The Lion Guard (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Babysitter Bunga

1 (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (ROARS) (SNIFFING) Ah I love the smell of zebras in the morning.
(LAUGHING) Smells like breakfast.
Dogo, Kijana, this is a perfect opportunity for you to try out what we've been practicing.
You mean, luring the little one away from the herd.
'Cause they're young and easy to trick.
That's right.
Chase 'em, charm 'em And then, chomp 'em.
We'll scare the herd.
You two find yourselves a little one.
Let's go.
(ALL BARKING) (SNIFFING) Smell that, Fuli.
(SNIFFS) Yeah.
And it doesn't smell good.
Don't look at me, I'm back here.
It's not you, Bunga.
It's jackals.
I'll see what I can see.
ONO: Hmm.
It's jackals, all right.
They're attacking the zebras.
Then, we need to move.
- To the Pride Lands and - ALL: Lion Guard defend! (REIREI WHOOPING) (GASPS) Panic and run! Panic and run! (WHINNYING) (BARKING) Panic and run, Hamu! Panic and run! (PANTING) I am panicking.
But you're running too fast.
See that little one, kiddies.
You know what to do.
- Yes, Mom.
- We sure do.
Hey, wait up.
Wait for me.
Oh, no.
The jackals have separated Hamu from the rest of the herd! Hamu! Those stinkin' Jackals.
Bunga, you and Ono, go help Hamu.
- Affirmative.
- BUNGA: Zuka Zama.
KION: Fuli, Beshte, let's go help the rest of the zebras.
Hey, wait up.
Wait for me.
You? You're a jackal.
Yeah, but I'm a friendly jackal.
I just wanna play.
- You do? - Yeah.
Come on.
We can play tag.
I do like tag.
(PANTING) Oh, slow down so I can eat you.
Hyah! (SCOFFS) Now, who's slowing down? Uh, not the zebras.
(JACKAL EXCLAIMS AND GRUNTS) Let's play surprise-tag! You stand still, and close your eyes.
ONO: Hamu! Behind you! Lion Guard? No! Don't spoil the surprise.
BUNGA: Zuka Zama.
Ha! (THUD) What kind of game is this? It's the last game you'll ever play, Zebra.
Oh, no, you don't.
(GRUNTS) (GROWLS) I don't think you play tag with your teeth.
Jackals do.
Kick him, Hamu! Kick him! Oh, yeah! Tag (YELPS) you're it! Good guys, two.
Jackals, nothing.
(YELPS) (GROWLING) (LAUGHS AND GASPS) KION: Give it up, Reirei! You're the last one standing.
I am? (GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) Well, not anymore.
(GASPS) Where's Hamu? Hamu! Hamu! HAMU: Right here, Mom.
Hyah! (WHIMPERING) - Bunga saved me.
- Nah, you saved yourself.
Bunga told me to kick, and I did.
Did you hear that, Kion? That little zebra attacked my son.
Don't worry, Reirei.
You'll be safe from this vicious zebras once you're back in the Outlands.
No justice for jackals, I guess.
All right, kiddies, let's go.
(SIGHS) Goigoi! Coming, hun! Thought you just said, kiddies.
Great job, everyone! Lion Guard, wait! Muhimu, what's wrong? You can't just go.
We've been attacked.
But the jackals are gone now.
- You're fine.
- No need to panic or run.
Yes, I know, but I I'm still sort of shaken up.
You just need to relax, Muhimu.
Take some time for yourself.
(SIGHS) Well, I'd love to, but what would I do with Hamu? (FROLICKING) Maybe Hamu can stay with Bunga.
They really get along together.
- Stay with me? - Stay with Bunga? That sounds great! What do you think, Bunga? You okay keeping an eye on Hamu for a little while? Sure, why not? Yay! (GRUNTS, LAUGHS) Oh, thank you.
I can relax now knowing that my little one is with someone so responsible.
Hamu! You wanna dive off Hakuna Matata Falls? Yeah.
Did she say, "responsible"? - Uh, Kion, I was wondering - What is it Ono? Well, I'm a bit concerned about Bunga being away.
Ono, it's fine.
Bunga will do great with Hamu.
I'm not worried about that.
I'm worried about us.
We do depend on Bunga.
For funny smells, bad jokes? Fuli, you know Bunga is the bravest.
And he's the best climber.
What if we need to rescue someone from a tree or some other high place, while he's gone? You're right, Ono.
We should practice what we do.
Come on.
See that rock up there? Let's pretend it's a trapped animal.
Who wants to try to get it down? Kion, you know cheetahs don't climb.
Give it a try.
(SIGHS) Huwezi.
(GRUNTING) Whoa! (GRUNTS) You're right, cheetahs can't climb.
I didn't say that.
I said we don't climb.
And now we know why.
(BOTH LAUGHING) (CLEARS THROAT) Yes, well, I can't climb either.
But I can fly to the rescue.
Hello, little animal in danger.
Allow me to help you out.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) Ono, you okay? Mmm.
Hey, I bet I could pick up that rock.
Twende Kiboko.
Wait, Beshte! Uh-oh.
Whoa! Whoa! (SQUAWKS) (GRUNTS) Okay.
Maybe that's enough climbing practice for now.
Good! (GIGGLING) Juhudi, stop running! Juhudi, don't splash in the mud.
(SPLASHING) (JUHUDI LAUGHING) (JUHUDI WHOOPING) Juhudi, look out for that Hyrax! (SQUEALING) Juhudi! (GIGGLING) Oh Forget it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
(SIGHS) Finally.
Ah! You look relaxed, Muhimu.
Where's your boy? Bunga's watching Hamu, so I can have some me time.
Bunga the honey badger, from the Lion Guard? (ANIMAL SCREAMING) Juhudi! (PORCUPINE WHIMPERING) I told you not to play with the porcupine.
(SIGHS) Think he'd take Juhudi, too? This time, use your front hooves to break through the water.
Got it.
BOTH: Zuka Zama! (BOTH LAUGHING) (TWIGA CLEARS THROAT) Bunga, would you mind watching our kids, too? Ooh, can you Bunga? Can you? Hmm, I don't know.
More kids, bigger splashes, more noise.
I understand if it's too much trouble.
You kidding? It sounds great! Come on, kids, jump in.
KIDS: Yay! (LAUGHTER AND GIGGLING) Okay, well, we'll be back before sunset.
Whenever! - Now what, Bunga? - Yeah, Is there anything else to do? You kidding? Hakuna Matata Falls is filled with fun stuff to do.
As long as you know how to Tay-kay, roo-ka, and tay-layza.
Tay-kay, roo-ka, and tay-layza.
Yeah, tay-kay, kick! JUHUDI: Tay-kay! Tay-kay! Tay-kay! Tay-kay! Right back at you, Bunga! Tay-kay! Good job, everybody! Now, come on.
Roo-ka, jump! ALL: Roo-ka! Roo-ka! (GRUNTS) That was great.
Now, tay-layza! Slide! ALL: Tay-layza! Yay.
(CHEERS AND LAUGHTER) See, if you can kick, jump, and slide, you can do anything! I'll show ya! Get up, everyone It's time for us to play I'll show you something new that we can do all day It's simple and it's fun It's kinda like a game Just watch what I do Then you do the same Tay-kay Everybody, kick Roo-ka Everybody, jump Tay-layza Everybody, slide Yeah Kick, jump, slide Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza That's the way to go Now you're in the groove Who needs a fancy dance When we can shake and move It's simple and it's fun It's kinda like a game v Just watch what I do Then you do the same Tay-kay Everybody, kick Roo-ka Everybody, jump Tay-layza Everybody, slide Yeah Kick, jump, slide Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Bring it down (ALL WHOOPING) Here we go Oh, oh, oh (ANIMALS CHATTERING) Come on, that's right Yeah, you got it Let's go It's simple and it's fun It's kinda like a game Just watch what I do Then you do the same Tay-kay Everybody, kick Roo-ka Everybody, jump Tay-layza Everybody, slide Yeah Kick, jump, slide Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Come on Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Yeah, and you kick, and you jump, and you slide Kick, jump, slide Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza Tay-kay, roo-ka, tay-layza (SNARLING) Okay, kiddies.
Find the little one and move it away from the pack (SNORING) KIJANA: Uh.
None of them are little, Mom.
That's okay.
I'll be the little one.
You can chase me.
(LAUGHING) Isn't your daddy sweet? Not smart, but sweet.
Now run him down, like you're gonna eat him.
(KIDS SNARLING) (SCREAMING) (YELPING) How'd we do, Mom? Real good, kids.
Good enough that I think it's time to go back to the Pride Lands.
But what about the Lion Guard? Leave that to me.
I'll come up with a plan to keep them out of our way.
Is it over? Uh, next time, can I be the big one and someone else be the little one? (BIRDS SQUAWKING) TWIGA: Ooh.
I don't think I've ever been this relaxed in my life.
Oh, have you tried this grass over here? No.
Is it good? Amazing! Try it.
You're right.
So good.
Almost as good as Acacia.
(SOFTLY) Let's move on.
Nothing here but tough old animals.
MUHIMU: Mmm, think we should go pick up the little ones? Little ones? Why? They're all having fun at Hakuna Matata Falls.
Let them play.
You hear that? A bunch of little ones at Hakuna Matata Falls.
It's just what you need.
One final test to show you know your stuff.
Little ones.
Not so fast.
Remember I said, I'd come up with a plan - for the Lion Guard? - You did? You think of something to distract the Lion Guard.
The rest of us will go after the little ones.
But I'm hungry too.
Don't worry, we'll save you a tidbit.
Come on, kiddies.
Reirei thinks I can think of something.
Well, I'm gonna do her proud.
(GROANS) I hope.
Nobody in any of those trees.
I've had enough climbing for one day.
Guys, it never hurts to try new things.
It does, when Beshte lands on you.
At least now we know, I'm not good at climbing.
Never thought I'd say it but, I'll be glad to have Bunga back.
Hey, let's go see how he's doing with Hamu at Hakuna Matata Falls.
Poa, I'm sure they're having fun.
Hakuna Matata Falls? But that's where they're not supposed to go.
(GROANS) Think Goigoi, think! Think like you've never thunk before.
(GOIGOI SCREAMING) You hear that? Sounded like a jackal to me.
And it came from back there.
Till the Pride Lands' end, ALL: Lion Guard, defend! (GROANING) Yeah, I got their attention.
Roo-ka! Zuka Zama.
(KIDS GIGGLING) Me next, my turn.
Get ready.
What about Bunga? You young'uns just leave him to me.
You all hungry? Me too.
And it looks like there's plenty of young ones to go around.
We're gonna save some for Dad.
Right, Mom? Sure we are, sugar.
Sure we are.
(GOIGOI BARKING) Goigoi, what are you doing? Ono! I'm I'm a chasing antelope.
It's gonna take the whole Lion Guard to stop me.
(GOIGOI BARKING) (LAUGHING) Wait till Reirei hears about (SCREAMING) Ono, what did you see? Well, it's Goigoi.
Who's he chasing? But that's the thing.
He isn't.
Fancy meeting you here.
What are you up to, Goigoi? Oh, you know, just chasing antelope.
No antelope.
I checked.
- Really? - Huh.
Sure fooled me.
That part, I believe.
Don't worry.
We'll get you out of there.
You mean it? You'll lend me a paw or a wing or something? Sure.
But first, you tell us where Reirei and the rest of your family are.
I don't know if I could do that.
I'd be in big trouble.
You're upside down in a hole, surrounded by the Lion Guard.
How could things get worse? Reirei could get mad at me.
That would be worse.
You guys gotta help me.
I'm getting kind of dizzy.
Just give it up, Goigoi.
They're at Hakuna Matata Falls.
Heyvi kabisa! We've gotta help Bunga and Hamu.
What about me? You gotta just Huh? (GRUNTS) Uh.
If Reirei asks, you didn't hear it from me.
Ready for this? A triple somersault into the water, from upside down.
ALL: Ooh! Sorry to spoil your fun, but we've been waiting a really long time to eat and we just can't wait anymore.
Get out of here, Reirei.
One more step and you'll regret it.
(LAUGHING) Oh, really? You think you can defend all these little morsels by yourself? Better believe it.
I'm the bravest in the Pride Lands.
(SNARLING) Get outta here, kids.
(SHOUTING) Run! (JACKALS SNARLING) Bunga? They're all around us.
Tay-kay, kids.
TOGETHER: Tay-kay.
(GROANING) Hey! Whoa.
Yes! Now, run.
(SNARLING) Scatter.
You heard Bunga.
Scatter! You can't get away from us that easy.
We've been practicing.
They have, you know.
(GRUNTING) You're little ones don't stand a chance.
Don't count on it, Reirei.
Tay-kay, tay-kay.
TOHETHER: Tay-kay.
(COUGHING) I can't see.
Me, neither.
(COUGHING) We're right here, come and get us.
(YELPING) Whoo-hoo.
Yes, way to go, kids.
(GRUNTING) You think that's enough to stop my young'uns? They've trained for this.
Not too well, I guess.
(SNARLING) Little monkey! Tay-layza! Got it.
(PANTING) Hamu! It's okay.
I know what I'm doing.
Almost got ya.
(SNARLS) Roo-ka.
(YELPS) And that's how we do it in Hakuna Matata Falls.
That's it, Reirei.
My kids beat your jackals.
What? But that's impossible.
They're just little kids.
Brave little kids.
HAMU: Yeah.
Brave like Bunga.
Ready, kids? TOHETHER: Zuka Zama.
Aah! (BLOWS LANDING AND GRUNTING) Bunga, Hamu, are you all right? Oh, hey guys.
They look fine to me.
But there's a lot more kids here, than just Hamu.
What happened? I guess, word spread about what an un-Bunga-lievable babysitter I am.
Kion, look what these horrible little animals did to me and my babies.
Nice! You have to save us.
I think we can help you, Reirei.
As long as you promise not to come after any Pride Lands kids again.
Come along, kids.
I don't care to stay where we're not welcome.
Good, 'cause we don't want you here.
Can we go, Mom? - Now, please? - Yes.
Run, kids.
(JACKALS YELPING) You and the kids did a great job, Bunga.
Nothing to it.
Here they are, all our little ones.
How was your day, dear? It was great! You should've seen these guys.
They fought off a whole pack of hungry jackals.
ALL: (GASPING) Jackals? It was easy.
We did tay-kay, roo-ka and tay-layza.
Just like Bunga taught us.
You taught our kids to defend themselves? Yeah, of course.
You're the best babysitter, ever! Seriously? (CHEERING AND LAUGHING) What can I say? I knew it all along.
(CHORUS VOCALIZING) Oh oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Look out Here comes the Lion Guard