The Last Ship (2014) s03e11 Episode Script


1 [Horse whinnies in distance] - Woman: Let me understand this.
- [Grunting] I paid you the kind of money that usually buys loyalty.
[Grunting] Instead, you and your two hooligan buddies sneak onto my property in the middle of the night [Grunting] and make off with the kind of information that's best kept between us Information that can be easily misunderstood by the ill-informed.
Well, at least your men escaped.
[Grunting] Killing four of my guys doing it.
But you, you're either too slow or too stupid, so here you are, taking the beating that three men ought to take.
[Groans] Oh, lady, you're about as crazy as hell.
[Breathing heavily] [Grunts] You are messing with the wrong Southern woman.
I'll ask you one last time.
Your men Where did they run off to with my shit? You kiss your horses with that mouth? [Breathing heavily] [Groans] I had some fellas swing by your place to see if we could get your daughter, Kathleen, involved in all this.
There was no sign of her.
[Groans] But imagine my delight in finding out that you are the proud owner of possibly the world's last working answering machine.
Tex, it's Kara.
I don't know where you are or if you'll even get this, but something's going on in St.
Louis, and I need your help.
Please, if you hear this, meet me at the border gas station outside of Jonesboro, Arkansas, at 2:00 tomorrow.
- Aah! - [Horse whinnies] - [Gasps] - [Growling] Get him out of here.
[Horse whinnies] [Screams] [Cell door closes] [Door locks] [Chuckles] Woman: He's requested additional reinforcements up in the northwest territory.
Man: All right, let me get on it.
I prefer the gray.
If the last presidential power I got is the choice over what I wear, I'm wearing the brown suit.
The speech this afternoon Have you gotten a chance to go over it? Oh, I've been over it.
This is basically a national self-destruct order.
What's my legacy gonna be? The overnight President who killed America? The virus killed America, Howard.
[Scoffs] You're saving what's left.
- Oh! - [Objects thud and shatter] You okay, Miss Shaw? It's fine.
Woman: By next time's briefing.
Let's say probably tomorrow morning, 0800.
- Man: All right, sounds - [Door closes] Read the speech today word for word and I guarantee there will be a place for you in the new world.
And an even better place for you in the new economy.
If I don't? [Whispers] Wear the gray suit, Howard.
[Door opens] [Waves crashing] My men saw at least one Chinese Destroyer headed for Honshu.
I believe they intend to make their landing in Tokyo.
What kind of resistance will there be? - The population - Was wiped out.
But Peng is not interested in the people.
He is heading here.
The Japanese National Archives.
Documents, records.
Historical materials important to my people.
It wasn't enough to kill the Japanese people.
He wants to erase my culture.
So we continue at EMCON, set Deceptive Lighting, and take the ship to Quiet One.
He has two destroyers left at his command.
I want to see them before they see us.
His navy sinks today.
Try it again.
[Engine sputtering] - Emphasizing only it's a - [Radio stops] - [Engine continues sputtering] - [Exhales deeply] Authorities meanwhile continue to urge residents to consider voluntary relocation, arguing that concentrated - You hearing this? - population into city centers would create a better infrastructure for most Americans, many of whom face ongoing food shortages.
President Oliver is set to deliver a late-breaking speech to the nation today imploring all Americans We got to get you cleaned up.
You need to go on the air.
- What? - [Radio stops] I can't go on the air.
The President's giving speeches, rolling everything back.
He's setting the stage for the regional leaders.
We have to counter the message.
And you're the only one who can do it.
[Sighs] They played me.
Price, Castillo, all of them.
[Sighs] I was tearing down Michener while they were plotting his murder.
You couldn't have known.
You knew.
There's still time, Jacob.
We'll make it right.
[Engine sputters, turns over] This friend of yours He's been MIA this whole time.
You sure he's reliable? He'll be at the gas station.
And right now, he's the only person we can trust.
All right, Country Jesus.
[Sniffles] [Spits] It's chow time.
[Bowl clatters] He's gone! Vanished! Killed Doug with his own knife, took his keys, his gun, one of them trucks out back! He's probably halfway to Mexicali right now.
Calm down, Renfro.
We know exactly where he's going.
[Engine revs, tires screech] [Crickets chirping] [Speaking Mandarin] [Speaking foreign language] CNO on the bridge! Sir, we picked up the first Chinese Destroyer on passive radar.
It's just over the horizon from us.
The bearing line ends at Tokyo Bay and based on the path of their navigational radar, it appears to be doing patrol runs.
And Peng's second ship? No sign of it, sir.
Probably at EMCON.
Or out looking for us.
The first ship's behavior is consistent with High Value Unit Defense posture.
Well, that confirms it.
If they're covering a High Value Unit, that means Peng is there himself.
That ship is protecting him.
Peng's the kind of man that's going to want to be there to watch that art burn.
If the ship in the bay is monitoring the area outside the Archives and we send a ground team after Peng His people spot us, ship fires on the ground team.
But if we fire on the ship without knowing where the second destroyer is, we give away our position.
And the second ship sinks us.
Doesn't leave us many options for an approach.
It's a smart play by Peng.
Our target is the Japanese Archives currently under the protection of the Henan, which is patrolling three klicks off shore.
The mission to capture Peng is a 2-pronged assault.
Cobra Team will take the Chinese Destroyer Henan at Tokyo Bay, cripple its CIC, enabling Vulture Team, led by CNO to storm Peng inside the National Archives.
We estimate Henan's ordnance covers a Weapons Engagement Zone around the Archives of 80-plus miles.
However, they'll likely focus their attention and their fire on the area surrounding the Archives building itself.
We'll call this the Hot Zone.
Now if Vulture Team is detected approaching the Archives from anywhere inside that Hot Zone and we haven't taken Henan's CIC, that ship fires on Vulture Team.
From our monitoring, we know that Henan checks in with Peng's ground forces once every 15 minutes without fail.
Cobra Team will dive and board Henan when it's D.
at the end of its patrol run in the bay.
Ship will be drifting toward us, so that'll just shorten our swim.
Master Chief? Henan is a Luyang III class guided missile destroyer similar to our Ripped off.
Ripped off from our Arleigh Burke.
Everyone will study the layout.
We need to know every blind alley on that ship.
Surgical strike on the pilot house, CIC, and armory will give us complete control over that vessel.
This goes as planned, the rest of their crew won't even know we're there.
Make no mistake, we're going after a target who's clearly anticipating us and who has a second destroyer we cannot find.
Just one part of this mission fails, it all fails.
That is all.
[Indistinct conversations] Sir.
There is one thing about this plan that I will not be able to explain to my people.
How I'm standing around doing nothing while you guys are risking your lives.
I'd like to help in whatever way I can.
[Indistinct conversations continue] Well, you'll lead things down here while Commander Garnett runs the ship upstairs.
Thank you, sir.
Where are we? Is Gene Hackman the sheriff of this place? It's the only pit stop for 100 miles.
Kind of a landmark.
[Sighs] Here.
Try not to look like a nervous wreck.
Miss Green? Tex sent me.
I'm to bring you and the reporter back to home base.
Come on.
You'll be safe.
I never said anything about a reporter.
- [Electricity crackles] - [Screams] [Grunting] [Screams] [Gunshot] Desk work's making you soft.
You're late.
And you smell like horse shit.
Good to see you, too, sweetheart.
Tex Nolan.
How you doing? [Sighs] - Thanks, hon.
- Hey, Dad! That's mine.
[Laughs] Is that where you've been this whole time? [Sighs] Working with Roberta Price? Well, I wouldn't say "working" with Price.
Me and the guys went to help for a spell.
She had some trouble in her region.
Said the Army's hands were tied, could I train some fellas to defend their homes? Only the number of fellas kept getting bigger and bigger and they weren't for security, they were enforcers.
- Enforcers? - Mm-hmm.
For what? Regional leaders are building lots of walls.
They want 'em protected with extreme prejudice.
He got it.
Dennis used a back door into Shaw's work computer.
He forwarded me the President's speech.
"In the absence of a legislative branch and without an operational central government, I have decided to exercise my executive powers and hereby suspend the government of the United States, effectively immediately.
" Oh.
Oliver is dissolving the country.
It doesn't sound like Oliver.
I may be wrong about him.
But either way, Oliver cannot give that speech.
- Well hang on to your asses.
- [Bottle thuds] We're going back to St.
Let's go.
[Indistinct conversations] - Let's tighten these down.
- [Guns clicking] Hey, double check your gear.
[Indistinct conversations] Captain [Speaks Japanese] [Indistinct conversations] Check your scopes.
Double strap it in.
It's all in.
It's ready to go.
[Indistinct conversations continue] Keep your head down.
On a swivel.
All right, turn to, turn to, wheel's up in 5 mikes.
[Indistinct conversations] Let's go.
Let's do this.
[Click, ring] CIC, Bridge.
Cobra Team has wet feet.
2 mikes to drop point.
Vulture Team has ETA of 1.
0 minutes to Archives perimeter.
Stand by for alert on a 15-minute countdown.
[Speaking Mandarin] [Speaking Mandarin] All teams, Henan's just checked in.
15-minute window starts now.
[Click] Mother, this is NOMAD.
Divers in the water.
[Breathing steadily] This is Vulture Team.
I have visual on the Archives.
We're at the edge of the Hot Zone.
[Man speaking Mandarin] Guards.
Three at the door, four walking the grounds.
We move through that field, they'll spot us.
Stand down.
We wait for Cobra Team to take CIC.
[Man speaking Mandarin] [Man speaking Mandarin] [Door opens] [Speaks Mandarin] [Door closes] - [Thud] - [Shouts in Mandarin] [Man shouting in Mandarin] - No talking.
- Hands! Let me see those hands! Move.
[Shouting in Mandarin] Hands.
Get 'em up! Hands! [Grunts] Henan CIC secure.
Vulture Team, you are free to engage.
Roger that, Cobra Team.
Kill the lights.
[Gunshot, glass shatters] [Gunshot] [Gunfire] [Speaking Mandarin] [Grunts] [Indistinct murmuring] [Gunfire] Right flank moving forward.
[Men shouting in Mandarin] - [Gunfire] - Aah! [Shouting in Mandarin continues] [Glass shatters] [Speaking Mandarin] [Men speaking in Mandarin] [Man speaking in Mandarin] It's the captain of the second ship.
Man: [Speaking foreign language] He's asking why Henan isn't responding to land teams.
Nathan James, Destroyer Two is transmitting.
Do you see it? Just a bearing, sir.
1-3-6 relative.
[Speaking Mandarin] He says if Henan doesn't respond immediately, he'll assume the ship's been boarded and fire on us.
Man: Henan [Speaking Mandarin] He's bluffing.
We will kill our own to save Peng.
Those are his orders.
I assure you, we will be fired on.
[Man speaking Mandarin] [Speaking Mandarin] What the hell's he saying? He's preparing the crew to be martyrs.
I say again, the second ship is ordering us to fire on land or they will fire on us.
Bridge, Combat.
We need to go Active Radar.
It's the only way to see the second ship.
If they're behind island cover, we'd be giving away our position for nothing.
But if we do, we could target and kill.
Commander, it's the only viable option.
Hey! [Gunfire] [Whooshing] [Indistinct conversations in Mandarin] We just fired on Vulture Team.
Vulture Team, missiles incoming.
I say again, missiles incoming.
Three missiles fired from Henan.
They'll be on Vulture Team inside one minute.
Go active.
, get a lock on those birds and fire at will.
, aye, FIS is Green.
MSS kill tracks 5-0-2-8-1.
MSS, aye, kill tracks 5-0-2-8-1, 2 and 3 with birds.
Negative, sir.
Sir, lining sites, use all guns.
Scanning both green and blue grids, sir.
[Whooshing] [Shouting in Mandarin gunfire continues] Bring MK-41 online.
[Beeping] [Explosion] - Direct hit.
- [Static] All missiles destroyed.
Nathan James, this is Vulture Team.
Thank you! Now watch your ass.
Distance, 10 mikes and closing.
We're being hit by Fire Control.
Fire Control on the second destroyer just locked onto us.
Prepare countermeasures, begin evasive maneuvers.
Hard right rudder, all ahead flank! Right rudder, ahead flank, aye.
[Beeping rapidly] They're targeting the James.
Prepare to engage all incoming tracks.
I need targeting solutions on that second destroyer.
[Beeping] [Whooshing] [Beeping] Negative, sir, we do not hold radar.
Sir, the second Chinese Destroyer's gone.
Man: No errors, ma'am.
All clear, sir.
It's the same in every language.
All right, let's finish this! [Shouting in foreign language] [Gunfire] Uhh! [Grunting and shouting] Let's go.
We got to keep moving.
Gallery's clear.
[Whispers] Corridor clear.
[Gunfire] [Man yells, gunfire continues] Uhh! Uhh! [Shouting in Mandarin] - [Gunshots] - Uhh! [Shouting in Mandarin] - [Gunshots] - Uhh! - [Shouting in Mandarin] - [Grunting] On me! [Flames whoosh and crackle] [Breathing heavily] You look unwell, Takehaya.
The cure not working for you? You don't have much time left.
More time than you.
- [Gunshots] - [Grunts] [Groans] Like your people, you are proud, but weak.
And like your people, you will be erased from the face of this earth.
Forgotten forever.
[Both grunting] [Blades zing and clank ] - Uhh! - [Squishing] - [Grunting] - [Groaning] [Breathing raggedly] But you will go to hell.
[Grunting] [Grunts] Who were you working with in America? [Whimpers] Why do you bother to fight when everyone back home has betrayed you? They sent you here to die and kill your friend Michener.
Who? Tell me! [Strained voice] You are all alone.
[Whispers] You have no one to trust.
[Gags] - [Squish] - Uhh! [Groans softly] [Exhales deeply] The nation is ready for you, Mr.
I understand your partners will be in the audience, here to witness the dismantling of the United States.
Remember, word for word, or the next time America hears about Howard Oliver, it will be to commemorate his passing.
[Door closes] [Indistinct conversations] Peng's only destroyer now belongs to me.
You should know Cobra found a payload of anti-cure missiles on board.
According to the crew, that's the last of it.
So it is done.
The rest of Asia won't suffer as we did.
Let's get you home.
I am home, Captain Chandler.
[Exhales deeply] I want to remain here [Exhales deeply] On Japanese soil.
[Exhales deeply] Takehaya.
My name is Kaito.
Like my son.
Captain Fellow citizens of this great nation.
I speak to you today from an unforeseen point in human history.
In all of their brilliance, our Founding Fathers could not have imagined a day when a single virus would wipe out 90% of not just our countrymen, but of our species.
Here, take these.
The speech's started.
The President's speaking from the lawn.
It's full of security guards out there.
How are you guys going to get to him? He'll come to us.
You ready? [Sighs] Yeah.
You two go with Barnes.
Make sure you keep him covered.
You should get out of here.
- What? No way.
- Dennis, I'm serious.
Get as far away from here as possible.
Good luck.
Thank you.
- For everything.
- [Door opens] Today, the idealism of democracy is at odds with the practice of government for and by the people.
Democracy, my fellow Americans, is untenable.
In short, the center cannot hold.
It is therefore my duty to inform you that, with the advice and consent of the regional leaders today, we set a new course for the country.
In the absence of a legislative branch, and without an operational central government, I have decided to exercise my executive powers Shame on you, Mr.
President! [Murmuring] You don't have to do this, sir.
This isn't you.
Get him out of here.
The Howard Oliver that we know saved St.
Under your leadership, there was no panic, no riots.
Even when there were 5,000 people dying a day, you kept us together.
What happened to that man, sir?! The President will not be taking any questions today.
Thank you very much.
The hell I won't! Listen, Jacob, you're right.
For a moment, I forgot who I was, but not anymore! - [Microphone feedback whines] - I know who I am! Due to the security breach, I'm sorry, everyone, we will reconvene tomorrow.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you very much.
Miss Shaw, where are they taking him?! Take your goddamn hands off me! [Gunshots, men grunting, casings clatter] Sir, it's me.
It's Kara.
I can help you.
- This way.
- You saved my life.
Not yet, we haven't.
Where are they taking him?! Is the President a prisoner in the White House?! Miss Shaw! - Let's go, right now.
- [Crowd murmuring] - [Gunfire] - Uhh! - [Screaming] - We got a shooter! [Screaming continues] - [Gunfire] - Uhh! Hot damn, son.
- [Static] - This is Allison Shaw.
We have two shooters escaping from the East Wing with POTUS.
[Gunfire, crowd screaming] [Grunting] We got to go back for Jacob.
Let me go! Let me go! - You run back in there, you don't come back! - Jac It's about the President.
- [Gunfire] - Uhh! [Screaming and gunfire continue] - Uhh! - [Gunshots] [Engine revs, tires screech] Go! [Gunshots] Let go of me! Don't let the vehicle get out! - [Gunfire] - [Grunts] Lock the gates! Move! Drive, Kat, drive! [Tires screech] [Panting] [Tires screeching] Thought I'd be the one to tell you.
The Cobra Team found coordinates of Henan CIC.
You were right.
The Chinese knew where Hayward and Shackleton were gonna be.
Seems someone in St.
Louis wants the U.
Navy out of the way, Captain.
There's still some good people back home.
Generals, captains, operators.
I know a few myself.
Well, let's get 'em on the line.
We need all the help we can muster.
- [Speaking Japanese] - [Baby whimpers] [Continues speaking in Japanese] Captain [Speaking Japanese] Kyoko wants to thank you for all that you've done for her family and for Japan.
She wishes you well.
Man: You gonna unhook this vest? [Speaks Japanese] [Baby cries] [Crew speaking indistinctly] She wants to die with her husband on her own soil.
Her people will take care of the baby.
- I'm fueled up and ready to go.
- Jesse, thank you.
You saved a lot of lives.
You're gonna save a lot more.
Just get home in one piece.
Take care of yourself.
Man: I'll have the final numbers ASAP, sir.
Man: No, he's on the hangar deck.
Woman: I'll find him.
Stand by.
Man: Is that the last of it off the RHIB? - Careful with that.
- Man: Aye, sir.
I'm on it.
This is NOMAD.
All set to deliver the cure to Asia.
So long, Mother.
Naval Station San Diego.
This is CNO hailing you on Navy Red, over.
I say again, Naval Station San Diego.
This is CNO hailing you on Navy Red, over.
Sir, there's something you need to see.
Terror grips our nation this day.
The strains of reconstruction have proven too great to bear and have given rise to forces hellbent on creating chaos.
[ Door closes ] In front of live television cameras, agitators breached our walls and tried to take control of this nation's capital.
This was not their first attempt.
Until today, the regional leaders and I have guarded the truth for the safety of the public.
Now it's time you, the American people, learn the facts.
President Jeffery Michener did not take his own life.
He was murdered, along with Senator Beatty and Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Rivera.
The terrorist were working with certain members of the media and with agents inside the government itself, but until today, we didn't know how high it went.
It is my duty to inform you that the leader of this radical group was President Howard Oliver himself.
He orchestrated the deaths of Jeffrey Michener and those loyal to him so that he could take office and create a dictatorship.
Son of a bitch.
[Panting] [Gun cocks] Don't do this.
Don't do this.
- Please, don't do this! Don't do - [Gunshot] But that is not all.
We have just learned that this cabal was also responsible for the kidnapping of the crew of Nathan James in Asia.
This was done with the cooperation and planning of Captain Tom Chandler.
In fact, I struggle to believe it's true.
But we have indisputable evidence of his treachery.
Captain Chandler is currently under arrest and is heading back to North America.
[Voice breaking] These are not easy words for me to say.
Oh, my God.
She's putting all this on you.
- Excuse me.
My apologies.
- Nobody'll buy it.
The greater the lie, the more people will believe it.
We are strong people, and we have survived worse than this.
And those who still love life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have come together and formulated a plan to move forward.
So in the absence of any working federal government, and deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, your regional leaders, Price, Castillo, Wilson, and Croft hereby call for the immediate suspension of the government of the United States.
Each region will be able to govern itself and focus on reconstruction until such time as a central authority can be safely reestablished.
In other words, never.
By the time you hear these words, control of the Armed Forces will have been split among the regional leaders, and I would like to assure you that the military turnover has been peaceful, thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between the nation's highest-ranking generals - and your four regional leaders.
- Aah! All enlisted men and women are to report to regional military offices immediately to become part Of one of four localized armies under the command Captain, I can't get the generals on the line Any of them.
I tried to raise an entire Naval base.
It's a coup, Captain.
Thank you and God bless.
Those men are already dead.
If there's no military, what does that mean for us? It means we're all alone.
We lost our country, Tom.
Not yet.
Captain, set a course for Naval Base San Diego, all ahead full.
Take us home.