The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Lantern Bush

She's not upstairs.
Alice! You're going to be late!
What are you doing in here?
No, Alice. No.
When did you know?
Well, you know I had a fling with Clem.
Till I found out he was married.
You and I happened straight after that.
So you knew when we met?
There was a crossover.
So, after Gemma was born?
It wasn't really until
she got sick and needed a transplant.
When neither of us were a match,
the doctor pulled me aside and
Raised the question.
How did you contact him?
I wrote him a letter
and sent a lock of Gemma's hair.
And the photo of her reading.
Then what?
I heard nothing.
I was so furious I went to his house.
I begged him to get a test.
And he wouldn't.
I saw her that day:
They were so alike.
That's when you knew?
Agnes, did she know?
She overheard me that day.
Later, she told me that
she tried to talk Clem round,
and paid the price.
And, Agnes, did she
give you the carving?
Clem sent it after Gemma died.
He spent all that time carving this,
and gave nothing to fucking saving her.
I hated him!
I hated this.
I wanted to destroy it.
But I couldn't.
Because it was Gemma.
Our little girl.
She's family, John.
She's your family.
Where are you going?
Were you ever going to tell me?
How could I?
I'll move into Gemma's room
until I can find somewhere in town.
Please lodge the papers
today, with the court.
And just me.
Not with John.
It doesn't have to be
sole custody, I just
I want to be a part of Alice's life.
We're putting Agnes's things back.
I'll need a hand with the desk.
You should have left things the
way they were in the first place.
She's only going to
have more questions now.
We'll see.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
What are you doing?
You can't just ignore it.
She's lodged a court application.
She wants to speak with her.
She can request whatever she wants.
We don't have to agree to it.
These things don't just go away, June.
They can come here,
whether you like it or not.
And then what's going to happen?
They see your face like that,
Alice not speaking, hating us.
I know how these things go.
We just need to buy some time
with Alice,
and get her better.
Dear Alice,
You've every right to be mad at me
for not telling you
the truth about Agnes.
I was hoping to give you, and all of us,
a chance to start over.
Agnes came to Thornfield after
her parents died in a car accident.
She was an orphan, like you.
And she lived in the
belltower, like you.
I loved her very much.
Thornfield became her home.
Her love of flowers bloomed here.
She learned the dictionary by heart.
And it's also where she met your dad,
and they fell in love.
The flower on this locket
is a Sturt's Desert Pea.
It means 'have courage, take heart'.
That's what we both
need to do now, Alice.
Just like you've lost your voice,
I've lost mine.
I'm still grieving for them both,
as you are.
But I promise to give
you all those answers
once you start speaking.
I need you to find your voice
so I can find mine.
Can you do that for me?
Go on.
Thank you, Alice.
Interesting sentiments.
Answers when you speak.
In your celibacy I trust.
Better than 'I hate your guts'.
Teeth brushed?
Oh, good.
Come on.
Oh, it's beautiful.
You're a lucky girl.
Yeah. We're all friends here.
Hey, it's your birthday soon.
You'll have to think of
what cake you want, OK?
Mr. Wheeler, I don't want
this to get horrible.
I just want to speak to Alice.
Or June, even.
There There are
certain things that I
I could tell Alice,
about her parents, that
I think might help her.
Good job.
I'm sorry. I
Should have asked.
I've just never read it.
It's just a stupid dare,
when we were kids.
I only know what June told Clem
and I when we were little.
She called him the Robber Baron.
They met at the river.
She was swimming.
She saw smoke,
and there he was, camped out in a swag.
They spent this magical day together,
and then he disappeared.
Then, the next month, she saw smoke,
and there he was again.
And every month,
on the same day, they'd meet.
And then, one day, he wasn't there.
June had heard that the cops
had caught these robbers
who were stealing from the rich
to give to the local poor.
- Mm-hm.
And June was pregnant with Clem,
but she never saw her
Robber Baron again.
Is that so hard to believe?
The farm wouldn't
survive without our bees.
They're the beating heart
of this whole place.
And when you taste their honey,
you're tasting our flowers.
And I believe this honey
can cure just about anything.
Rosemary: remembrance.
Marigold: grief.
Basil: hatred.
Don't know what the Italians
would say to that.
Kangaroo paw: childhood games and play.
Flannel flower.
Look it up.
"I am your captive.
I declare against you!
"I surrender!
"My gratitude!
"Ambassador of love!"
New flower.
Come on big fella. Oh! Good boy.
I don't have anything for him.
He's hungry.
I'll take care of it. Are you both OK?
We have a female GP
we can call if you need.
Anyone know you're here?
You're safe here.
So is he.
You're not alone.
I'm here.
Yes, Joshie!
I used to do this for your dad.
Except he'd be crying the whole time.
Yes! Oh, good boy.
What's your name?
Fuck you!
What's in it?
Uh, one's apricot, and one is kiwi.
Oh, there she is. How are you feeling?
Yeah, alright.
I think he's missing home a bit.
Never been away before.
Yeah, it's a lot of
new people to take in.
- But he'll settle.
- Do you want a seat?
Uh, no, um
Uh, I need my phone.
I need to make some calls.
He'll be looking for me.
All communication comes
through me or Twig.
It's so this place can stay safe,
and hidden.
So you always have it to come back to.
Say the word, and we'll
get you out in the field.
Sunshine, hard work:
put some money in your pocket.
You guys get money?
Yeah. If you work, you get paid.
Yep. Every woman needs her own money.
Running away money.
Come, sit, eat. I'll take him.
And this one always makes me
think about my little boy, Johnny.
He had big eyes like you.
Big heart.
And that one is just like my girl, Nina,
beautiful and strong.
So when I'm sad, or just missing them,
I come out here, to be with them.
They're beautiful, eh?
No idea.
They were taken from me.
'Cause I'm a blackfella.
And I was young and poor,
and that's just what
they did in this country.
Bless you.
You see these little trees?
They're for your family.
That one's for your dad.
That one's for your mum.
And that one's
For your baby brother.
I'm so sorry, bub.
It's not your fault, sweetheart.
- Go, Dina!
- Yes!
Oh, my God!
Can't believe I actually did that.
Good girl.
All women need to know how to drive.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
You're next.
Come on.
Get up here.
No time like the present.
You can't be any worse than me.
Oh, God, I can't look.
You've got this, Alice!
That's good. That's good.
Alright, so, clutch all the way in.
And pull it down to second.
Very good. Oops!
Then you let the clutch out slowly,
and press down on the accelerator.
Gently. Gently.
Don't ride the clutch.
Very good.
It's good that they see us coming.
Oh, good girl, Alice.
Good, Alice. You can drive us
to town tomorrow, hey?
All good?
Oh, no, thank you. I
Should probably go and lie down.
- It's been a long drive.
- OK.
Hey, uh
Do you of a place around here
called Thornfield?
It's a flower farm, apparently.
Are you OK?
Yeah. Why w Why wouldn't I be?
It's not open to the public.
I actually know June Hart a little.
We met at the hospital when
her granddaughter was
there a little while ago.
- Alice?
- Alice.
Yes. Do you know her?
Maybe best to call ahead, hm?
It's no problem at all.
We'll get the flowers out tomorrow.
Thanks for the call.
Hey, while I've got you, um,
there's some money missing
from our business account.
- Ten grand.
- Oh, yeah, that's me.
I, uh, I put a lawyer on retainer,
in case we need it for Alice.
Thank you.
Don't stay up late.
Hi, Oggi!
I think we have a visitor.
Oh! God
What do you want, Sally?
I I figured, because you won't
have any normal communication,
that I I'd
- Harry.
- I'm just trying I've come
What do you want here?
I want to see Alice.
Not going to happen.
I just want to see that she's OK.
It's her birthday soon.
I've brought her a present.
You need to leave.
Is she even talking yet?
It's trauma.
She's lost her whole family.
No, she hasn't.
What's it going to take
to make you back off?
I don't want anything out of this.
I just want what's best for her.
And I'm not leaving until I talk to her.
What do you see?
Only women.
Thornfield is a flower farm.
It's also a safe place
for women to come and to heal.
- This is a refuge.
- Mm-hm.
And all of your poking about
with police and lawyers
puts all of it at risk.
Every woman here.
We love Alice.
We're looking after her.
It's what we do here.
Now, do you really want
to jeopardise all of this,
and Alice
for your own needs?
We're both on that will.
Agnes trusted me.
I respect what you're doing,
but do you really think that a refuge
full of damaged, traumatised people
is the best place for her?
Maybe we should ask
Alice what she wants.
Not you.
Not me.
It's so good to see you.
It's OK.
Your grandmother and I
just wanted to talk to you.
It's all fine. We just want to make sure
that you're feeling OK here.
It's OK.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I've been chasing this thing
that's not real.
And I've fucked everything.
I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to lose you.
Happy birthday.
Said something about
Joshie and his fa
Here she is!
Happy birthday, Alice.
Happy birthday, sweetpea.
Happy birthday, Alice.
Dina decided she and Joshie
needed to go home.
We can't blame her.
She thinks Joshie needs his dad.
I'm so sorry, Alice.
I'm here now.
June, it's someone
calling from a hospital.
They said it's urgent.
Shit. Dina.
June Hart.
Uh, hold on a second.
- It's not about Dina.
- Oh.
It's Alice's doctor. I'll
OK, then.
- Sorry about that.
- That's OK.
Look, as promised, I just want to
update you on your grandson's surgery.
It went really well.
He's breathing on his own.
All his vitals are strong.
He's not out of the woods quite yet,
but, it's time for him to come home.
I see.
What he needs now is to be with family.
We can liaise with your local hospital
and do any follow-up
treatment he might need.
Um I'll make arrangements.
Thank you.
Happy birthday.
Well, um,
that bit's gross, but adults love it.
It's about a girl from the sea
who loses her voice.
Thank you.
Oh! Uh
Words just came out of your mouth!
Say something else.
Something else.
Make a wish, sweetpea!
- Hip-hip!
- Hooray!
Thank you.
Alice, you spoke!
Yes, I did.
You have a voice! Oh, what a voice!
- Say my name.
- Boo!
- Good girl!
- Say my name: Stella.
Oh, my God, so great!
Can we have cake?
I'm sorry.
For everything.
I know.
I know you are.
I've been thinking
I miss Gem.
But I also miss being a dad.
Being a family.
It's not too late for us.
No more lies.
That's the only way this can work.
No more lies.
You said they were in love.
They were happy here.
They were.
Your father was making plans
for their future at Thornfield.
And I had to remind him
that the farm could only go
to the women in our family.
And he didn't like that.
We argued.
And he took you mother and went away.
Why was he like that?
I don't know.
As a child, he could
be sensitive and kind.
And he created these
extraordinary things with his hands.
But there was a kind of damage in him
that I started to see.
Maybe it came from his father.
Robber Baron?
You loved him.
If you knew he had this damage in him,
why didn't you try and find us?
I did try, many times.
But they just disappeared that day,
and we only heard from
them once after that;
when you were born.
He sent us this carving of you,
as a baby,
with your name on it.
You knew he was hurting us?
No. And not saving you
Is something I'll regret
for the rest of my life.
I think Oggi's out there still.
Come on. Let's go find him.
Come on.
There's plenty of time
to tell her the rest.
No-one gets us.
You know that, right?
You and me,
we're stitched together.
My name next.
Carve it in the tree for me, Oggi?
Sergeant John Morgan, please.
Yes. It's urgent.
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