule is A show called the 6 of us.
" This is On my network.
John ritter: It's about a father And his 5 wacky kids.
It's about a father And 4 kids.
It doesn't even Add up to 6, And yet it's Called--[laughs] the 6 of us.
They're too cheap To hire the sixth guy.
I said It adds up to 5.
There was a silence On the phone.
They said, "well, That's--hopefully, "People watch Every week To wonder who The other one is.
" Maybe the second season They'll pick up The other guy.
Hello? Artie here.
Yes? Who? Oh, yes.
[Laughs] No, i can't meet With you right now.
I'm right in The middle of a show.
What? Oh, you are.
Well, if it's a problem, I'll meet you right here At my monitor, Right on the floor.
After we're off air.
What's your name again? Oh, i'm looking forward To meeting with you.
Thank you.
I actually believe that You could replace all Of our network Executives with chimps And, other than The, uh, hygiene factor Going up, Why, no one would know The difference.
Why do you always Come through The curtain With such gusto? We're home free! School's out, baby! Good show? Nothing to talk about, Nothing to critique.
Great show, Great guests tomorrow, You go home, have A glass of wine, Whack off.
I'll See you tomorrow.
That's the post-show Critique? Yeah.
You're the best.
Daniel palmer From the network? No.
I'm dr.
I give The vitamin b shots.
Don! I didn't recognize you With my pants on! Ha ha! Daniel palmer? Arthur.
Can i help you, son? I'm daniel palmer.
Oh! Really? I was expecting Something different.
Arthur The network feels It's treated larry Quite well, And, uh I guess that's Why we're confused About some of the remarks He made tonight.
What exactly Is your function? I'm Network liaison For late-night programming.
I was expecting Melanie or dennis.
[Chuckles] No, this isn't A big enough issue For either melanie Or dennis to get involved.
I'm simply here To express The network's concern.
Hank? What Are you doing? I--i can't Find my keys.
Oh? Here you are.
Oh, thanks.
Uh, listen, I--i know you're In the middle Of a powwow, But, uh, I just gotta Tell you, i am A little steamed About what happened Tonight.
Hank, i've warned you.
If you stand up Too fast, You'll get hit In the head By the boom.
No, no.
Not that.
I--i was told that I was gonna be In that sketch With larry and, uh, John ritter, and-- Let's talk about it In the morning.
Hank, this is Daniel palmer From the network.
Hey, danny.
Can i ask you A question? Are you in Any way connected To the upcoming circus of the stars Special That the network Is doing? No.
You're not? Nope.
That's very good.
All right, well, Nice to meet you, Don, and [Whispers] I'll see you.
You'll have To excuse hank.
His heart's In the right place, But he keeps his brain In a box at home.
Hello, gentlemen.
The sun is shining.
The grass is green.
All's well in hollywood.
Unless you're workin' With shannen doherty.
Delightful, phil.
Uh, hank told me You were talking To someone From the network Last night.
No problem at all.
Young boy came From the 14th floor.
We chatted about This and that.
I gave him some candy And a balloon And sent him On his merry way.
He complained about The john ritter segment, Didn't he? He certainly did not.
Was it about The john ritter segment? Yes, but it was mentioned Only in passing.
Does it have tetris? Yeah.
That's what I'm doing right now.
Come on.
Hey, come on.
What? Addictive, Isn't it? Yes, it is very addictive.
What did the guy say? Come on.
He gave the speech That we're all family.
You know, the usual shit.
They're such idiots.
"We're a family.
" You know, maybe We should do a joke About that tonight.
Will you run along, Will you, fellow? I have some Booking matters to discuss.
You know, that's A good idea, phil.
Let's do that.
Let's do a desk piece Or something, huh? Or maybe we say that You've discovered The network family tree And you pull out This dead little bush Or somethin'.
Somethin' funny.
We are back.
[Applause] And, uh, Hope you folks at home Had a good time During the commercial.
We, of course, Used the time to exercise.
We have a great show.
We have marisa tomei, And, uh, peter falk Will be out here later.
Hank: detective columbo.
That is correct.
Boy, do i love The circus.
Pardon? No, i was just thinking I--i--i-- I used to love The ringmaster And how he would call out In a loud booming voice "Boys and girls, Children of all ages.
" I believe that's The same message On, uh, michael jackson's Answering machine.
All right.
Are you ok now? Fine.
Well, let's move on.
As some of you may know, Last night, uh, We made a few comments Here on the show About some of the, uh, things Going on at the network.
And it upset a few Of our network cohorts.
And in keeping with Our open door policy, Uh, here on the larry sanders show We have decided To ask a member of our Network family on tonight To discuss the problem.
So please Give a warm welcome To our network liaison For late-night programming, Danny palmer.
[Applause] There you go.
Not always easy For the network To find the chair.
[Laughter] Thanks For being here.
Thanks for asking me.
And, uh, tell us, uh, What you did, uh What you did, Uh, before-- How long have you been With the network, Actually? Since '87.
Since '87, And what did you Do before that? Well, i was in Nursery school.
And before that? I was vice president In charge of comedy Development at nbc.
By any chance, Uh, have you seen The new show the 6 of us? Um, only the episodes I wrote.
Oh, so you write As well? Hello.
It's artie.
Oh, yes, i know.
Yes, i know.
We're in the middle Of the show.
Can we discuss it later? Because marisa tomei Is coming up, And she's so lovely.
Yes, i know.
Let's talk about it After the show.
All right.
Thank you.
I'll call you.
Tell us, what does The network's, uh, Fall lineup look like? Well, i only know What's on until 8:30 Because that's my bedtime.
Does anyone At the network Stay up past 8:30? Don't you Find this a little, Uh, coincidental That today's the day You decide to push Our start time Back to 11:35 every night? Heh heh.
We've been thinking About this for A long time.
It give us To sell local Advertising.
It's tit for tat.
Why don't you admit it? No offense, melanie.
That's a delightful Hair bob.
Is that what you call The style? Arthur, We're a family, And like a family, We-- Don't give me The family crap.
Manson had a family.
Melanie: all right, arthur.
The network isn't happy About last night.
Now look--wait.
This isn't coming From either melanie Or myself.
We love larry.
We are big fans Of the show.
But the network Would like an apology.
I'll write it up.
Have it upstairs By the end of the day.
No, an apology From larry.
I'll write it up.
Have it upstairs by The end of the day.
On the air.
The network would like An on-air apology.
And they shall get it.
We're a family.
I see no reason why We can't accommodate The network's wishes.
Thank you, arthur.
Oh, i love you both.
I'm a huge fan Of your work.
Artie: Good morning, my boy.
Hey, what did they say? What did who say? What did the network say About last night? Standard stuff.
Promos, ad revenues, Highly technical.
What did they do, Threaten to move us Back to 11:35? Ah, no.
The network Respects you too much To play that kind Of game.
I see.
So they had Nothing to say About last night? Not a thing.
Not a thing.
Well, now that I think about it, Uh, there was Something that was Said in passing.
There's the remote Possibility The network Might want an apology.
An apology.
Like i'm supposed To apologize To those bastards After they made me Go on national television And say i had A drug problem? Pricks! Prick bastards! That, too.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Maybe we should apologize.
It might be The best thing to do.
We can make it Really funny.
Maybe do it on the air And bring that little kid back.
Oh, he's not available.
How do you know that? Well, i think I heard him say He had Homework tonight.
Jeez, artie, Why don't you just say it? Say what? Say that you're, uh, Afraid of making waves At the network.
Ha ha ha.
My dear sonny boy, I've been makin' waves Since the midwife Tugged me out of My mother's underside.
We'll just Go out there tonight And make a big apology.
We'll lay it at their feet, And when they bend over To pick it up, We'll kick 'em in the ass.
Then let's get the kid.
I'll have paula Check on it.
Unless you think He's doin' his homework.
Is he? Who the fuck Do you think i am, Mr.
Chips? Ok.
Good-bye, mr.
Ta-ta, mr.
Now, uh [Applause] Those of you Who have been watching The show every night Know that we've been Kidding the network, Uh, quite a lot lately.
In fact, it's turned into A rather bitter feud, And i have Decided to be the one Big enough To bury the hatchet.
So let's go live To the 14th floor Where our Goodwill ambassador Is waiting to present Our peace offering To the network.
Uh, hank, can you hear me? Uh, yes, larry.
I'm standing In the waiting room Or the, uh, lobby, If you prefer, Of the network Offices Where i hope Momentarily To present this, Uh, lovely bouquet And this Lipton cup-a-soup To a network Representative.
All right.
Now hank, Is that an assortment Of cup-a-soup, Or is that just One kind? Uh, larry, It's an assortment Which i think Clearly proves We've come in peace.
All right.
Well said.
So we're gonna step Right over here.
If only The arabs and israelis Would give cup-a-soup.
I'm gonna step Right over here And, uh, say hello To this lovely young lady.
I am hank kingsley, As if you didn't know, And, uh, i've come To apologize to the network.
Who at the network? Well, uh, anyone at The, uh, at the network.
Well, unless you can Give me a name Or an Extension number No, i think i hear Someone upstairs.
Blow by her.
So They're in a meeting.
I--i understand, But i think they wouldn't Mind being interrupted Yeah, blow by her, hank.
By a presentation Of this lovely bouquet And this cup-a-soup.
There you go.
Sir, you cannot Go in there.
Oh, yeah, you wanna Watch the cable.
Oh, god! Aiyeee! Ok.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Hank? Hank? I think i'm fine.
I think i am.
Hank? Did his earpiece Fall out? I think i broke it.
Don't--please don't Touch my ankle! Please don't touch My ankle.
Hank, can you hear me? Oh, jesus.
Hank? All right.
Let's cut.
Let's come back.
'Cause evidently his-- His earpiece broke.
Cut it.
All right.
His earpiece Has fallen out.
We'll--we'll apologize To the network Another--another time.
Well, call me at home.
Hey, uh Shit.
You ok? Ah.
Who was that on the phone? My dentist.
I get a bad tooth, He goes to maui.
Oh, i'm sorry.
Listen, uh, Can we get Some photo blowups Of the network guys? I have a really good idea For tomorrow night's show.
I'll bet it's a cute idea.
Yeah, it is.
It is.
Yeah, well, you know Those photo blowups Are very expensive.
Why don't you, uh, Just say it, artie? What? That your dentist Who's going to maui Didn't like the sketch We did tonight.
They weren't upset, Larry Uh-huh.
And if they were, I'll deal with it In a timely manner.
Trust me.
[Man yelling] I don't need A bunch of butt-licking Pencil-pushing pissants Pissing my day away! Now get the hell upstairs Before i introduce The point of my boot To your collective asses! Get! Paula, would you Do me a favor? Tell beverly to tell larry To meet me in my office At 12:30 for lunch.
You bet.
Oh, ice cream.
Mmm, chocolate.
Get off my ass.
I'm hungry.
Hank, how's it goin'? How's it going? How's it going? Hope you're happy.
Thanks to you, I lost it.
Oh, well, good looking Prosthetic.
Not the foot.
The circus of the stars.
I was this close To being the ringmaster, And then you Forced me to do That idiotic sketch, And the network Casting people Called my agent This morning and said They're going With gavin mccloud.
Gavin mccloud.
I heard He's found the lord.
Oh, who hasn't? If i was I'd find the lord, too.
Gavin mccloud.
Gavin mccloud doesn't Know one fucking ring From another.
No, he doesn't.
Well, yeah, But anyway, get this.
Then they call me, And they ask me if I would be willing, I would be willing to be Shot out of the cannon By barbara eden.
Jeannie? Jeannie.
I hope you Turned them down.
Of course, i plan to.
But just in case, Are we on hiatus The week of the 23rd? I don't know.
Now--now--now, listen, I have to have lunch With artie right now.
Oh, by all means, By all means, Go have your lunch With big important Artie.
Just take a look, larry.
This is what happens When you screw around With the network.
Innocent victims Get caught In the crossfire.
Did they give you Any pain killers? Yes, but i checked With beverly.
You already have The ones they gave me.
I am so tired.
Jeez! Are we goin' out Or is someone Bringing lunch in? I already had my-- [Clears throat] lunch.
I had a ham And bourbon sammich.
What are you doing? Larry, god damn you, You've been bitin' The hand that feeds you And the hand's gonna Come right up and smack you Right upside the head.
Is this the ham talking? Oh, sit down, goddamn it.
Sit down! You listen to me.
You cut out this.
You're gonna cut out This network shit, And if they want to have An apology from you, God damn it, Just go ahead and do it! I'm not making An apology.
All right.
That is fine.
Well, don't come Whining to me When they start Making these budget cuts.
Well, they're not Gonna do that over A few little jokes.
You think so, eh? Yeah.
Yeah, well, Gander at this one.
Kristoff will no longer Be cutting your hair, sonny.
It will be ernie, The guy that does the guys In the news department.
The little guy With the palsy, right? That's right.
I hope you like it Short and uneven.
Well, i'm certainly Not gonna apologize Under some threat.
What are they Gonna do, fire me? Is that all They're gonna do? No.
I'm the goat.
They're gonna fire me, see? They say that I can't handle you, So they're gonna Bring in their own man.
He's gonna stand Right next to that monitor Glaring at you with his ear Wired to the 14th floor.
[Applause] Before we get any further Into tonight's show, I would like to say that We've been doing some Joking about the network The last couple of weeks, And that is My responsibility.
I take full responsibility For it, And if i so overstepped My boundaries And insulted the network In any way, I apologize, And i would like To be a member Of the network family Again Ha ha ha.
Yes, melanie.
It was A magnificent apology, Wouldn't you say? Wonderful.
Yes, i'll tell him What you said.
It was meant to be a-- A joke, and was Our little way Of apologizing At that time.
Well, uh, i mean, I was havin' a good time, And i thought the spirit Of the event was, uh, joking And was fun until that, Uh, that lady, uh, Pushed me down At the network.
No, that network lady Was a nice lady, And she tripped Over a cord.
Yeah, well, that nice lady Is gonna be, uh, Tripping over A little thing Called a subpoena.
I got it.
Well, I'll tell you-- I'll tell you You see, these people, If you don't mind my-- They--they just think They can push us all around Because, ooh, They're the network.
The network people.
Yes, melanie.