The Leftovers (2014) s01e08 Episode Script


- _ - Is he in there? - What? - My father, is he in there with you? - They let him out? - He escaped.
Don't tell your dad you saw me.
Come on, Chief! I got one trapped! Why is there a dog tied up in our yard? Your dad brought it home last night.
I can't believe you didn't wake up.
- You don't remember, do you? - What? - Last night.
- Of course I remember.
This whistle blew three years ago.
Your services are being requested.
I'm not gonna leave my family.
- Don't wake up.
- Go to sleep! I've seen a gun in her purse.
You believe that you will always feel that pain.
And if it starts to slip away you'll seek it out again.
Let me take it from you.
Maybe we should do dinner sometime? I would love that.
They're not gonna let you off that easy, son.
I think I might be going crazy.
Well, my friend.
You've come to the right place.
_ You like rice krispie treats? Suit yourselves.
Sorry about the dog.
Believe it or not, it used to be a lot worse.
What's his name? Nothing's really stuck yet.
You have a dog? I used to.
His name was Bubba.
- Bubba? - Bubba.
So, Ms.
Durst Nora.
Nora, you do that whole questionnaire thingy for the government, right? - Uh-huh.
- So you, like, ask stuff to find out what they had in common, everybody who poofed? Heh! That's the idea.
So do people, like, freak out? What do you mean? Well, I just mean, if I lost somebody and then I had to answer a bunch of personal questions about them to get a benefit check, I'd probably go mental.
No offense.
I've never seen anybody go mental.
They're sad, but they're safe.
Then why do you carry a gun? What? She has a gun in her purse.
Right? What makes you think she has Actually, Jill, I used to have a gun, but I don't need it anymore.
- Why'd you need it before? - Jill.
It made me feel better.
- Then why'd you get rid of it? - Jill.
- What? - Enough.
- Sorry.
- It's ok.
I just want to know how she got better.
Nora's a guest in our house.
I'm just asking our guest a question.
Then cut the shit, Jill.
Go ahead.
Take a look.
- Nora, you don't have - It's ok, really.
Go ahead.
- Apologize.
- She doesn't have to.
Yes, she does have to.
No worries.
I think she really likes me.
- She said she was looking forward to it.
- Well - I swear.
- Now that I've been inspected for fire arms, the worst is over.
Don't go back in and fight with her.
That's what she wants.
I mean, sorry.
She started it, and That's very mature of you.
It'll get better.
How? I don't know But it will.
You takin' a nap? Come on.
Think she's still out.
The Leftovers 1x08 Cairo Morning.
Is my dad downstairs? Nope.
I guess you must have scared him off to her place.
Bang, bang.
You don't fucking know me! You motherfucker! You don't fucking know me! - Fuck you! - Megan.
Fuck you, you fuck! You fucking fuck! You! How fucking dare you?! You don't know me! You're everywhere! Leave us alone! - Megan.
- Fuck you! Megan.
Come home.
- Rrr! - Megan! Shut your fucking mouth, you fuck! - Come home, Megan.
- Fuck you! Come home.
Megan! Fuck.
Do you know what he's doing? Do you know? This is about me! This is my fucking mother! My mother! He's been talking to her friends! He has one of everyone, on all of us! He can't do that! He can't just fucking come here and do that! You can't let him! Fine.
Let's see what Patti says.
Uh, I think she's playing possum.
You playin' possum, gorgeous? Well, maybe you hit her a little too hard, huh? Oh.
Hey, what the hell's wrong with you? What happened last night? What? I need you to tell me everything that that happened last night.
Why? I I don't think I remember.
You don't think you remember? This was all your idea, asshole.
What do you remember? I I remember Getting into bed.
Oh, come on.
What, are you saying What, that you're fuckin' sleepwalking? Just tell me.
Well Kevin Apparently you got out of bed and showed up at the bar.
And we had a couple, and you insisted on giving me a lift home, at which point we passed our lady friend in there.
When she looked up, she gave you that "go fuck yourself" smile.
Next thing I know, you were out of the truck, grabbing her.
Nothing like a spontaneous abduction to get the heart fuckin' pumpin' and boom! We are off to Cairo, New York.
We're we're in Cairo? Well, you gave me directions! You said that you you used to come to camp, somethin' up here when you were little.
You snuck off to the cabin to smoke cigarettes.
Why? Why would you do this with me? Because we're friends.
Before last night, when was the last time we saw each other? I don't know.
Couple weeks back, you know.
Uh, when we made the bet.
Oh, Jesus.
We caught a dog, and you bet that you could civilize him.
You win, I stop shootin' the fuckers, I win, you give me a dollar? Yeah, and I will collect that dollar, so don't try using this amnesia bullshit to back out.
No, I don't have fuckin' amnesia.
Well, then what the fuck have you got?! Shit.
Oh, fuck.
You ok? I think things Got a little out of control last night.
Jesus, Chief.
What the hell Shut the fuck up.
I shouldn't have done this to you.
But you Kept fuckin' pushing me, Patti, and I reacted.
So I'm gonna let you go and we're gonna get in the truck and I'm gonna drive you home.
And all the bullshit up until now, we're gonna call it even.
We're gonna forget that it ev I don't forget.
Well, well.
It speaks.
Gosh, you're so friendly now.
Tell me, am I still a fat, heartless cunt? That's what he said, right? That is my recollection, yes.
Well, Kevin, that is a kind offer.
Take me home, give a polite little beep as you drive off, but you should know that I have every intention of reporting you to the actual authorities.
I will tell them that I was abducted off the street, and I will identify my attackers.
And they will take your job, and then they will take your child.
You want to undo this, but I simply cannot allow that, so You're just going to have to batten down the hatches and finish what you started here, my friend.
Now get me a fuckin' cigarette! However, when allied tanks arrived on the outskirts of Daafeed, the mass grave was empty.
Locals described a miraculous resurrection How long do I have to wait here? Why are you so mad? What was I supposed to do? I mean, if we don't stand up to him, then he's just gonna keep on coming at us.
_ Why not? They fucking hit us, they spit in our faces, they spray us with hoses.
_ _ _ _ Of course.
This is my sister Nora, my wife Mary.
This is Laurie and Megan.
She's the one who attacked you? It's ok.
Megan's mother passed away on October 13th, one day before the departure.
She has a right to be angry.
Her grief was hijacked.
_ I accept your apology.
She's not sorry.
She's here.
It's a start.
I'm not giving up on you.
Thank you for coming by.
Hey, Laurie.
If you're giving out apologies, I have a suggestion for your next stop.
I had dinner with your daughter last night.
You might want to drop by and write her a note, too.
So Garvey's totally just staring her down, and she's all like, "you're there sitting in my mom's chair, eating my dad's delicious chicken? Uh-uh.
" It wasn't my mom's chair.
Ok, and Nora, who I know on a first-name basis, oh, by the way, she's all like, "go ahead.
I don't give a shit.
Look in my purse.
" And I'm like, "damn, is she bluffing?" Because obviously Garvey's supposed to just be like, "oh, sorry, no, forget it.
" But no, fuck that.
Garvey grabs her purse, looks in that shit, and No gun! Ha! I don't get it.
Why does it matter? Because she's lying.
It wasn't in her purse, but she still has it.
- How do you know? - 'Cause I know.
- But what's that got to do with the gun? - Absolutely nothing.
Garvey is just cock-blocking her dad.
- She was pretending.
- Pretending what? To be ok.
She lost her entire family.
Just so you know, it is possible for some people to be ok, Jill.
Are you ok, Aimee? Ok I am fuckin' fantastic, and I got to say, I think your dad would be, too, if you'd just fuckin' let him.
Guys, let's just calm down.
Come on.
Did you fuck him? - Whoa.
- What? - Let's play ping-pong, ok? - Yeah.
Right? Did you? Did you fuck my dad? Yeah, Jill.
I did.
I fucked your dad.
And I felt really bad about it, so I was like, "hey, Mr.
Garvey, this is so wrong.
" But he was like, "hey, "let's stop pretending to be ok because no one is ok.
" And he was totally right, and he was so hard, Jill So I fucked the shit out of him on top of a pile of guns.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you! Other pocket.
If I cut you loose, you gonna behave? Jesus.
Chief, she just spit in your face.
You want her to bite your goddamn nose off, too? Certainly a risk.
You want one? Help yourself.
I don't smoke.
Oh? I seem to recall Laurie telling me that you did.
I quit.
Who do you report to? - Sorry? - Your organization.
Your fucking cult.
Where do you get your orders? - We don't take orders.
- Bullshit.
People have fucking chapters all over the country.
Ok, I'm sorry, but you brought me here and strapped me up so you could ask me about my organization? Just answer the fucking question.
And who might you be, sir? This ain't workin' out, Chief.
Reason I ask is because I've had some experience in research, and most people, you can find out all sorts of things about 'em with no trouble at all.
But you, dog killer no driver's license, no records, no anything, so I don't know.
You may be able to shed some light about your friend here, but as far as I can tell, he's a ghost.
I prefer to think of myself as a guardian angel.
Well, shit.
I think I just heard a bell ring.
Word with you outside, Chief? Something tells me you're about to get some excellent advice.
- Fuck are you doin'? - What? I signed up for this little adventure under the countenance of strong and decisive leadership, but now, lo and behold, that leader is now gone, and the man currently residing in his skin clearly has no fuckin' idea what is happening in there.
When we did this last night What did I say I wanted? You said it was time to end it.
I don't want to hurt her.
Oh, yes, you do.
After what she took from your town? From your family? There have to be consequences.
Look Chief, I get it.
You tried every way you could to stop these fucks, but you could only get so far because you are a good man.
So how about you go back to the truck and get comfortable, close your eyes? 'Cause I need to talk to the other guy.
There's only fucking me! Dude, this is a bad idea.
- Up.
- I mean it, you guys.
- I really don't think we should do this.
- My right.
- Your right.
- Got it.
- All right, stop.
Click it, Garvey.
- I got it.
What the hell, man? We're looking for a gun.
Nobody keeps the gun in the crisper, dude.
That's where I would hide it.
What if she comes home? Then she'll go right for the gun.
Mystery solved.
That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life.
Oh, my God.
Shut up, Scott.
I still don't get it.
If the lady who lost her family is, like, lying about the gun, then, like, no one can ever be ok again.
Do you think Aimee was really fucking Garvey's dad? Probably.
Dude is ripped.
Oh, shit.
What? Bulletproof vest, yo.
- Hit me, bitch! - No way.
Do it, chicken shit! Aah! Motherfucker! Aah! Let's get outta here.
- Why? What about the gun? - Doesn't matter.
Dude, vest.
Wait up! Hello, you've reached Nora Durst.
Please leave a message.
Nora, uh, it's me, Kevin Um, I only have one bar, so I hope you can hear me.
I did something stupid.
Think I fucked up.
Um I don't know what's happening to me So can you call me ahem when you get the message and, um, that's just I, uh I need you.
Fucking no! Fuck! Aah! Fuck! Fuck! Aah! Fuck! You're ok.
You're ok.
You're ok.
Did you take your nap? Fuck this.
We're leaving.
- Her word against ours.
- No, whoa, whoa! Whoa there, Chief.
Just hold on.
Just give it a minute, ok? - What? - Situation is taking care of itself.
What did you do? What? Hey, hey! Goddamn it! Jesus.
Aah! Don't fight it, Chief.
Just just give it a minute.
Just let her go.
It's what you want.
Just let her go, man.
Just let her go.
Aah! Fuck! I fucking wanted to help you.
Now you are on your own, Chief.
Oh, shut the fuck up.
I tried.
You ok? Shh.
What, you want me to write it down? - I'm just asking if you're all right.
- Shh.
Can you believe Nora fucking Durst? She just had to say something, right? You know what? Fuck her.
What does she know about your daughter? She doesn't know fuckin' shit.
I wish I could see her face on Memorial Day Shh! Patti sent you? You got something for me? _ We good? Ok.
Unhitch it.
You people are some sick fucks.
Nora, uh, it's me, Kevin.
Woman's Disarm system now.
Disarm system now.
System deactivated.
Where are you going? Um Dorfman said I could crash there for a while.
I hope you feel better.
I'm fine.
Thanks for letting me stay.
_ _ _ _ Can I stay here? Boy, are you fucked.
Tell me.
You're wondering if I have a sense of debt to you for saving my life Maybe I'll change my mind about decimating yours.
But you won't? No, I won't.
Oh, it's a pickle.
Can't let me go, won't let me die.
Oh, what to do, Kevin? What to fucking do? What do you want? I want you to understand.
Understand what? You ever think about the Oh.
The great vanishing? The sudden departure? The cluster fuck of the modern era? When's the last time you ever really thought about it? I don't.
Me? Heh! I think about it every fuckin' wakin' moment.
I mean, come on.
What else is there to think about? So you You know where they went, what happened? It doesn't matter what happened.
But the difference between you and me is that I accept that it did.
And while you push it aside, while you ignore it, we strip ourselves of everything that distracts us from it.
We strip away the colorful diversions that keep us from remembering.
We strip away attachment, fear and love and hatred and anger Until we are Erased, until we are a blank slate.
We are living reminders of what you try so desperately to forget.
And we are ready and we are waiting because it's not gonna be long now.
Now I know why you don't fuckin' talk.
Got to hand it to you, Patti.
That is such an impressive line of fucking bullshit.
Well, Laurie obviously disagrees with you.
Laurie didn't join you to become a living fucking reminder.
Then why did she? Because I failed her.
You think she came to us because of you.
Because of what you did with your dirty dick.
Yes, Kevin, there was a time I told Laurie everything And then there was a time she told me everything.
But she came to me because I could offer her something that you could not.
That's all any of us want now, every single one of us.
Not answers, not love.
Just a reason to exist.
Something to live for.
Something to die for.
Did Gladys have a purpose? Ah, you remember her name.
Of course I remember her fucking name.
Well, Kevin, that was the point.
That woman was brutally murdered, death by a hundred stones, and now, she can't be forgotten.
Did you murder her? She was ok with it.
And when Laurie's time comes she will be ok with it, too.
And it's coming, so soon.
And you are all ready.
All you need is just a little push.
You want me to kill you.
Oh, Kevin, you can't kill me, you don't have the fuckin' balls.
I want you to commit.
I want you to finish what you started.
I want you to go all the way.
I want you to say you understand.
Understand what? What happened, what's happening to me, to you.
Oh, vanity of sleep, hope, dream, endless desire, the horses of disaster plunge through the heavy Clay: Beloved, let your eyes half close and your heart beat over my heart and your hair fall over my breast, drowning love's lonely hour in deep twilight of rest And hiding their tossing manes and tumultuous feet.
Kevin Garvey.
You don't have to hide from me.
You're going home.
You're not gonna tell anybody what I did to you Because I'll fuckin' tell them.
If I lose my fuckin' job So fuckin' be it, but I am not gonna lose my mind listening to the words coming out of your fucking mouth.
No, Patti.
I don't understand you.
You do understand.
Oh, Jesus! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh! Oh, God! Patti, Patti, what the fuck did you do? What the fuck did you do? You Understand.