The Lodge (2016) s01e03 Episode Script


1 We're dating.
ALL: What? That's Gil Matthews.
He wants to do a deal today.
It was supposed to be here.
Maybe he gave us the wrong info.
Sean, whether me and Ben date or pretend to date is absolutely none of your business.
Or is it? NOAH: I always wondered if you wrote that song about you and me.
I feel the same.
I always have.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (SINGING) This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now JOSH: You did what? Skye I know, I know, I know.
You accused Sean of liking you? Which is why I need to apologize so he deletes the voicemail.
You do realize you're going to have to say sorry in person, then? Or you'll have a text on his phone mentioning the voicemail.
And if Danielle checks his text (SIGHS) Later.
BEN: Hey, "girlfriend.
" Hey, "boyfriend.
" Hey, "daughter.
" The Lodge requires your undivided attention.
Skye, we've lost like half our regular guests.
Nearly all because of the reality show cameras.
It's just a hiccup.
(SIGHS) It could damage the business.
We need to ask them to leave.
No, Dad! The reality show's what's gonna make this place great.
I'll talk to Christina.
I'm on a break, and there's something I really need to do.
Remember all that stuff about you wanting to help run the Lodge? Well, this should be a priority.
And it is.
Run like the wind.
(CHUCKLES) Ed, let her be 15.
Besides, there's something important we need to talk about.
Slow down.
Don't get to see much of you these days.
Hanging out with Danielle, Mom.
Really? Danielle says you've been sneaking off for bike practice.
Which is odd because you promised us you were going to start thinking about joining me on site.
If you just invested some time working with your dad over the summer, then If you came to watch me ride, then you might see that I'm good at it.
Okay, so, here's my idea.
If you don't come to work with me, you don't get your allowance.
No, no.
I need that money for my entrance fee for the regionals.
Then you have to make a decision.
It's called growing up.
Fine! Received and understood.
(SIGHS) It had to be said, Ella.
Sorry for the grumpy weirdness last night.
What you did, I really truly loved it.
Really? Yeah.
I am The new mix of my track is awesome.
Thank you.
Oh, right.
The track.
So you haven't seen the show or anything.
See ya.
(SIGHS) One of those days? Me, too.
(SIGHS) We had a digital disaster last night.
All the diary booth footage got wiped.
Seriously? How? No idea.
I struggle with smileys.
(SIGHS) So, what you workin' on? Something of Kaylee's.
You mind? (MUSIC PLAYING OVER EARPHONES) You mixed this? It's good.
Am I crazy? Or maybe this might be something real Under the surface And nerves and the logic BOTH: Do you feel what I feel? There's something about the two of us There's no denying There's no denying I'm hypnotized It's such a rush Don't wanna hide it Don't wanna hide it Each breath, I'm trying to keep my cool Each step I don't know what to do Are there consequences in the truth If you only knew Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Hi.
Uh, so Basically, I babbled all over your voicemail last night.
And long story short, you should delete it without listening to it so I won't be monumentally embarrassed.
That's, um, that's a weight off.
Very relieved.
You already listened to it, didn't you? Three times.
I tried having it as my ringtone but they just don't let you do that.
You were right.
It shouldn't be any of my business, if you and Ben want to play boyfriend and girlfriend.
And you were kind of rude last night.
SEAN: Sorry, things are a bit crazy at the moment.
My dad stopped my allowance so now I don't have enough money for the regionals.
I'm only trying to get him to focus on the family business.
It's for his own good.
It's Skye, isn't it? We haven't officially met.
The new boss of the North Star Lodge.
Offer's still open.
If you want to sell.
No, we're okay, thanks.
See you later.
If you fancy earning some extra money, you could always come work at the Lodge.
I mean, there's plenty of time to train.
Christina, could I have a word with you in my office, please? Do I have detention? (CHUCKLES) No, no, no.
I didn't mean Oh, I'll follow you, then.
Um, the thing is Uh, the thing is, a lot of our older guests are leaving because of the cameras and so I'm afraid it's really not working out.
Or maybe you and the guests should just try watching the show.
Skye has a vision for this place, it's young and exciting.
And that include My Amazing Life.
I'm I'm new and exciting.
Well, maybe with a little bit of work.
Bit, bit to the left.
Do you think my character would have a mustache? Lot of rugged types have mustaches.
Your girlfriend? Right, focus on the mission now.
You know how the boss gets.
We need to find it before anyone figures out why we're here.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Any dirty towels? We've got some, thanks.
We were just, uh Scanning wind activity 'cause we're gonna go hit some, uh, land surfing later.
(CRASH) Whoa.
Not like that exactly.
Oh, hey, you.
Hey, Kayles.
Fancy another little trip to the basement? What? It was those two weird guys who are down there.
I guarantee it.
They were looking for something.
I say we find it first.
I'm in.
Let's do it.
NOAH: Let's go.
So I say we start with Hang on, you offered Sean a job working at the Lodge? Which means he's going to be around you all the time? Ulterior motive, anyone? Shut up.
What? No, literally Just saying.
Oh, cool.
It's the nice fake boyfriend.
And dressed like a road sign for some reason.
I help out at the activity center.
You have two jobs? Yeah.
Certified and everything.
Come along tomorrow and I'll show you.
I'll take you on a climb.
I don't know, Ben.
Oh, this is my little brother, Ethan.
He watches the My Amazing Life show.
He's a bit of a fan.
Really? I like Kaylee the best.
(CHUCKLES) Ignore him.
he's messing with you.
You're his favorite.
(CHUCKLES) Sure you don't mean your favorite? So, uh, 9:00 a.
tomorrow okay? Yep.
That was a long break.
And now you're arranging dates for tomorrow.
It's not a date.
Did it sound like a date? I'm sorry I was gone for so long and I know I'm dumping everything on you.
I'll cancel tomorrow, and refocus on the Lodge, 24/7.
Oh, would this be a bad time to mention that I offered Sean a part-time job? You did what? Really? He's got bike trials coming up and he really needs the money.
Offering Sean a job is a good thing.
We're gonna need some extra help around here.
Really? Why? No big reason.
Just that I've decided to leave the North Star.
(PLAYS AND STOPS ABRUPTLY) Why go when you've only just arrived? Now, I'm losing you, too.
If it weren't for you, we'd have sold this place.
And I'm so glad we didn't.
But there are still other things I want to do.
Plus, I don't think I fit in with Christina's cool reality show vibe.
I not trending.
(SNICKERS) I'm just happy to be leaving the place in good hands.
SKYE: I love that picture of Mum.
It's a shame that it's damaged.
Oh, I nearly forgot.
It's a few of your mum's old things.
Clothes, mostly, I think.
I thought you might like that.
That's amazing.
Thanks, Granddad.
(CHUCKLES) Mum's diary.
Who is S.
? So, up for some climbing? Actually, I can't.
I promised my dad I'd be more focused on Lodge business.
He needs me.
You've got to.
An hour tops.
We can tell Ed you were with me weeding out the pond.
Do we even have a pond.
It's really cool up there.
You'd like it.
It would mean a lot to me if you came.
I don't know.
You two still playing lovebirds? Hey, man.
I thought we were training later, not now.
Yeah, we are.
I came here to get started on my new part-time job.
Ready, boss? BEN: (LAUGHS) What? You work here now? Do you even know what hard work is? Finding a shirt in your wardrobe that doesn't have checks on it.
(ALL LAUGHING) I am stoked.
I am totally gonna check in some guests.
Oh, um, can you tell Ed, Skye's with me weeding out the pond? You have a pond? So, how's life under the cameras? Nerve-wracking.
It's like posing for a photo 24/7.
Can you believe they dumped me to make Skye the star of My Amazing Life? I'd give it a week before they just run out of stories.
Um, Danielle, do you think Lorie's pretty? Mmm.
Kaylee's got competition.
Isn't surprising, 'cause, you know, she works in TV and you work in that dump.
Uh, FYI, this dump is also where your boyfriend works.
Sean doesn't work there.
He must really love the shirts then.
SKYE: This is cool.
I don't think I've ever been here before.
I'm glad I came.
I knew you'd get a kick out of it.
Hey, bud.
Sorry we're late.
You don't mind if Ethan tags along, do you? He's a good climber.
Hey, you get Skye prepped and I'll make a start.
Did you think this was a date? No.
Me and Ben dating is just pretend for the reality show.
It's not real.
I can see what's goin' on.
I'm 12, not eight.
(FASTENING) It's been ages since he broke up with Ana.
You should go for it.
Okay, so, according to this map, there is a doorway circled around about here.
There's no doorway.
Have I got it upside down or something? What are you doing? Maybe it's behind here.
(SCOFFS) I've got this.
(SHELF CREAKING) I tend to have more muscular power in my legs than my arms.
Of course you do.
(CHUCKLES) NOAH: A secret door? How awesome is this right now? Locked.
Wanna try kicking it down with your muscular legs? Funny.
They've located the door.
(IMITATING EXPLOSION) What'd he say? Find the key.
BEN: How are you two doing? Having fun yet? This was a big mistake.
What am I even doing up here? You're doing great.
Is it fun being the star of your own reality show? My dad would say I don't spend enough time at the Lodge to know.
I think you're pretty cool.
Sort of my favorite.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks.
That's sort of sweet.
Ethan, are you joining me or am I talking to myself? Whoa! Ethan! Ethan, are you okay? (PANTING) I've just remembered.
I don't like heights.
Hold on, bro.
Ethan, let me take your weight.
That was fun.
Hey, that was weird.
You're normally a better climber than that.
It's almost as if you did it on purpose to make me look good in front of Skye.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) See you at home.
Uh, confession.
I thought today was a date.
Not fake.
An actual date.
Really? I'd never take a girl rock climbing on a date.
Come on.
Wanna show you something.
I know this place is special to you.
So I gave it a bit of a makeover.
This is really incredible, Ben.
Just in case it isn't completely obvious This part's the date.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) It's quiet finally Here we are The world melts away and leaves a spark And all I hear is my beating heart Can you hear it? BOTH: Am I crazy Or maybe this might be something real Under the surface And nerves and the logic Do you feel what I feel? There's something about the two of us There's no denying There's no denying I'm hypnotized It's such a rush Don't wanna hide it Don't wanna hide it Each breath, I'm trying to keep my cool Each step I don't know what to do Are there consequences in the truth If you only knew Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh I've got to go.
Late for work! So, after some questioning and some intense thorough investigation, it turns out we don't have a pond.
How much trouble am I in? None.
I need to apologize.
Take a look.
They just showed up.
Fans of the show.
And there's more booked in, and Sean's great with 'em.
You were right.
I still shouldn't have snuck off.
Skye, if your granddad hadn't let your mum sneak off to meet boys, then me and her never would've met.
You should be having fun.
But We're in this together.
All right? S.
Maybe it's just gone again, Granddad.
It can't have, we had it checked.
SKYE: See for yourself.
ALL: Surprise! We wrote this for you.
Sittin' on the stairs You're on your way Got somethin' to tell you I just wanna say There's no fair in farewell Or good in goodbye Your heart is set, you got that look in your eye ALL: Go see what you need to see I know you're out there missin' me Go do what you need to do And I'll be right here missin' you Maybe you'll leave But I'll never let you go Picture frames need photographs So, live and love and laugh Maybe you'll leave But I'll never let you go Oh, oh, I'll never let you go (ALL CHEERING AND LAUGHING) ALL: Speech! Speech! Okay, uh, I'll keep it brief.
(ALL LAUGH) A heartfelt goodbye.
And good luck to Skye and Ed.
I know you'll make a success of it here.
Now, where are my gifts? (ALL LAUGHING) I know I've been distant.
Just promise me no grumpy weirdness.
No, it's good you and Lorie are getting to know each other.
Really, so you don't mind? Why should I? She's pretty and I think she definitely likes you.
(CHUCKLES) I want a word with you.
Can it wait? Why'd you give Sean a job here? Danielle, I don't want to fight with you again.
I like you.
I want us to get on.
I swear, I had no agenda when I offered Sean that job.
I don't know what you're thinking but I'm definitely not your competition here.
I'm with Ben now.
I really, really like him.
Well, then, I hope you'll be very happy together.
By the way, that's Ana.
Ben's ex.
She's back.
It looks like you're the one with competition now.
His ex-girlfriend's staying here.
Oh, she's so pretty in a really annoying way.
It could be our first unofficial date too.
Date? You, Ben, me and Sean double dating and go kayaking this afternoon.
(LAUGHS) (SCREAMS) Ben, help! There's something about the two of us There's no denying There's no denying I'm hypnotized, it's such a rush Don't wanna hide it Don't wanna hide it Each breath, I'm trying to keep my cool Each step, I don't know what to do Are there consequences in the truth If you only knew Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh