The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The Magic Bullet Redux

How do you bribe a juror months before there's a jury panel? I don't know who he is or anything about him.
All I know is he's bought and paid for.
"Judge Stanton, juror number seven is not who you think he is or who he says he is.
" - No idea who it's from.
- Did we get him when he came in? Juror number seven didn't show up this morning.
Maybe juror number seven's dead.
Did you think of that? Maybe you and I are next.
But Trevor Elliott had gunshot residue on his hands.
I have a plan.
Call Tony Walsh, invite him to this fundraiser.
It's the internal audit from the crime lab, They copied to my discovery by mistake.
Now, there was a woman, Sonia Patel, an old friend of Lara Elliott.
- I'll find her.
- I'll take care of that.
Nothing out of the ordinary on his GPS, except for one place, a casino.
Jerry like to gamble much? This is the security footage from outside the casino that Jerry Vincent kept going to.
Who's the other guy? What papers did he hand over? - Tanya plays dumb - She's ready to go after Soto.
So am I.
I drove him to a flower shop.
The next day, my friend was gone.
Alvin Aquino.
BNG ink, on parole for attempted murder.
Guess where he works? Namayan Flowers.
You had to take that plea because our star witness went missing.
I really need your help finding Glory Days again.
- Everything all right? - It's my ex.
She posted photos partying with some people we used to tour with, which means she's using again.
Jerry had something, which means there's something to have.
And if he can find it, I can fucking find it.
You better make this worth my while.
I don't do mornings.
I'm sorry, I'm still in trial.
It was the only time I had and please, help yourself.
I found Glory Days.
How? My extensive surveillance network.
I know a girl, who knows a girl, runs one of those Girlfriend Experience operations.
You asked me what I'd do if I had to lay low? I'd do that.
That's what Glory is doing.
Out of Vegas.
You have an address? No.
No phone number neither, but I did find out she comes back to LA every so often, see some of her regulars.
And? This is one of her best clients.
When he calls, she comes to town.
- Thanks.
- Pleasure as always.
Now, if we're done here, girl's gotta get her sleep.
Hey, Cherry, take care of yourself, all right? Always.
Now, back to the right.
No, that's too far.
To the left.
Everybody's got an opinion, huh? Yeah.
You're so smart.
Yeah? Can you meet me at court in 30 minutes? I've got something for you.
No problem.
You ready for today? I've got the report Tony Walsh gave me.
That should handle the gunshot residue.
Beyond that You find more about the guy at that casino with Jerry? Nope.
And LAPD hit a wall, too, but it's gotta mean something, right? I don't know.
And I'm out of time to be chasing ghosts.
Good luck.
Are the People ready to proceed? The People call Sonia Patel.
- What's going on? - Nothing we weren't expecting.
Sidebar, Your Honor? What's the problem, Counsel? Problem is that this witness is not on the prosecution's list.
As Counsel is aware, the witness recently came to light via an article in the press.
Haller spoke with her before I did.
He can't claim to be blindsided.
That's how I know the witness has no information about the murders.
She had a front-row seat to the relationship of the defendant and wife.
Yeah, ten years ago.
Sounds like something you can bring out on cross.
You can have a standing objection, Mr.
If the witness has nothing of evidentiary value, I'll strike her testimony and instruct the jury to disregard.
Call your witness.
Miss Patel, what was your relationship with the defendant and his late wife? Lara and I were friends.
We worked together at Chaos Games.
She and Trevor were already dating by then.
Did the three of you spend time together? Quite a bit.
I was basically the third wheel for a while.
Then what happened? Eventually, Trevor cut me off.
He cut everyone off from Lara, one by one.
- Objection, Your Honor.
- Sustained.
This is a fact witness.
Jury will disregard anything that's her opinion.
Miss Patel, did Lara Elliott confide in you about her relationship with her husband? Yes.
She told me more than once that she felt like Like he had taken over her life.
How so? Lara was the best coder I ever knew.
She could solve problems none of the rest of us could crack.
She should've been a superstar.
Instead, Trevor put her in his shadow and kept her there.
First-hand observations only, Counsel.
What specifically did you witness Mr.
Elliott do to isolate his wife? For one, he encouraged her to quit her job to start Parallax with him.
But in fairness, Parallax has been very successful, hasn't it? Yes, but Parallax has always been all about Trevor.
Lara might have enjoyed the money, but it was Trevor's baby.
I see.
And did this all impact your relationship with Lara? Absolutely.
We were part of the same circle of friends.
Overnight, she suddenly ghosted all of us.
When did you last hear from her? A few days before she died.
She She reached out to ask me to lunch.
I was surprised, I hadn't talked to her in years.
We were supposed to meet the day after she was murdered.
Miss Patel, do you know why Lara Elliott reached out to you? No.
She just said she had something to tell me and needed to do it in person.
She wanted to meet sooner, but I had a project to finish up at work.
I've regretted that ever since.
No further questions.
You've got this, right? Get your hands off me, Trevor, the jury's watching.
When was the last time you spoke to my client? I don't know.
It's been years.
When was the last time you contacted him? I don't understand.
Isn't it a fact that you sent Mr.
Elliott an email just after his wife reached out to you? Yes, but I never heard back.
In that email, didn't you propose to have lunch with him? I threw it out there.
I thought maybe we could bury the hatchet.
Isn't it true that you've emailed Mr.
Elliott over 20 times in the last five years? Emails to which he has rarely responded? I suppose.
It's called networking.
So, even though you felt like Mr.
Elliott was controlling Lara's life, you still tried to use your relationship for personal gain? Objection.
I'll rephrase.
You hoped Trevor could help you in your career? - No.
- No? How long has it been since you were promoted at Chaos Games? Relevance, Your Honor.
It goes directly to her motivation for contacting and testifying against my client.
So? It's been a few years, I guess.
Six, to be exact.
You were hoping Trevor would give you a fresh start at Parallax, weren't you? It wasn't like that.
Everyone's always on the lookout for the next opportunity, but I Trevor never offered you that opportunity? Not in terms of a job.
Well, you must have resented him terribly for that.
- Objection.
- No further questions.
We knew they'd move to dismiss.
We're just working on a way to counter.
Without your witness, Soto walks.
We believe we've identified the shooter who killed my witness.
We just need the contents of his phone.
It may link him to Soto.
Maggie, you're out of time.
And frankly, you're too close to this.
He had a little girl, Janelle.
She lost her father because I pressured him to testify.
You did your job, it didn't work out.
It happens.
Negative attention that would accompany a loss Wait.
So this is about press? This is about the next iteration of this office.
The old saying.
"Before you can do any good, you gotta get elected first.
" Whatever you have, nail it down this week, otherwise So? End of the week.
It'll take a month to subpoena Alvin's phone carrier.
He's on parole, be easy to get a warrant.
We can't serve him a warrant.
It'll tip Soto off.
Maybe there's a way to get his phone without tipping anybody off.
Like what? Give me a day.
I'm Eric Loomis.
I work as a forensic technician for LA County crime laboratory.
What role were you asked to play in this investigation? I was asked to conduct tests for gunshot residue, or as we call it, GSR, on the defendant.
And what did you conclude? That Mr.
Elliott had large amounts of GSR on his hands and clothes.
I see.
Loomis, are there ever any false positives for GSR? There can be, generally due to transference.
- Transference? - Yes.
Say, for instance, you're in a police station.
There might be stray particles of GSR in an interview room if a detective had been at the shooting range, but trace amounts.
Nothing like this.
Elliott's hands and clothes were covered in GSR.
So, given the amount of GSR you found on the defendant, you were able to dismiss the possibility this could've been a false positive.
That's correct.
Sir, that's a Gervasoni.
You know, I got to admit, I prefer the Maxalto.
Superior wood working.
Is there something I can help you with? Maybe.
Does the name Glory Days ring a bell? I beg your pardon? She's a, uh How can I put it delicately? practitioner of the world's oldest profession.
- Mind you, I make no judgments.
- I have no idea what you're talking about.
- But I have to ask you to leave.
- No problem, Raj.
I'll just head over to your house, see if your wife knows anything about it or your mother-in-law.
She lives with you too, right? It should be enlightening.
Three, two, one.
What do you want? Money? Relax, Raj.
You keep on fleecing the 1%.
I just need a little bit of your help.
- With what? - Make a date.
Bring Glory Days back to town, and your little secret is between you, me, the Gervasoni.
During your time at the County crime lab, how many cases would you say you've handled? I'd say hundreds.
Was one of those cases called People vs.
Oswaldo Ruiz? - Yes, but - Objection.
Relevance? It goes to the competence of the witness, Your Honor.
Loomis, isn't it true that the judge in the Ruiz case threw out your entire report? That was one case.
Like I said, I've worked hundreds.
I'd like to enter defense exhibit A, Your Honor.
Sidebar, please, Your Honor? The People haven't been given this document in discovery.
Newly discovered evidence, Your Honor.
An anonymous whistleblower.
Anonymous? Seriously? There's no chain of custody.
How do we know it's legitimate? Gee.
I don't know, maybe I'll ask the witness to verify it.
Okay, stop it.
You both are throwing elbows with discovery.
My tolerance is not infinite, but I'll allow Mr.
Haller to show the witness the exhibit.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Is this a copy of the report you filed in the Ruiz case? The one that was thrown out by the court? - Yeah.
- And why was it thrown out? The defendant had elements of GSR in his hands, but I failed to consider he could've been exposed to them because of his work as an industrial engineer.
So, right before this case, you filed a report that was so flawed, it was thrown out and now you want this jury to accept your expert opinion? Well, it's not just my opinion.
I'm sorry? This is professionally humiliating, but my supervisor, Dr.
Tan, has been double-checking all of my work since the Ruiz case.
That's why her initials are at the bottom of my report.
Her initials? - Approach, Your Honor? - Now what? My copy of the witness report has no initials on it.
It's true.
No initials on the defense's copy.
It's simply a bad photocopy.
See where it's cut off at the bottom.
There's just the top of the initials there.
Sorry, but we DAs don't have the resources high-priced defense attorneys have.
Are you representing to me as an officer of the court, this an honest mistake? Absolutely, Your Honor.
I didn't know about the Ruiz case, so I would have no reason to obscure the supervisor's initials.
My apologies to the court and to Mr.
Your Honor, the jury Mr.
Haller, if you'd taken the continuance the court had offered, perhaps you would've had time to properly examine the document.
The evidence stands.
If you have any further questions for this witness, ask.
Otherwise, it's almost 4:30.
"Nothing we weren't expecting.
" Were you expecting that? I told you we needed a continuance.
You know full well why that was impossible.
This is my life, Mickey, and yours.
The GSR is the most damning evidence they have against you, you can't explain how it got there.
I don't know.
I reached down to touch my wife's body to see if there was any chance she was still alive.
Maybe that's how it got on my hands.
The man said you were covered in it.
It wasn't from firing a gun, Mickey.
We had this case won and you threw it away.
No, that wasn't me.
Fuck that.
Of course, it was.
Now look where we are.
I wish Jerry was still my attorney 'cause at least he had a fucking plan.
Heading home? The office.
You can leave the car and go.
It's gonna be a long night.
Copy that.
We missed you last night at the meeting.
You went? My ex is in town, doing a show.
We had dinner.
Oh, yeah? How did that go? Amazing.
Sometimes both at once.
But honestly, though, better than I would've thought.
That's good, then, right? Yeah.
Okay, Mr.
Geary, that is enough for tonight.
What's "hmm"? Mickey told me he was back working for the Road Saints, but there's no retainer.
- You're going over the books? - I'm curious.
It's unlike Mickey not to get his money in advance.
Maybe they paid in cash and it just hasn't shown up yet.
Cisco What? - Nothing.
- Nothing.
Let's not bother him with this until after the Elliott trial, okay? Hey.
We're gonna head out.
Unless you need anything.
I left you some food in the refrigerator.
Quinoa salad with beets.
It's brain food, you eat too much meat.
Do I? I'm missing something, Lorna.
I've been missing something since I got this case.
Now, I have no time.
Eli Wyms.
What about him? The guy fires off an arsenal at a bunch of cops.
And you got him a plea deal for illegal discharge of a firearm.
That is crazy good.
What are you saying, Lorna? I am saying that you are Mickey fucking Haller.
You got this.
Okay? I think better on the road.
So you've said.
One of the things about this job is you can't just look at something once.
You keep looking until you understand every possible thing it could mean.
Being in motion helps me do that.
I don't know why.
To see what's right in front of you is a constant struggle.
Is that George Orwell? Mmm-mmm.
My grandmother.
Though now that you mention it I had this client once, she was a burglar.
Not just any burglar.
She was a safe cracker.
She used to tell me about it.
The rush she got when she solved the last digit and the gears started to move.
Finding out what was inside the safe was secondary.
'Cause the jobs weren't about the money.
They were about that magic moment when the gears click into place.
I never cracked a safe.
But I know all about that moment.
I found it.
Jerry's magic bullet.
I get it now, all of it.
I get it.
And I need you two to help me fire it.
Did you sleep here? Never mind.
The ballistics expert.
What's her name? Dr.
I sent her the file.
But nothing she could say would contradict the State's case.
Don't worry.
Get her to court.
I'll deal with it.
Remember the guy from the video? I know who he is.
Bring him, too.
All right, come on, let's go.
Come on.
Muniz, what do you do for a living? I'm a freelance videographer.
Videographer of what? I monitor the police scanners for high-profile crimes.
Then I go shoot video of the crime scenes and sell it to media.
And did you shoot any video relating to Trevor Elliott? I did.
The defense would like to mark exhibit B.
I shot for over an hour.
But it's Mr.
Elliott sitting in the back of a patrol car until homicide detectives arrive.
Was that the only video you shot in Malibu that day? Well, that day, yes, but I was also in Malibu the night before.
- Why was that? - Objection.
What possible relevance? All will be revealed in the fullness of time.
Keep the fishing brief.
There was an incident around 2:00 a.
up in Topanga State Park.
A guy shot off rounds at some Sheriff's deputies.
Is that footage on here, too? Yes, sir.
Objection, Your Honor.
Again, relevance? This other footage wasn't turned over in discovery.
It was, actually.
The entire contents of the footage was put into evidence, Your Honor.
It's not my fault you didn't watch the whole thing.
Get where you going.
Almost there, Judge.
You heard over your scanner about a shooting in Topanga State Park? Yes.
Recall the shooter's name? Uh, I believe it was Eli Wyms.
He was a sniper in the Marines, I heard.
Indeed, he was.
Thank you, Mr.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Muniz, I'm sorry, but I'm just trying to connect the dots on how this has anything to do with the murders of Lara Elliott and Jan Rilz.
Were any of the same deputies involved in the arrest of Mr.
Wyms and Mr.
Elliott? I don't think so.
The two incidents took place about 12 hours apart.
So, are you aware of any connection at all between these two crimes? No, sir.
I just shot footage of both.
Busy day for Malibu.
No further questions.
What the hell was that about? Mr.
Aquino, I need you to step out now so I can search you.
Is there a problem, Officer? We ran your license, came back you're on parole.
That gives us the right to search you and your vehicle for contraband.
Step out of the vehicle.
Put your hands on your head.
This is some bullshit.
Focus on doing what we tell you to do, sir.
I'm telling you, I didn't do nothing.
Then you'll be on your way in no time.
I can only buy you ten minutes.
Cisco's about 15 minutes out.
- All right.
- You sure this is gonna work? We're about to find out.
All right, just fix that.
All rise.
Be seated.
Haller, ready with your next witness? Yeah, actually, Your Honor.
I was just, uh I, uh Can I have just one moment to confer with a member of my staff? - Quickly.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Thanks, man.
Thank you, Your Honor.
The defense calls Dennis Byrne to the stand.
Sidebar? This witness was not on the defense's list.
That's because I just learned his name a few seconds ago.
Putting on a witness you've never spoken to? I know who he is.
This isn't the first time somebody's put on a witness that wasn't on the list.
I haven't had time to prepare for questioning this witness.
That makes two of us.
We're in the same boat here.
What's good for the goose, Mr.
- But this is it, Mr.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Can you please tell the jury what you do for a living, Mr.
Byrne? I work as a mechanic for the LA County Sheriff's Office.
- So, you maintain police cars? - Yes.
Those vehicles got a lot of mileage.
Must be a busy job.
Some of them are in use for three shifts a day.
So yeah, keeping 'em up and running keeps us pretty busy.
Byrne, I'd like to draw your attention back to the early morning of September 6th.
There was an incident in Topanga State Park.
A drunk ex-Marine shot at some Sheriff's deputies, do you recall any of that? Yeah, I remember it.
One of the SUVs had its spotlight shot out.
I brought the records with me.
Again, nobody is accusing Trevor Elliott of firing at a police car.
Get to the point, Mr.
This is Mr.
Wyms' arrest.
Is that the same vehicle, the one brought to you to be repaired? Yeah.
You can see the shot out spotlight.
How much time did you have to repair that vehicle? An hour.
We needed to get it back on the street.
I see.
Do you normally clean the cars that are brought to you? Exterior? Interior? Normally, but not this one.
Like I said, we only had an hour.
All we could do was repair the light and fill it with gas.
Thank you.
No further questions.
I have no questions for this witness.
Witness is excused.
Anyone else, Mr.
Haller? Yes, Your Honor, the defense calls Dr.
Myriam Arslanian to the stand.
Arslanian, can you please tell the jury your area of expertise and credentials? I am a forensic scientist.
I have a BA from Harvard in engineering and a master's degree and PhD from MIT.
Is that it? Actually, while I was at Harvard, I also got a bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music.
- I went to both at the same time.
- You have a music degree, too? I like to sing.
Your focus in forensic science includes ballistics? It does.
It's our lucky day because I have a report from the County crime lab asserting that my client, Trevor Elliott, had a large amount of gunshot residue on his hands.
- Are you familiar with this? - Yes, I've reviewed it.
- What is your assessment of it? - Oh.
I agree with it.
So, you agree that my client had a large amount of gunshot residue on his hands and his clothes? A massive amount, actually.
Much more than you'd normally have from just firing a gun once or twice.
Is there any way that Mr.
Elliott could have gotten that much gunshot residue on his hands without actually firing a gun? Only through what we call transference.
Transference? I believe the People's expert mentioned that.
Can you elaborate? If you're exposed to something, you can pick it up on your hands or clothes, but given the amount of residue on Mr.
Elliott, he would have to have been exposed to a truly overwhelming amount of GSR.
Arslanian, I'd like you to take a look at this video.
Do you see a man being loaded into a Sheriff's vehicle? Yes.
We established that this man's name is Eli Wyms and that he fired over 90 rounds of ammunition that night.
He was then loaded into the back of this patrol vehicle and driven to the County jail.
Your Honor, I must object.
I don't think so, Mr.
Arslanian, in a situation like I just described, how much gunshot residue would be transferred into the backseat of that patrol car? If someone fired 90 rounds of ammunition, the amount of gunshot residue would be off the charts.
Can you please read the number on the top of that patrol vehicle, the one with the spotlight shot out? Mmm-hmm.
It says 112.
This is my client, Trevor Elliott, being loaded into the back of a Sheriff's vehicle 12 hours later.
Can you read the number on the top of that vehicle? It's 112.
We established that this vehicle was not cleaned between the time Mr.
Wyms rode in it and the time Mr.
Elliott was placed in it.
So, Dr.
Arslanian, in your opinion, could that account for the gunshot residue on my client's hands? In my opinion, given the staggering amount of GSR, it's the only thing that could account for it.
What's it like, that moment? What moment? The moment when you know you've won.
You never really know for sure.
Sometimes, it's not enough just to create doubt.
If your client is the hero of the story, sometimes you gotta give the jury a villain, too.
Let's bring this home.
Hello again, Detective Kinder.
Last time you were here, I asked you about a man named Anton Shavar.
Do you recall? Yes.
I said there was evidence Mr.
Shavar threatened Jan Rilz for having an affair with his wife.
You told the court you knew nothing about this, correct? That's correct.
You know anything more as you sit here today? I know that no restraining order was ever granted.
But you do know one was filed by Mr.
Rilz against Mr.
I'm now aware of that, yes.
Now tell me something, Detective, if you discover that a murder victim had filed for a restraining order because someone threatened to kill him, wouldn't that be a strong lead you would normally investigate? Of course it would.
But as I already testified, we weren't aware of Mr.
Shavar until now.
Does that mean you still haven't questioned Mr.
Shavar? Correct.
No further questions.
Did looking into Anton Shavar change your opinion as to the defendant's guilt? No, it did not.
And why is that? For one thing, we looked into Mr.
Shavar's whereabouts.
Turns out, he was in Miami on business during the time of the murders.
Thank you.
Nothing further.
Your Honor, may we approach? Mmm-hmm.
At this rate, I should start charging you both rent.
It is obvious where this is going.
Haller intends to call Mr.
Shavar to paint him as a straw man.
Now you're reading my mind.
If they wanted to make this third-party culpability, they should've filed for it, court would've held a hearing.
They're trying to slip it through the back door.
If the police had run a thorough investigation, I'm sure Jerry Vincent would've filed a third-party motion months ago.
People move to suppress any third-party defense, both on procedural and substantive grounds.
I blew up your case.
A case that was built on exactly the same foundation as this, a husband scorned.
The core of our entire defense has always been that the police got tunnel vision.
They got their man, they stopped looking.
Call your witness.
Please state your name.
Anton Shavar.
What do you do, Mr.
Shavar? I run a private security and intelligence firm.
That's an interesting job.
How did you get into that? I have a background in intelligence in Israel.
So you were in the Mossad? I did not say that.
But I need you to answer the question.
Were you in the Mossad? An organization known to carry out targeted assassinations.
- Objection! - Your Honor, if I may? Who are you? I'm Mr.
Shavar's counsel.
Shavar's past employment in Israel, whatever it may be, has no bearing on this case.
It could jeopardize the national security of one of this country's closest allies.
It's all right.
I'll take that as a yes.
Move to strike.
The jury will disregard Mr.
Haller's last remark.
Very well, let's move on.
What was your relationship with Jan Rilz? I didn't have one.
We only met that one time.
When you threatened to kill him? I didn't threaten to kill him.
I told him to stay away from my wife.
Because you learned that he was having an affair with your wife? Now my ex-wife, but yes.
I apologize.
Now your ex-wife.
Did learning about her affair with Mr.
Rilz play any role in your divorce? - What the hell do you think? - Mr.
Apologies, Your Honor.
This is not a pleasant experience talking about the worst thing in my life to a room full of strangers.
My wife's infidelity played a role in our divorce.
How did you learn about the affair? A husband knows.
You had her followed? - Yes.
- By employees of your company? I pay them for their time.
And after they confirmed that your wife was cheating, you went to confront Jan Rilz at his yoga studio? To tell him to stay away.
All you said was "Stay away"? That's enough to get a man to apply for a restraining order against you? I was angry.
I imagine I used some strong language.
But I was in Miami on the day Mr.
Rilz was murdered.
You know this.
I also know your employees trailed your ex-wife.
- Were they in Mossad? - Objection, Your Honor.
On what basis? Too much relevance? Sustained.
Careful, Mr.
How many of your employees are licensed to carry a gun? All of them, naturally.
We provide high-level security, but that doesn't make me a violent man.
So you're not a violent man? No.
I'm a careful man.
Your Honor, the defense would like to enter defense exhibit G.
I must not have that one.
It's impeachment evidence, Your Honor.
Shavar testified that he's not a violent man.
I have a video that directly impeaches that.
Thank you.
You come near me or my family again, I'll break you like a toy.
Is that a gun? You don't wanna find out.
Stay the fuck away from my wife! So you didn't just confront Mr.
Rilz, you confronted my investigator as well.
I was simply making a point.
- By threatening to kill him? - Objection! Withdrawn.
No further questions, Your Honor.
I have two questions for you, Mr.
Did you kill Jan Rilz? Of course not.
Did you instruct any of your staff or anyone to kill Jan Rilz? Absolutely not.
Thank you.
You know for a fact I had nothing to do with this.
The things I know for a fact are things that happen in front of my face.
I have a reputation, a business.
I have people who work for me, who rely on my good name to keep them employed.
Did you think about any of that before you decided to drag that name through the mud? All I did was ask you some questions, Mr.
Lawyers, you're all the fucking same.
Good news is, from the GPS on his phone, we were able to track down Aquino to within quarter mile of the murder site ten minutes before it happened.
But? At that point, he either turned off his phone or the battery died.
We don't have a signal after that.
Sounds like a man with something to hide.
It's circumstantial.
But yeah, guy's our shooter.
He's gotta be.
Can I ask you something? What did they pull him over for? Busted tail light, I think.
How'd it get busted? How the hell would I know? Spent my rookie years in South LA.
Some cops, they wanna search a gangbanger's car, they got all kinds of tricks.
You're accusing me of something? Did politics finally get into you? No, just need this to be airtight.
Bottom line, it doesn't matter.
There's not enough on the phone to nail down Aquino.
We gotta go old school, we gotta get him to turn on Soto.
I don't know how to thank you.
Well, you paid me.
That's a pretty good start.
I'm sorry for what I said, about wishing Jerry was still my lawyer.
He was a good attorney.
But you I appreciate that, Trevor.
And it's okay.
You're under a lot of pressure.
The good news is, today I think we got to reasonable doubt.
We gave the jury somebody else to blame.
That's all we needed to do.
I agree.
Almost all.
What do you mean? I told you.
I need to win in the court of public opinion, too.
And I told you that no lawyer can give you that.
Of course, only I can do that.
That's why I need to testify.
Trevor, what are you talking about? We won.
Your investors are gonna get what they want.
Yeah, but I won't.
Not if I don't clear my name.
Trevor, listen, don't do this, all right? He will - What are you doing? - I have to go.
Go? Go where? We'll discuss this tomorrow.
Terrell? It's Mickey Haller.
I need your help.
- My man.
- What up, Terrell? This is the guy I was telling you about.
He gotta pop backstage for a second.
This is for you.
- Come on.
- I owe you one.
We're cool.
I told you, Mickey Haller, anytime you need me, I'm there.
What happened, Izzy? She asked me to get high with her.
I came within a millimeter of saying yes.
That's still on the right side of the line.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.

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