The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

The Brass Verdict

1 - [Holder.]
Haller I presume.
- Judge Holder.
What's your relationship with Jerry Vincent? He left you his practice.
Including the Trevor Elliott trial.
I will be monitoring you, Mr.
- Need you to get a file for me.
- [Lorna.]
Which one? [Mickey.]
Jesús Menendez.
He's doing 15 years for murder.
A witness disappeared on me.
Without her, he was looking at life.
At best, I had to plead him out.
Cherry, I'm here because I really need your help finding Glory Days again.
Glory was my key witness in a murder trial.
How you gonna talk about your cases in a bugged car? You planted somebody.
Aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin.
I'm single and I live in Palos Verdes.
- It's juror number seven? - All I know is he's bought and paid for.
You should look into this one.
Carol Dubois.
The insurance lady? Alibi or no alibi, there is something off about her.
You want my client to wear a wire? You wanna rebuild things? You want me to trust you again? Then start by trusting me.
- People think you killed that man.
- I did it to protect us and our baby.
Soto, you're under arrest.
Get on the ground.
Got SIS on you.
Surveillance unit.
You won't even know they're there.
I got some business for you.
Hard Case Casey.
Call my office, we'll figure something out.
Say hi to Cisco for me.
- Has the jury reached a verdict? - [man.]
We have.
"We find the defendant not guilty.
" [indistinct chatter.]
Those hundred lines of code that changed everything.
Lara wrote them.
She was the genius, not you.
I wanna know who's behind it.
The bribe, killing Jerry, having me followed.
Jerry kept me out of the loop.
I have no idea who killed him.
Frankly I don't care.
We pulled over a woman named Izzy Letts on suspicion of DUI.
Izzy! [man.]
You should have just gone along with it.
[man grunting.]
You're a loose end, Haller.
It's nothing personal.
Just business.
[McSweeney groans.]
[both grunting.]
- [tires screeching.]
- [police siren wailing.]
Get your hands up! [screams.]
[Mickey wheezes.]
Haller? We need backup.
- You're all right.
Come on.
- [panting.]
Where are you? I've been calling you.
My phone was off.
I'm at a meeting.
Everything okay? Yeah, it wasn't exactly a straight line, but I got here.
[female officer on speaker.]
We've located the body.
Suspect is DOA.
Is everything okay with you? - Did something happen while I was offline? - [Mickey.]
Uh, one or two things maybe.
But I've got your favorite bodyguards here with me.
What? [Mickey.]
I'll explain later.
Listen, just take care of yourself, all right? Be safe.
Hang in there.
- One day at a time, right? - [Mickey.]
Griggs out.
[Mickey sighs.]
You okay? I'll live.
I guess, uh, I have to thank you.
I still don't know what you're doing here.
Were you following me? I kept SIS on you after you said you didn't think there was a bribe.
- You still didn't trust me.
- You lied to me, Haller.
- [Mickey coughs.]
- And you know it.
You wanna tell me the truth now? Well, I can tell you who killed Jerry Vincent.
He's at the bottom of that cliff now.
His name is McSweeney.
He was on Trevor Elliott's jury, pretending to be someone else.
He was the bribe? Maybe.
He went AWOL when the judge got an anonymous note about him.
- Anonymous? - That's all I know.
Are you sure your client doesn't know anything more? Or are you telling me this guy was behind it all? Right now, I'm not sure of anything.
Okay? Well, somebody wants you dead, Counselor.
So, if I were you, I'd get sure before they try again.
[opening theme music playing.]
McSweeney? What about him? Dig deeper.
His background, anything.
I gotta see how he's connected.
- Connected to what? - I don't know yet.
He was a cog in the machine, the machine's still out there.
- Just find whatever you can.
- [Cisco.]
And what about Glory Days? - Shit.
That's tomorrow - Mickey, you cannot handle this right now.
I have to, Lorna.
All right? We have one shot at this.
- And she's it.
- [Lorna.]
I'll go.
- It'll go down better coming from me.
- [Mickey.]
What will you say? [Lorna.]
Whatever I have to.
Just get some rest.
I'll handle it.
[doorbell chimes.]
- You son of a bitch.
- Whoa! - [Maggie.]
What were you thinking? - What you talkin' about? Why are you going after some killer? I didn't go after anybody.
I thought my driver was in trouble.
- Then be more careful next time.
- [Mickey.]
- You have a family.
- [laughing.]
- Look at you.
- [sighs.]
I'm okay, Maggie.
I'm okay.
What kind of a lawyer are you anyway, huh? The kind that goes the extra mile for his clients.
You can be such an asshole sometimes.
I thought I lost you, Mickey.
First, the accident and then the pills.
And then this, I thought I lost you again.
Maggie, listen to me.
You're never gonna lose me.
[Maggie moans.]
[cell phone chimes.]
- Shit.
- What? That's gotta be Hayley.
I have to pick her up.
Does she know what happened? Uh No, not yet.
But, um [both sigh.]
- You said family.
- What? Before, you said I had a family.
I wanna try again, Maggie.
I want our family back.
Sunday dinner like we used to.
Say yes, before I change my mind.
- Yes.
- [Maggie.]
[cell phone chimes.]
Lots of salt.
Gloria? It's Gloria right? - Who are you? - I work for Mickey Haller, the lawyer.
- You fuckers ambushed me? - No.
Hear me out.
- You wanna go? - I did not come to fight you.
I just need to talk to you.
Five minutes.
Here you go, ma'am.
You've got until I finish this.
I'm taking an Uber back to the airport.
Jesús Menendez, he's innocent.
You know it.
That and ten bucks will buy you this drink.
Look, I'm sorry for your client, but I'm nobody's hero.
Just leave me alone, okay? Okay.
Can I ask you something real quick? You ever do anything crazy? I flew here from Las Vegas to give a furniture salesman the girlfriend experience.
What do you think? Couple years ago, I did something crazy.
I went to law school.
Why is that crazy? You work for a lawyer.
No one in my family had ever gone to college.
So I was nervous.
I didn't even tell Mickey about it.
And? It was a lot of work.
But I loved my courses.
There was this one called Torts, which is funny because it sounds like you're making a cake, but it means injuries.
- Physical, emotional, you name it.
- [sighs.]
My professor said I was a natural.
He said I thought like a lawyer.
Made me feel like I could do it, you know.
Like I belonged.
And then he hit on me.
One night, his office, he tried to do a lot more.
Let me guess, you got out of there.
Yeah? All the insecurities came back.
You started doubting yourself.
Save it for your book club, honey.
You don't get me, you never will.
I get that you're afraid.
I get why you don't wanna speak up.
This guy who attacked you, is still out there.
- He took something from you.
- No man took anything from me.
- I look out for myself.
- What about the woman who was killed? Martha Renteria.
You escaped this psycho.
She didn't.
You were friends, weren't you? That's why you called Mickey and told him the cops had the wrong guy.
I understand why you would be afraid, but Mickey can make sure you're protected.
You did the right thing once.
For your friend.
Even though it was crazy.
If you wanna do it again, you know where to find us.
Or you can keep running.
This is Michael Haller.
Please leave a message.
It's me.
I, uh Just checking in.
Call me when you can.
- What's up? - Hey.
We got a problem.
The recording of Soto's confession is garbled.
The file's corrupted.
What? Shit.
We need Tanya's testimony.
It could bolster the recording.
Not gonna happen.
We made a deal.
Seems like your ex got the better of that deal.
I didn't have a choice.
I'm not putting a pregnant woman on the stand against Soto.
You heard that entire confession, you could testify too.
- You've done that before.
- Sure.
I wanna make sure we're dotting all the i's.
You and me both.
Okay, I have a motion to write.
- Anything? - [Mickey.]
Without Glory Days? Nothing.
- What's that? - You wanted to know about McSweeney.
- Anything stand out? - Ex-Army.
Moved here from Missouri 14 years ago.
Rap sheet's just as long, but hard to find any connection - when I don't know what I'm looking for.
- Ugh.
Join the club.
You think Trevor sent this guy after you? [exhales.]
I don't know.
Right now, everything's on the table.
- [Lorna.]
I got the mail.
- Mostly bills, I'm assuming? Except this.
You've been summoned for jury duty.
- You never get picked? - Not when they hear I'm a defense lawyer.
All right.
Gotta run to court.
You wanna talk? Let's talk.
- Your girl here said you could protect me? - I can get the police to protect you.
- Set you up some place.
- No.
That's who I need you to protect me from.
What do you mean? The night before I was supposed to testify, I was at that hotel you put me up at.
There was a knock at the door.
- They must have followed me.
- The cops? A cop.
Linda Perez.
She worked Vice.
She was usually decent enough, but not this time.
A week before, she'd busted me with some guys I was partying with.
They had enough coke on them for intent to distribute.
She said if I testified for you, they'd charge me on the drugs too.
Told me to get out of town where you wouldn't find me, or she'd make it her mission to fuck up my life.
You know what a threat that is? A Vice cop has it out for me? I didn't run because of the guy that attacked me.
It was her.
Why would she be so interested in the Jesús Menendez trial? She didn't say.
And I didn't ask.
I just saw Judge Holder.
She signed off on a hearing for Jesús Menendez.
- [Lorna.]
- We haven't won anything yet.
But, uh, if we pull this off, Jesús gets a new trial, Lorna.
- He gets out.
- [Lorna.]
I still don't get it.
Why would Perez put herself at risk for a case that wasn't even hers? Yeah.
I got a theory on that.
I'll call you later, all right? What's so urgent? Funny.
I seem to remember a time you came to me, to my house, asked for my help.
Which I still don't think I got.
I told you everything I know about who killed Jerry Vincent.
Yeah, if you say so.
Quid pro quo.
What do you want? You ever run across a Detective Kyle Winters up there in the glass house? [Griggs.]
Heard the name, yeah.
He was a lead on a homicide case I had a couple of years ago.
- You hear anything else about him? - Only that he is a good detective.
The kind who would send a Vice cop to scare off my witness? This about that habeas thing? - That's right.
- Fuck off, Haller.
I don't investigate cops for defense lawyers, quid pro quo or not.
Know the old saying, don't you? "Better a thousand guilty men go free than one innocent man rot in prison.
" You ever clock out, Counselor? Linda Perez put in for promotion twice and got denied.
You wanna talk about quid pro quo? Winters got her to scare off my witness.
Then he greased the wheels so she could move up the ranks.
This is not about the thousand, Detective.
This is about the one.
I heard your client's having a big press thing later today.
Something about a merger? Yeah, well, he's not my client anymore, so Then maybe you forgot an old saying too.
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
" I was not expecting to see you here.
I'm here because somebody tried to fucking kill me, Trevor.
In your line of work, guess you make some enemies.
Yeah, maybe.
But at least they tell it to my face.
Mickey, I told you I was extremely happy with the work you did for me.
- Why would I want you dead? - To keep me quiet? I mean, attorney-client privilege takes care of that, right? I want you to know something, Trevor.
I wrote it all down.
Something happens to me or my family, it'll go to places you don't want it to.
I didn't do anything.
Mickey, you sound paranoid.
Think about talking to somebody.
If you'll excuse me, I got a big announcement to make.
- Hey! - [crowd cheering.]
Elliott, do you have any statements? [man in crowd.]
We love you.
Thank you, Mr.
What do you say to the people who think you got away with murder? - I'm glad they weren't on the jury.
- [crowd laughs.]
Seriously, the people that heard all the evidence made the right decision.
- That's all that matters.
- [woman.]
Yeah! But that is not what we're here to talk about today.
We're here to talk about the next stage in the evolution of Parallax Games.
[crowd cheering.]
Now, this is the culmination of years of work and planning by me and by Lara.
And I wanna begin by thanking all of you.
Our fans.
Thank you.
Thank you for keeping the faith.
- [gunshots.]
- [crowd clamoring.]
- [Carol.]
You son of a bitch! - [gunshot.]
That is what you get.
That is what you get.
- [officer 1.]
Drop your weapon.
- [officer 2.]
On the ground.
[officer 3.]
[officer 4.]
On the ground! [sirens approaching.]
[reporter on TV.]
shocking events that have just unfolded at Parallax Games.
The shooter has been identified as Carol Dubois, a Santa Monica insurance agent Well, if it was Trevor behind it, now we'll never know.
Yeah, maybe not.
But at least he won't be in a position to send anybody else after me.
- All right, I gotta go.
- Okay.
Cisco, it's me.
Listen, McSweeney's record, that's what I need to know about.
What was he arrested for? Who represented him? Everything.
- Haller? - I gotta run.
I'll call you back.
- Thanks for coming on a Sunday.
- Lucky for you, I've got no life either.
I heard about Elliott.
When I was on patrol, we had a term for it, for when somebody got off, then got what they had coming to them on the street.
We called it the Brass Verdict.
Attorney-client privilege continues, Detective.
Even after my client's death.
Whatever Trevor may have done, stays with me.
Honestly, I don't think he had anything to do with Jerry's murder.
- Then who did? - I'm not sure yet.
I just thought of something.
The calls Jerry got from the Feds - About the bribe.
- Okay.
Say there was a bribe.
Say it was a juror.
If the Feds were looking into it, you think this is the first time it ever happened? - [Maggie.]
Cabin on Lake Tahoe, great trip.
- [Hayley.]
It was.
Remember you tried learning to snowboard? Okay, that part didn't work out.
Thank you very much.
And remember the Grand Canyon? I was, like, what? Seven? Yeah, we rented that trailer.
And you made us stop in Chuckawalla State Prison to meet a client.
Yeah, a forger I think.
- What? It was on the way.
- It so was not.
I thought it was cool.
I mean, kind of scary, but cool.
Here, let me help you, honey.
No, it's okay.
You guys sit, and I've got this part.
- Okay? - [Mickey.]
Since when does she volunteer to do the dishes? Since we're having dinner probably.
I don't want to be confusing her.
Neither do I.
But she's having fun.
She is.
I gotta ask about the sign that you You're supporting Cardone? He's a reformer.
Thought you'd give me props.
Better than Janelle.
But still, I don't like him.
There's a surprise.
Yeah, you know, he's not perfect, but at least he cares.
Janelle Whoever's running for that office is running on ambition.
- All right? Just don't expect anything.
- Well, a girl can dream, can't she? Next weekend, big game.
They win this one, they go to regionals.
Can't wait.
Might have to poison the other team's Gatorade.
That won't go over too well.
- Just a little bit? - [Maggie.]
Just a little.
This is everything I got on McSweeney's record.
Is it what you were expecting? - Unfortunately, yes.
- So, what you gonna do about it? [sighs.]
Right now, nothing.
I got a hearing to win.
Just make sure you get this to Griggs.
Everything all right? You seem, uh, awfully quiet, even for you.
Nah, I'm good.
Break a leg, Mick.
All right.
Miss Dayton, did there come a time that you called me about this case? Yes.
I saw you on the news.
You're the lawyer for Jesús Menendez.
And why'd that matter to you? Because he was charged with killing a girl I knew.
Martha Renteria.
And because, a month before, I had a client who tried to kill me too.
Can you tell us what happened? He came at me with a knife, but I kicked him in the balls.
And then, I ran like hell and got out of there.
Did you call the police after? No.
I knew they wouldn't believe me, or they'd blame me because of my profession.
So, what was it that made you call me? The guy with the knife said he was the one who killed Martha.
He said he got away with it.
And that he was gonna get away with killing me too.
But he wasn't the guy whose picture I saw on the news.
- He was not Jesús Menendez? - [Gloria.]
I called you because they had the wrong guy in jail.
What kind of knife did he have? The kind you unfold to open.
Do you remember which hand it was in? [Gloria.]
It was his left hand.
He had a tattoo on his forearm.
Japanese writing, kanji.
Your Honor, I'd like the record to reflect our previous exhibits from the medical examiner indicating that Martha Renteria was stabbed by a man wielding a folding hunting knife in his left hand.
Also, photos of Jesús Menendez showing that he has no such tattoo.
- So noted.
- Miss Dayton, did you agree to testify and tell your story to the jury in the Jesús Menendez case? I did.
At first.
And what made you change your mind? I was staying in a hotel the night before I was supposed to testify, and this Vice cop I knew showed up.
- Linda Perez.
- [Mickey.]
What did she want? She told me I had to get out of town, or I'd take a bust on a bogus drug charge.
She said, with my record, I'd get three years, and she'd find a way to tack on more.
Did she say why you had to go? [Gloria scoffs.]
She said I was being used by a sleazy lawyer to let a killer go free.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Your Honor, the prosecution would like to note Miss Dayton, who also goes by the name Glory Days, has been arrested at least ten different times for prostitution and drug charges.
Not to mention, we have no idea what fee arrangement she may have made - with Mr.
Haller to testify here today.
- Objection.
Save it, Mr.
It's just us here.
I'm not being paid to be here, if that's what you mean.
This son of a bitch killed my friend and got away with it, and then some kid took the fall.
It wasn't right.
That's all.
- Nothing further, Your Honor.
- [Gloria scoffs.]
Witness is excused.
- Mr.
Haller, you have another? - Yes, Your Honor.
The defense calls Linda Perez.
Detective Perez, do you know the previous witness, Gloria Dayton? Yes, I do.
I've arrested her multiple times.
She's well known in Vice.
Did you go to the Bonaventure Hotel on the night in question, October 20th, and use your previous experience with Miss Dayton to force her to leave town? No, I did not.
You telling this court you weren't even at the Bonaventure Hotel that night? - That's correct, yes.
- Can I ask where you were? I was on a camping trip with my husband and my son.
Big Bear.
Do you have any hotel receipts or anything to prove you were away? Like I said, I went camping.
Your Honor, the defense wishes to introduce defense exhibit E.
There is no exhibit E in discovery.
This wasn't in discovery.
It's security footage that will serve to directly impeach the testimony of Detective Perez, Your Honor.
Your Honor [Walter.]
There is no jury to prejudice here, Mr.
Miller, just me.
I wanna get to the bottom of this, so show your footage, Mr.
Thank you, Your Honor.
On the night in question, I put Miss Dayton up at the Bonaventure Hotel just up the street from this courthouse.
Now, this video taken at 9:52 p.
, shows Miss Dayton leaving, as she testified.
I have an affidavit from the hotel security manager to verify it.
Now, I scoured the footage at the time but I didn't know what I was looking for.
Now I do.
This footage is from 48 minutes earlier.
This is a service elevator.
They often don't have security cameras but this one did.
Now, Detective Perez, is that you we see in the elevator? - [hesitates.]
- Your Honor, if I may? Mr.
Daly, you care to explain why you're interrupting my court? My apologies, but I am representing Detective Perez, and I need to confer with my client.
Otherwise, I will advise her to exercise her right under the Fifth Amendment not to incriminate herself.
Sidebar, now.
This includes you too, Mr.
- Your Honor, before we begin - Shut it, Mr.
Now, there's only one thing that is important here, and that's, a while back, I sent a man to prison for 15 years.
Now, I am telling the three of you, if there is anything wrong with that sentence, we're going to get to the bottom of it right fucking now.
Uh, Stacy, you wanna clean that up a bit? [Walter sighs.]
So, Mr.
Daly, you're gonna confer with your client, and we will reconvene.
And if Detective Perez lies to this court again, she's gonna go to jail too.
Are we clear? Yes, Your Honor.
- Gloria okay? - Yeah, she's back at the hotel.
- What's goin' on? - It's happening, Lorna.
Oh, my God.
[cell phone dings.]
Thought you didn't investigate cops for defense lawyers? Yeah, I must be getting soft in my old age.
So, Perez's lawyer's meeting with the prosecutor.
They've gotta be negotiating an immunity deal, then she'll turn on Winters.
Yeah, uh About that [inaudible.]
- Hey.
- [Mickey.]
I thought you had a hearing.
- Yeah, no, we're in a recess.
- [Maggie.]
Can we talk later? I've got a status conference in ten minutes.
Did you run here? Your status conference, is that for the Soto case? [Maggie.]
- Any chance he'll plead out? - Not since we added a murder charge.
Soto killed a witness.
Nobody gets a deal on that.
I don't know, Maggie.
Maybe you should reconsider.
I mean, I know Pomerantz is a good lawyer, and you lost your recording, right? You don't want Soto to walk on some technicality.
What are you really doing here? - I - I'm not putting your client in danger.
- We made a deal.
- No, it's not about Tanya.
Then what? Think I'm not good enough to beat Soto's dream team? No, come on.
I just know how much this case means to you, I don't want you to regret anything.
The only thing I'll regret is not putting this guy away.
Listen, I gotta go, I'm sorry but, Sunday dinner, Hayley wants burgers.
They're gonna make another offer, Maggie.
That's what I'd do.
Just, uh, take it.
Since when did you become such a worrier, Haller? See you Sunday.
Detective Perez, you've had the opportunity to confer with your counsel, and now are you prepared to continue and answer all questions truthfully? Yes, Your Honor.
- Mr.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Detective Perez, now for the record, were you or were you not in the Bonaventure Hotel on the night of October 20th? - Yes, I was.
- [Mickey.]
What were you doing there? I was there to see Gloria Dayton.
To threaten her into leaving town? Yes.
But I wasn't there for myself, I was asked to go there by somebody else.
Another cop, a detective.
And why did this detective ask you to do this? He said Jesús Menendez was guilty and that he was gonna walk on the word of some pros.
Did this detective promise you anything in return for your help? Look, I was stuck in Vice for three years, I just wanted to be a detective.
And he said he could help move the roadblock.
You know? Is that man in the courtroom right now? Yes.
Can you point him out, please? He's standing in the back.
Let the record show, the witness has pointed to Detective Lee Lankford.
You low-life son of a bitch.
This is all lies.
- [Walter.]
Order! - She's in on it! She cut a deal to save her own ass! One more word out of your mouth, sir, and you will be held in contempt.
And I strongly advise you to retain legal counsel - immediately! - [indistinct.]
This court is in recess until tomorrow.
Lankford lawyered up.
He's gonna plead the Fifth.
It's as good as an admission of guilt.
- Maggie, I - Let me get this out, okay? Almost a year now, I've been building this case.
I met with trafficking victims You should have seen them, Mickey, what Soto did to them.
And then I found Loresca and I convinced him to talk.
I have never lost a witness like that, so brazen.
And Hayley I laid everything on the line for this case.
And now I have nothing.
No confession, no witness.
My entire case was built on Lankford's testimony, and now it's worthless.
Maggie, I didn't know it was Lankford.
Kyle Winters was a detective on the case.
Lankford was the supervisor.
He wanted to help his protégé, that didn't occur to you? I tried to warn you.
You told me to take a plea, you didn't warn me.
I couldn't risk tipping off Lankford, Maggie.
And you couldn't trust me not to tell him? - We could have found another way.
- I have a duty to my client.
And that always comes first, doesn't it? Seriously? When did I ever come first, huh? - Be honest.
- Excuse me? All of it, the second-chairing, the fundraisers, all the face time you put in to get into Major Crimes.
- Should I apologize for being ambitious? - No, but at least be honest.
If you were in my shoes, would things be any different? Huh? - Maybe that's our problem.
- What? Some lawyers, they can just leave it at the office.
Lock it up, get on with their lives.
It's not me.
It's certainly not you.
And this, this isn't something I can just get past.
Maybe someday, but not today.
Then I'll wait.
Please don't.
Just add it to the list of reasons we don't work.
Aw, Maggie.
Maggie! - [door closes.]
- Shit.
[cell phone dings.]
So, you talked to your mom? A little.
Look, I know this isn't the Sunday dinner you wanted.
I'm sorry.
It's okay to be disappointed, to be mad.
I mean, deep down, I knew this Mom and Dad sequel was just never gonna happen.
So Wow.
That's, uh Would be easier if you were mad.
This thing that went down between you and Mom, I mean, was it even worth it? [sighs.]
There's three things you need to know in life, hija.
What you desire, what you believe, and what you have to do.
- They don't always line up.
- Was that from your dad? No, St.
Thomas Aquinas.
Your abuelo was a lot of things, but a saint wasn't one of them.
Well, my accident was a week after Jesús went away.
Was I reckless? Was I angry? Is that why it happened? I don't know.
All I know is I had to make this right, Hayley.
That's the thing I had to do.
Now, come on.
If I don't feed you, I'll really be in hot water.
- Bob, hey.
I wasn't expecting you.
- I'm just making the rounds.
Uh, have a seat.
Sorry, I've been prepping for trial.
You gotta see my office, it's why I came to you.
About that case you're prepping, the Soto case.
Yeah, listen, I know Detective Lankford's credibility has been damaged, - but I have a plan to regroup - Maggie.
The case is dead.
Look, I ran on a platform of holding bad cops accountable.
I can't just look the other way on this.
Wait, I'm sorry, I You're just gonna let Soto walk? That's on the LAPD.
Another thing, after you handle the dismissal, I'm gonna be making a few changes in the office.
What Seriously? You're giving me freeway therapy? Van Nuys has a very busy trial pool with some serious high-profile cases.
This is no reflection on the quality of your work.
Or my loyalty, apparently.
- Maggie, this is not personal.
- No, of course not.
- I appreciate your understanding.
- Do me a favor, Bob? Get the fuck out of my office while it's still mine.
[clears throat.]
[door closes.]
Hey, Sarah.
It's Maggie.
I'm good, thanks.
Listen, I got something for you.
[motor revving.]
We need to talk.
Well, you got a pair on you.
I'll give you that.
Whatever deal you made with Haller, it's off.
That seems like a conversation best had with him, Cisco.
Mickey got Hard Case off his parole hit.
Now he's back cooking meth, that's a big win for you guys.
But our bill says that it was on the house.
Nobody would do pro-bono cases for the Saints, not without good reason.
What'd you think was gonna happen when you left, Cisco? This ain't a social club.
You can't just walk away whenever you want.
'Course Mickey made a deal.
For you! Whatever debt I owe, I pay, nobody else.
Well Now that you mention it, there might be a way.
Miss McPherson, I've reviewed your submission.
Is it the People's wish to dismiss all charges against Angelo Soto without prejudice? It is, Your Honor.
Pomerantz, do you have any objection? [inaudible.]
Yes, Judge.
A dismissal without an apology does nothing to repair the damage to Mr.
Soto's reputation.
That matters not before the court, I'll take that as a no.
Therefore, in the matter of the People vs.
Angelo Soto, this case is hereby dismissed.
Soto, you are free to go.
- [whispering.]
Thank you.
- [woman.]
One moment please, Your Honor.
- Sorry, who are you? - I'm Sarah Walker.
An assistant United States attorney.
Angelo Soto, you're under arrest for human trafficking and conspiracy - under 18 US Code 77 and 96.
- [scoffs.]
Ma'am, I This is bullshit, it'll end up just like this case.
The Feds have deep pockets and lots of time, but if this does go south, I'll see you again.
DAs come and go, I don't.
I have to admit, I was skeptical.
Taking over an entire law practice and a murder trial.
But you pulled it off.
To be honest, I wasn't sure about it either.
I kept that to myself.
You even got a client in prison a new trial.
And the police are looking for this suspect with the tattoo.
You should be proud, Mr.
I am sorry about what happened to Trevor Elliott though.
I'm still processing that, but thank you.
Well, it looks like Mr.
Vincent's cases are in good hands.
So, I'm taking the training wheels off.
This will be our last check-in.
I wish you well, Mr.
You know, I wanted to do right by Jerry.
He was no angel but he didn't deserve to die.
- I'm sorry about that too.
- Are you? Six figures a pop to rig a jury that Not a bad side hustle.
Excuse me? But Jerry threw a wrench in it, so he had to go, right? Mr.
Haller, clearly I was hasty in my assessment of your state of mind.
- You need to get some help.
- I'm stone-cold sober.
I thought long and hard about who was behind this.
Had to be someone with enough control to hijack a jury summons before it went out in the mail.
There are dozens of people in this courthouse with access to that, so Maybe, but it also had to be someone with a deep understanding of the jury selection process.
Because the real juror had to be someone the prosecutor wouldn't cut, but who wouldn't be a red flag for the defense either.
Someone like an Aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin.
That's knowledge only an expert in jury selection would have.
For instance, a judge and her husband, a defense attorney.
My husband knew him a little.
Mitch Lester? He's a defense attorney also.
What gave it away was the anonymous note I sent to Judge Stanton.
The day after I sent it, McSweeney disappeared.
How did he know I was onto him? Judge Stanton gave me the answer.
He said he conferred with some colleagues about the letter.
That would include you, you're his boss.
You told McSweeney about it.
Another word, and I will jail you for contempt.
And when the case was over, you sent him to kill me too.
You had the perfect way to draw me out.
My driver's addiction, which you knew about because you hired a shady PI firm to bug my car.
I don't think you appreciate the power I wield, Mr.
I still hold your career in my hands.
And if you choose to spread this preposterous story, I will end it.
It's a little late for that.
See, my investigator and I found out McSweeney was one of your husband's former clients.
That gave the Feds probable cause for a wiretap on you with a little help from a friend of mine in the LAPD.
You and your husband are gonna need a really good lawyer, Judge.
I'm sorry, I'm all booked up.
You dropped some serious knowledge today, I feel like I'm gonna go take the bar exam.
Won't do you much good.
I didn't learn any of the stuff I just told you in law school.
You must have learnt something, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
You go to church growing up? Every Sunday.
Yeah, me too.
Mostly with my mom.
My dad, not so much of a church-goer.
[chuckling softly.]
What? You feeling spiritual? Going to meetings does that for some.
Oh, no, that ship has sailed.
[Izzy laughs.]
It's just, you know, when you're a kid, Christmas is a big one, right? The presents and everything.
But my mom always told me the more important day was Easter.
[group cheering and clapping.]
Thank you.
["Trouble" by Cage the Elephant playing.]
[closing music playing.]

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