The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Covenants and Stipulations

We have some treats for you.
We didn't order this.
Compliments of the kitchen
for the Lincoln Lawyer.
What is that?
That's my guest list.
There are three names on it.
Are you taking this wedding seriously?
- Where did you find this?
- [Hayley] In this big box of old stuff.
[Mickey] It's my father's class ring
from law school.
- I hired some temps.
- How many?
- Four.
- All right.
I'm meeting with the property manager
tomorrow in the studio.
Rent's gone up to 15,000 a month.
Ten is as high as I can go.
I'm sorry.
I've been offered a job
with the DA's office in San Diego.
What about Hayley?
She can stay with you
till you're back on your feet.
I think you're making a mistake.
You're the only witness who claimed
to have seen Lisa attacking Bondurant.
[Mickey] Building inspector took these?
[Cisco] He's the witness on the TRO.
[Henry] Gentrify and Die.
Join us as we unravel
the tale behind the brutal murder
of Mitchell Bondurant.
- That's Henry Dahl.
- Mm-hmm.
[Andrea] What did you discover?
What appeared to be a small blood stain
on the right-hand glove.
It's a match to the murder victim.
- Jeff Trammell?
- [Jeff] What do you want?
Remember the tool set you left behind?
- Yeah.
- The hammer's missing.
I'm not testifying.
Leave me out of this mess.
- What's up?
- Andrea's requested a conference.
Oh shit.
The prosecution has come into possession
of new evidence.
The murder weapon.
[suspenseful music playing]
[elevator dings]
Mickey, I swear, I don't know anything
about that hammer.
It is what it is.
Good news is it means the end of her case.
Which means
we can finally tell our own story.
That's all I've wanted to do
since the beginning.
Oh, you mean testify?
Yes, I mean testify. I didn't do this.
It doesn't matter.
The only way you take the stand is
if I can't tackle you in time.
That's a thing he says to all his clients.
It plays better with men.
I get it. Sitting on your hands
while people call you a killer is torture.
Why can't I defend myself?
No matter how sincere you are, how honest,
the jury will wonder if you're lying.
That's why we let other witnesses
tell your story for you. Give me a second.
How bad is it?
Are you kidding? Juries today grew up
on all that CSI bullshit.
They see blood evidence, forget it.
The gloves were bad enough, but this
Well, hopefully,
this helps even the score.
Attack material for the witnesses today.
No smoking gun, but the cops made mistakes
when they processed the hammer.
And there's forensic points
you can score with the lab tech.
Andrea needs three things to win her case.
Motive, means, and opportunity.
Before, she only had motive.
Now she has means too.
We need more witnesses of our own.
[quiet chatter]
[Mickey sighs]
- We need the ex-husband.
- I got a guy running him down in Mexico.
My case starts tomorrow, maybe today.
- If he's there, I'll find him.
- All right.
Go get 'em, huh?
Thanks for this.
- Ready?
- [Lorna] Yeah.
[opening theme music playing]
I do landscaping, private homes.
And did you service the client's property
this past Wednesday?
[clears throat]
Mr. Beltran, do you need some water?
- Thank you.
- [judge] You're welcome.
[clears throat]
I was at the Kaplans' on Wednesday.
And where is that?
[Beltran] Hauser. South of Wilshire,
between 8th and Olympic.
So, here.
[Beltran] Yes.
And did anything unusual happen
when you worked there on Wednesday?
I found a hammer under the hedges
in the front yard, by the sidewalk.
- Is this the hammer you found?
- Yes.
Marking the hammer
as People's 12, Your Honor.
[judge] So marked.
[Andrea] Mr. Beltran, what did you do
after you saw the hammer?
I told Mr. Kaplan, the homeowner.
He called the police.
I didn't touch the hammer.
Why not?
Because it looked like
there might be blood on it.
[Andrea] No further questions.
[judge] Your witness, Mr. Haller.
Mr. Beltran, how often
do you work at the property
where you found the hammer?
- [Beltran] Once a week.
- [Mickey] Once a week.
Is it fair to say that you blow leaves
from under that hedge every time?
I do a good job.
I have no doubt about that, sir.
So, in the last six months,
you looked at those hedges
many times, correct?
Many times, I'm sure.
And yet, you never saw that hammer before.
Until, suddenly, the hammer just shows up
at the exact same time my client happens
to be on trial for murder.
Withdrawn. Nothing further.
[suspenseful music playing]
Detective O'Brien, after you secured
the area around the hedge,
what did you do then?
I placed the hammer in an evidence bag
and handed it over
to the criminologist on scene.
[Andrea] Did you make any observations
about the hammer at this time?
[O'Brien] I noted that the face,
neck, and handle
were stained with a substance
that appeared to be blood.
I also took down the serial number
from the underside of the handle.
Why did you do that?
To see if it matched the serial number
from the hammer that was missing
from Ms. Trammell's set.
[Andrea] And did it?
Your Honor, to save the court time,
we will stipulate the hammer in question
belonged to Ms. Trammell.
[gallery murmurs]
[judge] You're sure, Mr. Haller?
Any objection, Ms. Freemann?
- Uh, no, Your Honor.
- [judge] Very well.
Members of the jury,
it is a matter of settled fact
that the hammer in evidence
belonged to the defendant.
That's not a question
you have to answer in your deliberations.
You may proceed, Ms. Freemann.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Detective O'Brien, when you arrived
at the crime scene six months ago,
you had officers search the area
for a murder weapon. Is that right?
And that search area included the property
where Mr. Beltran found the hammer.
- Is that correct?
- [O'Brien] That's right.
Now, in your earlier testimony,
you told this jury that
your search was very thorough.
- Do you recall that?
- [O'Brien] I do.
[Mickey] If your search was so thorough,
how did this hammer sit
unnoticed for six months?
Objection. Calls for speculation.
I'll rephrase.
Is it still your opinion
that your search was thorough
in light of the discovery
of this hammer now?
No search turns up everything.
It's a yes or no question.
Don't worry.
Ms. Freemann will have a chance
to fix your testimony on redirect.
Mr. Haller, that is improper.
The jury will disregard that comment.
[Mickey] My apologies.
But I am curious, Detective, which is it?
Were you very thorough
and the hammer was planted later,
or were you sloppy,
and we shouldn't trust anything you say?
Objection. Your Honor
Withdrawn. Nothing further.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Andrea] The People recall
Dr. Hannah Gates.
Dr. Gates, you previously testified
about identifying DNA
from a blood sample on the glove found
at Ms. Trammell's property.
That's right.
Can you remind the jury
of your conclusions?
The blood on the glove
is a definitive match
to the murder victim.
Turning to the blood sample on the hammer.
I'd like you to walk us through
your comparison of
To save us from another
lengthy explanation of DNA,
we'll stipulate the blood on the hammer
is a match to the victim.
[gallery murmurs]
[Andrea sighs]
May we approach?
[quietly] You trust me, right?
Whatever I need to do?
Your Honor, it's clear
what Mr. Haller's game is here.
Game? I'm agreeing with you.
He's trying to prevent me
from presenting evidence
in a methodical and convincing manner.
So I'm denying your theatrics.
I'm sorry. Is that illegal?
I am all for moving things along,
Mr. Haller,
but I don't want this
thrown back in my lap on appeal.
My client was framed.
That's been our defense all along.
Now I have no doubt that
this hammer was the murder weapon
because the killer planted it there,
just like the gloves.
And your client is on board with this?
Fine. The court accepts the stipulation.
I will instruct the jury after lunch.
- [Mickey] I know what I'm doing.
- [Lorna] Really?
If you're trying to set up
an ineffective assistance
of counsel appeal, it's working.
Stipulating to their worst evidence?
Sometimes it's better not to fight.
That is caca! You attack every witness,
you fight every piece of evidence
because you never know what's gonna put
reasonable doubt in a jury's mind.
You take one criminal procedure class
and think you can try a case better?
I didn't learn it from class.
I learned it from you.
She was gonna kill us.
The longer she had experts
talking about DNA and blood evidence.
So, you just gave her the murder weapon?
I didn't have a choice.
It was gonna come in either way.
I cut her off before she could
make a meal out of it, that's all.
You've been swerving all over the road
since this case began, and I know why.
Oh, there's one more thing.
I didn't wanna bring it up,
because I know you hate it.
You know how today is your
Oh, no. Please, don't say that.
Hayley dropped something off
at the office.
I promised I'd get you back there
for lunch to get it.
I'm in the middle of trial.
But it's Hayley. And you have to eat.
There's leftovers from Holy Basil
in the fridge.
Fine. Let's just make it quick.
Great, but you better explain
your brilliant strategy to your client.
- Hey.
- [Mickey] Hey. You all right?
Yeah. What happened in there?
- Come on. I'll explain on the way.
- Where?
My office. Apparently, there's Thai food.
Okay, I understand why you did that.
Actually, seems like a good way
to neutralize their case.
- That was the plan.
- What about our case?
Why can't I just
tell the truth on the stand?
Andrea would magnify any inconsistency
and make it look like a lie.
But it's not.
I know, Lisa,
but even if we put you on the stand,
it wouldn't be
to tell the story of that day.
It would be to tell your story.
Why's your restaurant so important to you?
If I was prepping you to testify,
that's what we'd be talking about.
It's too risky. Trust me.
[Lisa] I do.
Trust you.
[Lorna] Hi! We're in the conference room!
[all] Happy birthday!
[Lorna whoops]
[quietly] It's Hayley's idea.
Pretend you love it.
Honey, thank you.
This is so sweet. Thank you.
- You didn't have to do this.
- We don't have to say the B word.
We can just say,
"Happy above-average Thursday."
[chuckles] Okay.
[quietly] Who are these people?
The temps I hired.
Pretend you like them too.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Mickey, I should just
meet you back in court.
Oh, no. It's okay.
So, shall we get started?
- There's someone else we need to wait for.
- Who?
Mama, wh what are you doing here?
Well, Hayley said, "Mama Elena,
my dad hates his birthday."
"What should I do?"
And I said, "I'm on my way."
[in Spanish] Ay! I'm so sorry
your mother abandoned you.
Maggie didn't Never mind. Mama
I met everyone.
Izzy's so sweet. The motorcycle guy.
I'm not sure about the hair.
[in Spanish] And the blonde wife.
[in Spanish] Her name's "Lorna."
She speaks Spanish.
"Blonde wife" is better
than "second ex-wife."
I didn't meet you.
- Oh, I
- Oh, this is Lisa. My client.
- What did you do?
- [Mickey] Okay. Enough, Mama.
- [in Spanish] Did she kill someone?
- [in Spanish] No, and she speaks Spanish.
- Really? I thought she was Greek.
- No.
Why does Mickey hate his birthday?
His dad always forgot about it,
and his mom always made it about her.
- That explains a lot.
- Mm-hmm.
[in Spanish] You're sweet to come here,
but this isn't a good time.
[in Spanish] When is it a good time?
I guess not when you're half-dead
in the hospital.
It wasn't that serious.
Not the first time
you didn't tell me something.
We've been over this.
What were you going to do for me in rehab?
"Do"? I'm your mother.
I gave birth to you. Raised you by myself.
Don't be dramatic, Mama.
What if it was Hayley?
What if she nearly died
and didn't tell you?
I understand. I really do.
But understand I'm in the middle
of a trial, and I have to get back.
So, I finally get to see my son in court?
No, no, no, Ma.
Court is my stage.
I can't have any distractions.
I understand, but you can't go like this.
You're skinny. Pale.
Manzanilla for healing.
Naranjo for your appetite.
Jengibre is wonderful.
And most importantly,
three months of antibiotics.
They were half price in Tijuana.
You're still doing those infomercials?
[in English] I do it for the people.
- Hmm.
- [cellphone rings]
[in Spanish] Give me one second.
[in English] Mickey Haller. Hello?
Hey, yo, it's Jeff Trammell.
I'm downstairs.
I wanna talk.
[suspenseful music playing]
Almost didn't recognize you
without the Lincoln.
Yeah. I don't have much time.
I have to get back to court.
[Jeff] Okay, I changed my mind.
I wanna testify.
Lisa didn't do this. No way.
All right.
It's a good start, but I need more.
What do you mean?
Why did you disappear? Where you been?
Were you in trouble with the law?
I need to know what the prosecutor
might throw at you.
None of that matters. You just tell me
what you want me to say, I'll say it.
Wh What are you doing here?
I just told you.
That you'll lie on the stand
if I tell you to?
Yeah, I get that part.
But what do you want?
Look, I walk away from the restaurant,
then it takes off.
That's on me.
I just want a piece of whatever's next.
- Henry's podcast?
- Come on.
There's gotta be a movie deal
in there, right?
Lisa and I, we had our differences,
but now we can help each other.
We can make a deal here.
No, Jeff. I don't make deals.
And I don't put liars on the stand.
[Jeff scoffs]
Look, I'm trying to throw you a bone here.
You get it? Help me help you.
Lisa's life is on the line. You get that?
You wanna talk about testifying honestly,
without getting paid, then let's talk.
Until then, just fuck off.
No, I told you. I can't swing it. It's
[Izzy sighs]
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I get it.
Your hands are tied, whatever.
Any call that ends in "whatever"
usually isn't good.
Yeah, well
Looks like my dance studio's dead.
I thought you had a deal.
We did.
Until the property manager
jacked up the security deposit.
[Lorna] What? Why?
[sighs] Long story.
And it starts and ends with Ray.
But they can't do that.
[Izzy scoffs]
What am I supposed to do?
Go on Judge Judy?
It's not like I lost any money. Just
Stupid dream.
It is not stupid.
Let's talk after court.
Maybe we can figure something out.
[suspenseful music playing]
Oh! Here he is. Okay, everybody.
- I'm sorry. Sorry, guys. One second.
- [all] Happy birthday to ♪
[Lorna] Back to the conference room,
Is he going to testify?
No, no, I can't let him do that.
Let me guess, he wants money.
He must have heard about
the publicity your case is getting.
Maybe your friend Henry put him up to it.
I wouldn't put it past him.
I have to ask, Lisa.
You didn't reach out to him again,
did you?
[Lisa scoffs]
I haven't talked to him in years,
you know that.
I wouldn't ask him for anything.
Seems like you're doubting me again.
You know, you keep asking me to trust you.
I need you to trust me too.
[Mickey sighs]
You're right. I'm sorry.
It's occupational hazard.
[Lorna] Okay. Everybody.
Yes. Okay. Ready, and
[all] Happy birth ♪
[Mickey] Guys, I'm so sorry.
I hate to do this,
but we have to get back to court.
Sorry. Can I have those leftovers to go?
Oh. I already ate those.
What? No cake?
I fasted all the way here for this.
Have it without me.
Thank you, everyone, especially you.
Sorry I messed up your birthday.
You know, I just thought
maybe I could squeeze it in at lunch.
Honey, you could never mess up
my above-average Thursday.
We'll celebrate together. Just you and me.
We'll sing "Mañanitas"
and the whole thing.
[chuckles] Okay.
Okay, if I'm not gonna see you in court,
I'm taking Hayley shopping.
Lord knows she needs a woman
with fashion sense in her life.
I love it. Thank you. Yes.
[Elena] Hmm?
Right. Yes.
All right.
Have fun, ladies. Thank you.
- What?
- What do you mean, "What?"
You know what I mean.
You've given me the silent treatment
the whole way here. So, what?
The cake.
The cake?
[Cisco] Birthday cake.
It was Lady M.
- We had credit there for our wedding cake.
- That was about to expire.
Which is a phone call to the manager.
You love doing that.
What are you talking about?
What I'm saying is I thought
the wedding was delayed, not canceled.
[Lorna] We hadn't set a new date,
and every time I bring it up,
you change the subject.
I wanna get married anywhere, anytime.
Just name a place, name a date.
I'll get married right now.
Easy, tiger.
Do you still want to?
I still want to!
I just think this is kind of a sign.
Of what?
That maybe we should just elope
like you wanted to.
Oh. Now you want to elope?
I'm sorry. Do you mind?
- I thought that's what you wanted.
- It is.
What I wanted.
- You wanna have a big wedding.
- No.
Yes, maybe.
With the rented tux
and the cheesy toast and the cover band?
My mom and all her snotty remarks?
Yeah, I want it all.
All of it. I'm only doing this once.
I wanna spend my life with you,
and I wanna say it in front of everyone.
Not some Elvis impersonator or some judge
who probably gave me probation once.
Whatever you say.
Ms. Stern, how long have you lived
next to Lisa Trammell?
Twelve years.
How well do you know her?
[Stern] Not well. We were neighbors,
but she and her husband
were never very neighborly.
[Andrea] What do you mean?
From the time I moved in, we had disputes.
The fence, the trees,
noise from her food counter,
noise from them.
What do you mean, "noise from them"?
They fought all the time.
Used to keep me up at night. Nasty fights.
Did you hear anything
besides raised voices?
They threw things.
Stuff would break.
One time, they had to call an ambulance.
- [Lisa scoffs]
- [Andrea] You witnessed this?
[Stern] It was late.
They took her husband, Jeff,
to the hospital.
Pretty soon after, he took off.
Can't say I blame him.
Thank you. I have nothing further.
[judge] Your witness, Mr. Haller.
[Mickey] The night you're referring to,
when the ambulance came,
would you be surprised to learn that Jeff
was taken to the hospital that night
because of a medical emergency
and not because of an injury from a fight?
I never heard anything
about any medical emergency.
Did you ask?
No, I didn't. As I said, we weren't close.
Moving on.
Did you enter into negotiations
with the Bondurant Company
to sell your property?
Well, yes, but nothing came of it.
Did they make you an offer?
It was a contingent offer.
Contingent on?
On Ms. Trammell selling her property.
[Mickey] Your property would not be
connected to the Bondurant property
unless Lisa also sold hers.
[Stern] Something like that.
How much was the offer?
[pensive music playing]
One point five.
- [Mickey] Million?
- [Stern] Yes.
One point five million dollars.
That's what it cost you
because Lisa wouldn't sell.
- That's why you have a grudge against her.
- [Andrea] Objection.
Withdrawn. I have nothing further
for this witness.
[Andrea] Mr. Kim, is this
the photo you took of the protest?
Yes, it is.
[Andrea] Entering this photograph
as People's 17, Your Honor.
Why did you take this photo?
[Kim] Things were getting pretty tense.
I thought things might get violent.
[Andrea] And did they?
Well, you could see for yourself.
Ms. Trammell is getting
in Mr. Bondurant's space, very angry.
He was trying to calm her down,
but it wasn't working.
I took this just as
she was pushing him down.
Then some building security came over
and hustled them out of there.
Why were you at the protest, Mr. Kim?
[Kim] Mr. Bondurant
was building an annex to his offices.
I was there to inspect the foundation.
In your job as a city building inspector,
did you inspect
all of Mr. Bondurant's projects?
Quite a few of them. He's
Well, he was a very big developer.
Would you say that your livelihood
depends on developers like Mr. Bondurant?
Objection, Your Honor.
Mr. Kim is a public servant
paid by the county.
His livelihood is not dependent
on any developer.
[judge] Sustained. The jury
will disregard the characterization.
Mr. Kim, what did you and Mr. Bondurant
discuss before the protest?
We didn't talk.
He didn't ask you to take photos
he could use to seek a restraining order
against Ms. Trammell?
No, he did not.
Then how was it that your photo was
included in Mr. Bondurant's petition
for a restraining order?
He saw me taking photos that day
and asked to see them.
You keep saying "photos," Mr. Kim,
but the prosecution only offered one.
What happened to the others?
- [Kim] I deleted the rest.
- [Mickey] Because Bondurant told you to?
No, because the whole thing
was kind of ugly.
I didn't wanna look at them anymore.
Now, Mr. Kim, this photo
has been magnified, yes? Blown up?
[Kim] Yes.
This photo was
in Mr. Bondurant's email history.
Is this the original photo you sent him?
[Kim] I believe so.
Good. Now, was there anyone else there
taking photos that day?
Not that I'm aware of.
Some news reporters came later, but
I see. How about video footage?
Video footage?
You see this gentleman here?
[Mickey] The cyclists?
Can you tell us
what this one is wearing on his helmet?
[Kim] It looks like a little camera.
Objection, Your Honor.
To what? I haven't asked anything yet.
Foundation. For the video Mr. Haller's
obviously going to try to introduce.
I think Mr. Kim and his photo
provided the foundation.
It's impeachment, Ms. Freemann.
Let's see it.
[crowd chanting] Hey, hey, ho, ho,
Bondurant has got to go!
Hey, hey, ho, ho,
Bondurant has got to go!
[chanting continues]
[Bondurant] invasion of privacy bullshit!
This is not how you want to come at me.
You have no right to be here.
I want you and these fucking people
out of here right
Mr. Kim, would you say that this image
captures the same moment you photographed?
More or less.
More or less?
Yet we've just seen
what led up to that moment.
Wasn't Mr. Bondurant the aggressor
in the confrontation, not Ms. Trammell?
Ms. Trammell was just
trying to defend herself?
Look, I know what I saw.
You must have looked away
for all the other parts.
But I reserve the right
to recall this witness.
Nothing further for now.
René? I think you're up next.
The prosecution
is about to rest their case.
[tense music playing]
Sorry. I'm ready.
- Ms. Freemann, you have another witness?
- Approach, Your Honor?
Your Honor, it's four o'clock.
The People may call another witness,
but we'd like to take the night
to consider it.
[judge] You're in luck.
It's my grandson's school play tonight,
and the jury could use some extra rest.
I will expect you to either call a witness
or rest your case first thing tomorrow.
Absolutely, Your Honor. Thank you.
- [judge] Good night.
- Good night.
Your Honor.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. I just wanna be
ready for tomorrow, that's all.
You need to be ready too.
No cooking tonight.
Order takeout, all right?
Cooking is how I relax.
Yeah? Well, then, make a feast.
Just save me some leftovers, all right?
You got it. See you tomorrow.
[Lorna] What happened?
Andrea said she may call another witness.
There's no good witnesses
left on her list.
And, trust me,
she's not gonna end her case
with the paramedic
who pronounced Bondurant dead.
So, who's she gonna end with?
I'm afraid she might have a line
on Jeff Trammell.
The ex.
Yeah. He's here in LA.
He wanted money to testify for Lisa.
I'm worried maybe now
he's gonna testify against her.
I'm on it.
- I gotta go too.
- Where?
It's my birthday, remember?
[upbeat music playing]
You didn't have to do this, you know.
You're in trial.
No, I told you we'd celebrate together.
Besides, where else
do I get to watch that?
[in Spanish] I'm covered in poop.
[Hayley, in English] It's her agent.
She's been yelling at him all afternoon.
What's their story?
Mama Elena and your dad?
I mean, I know how it ended,
but how did it start?
[Mickey] Your abuelo was the biggest
criminal defense lawyer in LA.
And Mama Elena was
a young actress from Mexico City
with big dreams, like Rita Hayworth.
You probably don't know who that is, huh?
Are you kidding me?
A Latin movie star who changed her name.
I watch enough old movies with you.
So Mama Elena and your dad met
at, like, some fancy nightclub?
No, no. Even better.
He saw her across the pool
at the Beverly Hills Hotel,
and it was love at first sight.
At least for a while.
He was like that.
Did he ever meet anybody again?
You know, after Mama Elena?
Oh, he met a lot of women.
None of them stuck around though.
What about you?
I saw you with your client today.
Something going on?
I promised you I would never lie to you,
so something did happen.
I ended it
as soon as she became my client.
That's a line I would never cross.
What about your dad?
That's another story for a longer ride.
Now, come on. I think she's had enough.
[they chuckle]
[Izzy] I appreciate you coming down.
Carlos filled me in.
There was a problem
with the security deposit?
No, I had the security deposit
we agreed on in the lease.
The only problem was
Carlos wouldn't take it.
Yes. Well, market conditions changed.
Our risk profile narrowed. I'm sorry.
But if you come up with the new deposit,
it's yours.
- Yeah. About that.
- What's this?
The original lease application
for the dance studio.
And this is the application that
my friend here gave Carlos earlier today.
Also for a dance studio.
As you can see,
the applications are identical.
All she did was change the names.
Which is why it's weird that Carlos
offered me the original security deposit,
not the one he jacked up
by 50% for Izzy here.
So, we're just curious.
Did market conditions change
in three hours?
Look, I'm just the owner.
Carlos runs the property management,
rent, everything. I just pay him a fee.
It's good that we're telling you
that your property manager has engaged
in unlawful discrimination,
in violation of the federal
Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act,
and a few state laws too.
You wouldn't want anyone
to think that was your idea?
- You know, like our boss.
- Oh.
Who's a badass lawyer.
Or the LA Times.
[exhales slowly]
[mutters under breath]
Well, I should be offer-only,
but for you, I'll make an exception.
Just this once. [chuckles]
Okay. See you then.
[in Spanish] This is for three days?
[in Spanish] Casting directors.
You never know what look they want.
[Elena chuckles]
[she sighs]
You seem happy.
I've got an audition tomorrow for a pilot.
You know what this means?
I could be here all the time
with you and Hayley.
All the time?
[cell phone rings]
Give me one second.
- [in English] Any luck?
- Well, so far, no.
I did manage to get a hold of
a couple security cameras
from when you spoke to Jeff Trammell,
but all they caught was
him headed for the subway.
- After that, he's a ghost.
- Shit.
Not for you, furball.
Do you want me
to stake out the DA's office?
If they're gonna call him,
he could be there getting prepped.
Not worth it at this point.
If they got him, they got him.
Get some sleep, okay?
You too, Mick.
- [Winston whimpers]
- Come on.
[in Spanish] Why didn't you tell me
you're on the cover?
[in Spanish] Because this
is not important.
No? Think about where you were a year ago.
Hooked on drugs. Working out of your car.
I like working out of my car.
Now you have respect.
The whole city knows who you are.
You're comparing me to him.
You have his ring on.
Your father and I
both wanted to be the star.
That never works.
Now, you're the star. Our son.
Why can't you let me be proud of you?
I do let you. I adore you.
I'm gonna take your luggage to the room.
I adore you, too, my beautiful boy.
["By My Side" playing]
On my mind ♪
Almost all the time ♪
Holdin' me ♪
Is where you need to be ♪
Stay right by my side ♪
I won't run ♪
I won't hide ♪
No, child ♪
Stay right by my side ♪
I won't run ♪
I won't hide ♪
Sweet babe ♪
I won't play the game ♪
Oh, no, no, no ♪
Stay right by my side ♪
[music fades]
[Izzy hums a melody]
[Mickey sighs]
[Izzy continues humming]
Sorry, am I bothering you?
No, no. I [sighs]
I can use all the happiness I can get.
Things are finally going right for once.
Let me ask you something.
Do you think I've changed?
[Izzy] In what way?
Well, lawyer? Boss?
Recovering addict? Take your pick.
I can't speak to the first two,
and the third
is always a work in progress.
[cell phone rings]
- What's up, Lorna?
- [Lorna] Two things.
- One, court is pushed to the afternoon.
- What? Why?
The judge had a dental emergency.
But that is not the important thing.
The important thing is
we got a revised witness list,
and Jeff Trammell
is not our mystery witness.
Well, who the hell is it, then?
Your Honor,
the People call Henry Dahl to the stand.
May we approach, Your Honor?
[tense music playing]
Before we begin,
my apologies to you both
for starting so late.
After my grandson's play last night,
we took him to get some frozen yogurt,
and I cracked my tooth on a pecan.
This was after
the longest production of Our Town
this country has ever witnessed.
Novocaine is starting to wear off.
Sorry for the discomfort, Your Honor,
but I'm being sandbagged here.
This witness, Henry Dahl,
wasn't on the prosecution's initial list.
I had no time to prepare.
Ms. Freemann, when you asked for time
to consider one more witness,
the implication was
it was someone you had already identified.
That was my intention, Your Honor.
But last evening, it came to my attention
that Mr. Dahl had evidence which goes
directly to the defendant's culpability,
using the defendant's own statements.
What statements?
The ones contained on the raw tapes
of Mr. Dahl's podcast,
which Mr. Haller knows
because he tried to hide them.
Oh, come on, that's a lie.
I turned over every recording I had,
Your Honor.
Okay, both of you.
Mr. Haller.
Normally I would be
inclined to agree with you
that Ms. Freemann is a day late
and a pint of salted caramel short, but
if the witness can present
the defendant's own statement
in a relevant way, I believe
the jury is entitled to hear that.
You can have a standing objection,
Mr. Haller.
If the evidence isn't probative,
we will strike it.
Beyond that, all I can offer you
is more time to prep for cross.
Call your witness, Ms. Freemann.
[Andrea] Mr. Dahl, approximately
how many hours have you spent
interviewing the defendant
for your podcast?
In total? Seven or eight hours.
[Andrea] How much of that material
did you use
in the two episodes you finished so far?
Fifteen, maybe 20 minutes.
Which obviously leaves
a lot of material you have not used.
Now, in the recordings you have not used,
did the defendant ever discuss
her specific plans
to stop Mr. Bondurant's development?
Your Honor, the People would like
to mark this audio file as People's 18.
Go ahead.
[Henry] Everybody loves
a David and Goliath story, but come on.
What chance do you have
of stopping a billionaire?
[Lisa] Well, the bigger they are,
the harder they fall, right?
Look, I'm no activist,
but I realized that if this guy was
going to play hardball,
we had to play even harder.
[Henry chuckles] I love it.
[Lisa] So, we learned
everything about him,
from where he got his coffee
in the morning
to where he parked his stupid sports car
in his garage.
Wherever he went, we'd be waiting.
Mr. Dahl, are you aware
that Mr. Bondurant's parking garage
was the site of his murder?
Objection. That fact has been admitted.
The witness's knowledge of it
is irrelevant.
Withdrawn. Nothing further.
[judge] Mr. Haller, your witness.
Unless you'd like to ask for a recess,
which I will happily grant.
That won't be necessary, Your Honor.
I have no questions.
[gallery murmurs]
In that case, the prosecution rests.
Your Honor, may we take that recess now
before we begin our case?
- I won't need long.
- Very well.
The jury will stretch their legs,
and we will resume in ten minutes.
- There's an explanation for this.
- [Mickey] Not now.
Not in front of them.
Just wait here. Come on.
I asked Dahl for all the recordings,
and he fucked us.
I couldn't ask questions.
Had to treat him
like he's beneath contempt.
Fine, but what you're about to do
is crazy. You know that, right?
I have to come out swinging.
We're halfway through Friday afternoon.
I can't let the jury go home
with Dahl's podcast in their heads.
And calling the restaurant manager
is not gonna cut it.
I have to take a risk.
This isn't a risk, Mickey.
You think the rules don't apply to you.
You're right. They don't.
I'm a different lawyer now,
and this is my call.
[suspenseful music playing]
I trust you and you trust me,
no matter what, yes?
Good. Then trust me now.
[judge] Mr. Haller, are you ready
to call your first witness?
[Mickey] I am, Your Honor.
The defense calls Lisa Trammell
to the stand.
[gallery murmurs]
[closing theme music playing]
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