The Leftovers (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

A Matter of Geography

If that's a traffic ticket, I can get you out of it.
- Divorce.
- Me too.
- You want to come over? - Right now? First four dates I was on the fence, but I'm over it now.
- So, were you working all night? - I was actually with a friend.
I think you'd like her.
What happened last night? I don't think I remember.
- Kevin.
- Oh, Jesus! I have shovels in my trunk.
Can I just stay here? _ _ What did you people do? _ I saw you moving in.
I'm John Murphy.
We're right next door.
- Don't open it 'til I'm gone, okay? - Back by 11:00.
Evie! Where is she? - Dad! - Evie! Shh.
Oh, shh.
Look what I found.
You're a natural.
Just got off with the FBI.
No abductions, no missing persons.
We're keeping her, right? I mean, someone left her here for us.
Yeah? You want to stay over? My luggage is in the car.
Look, this if we're gonna be we can't just We don't really know each other.
What do I need to know? Uh, I've been I've been walking in my sleep.
I was taking medication.
So I tossed my pills.
I figured that'd be the end of it, but then I I grabbed Patti Levin and I took her to a cabin.
And when I woke up I tried to let her go, but she wouldn't let me.
And she killed herself.
So I called your brother Matt and we we buried her.
And nobody else knows.
And I smoke.
I hire prostitutes to shoot me.
I lied to you about my gun.
I won't ever do that again.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay? It's okay.
Do I have to say something crazy now? It's okay.
_ Do you know whose baby that is? Sorry? Do you know whose baby that is? She's mine.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's going on? Hello.
Hell one second.
Hey, I'm on my way home.
The old washer is busted, so I had to be at the laund What? No.
You said 11:00.
Oh, shit.
Look, I'm sorry.
- I love Fuck.
- I swear to God I thought you said 11:00.
- It's okay.
- Here, give her.
- I've got to fix that fucking washing machine.
Kevin, it's okay.
Three loads at the laundromat.
You're gonna do all the talking, right? You'll be great.
Just tell them it felt like it was meant to be.
Felt like it was meant to be.
Felt like it was meant to be.
- You can put it in your own words.
- I got it.
Deep breath.
Clear it out, man.
Let's go make a family.
She was on your porch? No, it was Kevin's porch.
I was just the one - Was there a note? - Uh-uh.
It was just her in her car seat.
- So no idea of who left her there? - No.
Kevin was the chief of police, so we assumed You're a cop? I was.
I took a leave so I could help with the baby.
It felt like it was meant to be.
Any other kids? My daughter lives with us.
She's great with the baby.
My children were both departures.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Thank you.
Any other relatives in the area? Um, my dad lives nearby.
He's not really in the, you know.
Not really what? He's in a psychiatric facility.
But he's not dangerous or anything.
- He's - No.
Marital status? - Well, we live together.
- We were both previously married.
- We're committed, obviously.
- We love each other.
- Very, very much.
- Yeah.
In the event of a separation, who would take care of the child? - We're not going to separate.
- But if you did.
We're not.
We're not.
Would you like to adopt another child? We want this one.
In addition to this one.
Um One month old, adorable.
He's white, though.
I'm sorry, no.
We're we're good.
- Yeah, we're pretty - Yeah.
Name of the child? Lily with one L.
Lily with one L.
Now, I want you to take this to any of the judges down the hall.
The wait shouldn't be too bad.
So Congratulations.
She's all yours.
She's all ours.
We got you.
Fuck! You see a tag on this? I think it's $17.
Cool? What? I'll take that, too.
Please turn off the vehicle, sir.
There's a body in the back of my truck.
You're my sister.
Did you know that? We're sisters.
See? What's she wearing? It was in the box that your brother sent.
Check it out.
Aw, that was sweet of him.
You want to go for a walk with us? Um, no.
I'm gonna meet a friend for coffee.
Is he cute? Not as cute as he used to be.
Remember, we have dinner at 7:00.
Dad's gonna wear a sport coat and everything, so get ready to celebrate.
Oh, I'm ready.
- Thank you.
- Anything else I can get you? Sorry, it's not for me.
Waiting for someone who's just 20 minutes late.
Looking good, Billy Ray.
Feeling good, Louis.
- Sorry, I'm sick.
- Oh.
I don't want to infect you.
That sucks.
I ordered you a cheeseburger.
Thank you.
Um, school good? It's August.
It's August.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
Um, Dad and Nora adopted the baby.
They still calling it Lily? Yeah, you don't like that? Who cares what I like? I care.
I mean, you gave her to us.
Did you tell Dad? No.
- Jill, did you? - No.
You can't tell Dad.
I promised you that I wouldn't.
You know, you should really just call him sometime.
- He worries about you.
- We're not starting that again, Jill.
- Why are you so angry? - I'm not.
I'm not angry.
Well, can I just tell him that I know you're okay? No, Jill, you can't.
Why not? 'Cause nobody's okay.
I am.
And so is Dad and Nora.
We're all okay.
That's good for you.
You deserve that.
One big, happy family.
Well, you can be a part of it.
I mean, anytime.
I'm sorry.
She, um she wanted me to give this to you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Nora, Mike from Century.
- Are you sitting down? - No, I'm standing.
There's an offer on your house.
- Million? - Yeah, million.
But we listed it for 600,000.
- Why would they - It's a preemptive bid.
Listen, they put it on a clock.
We have until end of day to respond.
So I'm saying yes, yes? Nora? Why are you offering me four times what I'm asking for my house? Your residence has been flagged as a highly desirable property by a number of separate institutions.
What's your institution? - We're from MIT.
- Good school.
It is, thank you.
We're spearheading a research project and the university is financing the grant.
- To buy my house? - Yes.
- Why? - Because it is anomalous.
It's a deviation from the statistical norm She knows what it means.
You want to buy my house because my husband and children disappeared from here.
Yes, and our deepest condolences for your loss.
- So you have a guess? - Sorry? If they're writing you a grant that big, you must have a guess as to where my family went.
We can't determine where, only why.
I don't understand.
Our guess is that it's a matter of geography.
And the richest data can be gathered from sites where multiple departures have occurred in the same proximity, like right here.
But I was here with them.
Our understanding is that your family was here at the table, but you were over by the sink, yes? You're saying if I was sitting right here, I would have gone, too? If you sell us your house, we'll be one step closer to answering that.
- Then what? - Sorry? If you're right, then what? What does it matter? People want to be able to protect themselves against a recurrence.
You think it's gonna happen again? Why wouldn't it? Staties offer you anything? Some shitty coffee out there.
Lois Makepeace from ATFEC.
Kevin Garvey.
Want to ask about the eye? No.
Most people are curious.
So they confirmed the ID of the body in your truck.
Patricia Levin.
Regional leadership of the Guilty Remnant.
- She went by Patti.
- Did you kill her? No, I disinterred her body.
You know who did kill her? She killed herself, but I was So she killed herself? Yes, but I was responsible for But she killed herself? Yes, she did.
- I - Don't care.
I don't care how you knew where she was buried or why you dug her up because I don't care about her.
I read your official resignation.
Chief Kevin Garvey of Mapleton PD.
You quit being a cop.
Probably 'cause this piece of shit Levin liked smoking and telling those other chickenshits in her little club to cause a riot in your goddamn town.
So she killed herself.
The world spins on.
Good riddance, Patricia, we hardly fucking knew ya.
Are you letting me go? Do you want to blow your life up? What? Do you want to blow your life up? No.
Then go home, Kevin Garvey.
What the fuck was that? - I'm losing circulation.
- I know.
She's got a grip on her.
Hey, there he is.
Hola, bambino.
Nora: Your dad's been released.
Isn't that great? Released? When? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're dubious.
I'm supposed to trust you just because you're wearing normal clothes, not a bathrobe? Good fit, huh? Guy I stole them off is in a ditch bleeding to death.
Do you want to call the nuthouse? What are they gonna tell me if I do? That I'm cured.
And he's moving to Australia.
Not moving, just visiting for an indefinite period of time.
I'm gonna take her up for her nap and hop in the shower.
Your son's taking us to dinner tonight.
He made a reservation and everything.
What a gentleman.
Nora: Why don't you two catch up? She's a great woman.
You said that about Laurie, too.
Well, I still like Laurie.
I just like Nora more.
Try not to drive her into a fucking cult, okay? Jesus, your sense of humor is back.
Will wonders never cease? I got to admit, it's pretty convincing.
What? You.
You seem pretty normal.
- You implying that I'm not? - Well watched you for four years yelling at shit that wasn't even there.
Who says it wasn't there? I don't know.
Laws of fucking nature.
Well, son, wouldn't you agree that the laws of fucking nature seemed a bit upside down as of late? So, what, your voices, they just went away? No, sir.
I just started doing what they told me to.
They tell you to go to Australia? God, I love this town.
But now everywhere I look, all I see is what's gone.
So I can sit around and cry about how the world fucking ended or I could start it up again.
And we offer that grilled on a bed of daily cut spinach.
Or you can have it roasted in our brick oven with fingerling potatoes.
The pasta is homemade agnolotti with veal ragout and we prepare that al dente.
Just a little brittleness to the bite.
And just to remind you, the chef requests no substitutions.
Can I get the pasta with the sauce on the side? Yes, of course.
And can I get that without the brittleness to the bite? That's not technically a substitution.
I'd be happy to ask.
That'd be great.
What? Do you want to get out of here? Out of the restaurant? No.
Not the restaurant.
Jill, honey.
We're here.
Please proceed to the visitor center to get your wristbands.
If you do not have a reservation, you'll have to turn around before the bridge.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you want to sell your wristbands? Uh, sorry? We, my family, we've been camped out for two weeks.
I've got cash.
We rented a place.
I don't think we need a wristband.
If you do not have a reservation, y'all need to turn around before the bridge.
Do you mind if we get the keys to your trailer? Some folks hitch a ride in.
We just want to make sure you didn't pick up any unwanted guests along the way.
Here you go.
Y'all got a reservation? We rented a place in town.
Good for you.
Just need to see a copy of the lease and we'll let y'all on in.
Is this okay? We did it all online.
Yes, ma'am.
So you just take this to the rental desk at the visitor center.
It's just over the bridge.
They'll set your vehicle up with some stickers so you can drive on into town, okay? Great.
Thanks so much.
Welcome to Miracle.
Welcome to Miracle National Park.
Nonresident vehicles are prohibited in Miracle.
Visitors must ride a shuttle bus to and from the center.
Come on, buddy.
with their wristband before borders close.
Sir, you're gonna need to take that animal to quarantine if you're going into town.
What? No one told us there was a quarantine.
Sir, it's right over there.
Rules are rules.
All right.
You go on in.
I'll take him.
No wildlife admitted into the park until we can clear their blood work.
But it's not fucking wildlife.
It's a dog.
Here we go.
I will call you as soon as he can come home, but you're free to visit anytime.
I'll let you say your good-byes.
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Hey, come here.
Come here, buddy.
It's all right.
Come here.
I know.
I know.
I know.
I'll be back.
I'll stay with him if you want.
Maybe he'll fucking talk to me.
Welcome to Miracle National Park.
We're excited to have you.
Within the boundaries of the park sits the town of Jarden, a town with a unique history the most populous bordered area unaffected by the Sudden Departure.
All visitors access the park via Miracle Way.
There are shuttles from the visitor center every 30 minutes.
The visitor wristband is your ticket into Miracle.
Visitors must wear their wristband at all times.
Each wristband is valid between the hours of 8:00 A.
and 7:00 P.
on the day of issue.
Miracle isn't just a national park, it's a living, functioning town with a rich history.
That was true before October 14 and incredibly has remained true since.
The residents of Miracle request that you join them in the project of preserving this extraordinary place they call home by honoring these rules and regulations.
Once inside the park, you may purchase goods from any of Miracle's registered vendors.
As you explore our town, you'll notice that we've designated several areas as historical sites, each marked with a white reference number.
Most of these sites have been preserved exactly as they were Auction's in five minutes.
Oh, we've already rented a house.
- I'm just looking for my family.
- Temporary residential? Right next to the day-pass line.
Thank you.
How are you? Sorry? How are you? Fine, thanks.
I'm out on Leddecker Road.
Under the big oak.
Trailer with all the Christmas lights.
You should come see me anytime.
I can help you with your situation.
That's unacceptable! We drove here all the way from New York.
I can't believe this.
This is unbelievable.
We paid a deposit.
A $ 50,000 deposit.
- What's going on? - They say our house burned down.
- The house we rented? - Yes! If you talk to the owner, maybe they We did it online.
We don't know the owner.
Nora, calm down for one second.
- Are there any other rentals available? - Not currently, but we'll get y'all to the top of the wait list should one come available.
- When's that gonna be? - Hard to say.
Y'all were lucky to get one as easy as you did.
Lucky? Our entire house is in the back of a U-Haul.
You took our fucking dog.
Well, I can make a call on over to quarantine.
- See what I can do.
- Dad! Auctioneer: 450,000 where? I think she's buying a house.
Auctioneer: 500,000.
25 where? a quarter? 25.
Thank you.
- 525? - 500.
Five, at 500.
Now give me 525.
- Five and a quarter.
And half.
- Here.
- Now 600.
Not 575.
- 650! - I have you.
I'm at 650.
- 750! - What are you doing? - Bidding.
Ladies and gentlemen, remember, there are no escrow.
All sales are final.
On 750.
- 800! - I've got you at 800, ma'am.
Can we talk about this? We talked about it when we committed to the rental.
That was for six months.
Okay? We're gonna take this one step at a time.
- Our steps burned down.
- Nora, you need to take a breath.
There's gonna be other chances.
How often do they have auctions? That's the first one they've had this summer.
- 950! - I've got you at nine and a half.
- One million.
- I'm looking at a million dollars now.
We don't have to do this.
There are other places that we can live.
This place.
This is the place we decided on.
- Yeah, but - You want to live here, buddy? - Yeah.
- You in, Jill? Yeah, I'm in if you guys are.
Three million.
Ma'am, you realize the current bid is 1,600,000? I understand that.
Thank you.
All sales are final.
- We clear on that? - Yup.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have a $3 million bid on this house.
I'm at $3 million.
Three one where? I'm at three million now reeling three one.
Three million once.
Three million twice.
- I have sold the house for $3 million.
- We won! Hey, we won.
Please don't take these off till you get your permanent resident cards.
It'll keep the rangers in town off your back.
- Too tight? - No, it's fine.
Once the wire transfer from your bank goes through, y'all can come pick up the keys.
- Initial here and here.
- Okay.
There's no hotels in the park, so y'all are gonna need to find other accommodations for tonight.
We don't need accommodations.
We have family here.
Think this is the right place? Yup, he said the cottage next to the church.
Looks like a storage shed.
- Hello? - Matt! It's us.
Oh! You're here! - Oh! Hey, hey.
- Hi.
Oh my God, she's so big already.
Hey, I'm your Uncle Matt.
Remember me? Oh.
Okay, come in.
Mary will be happy to see you.
Let's go.
Hey, I'm glad you're here.
Me, too, Matt.
- Come on.
- All right.
Hi, Mary.
How are you? This is Lily.
Can you say hi? Yeah.
I know it's not much, but we have our own bathroom.
And Reverend Massey, it's his church.
He and his wife let us use the kitchen in the main house whenever we want.
How was it coming into town? The visitor center's something, huh? It was, you know they took our dog and they told us our rental burned down, but other than that, you know, smooth sailing.
What? We were hoping we could stay with you guys tonight.
Oh, sure.
Of course.
We're just a little short of space.
Oh, we have a tent.
$3 million? That's almost exactly what I got for my place back home.
- Weird, huh? - Yeah, it was meant to be.
I'm sure it's very nice.
We haven't actually seen it yet.
Guess that's why they call it a leap of faith.
Yeah, a leap of something.
You know, why don't you and Mary come stay with us for a while? No.
That's very generous, but I don't think it's a good idea.
You'd rather live in a garage than stay with us? No, it's just I've been helping out at the church.
I should be close by.
What aren't you telling me? He doesn't want to, Nora.
- But why doesn't he want to? - He just told you.
Let it go.
Oh, so you two bury a body together and now you got each other's backs, huh? You told her? Yeah.
We tell each other everything.
It should be coming up here on the right in just a sec.
There it is.
At least it's big.
I get to call my room.
Oh, no, you don't.
Watch yourself.
You're carrying a baby.
Come on.
Ah, fuck! Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry I had to do that to you, but we just cannot go on with you treating me like I don't exist.
I do exist.
I need you to talk to me.
I just need you to talk ah! Kevin? What happened? Just I slipped on some water.
I was checking the stove.
There's got to be a leak.
- You're bleeding.
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Are you - Go ahead and get that.
I have Band-Aids in my purse.
- Okay, I got him.
- Let's go answer the door.
Come on.
Let's go see.
Feel like such a fucking idiot.
That 'cause there's no water on the floor? Well, I slipped on something.
Sit down.
Please don't put that on my head.
It'll clear out.
Ow, careful.
Just be careful.
Don't be a baby.
There you go.
No more owie.
Hey, sweetie.
Who was that? - Who was that? - Our new neighbor.
You okay? Mm-hmm.
You want to go to a birthday party? What? We just got here.
We haven't even unpacked.
We'll just drop by for 15 minutes, make an appearance.
- 15 minutes? - 15 minutes.
All right.
Come back, Evie.
Evie, come on, baby.
Evie, come back, baby.
- I went away? - Mm-hmm.
Um, she has epilepsy.
This doesn't happen unless she forgets to take her meds.
I ruined your cake.
No, no, no, no.
It's I burned it anyway.
The pie! They brought us a pie.
It's on the kitchen counter.
- Will you run and get it? - Oh, yeah.
I'll be right back.
Do you have any more candles? Chief Garvey has secured the pie.
Pie is secure.
Very interesting family, those Murphys.
Hard to tell if they're part of your story or you're part of theirs.
I'll see you when you get home, Kevin.
I'm not going anywhere.
you just bring this pretty little thing over here.
You'll be sorry you said that.
- Let's go, sweetheart.
- Thank you for having us.
Oh, well, thank you for stopping by.
I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, Kevin.
Yeah, me, too.
S-see you later.
Evie: Oh, Jesus.
Are you the new neighbors? Uh-huh.
Welcome to Miracle.
Bye, sweetheart.
Happy birthday.
I like them.
They're nice.
- What? - What? - Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah, just tired.
God damn it! God damn it! Jesus Christ, it's just a lightbulb.
No, it's not just a lightbulb.
It's the whole fucking house.
What's wrong with you? This was not the plan.
This was not what it was supposed to be.
- What was it supposed to be? - Not this.
Not spend all our money on a house that we've never even seen or been in.
We were supposed to try it out, see what happens.
And you went all fucking in.
Why? For what? What? She needs to be here 'cause it makes her feel safe.
And what if it's no safer here than anywhere else? Then why do we have these awesome wristbands? Please don't fuck this up, Dad.
I'm fucking it up? Well, not yet, but you're showing potential.
She asleep? Uh-huh.
I'm an asshole.
I'm sorry.
I like it here.
Me, too.
Hmm? If there's something you want to tell me, whatever it is, I can handle it.
I love you.
_ Dad! The water's gone.
Evie! Evie! Evie! Evie! Uh-oh.