The Lodge (2016) s02e15 Episode Script

The North Star

You've made it, Sean.
But you know that there is nothing going on with me and Jess.
This has nothing to do with Jess.
It's been you this whole time.
This isn't Frankie's fault.
You stole my song! With Skye? You're as bad as Sean.
Why can't I do Skye a favor without everyone reading into it? Because you never stopped caring about her.
This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E15 The North Star Are you there yet? Almost.
Did you get Danielle on the bike? Barely.
Did you get Josh on one? I told him it had a bell.
It doesn't take much.
We're on our way.
Frankie? All right.
Here's the schedule.
Tour venues, dates.
Now, rules: no taking your trainers off in the van.
No eating in the van - and no disrespecting the van.
- No disrespecting the van! Yeah.
Wow, is there anywhere we don't go? Well, I mean, we're gonna hit road, we're gonna hit track.
And it's gonna be like that for the next couple of months so.
You up for this? Yeah.
This is what I've wanted to do since I can remember so Hang on.
This is pure diva.
Now you're a big concert star, you're going to keep me waiting? I got your message, like, ten minutes ago.
So, what did you want to talk about? Nothing.
Are you trying to be mysterious? Do you want me to do it again? Nothing.
Hey, do you mind? Get off that! Is this what it's about? No, seriously, don't look at that till I explain, I've been freaking out about how you're gonna react.
You applied to music school? I might have.
My music school.
And I got in.
Well, technically it's not your music school, but-- Why? Well, there's a music production course which is pretty amazing and I know you're packed and you're leaving tomorrow and-- What if I came, too? Are we going or not? We're not all here yet.
Who put you in charge anyway? Are you sure it's the right place? Uh, Ben knows this place better than anyone.
Thank you.
"Follow the line to the stars.
" These here used to be train lines.
If we follow them, it'll lead us straight to this old abandoned observatory.
What are you standing about for? Uh, you? You heard from Sean? Yeah, um, he said something about a bike tour.
You don't think he'd leave without saying goodbye, do you? Well, he probably took you ending things as a goodbye.
Oh, did he not know? Wait, you ended things with Sean? So, Skye dumped Sean.
Who hasn't? Let's go! For once I agree with her.
Look, I don't have to go if it's weird.
I know music school was something you wanted to do on your own.
I'm still getting my head around going back there myself.
Do you even have a suitcase? Have I? - Well, um, I-- I've got the-- - Not the thing with the flowers on it.
Isn't that your mum's? Look, why would I have a suitcase? I've never been anywhere.
I don't do things like this.
But I want to.
With you.
You're grinning.
Why are you grinning? I'm having a good day.
Frankie called.
She had some pretty big news.
Good big news or bad big news? Um, pretty huge, massive big news.
I chase the dream And now it seems it's closer than before When life gets real, not sure how I feel But I know I can't ignore Something on your mind but it's gonna be fine The moon's gonna rise and the sun's gonna shine I'm that much closer to the finish line Where do we go--oh--oh from here Whenever the future is unclear How do I smile right through a tear Wherever we go--oh--oh I hear The sound of you whisper in my ear Lifting me up just like a cheer Wherever we go--oh--oh from here Oh--oh--oh from here Wherever we go--oh--oh from here Nothing? Nothing.
Oh, no, no! We didn't come this far for nothing! Yeah, but there's no more clues.
I realize that.
He must've brought us to the wrong place.
As opposed to the dozen other observatories around here? Maybe if you hadn't have made this into a daytrip we wouldn't be stuck.
It's called asking for help, but if you can do this without us then fine.
Great, now she's ignoring me.
Up there! It's-- It's the solus symbol.
It would make sense for him to hide the gold somewhere high, it's always been about stars.
That's all lovely and everything but how do we get up there? If you secured yourself from inside, you should be able to reach it from that window ledge.
You want to find the gold by yourself? Fine, go for it.
I will.
Can you get to it? I can't.
I-- I have a height thing.
So Fine.
I need your help.
What are they doing up there? I'm not gonna be able to talk you out of this, am I? It's just sitting on a ledge.
I've come too far not to do this.
So, you ended things with Sean? I didn't actually say the words.
Just that things are always pulling us apart.
I just wish he'd seen it the way I did.
Like what? Sean's biking could take him all over the world.
It's his dream.
I can't get in the way of that.
Not if I had doubts.
Well, you are harnessed to me.
And I am anchored to that thing.
So, be quick yeah? You ready? - Skye, be-- - Ooh, be careful.
She'll be fine.
She has Ben to look after her.
Oh, it's stuck.
Careful! Skye! I'm fine.
Will you get back in there now before I have a heart attack? It's moving! There's something in here.
I got it! Skye! I've got you, Skye! I'm pulling you up! Be careful.
You okay? Yeah! Let's see what's in this.
What? I don't know.
You just don't seem like someone who just got everything you've always wanted.
Yeah, well I'm just keen to get going.
Seems like the opposite to me.
What? Listen, I don't know what happened between you and Ben and Skye, but if you've got something to say, I wouldn't wait until it was too late.
I mean, like, right now.
Where is he going? He'll be back.
Do you wanna do it? Go for it.
My heart's going like crazy right now.
This is so tense! What--? What's this thing? It's a video cassette.
Here goes.
Whatever's in here, we couldn't have done it without each other.
Open it.
Go on! Do you think it's real? I mean, it looks pretty real, it's beautiful.
What do you think it's worth? We did it.
We actually did it! Are you tearing up? This started with my mum and a map, and it's ended with me getting The Lodge back, of course I'm tearing up! Should we see what's on the tape? Um, I'm pretty desperate to go and find Gil and try and get The Lodge back.
Yeah, okay.
Do you think we can trust her with the gold? We'll take Josh hostage.
If I don't see the gold again, I'm shaving his head.
Please don't take too long, in case she's being serious.
Are you sure you don't wanna take Ben with you for moral support? Yeah, I can, if you like.
Yeah, okay.
I was joking.
Honest, I thought this was a TV-slash-toaster for so long.
Is this on? Okay.
Where do I start? Granddad.
I-- I was looking for you.
I was worried, I thought I'd never see you again.
National tour.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, not-- Not bad, eh? I'll give you guys some space.
Sean, about what I said at the Enduro, I was gonna call you, - but then things got crazy-- - No, no, you were-- You were right.
I mean, this isn't about Ben, or-- Or Jess, or The Lodge.
If we were meant to be then-- Then-- Then it would've been easier.
But I-- But I can't leave not knowing that I've still got you as a friend.
Of course you do.
Thank you.
See you around, Ben.
Oh and, uh, by the way-- Found the gold.
Seriously? What? I should start with congratulations! I suppose I owe you an explanation.
Why did I do all this? I like games.
I like clues.
I had something I wanted to show you.
Not the gold, though I hope that will come in handy.
But a journey, an adventure.
I hope you didn't do this on your own, because where's the fun in that? The prize is the journey, and hopefully along the way, you found something else.
Something more important than gold.
What's all this? I own part of this.
I want to buy The Lodge back with it.
Is this real? You actually found gold? I've never met anyone like you, Skye.
But I can't sell The Lodge to you.
You-- You said you were desperate to sell it.
It's sold.
What? And in good hands.
A couple of business partners want to run it as a lodge.
You should be happy.
It's gone to a good home.
Why are they taking so long? What is going on with you? I saw how you looked at Ben when he went riding off with Skye.
Why, how did she look at Ben? Josh, I will shave your head myself if you don't stop talking.
What about you? You and Skye all huggy now? Going to play happy families while working at The Lodge? There isn't gonna be one.
Not with me managing it anyway.
He sold the place.
That's that, then.
- Look, maybe it's time to just-- - What? Start over? That's why I came here.
Skye! Now I have to tell my dad.
Picked up a couple of strays on the way here.
What's this? It's the gold from mum's map.
What, you found it? It's beautiful! It's real? I feel like I seriously need a catch-up here.
That's not the big news.
We lost The Lodge.
It got sold before I could get to Gil.
Somebody else bought it.
We did.
Well, at least, that's the plan.
- What? - Can you believe it? With Kaylee's help.
I mean things still need to be finalized, but it's ours.
- Are you serious? - Am I missing out on something? What is going on? Frankie gave Kaylee the royalty money from the song she stole and it's, like, a serious amount.
I tried to convince her not to, but, uh-- She could've spent it on anything.
So, wait.
We bought The Lodge? And you're all going to run it while me and Noah are away at music school.
- What? - What? Yeah, that was meant to be my big news, but everyone else's news kind of killed it.
Amazing! So, The Lodge.
It's ours? Yeah! - No way! - Amazing! Yes! Let's celebrate! We been fighting this fight We been losing sleep 'Cause the stakes are high, and the road is steep If we go all in Yeah, if we go full steam We can work it out, work it out To build this dream There's a silver line Going round the clouds 'Cause the time is right And the time is now If we go all in Shooting for the stars We can work it out, work it out To make this ours One more start absolutely Give our hearts so completely Do our part and all we see All we see is blue skies All we see is blue skies Since I got you here now, by my side Every time that I open up my eyes All we see is blue skies We're a brand new song That we write ourselves So get on your feet There's nobody else Gonna live our life And if life's a test Gonna get it right, get it right We are what's next One more start absolutely Give our hearts so completely Do our part and all we see All we see is blue skies All we see is blue skies Since I got you here now, by my side Every time that I open up my eyes All we see is blue skies Blue skies bring the blue skies only All we see is blue skies Since I got you here now, by my side Every time that I open up my eyes All we see is blue skies Bring the blue skies only Blue skies bring the blue skies only That's my mum and dad when they were about our age.
He was like Mr.
Dependable, always there for her no matter what.
What are we gonna do with this? The Lodge will be ours soon anyway, so you have it.
You might have to fight Danielle for it but-- She'd probably end up wearing it, so She probably would.
So, what's next? Are you just gonna disappear or--? I wish you'd stick around.
Why? Because we're family and you belong here.
Can you react like a normal human being? All right.
I'll stick around.
They look happy.
I'll just be a minute.
Where are you going? I've got something to do.
Something I should've done a long time ago.
Have you seen Ben? He was heading to the boathouse.
Everything okay? Everything's great.
You said you were gonna tell them about us.
You know what it's like watching you go off with Skye not being able to say anything.
I will tell them.
I promise.
Fire! The Lodge!