The Lost World (1999) s01e12 Episode Script


How much farther do you intend to take this? Another day maybe two.
Well we're running low on ammo and patience.
I'm certain we'll find them.
No offence Professor but that's what you said three days ago.
This scrimshaw we found in the belly of the raptor is carved out of whale bone.
It stands to reason there's gotta be seagoing people near by.
In theory.
I knew we'd find an ocean.
Well congratulations Challenger.
Now where are your sailors? Oh we'll find them and when we do we'll find a water route off the plateau.
Are you injured? You must stop him.
He can't be dead he can't be.
It's over your safe now.
What have you done my God what have I done? At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures Always searching for a way home A way out of the Lost World You killed him.
He didn't give me much choice.
This is all my fault.
I may have missed something but it didn't look that way to me.
- Those men were hunting you.
- Because I ran.
What else could you have done? I could've died.
- That's an interesting alternative.
- Don't you understand? I was the chosen one, the Hikari will seek retribution.
I must go back and warn my people.
Didn't I just save her life? Did you see that necklace? The shells I think we found the source of our scrimshaw and our way of the plateau.
Weren't we all supposed to be digging this irrigation channel? I really wonder what's keeping Marguerite.
What's always keeping Marguerite away when there's manual labor to be done? In this case Mr.
Malone it's prudence.
I'm waiting.
It's just simple logic one of us should always remain fresh in case of an emergency.
Gardening can be treacherous.
So glad you understand.
Did you hear that? Bees oh not again.
Whatever it is it's getting closer.
Back to the treehouse now.
Look we're saved.
Here we're down here.
Come on this could be our salvation.
Our salvation's gonna crash.
You have defied the sacred covenant, broken the ancient pact.
But you said the attack was by strangers.
She ran, as leader of the Tintas you know what must be done.
Is there no other way.
So it is written, so it must be.
I understand.
We will return when the tide is high.
I expect our covenant to be honored.
What's happening? Were too late.
Wait, wait please.
You have betrayed your people and spit on the honor of the village.
- I can explain.
- Explain to them.
Explain your cowardice to their wives and children.
Excuse me, there was a misunderstanding.
Whatever happened was our fault not hers.
We had no choice.
There is always a choice.
She was being hunted like an animal.
There must be something we can do to help.
You have brought shame, disgrace and death to our people.
I think you have done enough.
- Mother please.
- I have no daughter.
So much for staying fresh.
Hallelujah Unbelievable It seems to be all in one piece.
It's German, could be an Albatross D-1-A: capable of 120 miles per hour.
And I thought you were a reporter.
I covered the war.
I've even been up in a few of these.
What's a German aircraft doing up here? Crashed remember.
No, no, no, I mean, what's it doing on the plateau? Well, there were always rumors about a secret German base in the Azores, must have gotten lost.
Malone the war's been over for months.
This plane didn't land itself, where's the pilot? Who cares, just tell me if this heap can still fly.
Well I used to tinker with a few Model-T's at my uncles garage.
So what are you waiting for? How hard can it be? An engine's an engine.
You found it where? In the belly of a beast.
It was my husband's, he went hunting six weeks ago.
I never gave up hope until now.
I am sorry.
Today I lost a husband and a daughter.
Thank you for returning this.
I think it would be best if you left our village.
One question first if I may? My companions and I are not from this place.
I could tell.
We have been searching for way home for many months.
We hoped that one of your ships may have discovered an ocean route between our worlds.
Our ocean is a lake bounded on all sides by our trading partners.
There is no other world.
I see, these men they've done nothing.
But they will be remembered for giving everything.
Including their lives.
The Tinta's are surrounded by a dozen powerful tribes.
We are traders and sailors not warriors.
The Hikari protect us.
You pay for your trading routes with the lives of your people? Better one than a hundred.
Tarya is your daughter, how can you give her life so easily? As the leader, all the Tintas are my children.
Do not ever think that what I do is easy.
Henry Ford did not build this plane.
Spare me the history lesson.
Can you fix it? Well the instrument panel's shot, it's got a ruptured fuel line and the valves probably clatter like hell.
Will it fly? Have I mentioned the starter is kaput.
Look what I found, not exactly a full mechanics kit.
Malone I need an answer.
Maybe It's not an answer.
Im namen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland nehme ich sie hiermit gefangen.
What the hell's was that all about? I believe he said we were his prisoners.
It's not your fault.
Isn't it? Our ancestors made this deal with the Hikari - long before we were born.
- We swore an oath.
We were children.
We can run away.
Where Cassius? tell me where will I be able to hide from myself? This is insane.
The Tinta's don't think so.
Who says we don't.
Dammit, excuse me! Youyou've just destroyed us all.
Mother where are you going? Look at me, I am your daughter.
- I have no daughter.
- Don't! I'm here, I live.
If you wish me dead then kill me now.
I do not wish you dead.
I go to the Hikari to beg for forgiveness.
For what? Telling them that you'll no longer allow them to kill your children? Mother the people are ready for a change.
If only you would lead them.
Where to their deaths? They're all fools they don't remember the stories before the covenant the raids, the murders, the wars.
They're not forgotten.
We're different people now.
No, we're the same.
It's you who are different.
We need you I need you.
Check his legs.
He seems to have lost a lot of blood.
It's just a scratch.
I guess we should stay.
No, no go fix the plane Dieter and I will get to know each other.
Wanna go home are not? He thinks we're still at war.
If he recovers consciousness he could be dangerous.
I'll make sure he doesn't bother you the plane gentlemen.
How are you? Never better.
What is this? The pact my ancestors made with the Hikari.
We give them virgins to sacrifice to their gods.
hey let us trade a simple business transaction.
Only it's not so simple.
As children we used to play Tinta and Hikari.
Everyone always wanted to be Hikari it would drive my mother crazy.
We saw them armed for battle; swords raised.
We thought they were heroes.
Why haven't you told her? What are you talking about? Your eyes, your hair you're pregnant.
The women offered in tribute have to be virgins.
Cassius? He doesn't know either does he? No Is that why you ran? I could give my life for the village but not my child's.
You should have told her mother she would've understood.
How can you be so sure? Because she's a mother too.
There's no waterway out of here jungle to the north and west desert to the east.
Well it was always a long shot.
I guess we head out in the morning.
Can we help you gentlemen? Cassius what is it? The Hikari will retaliate.
They will ride in here and they will kill us.
Perhaps you should evacuate the village.
You want us to run? It doesn't matter what we want.
- What do you want? - To stay to fight.
Sounds like a plan.
But we don't know how.
Help us to finish what you started.
Can I talk to you? You live only because you are strangers and are ignorant of our ways.
They seem pretty clear to me.
What my friend means is that man of good will -can always discuss.
- There is no discussion.
For your latest transgression we demand twelve of your strongest sacrificed to the sea.
You have two days to comply.
And if we refuse.
Your mother.
Oh my God! Mother.
no! For their defiance means only one thing total destruction.
To the sea that nurtures and feeds us we return Kayla to your womb.
Cherish her spirit, praise her honor, fill her as she has filled us.
Give her blessing, gentle slumber and peace.
I'm sorry.
Every end is a new beginning.
I'm the leader now the Tinta are my children.
What will you do? The elders want me to give into the Hikari.
They think that freedom is dangerous.
What do you think? My mother's life will be the last we sacrifice to the Hikari.
Liebchen you are still the curious one I see.
Hello there, so you finally decided to join us in the land of the living.
You're not too disappointed I hope.
You're still feverish.
Where am I? Not far from where you crashed.
Don't you remember? I remember Berlin summer of 1916 a red dress.
My friends and I carried you here.
It was an officer's banquet to celebrate our victory at Jutland.
You were unconscious from loss of blood.
And you were on the arm of a certain general the head of the secret service.
You're delusional.
The people who trust you they are delusional.
I wonder what they would think if they knew who you really are.
Well I guess we'll never find out.
Auf wiedersehen.
Marguerite I thought I heard voices.
Just me and my bedside manner, what's up? Well we got the fuel line patched.
It's ready to fly? I've got Summerlee working on the starter right now, a couple maybe three hours.
How's the patient? Nothing I can't handle.
You and Florence Nightingale.
Tarya has arrested the council of elders and locked them up.
It's for their own safety.
You've convinced the Tinta to fight.
Tarya's orders she's their new leader now.
These people know nothing of war.
They'll be annihilated.
Not if we can help it.
What do you know about doing battle? I know how to stay alive.
Oh I have a bad feeling about this.
If we don't fight a dozen of their people will die.
And if we hadn't of interfered in the first place none of this would've happened.
Tarya would be dead.
Exactly, one death, one tribune.
What you're readying for is wholesale slaughter.
You're wrong.
This is what the elders feared war.
This is what they've been trying to avoid for generations and now we just walk in and upset the status quo.
This is the jungle.
There is no status quo here everything changes.
The Tinta's would have revolted sooner or later.
If we stay and train them at least they stand a chance of surviving.
And what will happen the next time.
Or do you intend to take the place of the Hikari and become their great protector? No one's holding a gun to your head Challenger.
You can leave anytime.
Here you go.
How goes the training? - They're smart, strong.
- And if you had three months you can make them warriors.
They'll be fine.
Have you told Cassius yet? We're going to war.
All the more reason to tell him.
Tell him what? I'll see you later.
- What? - Nothing.
Even as a child I could always tell when you were lying.
I'm going to have a child our child.
This is wonderful.
- Put me down.
- I'm sorry I didn't hurt you did I? No, I'm fine.
How can this be wonderful our world may end tomorrow? It doesn't matter now that I know.
A part of me will always be alive and with you.
The Hikari have three means of possible approach.
Each part will be patrolled Veronica and her team over here Challenger here and I'll be positioned here.
You've all trained hard you know your jobs any questions? Yes? Am I going to die? He's afraid they're all afraid.
Perhaps you could talk to them.
War is dangerous.
I won't lie to them.
Perhaps you'd like me to take the floor Be my guest Challenger.
Let us call this day the feast of the Tintas He that lives this day and sees old age Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars and say These wounds I had on Tintas day From now until the ending of the world We will be remembered We few we happy few we band of brothers We band of Tinta Henry V yeah well if you're gonna steal Shakespeare's a good choice.
Never underestimate the value of a classical education Roxton.
He's still unconscious.
Doesn't that seem a bit odd? His fevers dropping he'll be fine.
What's keeping Malone? Can't tear him away from that plane lad finally seems to be enjoying himself.
With good reason.
Success? Close, I am starving.
Just as well our pilots still grounded.
I thought he was getting better.
Apparently there's been some, how would you put it Marguerite, complications.
Mysteries of medical science Professor you'd know better than I.
Perhaps you're right.
Maybe I should stick my head and check on the poor fellow.
No I'll go.
Finish your dinner.
All right.
Now, now, now you know you shouldn't be on your feet.
Leibshen if you had your way I would not be breathing.
- What the hell do you want from me? - I want you I want you to feel what it's like to be balanced on the knife edge between life and death.
How many solders? how many hundreds of men? I had my orders, as did you Herr Dieter.
It's a little late to grow a conscience now for both of us.
You're not the only one with the good memory.
I remember a certain village in Belgium.
A young girl lies in the street looks up at the handsome young officer.
Begging pleading for help, for mercy.
Enough Then a gunshot then silence.
As you said it is a little late to grow a conscience.
She's been in there for quite awhile.
I'll go check on her.
Which one is the mechanic? Good lord.
Relax hopefully it won't come to that.
I'm the mechanic.
Then you must go we have a plane to fix.
- Trouble sleeping? - A little.
I don't think anyone is sleeping too well tonight.
I'm frightened.
You'd be a fool not to be.
Oh I've faced death before just never convinced so many other people to do it with me.
It's what they want.
You really think so? People have died for a lot worse reasons then freedom.
You've faced battle before these people have no idea what tomorrow will bring.
Perhaps it's better that way.
Maybe we'll get lucky, maybe we'll throw a war and nobody will come.
Oh the Hikari will come they have to.
Fear is the way they stay in power.
And if we lose they have to make an example of the Tinta.
They won't leave many alive.
I have no intentions of losing.
No, you don't, do you? No.
There's something else? How many men will I have to kill tomorrow? Challenger, they have no mothers, no lovers, no children, they're not men.
Then what are they? The enemy get some sleep.
Four bullets left.
And I've got three.
Let's make them count.
Hikari Positions! They are coming.
- Everybody - This is it - Hide quickly - The hikari Whatever happens.
I love you too.
Patience Patience, wait move! I'm not afraid anymore Fall back! Roxton! One to go.
Be prepared to die.
Behind you! They did it they won.
Is this what victory looks like? No this is what the price of victory looks like.
All set.
It had better work.
I must reiterate how unnecessary this is we're not even armed.
Silence! The war is over Dieter that little piece of paper at Versailles.
A treaty signed at gun point.
The war is not over, merely postponed.
Will you send help back for us? What do you think Leibshen? Would you like me to tell people where you are? I think you'd like nothing better.
Of course we want people to know.
Poor Marguerite stranded in the middle and no man's land.
Hundreds of miles from civilization prey to the dangers of the jungle.
Perhaps hell has a way of claiming it's own.
What are you doing? You can't shoot her.
Step aside.
I think you're overlooking a critical point officer.
It takes two people to get the plane off the ground.
Somebody's got to spin the prop.
If you kill her I won't start the plane.
- Boys! - Neither will I.
Arthur don't.
I refuse to spin the props so you may as well shoot me now.
- Arthur.
- Very well.
Fire away.
I wonder if you know the kind of woman who you gentlemen are so gallantly defending.
Until we meet again.
Oh I'm counting the days.
I think I need a drink.
I think you deserve one, you both do.
Not an end a beginning.
I understand there'll be more battles ahead if that is what you mean.
Yes that's what he means.
Our destiny is our own now.
No one can ask for more than that.
Was it worth it? It must be to be otherwise would be to dishonor those who died.
And those not yet born.
Your mother would be very proud of you.
Thank you.
Well we have a long trip ahead of us.
May you find what you're searching for.
What kind of chance do you think they have? Honestly I don't know Challenger.
What kind of chance do any of us have? Nothing a little Amontillado won't cure I warrant.
Never got used to the quiet, night, darkness sometimes it's almost Palpable Yeah.
You wonder if it will ever be daylight again.
Sometimes you pray it won't.
You lose yourself in flowers and trees.
Looking at life under a microscope instead of living it in the world cowardly perhaps but much easier on the heart.
You did a very brave thing today.
Nature nurture my dear.
I don't follow.
When we crashed on this blasted plateau I left more than London behind.
Care to elaborate Professor? The people we were or thought we were.
Things we did what do they matter here? Marvelous opportunity really how many people get the chance to recreate themselves? Here's to new beginnings.
I'll drink to that.