The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s02e10 Episode Script

Bury Your Past

I didn't do this, Mickey.
- I keep telling you, it doesn't matter.
- It matters to me.
- Why did your husband leave you?
- You'd have to ask him.
I know what I told you before,
but I wanna testify.
You didn't reach out to him, did you?
I haven't talked to him in years,
and you know that.
You posted this, Mr. Morales.
Can you please read it?
"She's crazy
when she gets like this."
"You can't talk to her."
Stop. She can't reach it. Not well enough
to deliver a blow with sufficient force.
You really have no way of knowing for sure
what happened in the garage
that day, do you?
None of us do.
The defense calls Alex Grant.
"Pursuant to my Fifth Amendment right,
I decline to answer this
or any further questions."
You wanna have a big wedding?
Yeah, I want it all.
I wanna say it in front of everyone.
Unlike Alex Grant,
Lisa Trammell had the motive, the means,
and the opportunity to commit murder.
Oh, Jesus.
I can go to prison tomorrow, Mickey.
What's he got to do with it?
He did a surprise check at the restaurant
the day before Lisa got arrested.
It was Walter Kim.
He had everything to lose.
His home, his family.
His American dream.
Walter Kim is MIA.
We've rested our case, Cisco.
Without Kim, there's no way
the judge will let me reopen it.
Where do you want ♪
To spend eternity? ♪
Dreaming of ♪
Liberty ♪
Searching for ♪
Reality ♪
Trucking through ♪
Infinity ♪
Bury your past ♪
And move on fast ♪
Nothing's gonna last ♪
So take a bit of grass ♪
And move on ♪
Move on fast ♪
What is your ♪
Visibility? ♪
Looking for ♪
Community ♪
Hoping for ♪
Some unity ♪
Trucking through ♪
Infinity ♪
Bury your past ♪
And move on fast ♪
Nothing's gonna last ♪
So have a bit of grass ♪
And move on ♪
Move on fast ♪
Mickey. I am really nervous.
I'm kind of freaking out.
I know I have had my reservations
all along about this woman
and your relationship with her,
but today, and this, I'm
Now you know how it feels to be a lawyer.
I'm so sorry.
I should be giving you a pep talk.
It's okay, Lorna. We made a strong case.
And I feel good about our closing, huh?
I could still use that pep talk though.
This one's gonna be different for you.
Today, you're gonna put
your emotions aside.
You've climbed that hill.
You're gonna go in there
and plant that flag
because you are Mickey fucking Haller.
And you win cases. That's what you do,
no matter who you're defending.
And move on ♪
Mr. Haller!
Move on fast ♪
- How are you feeling about your defense?
- No comment.
How do you feel about this case?
Mr. Haller.
- Did you find Walter Kim?
- Not exactly.
The cops have tracked his car
to a parking lot in Marina del Rey.
Looks like it's been abandoned.
Wouldn't he need his car
if he's on the run?
Well, that's the thing.
I don't think he's on the run.
What do you mean?
I've been thinking that you've really
kicked the hornets' nest on this one.
We don't know for a fact
that Walter Kim killed Bondurant,
but we do know
that Alex Grant paid Kim bribes.
That's something that Grant would
wanna cover his tracks on.
Kim was the only person
who could point the finger at him.
Yep. And whatever went down,
I got a bad feeling that Alex Grant
decided to shut Walter Kim up permanently.
- Find out whatever you can.
- I'm on it.
Without Kim, there goes any chance
of reopening the case.
You're not gonna need to.
You hear me?
All rise.
4-0-9-7-5, People versus Lisa Trammell.
Everyone settle, please.
Mr. Haller, you may proceed.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Good morning, everyone.
Now, yesterday,
we heard a fantastic story.
An angry woman with a raging temper
murdered the big bad wolf
trying to blow her house down.
It was compelling stuff.
And Ms. Freemann here is
a wonderful storyteller.
Even I believed her.
At least for a second.
The thing with that story is
it's a fairy tale.
Lisa Trammell
did not kill Mitchell Bondurant.
And the prosecution has no witnesses
and no explanation for how she did.
If Lisa Trammell put on her own gloves
to kill Mitchell Bondurant,
why would she bring them home
and leave them
where the police could find them?
Why dump the murder weapon
where it could be found?
Why did that weapon conveniently show up
at the exact moment Lisa was on trial?
There's one reason why.
Because someone planted these things.
Someone who had their own reasons
to want Mitchell Bondurant dead.
And Lisa was the perfect patsy.
Vocal about disliking Mitchell Bondurant.
Tough and aggressive
as she stood up to a billionaire,
trying to defend her home
the same way any of us might
if we were in her shoes.
Now, we all grow up
wanting the American dream, don't we?
Lisa Trammell worked hard
to achieve that dream.
But she had to constantly fight
to keep it,
against all the men
who wanted to take it away from her.
Her ex-husband, who didn't believe in her.
Mitchell Bondurant,
who didn't care what she'd built.
What happens when the rich and powerful
use all their means to take you down?
To determine your fate?
Like I said, it was a good story.
The cops and the prosecution bought it.
They were so obsessed with Lisa
that they couldn't see the facts.
But the facts are clear. There were a lot
of people angry with Mitchell Bondurant.
For instance, why were the police
not interested in Alex Grant?
Alex Grant, whose Olympic deal was
on the line because of Mitchell Bondurant.
Who even had
the FBI looking into his business.
What is he hiding?
We tried to get to the truth, but
there are some answers
people are unwilling to provide.
What we do know is that Alex Grant's
courier truck was parked outside
Mitchell Bondurant's building
at the time of the murder.
And if history has taught us anything,
it's that people with buried skeletons
would do anything to keep them buried.
The truth is none of us can be sure about
what Alex Grant might be hiding.
So we cannot say beyond a reasonable doubt
that we know
who killed Mitchell Bondurant.
Beyond a reasonable doubt. That's
That's the burden the state has to meet.
And it is your job
to decide if they have met it.
I don't envy you.
A woman's freedom.
The rest of her life hangs in the balance.
Right now, if you have
more questions than answers,
then, my friends, your decision is clear.
You have no choice
but to find Lisa Trammell not guilty.
Thank you.
This seat taken?
We've done everything we can, Lisa.
Now it's up to the Gods of Guilt.
The Gods of Guilt?
The jury.
They have all the power now.
Everything that I did
was to convince them.
I'm not very religious.
Right now,
I'll pray to any god that's available.
Excuse me.
The clerk just called. The jury's back.
Already? Is that good or bad?
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
What say you?
In the case of
People versus Lisa Trammell,
on the charge of first-degree murder,
we find the defendant
not guilty.
Oh my God.
It's over, Lisa.
Law offices, please hold.
CNN, LA Times, desperate clients.
Let them all go to voice mail.
This is a time for celebration.
- Sparkling cider for you and Izzy.
- Thank you.
The real stuff for the rest of us.
Felicidades. I'm so proud of you.
Thank you very much, Mom.
Excuse me for a moment.
Hi. What's up?
To LA's hottest defense lawyer.
And his incredible team.
I mean, without you guys, I
You'd have to answer the phones yourself?
- Never gonna happen.
- Mm-mmm.
I just wanna say, um, this is a team win.
So, everybody, thank you.
Yahoo! Yes!
Ma, what's wrong?
I'm back, hijo.
I got the part!
- I thought your agent dropped you.
- Yes.
Now he'll be begging to take me back.
That's good, Ma.
So I have to go.
I have to pack.
They need me on set this week.
- On set?
- Uh-huh.
- Where?
- Calgary.
Calgary. You hate the cold.
What are you going to do in Calgary?
I'll buy a big coat.
You see, son? Today we have all won.
I don't suppose your driver
can take me to your house. No?
No, no. Okay, don't worry.
I'll take an Uber.
- Mm.
- Okay, please.
Say goodbye to Hayley for me.
Tell her I love her. I love you.
Love you a lot, Mama.
Sorry, I have to pack.
- Bye-bye.
- Okay.
Bye, Ma. Stay warm in Calgary.
It really is no wonder
you turned out the way you did.
I need to take this. Thanks, everyone.
So, how does it feel?
It's like I can suddenly see the sun again
after living in a cave.
I know I've said this before,
but I don't know how to thank you enough.
I wish you were here right now 'cause
we're throwing a big celebration,
and half the neighborhood's coming.
Can you make it?
I would love to, Lisa, but after this,
I just wanna sleep for a week.
Anyways, you should have
the spotlight for yourself. Enjoy it.
Well, you're missing out.
I'm making all your favorites.
Rain check, okay?
Only if you promise.
I promise.
Conference room.
All right. See you soon, Lisa.
See you.
What's this?
I got some police photos.
All the stuff that they found
in Walter Kim's car.
Look at that.
What is that?
That is
a telescoping inspection mirror.
Standard tool for building inspectors.
They use it to see into places
that they can't reach. But check this out.
Kim's was missing a piece of glass.
Now, maybe that was the shard of glass
they found at the murder scene.
But if Walter Kim did kill
Mitchell Bondurant, how did he do it?
He's the same height as Lisa,
and if she couldn't reach
the top of his head, how could he?
See, I've been thinking the same thing.
Can I borrow your, uh, compact?
Thank you.
Now, initially, I was wondering,
if Kim was there to kill Bondurant,
why would he even have
the inspection mirror in the first place?
And then it occurred to me.
The mirror is how he made him look up.
Oh, Winston. Oh, honey.
Don't worry. It's okay.
Good theory, Cisco.
Well, it seems like more than a theory.
The mirror is your proof.
Yeah, maybe. Maybe not.
Luckily, it's not our problem anymore.
The case is over, our client is free.
Cops can deal with the rest.
It's the wedding venue!
Hi, this is Lorna.
I am ready to talk catering.
I'm so glad you called.
Wait, what?
No, that's impossible.
We gave you a big fat deposit.
No, this can't be happening.
How do you double-book a wedding venue?
You had one job. No, you
Tell that other bride she has to change.
Why do we have to be the ones?
Yeah. Okay.
Yeah, you have a great day too.
What happened?
Apparently, another couple
booked it first.
But didn't you sign a contract?
No, I didn't.
They said they were gonna send it.
They said they'd give us 10% off
for the inconvenience.
That'll barely cover the DJ.
Okay. Well, did they say
what other dates they had available?
Yeah. A Saturday in October.
Well, that's not too bad.
It's next October.
I feel like this is a sign.
Like, every time
we get close to our wedding,
the universe throws a big wrench
right in our faces.
Maybe we're just cursed.
We're not cursed.
I'll go down there. I'll sort it out.
Oh, Cisco, that ship has sailed, okay?
You doing all that's
not gonna make a difference.
We'll figure something out, babe.
But I promised you a big wedding.
As long as we get to marry each other,
that's all that counts, right?
- Hey.
- Surprise.
Oh. I thought you were celebrating.
Oh, I was, but it didn't feel right
because a certain hero lawyer
wasn't there.
He's here.
Are you going to invite me in this time?
I come bearing food.
I would love to, Lisa, but
I need you to do something first.
Oh. Wipe my feet?
You have to fire me.
Mickey Haller, you are officially fired.
You are no longer
my lawyer.
I love it.
Andy? What are you doing here?
You know the case is over, right?
I won.
Trust me. I am aware.
You're here early.
No rest for the wicked, huh?
I needed to do some work.
I want to spend the day with Hayley, so
You know, I'm surprised you wanted
to see me again after I beat you so badly.
Go on, gloat. I deserve it.
I did a little gloating myself
at the start of the trial,
which is why I got you a little something.
I was gonna just leave it by the door,
but here you are.
Should I call the bomb squad?
Oh, thanks.
It's not engraved.
- I didn't want it to go to your head.
- Oh.
I mean, we both know
you won't beat me again.
Statistically speaking.
Yeah, we'll see.
You know, Andy, um,
you're a damn good lawyer.
Thank you, Haller. So are you.
Number one.
I should tell you,
the sheriff's department
found traces of Bondurant's blood
on Walter Kim's boots.
And that shard of glass they found
fit the broken mirror
in his car perfectly.
Must feel good knowing your client
actually didn't do it for once.
Must feel good you didn't convict
the wrong person for once.
So, you're gonna open a case against Kim
or look into Alex Grant?
Well, Walter Kim is presumed dead.
And the feds are all over Alex Grant
for construction fraud.
They don't like
when the locals rain on their parade.
And unlike your ex,
I actually like winning cases,
not just proving points.
I won't tell her you said that.
Oh, she knows.
Well, I should get going.
I will see your pretty face
on the next one.
And just know that I'll be ready.
Revenge is sweet.
Thanks for my well-deserved gift, Andy.
Oh, I wish this summer
didn't have to end.
I really love
spending all this time with you.
You're still gonna see me
on the weekends.
And I'm not giving up riding, okay.
You're gonna get so bored watching me.
Never. I love it.
How's your mom doing?
She's good. She loves her new job.
You know, she's finally getting to choose
which cases she gets to do.
You know, total jefa vibes.
She working a lot?
Mm, tons. Maybe a little too much.
Well, I'll come down as often as I can.
You know, hang out.
And I'm only a phone call away, you know.
I know, Dad.
- That's pretty good, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
I know.
Dad, you okay?
Dad. You good?
Yeah, yeah. I just, uh
You're still in Ensenada?
I gotta go.
Give me a second, Jeff. Please.
Yeah. I'm gonna make a call
real quick, okay?
We had to tell the jury
who planted them and why.
You haven't been answering my texts.
I was beginning to think
you were ghosting me.
Are you okay?
Jeff never wanted you to have this place?
You two were at the end of your marriage,
and he wanted to take half of this place.
That's what happened, right?
I'm sorry. I don't really understand.
Why are you bringing up Jeff?
There was always something off
with your story, Lisa. I just
I couldn't put my finger on it.
It didn't seem to matter
to your case, so I
What are you talking about?
Lisa, Jeff filed for divorce 11 years ago.
But a couple of weeks later,
he withdrew it.
Right around the time he left you.
And there's no trace of him after that.
Well, I told you.
We were working on our marriage,
and then Jeff just finally gave up.
Then why didn't he
go through with the divorce?
California is a community property state.
He'd get half.
Why would he walk away from that?
- I don't know.
- Jeff was a total screw-up.
I didn't understand
half of the things he did.
I mean, you met him.
No, I didn't. I never met him, Lisa.
That guy who showed up outside my office
wasn't your ex-husband, was he?
I found this.
It's a staff photo
from when you first opened this place.
You erased it from your social media,
but René didn't erase it from his.
That's the guy I met.
He's an out-of-work actor
who used to be a waiter here.
Mickey, it's not what you think.
Then what the fuck is it, Lisa?
This guy wasn't in Ensenada
when he called me.
He was in Venice Beach, where he lives.
You've been playing me.
I just
I just wanted you
to stop asking about Jeff.
So, you lied to me? Set me up?
I was desperate, okay?
I I wasn't thinking straight.
You kept saying Jeff was a loose end.
I just wanted you to stop looking for him.
Why? Why was it so important
that I stop looking for him?
There are three things
that never made sense.
One, why didn't you sell to Bondurant?
It was a lot of money.
- You could've opened somewhere else.
- I didn't wanna be anywhere else.
Two, why didn't you consider
putting this place up for bail?
You were willing to sit in jail
rather than risk losing this place.
And three, why is it
you always lose your temper
when someone else brings up Jeff?
Mickey, please.
Don't do this.
I've been a lawyer for a long time, Lisa.
And I know when something's off.
After a while, I knew
you didn't kill Mitchell Bondurant, but
just because
you're not guilty of something
doesn't mean
you're innocent of everything.
What exactly are you accusing me of?
Jeff was going to ruin everything, huh?
Until he disappeared.
So, where is he, huh?
Mickey, don't.
Where is he?
This is insane.
He hated cilantro.
Mickey, please. Okay?
You don't know what I had to go through.
You don't know.
You don't know about the abuse.
Is that the real reason you couldn't sell?
Because of what they'd find
if they tore this place down?
You don't know anything about my life.
Mickey, please.
I know everything I need to know.
Goodbye, Lisa.
It went well, huh?
Did she admit to it?
Yeah, close enough.
I'm sorry.
- I know you liked her.
- Hmm.
But I think you dodged a bullet.
Or a kitchen knife.
Did you call the cops?
Lorna, I'm a defense attorney.
I can't do that.
You're a defense attorney, but I am not.
And I didn't call the cops.
I called a cop.
Oh, Jesus.
This is one for the books, even for you.
I had nothing to do with this.
You really think there's a dead body
on the property?
Well, if there is,
I'm sure you'll find it.
Just leave me out of it, okay?
Fucking Haller.
You know, it's kind of poetic
in an Edgar Allan Poe kind of way.
Yeah. Come on. Let's get out of here.
You have a wedding to prepare for.
Damn straight I do. Vamos.
- Okay. Now let's smile.
- Here?
Give each other a kiss.
- Mm-hmm. Yes please.
- Yes. That's great.
Are you mad I didn't take your last name?
It has so many consonants.
Babe. I'm just happy
we're finally married.
And this was so the right move.
Now we can splurge on our honeymoon.
We saved money, so we can have a party
in a few months with a couple friends.
Why wait? Let's party today.
- Let's get out of here.
- To where?
- I'm taking you to brunch.
- Brunch. You hate brunch.
- But you love it.
- Oh, I love brunch. I love the mimosas.
- What about bottomless mimosas?
- Yes.
But you gotta wear a blindfold.
What are you up to?
You'll see.
Come on.
- Oh my God.
- Your chariot awaits.
Sh, sh.
This way.
Are we in heaven? I smell French toast.
- Ready?
- Yes, I'm so hungry.
Three, two
- Oh my God!
- Congratulations!
Cisco, when did you plan this?
It was Izzy's idea.
I got us a cake from Porto's.
There's a taco truck out back,
and I made your favorite French toast.
What more do we need?
Winston, you look so debonair.
I picked the tie.
Good boy. What a good boy!
You really do know me.
This is the perfect wedding.
Thank you.
I love you.
The studio's great, Izzy.
Ah, thank you. I can hook you up
with a couple free classes.
No, I'm pretty sure I'd fall on my face.
- Nah.
- You gonna have a grand opening?
Feels like this is the grand opening.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, I do.
I, uh
I guess I should give these back to you.
I'm gonna miss driving you around.
Yeah. I'll miss you more, Izzy.
We were only halfway through our tour
of the best food trucks in LA.
Now that I'm still down to finish.
I'm really proud of you.
I couldn't have done it without you.
You took a chance on me.
I'll never forget it.
Come here.
Hey, hey, hey! Let me in on that.
You're not going anywhere.
Cisco and I are going to Cabo.
You have to fill in at the office.
- Yes.
- Thank God.
'Cause those legal temps are so weird.
Oh God, you have no idea.
Actually, I was kind of hoping
I could stay on part-time,
at least for a while.
I gotta redo the floors.
Running a business is expensive.
- Mm-hmm.
- Tell me about it.
You can have
as many hours as you want, Izzy.
Thank you.
Now, if you two will excuse me,
I have to head out with my daughter
before she turns into a pumpkin.
That is not the right way
to use that expression.
- Not at all.
- Mm-mmm.
blonde ex-wife.
Thank you, crazy ex-husband.
Okay. All right, ready?
Yeah. I'm gonna get a mariachi band
for your birthday next year.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Well, if you do that,
then the first boy you bring home,
I'm gonna show him a picture of you
dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween.
Duly noted.
It's still early. You wanna catch a movie?
Oh, I'm sorry, Dad.
I made plans with friends. I told you.
Oh, right. Yeah, you did. I forgot.
Yeah. The Uber's, like, one minute away.
Yeah. It's okay. Have fun.
- You sure?
- Yes.
Okay. I won't be late. See you.
Text me in an hour with proof of life.
I think he's still down about
the Lisa-killed-her-husband thing.
That's not even the worst of it.
What do you mean?
- You know how I get feelings about people?
- Mm-hmm.
I've been thinking
about the night Mickey got beat up.
Who exactly benefited from that?
Alex Grant?
That guy jumped through hoops
to seem like a legitimate businessman,
only to risk it all by sending two goons
to put Mickey in the hospital
because we sent him a court subpoena?
That just doesn't add up.
Lisa, on the other hand, was obsessed
with making Mickey think she was innocent.
She even sent a fake ex-husband
to convince him.
So, then, when she realized
that Alex Grant was our straw man,
what better way
to keep Mickey on that path?
She'd have to be insane.
She is. Certifiable.
Have you told Mickey this?
No. I don't wanna mess with his head more.
Plus, I don't have proof. Just a hunch.
But I do know that woman is bad news.
Man. Talk about
not being able to catch a break.
So, how long
will your mother be in Canada?
Who knows?
As long as she's happy,
I'm happy, you know?
You okay, kid?
I know your case didn't turn out exactly
the way you had hoped.
But you won, right?
You know, your old man broke
a few too many of the rules of conduct
when it came to fraternizing with clients.
That's not a sin of the father
I'd advise repeating.
Was it that obvious?
You'd have to be blind not to see it.
Yeah, well, I think
blind is exactly what I was.
I saw in the paper that Alex Grant
lost that Olympic Village project.
Hmm. No surprise there.
No, but unfortunately,
the guy seems to have
a real vengeful streak,
if you know what I mean.
No matter how mad he was at you before,
he's got even more reason
to be pissed off now.
Sorry, I I'm not trying to worry you.
Just something to think about, that's all.
Occupational hazard.
Uh, would you mind if we get the check?
Um, I got a doctor's appointment
early in the morning.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, just getting a few tests.
Make sure the ticker's
got enough juice left.
Besides, don't you have
anything better to do
than have dinner with an old man?
I like having dinner with you.
Next thing you know, you'll be asking me
out to Dan Tana's for Valentine's.
If you sacrifice too much for this job,
you'll end up like me.
Alone. Divorced.
A couple of kids who barely speak to me.
You don't wanna be
a male spinster, trust me.
It's a terrible Hollywood cliché.
Ah, don't even think about it.
- Hey.
- Hey. How's it going?
Just heading out.
I'll be in early tomorrow though.
Lorna left me
a big pile of pleadings to file.
Thanks for holding down the fort
while she's gone, Izzy.
No worries. You need anything?
No. Just
You know, that night you and Lorna
served the subpoena on Alex Grant,
did you get a look
at the car he was driving?
Sorta. It was a black sedan, fancy.
Maybe an Audi?
Ah, no reason.
Everything okay?
It's fine. It's nothing.
Okay. Uh, listen.
I checked the messages at the office.
You got a new client call.
His name is Julian Lacosse.
They're holding him
at the West Hollywood sheriff's station.
- What's the charge?
- Murder.
He said he can pay your fee. No problem.
I'll just, um I'll do it in the morning.
Okay. Well, drive safe. Good night.
All right. Good night, Izzy.
Julian Lacosse?
You're Mickey Haller?
Yeah. How did you get my name?
My friend recommended you.
Giselle. Giselle Dallinger.
I don't know a Giselle Dallinger.
What? No, no. You gotta know her.
She said if I was ever in trouble,
I should call you.
That you're the best lawyer in town.
And now she's dead, and
I'm in trouble.
Okay. I don't understand.
Your friend is dead?
That's who they said I killed.
But I would never do that.
Look. Giselle vouched for you.
And I've got no one else to turn to.
Can you help me?
Good morning.
There was a body that came in
a couple of days ago. A Giselle Dallinger?
Next of kin?
Apparently, I was her attorney.
I am the key ♪
I was starting to think
no one was gonna ID this one.
Uh, the driver's license was a fake.
Cops took prints,
see if they could ID her.
But unfortunately, a dead sex worker's
not exactly on top of their priority list.
If you get too far inside ♪
Who's got the loneliest feeling ♪
My mom lives in Hawaii.
I'm gonna go spend some time there.
Maybe a lot of time.
Open up your skull ♪
You don't need prints.
Her name is Gloria Dayton.
Climbing up the wall ♪
She went by Glory Days.
Climbing up the wall ♪
Climbing up the wall ♪
Climbing up the wall ♪
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