The Lodge (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

I Choose You

I came to fix things between us.
We can't fix this.
Not until Skye picks one of us.
The treasure map.
I choose you.
This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E01 I Choose You - I've made a decision.
- What--? We should do it.
Our own reality show, only run by us.
And by "us" you mean me, obviously.
If anyone's gonna shove a camera in your face, it has to be me.
I'll think about it You're in a good mood.
What are you not telling me? The concert was a hit, the Lodge is doing great.
I think we should have a party to celebrate.
Wait, did you choose? I may have texted one of them.
So, how's Noah minus Kaylee then? He's great, right? It's fine.
I'm fine.
She's off having an adventure, and maybe I'll have an adventure, too.
It's my time It's my time It's my time It's my time It's my time It's my time Woke up this morning with a smile, yeah I'm turning up my favorite song I got a feeling deep inside me And I know That something good is going on Well, when times get tough I will rise above it And I won't give up the fight Though the road is long I'll keep holding on and Oh, I feel so alive I know that it's my time to shine It's my time to rise I'm gonna spread my wings and fly It's my time to shine It's my time It's my time It's my time It's my time Ain't no mistakes just lots of learning Each sunrise brings a brand new day See there's no highs without the low, low lows I'll take whatever comes my way Well, when times get tough I will rise above it And I won't give up the fight Though the road is long I'll keep holding on and Oh, I feel so alive I know that it's my time to shine It's my time to rise I'm gonna spread my wings and fly It's my time to shine When there's rain, when there's cloud No, they won't get me down I know that it's my time to shine Gonna dance, gonna shout Turn it up make it loud I know that it's my time to shine It's my time It's my time It's my time It's my time It's my time - You okay? - Hm? Yeah, of course - Cool.
- Listen, Sean, um-- What? Nothing.
Forget it.
Oh-- Uh, we should go training tomorrow, catch up with stuff.
- Sure.
Sounds like fun.
- Cool.
Can you hang on a second.
Just hang on.
Skye, we've got concert guests to check out.
We've got this reality show thing of Josh's today.
- And we still need to find a replacement for Kaylee.
- I know, Dad.
I know And where's Ben? I'll sort it.
And what happened to this? Hello? Hello? Look, can we talk about this in person? This is going to break her heart.
I have an offer you can't refuse.
My Amazing Life, it served us well, but, alas, it is no more.
I give you Live at the Lodge.
We have our production team.
Aaron, don't brush the boom mic.
We're professionals now.
And we need music.
And that's where you come in, my friend.
Wait, what music? Uh, just a title song for now.
Live at the Lodge goes online today, so we'll need it in a couple of hours.
Skye has put me in charge.
He said he would cry like a baby if she didn't let him do it.
That's what in the biz we call "negotiation.
" Now, are you going to write us a song or do I have to cry like a baby? I write music with Kaylee.
We have a game where we high five every time you say "Kaylee.
" My hands are literally sore.
Noah, could you cover reception please? I've got to be somewhere.
But we're already understaffed because of-- What about Ben? Where is he today anyway? I don't know.
One song.
Still no reply--? It's been a day and nothing.
What if he's changed his mind about me? Just go and talk to him.
Find out why he didn't text back.
You're right.
I'm going to! Hello.
Are you lost? Uh-- Yeah.
That's us.
What's your name? Uh, Kaylee? - Are you sure about that? - Yeah.
First days are always the worst.
Go and take a seat.
Uh, okay All right, welcome everybody.
I'm Miss Shaw-- I-- I can-- - It's fine, don't worry.
- Okay.
I'm Miss Shaw, or Libby, or hashtag "Inspiring Teacher.
" So, before we go picking up any instruments, I thought we'd start today by keeping things simple and go over basic music notation.
Okay? I'm just messing with you.
You should see your faces.
Go on, pick up those instruments and let's see what you've got-- No matter, something, something Nope.
This is absolutely terrible.
I didn't say anything.
You were thinking it, it still counts.
Sean, I was thinking we could meet up? I found something cool.
You've reached Sean's voicemail.
Who leaves voicemails anymore? - What is wrong with you? - Sean.
Hey, mate.
You know, tool belts are never gonna be a thing, right? No matter how hard you try to make it happen.
So, what's this? Oh.
I thought I'd put a track together.
Some jumps and ramps for training, you know? Awesome.
I could stand beside you and do this while you work.
No, really Ben, this is great.
Uh, Sean, there's something I need to tell you.
Look, Ben.
This thing about Skye having to choose.
It's not going to affect our friendship, Ben.
I promise.
I hope so.
I'm going to go and check the run in.
Yeah, man.
There you go.
What are you doing here? Looking for you.
Sean, why didn't you reply to my message? I've been going crazy.
I thought, maybe-- I don't know what to think.
And-- And things at the Lodge are mad.
- Ben didn't even show up for work.
- All right.
- I know I meant to but-- - I chose you, Sean.
Why didn't you reply? Ben, I came out here looking for Sean.
I didn't know you'd be here.
I realize how beyond weird this is.
Don't let me get in your way.
No, wait.
I already knew.
What? You knew? How? You left your phone in the juice bar, yesterday.
I picked it up by mistake and saw Skye's message.
Ben, look-- I'm sorry.
Wait, this idea of yours, to go training today? That was about telling me, wasn't it? What? Get me out here, break it to me gently.
Don't cause a scene.
No, I-- I honestly-- I honestly thought it would be you.
Uh, and you did, too.
You should have told me you knew and said something.
What, like "congratulations?" Look, Skye, I'm sorry.
Okay, I know that you must have been waiting.
I just-- I needed to know we were okay first.
That's why I didn't reply.
And are we? Yeah, you're right.
I thought it would be me.
Ben, uh, can I explain? Would it change anything? Look, I said I wanted my best friend back and that's what I got.
It's fine.
We're-- We're gonna be fine.
I'm happy for you both.
You just better know how lucky you are.
So, I got your text.
I'm on a break.
Uh, I would have called myself, but we've been super busy, and I didn't have time to think about it.
You answered the phone pretty fast.
So, how is it? Uh, amazing.
And how is it really? It's so different here.
And everyone's so talented.
I'm not even sure I fit in.
You know, just because things are scary, you still have to try.
And I do, too.
It's not forever.
Yeah, it's not forever.
Josh has me writing a song for the new reality show.
I'm stuck.
Do you need some help? Maybe.
I feel bad about Ben.
Yeah, no.
Me, too.
Skye, why me? Sean! Unbelievable.
Sean, I've been trying to get in touch with you.
Don't you ever reply to your messages? Uh, what's so funny? Nothing.
The new reality show goes live today.
You should come.
I, uh-- We really want you there.
Danielle, what you did for the concert and the Lodge was truly amazing and I wish you could be a part of this.
Oh, yeah.
So, Danielle, what did you want to see me about? Nothing.
It's-- It's not important.
We'll, uh, see you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What are you doing here? That promise your mother made to save the Lodge? I'm going to have to break it.
Welcome to Live at the Lodge, a reality show from the Lodge about the Lodge.
Skye, say hello to your fans.
Hi, I'm Skye.
I would do anything for The Lodge.
And I also have serious boy issues.
Right, Sean? I'm Sean.
I've got a rich, evil dad and an impressive jaw line.
Biking is my life.
Intros, intros, then we're into you guys free-styling it.
Cool? Me and Kyle really appreciate this opportunity and we are not gonna let you down.
Where have you been? We're about to go live.
See? Everything turned out okay.
You realize by dating Skye you're technically adopting me? He's not joking.
Skye, come and have a look.
Look, I know you're bigger than me.
I mean, your eyebrows basically have muscles.
But if you hurt her, you and me are going to have words.
Don't cross the Josh.
Look, Josh, you have nothing to worry about.
I care about Skye a lot and I am not going to go anywhere.
Though it appears she is.
How you know what to do to turn my bad days around The way you know what to say to get me laughing out loud Hope you know there's no one else that gets me Whatever comes our way I know we're on this ride for life Yeah, we got something deeper than they'd understand You and me, girl, it's crazy how you got my back It's like you're in my head Finishing my sentences You're the only one who knows exactly who I am So, call me up, any time 'Cause I'll be ready any day, any night Don't matter what the future got 'round that bend You know I'm here to help you till the very end Any trouble, rain or shine I'll be right there by your side No matter where life takes us Nothing can ever break us Anything you're going through I'll always be there for you It's like time just makes us stronger I'll always be your shoulder And no matter what I do I'll always be there for you No matter where life takes us Nothing can ever break us Anything you're going through I'll always be there for you It's like time just makes us stronger I'll always be your shoulder And no matter what I do I'll always be there for you - Okay.
- I'm not letting you go until you hug me back.
Uh, I could just walk around with you stuck to me like this all day.
If that's what it takes.
I never meant to hurt you.
Uh, your dad's on my case.
I've got lodge work to catch up on.
- Ben, I had to choose.
- I know.
I know.
It-- It was my idea.
So, that really backfired.
I had to go with what my heart was telling me in the moment.
I-- I don't know how else to say it.
Do you completely hate me right now? Course not.
Can we be friends? Always.
Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one Welcome, ex-My Amazing Lifers and Lodgers to Live at the Lodge, a reality show this time run by the people that matter.
Over the weeks ahead, we will be streaming their lives, the drama and the blossoming romances.
Josh, behave.
Oh, get in here you two.
Skye and her new official boyfriend Sean.
Which is our first official Mic Drop Moment.
And don't they make an adorable couple? Uh, don't forget Danielle.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.
So Now let's go and talk to some guests.
I wouldn't speak too soon.
Dad, what's going on? It's the fine for the concert, Skye.
It's going through.
Gil went over Olivia's head.
I don't understand.
I'm sure Olivia had the best intentions, but the fine stays.
You either pay it or the Lodge is shut down.
We can't pay the fine.
Even with the money we had from the concert, it doesn't come close.
- Your mum promised us.
- She promised me, too.
I will happily pay the fine myself and make a substantial offer to buy the place.
You can't stand losing can you? This is for your own good, Sean.
I'm protecting our family's investment.
Please don't make me out to be the villain here.
You are the villain.
I'll give you two weeks.
If you can't pay the fine by then, you sell to me.
How's that? - Dad.
- We don't have a choice, Skye.
- So, on this brand new Live at the Lodge, - Hey.
I just wanted to say I really liked your song.
Uh, great.
See you tomorrow.
We miss you, Kayls.
Really not in the mood, Danielle.
Little brokenhearted Ben.
She was meant to pick you.
Everyone thought she was going to pick you.
Then Sean would have gotten over it and, maybe, he and I would've-- Oh.
Yeah, sorry.
Look at us.
A couple of castoffs.
Welcome to the club.
I found something.
And I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.
I could really do with a friend right now.
The Lodge isn't Gil's yet.
Your dad looks tense.
Something going on I don't know about? No, everything's fine.
- Noah.
Noah! - No, no, no.
Honestly! Noah! I see you two are making friends.
You hear that? It's official.
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
I just wanted to say that working at the Lodge is a dream come true and I will not let you down.
I just don't want to mess this up.
So, let's not do that then.