The Last Panthers (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Where is he? Second building on the left, with the light on.
- Is he alone? - Mm-hm.
Adi Adi Adi - Hey, Zlatko.
- Hey, Adi.
- Been looking for me? - Come with me.
What for? To blackmail Milan, huh? - My brother is a good man.
- That's where you're wrong.
I'm fed up with you people thinking you're so powerful.
We only think we're powerful? My poor Zlatko.
You have no idea what power is.
I love my brother.
Milan, Dad doesn't like us going so far away.
But we can see everything.
Naomi? Naomi, how are you getting on? Over.
Naomi, I'm looking for a response.
- I need specifics.
- I don't have specifics.
I've just been told it's medical supplies.
And that you have to move us out of the way.
The road has three gates on it.
I get permissions at all the gates.
That's my job.
Your job is to negotiate with those who don't deserve negotiating with.
To secure unnamed supplies for unnamed hospital.
- Yes.
- Don't be rude, Ferid.
- No, she's being rude to me.
- Ferid.
We should know what's in the trucks.
- We should know where it's going.
- It's to help your people.
I'm sorry, but you don't know that.
And the course of this war gives us no reason to trust you.
I am sorry, but you don't have our permission.
Please, give us a moment.
Ferid, my friend Stop being a pain.
Why do you do that? - Listen to me.
- Why? Don't piss me off.
We work together.
- I said stay in the village.
- What's going on? Go home.
Go on.
- Why do you insist? - I told you.
Stop being a pain.
I don't give a shit about aid work.
You piss me off.
I'm an idiot, is that it? Go on, say it.
Why do you even ask for permission? - Ferid.
- Hm? - You have it.
We'll let you through.
- Thank you.
All permissions go, sir.
Green light from the Bosnians.
Are you receiving? Over.
Sir, are you receiving? Over.
Green light from the Bosnians.
It's daylight and I'm walking down the street.
And my mum is holding my hand.
It's her left hand, in my right.
We're walking down the street, and we hear, like, a commotion up ahead.
There's been an accident, a road traffic accident.
And my mum pulls me away.
But not before I've seen it.
Or him.
His face lying in front of a bread lorry.
And the bike is crumpled underneath his wheels.
And the lorry driver is shouting that he didn't see him, and like I know.
And he's bleeding from the eyeballs.
With a man on the ground.
He's bleeding from the eyeballs.
He probably wasn't bleeding from the eyeballs.
That's probably just howl remember him, you know.
That's my first memory.
And that is why you'll never catch me on a bike.
You weren't expecting such a long answer.
- No.
- Or such a morbid one? You don't think my children have seen worse? I said too much.
I like the way you talk.
You like the way I talk or you like what I say? Both.
But mainly, the way you talk.
Your mouth twitches at the sides.
Every time you say something you're not sure of, your mouth twitches at the sides.
I never really noticed that myself, so Maybe it's just when you're talking to me.
Can I fire it? Want to be a soldier? I'd make a good soldier.
Maybe you will, one day.
How's that girl? What's her name? - Naida.
- Naida? Going well? OK.
Your trucks broke our post.
- I was told this was an emergency.
- Yes.
- I need my post.
- It's a post.
A post I need.
How much compensation were you after? It's not a matter of compensation.
It's a matter of not having a fucking broken post.
OK, well.
I'm here, on behalf of my unit, to apologize.
Would you like me to write to your post personally? I also give you this.
Darko, you know I can't take intelligence.
These are what you need to prevent what we can't prevent.
Please, take them.
Take them, and show whomever you can trust.
Bora! Get the car ready! This shipment is for Marseille.
We promised five.
We keep the rest.
I want surveillance.
They've agreed to a ceasefire, If they're bringing weapons in, then We're not here to survey them.
We're here to protect convoy loads traveling through the region.
We support the Red Cross.
We support the UNHCR.
We do our bit.
But unofficial surveillance would allow us to do our job better.
It's not as if they're a real army.
The Serbian Tigers are a militia.
- Naomi.
- It's true! If they're breaking the Geneva Convention And if they're not and we're spotted spying on them? We've knackered it.
Not them, us.
The ceasefire is holding, which means everybody is doing their job well, including us.
No need to question beyond that.
You can't mean that, sir.
We did a good job today.
You did a good job today.
- You are wearing my favourite uniform.
- Thank you, Igor.
Always so polite, the British.
I've got some dates to discuss with you.
Tell me.
You do know that moving weapons during a ceasefire is a violation of that ceasefire? - And that your militia - Army.
Sony, your army and your Tigers are just as responsible for keeping to the terms of the Geneva Convention as any other.
You know nothing about war, you people.
Serbia is a country that understands war.
Every empire invaded us.
Romans, Ottomans, Germans, Russians.
In World War I, we were invaded three times, in three different directions.
In World War II, our government sided with the Nazis.
We overthrew them.
We fought back, causing many more deaths.
And when Stalin tried to take power, we fought him, too.
My people We know blood.
We know war.
Because every war has taken from us.
The British, they know how to start war.
Not to survive it.
You have blood on your hands.
And we have blood in our hearts.
We keep your ceasefire because we choose to keep your ceasefire.
Sit, and give me your dates.
There have been three deaths in Gornji Vakuf.
But all signs are the Lasva Valley ceasefire seems to be holding.
So, congratulations on that.
We did a body exchange this morning, which resulted in the repatriation of some 200 corpses.
There have been some identification issues, but all is proceeding as planned.
on the 15th of February, we have the UNHCR coming through.
six-truck convoy.
Could be as many as 12, if they get brave.
This is an all-ports warning for that.
You will get a route and a full briefing to follow.
Oh, and the French High Command are threatening a visit.
I'll believe it when I see it.
They apparently call this "Cowboy Country", which is nice of them.
That's all I've got.
Thanks, people.
Thank you.
- Naomi, can I have a word? - Yeah.
This here's Tom.
He's here for a talk.
- And who does he work for, sir? - Why don't you ask me yourself? - Who do you work for, sir? - I'm a print journalist.
For the Spectator.
You mean you're MI6? Hmm! - Yes, Mike.
You may go.
- Thank you.
Now Hm - Croatians gave you these? - Yes, sir.
Oh, you don't need to address me as "sir.
" You may call me Tom.
I call you "sir" because I'm not sure of your rank.
Do you know this man? - Yes.
Captain Igor Brankovic.
- Hm.
Interesting man, isn't he? It is quite important to us right now that tensions are kept as they are.
Arkan is crazy, but he trusts this one.
They're both ex-UDBA.
- You have heard of UDBA, I take it? - Of course.
The secret police.
Hm Tito wasn't such a fan of opposition.
In fact, he was downright scared of the Yugoslav dissidents who'd run away to Western Europe.
So, he took to working with a certain Stane Dolanc.
He gave Tito an idea of how he might solve the situation.
And it was quite a clever solution.
Rather than sending in secret police, they would deploy a criminal element to do the worst jobs.
- They hired murderers? - Not hired, exactly.
No, they simply gave a few of the worst offenders in the land a list of names and told them if they helped them with these men, found them, tracked them down, killed them, well, then, for the rest of their time in Western Europe, they would have carte blanche to do precisely as they pleased.
Carte blanche? They could commit crimes in other countries and still have a safe haven in Yugoslavia.
And do you know what they got very good at? Robbing jewellery stores.
Know anything about diamonds? Hmm.
Well it's what you could probably call, indeed, we have called calculated savagery.
State savagery.
Arkan was ostensibly the leader and Christ knows how many stores he hit.
God knows how many dissidents he killed.
But Igor helped break him out of jail twice.
Along with Dragan Tosic.
- You had dealings with Dragan? - No.
These three They trust each other.
Like brothers.
And trust, in wartime, is a thing of value.
Arkan is unapproachable.
So, Igor and Dragan Like diamonds to me.
Now, the point of this history lesson is that we must be What is that horrible phrase? Actively impartial.
Be sure to be particularly actively impartial with this man, could you? Don't piss our Igor off by questioning his movements.
Do you understand? Let him behave as he wants, because his savagery is a little more approachable than all the others.
Savagery isn't born.
It's made.
And a peculiar set of circumstances went into making this particular brand of savages.
But for the good of all people, Serbians, Croatians, Bosnians, Macedonians, we need to unmake them very carefully, and without the disgust and superiority that comes so easily to us Brits.
Yeah, it sounds like a pretty good excuse of doing nothing to me.
- If people are dying in the meantime.
- Oh, that would be a horror, indeed.
I think I'm going to like you, Captain.
You're fun.
Now Where can we get a drink around here? Weren't you supposed to be manning your fort? Working in some kind of way? Warlords have days off, too.
You don't seem to have much else.
You just need to concentrate.
We are Bosnians.
We don't have anything to do.
We just wait.
Wait to be killed.
Now, please.
Can you play the game? I have my eyes closed.
- And I can't see anything.
- Concentrate.
You know, if we're found together like this, it will prompt a massive international incident.
No one knows these mountains.
Besides, this is still Bosnian territory.
We are safe.
If they come and find us, I'll pretend to have kidnapped you.
Well, you have.
Now Here.
Turn around on this point three times.
- What? - Go.
OK? Go.
- I've done two.
- One.
- I've done two.
- Other side.
One, two.
- Now.
- Yeah? Turn around on this point three times.
But on your own.
- We'll hide.
You try to find us.
- Ok.
- Go.
- OK.
Did I drive slow enough this time? No, not at all.
Don't ask me what I use it for.
I'm going to see Naida.
Adnan go to bed.
It was my favourite place where I took you today.
I used to take Yelena and the kids there.
You know, you never asked me what my job is.
Before all of this.
- What was your job before all of this? - Oh, good question.
- I was engineer.
- Wow.
I think that's the word you use.
I fixed machines.
I was good at it.
I wish I'd have known you then.
- I wasn't so different.
- No? I'm not sure people do change.
What am I? If I knew that, I may not find you so interesting.
You are mysterious.
You're my mysterious girl.
You want to say something? There is something inside your head.
Pev Pev, I need to tell you something.
The Serbs are re-arming.
They're going to attack.
You need to leave.
They are re-arming? Yes.
But you can't tell anyone I've told you.
No one else must know.
You mean, not tell my friends, my neighbours? No.
No, you mustn't.
Because if anyone finds out, if anyone else knows Anyone leaves Then the Serbians will know.
They will see it.
And it will be mayhem.
Get your English troops to stop it.
Oh, baby.
I can't.
We can't.
You know this, Pev.
I can't leave.
- What about your boys? - Yeah.
I'm a father.
If I run, leave everyone else behind, I stop being a man.
And if I stop being a man, I can't be a father.
- You have a choice.
- You also have a choice.
Baby, I don't have a choice.
If you do nothing, then you and your beautiful boys will die.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
There is nothing I can do.
Come on, Ferid.
Come on.
Halt! Freeze! He's dead? Let's go.
What have I done? Fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Fuck your mum.
Fuck your dad.
Fuck a fucking duck! - There's been an attack, ma'am.
- I fucking knew it.
- The Serbs.
- No, no.
Not the Serbs.
The Bosnians.
Laid explosives in a Serb camp.
A further 15 dead, apparently.
In the case of armed conflict, not of an international character, occurring in one of the territories of the High Contracting Parties, each party to the conflict I have a job to do.
I know what's in the fucking Geneva Convention.
- Sir! - What do you want me to do, hm? I've dispatched troops.
I want you to arrest every Bosnian you can find.
For their own protection.
It's going to be a bloodbath out there.
They're going to kill them for this.
They're going to kill them all! Did you do this? Are you in any way responsible for this? Are you responsible? Should you not have done more? Should you not have listened to me? This is not a game.
I have a job to do.
And no, we're not arresting anyone.
- Adnan, where's Milan? - I don't know.
We had to strike first.
Dad, we had to do something.
You've sentenced us all to death.
I thought it was the right thing to do.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Any others? - I'll check.
- It's OK.
Let's go.
Follow me! Ma'am! Pev! Pev! Guys! Come on! Halt! Halt! Halt! Get out! Are they ours? - Out! - Come on! Go back! Major's here to see you, ma'am.
Thank you, David.
You OK? Yes, sir.
We've been all over the There have been some bodies found.
There have been quite a few bodies found.
We need to make a log of this place, get down numbers.
We need to know numbers.
How many left.
We'll need to know.
So we can count how many come back.
Start making a log.
- We'll have to push.
- Hm? Help me push.
- Have they? - Yes, come on.
- Are you sure? - Yes, do what I do.
This is what we'll do.
On the count of three Push as hard as you can.
Understand? Hurry.
Turn around.
Please, turn around.
I said, turn around! Please, turn around.
- We have to bury Dad.
- We can't.
- They'll come back.
We must go.
- Where? - To fucking Serbia.
- Serbia? But the Serbs killed Dad.
We'll start a new life in Belgrade.
I'll look after you.
Come on.
Milan Celik.
Your dad told me your name was Begic.
We changed our name in the camps.
I don't understand.
We wanted to come to Serbia without our Muslim name.
We had no papers.
So, we gave ourselves a new name.
Told them we were Serbian.
They believed us.
You went to Serbia.
This is an expensive hotel room.
Diamond hunting pays well, huh? Hmm.
Yes, it does.
Why did you save me? I know it was you.
Because my father would have wanted me to.
Because Adnan would have, too.
Don't think I'm a good man.
I'm not a good man.
Do I look like him? Like my father? No.
I can't remember anymore.
Did I take this? Yes.
You're right.
I don't look like him at all.
But You see, Adnan has his chin.
The only time my family dies is when you are around.
It's like you are some angel of death.
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