The Lost World (1999) s01e15 Episode Script

Unnatural Selection

Spectacular, come on Ned, we need some human perspective.
You're sure I should get that close? Yes, Ned, go on.
Oh it's perfectly safe our subjects are herbivores, plant eaters.
Just try not to look like a vegetable and you'll be fine.
Keep it up Marguerite.
Pretty soon you'll be laughing out of the other side of your face.
Come now, smile.
You're about to be immortalized.
Yes think of what a lovely token it will be for what's her name? Marguerite please.
Smile again.
Gladys that's it, the girl back home? Won't she be surprised when she sees what a great adventurer you are.
Come on Ned, never mind her, now on the count of three one Bet she'll be even more surprised if we [2] send her a picture of Veronica.
Three It's magnificent.
It's just a pile of bones Challenger.
Maybe here but back in England this would be the eighth wonder of the world.
If any bones are headed back to England they're going to be mine.
We need to finish charting this stream before nightfall Challenger.
Oh very well.
What is it? It's a cartridge, a rifle cartridge.
So? Well neither of us fired our guns.
No rust and been fired recently.
Fired by who? Hey this one's got your name on it.
Is she ok? Are you hurt? It's you.
- I beg your pardon? - You know him? Of course I do, you're Uncle George! At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures Always searching for a way home A way out of the Lost World Father! Father! My god.
Renata what happened? Renata? Ape-men but I'm ok.
Look who saved me.
He looks exactly like the photograph.
It can't be.
Challenger? Hargrove! Veronica, Lord John Roxton Dr.
William Hargrove from London.
You're a long way from home Doctor.
How did you find me here? Well we didn't.
We didn't even know you were here not till now.
You haven't come for me? Sorry Doctor but we're still trying to find our own way off this blasted plateau.
Yes well so many questions so much to catch up on.
But I'm being a terrible host.
You've must have had quite a journey? Renata, why don't you show Roxton and Veronica where they can sleep tonight? Now really William I don't want to impose on you.
After saving my daughter's life a hearty meal and a good nights rest is the least I can offer you.
We could get an early start in the morning.
You two get settled in.
The good Doctor and I have much to talk about.
- Brilliant.
- This way.
- Let's relax inside hmm? - William, that girl? I've been saving a bottle of brandy for just such a special occasion.
Whoever she is; she is not your daughter.
I'll be more that comfortable, thank you.
Good and I'll be right next door.
Uncle George called you Lord Roxton is that true are you really royalty? Well actually it's an inherited title Renata; it really doesn't mean much anymore.
I think it's fascinating.
Really? Yes my lord, pray tell us more.
Perhaps enough about me.
It's quite a set up your father has here.
Ahh not this way.
Just the two of you for all this? My father really doesn't like anyone to leave the compound.
No problem just curious.
What was that? Ah ah nothing, lets go back.
It sounds like it's coming from that building.
Oh that's father's workshop.
What's in there? He doesn't like anyone to go in inside it's too dangerous chemicals, gasses from his experiments.
No, father would be furious.
Well we wouldn't want to upset father now would we? Of course not.
Thank you, now if you'll follow me it's almost time for dinner.
You can't expect me to believe such nonsense? Renata is my daughter George end of discussion.
Dammit William, don't lie to me.
How dare you.
Have you forgotten to whom you're talking? I thought I was speaking to my friend.
Yes the same friend who helped you grieve when you buried your daughter Renata fifteen years ago.
You can't actually believe that that girl is your daughter? William, I have never been your enemy.
I found her when I first arrived on the plateau.
Her parents were killed by ape-men leaving her an orphan in the jungle.
I saved her took her in as my own raised her as my own.
And she has no idea? None.
I even told her stories of London, our happy times walking together playing together, just as I did with my real daughter - before.
- Yes, I'm sorry.
Her memories are Renata's memories.
I won't let you change them.
I want your word damn you.
This must stay between us.
Renata must never find out the truth.
But is that fair on the child? What good would it do to tell her, except break her heart? Do I have your word, your word as a ? Father our guests are famished shall I start dinner? You ruined the picture.
It's wasn't my fault.
Are you admiring your handy work? What's that? Isn't it obvious? Dinosaurs and me.
No that.
Hey Summerlee I could kiss you.
- I beg your pardon.
- Look! - It's a woman.
- And around her neck? Headphones! It can't be.
It isradio headphones.
And where there are radio headphones? There may be a radio transmitter.
Who hoo London here we come.
Look Challenger I understand Hargrove is an old friend, but ah.
Was an old friend.
Something happened between you two.
Nothing to worry about.
And those noises we heard coming from the enclosure are they nothing to worry about too? Dr.
William Hargrove has always been a little unorthodox, shall we say.
Secretive, a little paranoid, like most geniuses.
You didn't see the way Renata spoke about him.
That's right it was almost as if she was afraid of her own father.
All right what aren't you telling us? Whatever you heard or thought you heard I heard it too.
I can assure you there is nothing strange going on here.
Dinner is served.
Nothing at all.
We're lost - I don't believe it.
I guess we should have waited until morning.
Must have been crazy to listen to you two.
Us? This was your idea.
Let's try tracking the woman in the photograph, you said.
How hard could it be, you said.
Veronica does it all the time.
Ohhh all right, all right no need to split hairs.
I'll let you both off the hook this time.
Will somebody please just get us the hell home.
Bless you.
Gesundheit Something I wonder what the - Let's get out of here.
- I'm with you.
All better now.
Summerlee? Marguerite To tell the truth George I have no idea how I finally got here I'm only glad I did.
Glad, to be stranded here? It's a kind of land where a man can still dream.
As I remember the only thing we dreamt about was work.
Too bad you had to give it up.
Well I still dabble.
Really? Tell me more.
Another time.
Thank you for a wonderful dinner Dr.
Off to bed so early? We've got a lot of ground to cover tomorrow.
She's right best make an early start.
Is that Strauss? I really should be turning in.
This was my mother's favorite dress.
It's very pretty.
Father said they once they went to all the fancy balls together.
Have you ever been? To a ball? Oh yes many times.
Were they glorious? They were long.
Don't you like to dance? Oh I've had my moments.
I've never danced.
Never? You know in London all the young men would be lining up to fill your dance card.
II've begged father to teach me but he won't.
He says it makes him sad to think of mother and all the fun they used to have.
I'll bet she was a beautiful dancer.
May I? I don't know how.
Well then it's the perfect time to learn my lady.
Just relax and let the music take you.
John! John! Veronica's gone.
Oh my God! Ape-men! And the tracks are still fresh.
There's still a good chance she'll be alive.
I'll get the guns.
- I'll go with you.
- No! - I want to help.
- It's too dangerous I won't permit it.
Renata and I will stay in case Veronica makes it back.
All rightthank you.
The ape-men have never attacked the compound before, they wouldn't dare.
Get to the house.
Rise and shine.
Hey those are our things.
Who are you? What do you want? A little blood circulation for starters.
How about untying us? Ah the dinosaurs, I remember you.
Exactly, but I can assure you we mean no harm.
Hmmm a Chosen One Do the others know? I beg your pardon? And beautiful.
Oh thanks.
Not as beautiful as I once was.
I'm sure, incidentally about this little item around your neck? Did you know that I was Queen of the nymphs and fairies? - Of course you were.
- You! mortal man, you were my down fall.
Look lady I've never seen you before in my life.
One like you I loved him and they cursed me.
Exiled me to this earth bound body.
Isn't that always the way, - but about those headphones, I - Now I grow old like you and soon I will die away from my home my people unless I can break the spell.
Tragic, now about that necklace of yours? Ah you came to steal this.
No, no not steal it.
We just want to know where you found it.
If I tell you will you help break the curse on me? Yes of course, anything we can do anything at all.
I need several drops of blood from a virgin.
- Oh! - Not you? No - Oh Madam I.
- Or you? What? What? You.
I don't know why you have to do this? It was your carelessness that took us down this path my dear.
I told them not to go in the barn.
Don't you see I'm doing this to protect us.
But he's your friend.
It's just like London all over again.
They poke and pry and disapprove and ask questions.
They won't stop until they've taken it all away.
Everything I've worked to build here gone.
- I know father.
- You don't know! My dear child you must trust me on this.
Let father do what needs to be done.
Where the hell are they taking her? The tracks are still fresh.
We must be getting close.
Wait! - We haven't got time.
- Dammit I should have noticed it sooner.
- What? - Take a look.
They're all ape-men tracks.
That's right, so where's Veronica's? Maybe one of them is carrying her.
One set of tracks would be set deeper than the others.
So either whoever we're following doesn't have her or Or she's already dead.
Dammit I don't believe it they're flanking us.
Using military tactics that's not possible.
They've got guns.
How the hell? They're outmaneuvering us Challenger we'll have to make a run for it.
What now? Damn, where the hell did my ammo go? Dammit, Hargrove.
It's time to swim.
The fall will surely kill us.
Either we jump or we're dinner.
Let me out of here.
I'm afraid that's impossible.
What kind of a monster are you? You and your friends are the real monsters you would destroy years of research my whole life and Renata's, crushed in an instant.
What have you done with Challenger and Roxton? This is the jungle; we do whatever's necessary to survive.
Challenger's your friend.
Friends come and go.
Only science stands the test of time.
For instance this creature over the years I've been altering his genetic structure.
Just a couple more shots and he'll be ready.
Ready for what? Breeding.
That's impossible.
Not anymore.
You wouldn't.
Come now Veronica, smile, you're about to become a mother.
Come on, Challenger.
Well we made it.
We're still alive.
How can you tell? I hurt too much to be dead.
Besides even in hell ape-men men don't use guns.
They do if they've been genetically altered.
He's a bloody genius Hargrove.
Are you saying he did this? Yeah What now? If the ape-men don't have Veronica, Hargrove does, let's go.
This is insane.
Hang on, it won't be much longer.
I'm gonna pass out, all the blood's rushing to my head.
It's a small price to pay to get us home.
Yes, that's easy for you to say.
You're not the one hanging upside down.
Ouch! Oh please.
Oh I'm going to be sick.
Ah my hip isn't what it used to be and I don't see as well at night anymore.
I was wondering would that concoction? You're human aren't you? All too human I'm afraid.
Alas, it doesn't work on mortal borns.
Hey wait a minute, before you go rushing off to your fairy prince.
- Kingfairy king.
- Whatever we had a deal.
What you seek is a five minute walk.
No more, no less.
Hello, if it wouldn't be too much to ask, would somebody get me the hell down? Renata? Renata? Renata talk to me! I thought you might be hungry.
I'm not.
For later maybe.
There isn't going to be any later.
Do you know what your father's going to do to me? My father is a great man, a great scientist.
Your father's insane.
He sent the ape-men to kill them, to kill Roxton.
He's just protecting himself, protecting me.
You don't understand it's because he has to.
It's London all over again.
I don't know what happened in London.
All I know is if you don't help me, I'm dead.
Please! Renata, Renata Renata this isn't right.
I can't.
Renata! Ah! Damn! There it is.
Keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors.
Hmm not the first man to lose his head over me.
That's not a very respectful way to treat the dead.
Give me a hand.
Can we get the radio out? Well, It would be easier if I had more than this.
It's a poor workman who criticizes his tools.
I'd hurry up if I were you.
Anytime now If I break the damn thing taking it out it won't be of much use.
If we get eaten it will be even less use.
If you would stop distracting him he might be able to finish.
I just need a minute.
Malone? Almost there.
- Malone? - Got it.
Maybe if you distracted it.
How - by being lunch? Back away Marguerite it's not worth it.
- I can do it.
- It will kill you.
- No, almost there.
- Marguerite! Are you out of your mind that was our way home.
- It wasn't worth your life.
- Dammit! Let's get out of here.
If Hargrove is such a genius what's he doing out here in the middle of nowhere? His daughter was dying of a genetic disorder in London.
He abducted her from the hospital and experimented on her desperate to save her life.
And he failed.
Those same scientific fools in England who thought me mad called it an act against nature.
They forced the police to pursue him on murder charges then he just disappeared.
Long way to run.
I thought he was dead.
I should have known better William is not the type to go quietly.
My guess is Veronica is in the compound.
We'll have a hard time breaking her out with no ammunition.
Careful Renata.
I buried the real Renata fifteen years ago.
I can only imagine who she is.
Yeah well right now she's our only ticket into that place.
Don't scream I won't hurt you.
- You're alive! - Just.
No thanks to Hargrove.
I didn't want to be hurt you've got to believe me.
Is Veronica in the compound? How do we get in? - The door.
- And the door's locked.
I stole the key.
Good girl.
Why are you doing this? For you.
Veronica? No it's a trap! You should have stayed in London.
So now what Hargrove? Well science always needs martyrs.
Just think of your sacrifice as a pathway to immortality.
You've gone mad William.
No need to be hostile after all George you're the reason I'm here.
You can't blame this on me.
Remember when I was the sane one and you were raving on about your lost world.
Well I thought what better place to hide then in a madman's dream.
- I told you to stay in your room.
- Why so she won't know the truth? He's going to kill us Renata.
No he promised.
He's lied to you Renata; he's lied all along.
If you don't tell her William I will.
Tell me what? - Not another word.
- No! Renata, give me the gun.
I want the truth father.
He's not your father child.
You won't live out the day.
What does he mean? I saw him bury his daughter in London fifteen years ago she was Renata.
Then who am I? Your my blood; my genes.
Renata, the ape-men we saved you from, they weren't attacking you.
They were fighting each other for the right to mate with you.
So who was my mother? - It doesn't matter.
- Tell me! I promise you won't die quickly.
This adventure wasn't a complete loss.
- She left us her necklace.
- A lot of good that will do us.
I wonder where she is.
Oh she's probably gone dancing with the sugar plum fairies.
Come on it's a long walk home.
It doesn't seem right to leave that old woman alone in the woods.
After what she did to us; I think she can take care of herself.
Still wouldn't it be grand if the spell really worked.
Of course it worked, I'm beautiful.
You coming? - Do you see that? - What? The creature, the little girl.
What are you talking about? The laughter, you didn't hear it? It's been a long day Professor.
What exactly did you see? Never mind.
Why didn't you tell me? I tried to tell you half a dozen times.
All these years, all these lies.
What does it matter? you are what you are.
And what exactly is that father? Come on.
Look at yourself, you're beautiful.
My mother was a beast, I'm a beast.
No, you're a miracle my miracle.
Keep going it's almost there.
I'm free.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
- After you.
Thank you.
William? All in the name of science, aye.
Father, Father? I love you.
Are you all right? Now, no one can ever do this again.
Come back with us.
I can't.
- Renata? - Please all my life decisions have been made for me.
I have another woman's name another woman's memories.
There is nothing left for you here.
It's where I belong.
Besides what would I do in your world? You could learn to dance.
Maybe, maybe someday when I know who I really am.
Thank you.