The Lost World (1999) s01e07 Episode Script

Blood Lust

We’ve been up here for hours.
If you ask me, the only thing we’re going to find is more nothing.
You call all this nothing? Wake me when you see a door with an exit sign.
Come on woman, where’s your sense of wonder? Back at the treehouse on that second glass of wine.
We’re losing light Challenger.
Best land and make camp.
Nobody said anything about camping.
- I was saving it.
For a surprise.
There we go.
Take a damn hurricane to pry it loose.
Alright, alright I’m not a pack mule.
- Just a few more things.
How ‘bout a hand? - Ah, yes of course.
I’ll go get the firewood.
That does it.
That’s far enough.
Timing is everything.
Last time I play Good Samaritan.
You alright? - Son of a bitch tried to bite me.
Can you believe that? - As a matter of fact I can.
We’d better get you back to camp and get that cleaned out.
I’m fine.
I’m fine.
At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures.
Always searching for a way home.
A way out of the Lost World BLOOD LUST Remind me again why I’m helping burying someone you shot.
They smell a decaying body.
Next they smell us.
So, unless you’d like a little company tonight.
Not even in your dreams.
Almost done.
Just a few more, Marguerite.
If you ask me we buried the only predator for miles around.
What is it? - Speak up! Interesting.
There appear to be bite marks on the neck of the animal.
Must be something in the air tonight.
- Those are teeth marks.
That’s peculiar, there’s no blood.
There’s no blood anywhere.
Drained of blood.
- Oh, wonderful! Well it’s obvious the dead guy was a vampire.
I was joking.
I knew there was something in the air tonight.
It’s getting late.
We better get back to the burial.
Really, I swear.
- I wonder who did it.
Incredible barbecued.
What did you say it was? On second thought maybe it’s better to live in the mystery.
I’m glad you’re here.
- You are? Sure.
I mean all of you of course.
- Of course.
I guess I was lonely.
Someone as wonderful as you should never have to feel lonely.
Thank you, Ned Malone.
Just for that.
You get to do the dishes.
Where are you going? - You’ll see.
You touched her face, someone as wonderful as you then I kissed her.
Ned! What are you doing? - Come on in.
I’m not going to ask twice.
Hang on, I’m coming.
Just a second, almost there.
Hey, Veronica, that’s no fair.
Shouldn’t you be on watch? Not now.
This is a dream I’ve had before.
Roxton, slow down.
Roxton! Stop it.
Let go of me.
Stop it! Roxton! What the hell a think you doing? I do tend to bring out the beast in a man.
I see we have the same problem.
I’m sorry? - Couldn’t sleep.
Me neither.
Professor? - Yes.
I have a situation.
- I’m sure she’d understand.
Who? - You’re young lady back home.
What’s her name? - Gladys.
Oh, yes.
Lovely name Gladys, then so is Veronica.
That’s the problem.
I mean I love Gladys, but for all she knows I might be dead.
- Indeed.
So it wouldn’t be like being unfaithful, would it? What do you think, professor? I think it’s about time for one of us to go to bed.
Goodnight, Ned.
For nothing.
Veronica? What’s wrong, you’re shaking? - I don’t know.
There was someone.
À man right there where you are now.
There’s nobody here but us, my dear, you had a nightmare.
Dark skin, brown eyes.
His hand was reaching out.
It seems so real.
Sometimes the night can play strange tricks.
It’s forty feet to the ground.
Hell of a jump if he was for real.
Unless your mystery man can fly.
All right look I’ve changed my mind.
I don’t care if we ever see him again.
Now can we take a break? Look at this.
We’re on the right track.
This way.
It’s just a broken branch.
For all we know it could be a stampede of bunny rabbits.
With a size eleven boot.
Oh, no.
It’s Roxton alright.
This way.
Right behind you bwana.
I feel so foolish.
I don’t think you were foolish at all.
- I’m not usually that jumpy.
I’m glad you were.
It gave me another chance to see you last night.
Pardon my I mean our intrusion but he absolutely insisted.
My nightmare.
- I am Niko, your husband.
Welcome, my love.
Where am I? You’ve come home.
So, you’re saying you want to buy Veronica? It is the way of my tribe.
- You’ve got to be joking.
We’ll actually, Ned, there are countries in the world, Africa for example, where the men purchase their wives with cattle.
Yeah, but where I come from guy does something like this, gets his head wrapped around a fire plug.
The woman Veronica is she yours? Excuse me! We’re not in Africa.
I don’t go moo and I’m not for sale.
It’s a very flattering offer, but no thank you and goodbye.
So, the woman is yours.
- Yes, Veronica is mine.
Ned, don’t! I understand.
You will consider my offer I will return for your answer.
And if he refuses? - We’ll fight to the death.
All yours? - Yes.
A little bit of home right here in the jungle.
You’d almost forgotten what it could be like, didn’t you? Yes.
Not yet, my pet.
There is something to be said for anticipation.
My chest it’s so tight.
What is it? - The transformation has begun.
What the hell’s happening to me? - You’re awakening, my love.
Some may say you’ve been infected with a disease but they have no soul, no passion.
It’s no disease.
It’s a gift.
Tell me are you ready? Are you hungry? Drink! More take it all.
Oh, my god.
Or at least the next best thing.
Don’t be afraid, accept the gift.
Impossible! - Nothing is impossible anymore.
See what life can be like.
Feel it.
- You You did this to me.
- That’s it.
Come on.
Surrender to the hunger, surrender to yourself.
Damn you.
Could swear we’re walking around in circles.
That’s because Roxton’s doubled back.
Well, if he doesn’t want to be found.
What the hell is that? - Are you crazy? It’s dead.
Òhe body’s still warm.
There’s a few wound marks made with something long and sharp.
A knife? Look at this.
- Do I have to? More bite marks on the neck small, but they’re still there.
I’ll take your word for it.
What kind of a creature does that? Oh, my god.
Size eleven boots.
- And we know who wears those.
I’m the one thing in life you need not fear.
Beautiful! Òhe first time I saw you my heart stopped beating.
There was only your face, your smile.
Even the jungle was quiet as if my love shamed the animals into silence.
There are a lot of women.
From your own tribe even.
No, you do not understand.
I was a young boy.
Six maybe seven years old.
That was the first time I saw you.
- You saw me, so many years ago? In my dream.
Your dream? - And a thousand others since then.
Tell me you have not dreamed of me.
Our dreams are prophecy.
We are meant to be together.
Without you I’m only half of myself.
Please leave.
It’s amazing.
What is this feeling? The absence of fear, you belong now to me.
To the stars.
You’re the tiniest particle on the farthest planet from the sun.
You’re the secret thoughts and dreams of everyone you’ve ever known or loved or lost.
The universe is yours for the taking.
I’ll never leave you.
One day you’ll try to kill me.
An instinct eats away at your reason.
It will happen, but not today.
You’re talking nonsense.
My father’s phrase was natural selection.
Your father, where’s your family now? Right in there.
My father was bitten by a feral beast and that night he killed mother and our four men.
He fed on me.
He couldn’t bring himself to kill me.
His love was that strong.
The following night his hunger was stronger.
But you’re still alive.
Of course, by then I was hungry too.
As I said natural selection.
What’s that? Fresh blood, my love.
Fresh blood.
Two of them, one for each of us.
Are you sure you’re ready.
I’m ready.
I’ll go first.
There’s no turning back.
They’re my friends, they’ll trust me.
All right, my love, but hurry.
I’m hungry.
Tell me you see what I see.
Who in the hell would build that in the middle of the jungle? I beg your pardon? - Quiet, woman.
Someone’s coming.
Roxton! - It’s about time.
Run! Run damn you! - Take it easy, old man.
Are you deaf? Run! - Come on.
We can’t leave him.
- We know where he is.
We’ll be back.
This is ridiculous.
I don’t think there’s much doubt about that.
You can’t fight Niko.
Who then Summerlee, you? Why not? Did I ask for your protection? You didn’t have to.
- I don’t need a hero.
Either I fight him or he takes you as his bride.
I don’t see any other option.
Maybe I do.
You send them away? Don’t you ever do that again.
I should let you die.
But I have grown so attached to you already.
Marguerite… Challenger.
They’re my friends.
You only have one friend now, my love.
See the way your chest is heaving.
Feel your blood on fire? How long has it been since you fed? Come to me.
Now! What the hell are you doing? - Eliminating your confusion.
Put it down.
- Don’t test me.
I’ll only disappoint you.
You let your friends escape because you weren’t hungry enough.
Soon your cravings will become ravings.
Your desire madness.
Soon you will do anything to eat.
I’ve never seen anything like it.
Did you see Roxton’s face, skin, eyes.
Most be a fever some kind of disease.
- What? Let’s say that poor man that attack Roxton passed on a germ a contagion.
One rabid animal infecting another.
- And it’s infected his mind.
Sweating, labored breathing, oxygen deprivation of the blood.
That’s a lovely theory, but meanwhile what happens if he goes for our throats.
Roxton, it’s me Challenger! Roxton! Come on now.
I never thought I’d say this but I don’t want to shoot you.
Please, John! Thank you.
Your aim was rather wide of the market, my dear.
I guess my heart wasn’t in it.
What do we do with him now? We have no choice.
We have to poison him.
- What? Once more please, we poison Roxton to cure him? The infection is destroying his red blood cells.
We attack it the same way as we attack cancer.
We toxify his blood and the bacteria can’t survive.
Remind me never to get sick around you.
Where are you going? All right, let’s get this over with.
- It’s not your fight.
It’s mine.
I noticed these within the last few miles.
- Beautiful lady.
So called because Italian women used to apply it to their eyes.
Dilated pupils were considered attractive.
Let’s hear it for the good old days.
- So we crush the berries and feed the juice to our friend.
And then what? - Then we pray.
I do not want to kill you.
- Well, that makes two of us.
Then sell me your woman.
- I’m not his woman! Ned, please stop.
- Stand aside.
You might get hurt.
Ned! Stop it! Both of you stop it now! Keep him cool.
It’s a fine line between curing him and killing him.
He’s purging.
The blood is fighting the poison.
Oh, my god is he? What now? - We won’t know for a few hours ‘till he wakes.
You mean if he wakes.
Ned! Niko! Please.
Nobody dies for me.
Veronica, what the hell are you doing? Ending this.
Put down the knife.
- You can fight over my corpse.
Veronica, please don’t.
Will you stop? This is a trick.
She will not do it.
Goodbye, Ned.
Why? Why is my life anymore valuable that yours? You would do it.
- Deny the prophecy, deny our hearts.
It was just a dream.
These are yours.
You may leave my life, Veronica, but you will never leave my dreams.
Safe journey Niko.
Be worthy of her.
Let’s get this straight.
I’m not his.
I’m not yours.
We were crazy.
- We were desperate.
What right did we have to gamble with his life? The Roxton we knew was dead.
The thing that he turned into would have killed us and gone on killing.
At least we gave him a chance.
Roxton! The fever’s broken.
- Thank, God.
I think he’s going to be all right.
- Welcome back.
Oh my god, what have you done? He’s disoriented.
It’s probably the side effects of the poison.
Easy, easy Take it easy, old man.
We’ve gotta get you back to the balloon.
No, not yet.
You know for someone who was just brought back from the living dead, you don’t seem very happy.
I could hear the wind as it crested the mountains a hundred miles away.
I could feel the tiny heartbeat of a bird on the wing.
And when I looked at the stars… Forget it.
- No, go on, please.
Suddenly, I knew all the answers.
I could see the plan of it all I belonged.
I was home.
Do you have any idea what that feels like? Challenger, wait! I’ll go alone.
- You sure? It’s better this way.
Do you think he knows what it’s doing? Calista! Calista! You’ve left me.
I can feel it.
Feeding on human flesh.
- We are so much more than human.
Come back to me.
I can’t.
When have you ever felt more alive, more powerful, more at peace? Calista, my friends can help you, cure you of the infection like they cured me.
I am pure life all you are now is a slow death.
But not for long.
I don’t want to kill you.
- You won’t.
Calista It doesn’t have to be this way.
- I’m afraid it does, but at least I’ll have you to feed on one last time.
You may fool them, but you can’t fool yourself.
You know I was right.
Right where we left it.
We’ll camp overnight and leave first thing in the morning.
Marguerite would you light the fire? - All right.
Roxton can you give a hand with the balloon? Look at him, does he seem different to you? Not anymore.
Now he just seems like the rest of us.
He’ll be fine.
- I wish I had your confidence.
That’s one thing Roxton understands is how to survive.