The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Desert Oak

Spinifex, I love this stuff.
Bush yams.
Oh, parrot pea!
Rattlepod, Brachyscome.
Sorry. Am I rambling?
I'm not good at interviews.
No, no, no, it's not that. It's just
This place, it never ceases to amaze.
You know, we needed a new
ranger with an enviro degree,
and lo and behold, here you are.
Ah, desert raisin.
Now you're showing off.
So how are you with driving
offroad vehicles, quad bikes?
Oh, I can drive anything.
Learnt when I was 10.
Full disclosure,
I wasn't really planning on
getting a job, just travelling.
So I don't have any of my documents.
And, um,
this would be my first job out of uni,
so I don't really have any references.
Well, obviously, you
know your stuff, and
you know, Lulu speaks
highly of you, and
and our head ranger
You know Dylan?
He said we'd be lucky to have you, so
Let's get you a uniform.
- Hey.
- Thank you.
Nice to have you on board.
Shouldn't we wait to say goodbye?
I can't bear the idea of Alice
being out there another minute,
still blaming herself for
Charlie's death when he's alive.
There is so much she needs to be told,
and I feel scared for her.
I know this is hard, bub, but come on.
We both need to get away from here.
Let's go meet Charlie,
and then go find Alice.
[WOMAN] Given the extent to
which the cancer has spread,
treatment options are somewhat limited,
but we do have an
experimental drug trial.
We could put you on the list.
No. No treatment.
Are you sure?
Is there anyone we can call for you,
to discuss palliative care,
pain management.
- You're going to need support, June.
- Yeah.
But I'll be alright.
[WHISPERS] Thank you.
Now the story we tell on our tour
is the one we teach our kids.
And, like we tell our little ones,
these stories are our
connection to country.
We tell these stories in order
to keep our culture and our spirit
and our knowledge strong, you know?
Now that you're a Ranger,
you've got a responsibility
to honour the story of this place.
You also got to make sure
you protect this country.
So part of your job
is to stop people from
getting into the heart garden
and taking them flowers.
They've been here for a long, long time.
But with all the people coming in,
they're getting sick.
- Root rot.
- Eh?
They're vulnerable to root rot.
If they're disturbed,
they're more likely
to die from that than drought.
Where you learn that from? Your degree?
From my grandmother.
a dozen kangaroo paw to Wildling.
Hang on a sec.
You should have called.
I would have come and got you.
I didn't think you'd be here.
Well, the farm won't run itself.
Come on.
- What are those men doing here?
- Repairs.
- Oh, sorry.
I need to take this.
You look like you need a rest.
Marie, thanks for calling
I just was trying to impress her
so much I kept just talking and talking.
Well, you must have
done something right.
I mean, she's taking you out
again tomorrow for the full tour.
She doesn't do that for everyone.
- Well, thank you.
- Milady.
Look at my little house.
Never lived on my own before.
You're not alone out here, you know?
Aiden's just over there.
I'm that little one just down there.
And you see that house all
the way on the ridge over there?
That's Dylan.
So that's where he lives.
Look at you.
Well, what about Moss?
I ended it.
I'm sorry. He's a good guy.
Yeah, I know.
Just didn't have that
Just wasn't meant to be.
I have to go.
I'm glad you're here, Alice Hart.
So how are you feeling?
What did the doctor say?
- Not much.
- Mm-hm?
They reckon they got it all.
No further treatment necessary.
Well, I'll drink to that.
- Good health.
Is there any news on Alice?
No, but Twig should be there by now.
With Charlie.
[BOO] Who's Charlie?
We don't discuss family matters
in front of the flowers.
Charlie's not a secret anymore.
- I'm going to walk the perimeter.
- I've locked up already.
Fences are all on.
You need to sleep.
Hi. Twig.
- I'm Sally.
- Hi.
Come in.
- Hi, Twig. John.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you. Come on through.
[SALLY] This is Charlie.
[WHISPERS] Oh, wow.
Come on, girl.
You want some water?
Some water.
- Hi.
- Morning.
Ah, who's this?
Oh, this is Pip.
- She likes you.
Which way are you headed?
That way.
Me too.
[ALICE] Pip! Come on!
- Come on!
[DYLAN] So, this is me.
And that path over there leads to you,
and your fairy lights.
See you at work?
See you at work.
[CHARLIE] I kept sending
things until she sent a letter
saying she didn't want
any further contact.
Alice didn't write any of these.
They were all written by June.
Alice was told
you died in the fire
that killed your parents.
We were all told that.
How could she do that?
To Alice!
To Charlie.
I think she'd say
She was trying to protect Alice.
From her own brother?
[TWIG SIGHS] It's complicated.
So she doesn't know about me at all?
No, bub.
Alice has no idea.
[ALICE] Even with the signs,
they still don't get it.
[RANGER] People always
want to own something,
even when it doesn't belong to them.
That's when the sorry letters start.
Sorry letters?
What are they sorry for?
For taking things they shouldn't
be touching in the first place.
Flowers, rocks, you name it.
Then they want to blame us
when something bad happens.
Too late.
That's what happens
when you don't listen.
You do wrong ways and
you don't respect country well.
Sir, can you please
get back on the path?
Thank you.
[DYLAN] Can you save me a beer?
[LULU] Well, well, well. Look who
decided to make an appearance.
- How is it?
- Beautiful.
You never come hang out with us.
- You're having fun?
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
What happened there.
Um, I was in a car accident
when I was nine.
My grandma was driving
and she was drunk and died.
Oh, shit. I I'm sorry.
That's OK. I barely remember it.
It's OK.
- Lulu. Lulu!
- What?
You have to chill.
- Relax.
I have been looking for you everywhere.
Well, you found me.
Is this Charlie?
- I don't want you in here! Stop it!
- Here, let me help.
- No, I don't want you to help!
- Oh, for fuck's sake, June!
You're sick.
I talked to your doctors.
I know that you're dying.
All this secretive bullshit
has given you cancer.
And you're still doing it,
shoving it all back down
in a box, hiding it all away.
This is not your business.
Yes, it is.
I'm not a child anymore.
You need to stop treating me like one.
You can't even look at me.
You haven't really looked
at me since I was a kid.
I'm all you've got left, June.
Everyone else is gone.
And you still can't do it.
You still can't look at me.
Look at you?
I don't look at you
Because I don't know what this is.
And all the slinking around
and listening at doors
and sex with strangers!
Do you think I don't know?
What is all this?
Who are you?
You're so fast!
What the fuck?
Can you look at me now?
[BOO] Oy.
Still not enough, am I?
I never have been.
Not since what happened.
Let's not talk about this.
You replaced me with Agnes,
the daughter you always wanted.
Perfect Agnes.
She wasn't damaged.
So much easier to love.
What happened
was messed up, and it hurt.
But I loved him
More than anything.
It broke my heart.
And you found out and you sent me away.
And when I came back,
it was like nothing happened.
It happened.
And what fucked us was all the lies,
all the not talking about it,
all the not talking about anything.
I can deal with what happened.
But I can't deal with you
judging me and shaming me.
Get off her!
Get off!
[CLEM] Mum! It's not what you think!
I'm sorry!
I would never hurt her.
I would never do that.
I love her. She loves me. We're in love.
She's 13. She's a child.
You're her brother.
You're meant to look after her.
I did look after her.
I would never hurt her, Mum. I love her!
You raped her.
You're wrong! You are so wrong.
I would never do that!
I I care about her!
[JUNE] I want you out of this house,
and you stay away from Candy.
Don't you look at her,
don't you talk to her.
Don't you dare touch her!
You are not a worthy man.
[CLEM] You're wrong,
I would never do that!
[JUNE] Get out!
- Out!
- Please
Out! Go!
Oh, my God! What's this?
[LULU] You said it was a housewarming.
- You shouldn't have.
Thank you.
Well, don't thank me to open it,
because you might hate it. [LAUGHS]
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
- I'll put these in the fridge.
- Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.
Open it!
I saw it and I thought of you,
so I hope you like it.
- Oh, my [LAUGHS]
- I love it.
Oh, my God, it's amazing.
- Who else are we expecting?
Uh Can you hold out for one second?
Come in.
Thank you.
Dylan. It's good to see you, mate.
Hey, man.
Uh, I'll grab some glasses.
- Wine?
- Yes, please.
OK, great.
I've been away for so long
that I don't know what home is.
Oh, my God.
Please don't call yourself
a man of the world.
I fucking hate that shit. [LAUGHS]
Man of the world?
That's a Fleetwood Mac song.
I didn't take you for a
Fleetwood Mac kind of guy.
Oh, that's so cute.
[AIDEN] My dad used to like it.
He'd play it on his guitar to my mum.
So how long have you been away?
I don't know.
I think seven and a half years.
I was travelling across
Europe for a couple of years,
then Asia.
And then I came to Australia.
What about you? Where do you want to go?
I haven't really travelled much yet,
so everywhere feels kind of special.
You know, if you really want
to see something special,
there's this gorge about a day's drive.
At sunset,
when the light hits the water
it's like something
from another world.
[AIDEN] I'd like to see that.
[LULU] When's your next day off?
You've done a great job with Charlie.
Oh. Thank you.
He's probably better off
being raised here, with you.
Away from Thornfield.
June paid for everything, you know?
All the best specialists,
anything he needed,
no questions asked.
So he's always known from
the start that he was adopted,
what happened to his parents, and Alice?
When he was 14, we let him
read the coroner's report.
So that he could understand the truth
what really happened.
What do you mean?
The report findings
John sent to June.
You didn't read them.
And neither did June.
Oh, my God.
So you have no idea?
Hi, June.
Welcome to Thornfield.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Your mother was a good friend.
It's beautiful.
Did you make it?
No. Feels bad to throw it out.
Let's get you inside.
Clem, give us a hand, please.
Clem did that.
- Really?
- Mmm.
You have such a gift.
It's yours.
Thank you.
I can show you around if you like.
After you've unpacked, obviously.
OK. I'd like that.
Agnes never replaced you.
I did it to keep him away from you.
You were just a little girl.
A child.
Was older, needing love.
I encouraged it
not because she was
perfect or untarnished,
but just to keep him away from you.
It was always about protecting you.
I understand if you want to go.
But please know
I see you, my Candy Blue.
- Are you sure that you're sure?
- I'm sure that I'm sure.
OK, I'm not sure.
After you.
Hi, Ruby!
Look at you two. Beer?
- Oh, thank you.
- Hey.
- Where have you guys been?
- Just places. You know?
- Cheers.
- Salut.
- Cheers.
- Catch you later.
Do you want me to open that for you?
Hey, stranger.
- You alright?
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you want a drink?
There's, um, tequila.
No, I'm good.
I feel like you're avoiding us.
Dylan and I.
No, I'm happy for you.
I really am. I've just
Never seen him out in public
with a girl before, so
Just be careful,
because, um, he can be a lot.
Hey, please don't say anything to Dylan.
It's all good. I'm happy for you.
Yeah, it's ancient history.
It's fine.
Hey, you.
You take good care of this one, OK?
Of course.
We think she's here, Agnes Bluff.
That's where she last
used her credit card.
I need to get packing.
Can I come?
[LAUGHS] I just really want to meet her.
Let me find Alice,
and I will tell you all about you.
I promise.
You'll get to meet her.
These are twiggy daisies.
They mean 'your presence eases my pain'.
Come on. Where are you taking me?
- You wait and see.
- Can I have a hint?
No. OK. It's red.
- There's rocks in it.
There might be water. We don't know.
- Ooh, water?
- Mm-hm.
But it's a surprise.
I think you'll love it.
Not bad, huh?
- Oh!
Wait till you see this. Lie down.
[DYLAN] See?
Like something from
another world, right?
Did you bring Lulu here?
What the fuck would you
say something like that?
I I just
[DYLAN] Oh, fuck.
Dylan, stop!
Please! I didn't mean
anything by it, I
Come back!
[ECHOES] Dylan!
[ECHOES] Dylan?
[DYLAN] Alice.
I I'm so sorry.
I don't know why I said that, OK?
I'm s I'm such an idiot.
I'm sorry.
Is there any food left?
[CLEM] Oh, so, that. So I
need another one of those.
[CANDY] Yeah.
Good luck with that. [LAUGHS]
Twig's found her.
Alice, she's in Agnes Bluff.
Agnes. [LAUGHS]
Of course.
It'll be OK.
Not till you dye your bloody hair back.
I miss my Candy Blue.
I did bring Lulu here.
But, um
we were never a thing.
Not like this.
I'm sorry I ruined it.
What? No.
- You haven't
- I just
I've never felt like this
about someone before.
And it's freaking me out.
I've never felt this way
about anyone either.
You've seen my shitty side,
what's underneath.
And you're just Golden.
- No.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
- No, I'm not.
- Yeah. You're beautiful.
Stop. Stop. You don't know.
Tell me.
If I tell you, I won't be
your golden girl anymore.
Then tell me.
When I was little
I used to dream about
setting my dad on fire.
And one day, I did.
He He used to hurt us.
Me and my mum.
And she was going to
have a baby, and I just
I just wanted it to stop.
And, uh
And I stole the kerosene.
And, um
everything went up in flames,
and they died.
I I killed them all.
It's OK.
You were just a kid.
It's not your fault.
And I'm so sorry
he hurt you like that.
But I'm here now.
I'm here.
There is no shitty past.
It's just us now.
Because we found each other.
You and me
we're the same.
You and me.
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