The Lost World (1999) s01e09 Episode Script

Paradise Found

Veronica, do you mind telling me what you're doing? I'm thanking the creature for giving his life so that we can eat.
Most gracious of you but it's not like it had much choice.
Did you hear that? It's all right you're safe now.
Oh my god! Where did you get this? Easy now he's in a bad way.
It's my mother's.
Veronica You know me? I am Sinta.
No What's wrong? Sinta was my parent's guide he was only nineteen when they left.
You can't be Sinta.
Ode to Joy.
My parents favorite.
Sinta, my parents, where are my parents? At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures Always searching for a way home A way out of the Lost World He must have been trying to find his way home and his way back to you.
No easy task for a man in his condition.
Are you sure he was your parents guide? I bet plenty of expeditions hummed Beethoven to pass the time.
I'm sure Sinta would have wanted you to have this.
Thank you.
Not much of an inheritance I'm afraid a few trinkets and a map.
He must have been mapping his route as he went along.
I know these hills, that swamp.
This can't be more than four or five days from here.
That's only if the maps to scale.
I don't care if it's four months.
You'll need some company.
You're not serious.
And someone along to watch your back.
Count me in.
And me if there's a chance of finding your parents.
There isn't.
Let's look at this logically, shall we? They've been gone what? eleven years.
If they were only a couple of days away don't you think you would've heard from them by now? Face it Veronica they're either not there or they're.
Veronica it's okay we're all with you.
This is ridiculous.
If you don't like it stay here.
This is a wild goose chase.
I meant it, don't come.
I won't be dismissed Roxton not by you not by anyone.
Nobody's asked you for anything.
Really what about your rifle.
What about it? Expensive top of the line and I paid for it.
I paid for everything, this is my expedition Roxton.
- Fine keep it.
- What? The rifle you paid for it, - it's yours.
- That's not what I meant.
Without Veronica we all would have been dead a long time ago and what we owe her has nothing to do with money.
This is a waste of time she's not going to find her parents.
Maybe not but right now hope is all she's got and if you take that away from her Marguerite so help me out.
You'll what? Ahem.
I believe it's time we left.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
Nothing important.
Oh, really? You know the way you to bicker anyone would think you were married.
It's been five days we should be there by now? We've lost the trail.
We've gone past the ridge and beyond the river.
It'll be dark soon.
We'll make camp for the night, get our bearings in the morning.
No we have to keep going.
Listen to him we won't find anything in the dark.
There's no time.
Veronica a few hours - won't.
- Won't make a difference if they're dead.
That's not what I meant.
They're alive I know they are they have to be.
But you saw him the premature aging Progeria Syndrome there's no other explanation.
In the outside world.
Cell degeneration at that level, what else could cause that? You're forgetting where we are.
It could be an infection a new tropical poison.
Relax Summerlee we'll know soon enough.
That's what he's afraid of.
Hmm taste like ahchicken I can't believe you're eating an Ornithosuchus.
Just one of those creatures and I would have the whole of the London Zoological Society falling over themselves at my feet.
Proof positive of your lost world George and we're having it for dinner.
Law of the jungle Challenger either we eat it or it eats us.
Not hungry? Go away.
You might as well eat it, you paid for it.
What's bothering you? What do you care? I care because you have an incredible instinct for self preservation.
If you're worried about something, we all should be.
You want to know what's bothering me.
Fine, you heard Summerlee's diagnosis.
Sounded reasonable enough to me.
He's wrong.
Progeria attacks children not young men.
Whatever destroyed Sinta was something else something deadly and we're headed right for it.
Sometimes I lie awake remembering a song, a laugh.
And then I try to picture their faces.
Not from the photographs but as they really were looking down on me I can’t, I can’t anymore.
We’ll find them.
One thing you can’t do is give up hope.
you can’t listen to her.
But she was right Ned if my parents are still alive.
I’m sure they are.
Then why haven’t they come back for me? What is it? I don’t know.
It may not be anything.
Wake the others.
They’re up.
Where? Up there.
Whatever it is, it’s big and it’s coming this way.
We’ll head for the stream try to lose the scent.
- Dear God! - Run! We’ll never make it to the river.
Quick find some shelter, a cave anything you can defend.
What about you? The bullets won’t do you any good its hide his three foot thick.
Come on! Up ahead I think I seen an opening.
Where are the others? Right behind you.
Keep moving! We’ve been running for hours.
Do you think we’ve lost him? I wouldn’t bet on it.
Our only chance is to find another way out of here.
If there is another way out.
I think we’re in trouble.
Great idea Malone run for the caves.
Oh my God! it’s herded us into its lair.
It’s found us.
This is it.
This is it? This is what? Aim for its eyes his most vulnerable point.
I’m sorry I got you into this Ned.
I volunteered.
- Roxton? - Yes? Whatever it is I’d say it quickly.
- Push! - Daylight! Close it close it! A door in a cave? Greetings friends welcome to paradise You’ve arrived at an auspicious time our annual harvest festival.
My parents are they here? A handsome couple I would have remembered them.
No one named Sinta? I’m sorry.
Someone else here might remember.
You don’t mind if we look around? How delightful you know this place is absolutely I mean the gardens alone.
I, I’m utterly speechless.
In which case this must be paradise.
Perhaps only for some.
I’ve been trying to graft some cuttings, as you can see, without much success.
Well the yellowing could be a lack of iron or perhaps a nitrogen deficiency.
A botanist could I be so lucky.
Well I do have a certain reputation in some circles.
Come now Summerlee modesty doesn’t become you.
I don’t recognize the genus.
It’s quite rare.
In fact these cuttings are from the only plant left of its kind.
It might help if I can see the host plant.
In time professor in time.
Didn’t work up a thirst outrunning that reptile.
One of us should keep his wits about him.
In case you’ve already forgotten they confiscated our weapons.
You heard Kirin is standard practice for all visitors.
I don’t like it.
We have no idea who the hell these people are.
You’re right I’ve never seen such a threatening looking bunch.
Amazing isn’t it, almost too good to be true.
Except? It’s a boxed canyon there’s no way out of here except through that cave door.
And past our large scaly friend.
No one here seems worried about that, except me.
And they say I’m paranoid.
You really don’t trust anyone, do you? Only you my dear, only you.
It’s very important their names were Abigail and Tom.
No I don’t think so.
Take a closer look.
Please they’re my parents, I’ve been looking for them for a very long time.
What about you? I wouldn’t remember.
There’ve been so many.
Visitors - we can’t help you.
Maybe we should split up we’d cover more ground.
What about Sinta or his wife Talibo? I’m sorry we’ve never heard of them.
Talibo! Talibo! You were my friend.
How could you let them do this to me? Please you’re upsetting me.
You’re killing me.
You will live on in all of us.
Come on, it's time.
No! Let me go! Let me go! Talibo, you mustn’t let yourself get upset.
But they were my friends.
Eat They’re my parents.
What about Sinta do you know that name? No I’m sorry.
Veronica? Are you lost? No just wandering.
What’s the cage for? Sometimes the goats and sheep are locked up at night.
That path up there does that lead out of the canyon? I have no idea.
You don’t know if there’s a way out here? Ah! who would want to leave paradise? I see your point.
Don’t you like what you see? So far so good still cheating time.
Aren’t we all.
You are quite lovely you know.
I bet you say that to all the girls.
You don’t have to do that, put on that hard edge.
There’s nothing to be afraid of, not here.
Oh of course not it’s paradise.
You don’t believe it.
A friend of mine once said if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.
And what is it that sounds too good to you.
A life of pleasure the pursuit of art beauty to feel safe, cared for to know that nothing can ever harm you or to just look in the mirror and know the image you see will never wither never fade? Forever? Who would I have to kill? kirin.
Talibo I’m sorry.
See I was right, I knew he said that to all the girls.
What is wrong with you? You know you shouldn’t upset yourself, or me.
What were you doing with that woman? I greet all the visitors you know that.
Like you greeted me? Talibo tell me what’s wrong? I saw someone I knew.
Veronica one of the newcomers.
She won’t be a problem none of them will, you know that.
None of them, even that woman? Kirin I gave up everything for you my world my husband.
You chose to live.
Where is the evil in that? Calm yourself have some fruit.
No I don’t want anymore fruit.
I don’t want to feel nothing not anymore.
You’ve been a wonderful lover to me.
Kirin what are you doing? You must understand this isn’t a punishment but a blessing.
But I love you.
And your love will live on in me forever.
No! Blessed are those who sustain us.
The life you give is the life we live.
In your grace we find peace.
In your sacrifice we find harmony.
In your essence we find beauty everlasting.
Greetings visitor.
Kirin will want to talk with you.
You know I always thought the English were the most civilized people on earth.
Oh my friend we have so much to learn.
Right you are old friend.
oh, this place is amazing.
- I’ve never felt so - At peace? Me too.
If my parents had been here I could’ve understood why they never came back well almost.
I’m sorry.
I know how much you were hoping to find them.
Have you seen Malone? Well hello to you too.
Sit, have some.
Malone where is he? He’s around here somewhere.
You haven’t even noticed he was missing.
He’s not missing.
He’s just not here.
John there you are.
You must have some f this wine.
It’s absolutely delicious.
It looks like you’ve had enough for the both of us.
Have you seen Malone? Malone no but I hope he doesn’t miss dinner.
Have you all gone completely around the bend? Come now John I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.
I mean what could happen to him here? Ahh yes of course paradise.
I found a cage at the foot of the mountain they told me it was used to keep animals at night.
So what’s wrong with that? You tell me what kind of animal uses a spoon.
A spoon, a spoon.
A spoon.
Well done.
Is this standard issue for paradise? It’s for your own protection.
Really well you’re killing me with kindness.
I’ve tried to spare you unnecessary worry.
Too late - do you want to tell me what the hell I saw out there? A miracle.
Not for Sinta and Talibo.
Unfortunate but necessary.
Cut the double talk what the hell is going on here? The fruit feeds us keeps us immortal, serene.
It feeds you and you feed it.
That’s what happened to Talibo.
She will live on in all of us forever.
You son of a bitch.
Anger, remorse they counteract the serenity of the fruit.
Negative emotions have no place in eternity.
And all you have to sacrifice is your humanity.
We’ve spent a thousand years creating the perfect society grace, harmony.
And a little murder thrown in.
I wouldn’t expect you to understand the honor you’re being given.
Honor what honor? In harvest time the tree feeds every twelve hours tomorrow morning your spirit will become part of us forever.
You’re its next meal.
Malone? You might have knocked.
I’m still looking for Malone.
Why? Because I haven’t found him yet.
No I mean why do you care? -He’s a big boy he’s not your responsibility.
-You’re all my responsibility.
Everyone, even me? What’s wrong with you? Nothing’s wrong.
For the first time in my life nothing at all is wrong.
You’ve had too much wine.
It’s not the wine John or maybe it is but but for the first time I see everything so clearly.
I see you I see myself.
Please don’t make me be who I was.
Just let me be who I am.
Please John, just for tonight.
- No, Malone.
- He can take care of himself.
What? Ode to Joy Later.
Later? What do you mean later? Roxton I opened my heart to you! Nobody walks out on me.
Where did you learn that? It’s beautiful isn’t it? Who taught you? Let go of me.
Was it Sinta, or was it Veronica’s parents? You’re upsetting me.
Kirin said he’d never heard of them but that can’t be can it.
How else would you know Beethoven? You’re upsetting the lady.
I’m sorry my mistake.
Strange thing this place seems to have cured my arthritis.
And I have this overwhelming sense of well being.
Breakfast for the lady? I lost my appetite last night.
Where’s Roxton? Who gives a damn? Malone must be with him.
Is Malone still missing? He’s not missing Marguerite he’s just not here.
Are you feeling all right? I’ve never felt more wonderful in my life.
Good that’s just the way I planned it.
You’re quite the host I’ll give you that.
Marguerite didn't you sleep well perhaps if you had something to eat? I’m fine.
Kirin I had some thoughts about that plant you’re trying to propagate.
Excellent let’s talk about your ideas later.
Right now I’m needed elsewhere if you'll excuse me.
I think you’ll feel much better after you eat.
Nice chap really.
Yes indeed great fellow.
Anyone feel like a field trip? Blessed are those who sustain us.
The life you give is the life we live.
In your grace we find peace.
In your sacrifice we find harmony.
Run get out of here! Malone? My God! What is the meaning of this? In your essence we find beauty everlasting.
Dear Lord look the tree it’s feeding.
God, no!! It’s the natural order.
The weak feed the strong.
We are not cattle.
Aren’t you? Malone I thought you’d never get here.
Frankly we couldn’t stay away.
Wait! Remember our conversation? There’s a place for you buy my side.
You don’t really believe that any of us would join you.
A life of pleasure beautiful forever Marguerite.
Forever? Marguerite don’t do it, don’t go.
How could she? Nature of the beast.
Marguerite welcome to eternity.
You look magnificent, like you belong.
About my friends.
Your friends will always be a part of you.
Yes I know it just seems wrong somehow eating them.
Marguerite there is no room for doubt, not anymore.
The food not only gives us life and strength it gives us serenity as well.
Negative emotions destroy that gift.
I can’t have you infecting the others with fear and guilt.
Don’t worry about me.
I’ve never had any trouble with my conscience.
Good I offered you immortality.
I’m a little choosy about who I spend eternity with.
Time for a little trouble in paradise.
Lovely day today.
Greetings sister.
Can I help you with something.
Is Kirin in? He’s resting sorry.
I see.
I know what you’re hiding.
You do? Jealousy is an emotion not worthy of eternity.
You see right through me.
You’re new here so I won’t report you, this time.
I always thought I’d end up in the belly of a beast.
I just figured it’d be one that roared.
Technically the tree doesn’t eat you just drains your life essences.
Perhaps the damn thing will eat you first and get indigestion.
This is all my fault.
Save your tears, we’re not dead yet.
Yoo-hoo Kirin wants the old guy brought to his tent.
Seems he’s a botanist Kirin needs his help to grow more blessed little trees.
My dear Miss Krux, you can assure Kirin that I shall do absolutely nothing to help him propagate that monstrosity! Perhaps you should assure him yourself Professor.
Yes Arthur you should go.
Here! Welcome back Miss Krux.
- Where’s Kirin? - Gone to a warmer climate.
We have to get Ned and get out of here.
Challenger, help me.
There’s something we have to do first.
We cut the root then the tree will starve! Get Malone, don’t use your gun unless you have to.
I’ll make every one count.
Malone! What are you doing? - Get away from there.
- No you don’t.
Hey you? Don’t try to stand there take it easy.
Are you out of your mind? It’s not for me it’s for Malone.
Here have some of this.
Perfect timing.
Please it’s working.
I think we’re done.
Kirin still has the rest of our guns in his tent.
Can you make it? I feel like a new man.
Let’s go.
But we’re still trapped.
She’s right the beast in the cave.
I’ve found another way there’s a path heading over the mountains.
- This is total madness.
- Everyone’s going crazy.
It’s alright I’ve got you Professor just don’t look down.
To hell with paradise.
Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! I only did what any of you would have done.
I’m so sorry we didn’t find your parents my dear.
I’m not – to have found them in that horrible place? It would’ve been worse than not finding the at all.
We’ll keep trying.
It’s a pity we didn’t think it take some of that fruit with us.
Imagine what science could have done with it a cure for cancer perhaps, or even death.
After what we saw I’d say eternity was overrated.
Why have you been avoiding me? Ever since we got back.
Oh you know me busy busy busy.
Look about the other night.
It must have been the fruit clearly I was out of my head.
You and me, that’s a disaster waiting to happen.