The Lazarus Project (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

You're stuck in an infinite
time loop of three weeks.
They're scientists.
They built the machine that
caused the second singularity.
We're going to make you
build us a time machine.
Can you tell me about Dr Gray?
She was godlike to us.
Musta' been really difficult
when she died.
When she was murdered.
I think there was a mission in 2012.
I think this guy Ross was sent
to kill a scientist called Dr. Gray
and destroy all her
research into time travel.
And I think Wes is behind it.
The question is, why?
When you were working on the
machine, did you see who was sent back?
Yes. Both of them.
Oh, what? Becky?!
- And you sat right there every time.
- Yeah.
- Why?
- So I can save your life.
- Hey!
- Run!
- Who is that?
- It's Bryson!
You are a monster,
my friend. You are evil.
- I just miss you.
- Why?
Why does anyone
feel anything? I just do.
Why don't I, though?
- It's an instruction manual.
- It's for a time machine.
I mean, this is the silver bullet.
On 1st of June 2023.
That should get us back
to around a month before
the second singularity is created.
And we can stop it from happening.
We can stop Janet and her
daughter from being sent back.
We can save the world.
No, are we going down?
If we go back in time,
if we die, do we die?
If we die, do we die?
I don't fucking know!
Have we gone back?
If we die we die. If we die we die!
Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh Jesus Christ, oh Jesus
Christ, oh Jesus Christ.
It's gonna be okay.
Oh, we're gonna die!
Is everyone alright?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
He's dead.
What the fuck are you doing here?
You're gonna stop them from sending
me and my mum back to 2012.
What happens to me? If six year
old me never goes back to 2012,
- then I won't exist!
- Yeah, but you Ok.
This is turning my brains to
fucking scrambled egg. Alright
I lived through 2023 twice
already. What's one more time?
Except we're not in 2023.
What do you mean?
- 2018?!
- Oh, for fuck's sake!
- Why? What happened in 2018?
- That was the year I
Yeah, it was a multiple reset year.
It was a bad year.
We reset the clock,
I don't even know, 15 times?
Sixteen. The year
Janet were pregnant with you.
It were were when I left Lazarus.
If we're here now, we're gonna
experience those 16 loops again.
When we loop back to this day,
we'll all wake up exactly
where we just were.
Back in the air.
So how do we get to 2023
to stop the Time Break
causing the singularity
and rescue Janet,
without waiting for five years?
We need a new plane for a start.
Well, the plane's not the problem.
It's the computer.
It malfunctioned and dropped us
off in this year by mistake.
If this checkpoint takes us back
to when we come back
through the wormhole,
we're just going to crash again.
I need to get into the Lazarus Project
and run some simulation
on your operating system.
Look at how to fix it.
I can get you in.
No one even has to know we're there.
- I'll come too.
- What do the rest of us do?
Lazarus has a safe house in London.
No one used it in 2018.
Go there. Lay low.
Try not to get into any trouble.
- Wait, you not coming to the safehouse?
- No.
- Look after Becky, will you?
- I can look after myself.
Grab what you can and let's go.
- Doesn't feel that different.
- It's really not that different.
Isn't that different?
Vertonghen and Alderweireld
still play for Spurs.
This is the season we get to
the Champions League Final
- You gonna cry again when you lose?
- I didn't. It wasn't a fucking penalty.
He kicked the ball at his hand!
I can't have this conversation
with you again George.
What, right now,
we don't even know each other.
We're about to meet for
the first time. Fall in love.
- Aw, that's sweet.
- I mean after 16 time loops, yeah.
Where are we going anyway?
Map says there's a railway
station about a mile away from here
so we'll be in London
in a couple of hours.
What are you doing?
Please with the rhetorical
questions, I'm begging you!
Get out of the car!
That's not a real gun.
When Lazarus puts the clock back,
this all be undone,
he won't remember it.
- Get out the car!
- It's not the point!
Of course it's the point.
He could remember it
for the next month, so
George, this is very much a glass houses
and those with stones
not fucking throwing
them situation. Get in.
- Mate I'm so sorry, she's
- Get in!
You better stay here.
Follow me and stay close.
Let's do this quickly.
Listen, listen.
- Stay here, don't talk to anyone.
- Where are you going?
I need to check on something.
Yeah, I think there was
a mission back in 2012.
I think this guy Ross was sent
to kill a scientist called Dr. Gray
and destroy all her
research into time travel.
And I think Wes is covering it up.
I'm so sorry.
What are you doing here?
I just needed to pick up some stuff.
Ah, a lot of that going around.
You ready for tomorrow?
The flight to Belarus.
Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm ready.
We'll go and talk to Kazan.
Hopefully, it won't be a big deal.
Yeah. A piece of cake.
I checked us into a nice hotel.
Separate rooms but you know
Just be me and you
away, almost a holiday.
- I'd better
- Yeah.
Sorry. Couldn't resist.
See you tomorrow.
Where have you been?
Are you done?
There's something wrong here.
Yeah no shit.
Let's go.
Is it okay if I take this laptop?
It's mine and I'm about
to be pretty preoccupied.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Well, go on then.
- This is it. This is me asking you out.
This is it?
- This is it right now?
- Right now, yeah.
The thing is, I think about
you all the bloody time
and it's starting to do my head in.
Dennis, are you there? Dennis?
I'm sorry.
You need to run.
What did you do?
It's not what I did,
it's what I'm gonna do.
- Dennis
- I love you.
The phrase that meant, "I'm in trouble.
I need ya.
Come and get me."
Did you fix it?
Yes, I fixed the time machine
supercomputer in one evening.
It was really easy.
You know, some of this
code I just don't recognise.
Everyone might wanna
make themselves comfortable,
this could take some time.
You okay?
I looked up Ross' mission files
for 2012.
- Yeah, there aren't any.
- There is on Wes' system.
One entry.
Operation Midnight.
Gee I wonder what that could be.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Look, this is awkward but basically
there's only two rooms
and Samson's asleep on one of the
- It's fine.
- You sure?
That business with the bloke in
the car earlier. You gotta be careful.
Every time you do something like that,
it's like breaking off
a bit of yourself.
Is that what killing someone feels like?
- I hope you never have to find out.
- Think I can't handle it?
Does this not feel
weird to you right now?
Being in bed together?
Like, I'm aware of it.
We slept next to each other for years
and it was normal and now it's like
I just want to know how to fix us.
Do you think no one else in
the world will make you happy?
With you and me,
it always felt like it was fate.
I can't explain it. But I met you,
and everything just clicked into place.
It was like God had
put a piece of jigsaw
You're religious now?
You think God's just like
record scratching us
over and over again?
I didn't used to think
time travel was possible
but so, yeah I'm actually
open to a theological debate.
Let me ask you something then.
Did you give me the serum
cause you wanted us to be together
or to free me?
- Both.
- Here's the thing.
I love you. I don't doubt that.
But I broke up with you for a reason.
And yeah, right now, it would make
sense for us to get back together,
because, I mean, literally
how would either of us
ever make a relationship with
anyone else work right now?
I don't want to be together
because it makes sense to.
That's not love, is it?
We got together
because I was feeling sad
after a boy I fancied
rejected me at a party.
We fell into our relationship.
But if we'd met at a different time,
maybe we never would
have got together at all.
- We would have got together anyway.
- How do you know?
I just know. If it
hadn't been that night,
it would be a different
night, or diferent party,
or we'd have bumped
into each other on the street
or we would have
matched on one of the apps,
we would have found each other.
It would have been me
and you, not you and some,
some other guy.
- You don't know that.
- I do know that.
- You don't.
- I do.
- Oh, sorry.
- Sorry.
- No, please, you have it.
- You sure? It's the last one.
- Yeah, go on.
- Thanks.
You never get a toy
in there anymore, do you?
Ah sorry, cereal.
Do you remember you always used to
get a little action figure or something?
They don't do that anymore.
I used to collect the little
reflector things in cornflakes.
Yeah, you put them in
the spokes of your bike.
They clicked when you rode them.
In the shape of a chicken.
Yeah, the kids in my class are all
these little fidget spinner things.
Oh you're a teacher?
No, just a really big eight year old.
- Yeah, I teach year four.
- I'm a teacher.
- No way?!
- I teach year four as well.
Alright, look as seems I let
you have the last of the Frosties,
can I get your advice on something?
Basically, I'm supposed to
be doing assembly on Monday.
but I haven't prepared, got
no idea what I'm doing it on.
Got any advice?
Road safety.
Road safety?
Yeah, just tell them horror stories.
Kids that didn't look both ways
and got squashed under
milk floats, that sort of thing.
Kids love to be scared.
Right, yeah, that's great advice.
Good luck with it.
Thank you.
I'll let you have the
last Frosties next time.
I'm George, by the way.
"Next time I'll let you
have the last Frosties"?
- It's how you ended it.
- Christ, am I bad at flirting?
- Ah, so you were flirting.
- I don't know, I wasn't there.
There was a spark, what can I say?
What did we talk about?
Oh that's great, you were giving
me advice on my assembly.
Your what?
Did I tell you I was a teacher?
Well, that's cheating.
Well, no. Because we
were creating a shorthand
It's a lie, is what it is.
Did you get my number?
Oh so, it wasn't like a huge spark.
Well, it was first thing in the morning
and you were still in
your dressing gown,
so, it wasn't really a numbers vibe.
Did you feel like you were
meeting your future wife?
Was it butterflies?
Well, it was never gonna be
the same as when we met.
What about for me?
Did it look like it
felt that way for me?
I think you'll still be
thinking about me, yeah.
I have to go.
I need to know if he was
behind Dr Gray's death.
You already know.
No. I'm already 90%
sure. But I don't know.
And I don't know why.
I feel like we're in a maze.
And if we don't stick together,
I am going to lose you.
What's this?
Do you know what you're
supposed to do in a maze?
Tie a rope round yourself.
the other person holds the other end.
And that way you don't lose each other.
How long's the rope?
It's long.
This code doesn't make sense.
I wish it could always be like this.
It could be.
It could be me and you, like this,
People will get hurt.
They'll heal.
Everyone heals.
We just have to be brave enough, Archie.
Brave enough to live the lives
that we want to.
Come on,
let's get something to eat
before the restaurant closes.
You go.
I'll call Jim.
Brave enough to live
the lives you want to.
I'm telling you, it's the only way.
Changed your mind.
I did.
- You hungry?
- I'm good.
How was Jim?
He'll be okay, you know.
I know.
I need to ask you something.
What do you know
about Operation Midnight?
I don't know anything.
Wes told me about 2012.
She told me about Dr Gray,
about the lab in London.
- What did she tell you?
- Everything.
But I want to hear it from you.
I need to know about that mission.
It was a kill mission.
Kill the scientists, destroy the lab.
What did Wes tell you before the mission?
What do you mean?
I mean, did she tell you
you were saving the world,
or did she tell you you were
assassinating an innocent woman?
- She wasn't innocent.
- She was just a scientist.
- Do you know what she'd discovered?
- Time travel.
True time travel.
If she'd been allowed
to complete her research
she would have created true time travel.
The potential consequences
of that kind of power, Archie.
Oppenheimer had nothing on her.
Jesus, can you imagine?
In the wrong hands, what that would mean?
None of us would have
control over our lives again.
The world would be chaos.
There'd be no order,
there'd be no rules.
It'd be the end of us.
You said them, you said "scientists."
Six disciples.
We were supposed to take
them out, but couldn't find them.
Wes will never stop looking.
You wanna know, if I feel bad?
I don't.
That doctor needed to be killed,
her work needed to be destroyed
and when we find her disciples,
they need to be killed too.
We have to stop it, before it
becomes a reality, Archie. We have to.
And Wes wants to keep
all this under wraps?
She doesn't want it getting out, no.
What would you do, if I died tomorrow?
I'd find a way to bring you back.
So, time travel has its advantages?
The checkpoints have advantages.
And they also have limits.
They have rules.
How would you do it though?
I mean, you can't use the
machine for one person.
I have leverage over Wes, remember?
Wes wouldn't like that.
She'd probably find a
way to get back at you.
It wouldn't matter.
I'd do it anyway.
We have to try again.
The opposition just took
the Parliament Building
and the TV station.
- Wes
- Our intelligence shows it worked.
The mission was successful.
No, Wes, please, please.
I shouldn't have asked them.
I'm not really supposed
to know all of this.
It'd be safer for us both,
if we pretend we never
had this conversation.
"We just have to be
brave enough to live
the lives we want."
I will never forget that.
Tell him, tell him, tell him.
Everybody likes to be fancied,
unless it's someone they find repulsive,
in which case, that's a bad situation.
But you're not
repulsive. You are, in fact,
what I would call an attractive woman
talking to herself in a toilet.
You've had three and a half pints
and one line of what I
assume was cocaine.
You're gonna go down
and you're gonna tell him
that you're ready
to ruin the friendship.
In a sexy way.
And that's just what you're gonna do.
I'm Sarah.
Hi, George.
Hey, I'm supposed to be
looking for a girl called Sarah.
- Yeah, it's a different Sarah.
- Well, how do you know that?
Your friend's brother is
trying to set you up with her.
Yeah, exactly.
That's not you?
- No.
- No?
- Oh, alright.
- Who do you know here?
No one, really, just my mate Lawrence
but no idea where he is.
- So you're all alone.
- I got you now.
And this other Sarah who
I'm apparently supposed to be
be falling in love with and
living happily ever after,
but I got no idea what
she looks like so
Do you want me to help you find her?
Seeing as she's your future soulmate.
yeah, yeah. Yeah, why not?
Let's, let's go find her.
Maybe hey maybe we
should look by the punch-bowl.
- Yeah.
- You wanna go look by the punch-bowl?
Let's, yeah
Have you ever been speed dating?
Well I have been
and it's bad, but
Thank you.
There is this thing
where you ask really
important questions
in a small amount of time
to gauge who a person is.
Do you want to do that?
Yeah, I do want to do that.
That's exactly what I wanna do.
- It's better than small talk.
- Yeah, sure.
- Alright, hit me.
- Okay.
If you could look into a crystal ball
and see five years into the future,
how would you want your life to look?
- In five years?
- Yeah.
I just wanna be happy.
- Everyone wants to be happy.
- No, no, they don't, actually.
Most people don't
actually want to be happy.
They wanna be chasing something.
I mean, they want more respect,
or they want more money,
or they want more women, or men,
or fans or followers
or clout or whatever.
You know, those people
that just never stop grinding,
I do not wanna be that.
I think that happiness,
actual contentment,
is something that most people
are never gonna achieve.
And do you know why?
Cause they're always on the journey,
they're never at the destination
and that's not gonna be me.
Like, I wanna arrive at
the life I'm gonna live
and I wanna be able to look around
and realise I got it
and should be happy.
That's actually
- That's actually really nice.
- Right?
I gotta
- Can you wait?
- Yeah.
- It'll just be two secs.
- Don't run off with any other Sarahs.
I won't.
what the fuck is wrong
with this guy, man?
Oh, hey. Hey.
You didn't run off then.
No, no, I didn't,
because we were
already chatting, obviously.
Ah ok, that's good.
No I didn't, didn't run off.
Good I'm glad.
So, where were we?
We were talking about where we
want our lives to be in five years.
Fine, where do you want
your life to be in five years?
I actually liked your answer.
I think I wanna be happy, too.
Oh what, so you're, you're not happy?
My life is a little
complicated at the moment.
- Why?
- Relationship stuff.
Oh, you too?
Like, what, do you like someone?
- Yeah I do.
- Not sure if they like you back.
No I know he likes me back.
Honestly, my life's been fucking
turned on its head
and it's just been a lot.
I mean honestly, I completely
understand what that feels like.
Well, here's to life
being turned on its head.
Do you want another one?
Yeah, why not.
Someone's rewritten this code.
First, 2018. What a joy.
Doesn't matter what year I'm in,
I'm still stuck trying to fix
that bloody time machine
for gun-wielding lunatics.
Same thing I've been
doing half my adult life.
I should go back to 1976,
tell my dad to wear a condom.
Do me a favor.
What the fuck?
What's that?
I don't think The Dane was on
the same mission as the rest of us.
You know, I was thinking
about what you said earlier.
What was that?
Well, just about how children
actually like to be scared.
Wait, what?
What you said in the
newsagent this morning.
The newsagent?
- George?
- Yeah?
No. George. You're George.
Yeah, I am.
No, you're fucking 2024 George!
- Sarah?
- Yeah.
Why What are you doing here?
I don't know, I came to I wanted
- What are you doing here?
- I came here to see you!
- Well, yeah.
- Other me?
You prefer her, don't you?
What did you do to yourself?
I dunno, Sarah, everything's
been so hard recently
No, I mean what did
you do with yourself.
Where's old George?
Oh, I tranquillised him
and left him in a garden.
Yeah, yeah, we should
Don't worry, this stuff knocks you out.
He ain't gonna know what day it is.
I swear I left me here.
Are you okay?
I think someone attacked me.
Oh my God. Come and sit down.
What happened?
I dunno. Some bloke
just came up behind me.
He must have bashed me
over the head or something.
He stole my shirt.
We met earlier at the shop.
Do you remember?
Shit, I must have
concussion, cause I don't.
I mean, I definitely would
remember meeting you.
We met, it was really nice, actually.
This is so weird.
Just cause, I have been
thinking about you all day.
I probably kept thinking
about you all day, too.
Is that you?
I'll get the next one.
See? We always find each other.
I guess we do.
Because he hit you hard
What the shit?
No, no, no, no! Wait! Wait
How are you here?
You were at the underground station.
Answer the question.
How are you here?
There was a light.
Felt like I was being pulled, like
I was being catapulted forward.
Me and him are connected
somehow. Where he goes, I go.
You don't remember me, do you?
- I was sure you would have died.
- I lived.
I lived for a reason.
To keep him safe.
- Well, he's dead now.
- No.
It's only for five
weeks. He'll come back.
Then I'll find him and kill him again.
- You don't know what he is.
- Yes, I do.
He's the one that's going to save us.
He does terrible things,
Becky, I've seen him.
Whatever he does, he
does it for the right reasons.
You go wherever he goes,
and you'll see that.
I should have protected you.
At the lab.
I tried. I'm so sorry.
I don't need protecting.
You wanna help me,
then you help him.
Or you stay out of our way.
You're still up?
Did you speak to Ross?
Wes ordered the hit on Gray.
Ross and Janet carried it out
and then they covered it up.
Why the cover up?
The Lazarus Project
like to think of themselves
as a benevolent organisation.
Executing civilians rather undoes that.
It wasn't just Gray they were after.
Wes wanted all the disciples killed.
She still does.
I think Wes sent the Dane
to blow up the machine and kill everyone.
The disciples.
Janet and Becky.
- Fucking snake!
- Tell them.
Tell us, what?
Someone reprogrammed
the machine before we left.
We were never going back to 2023.
We were on our way to 2012
when the system crashed.
Hence, how we got here.
Well, she wanted us
to go back to the source.
Wipe out any trace of anyone
who might be able to
build a true time machine.
Kill the idea, before it became an idea.
- Can you fix the machine?
- I have.
When we loop back,
when we're back in the air,
I think, I can stop
us crashing into 2018
but I can't reprogram the destination
with the equipment I've got.
We're going to 2012
whether we like it, or not.
We loop back in five weeks.
We'll wake up on the plane again,
Samson will fix the computer
so we can complete our mission
in 2012 and rescue Janet.
I can't wait that long.
Don't you fucking
I'll fix it! Hold on!
Let me just
She's going on.
Fix it, Samson, fix it.
Hold on, it's happening!
Everyone okay?
We know what's in your bag.
What are you really doing here?
I have orders.
Total destruction.
Everything that was missed last time.
The lab, the scientists,
the documents, everything.
It can't survive. None of it.
It all has to go.
Kill it at the root. You know this.
Do you have orders to kill Janet?
You know. You have to do this.
- Do you have orders to kill Janet?
- Rebrov.
- Everyone! They all have to
- Oh my God!
What the shit?
- That man was a friend of mine.
- Get better fucking friends then.
He was going to kill my mum.
If someone was gonna kill
your mum, what would you do?
Probably shoot them in the head.
There you go then.
We're on a rescue mission, Archie.
He were on a kill mission.
We're saving Janet.
We're here now.
We're saving Janet.
And Becky.
We're bringing them home.
A home that makes sense. No loops,
no more time travel, just
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