The Last Kingdom (2015) s05e03 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 3

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.
Rognvaldr has betrayed his brother and helped Brida to invade Eoferwic.
Do not be afraid, brother, she's here to save us.
Whilst Brida has set Sigtryggr a task he dare not refuse.
We will find your wife, you know we will.
I will spare her life if you bring me Uhtred.
Eadith has delivered the gravest news.
Lady, I fear it is too late to save you from this canker.
I believe you will not see the spring.
In Winchester, King Edward has found a new love.
Lady Eadgifu, eat with us.
Lord King, I would be honored.
But Aethelhelm continues to plot against him.
Inform the Saxon boroughs not to give troops to assist him.
This is the word of the king, is it? If asked, he will deny it.
Stiorra cannot stand by and let her people be murdered.
Brida! You will pay for this! Then show yourself! [Uhtred.]
We must now enter the city by stealth and save my daughter.
Destiny is all! [suspenseful music playing.]
Brida! Stiorra! [Wolland.]
Stiorra, do not do this! Do not cross her! - See how the gods favor us, my Beloveds? - [Beloveds chuckle.]
See who they bring us? The gods will not forget what you've done in their name.
Hold your tongue, or my men will cut it out for you.
You will fight me.
You have taken my city and murdered my people.
You will face me.
Or will you hide behind your slaves? You have Uhtred's eyes.
Perhaps I shall keep them when I'm finished with you.
- [male Beloved grunts.]
- What's this? [male Beloved.]
She was helping some others escape.
She went for me.
There is no cause for more bloodshed, Brida.
Hella is a good servant, she can be useful to you.
What do you say, girl, hm? Will you make yourself useful? [chuckles.]
[dagger scrapes.]
[roaring angrily.]
Let her death be a warning to all of you who would stand beside the Dane slayer's daughter.
[water rushing.]
Keep moving! [suspenseful music playing.]
Make the square.
Fight me, Brida.
[Beloveds laugh.]
You're no warrior.
I am the Queen of Eoferwic.
I am my father's daughter.
Perhaps you're afraid the gods will favor me? You know nothing of the gods.
Make the square.
[Beloveds exclaim gleefully.]
- [thumping wall.]
- Do not do this, Stiorra! Do not fight! [suspenseful music playing.]
We're in the city.
Make a square! [Beloveds chant in unison.]
[men breathing heavily.]
Well, now I know what a turd feels like.
[grunting and groaning.]
[Beloveds chanting in unison.]
[Wolland, yelling.]
Stiorra, don't do this! [prisoners clamoring.]
You know what to do, move quickly.
Don't fight, Stiorra! [Uhtred.]
We go on your signal.
[Brida grunting intensely.]
- [Stiorra groans.]
- [Beloveds laughing.]
[both grunting.]
- [Beloveds baying.]
- [swords clanging.]
[Brida and Stiorra continue grunting.]
[Brida groaning.]
[swords clanging.]
I'll get you out, be ready.
[grunting continues.]
[Beloveds cheering.]
[male Beloved yells in pain.]
[soldiers yelling.]
Come on, you bastards, you! Ha-ha! [groans.]
[grunting and groaning.]
[grunting and groaning.]
Brida! Ah! You should not have come for my children, Brida.
It's not like the little priest was using his cock.
[both grunting.]
Sigtryggr! - [Sigtryggr.]
Stiorra! - [man 1 screams in pain.]
[man 2 yells, then groans.]
Hold back some men to help the townsfolk.
Be ready! [music with serene vocalizing.]
[distorted yelling and grunting.]
Vibeke, hide until I come for you.
[Brida yells.]
[grunting and groaning.]
[soldiers yelling.]
[horses neighing.]
To the woods! Hide yourselves! [Pyrlig.]
Take cover! [neighs.]
[grunting and groaning.]
[Beloved yells in pain.]
Vibeke! [Vibeke yelping.]
Vibeke! Vibeke, hold on! Mother! Mother! [both grunt.]
Vibeke, the gods will protect you! - Child, get back from the edge.
- Mother! Vibeke! [Brida.]
Come to me.
Don't go to him.
Do not be afraid.
Give me your hand.
Jump to me! - Vibeke.
Jump to me.
The gods are with us.
- Brida, no! - Give me your hand.
- [Brida.]
Trust me, we can do this.
You can do this, trust me.
I will catch you! - No! - [Brida.]
Vibeke! Vibeke! - [Vibeke thuds.]
- [Brida yelping.]
[soldiers yelling.]
[grunting and groaning.]
[screams in pain.]
- [gasps.]
- [groans.]
[music with emotive singing.]
[distorted grunting.]
Retreat! Retreat! [yelling and grunting.]
Take him.
I'm Sigtryggr's brother.
I'm Sigtryggr's brother! Sigtryggr, she made me.
She made me! [clamoring.]
[music with emotive vocalizing.]
[all grunting.]
[Stiorra sighs.]
I knew you would come.
You fought well, Stiorra.
Brida escaped.
Why did you let her live? Her child lay dead.
There'd have been no honor in taking advantage of her grief.
She'll find more to follow her.
Now is the time to end this.
- We lost so many of our people.
- [sighs.]
- If you don't go after her, I will.
- I will.
I will.
Fetch our men from Rumcofa.
The victory feasting will have to wait.
What What is it, Lord? We must ride after Brida.
Uh, Lord, I must speak with you Fetch Father Pyrlig.
He will be with the townspeople.
Then stay here and make sure the rest of the city is secured.
[menacing music playing.]
- Brother, I have wronged you.
- [groans.]
I was deceived by the witch.
- You will be silent.
- [groans.]
Wait! Please! I fought with you! No, you saw the tide turn and sought only to save yourself.
I saved your life.
We're brothers.
We're blood.
To the woods! Hide there until it's safe to come back.
These men will take you to the others, do not be afraid.
[hooves clomping.]
You might as well have a bell around your neck, boy.
I'm sorry.
Look, bodies.
She came this way.
Maybe we should fetch the others.
I'm sorry.
Your first battle, it is common.
I emptied my guts into my brother Ragnar's helmet after my first.
You did well.
Fetch the others, tell them Brida is traveling north.
- I'll go ahead.
- Uhtred, no.
Brida escaped, it was not your doing, you know that.
You must stop blaming yourself.
She did not escape.
I let her go.
[horse neighs.]
Can this be true? The priest was quite certain Lady Aethelflaed will not see the spring.
The king has received no word from his sister.
It seems she will not seek the support of Wessex before she names her successor.
She only needs the Mercian Witan's approval.
They will all seek the throne for their own sons.
Whoever she names will have a bloody battle on his hands.
Unless she intends the throne for the Lady Aelfwynn.
Her daughter? What, you really think the Witan would put aside their own ambitions so easily? They won't like it, but there is an argument to be made for peaceful continuity.
It avoids the infighting, which we saw at Aethelred's passing.
But perhaps that is not the only solution.
- You have someone in mind? - Who better than my grandson Aelfweard? He is nephew to the lady.
He is a far more suitable choice to continue her line and he is young enough that the ealdormen will believe they can influence him.
They will need persuading.
[laughs softly.]
We must proceed with caution.
Find out how loyal the Witan are to Aethelflaed.
I can send word to our friends in Aegelesburg.
Do it quickly.
This will not stay secret long.
Not if that arseling priest has anything to do with it.
Lord! If Brida passed this way, it was hours ago.
We could always return at daybreak, Lord.
With more men from Eoferwic, we could spread the search wider.
It will be too late.
We must keep looking.
The trail is cold, Uhtred.
[horse neighs.]
We return to Eoferwic! You will find her.
Yes, I will.
Lord King.
I've had word from Mercia that my men never reached Sigtryggr.
Aethelflaed sent no help to Eoferwic.
- [Aethelhelm.]
I see.
- I do not understand it.
Why would my sister endanger the peace so recklessly? Perhaps the Lady Aethelflaed has done what Wessex should have done long ago and cut ties with the enemy within.
No, this is not like her.
And why has there been no word from Pyrlig? [breathes deeply.]
I will send a messenger to Aegelesburg.
We are missing something.
[pensive music playing.]
Come on, you need to drink to your first victory.
This is the part where we usually enjoy the gratitude of the local women.
If Brida left any.
I was blind.
I opened the gates and I let the wolves among my people.
You led us to victory.
Eoferwic is restored, Stiorra's safe.
They have all betrayed me.
Not just the one I called brother.
I've been weak.
I kept silent as the Christians poisoned my people.
I share your anger.
- But the truce is held - The truce? There was no truce.
It was all lies and trickery.
The Christians' words are as false as the God they pretend to love.
And I was a fool to trust them.
I think you're wrong.
Why? Why do you defend them? If Brida had threatened Christian Mercia, do you think Edward would have looked the other way? But when Danes are under attack, he turns against us.
Uhtred, we are heathens to be sacrificed, nothing more.
Pyrlig said Edward did send men to Mercia intended for your aid.
You have won how many battles for them? This is how they repay you? They dishonor you.
They abandon your daughter? They do not have your oath.
They forfeit your allegiance.
Swear your loyalty to me.
Stand beside your kin.
Hm? [sighs.]
My place is in Rumcofa.
[indistinct chatter.]
Father, Sigtryggr is His brother's betrayal, there's a shadow on him now.
His pride is wounded, he needs time to heal.
It's not just his pride, I know you see it too.
He needs your guidance, he'll listen to you.
Will you stay? [suspenseful music plays.]
Drink this.
It'll help you sleep, Lady.
You have a slight fever.
I shouldn't sleep until Father Benedict has visited.
My mother was never going to let me travel home without a priest.
Benedict is here, my dearest.
The lady should rest tonight.
She is weakened from the journey.
She will be healed by God's grace, not your potions.
Will you help me with my robe, Eadith? [grunts.]
The sacrament of healing will restore you.
[Father Benedict.]
"And the apostle said unto them, 'Is any sick among you? Let him summon the priests of the church.
And let them pray over him, anointing him with oil, in the name of the Lord.
'" God is good.
Per istam sanctan unctionem et suam piissimam misericordiam indulgeat tibi Dominus quidquid per visum deliquisti.
[exhales gently.]
Our friends in Mercia have sent word.
They say the Lady Aethelflaed has allies among the ealdormen, but there are more who harbor bitterness at her successes.
Then they will name Aelfweard as Lord when the time comes? [chuckles.]
I believe most will be led by their greed.
You must leave immediately.
Make sure the Witan feels [coins jingle.]
adequately respected.
What if the lady returns before I reach the ealdormen? That cannot happen.
You must reach Aegelesburg before she does.
I will follow with Aelfweard, once I have broken the news to the king.
The palace is stirring.
I must not be seen here.
[clears throat.]
- It is early yet.
- [Eadgifu laughs softly.]
Your wife has engaged me in duties of the court.
[Edward sighs.]
I believe I am to divert my energies towards the art of embroidery.
- Ah.
- [Eadgifu chuckles softly.]
I hear she is greatly enthused by a farm girl who was blessed with a visitation from St Cuthbert, I think.
The queen wishes the ladies of Winchester to construct a grand tapestry in the saint's honor.
Of course she does.
In truth, I think she wishes to keep an eye on me.
- I will deal with her.
- No, there's no need.
I do not wish to cause her pain.
You will return tonight? Is that my king's command? It is my hope.
[knock on door.]
A thousand pardons for the hour Lord Aethelhelm.
Well? - [door closes.]
- [Aethelhelm clears throat.]
There is no easy way to deliver news of this kind.
I have received sad tidings from Mercia.
Your sister is gravely ill, Lord King.
She is not long for this world.
- There is no doubt.
- No.
Why would your spies learn this before the king? We have seen in the past how the matter of the Mercian succession can give rise to disorder.
I imagine the lady wished to keep the matter of her condition secret for as long as possible.
It cannot be.
I am deeply sorry.
[tense music playing.]
Of course, this explains why the lady did not raise the Mercian army to aid Eoferwic.
In any case, there are reports that Sigtryggr has recaptured his city.
A small mercy.
Thank you, Lord Aethelhelm.
You will travel to Mercia? Forgive me, I will intrude on your grief no longer.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
- [Finan.]
- Finan, did you find Pyrlig? Uh, I searched until nightfall, there was no sign.
- He must have traveled back to the king.
- That is not like him.
Uhtred, forgive me.
We We must speak.
We go after Brida.
We can talk on the journey.
It's the Lady Aethelflaed.
[tense music playing.]
Lord Aldhelm! [Eadith.]
She lives but her strength fades.
She doesn't want her condition to be known until matters are resolved.
She will need your help to enter the palace.
[tense music with emotive vocalizing.]
She She will not see the spring.
[gentle music with emotive vocalizing.]
But she was in good health in Rumcofa.
You must be mistaken in this, Finan.
I I wish I was mistaken.
She does not have long.
And you concealed this from me? Eadith begged me to wait until the battle was won before I told you.
Your mind was on your daughter.
It would've been wrong for me to add to your troubles.
I'm sorry, Uhtred.
It cannot be.
It cannot be.
You have loved each other for many years.
We've all seen it, even if the lady cannot speak of it.
So I know the pain you've carried since she took her vow.
She would want you to be with her, Uhtred.
You must go to her.
[voice breaking.]
I thought one day we might I thought there would be more [breathes deeply.]
There is so much I should have said.
There's still time.
We ride to Aegelesburg! Stiorra! - [Stiorra.]
Father? - [Uhtred sniffles.]
Father? Lady Aethelflaed is dying.
I'm so sorry, Father.
I must go to her.
If Mercia finds itself without a leader once more, you must be careful.
You could come with us.
It could help heal the rift between your lands.
No, my place is here with Sigtryggr.
Yes, it is.
[gentle music with emotive vocalizing.]
[Uhtred sniffles.]
[horse whinnies.]
We must keep moving.
[Brida sniffles.]
What about the last one? Should I kill him here? Um He comes with us.
The gods delivered him to me.
They will show me why.
Mother? I am here.
[exhales weakly.]
Where Where is she? The child should not see you this way, dear one.
Let us wait until you are a little better.
Aelfwynn must be named as my successor.
If she is on the throne, she will be protected.
I will fetch Lady Aelfwynn.
- [townspeople chattering.]
- [Aelfwynn.]
He's here.
- [girl giggles.]
- He's here.
Come and look! Come! [chuckles.]
[girls whisper.]
Hey! [all giggling.]
Lady Aelfwynn.
Your mother.
Is this about how I brought shame on her in Rumcofa? What more can there be to say on the matter? Lady Aethelflaed only wishes to speak with you.
My mother wishes only to chide me for doing what she cannot.
Your mother has given everything she has for Mercia! To protect her people, to protect you, her only child.
You're not just her hope for the future of this kingdom.
You're her heart, Aelfwynn.
She thinks only of you.
She is eager to see you.
Do you understand? Knowing my daughter will be Lady of Mercia in my stead, it is all I wish.
[breathing heavily.]
It will mean you are safe, Aelfwynn.
You must agree to this.
- I'm not ready.
- [Aethelflaed.]
Listen to me.
Word of my condition will spread.
There are those who would seek to take the throne for their own advancement.
If they are successful, the first thing they will do is ensure my daughter is disposed of.
[Aelswith sighs.]
You frighten the child.
She needs to know the truth.
There is no time [Aethelflaed inhales sharply.]
It fades.
Do you suffer greatly? [sighs.]
Do not be afraid.
I know there is much you must sacrifice.
It is a choice I also faced.
I do not pretend it was easy.
But you will not be alone.
[breathes heavily.]
I will be strong.
[quivering breath.]
I'll do as you wish.
I'll serve as queen when you're gone.
The Witan will stand behind you.
I am sure of it.
[breathing heavily.]
[Aelfwynn sniffles.]
Come now, Aelfwynn.
Let us visit the church together.
[Aelfwynn sniffling.]
Mother? You must rest.
It pains her to see you this way.
It is a dreadful thing to to face the loss of a child.
[Aethelflaed breathes weakly.]
I hope you know I am grateful.
Oh, uh [clears throat.]
Lady, there's no no need.
Will you do me one more service, Lord Aldhelm? Anything.
My daughter is young and willful.
I know she is not ready.
You must be her guide.
Her advisor.
She needs you.
Mercia needs you.
Of course.
It will be my honor.
No one has served Mercia more faithfully.
[Aethelflaed sighs.]
We must act quickly.
[voice breaking.]
I will seek out the ealdormen.
[somber music with emotive vocalizing.]
Thank you, Aldhelm.
[breathing heavily.]
If this sad news is true, how is it Wessex has learned of it before the ealdormen of Mercia? Lord Aethelhelm has many friends across the kingdoms.
All of you know the young Lady Aelfwynn is not fit to rule.
Does your master propose an alternative solution? He does indeed, Lord Burgred.
One he trusts you will all find [coins jingle.]
[murmuring indistinctly.]
We are greatly blessed to welcome Aalys and her pilgrims to Winchester.
This is the young woman from Lewes? You see, the tapestry tells of the deeds of St.
Cuthbert, the saint she was visited by.
Hm, remarkable.
It is important the people see your recognition of this miracle, Edward.
Are you pleased with our work? God's glory shines through your laborers, my Lady.
We will be glad to carry your offering to the Holy Isle.
- You will take this to Lindisfarne? - With your approval, Lord King.
You see, when I heard Aalys was making the pilgrimage to the Holy Isle, I knew you'd like to make a king's blessing to their offering.
It means so much to your people.
Of course.
God be with you on your journey.
[indistinct chatter.]
Do you understand that your show of piety may be seen as Wessex laying claim to the Holy Isle? King Constantin wants Lindisfarne for Scotland.
He could see this as a deliberate act of provocation.
I did not know.
[Edward breathes deeply.]
You did not ask.
God knows your heart.
- He feels your pain as His own.
- [Aelflaed sniffles.]
I will pray for you.
That you will know God's will for your life and His peace in your heart.
[Aelflaed sniffles.]
[tense music playing.]
This is not the moment for you to provoke the king's displeasure.
He disrespects me.
And you will bear it for the sake of your son.
He is the only reason we have a place here.
I am aware of that, but I'm tired of waiting Aelfweard will be Lord of Mercia within the week.
There will be a Witan when the Lady Aethelflaed dies.
And my grandson will be named her successor.
He has bribed the Mercian ealdormen.
It is the only explanation.
How long has he known of my sister's plight? What will you do? [Edward.]
Lord Aethelhelm.
I will ride to Aegelesburg.
God willing, my sister will be spared long enough to receive us.
A wise decision, Lord.
I think it would be right if your son were to travel with the delegation, Aelfweard is very fond of his aunt.
Perhaps I could accompany him? He may be some comfort to his cousin Aelfwynn.
The poor girl.
[dramatic music with intense vocalizing.]
You'll see her, Lord.
We'll not be too late! [Rognvaldr shouting in distance.]
Sigtryggr! Brother! Sigtryggr! Sigtryggr! Sigtryggr! Brother! Sigtryggr! - Sigtryggr! Brother! - [banging.]
I know it is not an easy thing, to condemn your brother to die.
We are family! [sobbing.]
You are tenderhearted.
That's why I love you.
[inhales sharply.]
I know I must act.
He must answer for his crimes.
But all my life I have protected him.
I do not know what to do.
He does not deserve your mercy.
Perhaps we could let the gods decide.
[Rognvaldr gasps.]
Brother! Brother.
We are decided.
You may choose a quick death here, or you may trust your fate to a public trial, but you must choose now.
A trial? [Stiorra.]
It's what you pretended to want when you came here, wasn't it? A trial for your people under Danelaw? [panting.]
I know you.
I know you are just.
You're merciful.
You will not condemn me.
Choose! [tense music plays.]
[crowd baying.]
You brought them here! [grunts.]
The prisoner will take the bar in both hands! He will take nine steps, for the nine nights Odin hung on the great tree.
If he succeeds, the gods have favored him and he will be pardoned.
But if he fails, the gods have cursed him.
And my sword is ready! [crowd cheer.]
Brother, I We begin! [crowd baying.]
[screams in pain.]
[continues screaming.]

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