The Last O.G. (2018) s02e04 Episode Script


1 Uh-uh.
Okay, okay.
No, thank you Devont'e.
No, he will be there.
Alright, player.
Tell me, what kind of grown man says "bye-bye" to another grown man.
The kind that just got you a loan meeting for that janky ass food truck so you can fix it up and get it off my property.
What why you look so surprised? I'm not a businessman.
I'm a business, man.
Yeah, what kind of meeting are we talkin' about? All you gotta do is go in and pitch the food truck.
And my man, Devont'e likes it, he'll loan you the money for all of your equipment, okay? That's it for me.
I've exhausted every favor I had for you on this matter.
So if you mess it up, McDonald fry cook for you.
You're not gonna go with me? I gotta pitch this by myself? Yeah, what? You scared? - What?! - [FESTIVE CAR HORN BLOWS] What the hell is that? Yo, this is the beginning of the new world, baby Watching on the front lines Shake and bounce crazy Yo! Bobby.
You did all of this with your hook up? [LAUGHS] Wow, this is dope! - Okay, yeah.
- Ah, yes.
See, Mullins? You ain't gotta to worry about me and my crew.
- We're official tissue.
We get it in! - [LAUGHS] Wow.
This is a metaphor for exactly what is wrong with you two.
Nice and shiny on the outside, dingy and empty on the inside.
Come on, Mullins.
He's just trying to support my vision.
You need to get serious, man.
What what about a food license? Some permits? How about some actual equipment to cook the food with? If we get that loan, we got it.
You better.
I'm telling you, I need you on your A game, Barker.
Don't mess up this loan meeting.
And you - You got a loan meeting? - Yeah! Bobby.
Let me tell you something.
Listen, we need to evolve and adapt, okay? I got this huge meeting to secure the bag.
You did great, cuz.
Now, leave this next part to me.
- You feel me? - I feel you, cuzzo.
- Okay.
- A'ight.
Tell your man this is dope.
Yeah, my man, CubeSteak.
I helped him steal a sailboat, so he owed me.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Thank you for your time.
That was a very interesting pitch.
- We'll be in touch.
- Thank you.
Oh, let's get this last pitch over with.
- Traffic is gonna be a bitch.
- Be nice, Kenny.
It's not easy pitching to a room full of strangers.
That's how the game works.
It's called paying your dues.
This coming from the man whose daddy gave him the company? The last time you paid dues was for your country club membership.
[LAUGHS] Actually, my dad paid for those, too.
[LAUGHS] Everybody, this is Faith Wiley.
Ooh! FAITH: What the hell is going on? Get outta my house! Nice to meet you, Mr.
These are my designers, Megan and Tiera.
You would be working with them on the winter collection, which was conceived by my creative director Shannon Birkeland.
I did my research.
These are samples of my past projects, - but my specialty is gouache.
- Mm-hmm.
And because of recent events outside of my control, I shed some previous family commitments and find myself with free time to start new business projects such as this one.
You know, normally, I wouldn't pitch myself for an account as large as yours, but let's just say getting me would be a steal for you.
Very interesting pitch.
We will be in touch.
- I say yes.
- Excuse me? I mean, her work is beautiful.
You can't go wrong with gouache.
That's rather unorthodox.
We usually discuss these things.
What's to discuss? We should hire her right now.
When can you start? Whenever you'd like, Mr.
SHAY: I think she should start today.
Well, if Shannon says so Welcome to the team.
Thank you.
So happy to be a part of the team.
- We're happy to have you.
- I bet you are.
- You know we are.
- Mm-hmm.
- See you later? - I know you will.
Do you know each other? We don't all know each other, Kenny.
- That's racist.
- I'm sorry.
You're gonna love her.
She has great taste.
I could tell from the portfolio.
You must be Tray Barker.
Oh! You Devont'e Jackson? Wow! With a name like that, I was expecting you to be, like, an ex-ball player with an ill crossover.
You know, like A.
or something [LAUGHS] But, of course, you could still be that.
[CHUCKLES] No offense taken.
- Let's hear this pitch.
- Oh, okay.
Well, you know, umm You want to enjoy prison cuisine without the fear of being shanked? Come to Last Meal on Wheels, Prison Food Truck prison cuisine at its finest.
Okay, okay.
Look, this right here, this is the vision board.
- Oh.
- With the right investors on our team, we can create a truly unique experience Sorry I'm late, Tray.
Sorry I'm late.
Devont'e, this is Bobby.
He's my Partner.
In crime.
Prison theme.
- Awesome.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, well, Devont'e, I studied the culinary arts in prison, but the real star of the Last Meal on Wheels is the food.
[LAUGHS] Check this out.
This is my Snitch Pot Pie.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
[LAUGHTER] - See? - That's really good.
What's food without condiments, huh? Bam.
[LAUGHS] A "gundament.
" It's a condiment dispenser made in the shape of a gun.
And this one? This my mom's idea.
Ankle bracelet pagers, and that's not it.
- Bobby! - Strip search Wednesdays.
I see the freak in your eyes.
Devont'e, could you give me one minute? Wait, you know what, guys, I've heard enough.
I just have one problem with your pitch.
I'm not so fond of the name.
Last Meal on Wheels.
If you're willing to change that, I would say that we're in business.
- Well, in that case - No deal, no deal.
Look, if you don't get the name, - you don't get the vision.
- Devont'e, - would you please give us a minute? - You know what I'm saying? Matter of fact, you know, I don't understand your name, you know what I'm talking about, Devont'e? Bobby, what are you doing? I'm negotiating.
This is a negotiation technique.
I got this.
I got this.
Yo, word to my mother.
He gonna counteroffer.
Watch, B.
He called you an idiot and told you to get out, Bobby.
Yo, relax.
We good.
I ran this same hustle on "Stank Breath" Mark last week.
B, we good, relax, come on.
That's what I'm talking about.
You need to leave that ghetto mentality alone, man.
Let that shit go, man, or you're gonna get left when I leave.
Really? Yeah, I did not ask you to come to this meeting, Bobby.
That's what I'm talking about right there.
That's why I was late, B.
Look, you gotta tell me when we doin' stuff like this.
Come on, son.
Why don't you find your own thing to mess up? Okay, well well, I guess I could take a hint.
- Well, that's not a hint, Bobby.
- Wow.
Say word? Say word.
Word life.
Excuse me.
It's going to Queens.
Well, all right.
Game recognize game.
You making that boss move coming up to my job like that.
Your little pillow apology the other day surprised me.
You actually had good taste, so I looked you up, saw that we both went to F.
, and I figured I'd use that to my advantage.
Me helping you gonna cost me some serious favor points in the office.
Probably gonna have to let them touch my hair some now.
We even? We're even.
Except for the whole "my marriage is falling apart" thanks to your friend who you helped invade my home.
It's too late because you already said that we even, and she ain't my friend no more.
She ain't? - Isn't.
- Hell, nah.
That bitch is crazier than them heifers on VH-1.
I don't even know how I let her get me caught up like that.
You thought you were having your girl's back.
That's what real ones do.
You're damn right they do.
It's been so long since I've had a real one.
Yeah, I kind of noticed you were the only chocolate chip in the sea of vanilla at your job.
[CHUCKLES] I used to work at a firm like that, so I know what it's like to be "The Spook Who Sat by the Door.
" Always on your best behavior.
Or be labeled the one with the attitude.
And why do they always keep it freezing cold? It's like they want to remind us this ain't Africa.
- We know.
- Mm.
And who brings their dog to work? Girl, I be saying the same thing.
[BOTH LAUGH] I guess I'll just continue to watch reruns of "Living Single" and pretend like Queen Latifah my bestie.
Real talk? Divorce shows you who your true friends are.
I'm learning that "our" friends were really his friends because they're all taking his side.
And right now, I gotta finish planning my daughter's birthday party while hiding from her and her brother that their parents are divorcing.
- Damn.
- Yeah.
Jaybird, the big Joker is the big Joker.
Look, man, don't let society program you to think size matters, all right? What you mean? Big L You don't even know what you're talking about.
Biggie Smalls is still big.
Thanks for coming out, Josh.
No problem.
I was just going over your pitch.
Your text said that you needed a ride 'cause Bobby went Bobby? Yeah, he really messed up, man.
Cost me the loan for the truck.
Now we ain't speakin'.
Well, anybody that spent more than a couple minutes with Bobby knows he's a good kid.
It's just, sometimes he's a liability.
BIG COUNTRY: Yo, I agree with Josh.
Everybody here has had a Bobby in their life at one time or another.
Yeah, I replaced my Bobby with Jesus.
But then Jesus started telling me to rob liquor stores.
That's when I realized that him and Bobby are both hallucinations.
Now Risperidol is my Bobby.
Bobby is the least of my problems, you know.
Mullins said if I don't get somebody else to give me a loan for this truck, I gotta get a regular job.
I gotta tell ya, I thought I was gonna hate this pitch, but it's actually it's actually amazing.
But then Bobby had to go ruin it, man.
Took my gundaments and stuff, man.
It was like the most ignorant shit I ever seen.
Get off! Get off! Get off! - That's running a close second.
- See, I can see your cards now.
I'm good.
I'm good.
You okay, Bobby? I don't want to talk about it, but can you give this to Tray? Me and him not friends no more.
- Okay, well, I gotta - I was I was just trying to help.
- I was trying to help.
- Go home, Bobby.
So, you you wanna keep talking about it? Go home, Bobby.
I mean, the profit margin is incredible, as most of the prison ingredients are nonperishables.
In the food business, that is rare if not damn near impossible.
Josh, you do realize he's never had a real job before Grundles? I didn't I did not know that.
And shit, I'm not even sure if he can read.
Don't you think you're being a little bit hard on Tray? Why, 'cause he's your new best friend? No, because he's sitting right here.
Shay, I did not bring Josh into this.
- He came to me.
- That's true.
I liked what I saw.
He's got it all planned out.
He just needs the money.
I know you think I'm the last person you trust with this type of money, but this is different.
This is my last shot at my dream.
Personally, I feel like you need to put in little more.
Just just listen.
This is bigger than the food truck.
This is about my kids.
You know how embarrassed I am that my kids never seen me on my feet? I see the way they look at y'all with admiration.
I want them to look at me that way, too.
- Okay.
- Okay, what? Okay, we'll give you the money.
- Really? - Thank you.
When I brought the kids home from the hospital, and I was living in the projects, I didn't want them to look at me the way that I looked at my mom.
So, I got that stash of money that you had in a shoebox, and I paid for school.
And so I know a little bit of help with the proper motivation can change lives.
Thank you, Shay.
God bless you.
Thank you.
It's like you told me.
A second chance is a beautiful thing, right, Tray? Yes.
But one more thing.
Bobby is your family.
That's Clyde's brother.
That boy loves you.
I don't know why he looks at you as some sort of superhero, but he does.
You need to take care of that.
That's all I'm saying.
Just take care of that.
I'll call him right now.
We in the club - Bobby: H hello? - Yo, What's up, Bobby? Where you at? I'm at home.
So, Nia is, like, changing now that she made varsity softball.
You know, like, hanging with the seniors and all that? - [Cellphone chimes] - Mm-hmm.
And so you know me and Talia, we're, like, "Uhh, Nia, why can't you hang out?" And she's, like, "Oh, you know I have to practice, make myself ready for college.
" Hey, I need you to go somewhere with me a little later on today.
One of my co-workers is having a birthday party for her daughter.
She's going through a divorce, and I'm the only person she knows that has a black daughter, so she wants you to come.
Nah, I don't know.
That's kind of weird.
Well, you'll be able to make new friends.
Okay, well, what do you know about the daughter? She's 10, and it's a princess party.
She's 10? Uhh, is this about me needing a new friend, or you needing one? [CHUCKLES] Don't be trying to psychoanalyze me, little girl.
All right? You not grown.
And based on that story you was just telling about Nia and whatever her name is, you one to judge? Y'all always got some drama going on.
I'm starting to think you the problem.
Now, get ready.
Come on.
But did Nia say something to you? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Hey, you made it.
This must be Amira.
- Mm-hmm.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Oh, Brittany? Meet Miss Shay and Amira.
you have to be the prettiest princess I've ever seen.
I'm the second black princess after Princess Tiana.
Oh, Amira loves Tiana.
Let's go hear the royal story time.
Royal story time? That sounds fun, Amira.
Girl, I got a glass of wine with your name on it.
I need it.
Shay, this is Karen and Denyce.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, Faith.
We were just talking about how lucky you are to have a husband like Greg.
I love how you two parent together, like, as a team.
They say that makes such a big difference.
Don't you agree? My kids' father sold crack and went to prison, and now he's popped back into the picture, so I'm gonna have to let you know about that.
Oh, hi! It was nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
- [LAUGHS] If only they knew the truth about Greg.
What if they're right about me being lucky to have someone involved with the kids? Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about the divorce.
He cheated on you.
Well, maybe he deserves a second chance.
Girl, if you ask me, no second chances.
Time for a royal water break.
[LAUGHS] Greg, thanks for doing this.
For Brittany.
Baby, this this is where I'm supposed to be.
Don't believe that bullshit.
Excuse me.
Do you mind? I'm just over here, minding my own business.
Okay, baby, can we go somewhere and finish what we were talking about earlier? - Sure.
- What happened to that Brooklyn sistah that rolled into my office? Pull up your big-girl draws because you know his cheating ass was probably banging Lisa right here in this kitchen.
- Don't listen to her.
- Mm-hmm.
Probably did it to her right here on this island countertop where you cut your vegetables, girl.
Faith, you know that didn't happen.
That night I came home early, and you told me not to come in the kitchen - because there was a bee.
- Yeah.
And you didn't want me to get stung.
Was that because she was in here? Mm, you just now figuring that out? Greg.
I think the girls are waiting for you to finish up story time, and then you can leave.
Yeah, go on and read them make-believe stories to them kids.
Before you get kicked in the nuts.
- Was that too much? - Yeah, just a little.
My bad.
TRAY: Listen, Bobby, man.
I just want you to avoid the same mistakes I did, okay? - I know, cuzzo, but - Just listen, man.
You promise me, man, that you're gonna be - all that you could be.
- I promise.
Because you're still a part of this truck, Bobby, and I can't do this without you.
Whatever you choose, you're gonna be great at it.
All right, well, I choose to be great at helping you out with this.
You know what I'm saying? Whoa, whoa, Bobby.
Bobby? Bobby, I'm trying to clean the place, not tag it.
Oh! Ooh, I'm about to make the ill grilled cheese with this, son.
[LAUGHS] You know what, cuzzo? Thank you for giving me a second chance, man.
This right here is about second chances, man.
You think a nigga like me is supposed to come out of prison and start over? No.
I'm supposed to be slingin' crack.
Or pimpin' your young, pretty ass out to old white ladies on the low.
Come on, Mullins.
Why I got to be the one getting pimped? A mulatto like you? Boy, you be getting top dollar.
Yeah, you right.
You right.
Yeah, I wish I could go back when I was young and light-skinned.
I'd be whoring myself out.
All the ho's I know is O.
Like, who am I to say that she's old, you know what I'm saying? She's like the Millennium Falcon.
She'd give you fellatio, hook up a steak, and still make the Kessel Run in less than three parsecs.
Yeah, yeah.
But never mind that because I'm here with you.
And when I come up, you coming with me.
Get money with those that want to get money with you.
- Get down or lay down.
- Lay down.
Remember this, both of y'all.
No more excuses.
Memorize this.
I want you to memorize this.
Excuses are tools of the incompetents used to build monuments of nothingness.
Those who excel in them seldom succeed at anything.
- That's deep.
- Good, ain't it? I tell you, it changed my whole way of thinking.
Once I got that in my head, once I locked it in.
- Hey, hey, hey, say less.
- Okay.
I'm professional from now on, B.
You know what? Look at this.
Look at this.
Look at this.
What's going on, fellas? Y'all having a good day? Y'all have a good You're late! We are professional, and professionals are on time.
- Man, I was at a piano recital.
- Social media, man.
Excuses, excuses.
You know what? I'm gonna tell you like a wise man told me, you know what I'm saying, son? Excuses umm will have you it was umm, uhh You know what? Y'all get to work, man.
Never mind all of that, you understand me? Me and you, Country, are gonna work on the deep freezer.
You and Mullins, y'all get to the fryer.
And you and you, you all get to the pans and the other shiny shit.
Let's go.
You gotta rock to the rhythm with them Got to give it to 'em Got to give a lot more than the minimum Rock to the rhythm with them Got to give it 'em Got to give a lot more Yo, wake up, wake up It's a new day now Sidestep, right, left, who's gonna break down Now I get down make 'em all sit down Either that or have them hurrying to skip town Feed your ears with the snares and the kicks pow Always chew it up, but I have to watch where I get down Try to navigate your way through this thick sound It's big oak duck and cover when I spit rhymes Come on, come on Wow, Bobby! Look at this, man.
Shit just got real.
The best part about it is on the up-and-up.
No more slinging crack or hustling.
No more.
No more.
I'm a legitimate businessman.
- I'm proud of you, cuzzo.
- Thank you.
Give me some.
Yeah, I'm proud of you, Barker.
Watch out, man.
From now on, I'm gonna be just like y'all.
I'm leaving all that hood stuff behind me, you know what I mean? Don't leave it all behind.
Sometimes that shit come in handy, like now.
Look, I told them that we was gonna pay them - to help fix up the truck.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Buckle up.
- Hit it, Barker, come on! [TIRES SQUEAL] - What you doing, man? - Yo! You wrong, Mullins.
We live in your house.
Come on, brah.
Oh, wait, no, no! I need my insulin!