The Last Post (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 Anything happens, you're on your own.
We only have responsibility for each other.
Thank you.
Makes my job of reporting on who you kill, and how, and why, so much easier.
You can't do that! It's my job.
The target's code name is Starfish.
Abdul Kadir Hakim.
He's brutal, he's clever.
Who's that? Harvey Tilbrook.
What does he do? WHISPERS: He's a big, fat spy.
The Third Man! THEY GIGGLE Of course, it means he's had other girls, your handsome husband.
You need to be surprising.
And unpredictable.
I'm sorry about Nick Page.
I'm pregnant.
It's not Ed's.
I'm going to tell him.
MEDIA BROADCASTS: Aden - where east meets west.
Vital as an oil refinery, as well as a Gulf trade route.
The beach here at Aden is lovely.
The sun is warm and the sharks are not always hungry.
The occasional outbreaks of violence are caused by what are officially called dissident tribesmen.
As long as there's trouble, there must be troops.
The Queen has full confidence in Aden's future, describing it as the perfect example of colonial rule.
Oh! HE WHISTLES Let's go! HORN BLASTS Here! In here! Just here, ma'am? Thank you so much! Just doing my job, ma'am.
Thank you.
I was I was just I was just delivering something.
What what I mean is I didn't know you I didn't know you'd be here.
I'm glad you are, though.
Oh! Er For the deer.
Deer? Christmas deer.
Oh! Yes! Yeah, the reindeer! Yeah, yeah, yeah! The reindeer have names, you know.
Um Rudolf, er Dancer, Dasher, Comet, Cupid.
Cupid, that's it.
I have to go.
Yeah, sure.
What time will he get to Aden? Er well, he sets off from Greenland at around three o'clock, so Daddy says he lives at the North Pole.
Didn't you, Daddy? He's right.
Huh! What am I thinking? Greenland! Hm.
You wouldn't lie to me, would you? Father Christmas will be here to put your presents in your stocking, provided you're asleep when he gets here.
And tomorrow, he'll be at the BP Club, I promise you.
Bath time, George.
Off you go.
Well, I believe you.
Father Christmas definitely exists.
We've got him, Joe.
Sorry, sir? Starfish.
Kadir Hakim.
The Paras picked him up last night.
We've got the bastard.
That's, er It'll certainly help the men deal with what happened.
I can't put it out of my mind.
His head.
Who would do such a thing? What kind of? Listen, about that reporter.
The world cannot see the photographs she took.
This comes from the top, Joe.
She shouldn't have been there, she shouldn't have seen what she saw.
And those pictures are Just see to it, would you? There's a good chap.
AIRCRAFT OVERHEAD I have to go out.
I might be some time.
Can I ask what it is? Checking on one of the men.
What's the matter with him? You should learn not to ask, darling.
He's a long way from home.
I could come with you and talk to him.
I could come as your wife and Huh! Makes it sound like it's a part I'm playing.
"She comes as Captain Martin's wife".
It's fine.
It's not really a wife thing.
Don't wait up.
DOOR SHUTS It's Christmas Eve! HUBBUB Maybe Life Magazine will do a profile.
The private life of a private soldier.
In real close.
Honestly? Sure.
Let me ask you something.
Why are you here? Because I like you.
You meant Aden.
You meant, why are we here in Aden? Do me a favour.
Take this.
Don't come back.
Get up and walk away now.
Don't look behind you.
Take the back alley.
Where's Lance Corporal Stoneham? I ate him alive.
I'm afraid those photographs you took can't be published.
I'm interested in one thing - the truth.
Can I have the film, please? Or what? I'm asking politely.
SHE LAUGHS You know, I think, finally, I understand how much distance there is between what's said and what's meant when an Englishman opens his mouth.
You're threatening me.
How would you feel if you saw a picture of your brother's head on a spike in a Sunday newspaper? You're not here representing the interests of the Dimarco family.
Corporal Dimarco has three sisters.
The youngest is called Elaine.
She's nine years old.
If she were to ever see those photographs I'll use the other ones.
Hm? The dead soldiers.
They make the same point.
Which is? This is a war.
Your government would like us to call it something else.
A little "local difficulty".
But these pictures and this reporter tell us otherwise.
The third-busiest port in the world and the most strategically important doesn't want to be a part of the British Empire any more.
WAITER SPEAKS ARABIC SHE REPLIES Is the capture of Abdul Kadir Hakim supposed to be secret? Because my waiter knows, and he's not happy.
My nose needs powdering.
Hey! What do you think you're doing?! How dare you! Thief! Harami! OK.
This man was trying to steal the bag! ANGRY SHOUTING I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's all right.
It's OK, it's OK.
No, no, no.
Stay back! Stay back! Huh? MUTED SHOUTING GUNSHO Thief! He looked in my bag.
SHE SPEAKS ARABIC MEN ALL SHOUT AT ONCE Just below the wrist, off with the hand.
MEN ALL SHOUT AT ONCE But the victim has the power of forgiveness.
And I'm the victim.
LAUGHTER AND CHATTER MUSIC: The World Through A Tear by Neil Sedaka Grass is green Like I've never seen Sky above Was never so blue And here am I No-one standing near It's a lonely world Such a lonely world The world through a tear from days gone by The world through a tear too slow to dry The world through a tear Do you remember Berlin? THEY CHUCKLE Don't.
Why not? It was a long time ago.
Is it very painful? You must be missing him terribly.
Is it so obvious? It's everything you say and do.
You don't mind if I join you? He was good to me.
HE CHUCKLES I've wondered I was wondering whether it was guilt, or But I don't think it was, you know, I think he just liked me.
Ed, you don't have to do No, of course.
I love you.
Part of me was pleased when he died.
Maybe this won't work.
Ed? Oh, come on.
Ali, if you can't talk to me, I mean, if you can't talk to your own husband, then, I don't know, just Your new friend, Honor? I mean, she Oh, I had hopes, but, um What? Joe warned her off me.
It's the usual thing.
Can't keep you in line if she's too close to me.
He said that? He said that! FOOTSTEPS Oh.
Is he here? Um no.
Where is he? He's talking to one of the men.
Really? Why why are you? You know, Alison, she likes you.
She really likes you.
You want to come down to ours for a drink? I don't know how to put this, but my husband doesn't think Isn't here on Christmas Eve.
Now, we'd both really like the pleasure of your company because .
we would.
You know Stoneham's half in love with you? Only half? I thought I was doing better than that.
You're using him.
Oh! That's obvious.
That's life.
It's what everyone does.
A cynical view.
Anyone who's any good has a ruthless heart.
They just may not want to admit to it.
Ruthlessness is Half-a-dozen ghost soldiers facedown in the sand, Corporal Dimarco's head on a stake in the middle of the desert.
They're great photographs.
Mea culpa, Joe.
I confess.
I'll tell you where the film is.
On the condition you meet me tomorrow.
Oh, why would you do that? This isn't a game! Isn't it? Tomorrow is Christmas Day.
On which everyone is required to behave in exactly the same way.
Eating the same food, singing the same songs, praising the same great leader.
Christmas Day is like going to live in a one-party state.
You can do that.
Or you could be with me.
The electricity's off here and the phone's out Mary? FOREIGN DIALEC Hello? .
Hello? Mary, can you hear me? Daddy? Not now.
George, come on! Hello? BEEPING Bang! Got you, Daddy! Jesus Christ! Yusra! Right, George, bed now or Santa won't come.
I haven't got it.
I think that's unlikely to be true.
I haven't got the film, sir.
I could have you court-martialled, Stoneham, if you keep this up.
She's playing you along.
You think she'd really be interested in you? She's using you.
She's a journalist, it's what they do.
JOE SIGHS I'm sorry, sir.
I know you're awake.
Shall I read to you? I have to be asleep or Santa won't come.
Maybe don't try so hard.
How do you get to sleep? I listen to the breathing of my little brother, who sleeps next to me.
Can I visit your house one day? Um I don't think that's possible.
Oh! Why not? Um But, um Green Teddy could come visit my house and then he could tell you about it.
What do you think? Really? Tonight? Why not? Yes! It's a good idea.
Ah! There you are! I'm looking for your wife.
I think she's in there.
HE KNOCKS ED: Come in! The door's open! MUSIC PLAYS, LAUGHTER Er, excuse me, our nanny needs to leave, so, Honor, I wondered if you might look after George? So I can get to the hospital.
Oh, of course.
Is she all right? MUSIC SWITCHES OFF Ali, why don't you go with Honor? Keep her company.
Joe, did you deal with that reporter? Yes, sir.
Once you start, it's hard to stop, you know.
Sir? The secret's not to start.
Sweating, old chap.
Reporter? Ah.
Yes, er, confession I'm afraid I sent your husband out to chat up another woman, all for Queen and country, of course.
So, you got the film? Yes.
And destroyed it? Yes, sir.
Good man.
Mmm! Who came before you? Who was the one he didn't marry? Oh, I don't know.
He hasn't said? He loves me.
We're in love, that's all.
Well, that's all we've done, really, is get married, and be in love, we haven't talked.
But you will.
I'll miss my parents tomorrow.
They did me a stocking every year, even though I'm even though I'm I'm I'm not a child.
A satsuma with a penny in the bottom.
Sorry, I'm talking too much.
The one thing the army offers by throwing us women together with nothing to do in dangerous places? Proper friendship.
Don't tell Joe about what I said about missing Mummy and Daddy.
I can tell you now, if you lead your life doing everything your husband wants, nothing he doesn't want, and without the friendship of women, 30 years from now, you'll wake up on the first day of his retirement and realise you hate him.
And worse than that, hate yourself.
I should check on George.
GLASSES THUD SHE CLAPS HEELS CLACK Oh, Alison, take your shoes off or you'll wake him up! Sh! CLATTERING Has he been? Who's that? Father Christmas.
You smell nice.
Thank you.
That's called gin.
I like it.
Go to sleep! If my mummy wasn't my mummy I'd want you.
SHE SIGHS Your mother is a wonderful woman and she loves you very much.
How do babies come out of their mummies? Er, they come out of our tummies.
No, they don't.
Alison! They come out of our vaginas.
Er Hmm Are you going to be a mummy? George? Yes? There's something you need to know.
Alison, I You should sit up for this.
What is it? Alison, honestly, I don't Father Christmas doesn't exist.
No! No! No, he does.
He does.
Listen to me.
She doesn't know what she's talking about.
He does exist.
Look at me, George.
Father Christmas is real.
SHE SIGHS Promise.
Now go to sleep or he won't come.
Get to sleep.
I'm sure it's fine, sir.
I'm sorry to drag you out on Christmas Eve.
I'm Jewish, sir.
Of course.
So, what will you do on Christmas Day? Oh, prepare for a full kit inspection.
That's a bit harsh on yourself - you're polishing your Sam Brown while everyone else is having fun.
I was a kindertransport child, sir.
Great Britain took me in when I was 13 years old.
I owe my new country everything including my life, so, once a year, while everyone else is busy pulling crackers and eating turkey, I take the time to contemplate my good fortune.
Who carried out the inspection last year? Captain Page last year.
Sir, you should go and see your wife.
1900 hours, tomorrow.
Be ready for my inspection, Corporal.
Yes, sir.
BABY CRIES Take me home for Christmas, Harry Markham.
How's your ankle, Corporal Armstrong? Oh, much better, thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
Your father? Er, the same.
You know.
He's fine.
How's my husband? HE CHUCKLES It's good to have you back, Mrs M.
ENGINE STARTS Hm! WHISPERING: I'll just go and see George.
Hello, young man.
DRUNKENLY: O little town of Bethlehem How still we see thee lie.
BOTH: Beneath thy deep and dreamless sleep The silent stars go by HONOR, IN TUNE: And in the dark night shineth The everlasting light The hopes and fears of all the years Are kept in thee tonight.
SHE GIGGLES Teach me to sing.
Teach me to smoke.
MUSIC ON RADIO: Once In Royal David's City What time is it? It's Christmas Day.
Oh, I got him his, erm his stamps.
They're Austro-Hungarian Empire.
What? Nothing.
What? Well, they're for you, really, aren't they, darling? HE SIGHS BABY CRIES Oh, sorry! Should I? Should I go? No, no, it's fine.
We'll, erm Well, no, no.
No, no, you stay here, I'll We'll both stay here and I'll just I won't look.
SHE LAUGHS Oh! Oh, good grief, George! Hello.
Father Christmas won't come if he's crying like that.
Darling, darling, darling.
Oh Ssh.
He's not real, anyway.
Who told you that? Mrs Laithwaite.
Now, you listen to your father.
What have I said to you? You promised he'd come.
And have I ever broken a promise? Back to bed.
Where are you going? I won't be long.
Baxter! Sir? I need you to do something for me.
Above and beyond the call of duty.
QUIETLY: Now, how much can we fit in there? Little George has been a very good boy.
PARCELS RUSTLE QUIET FOOTSTEPS MUTED HUBBUB By arresting Hakim, you have kicked a hornets' nest.
Well, I'm just surprised he evaded us as long as he did.
He had help.
From who? A village, 12 miles west of the base.
What kind of a village? Goats and goatherds.
NLF? A growing influence.
So they'll be looking for revenge? Sooner or later.
It looks that way.
CLUNKING Go! Go! HE PANTS He knows me.
SPY PLEADS IN ARABIC Ed Do it! SPY: Please Do it.
BRASS BAND PLAYS: In The Bleak Midwinter In the bleak midwinter Frosty wind made moan Earth stood hard as iron Water like a stone Snow had fallen, snow on snow Snow on snow SHE SINGS LOUDLY: In the bleak midwinter Long ago.
May the joys of the angels, the eagerness of the shepherds, the perseverance of the wise men, the obedience of Joseph and Mary and the peace of the Christ child be yours this Christmas.
And the blessing of God Almighty and the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I was wrong.
What, when you said I am a mistake.
Yusra It's not possible.
Please leave alone.
No, hang on, I don't understand.
Do not read this until tomorrow.
But Promise me.
Yusra? Almighty God, by whose grace we are called to positions of responsibility and trust If you want to sit and start on the melon, um, yeah? George, shall we go to the table? ALL CHATTER OVER EACH OTHER I love melon.
Oh, yeah, watch that shirt.
Don't tell anyone.
I'm pregnant.
It's nice to see you both praising the Lord with such gusto.
Oh, well, I like the words.
I've always loved Blake.
It's Christina Rossetti.
I'm sure it's Blake.
All right, Harry.
Let's just say it's Blake.
Ready for Grace? George.
For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful.
ALL: Amen.
Do you believe in God, Honor? Of course she does.
Yes, it's a good way to live.
No-one could disagree with that.
Love thy neighbour and so on.
Do you think? Alison Whoever they are, Mary? Whoever your neighbour happens to be? How about Josef Mengele? Should the family Schmidt next door to the monster doctor love Joe Mengele? Or Joseph Stalin? Should the Dimitrievs at 21A love the man next door? Just to stick with the Josephs.
Stupidest advice I ever heard.
I'm in favour of hating those who deserve to be hated.
Can we open another bottle, Honor, darling? Maybe we should wait for the turkey.
Alison wants a drink.
It's Christmas.
Believing in God is about as intelligent as believing in Father Christmas.
Father Christmas IS real.
Is he? Indeed he is, George.
You see how easy it is if you catch them young enough? You see how you can get small human beings believing anything Do you know what I say Do you know what Alfred Hitchcock says? The most terrifying thing he's ever seen? A priest talking to young children.
SHE BANGS TABLE Run for your lives! What do you say to that, Harry? Father Christmas IS real.
No, that's something called faith, George.
I saw him last night in my bedroom.
The crackers! We haven't pulled the crackers.
CHUCKLING George? Ready? Can you reach? Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas.
One, two, three! Listen, everyone, Simple Simon says touch your toes.
BABY CRIES Simple Simon says clap your hands.
ALL CLAP Simple Simon says rub your tummy.
Pat your head.
Ahh! No! ALL LAUGH Can we go now? I think the Markhams might skip the BP Club this Christmas.
Mummy! George.
But George! Well, we could take George.
I could look after him.
It would be such a shame for him to miss out on all the fun.
ALL GIGGLE It's not funny! It's funny.
Can we swim to the raft? Oh, I'm sorry, George.
I'm not a very strong swimmer.
Ohh! Maybe if you ask nicely, Joe will bring you, hmm? Please! Joe? Oh? Er Go on! Please? Hm.
Yes! MUSIC: Shop Around by The Miracles CHATTER Where are you off to, young man? We're just going to check the film.
FILM CHARACTERS: You remember what we arranged? They want you to talk on the crisis of faith.
What's that? Oh, I thought you'd know, you're a writer.
Of course you do.
Goodnight, old man.
Oh, I've forgotten my hat.
Hello, Harvey.
Mrs Martin.
Merry Christmas.
Enjoy The Third Man.
Where's Lassie? It's ALWAYS Lassie.
Well, shall we find you some ice cream? And then we can put your trunks on, do you think that's a good idea? Yeah? Yes! Tell me about your new American friend.
Oh, there isn't much to say.
Have you plans to meet up again? No plans.
Excuse me.
Sorry, thank you.
RADIO: All of us are asked on this special day to choose our own favourite carol.
And this is my choice.
O Come All Ye Faithful PHONE RINGS .
a child in Canterbury.
A carol for the ages, I hope you'll agree.
MUSIC PLAYS: O Come All Ye Faithful Markham.
Thank you.
Everything all right? I have to go to the BP Club.
Why? SHE SIGHS MUSIC: Always Something There To Remind Me by Sandie Shaw Your wife, she's, er What? My wife's what? She's, er What's the word you're finding so hard to say, Joe? She drinks too much.
Maybe not enough.
She's embarrassing herself .
and you No! Not me.
I'm not embarrassed.
It's Christmas Day.
STUMBLING: I don't want this to Spit it out, Joe.
Just go and tap him on the back.
Joe, can we swim to the raft now? Please? Come on, Joe, don't be embarrassed.
Go on, Joe, you promised.
Hmm? Alison told me.
WHISPERS: About the baby.
THEY CHUCKLE MUSIC: Downtown by Petula Clark VEHICLE APPROACHES There you are, sir.
Thank you, Armstrong.
Is it my father, sir? I'm afraid so.
Last night in his sleep.
I'm so sorry.
We'll get you on the next flight back to RAF Lyneham.
It's almost time.
What? I have to get ready, sir.
You know, Alec, you really don't have Yes, I do, sir.
TANNOY: And don't forget, children, Father Christmas is going to be here at 4 o'clock! Are you a good swimmer? Sorry? What? Are you a good swimmer? Oh, er, yes.
How about you? Very good.
Yusra? Go away.
Get away from me.
I forgot my trunks.
Oh I can't swim without my trunks.
I'm sorry.
Next time, hey? Yeah.
It's a promise.
Now, let's get you back.
Hello, George.
I'm afraid I've disappointed him.
He wanted to swim to the raft.
I can take you to the beach - paddling only, but better than nothing.
What do you think? Yes? OK.
Here you are.
Thank you.
The Gordon Hotel.
See you on the other side.
HE SOBS QUIETLY HE SNIFFLES LIVELY BUSTLE, CAR HORNS HONK Hello, little man! Do you all know who I am? CHILDREN: Father Christmas! Yes, I'm Father Christmas! Honor, where's George? Oh, they were going swimming in the sea, Joe and George.
George can't swim in the sea! George! George? George! George! George! I'm so sorry! SHE BREATHES UNEVENLY They were going to swim to the raft! Oh, God! George! Help! There's a child missing! George! George! Joe!? My son's out there! George?! Joe said there were sharks.
JOE! What did you do with the film? Destroyed it.
Good? It's a better story.
I don't understand.
The lengths the British Army will go to cover up the truth.
It's better, it's bigger.
Listen, it's not that simple and you know it isn't.
Did you tell your wife where you were going on Christmas day? Excuse me.
His name is George.
Most of you know him.
He was wearing a red football shirt with the number seven on the back.
If we could look everywhere, please, every room.
He's probably just playing somewhere, I'm sure.
He was with Joe Martin.
No, no.
I saw Captain Martin leave.
Was he? On his own.
He was He was leaving on his own, sir.
So George? He wasn't with him.
It's all my fault.
TEARFULLY: No, I I I was supposed to look after him.
Look, drink this down.
And this.
Good girl.
What am I going to tell Mary? What about Mary? Oh, Joe! Thank God! Where's George?! I haven't seen him.
Well, what what do you mean? Where were you?! You were supposed to be with him and you were to bring him to the raft! I left him with Yusra.
Well, where's Yusra? Where's Yusra?! Harry I have to tell her.
I have to tell Mary.
Harry! BABY CRIES Mary? Mary, George is, um George was, er We don't know where he is.
He was with Yusra and, er We can't find him.
If he's with Yusra, then he's safe.
They'll have gone somewhere together.
Where does she live? Think, Mary.
You must know.
Crater, I think.
Where in Crater? Come on.
Jesus Christ, Mary! Why don't you know?! Crater isn't a bloody village! SHE SNIFFLES I'm sorry.
SHE SOBS Now, I'm sure this is all some sort of misunderstanding.
Um, we think he may have gone off with the the local woman who, um Er, her name is Yusra.
And we're not sure where exactly she lives It's somewhere in Crater.
And I'm asking for your help.
The phone call was anonymous.
The parcel was on my bed in my room.
This was inside.
FOOTSTEPS APPROACH They've taken him.
The NLF.
They've got George.
SHE SOB It's all right, it's all right SHE SOBS AND SCREAMS Shh QUIET DESCENDS SHE SOBS MARY'S ANGUISHED SOBS NEARBY SHE SHIVERS CHATTER Have you got your flight home, Baxter? I'm not going, sir.
Go home.
That's an order.
Your father would My father is dead, sir.
There's nothing I can do for him any more.
Your son has his whole life ahead of him and we're going to find him.
Are you disobeying my order? Yes, sir.
I am.
I'm leaving Orchover here to look after you.
And I'm going to lead the search of Crater, with your permission to do so, sir? Permission granted.
HE INHALES Sir, you don't have to 1930 hours.
Sorry I'm half an hour late, Corporal.
Shoes, excellent.
Sam Brown Perfect.
He wants to be a Royal Military Policeman when he grows up.
Then he will be, sir.
These corners are the best I've ever seen.
HARRY CATCHES HIS BREATH It's the CO's boy! We're going to bring him home.
We thought you might like half an hour on your own with him.
What do you want? My country back.
This is our son.
You have to talk to me.
I let this happen.
I'm just thinking about the life experience of our new acting CO.
Major Markham remains in command.
He doesn't know I'm pregnant.
I don't want a baby.
I thought he knew.
Am I doing something wrong, Joe? I can't ask permission from my wife for everything that I do.
George! GUNSHO