The Leftovers (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Orange Sticker

Kevin? Kevin? Hey.
Oh, hey, big girl.
Oh, God.
Oh, thank God.
Shh, it's okay.
Okay, let's go see.
Oh, my God.
- What's happening? - Nothing.
It's okay.
Go back to sleep, sweetheart.
It's okay.
Kevin? Kev Kevin? Ah, fuck.
- She's still not answering.
- Wait.
Get in the truck.
Hi, this is Kevin Garvey.
Leave a message.
Kevin, where are you? Your truck is here.
You need to call me.
Don't know where you are.
You need to call me.
Are you okay? Evie didn't come home last night.
She was out with her friends and they're gone, too.
Gone? _ Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck! No fucking cable.
_ Okay.
911, what's your emergency? Did did it happen again? Ma'am, can you repeat I can't find my My boyfriend isn't here.
Did it did it happen? Ma'am, if you've experienced the earthquake No, no, not the fucking earthquake.
Not the fucking earthquake.
Did it ha did Are the people gone? Are they gone? Looks like you have some explaining to do, sport.
Everybody is wondering What and where they all came from Everybody is worrying about where they're gonna go When the whole thing's done But no one knows for certain And so it's all the same to me Think I'll just let the mystery be Some say once gone, you're gone forever And some say you're gonna come back Some say you rest in the arms of the Savior If in sinful ways you lack Some say that they're coming back in a garden Bunch of carrots and little sweet peas Think I'll just let the mystery be Everybody is wondering What and where they all came from Everybody is worrying about where they're gonna go When the whole thing's done But no one knows for certain So it's all the same to me Think I'll just let the mystery be Think I'll just let the mystery be.
Hey, have you seen my phone? I had cigarettes in here.
Maybe you smoked them while you were out sleepwalking.
Where'd you go? I woke up in a drained pond.
When I crawled out, there was a car parked up on top.
A white Mercedes.
It was empty.
Then I saw another car coming.
It was John, the neighbor.
His son was with him.
I think my phone is probably up there.
They're gonna find it.
I think I should tell the cops.
Tell them what? You're gonna say you don't remember anything before you woke up in the exact spot where our neighbor's daughter and her two friends disappeared from? Wait, Evie's missing? This your truck parked out front? Yeah.
Putting together a search and rescue out the woods.
Gonna need to rig some winches.
Think you can help us out? Yeah, sure.
Just follow me over here.
- Yes, I'll unhook my trailer over here.
- All right.
- Need help? - No.
This area is restricted.
We need you to stay behind the line.
Come in.
Go, go.
- Stay behind the tape, please.
- Whoa, hold on.
Do not park your vehicle here.
There's a table up the road for volunteers.
You woke up down there? Yeah.
I came up that embankment.
That's when I saw the car.
You should get down there.
If someone else finds your phone, you can say you just lost it today.
That's pretty fucking smart.
You might want to start at the car and work your way back down.
- Where are you going? - To find the girls.
Can I help you? Oh, I'm part of the rescue.
I brought the winch in.
- Wristband.
- Sorry? I need to scan your wristband.
Oh, yeah.
Of course.
We had to close the park down.
Make sure everyone belongs here.
It says temporary, but we just bought a house, so They told us to keep wearing it.
You bought a house? Where? Um Uh, Stanton.
You have an address? It's 41, I think.
- You think? - Yeah.
Vega, that's my neighbor.
Oh, yeah, sure, John.
Want to give us a hand? Yeah.
Take that.
_ Thanks for coming out.
We appreciate you helping us with this.
You see anything that don't belong, don't touch it.
Leave a ribbon, find one of us.
Let's go.
God be in my head and in my understanding.
God be in mine eyes and in my looking.
God be at mine end and at my departing.
We are the 9,261.
We are spared.
We are the 9,261.
We are spared.
For that, we are grateful.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Gonna make some formula for you Oh shit.
I heard about your sister.
My dad and Nora went to go help, you know, look for her.
Why are you wet? Do you know how to fix a sink? That's it.
- I got it? - Yeah.
You got it.
Sorry I bothered you.
Didn't know what else to do.
It's okay.
What? Why aren't you with them looking for her? I'm sorry.
I'm an idiot.
You don't have to answer that.
My sister isn't here anymore.
Where is she? When I talk about this to people like you, they just look at me like I'm crazy.
People like me? Who don't believe in God.
I think I just made your sister uncomfortable.
You don't make me feel uncomfortable.
I should get back.
Thanks for saving me.
Any time.
Get back! I'm not telling you again.
Make room for these people, now.
- Come on! - Let's go, let 'em through.
Let 'em through.
- Close it up.
- Hey, step back! - Nothing down there.
- You sure? - Certain.
- Thank God.
- This is our neighbor Kevin.
Sam and Loretta.
- How are you? - Sam.
- Emily.
Their daughters were with Evie.
Oh, I'm sorry.
If there's anything we can do to help Hey, they're towing the car up to Austin.
Didn't find anything? Nothing came up on the black light.
They did pull a palm print off the driver's side window.
What? Yeah, the state guy said it was too big to be one of the girls'.
A palm print? Stop that! No, stop! God, these fucking animals.
Okay, we'll get 'em out of here.
No, let them.
It's just water.
Any luck? No.
If the phone turns up, I'll just say I dropped it today, you know, like you said.
So I should just keep looking? That's probably a good idea.
- Are we okay? - Yeah, we're okay.
- Love you.
- I love you, too, Kevin.
_ Thanks.
- Earthquake? - Yeah.
What can I do you for? Can I get a fifth of Wild Turkey and a carton of Reds, please? Shit, forgot my wallet.
Put it on my tab.
- You don't have to do that.
- Eh, my pleasure.
Looks like you got a fun night planned.
But you really shouldn't smoke.
They're for my boyfriend.
I'm enabling him.
- Ah.
- Give me your address.
I'll pay you back.
No, no, consider it a gift from me to your boyfriend.
Thank you, sir.
I'm Nora.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
What? Your loss.
What a horrible thing.
God damn it, Virgil, what did I tell you? You want to come in here, you can't do this shit.
Get out.
I'm sorry if I caused any distress.
I know exactly where your phone is.
I can tell you what happened to those girls, too.
All you have to do is ask.
Retrace your steps.
You're a regular fucking Hardy Boy.
Dipshits, those two.
Hey, why didn't you tell Nora about the whole cinder block tied around your ankle thing? You afraid she'll jump to conclusions? I know what conclusion I'd jump to.
You're cold, buddy.
Cold, cold, cold.
Oh, yeah.
Getting warmer.
Oh! Oh, yeah.
You're getting real hot now, Kevin.
Oh, you're on goddamn fire.
We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I I just want to tell you how I'm feeling Got to make you understand Don't get in that car, Kevin! You still here, man? Yeah, I just I lost my phone when I was out here earlier today.
Find it? Yeah, I did.
It's bricked, so I was gonna maybe go check with the rangers, see if they needed some help in the woods.
They ain't gonna find nothing in the woods.
Hop in, I'll give you a ride.
No, uh, Nora was gonna come back, swing around, pick me up.
Hop in, man.
I got you.
All right.
What's that? Birthday present.
Feel that quake last night? - What? - Earthquake.
Did it wake you up? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that woke us.
Hand me one of those.
- You can help yourself.
- I'm good.
Thought you didn't drink.
My daughter's missing.
Don't we live back there.
_ - Patrick.
- John, hey.
- How you holding up? - Open the gate, please.
The natives in the camp are restless 'cause we closed the park.
You might want to roll your window up.
Will do.
We're here for you, man.
These fucking people wait for weeks to get in for 10 hours just so they can buy a T-shirt.
I think they're looking for more than a T-shirt.
Yeah? Well, what are you looking for? A fresh start.
No, you paid $3 million for a house that's cracking apart just so you could live on the other side of that bridge.
What you were looking for is to feel safe.
Hey, what's going on in there? Why won't they let anybody in? What happened to you guys?! No safer here than anywhere else.
Of that I am sure.
There are no miracles in Miracle.
God damn it.
What's happening? Stay in the car.
You need to go home now.
No, I told you guys what I need.
Now move your damn truck.
What's he doing here? I asked you to go with me, you said no, so he's coming.
- Now move your truck.
- John, listen to me.
Isaac didn't do anything.
There was a palm print on the car that my daughter was in.
Like it was left for me.
A goddamn palm print.
Lucky duck.
We have a problem.
Now I'm going to take care of it.
Looks like you framed someone without even trying.
- Isaac didn't do anything.
- I don't have time.
- I'm not hearing that.
- Jesus, John.
- John! - Hold on.
John! John, don't do this.
Come on, brother, what are you doing, huh? What are you doing? Hey, hey, what are you doing? I'm gonna go talk to somebody.
- Who? - A liar.
Said he could tell people their future.
Said something bad was gonna happen to me, now my daughter's gone.
Why would he have your daughter? Well, I might have burned down his house.
You coming with me? Hey, hey! Why'd you bring me here, man? - What? - You picked me up.
Why? 'Cause you wanted company? 'Cause your friends said you weren't thinking straight? - No.
- Well, you're not.
- Let me talk to this guy.
- No, come on, man.
Step aside.
Hang on, hang on.
You think he's gonna let you in the door with that bat? I was a cop.
- No shit.
- No shit.
Look, if he knows anything about your daughter or knows anything about these girls, then I'll fucking know.
We'll take it from there.
What's his name? - Isaac.
- All right, Isaac.
What room is he in? - 12.
- All right, so I'll go talk to Isaac.
You wait here.
All right.
All right.
Wait here.
Gosh, you sure defused that bomb.
Nice work, Chief.
My husband Neil sorry, my ex-husband Was engaging in some pretty suspicious texting activity and then he would leave late at night to go to the office.
"To the office.
" That was the best he could do.
I mean, put some fucking originality into it, Neil.
So I followed him to a motel just like this one.
Sat in the car.
I watched while he walked into the room.
And I considered turning around and going back home.
I was scared, Kevin.
Scared that when I caught him, it'd be over.
He would leave me.
But I needed to see, to know.
So got out of my car, walked over to the room and I took a peek.
There was Neil buck naked and some woman.
She had her shirt on.
That was it.
She was taking a shit on him, Kevin.
A shit.
I was married to that asshole for 17 years and never once did he ask me to shit on him.
Laurie ever tell you about that? - She was my shrink for a long time.
- Security.
I always wondered whether that doctor-patient confidentiality thing was bullshit.
Can you please open your door? - Is Isaac here? - Who? Open this door! I know you're in there! You used your credit card! John! Open this Oh, shit.
Let go of me! He knows where she is! Where is she? Enough of this shit, John! Hey, relax.
It's okay.
Relax? Get the fuck out of my room! You've been shot.
You've been shot.
- Where is she? - Who? My daughter.
Whatever you're looking for, it ain't here.
Now get the fuck out of my room, John Murphy.
- Go.
- Let's do that.
Let's go back.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Ain't nothing more dangerous than a man who don't believe in nothing.
We gotta get you to a hospital, man.
- No.
- You're shot.
You need to go see a doctor.
No hospitals.
You said before you'd do anything to help.
Well, help.
Hey, I'm driving.
Hey, babe.
I got shot.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- She asleep? - Yeah.
I couldn't find the box with the books in it, so I made up a story.
Did it have a happy ending? What kind of a sick fuck do you think I am? Where's Dad? He's still out there looking.
You're 18, right? Close enough.
Why do you think he sleepwalks? I don't know.
Stress? The town was losing its shit and he was in charge.
And I guess now he needs to lose his shit, too.
He's not in charge anymore.
And we left town.
Wherever you go, there you are.
Young lady, you are wise.
Michael, the boy next door he says his sister departed.
She didn't depart.
- How do you know that? - Because I do.
How? Before I worked in benefits in the DSD, they had me in the fraudulent claims department.
People who said their family members departed so they could get a check.
My beat was secondary departures.
I got assigned this woman.
She and her husband used to walk their dog together every morning.
It was about a year and a half after the 14th.
And as they're walking out the front door, the phone rings.
So she goes back inside and she picks it up.
Talks for like 30 seconds and hangs up.
When she steps back outside, there's the dog, leash just lying on the ground, husband's gone.
So the logical explanation is that he went where 140 million other people went Into thin air.
I found that fucker in Puerto Rico.
He was careful.
He made small withdrawals from their bank account for six months so he could build a nest egg, and then he just chose his moment and he ran.
Why? Because he had the greatest scapegoat in the history of civilization.
The Sudden Departure was a one-time-only event.
The flood happened three years ago on October 14th, and the ark took on all the animals it needed.
Why in God's name would it take on any more? All right.
Easy, easy.
- Lay back.
Lay back.
- Easy.
Just lie back, lie back.
You're all right.
- What was it? - .
22 through the door.
It's not that deep.
I can see the bullet.
- I think I should just go.
- You're good here.
- What's that? - It's for the pain.
No, no, I don't want to be knocked out.
Just relax.
That's better.
She knocked me out.
I thought I could find her.
I know.
I know.
I gotta go out.
Will you keep an eye on Lily? Yeah.
Where are you going? Church.
If they asked me, I'd say lean into it.
That's the sermon they need to hear.
These people haven't been in this situation.
I offer expertise based on experience.
But they're not gonna ask.
I'll sit there while Winston goes on about Proverbs and the congregation's eyes glaze over.
Is it real? What? Is this place real? I'm not sure I understand the question.
One of the only reasons we chose this place was because you said it was special.
You told us we would feel safe here.
Now I'm waking up to fucking earthquakes and missing teenagers.
My boxes aren't even unpacked and it's the same goddamn thing I left.
Mary woke up.
What? The very first night we were here.
I thought I was dreaming, but she was back.
I said we should go to the hospital, but Mary, she just wanted to talk.
The last thing she remembered was the accident, so I told her everything that happened since.
We talked for hours.
And we cried.
Until we fell asleep in each other's arms.
And when I woke up, she was like this again.
For some reason, the people in this town don't want me to talk about what happened.
Maybe they don't believe me.
Maybe you don't.
But I got a glimpse, a moment.
And every day since I've wondered if it's ever gonna happen again.
If I'll get her back for good this time.
But the one thing I've never wondered is if it's real.
It's real.
You left this at our house.
What are those for? - There's one on our house, too.
- _ Before park services took over, some people from the government came by to every house to make sure it was true.
That no one was gone.
Do you want to come in? I can't.
I'm watching Lily.
You alone? Mm-hmm.
Me, too.
John said he burned that guy's house down.
The guy who shot him.
Well, then I guess they're even now.
Burning down houses is new.
Usually he just gives a warning.
Warning for what? When people found out about what happened here, there was a lot of confusion.
And then there were claims, claims that were untrue.
John was in at the time.
But when he came home and saw what was going on he wasn't having it.
"There are no miracles in Miracle.
" - He gave you the speech? - Mm-hmm.
Evie was a miracle.
She came too early.
You know, a lot of people don't know that twins can be born two months apart.
Michael, he stayed put, but Evie, she couldn't wait to get started.
She was one pound, one ounce.
Now look at her.
I know what people are saying.
They're saying that something bad happened.
She's playing a joke and she's giggling in the woods.
No one would ever want to hurt Evie.
She would never want to hurt anybody else.
She's better than that.
She is exceptional.
Just like this town.
Things are gonna change now.
_ I like them, the Murphys.
They're exciting.
And that Erika is something, huh? Gets the call her husband's been fucking shot.
She just pulls the bullet out, no questions asked.
That's real commitment.
That's trust.
That's love.
Not like what you've got.
What you've got, Kevin, isn't love.
It's damage control.
Your family blew up, Nora's family blew up.
And now you're all just clinging on to each other 'cause you need to cling on to something.
That's why she bought the house.
She didn't really care whether you wanted to or not.
Her money, her choice.
That must have been emasculating.
And you Jesus.
If you loved them, you'd trust them enough to tell them about me.
If you loved them, you wouldn't lie.
Shut the fuck up! I didn't tell them about you because you're not fucking here.
I love my family.
I love them.
Then why did you try to kill yourself? What? Come on.
This isn't a big mystery.
I was right there with you.
You walked out of your house in the middle of the night and you found a rope and a cinder block and then you tied it to your ankle and you threw it into a goddamn lake.
Let's face it, Kevin, there are people who try to commit suicide for attention.
And then there are people who really want to fucking die.
Like me and you.
I watched you do it.
And you did not hesitate, my friend.
Right into the wet abyss.
And if not for an act of divine intervention, you'd be gone.
I'm sorry, Kevin, but these are not the actions of a man who loves his family.
I don't want to kill myself.
Well you're certainly entitled to your opinion.
I'm just glad we finally talked about it.
Oh since you didn't seem to give a shit enough to ask me, I'll tell you.
They vanished.
The girls.
Drove right by in their car listening to their music, not a worry in the world.
Then poof, gone.
Mama was right.
Things are gonna change indeed.
Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Hey, who's your friend? I've got chills They're multiplying And I'm losing control 'Cause the power You're supplying Is electrifying You better shape up 'Cause you need a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up Did you find it? Yeah.
What a relief.
Kevin whatever happened to those girls, I know you didn't have anything to do with it.
Thank you.
But I can't wake up alone like that again.
I found these in the box with your uniform.
We're in this together, right? Right.
It's too hard To convey Meditate in my direction Baby, feel your way I hope you found the key, too.
'Cause you need a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up You better understand To my heart I must be true Oh, you're the one that I want - Kevin.
- Hmm? Are they ever going to find those girls? I don't think so.
_ Looking through Tattered curtains And I notice you Have a certain flair at home Like you're alone Your fingers move Like ballerinas Must be sweet So sweet And you're the star In every scene And you don't even know You're my favorite show.