The Last Kingdom (2015) s04e05 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 5

: I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.
A great battle has been won, but the Saxons do not find themselves at peace.
You've chosen Mercia over the Kingdom of Alfred.
In Winchester, Lady Aelswith has also worked to her own plan.
You will take a message to the Welsh king.
And a rivalry simmers with the new queen Aelflaed.
Lady Aelswith was seen visiting Edward's bastard at the monastery.
What business has she showing kindness to a whore and her offspring? Yet my part is done.
I turned away from Saxon conflict and looked to uniting with my daughter Stiorra.
I want to make a home for my children to return to.
Stiorra thrives.
She's now grown and is at Saltwic with Aelfwynn, Aethelflaed's daughter, and another child, a mysterious boy.
Who are your family? I've been told not to answer that.
And though I hope the gods will allow peace, I fear ambitions will lead us back to war.
When we return to Aegelesburg, I will publicly castrate you! But the heat of battle has brought Eardwulf unexpected reward.
Destiny is all! [GUARD.]
Open the gate! [GATE OPENS.]
Make way! [MAN.]
Lift him.
Have no fear.
He will recover.
Stop praying for him to die.
- We will be blamed for this.
- Not if we blame him first.
Stiorra! - Open the doors! - Perhaps she is sleeping.
Stiorra, wake up.
It is your father.
Stay back and name yourselves.
My father calls himself Uhtred of Bebbanburg.
Who are you? Stiorra, it is us.
It really is.
Father has defeated the Danes.
I've come to take you home.
- You're lucky I didn't stab you.
The battle was never close.
We would not have left you in danger.
There have been rumors of retreating fighters.
We made a plan if we were attacked.
- Where's my daughter? - Aelfwynn! - [STIORRA.]
Aelfwynn, your mother is here! - [BIRD CHIRPING.]
Mother! I've missed you! Oh, I've missed you too! Aethelstan! You can come out.
Cnut has been sent to hell! Who's the boy? I am no one.
I will explain later.
Father, when do we ride home to Coccham? Tonight? No, but soon, once the peace is secure.
Please! I'm too old to be stuck here with children! Stiorra! [STIORRA SIGHS.]
Lord Aldhelm approaches from the road.
Lady, Aethelred is injured.
Some are saying fatally.
There's a rumor he will not last the week.
- We must go to him.
- Tomorrow.
These roads are too dangerous at night We must speak to him and the Ealdormen.
No plan has been made for the succession.
Lady, the mood amongst the Ealdormen is ugly.
Those who survived the massacre blame Aethelred for deserting them and denounce your brother for not coming to their aid.
Does this anger extend to Aethelflaed? I don't know.
- We ride at first light.
Stiorra, take the children and secure yourselves.
Open the door to no one but us.
Why? You said the Danes were defeated? - It is not just the Danes we have to fear.
- What? How much longer will I live like a prisoner? She is young to take on such a burden.
You were betrothed by her age and suffered worse.
They will remain secure until the new threats have passed.
We should not leave the children unprotected any longer.
My men will stay here.
If Aethelred dies, times will be unstable.
An empty throne provokes more trouble than a weak king.
Our traditions are strong.
The Ealdormen will choose a wise successor.
And what if that successor seeks to have you removed? Widows are rarely welcome in times of change.
- Look at your mother.
- Mercia is my home.
Yet you have no formal protection here, no son or father to speak for you.
At best, they will send you to a nunnery and marry your daughter to the highest bidder.
No! Aelfwynn will not suffer because of this.
So leave.
And come to Coccham, where I can protect you both.
Unless you want to live a life of prayer and chastity.
The Ealdormen will not turn on us.
Battle does not always bring reward, Aethelflaed.
This much I have learned.
Why do the Ealdormen circle? How long have I been sleeping? Since the day of the battle, Lord.
- You fell and injured your head.
- Did we win? I remember very little.
We did.
We returned from East Anglia and sent the Danes running to the sea.
Who in the name of God advised that we go to East Anglia? Um You did.
Then news came of the invasion and we returned to protect our people.
After hundreds had already been slaughtered.
I remember arriving at the battle but I - Am I to recover? - [EARDWULF.]
I'm assured that you will.
Why do you lie to him when he is certain to die? I ease him in his time of need.
More like in his time of judgment.
What is this but punishment for greed and ambition? - Burgred.
- He left us to face the Danes alone.
Took all the defenses we had and for what? A few miles of marshland barely able to yield a crop? Burgred.
I will speak for I have nothing else to lose! My eldest, pulled from my hands, be beheaded.
My youngest and my wife beaten.
Men of honor paraded and humiliated, and no one came to help us! And yet we survived.
I will not honor him.
And nor should you, Burgred, not after all that you've suffered.
Suffice to say that I did all I could to persuade him to return sooner but I failed.
Trust me, the Mercian Guard feel your loss deeply.
Aldhelm, have you spoken with the Ealdormen? There's to be a Witan with the survivors.
Perhaps I will address them.
They can thank me for bringing Cnut to the field.
- Perhaps you should remain here.
You do not want me with you? [LUDECA SPEAKS ANGRILY AND INDISTINCTLY.]
Times are feverish.
Now is a moment for calm negotiation.
The men who play politics always say that.
And then they come running for my help.
I demand you do not leave the room.
We are in love, are we not? Did he mention my mistake? Does he blame me for our late return? - [WHISPERS.]
He has not spoken of you.
- Good.
Perhaps he's forgotten.
If he has, it will not be for long.
We should leave before his mind repairs.
No, we will stay until he dies.
There is an opportunity to regain our influence.
- Brother, no - No, listen.
The Mercian Guard are loyal to me, and the Ealdormen are against him.
Groups are forming as the ravens circle.
- I could be a peacemaker between them.
- Brother, this is madness.
We've played with fire and found ourselves burnt.
Lady Aethelflaed.
- Are you the woman who is healing him? - No.
Merely sitting by his side.
My name is Eadith.
I've heard your name.
You must be her brother whose late entry into battle helped us prevail.
- Our actions were decisive, Lady.
- If a little delayed.
- I'd like to speak to my husband alone.
- Lady.
I command the Mercian Guard.
- I only take orders from Lord Aethelred.
Lady Aethelflaed.
Are you questioning whether I know the mind of my own husband? No, of course not.
We will withdraw.
I must be dying if you're here.
I am certain God will restore you to health.
I fear that may not be true.
Priests have prayed over me as though preparing the final rites.
They will not meet my eye.
And nor will you.
Why have you come? To revel in my suffering? I am concerned about the fate of our daughter, should you be taken from us.
Without a father to protect her, I wish to ensure she is not further abused.
You have treated her most unkindly.
That's because she is not my daughter.
I may struggle to remember, but that I know.
So, you must also know the people regard her as your daughter.
- She is rather fair for a Mercian - And that consequently, they will seek her hand to support their claim to your title.
So, what is it that you want? At the very least, you agree not to betroth her to some heartless fool.
As you were? Our union brought us misery, and the people knew it.
It created a crack in Mercia that did not serve it well.
The Ealdormen of marriageable age were all slaughtered the best of them taken.
There's a danger dishonorable hands will try to grasp her.
- So? - So, allow me to choose someone suitable and I promise you, this kingdom will thrive.
I agree.
You should approve the match.
If only you were as faithful to me as you are to Mercia.
If you had not treated me with so much cruelty since our wedding night, perhaps things could have been very different between us.
If you fear death, now is the moment to ask for forgiveness.
Who ordained you confessor? Then let it be between you and your God.
May he weigh you in the balance for all you have done.
Aethelflaed! I know that I have not always treated you kindly.
For that, I am sorry.
I was younger and more foolish.
And, as for you, I hope that you can find some comfort.
To live without being loved is a torture.
Which is why you acted with so much cruelty? [MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
If I may say, Lord King, I think this is unwise.
Injured or not, Aethelred will be held to account for abandoning Mercia.
I say let them drown in a turmoil of their own making.
Turned out well for us last time, leaving them to it.
Until the enormous battle.
Indeed, Father Pyrlig knows how to win battles.
We won the war.
Now we must help bring about the peace.
Mercia does not need any more instability.
And what about the people of Winchester? Indeed.
Have my mother publicly rebuked for raising King Hywel's army.
She must learn her interference brings a cost.
- Cenric! - Lord.
Have our men directed here to help rebuild the town.
- Lord.
- The Mercians are proud people.
I doubt they will want our help.
We will not ignore their plight again.
Our Lord will not recover! We should not delay the decision! [LUDECA.]
We are too few to pass a decision! We should wait until other Ealdormen have arrived from all parts of Mercia! That is how it has been done and shall continue! - But the matter is pressing, Ludeca.
- Yes! And the next successor is clear.
My younger son's claim is strong through his uncle and he is untainted by a connection to disloyal Wessex.
Your son is too young, Burgred.
Oh, come on! If the worst should befall our Kingdom, we will need a man of wisdom! Oh, wisdom! And who would you be thinking of, Ludeca? [EALDORMAN.]
He may yet be well enough to announce his own successor.
We should speak to them.
They talk in circles.
They will not offer me a chance to speak.
They can refuse you? They say I should be at Aethelred's bedside.
Tell me it is less disordered than it looks.
I cannot.
There is division.
There is anger.
They think Wessex has abandoned them.
And there is talk that they do not honor the union.
As in Mercia break from Wessex? - [ALDHELM.]
Some are saying that, yes.
- [SIGHS.]
Then we must appease them.
I understand their frustrations with my husband, but to sever Saxon unity would hurt us all.
We must remain united.
Lord Aethelred, I heard you were injured.
Yes, I Forgive me if I do not get up.
They told me that Has your father sent you? What He will be in his shroud before the week is out.
You must act decisively to install someone here before chaos breaks out.
His successor is decided by the Ealdormen.
And who decides what the Ealdormen decide? I cannot simply march into Mercia and tell them how to conduct their affairs.
I've not been as attentive to them as I should have.
Fortunately, you are already here.
So, no marching is required.
Danish survivors have been spotted heading east.
Should we send a band to capture them? No, all forces must come here to Aegelesburg.
- Are those the Ealdormen? - Yes.
What do we know of them and their intentions? Those two reckon they have a chance to take the title.
The gray-haired one, Ludeca, wants the kingdom and hasn't the balls to fight for it.
The other, Burgred, wants it for his son, but no one likes him enough to say yes.
Could this son be betrothed to your niece Lady Aelfwynn? Bring a successor under your wing with a family connection? It worked for your father.
A child on the throne will not bring security.
Let us meet with the older Ealdorman Ludeca.
He is likely to be the most reasonable.
First, I must speak with my sister.
Lord? It appears there might be new turbulence.
Tell the Wessex Guards to settle within the walls.
- Of course.
- Oh.
And that command to punish the King's mother, that is an order you yourself could undertake? Was punishment what the King commanded? It's what he wants but cannot order directly.
He feels the Lady Aelswith needs containing.
Brother, you have heard of my husband's injury? Yes, I've seen him.
Should he die, what are the plans for the succession? It is not clear.
The Ealdormen are much diminished.
There is talk of a break from Wessex.
They wish to abandon the alliance between Wessex and Mercia.
- They feel you have abandoned them.
- That cannot happen.
If Tettenhall has taught us anything, it is that the two kingdoms stand stronger when they are together.
- I know - I cannot preside over the breaking of our alliance and I will not allow the fracturing of our father's dream! We will betroth the Lady Aelfwynn to the successor and seal the bond between our lands.
In return for the strength she'll bring to their claim in Mercia, we will ask they are loyal to Wessex.
I agree with the idea, but it is not that simple.
The best of the young Ealdormen have been slaughtered.
There's no one suitable.
Then we will find someone suitable.
Lord King, the men who remain are not well disposed to you.
- There's no obvious choice.
- Where is the Lady Aelfwynn now? Safe at Saltwic with my men.
Bring her here and we will settle the matter.
No! We will settle the matter and then we will bring her here.
Aegelesburg is volatile.
Surely it is best if she is with her family.
She's too young to be used as bait.
Find me the right suitor and we will make haste to arrange a match.
I promise you, brother, this alliance means as much to me as it does to you.
Bring the Ealdormen to me.
Have no fear, I will resolve this.
Keep an eye on the Ealdormen yourself.
I will find out how long Edward intends to stay.
My brother is finally trying to enact my father's will.
We should welcome this.
I know, but his authority is under threat and men under threat do not always act with wisdom.
Show respect for the fallen of Tettenhall! [WOMAN GASPS AND SOBS.]
Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
You must pay your respects, Aelfweard.
Come with me.
He is too young to be displayed before the people.
If he's to send men to war, as the future king of Wessex, he must know the consequences.
I will not try and woo King Edward! I'm not asking you to hump him, merely ingratiate yourself, as will I.
Why would we try a plan that has failed before? Has it failed? We're in the palace, are we not? By luck, nothing more.
- You're giving up too easily.
- And you are living a fantasy.
Take this opportunity and escape.
Go back to having nothing? And avoid the turmoil that will unfold when Aethelred dies.
I am mistress to a dead king.
You are the favorite of a dead king.
Since when have such people thrived? Edward is not foolish like Aethelred.
Please, brother, see what is real and what is not.
For a whore, you lack ambition.
What did you say? Every plan we've made, you've agreed to.
You cannot choose to play and then run, when it gets a little dangerous.
Edward has ordered all his troops to Aegelesburg.
He is just being cautious.
Or he's expecting a fight.
There will be no fight, because we will find a resolution.
Trust him.
He knows now not to put one kingdom before the other.
I am going to Frankia before your insanity drowns us both! You will go nowhere without my permission! Is all well, Lady? Yes.
He is my brother and it is just a foolish disagreement.
My husband is asking for you.
Attend to him, please.
What kind of a man treats his sister this way? [FOOTSTEPS RECEDING.]
Aethelred has soured this place.
Then leave.
You do not have to do this.
If we went with you, they would follow and drag us back in shame.
Then we go further than they can follow.
North, to the edge of the Danelaw.
The road to Ceaster is too dangerous.
But if we made it, it has Roman walls.
It can be defended.
I want to, Uhtred to live in peace by your side to raise my daughter in safety.
Nothing would bring me greater happiness.
But if we left, we could never return.
We cannot let them destroy all we have fought for.
This is a generous gesture, Lord King.
I know I speak for the people of Mercia when I say we are grateful for your men's labor.
Come on, men! Let our friends from Wessex see our strength! [MAN.]
Ladies of Wessex, don't pout.
Is this intended as a slight? Oh, no, Lord King.
He merely strives to redeem his family name and I, for one, look on it kindly.
His father lost his lands in very undignified circumstances.
He merely has the drive of one tainted by disgrace.
Eardwulf? I believe you pulled me to safety during the battle.
Yes, Lord King, I did, something I'd do for any warrior.
Tell me, how are the Mercian Guard minded on the succession should your Lord depart this life? We have no view on it.
They're loyal to the leader of Mercia, whoever that is.
They have little time for politics, but They're good men who respond to strong leadership.
Well, I thank you for your honesty and your action on the battlefield.
Lord King! On behalf of my people, I demand that you remove your troops from Aegelesburg.
I will not abandon Mercia, when she is in need.
It's clearly a provocative show of strength! I know that you are a man in grief, but may I suggest you remove yourself from the King's presence? Gladly.
I've had my fill of Wessex.
There are ways to make men Lord of Mercia without the Witan.
You seek to control us and I will use them.
I fear these are not vacant threats.
Burgred will do something foolish to place his son on the throne.
Has he not lost one child already? Aethelred is fading, Lord.
Time is pressing.
What do you make of Ludeca? He cares deeply for peace, which is good.
But he also cares deeply for Mercia, which may lead us into conflict in time.
He seems a man of piety and reason.
But how old will he be when Aelfwynn is of age to produce an heir? He is not much older than I am and I am still active in the field.
Aethelflaed will not like it.
With respect, your sister needs to start doing as she's told.
That man Eardwulf, he seems respected by his warriors.
He is younger and we know him to be brave.
But he's not an Ealdorman.
Find out what you can about him.
Do not ask me! What is Edward planning? I do not know, and I've had enough of politics! You got in trouble for raising the Welsh? You did what was needed.
Did I? Hundreds dead, Mercia in turmoil! It turned the tide against the Danes.
And led to new chaos and new divisions! Look how the people turn on each other.
This is what happens when kings weaken.
The lines of command are broken and the people on the streets suffer.
Nonetheless, I need you to find out what Edward is planning to do with his troops.
I'm a man who speaks the truth, or at my worst, a man who uses his fists.
I was not built for spying and betrayal! [SIGHS.]
I'll leave you.
Beocca warned me.
He said I might have to choose between my conscience and my King.
But what if it was a message to be steadfast that I ignored, seeking my own glory? [INHALES.]
Beocca saw things more clearly than the rest of us.
He knew what was coming.
And he knew that you would choose wisely.
Where are you taking these women? On a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Wite.
We will give thanks for our great victory.
You shall not leave the town.
An order has come from Aegelesburg.
You are to be confined as a punishment for raising an army without the King's consent.
And when was this confinement decided? I've been asked to enact the will of the King.
Have Lady Aelswith guarded in the Reading Room.
Do as Cenric orders! Ignore this girl! She speaks without authority.
- Look how she trembles! - Do you defy the will of the King? You are not the King.
No, but I am anointed Queen.
And in Edward's absence, my will takes precedence.
I will not fight against it.
I simply ask that a soldier bring a prayer book to my room, so that I may reflect.
It will be resolved with a little will on all sides.
Some wine He is honest and good-natured, but I am troubled by his age.
Should I offer Ludeca my niece as a dowry in return for a renewal of the alliance? That is, of course, your decision, but I would follow your instincts.
Look to the hero of the battle.
No more trouble in the taverns, I hope.
We will send men to water down the ale, Lord King.
Lord Aethelhelm asked me to join you at the table.
I did indeed, welcome.
The Mercian Guard is loyal to him.
It would bring the fighting force under your command.
As you know, he's keen to restore his name and he served Aethelred with complete loyalty.
They even called him The Arse-licker.
I do not want an arse-licker.
I want a man who will serve all of our interests.
Yes, someone who will work with us to achieve the peace you need.
But the choice is yours.
Is there more trouble in the town? Does Burgred gather men? No.
No, the King just asked I sit beside you.
It's a sign that he wishes to propose to the Ealdormen and the Mercian Guard that I should be the successor.
Do I have your loyalty? The Guard are loyal to the leader of Mercia.
Then finally order will be restored.
Thank you for staying by my side.
Your wife has commanded it.
They all wish me dead, do they not? Why? Did I do something to offend my people? All of you, leave me alone with with Eadith.
I remembered your name.
Were we in love? Though I know I regret to see you suffer I could not in truth say that I loved you.
If I mistreated you, then I am sorry.
Women are used to being mistreated.
We are taught to endure it.
Will you survive without me? I do not know.
I have survived a great deal.
Tell me the truth.
Am I to die? Prayers are being said for you, yes.
The rumor is that your mind fails and you will die, Lord.
Then I need a miracle.
And it's not clear that I am owed one.
You could try praying on the relics of our beloved Saint.
For all your mistakes in Mercia, gathering his bones was not one of them.
They're in the treasury.
Ask for them to be brought to me.
I will fetch them.
Perhaps they will bring you to yourself.
Or just a scrap of luck.
I fear that I have much to account for.
This reminds me of when I drank with your father last.
He had just secured victory at the battle of Ethandun.
The feasting was magnificent.
My father always felt our two lands thrived when we broke bread together.
Exactly, the unity between us is critical, both countries, side by side, equal like brothers.
But with deference to King Edward.
With mutual respect, yes.
We should discuss this unity.
And the betrothal of my niece.
It seems wise to secure one with the other subject, of course, to the approval of the Ealdormen.
The Ealdormen will do my bidding.
I have them under my control.
Well, as you know, Lady Aelfwynn is dear to me.
I should like her to be betrothed to a man I trust.
I agree that seems preferable.
Her youth means that she could be fertile for years.
Well, obviously, we want a man with standing in all parts of Mercia, someone we might see as a I think the phrase you're searching for is peacemaker.
Someone who can unite the divisions in Mercia.
A peacemaker for times of peace.
Could you be such a man, Eardwulf? Eardwulf is not an Ealdorman.
His family was disgraced.
Well, disgrace can be reversed by royal decree.
If you agree, all we would need would be the approval of a Witan.
And the Ealdormen will do your bidding, will they not? Unless they feel that I am being cheated.
But you would not be.
Because if Eardwulf takes the title, the land he is owed becomes vacant.
And those could be handed to you in exchange for your generous support.
To the peacemaker.
To the peacemaker.
Lord, I come with news that will revive you.
Has a successor been chosen? The King wishes to betroth me to your daughter.
I will not agree to it.
But her hand with mine will unite the two kingdoms and I will be the peacemaker who saves Mercia.
I promised my wife I would not act without her.
Without a plan, King Edward will take your throne and Mercia will be subsumed.
Please, Lord, just trust that I have Mercia's best interests at heart.
I'm begging you.
Have I not always served you well? [BREATHES HEAVILY.]
No, you do not.
I cannot place it, but my stomach tells me that you lie.
Lord I have never lied to you.
You have a stench about you.
You are not worthy of my daughter.
You will never rule Mercia.
Get out.
Leave me.
Guards, help! [GASPING.]
You did not hear it from me.
I merely left the feast to take a piss.
And if I am asked, I will deny it.
Of course, Pyrlig, I will not mention your name, but enough talking in corners, I'll simply confront him with it Edward, tell me there is a mistake that you have not broken our agreement and betrothed my daughter without my knowledge.
We are simply making plans should the worst happen.
You agreed Aelfwynn should not be used as a bargaining piece.
That was before King Edward struck a bargain.
Ludeca, you cannot be joined to Aelfwynn.
She's a child.
I'm not the suitor.
I'm merely someone trying to prevent chaos.
So, who have you betrothed my daughter to? [AETHELFLAED.]
Edward, you swore you'd not betroth her to a man I despised.
He is a great warrior.
He is a leader of men.
Aethelred still rules here, and he will not allow this.
I cannot wake him.
I had looked to this moment for many years.
And now it is here, why do I feel as if I want to cry? I think he regretted the pain he caused you, Lady.
Lord have mercy on his soul and on us all.
Prepare the body and inform your brother that his betrothal will take place imminently.
You are to be sister to the new Lord of Mercia.
Edward, I will fight this! - You will not.
You agreed that Aelfwynn's betrothal was best for Mercia I will not have my child condemned to a life of misery.
Please, Ludeca, do not accept this plan.
The plan offers stability.
I believe it to be the best solution.
Eardwulf is not the man to bring peace.
Lady, begging is unbecoming.
After everything I have done for Mercia to have risked my life for this reward, my child thrown to a man who will mistreat her? Perhaps it will teach her more deference than her mother has.
Ride to Saltwic.
Fetch the Lady Aelfwynn.
King Edward would like you to ensure no force is used.
He is gone.
Aethelred is dead.
Then you are free.
He can torment you no longer.
I wish that were true.
But they seem to be set on destroying me and all that matters.
I thought Aethelred's death would be a chance for me to live in peace after all this time.
But they cast me aside treat my child as a bag of silver.
I will bargain a way out of this somehow I will.
We do not need negotiation.
We must alert our allies, rally them against Eardwulf, if necessary.
It would set the Mercian Fyrd against the Wessex army.
It would be a civil war.
A group of riders have just been sent by Lord Aethelhelm to Saltwic.
They are to take Aelfwynn.
Edward is not himself.
I will speak with him again.
Go to Ceaster.
Take her somewhere you can protect her.
Lord, I've heard the terrible news.
I will inform the people of the tragedy.
Our traditions will unite us in grief.
May it bring a time of healing for Mercia.
I fear my sister will not mourn him.
With respect, Lord King, your sister should follow the custom.
She loves Mercia, but she never loved its leader.
Have Aethelflaed confined until all this is settled.
If only to save her offending the Ealdormen by her lack of grief.
- I do not wish to be confined.
- It's a chance to mourn.
May I suggest you make this simple and comply? [DOOR SLAMS.]
Lady Aelswith Good, a man I trust.
Follow my next instructions and I am sure you will be well rewarded.
- Dip-dip.
Was Bebbanburg as impressive as we were told as children? It was more so and harder to attack.
Do you think we'll ever return to it, or is it lost forever? I don't think I will see it again in my lifetime.
Perhaps our children will reclaim it.
I do not want children.
I'm tired of their company.
Aelfwynn, come in now! Aethelstan Men are riding this way.
- Which men? - I don't know, but they're coming.
Wait! We have a plan.
Oh? Can I help you? Are you lost? We're taking Lady Aelfwynn to Aegelesburg.
She's already been taken to Winchester.
Who by? Erm, I think he called himself Uhtred.
Let us in! You two, search the grounds.
The rest of you with me.
Nothing here.
Off! I told you she's not here.
Let's go! [SIGHS.]
Stiorra! Stiorra? Stiorra! It is your father! - Did they hurt you? - No, it worked.
- I sent them away.
- Good.
Sihtric! I told you.
- We prepared ourselves for an invasion.
Lord! Is it over? - Hey, little trickster you got here.
Where's Aelfwynn? [WHISTLES.]
Death came for mother faster than she could ever know.
I've always felt it would come for me, at speed, from nowhere.
When I saw the horses, Father, I was prepared, but I wasn't afraid.
Besides, I had faith you'd come for me.
And I was right.
Bread, water and weapons, the rest we'll find on the road.
Stiorra, get the children on the cart! We head north towards Ceaster.
Do you think we have enough? With children and a band of five? It's only until Aethelflaed secures agreement from her brother.
All will be made right.
I have alerted the man who protects you.
He's outside the window.
If you think I will fall into a trap, you are mistaken.
Please, Lady, I am trying to help you.
Why would a mistress help a wife? Because Mercia has wronged us both and our brothers have turned on us.
Lady, we are not so different.
I have never humped a man for influence.
Just for your country and political alliance.
I never humped Aethelred willingly and, believe me, I am paying for it.
I have nothing and no one.
You have silver and men that will help you.
Use them.
Will Eardwulf not kill you for this? He will try but he will not succeed.
Go, Lady.
My brother cannot be controlled and will bring nothing but disaster.
Find Uhtred on the road to Ceaster.
Tell him to meet me at the ruins of Saint Milburg's Priory.
Do this and I will ensure you never go penniless.
Aldhelm, do I really abandon Mercia after everything? Lady, Mercia has abandoned you.
- Go.

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