The Lost World (1999) s01e18 Episode Script


- Where the hell is Marguerite? - I don't know.
I count at least three.
Make that two.
- We can't keep running forever.
- Dammit.
We have to end this quickly; before they get reinforcements.
On three.
One two three.
What are they waiting for? Down! Is that all of them? - For the moment.
- Where is Marguerite? She came this way and there looks like there was a struggle.
Hers? Wherever she is and whatever it takes; we'll find her.
Ah so you do care after all.
Where the hell have you been? Blind date.
Do you hear that? The place is infested with them.
What do you think you're doing? We need to scare them.
What we need to do is get out of here before they spot us.
Marguerite that's a human grave.
And? Dead is dead.
- It won't make any difference to him.
- It makes a difference to me.
Well, throw some dirt on him and let's get out of here.
Is that a mummy? It's Egyptian.
Yeah right; and the stream we draw our water from that's the Nile.
May Anubis God of the dead torment the souls of any who disturb this grave.
A curse.
Look, give me a hand.
What are you doing? This is a monumental find.
You saved this guy the indignity of being dug up by cannibals just so you could do it.
This mummy may be the key to mysteries thousands of years old.
Did you see that? - See what? - His hand it twitched.
You almost had me there.
- I'm not kidding.
- Oh, don't be ridiculous.
- I don't know Challenger.
- It was an illusion the earth slipping away from the body.
Oh my God.
At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures Always searching for a way home A way out of the Lost World Can you imagine what those cannibals might have done if we'd left him? How was I supposed to know he wasn't dead? We'd better hurry; those cannibals will be coming back and they'll bring friends.
shhh try not to talk.
Quickly now - we need to get him out of here.
- Can you stand? Who are you? I think the introductions can wait.
I'm fine thank you.
I am Ramses Thirteen Pharaoh to my people.
We've mapped the western area ten miles out; - and still nothing.
- Maybe the others have had better luck.
I'm sorry I know how much you want to find a way off the plateau.
Well, as thrilling as this place is, I hadn't planned on making it a one way trip.
You have a life to get back to, you all do.
Some more than others.
Why does a Christian God find it necessary to create so many flying pests that bite? - That was too close.
- It had us why didn't it attack? I wish I knew.
A T-Rex nest there's your answer.
The raptor's belly was already full.
How horrible.
It's magnificent.
Professor what are you doing? Challenger will want to add this to his collection.
Professor put that down.
Oh come; Veronica the mothers obviously abandoned the site.
A T-Rex never abandons her nest.
She'd die first.
Point taken.
Let's get out of here.
Oh this is impossible.
Tell that to the pharaoh.
Do you have any idea what this would mean to discover a living culture that is the embodiment of Egypt the most glorious civilization of the ancient world? You have heard of my ancestral land? Of course we have.
And your ancestors managed to end up here? Our history tells of a noble king who vowed to rid our land of a murderous band of runaway slaves.
Really? He succeeded in driving them out of Egypt but the heathens prayed to powerful Gods.
The sea itself turned against us; swallowed up my ancestors.
Let me guess, the survivors wandered in the desert for forty years.
A hundred.
Their journey finally brought them here.
Oh this really is the find of the century.
I'm really beginning to hate those things.
Don't worry about me; Gunga Din can fend for herself.
Well that time it wasn't close at all.
We may not have found a way off the plateau but at least we've got something to bring back to dinner hmmm.
Well the first thing I do when I get home is eat something I don't have to kill.
- You'd miss the excitement.
- Well this part I won't miss.
The T-Rex she followed us.
She must have sniffed out the fresh kill.
I vote we leave it for her give her an easy meal.
- Better the raptor than us.
- Let's go.
May I enter? I get the feeling you don't normally have to ask first.
Only when entering the chamber of a Queen.
Well in that case my castle is your castle.
So how did you survive being buried alive? The Gods protected me.
They summoned the serpent to burrow a whole near my face.
Lucky you.
It was a sign of my divine right to rule a judgment against Nefertiti, my sister.
Your sister had you buried alive? When my father died she saw her chance, and killing me made her the only heir to the thrown.
Now my people have to suffer her murderous rule.
Well so much for your delicate flower theory.
And I am left with nothing to offer my beautiful savior.
Offer me? A woman like you deserves the riches of a kingdom.
Riches as in gold, jewels? More than you can count.
No it's absolutely out of the question.
All I'm saying is we keep him alive long enough to warn his people of his sister's treason.
I am not a hired gun.
He goes back by himself she'll just kill him again.
Probably do a better job of it this time.
- Thank you.
- So we shouldn't go back.
It's his world he not gonna just give it up.
Marguerite this isn't our fight.
I don't believe you two.
A reporter; and you, you call yourself a visionary? Pharaohs in the jungle Challenger it's the eighth wonder of the world.
And what has he offered you? Excuse me? Well we all know what drives you Marguerite.
Do we? Gold - jewels or is it money? Don't get self righteous on me Challenger.
Gold - glory we're all driven by something.
I know you want this find.
So do whatever it takes to convince yourself you're being noble we leave in an hour.
My God did you see the size of that thing? Yes very humbling.
Our guns would be pea shooters against her.
Luckily brains won out over brawn hey Roxton? * What's the matter? - She left the raptor.
- Maybe she didn't see it.
- Uh uh.
- You think she's hunting us? Not us.
Me? You think she's hunting me? You touched her egg; your scent is in her nest.
She thinks I destroyed her nest.
If that's the case she'll be doubling back soon.
We need to move we'll use this to try to create a false trail.
- Try to slow her down.
- This way.
That's not the way to the treehouse.
We're not going to the treehouse Summerlee.
Unless you want her to follow us home? Nono! This is it? One pyramid, a dozen people? This is our place of worship, our civilization lies many days to the west.
So what are they doing? It's a coronation.
The pyramid is my father's tomb.
The priests transfers his power to Nefertiti making her the next pharaoh.
It's remarkable.
Get down.
I thought you said everyone would be pleased to see you? And they will be, when we kill her.
Praise to Ra! You never said anything about killing your sister.
I wish it could be different, but to reclaim my kingdom it's the only way.
- It's out of the question.
- You lied to me.
No I mislead you perhaps, but only because I feared you wouldn't come.
You're right we wouldn't have.
But you must help me; I need your strength, your weapons.
We didn't sign up for murder.
Why bother to save me only to condemn me now? You have your life.
My life, my life belongs to my people.
How can I live while they remain enslaved? If Nefertiti isn't stopped, I won't be the only one buried alive.
Ramses I'm sorry I wish we could help you but we are not going to kill your sister.
No of course not.
I let my passion take hold of me, but killing her I mustn't lower myself to her level.
You said your people would follow you if they knew the truth.
They would but as long as Nefertiti wields the scepter of Ra no one will dare challenge her.
The scepter of Ra? It is the symbol of the Pharaoh's divine power.
Whoever holds it controls the kingdom.
So if hypothetically you were to get hold of the scepter? Nefertiti would have no choice but to concede the throne to me.
A bloodless coup.
All right I'm listening.
We must act tonight while Nefertiti keeps vigil in my father's burial chamber.
Tomorrow she'll return to our kingdom and surround herself with a hundred guards.
So this is her last night in the tomb? - Alone.
- Her and a dozen guards.
No only two at the entrance.
If we make it that far.
That should do it.
We can't risk a bigger fire.
As far as I'm concerned this hole is an oasis.
Oh just to sit down.
Well at least we won't starve.
Would you like some professor? I don't think I've got the energy to chew.
Is this really necessary we must have lost the beast hours ago? I'm afraid you don't understand.
It's not just a hungry animal Professor.
It's a personal vendetta.
Try to get some rest.
I didn't realize eyelids cold hurt so much.
Poor thing he's had quite a day.
Just one more adventure to tell his grandchildren when he gets back home.
Veronica, if we do find a way off will you come with us? This is my home; I have no reason to leave.
Not even for Malone? Ned already has someone.
Not like you he doesn't.
No, me I can take down a raptor climb a hundred foot tree or knife a snake at twenty paces.
But I'd never know which fork to use.
So you're interesting, you're unique.
I'm not a publisher's daughter.
Gladys isn't your problem, she's Malone's.
If you care about him - tell him.
Let him work it out.
I'll take first watch.
All right.
Oh Veronica, trust yourself and Malone.
I am risen.
- Owww - Quiet you'll bring the whole garrison.
- Come on lets get inside.
- Oh I think you broke my nose.
You're fine let's go.
One day I'm gonna strangle that woman.
Take a number.
This is incredible, it's magnificent.
Was it someone you knew? The pyramids architect.
He gave his life so he could become one with his creation.
- Killed himself? - He was sacrificed.
Gotta love tradition.
Now his spirit either curses or protects those who enter.
Any word on which way he's leaning with us? This way.
I claim what is rightfully mine.
How dare you enter this holy place! Is that any way to welcome your brother back from the dead.
Let our father welcome you when I have sheathed my dagger in your heart.
Easy now, no one needs to get hurt.
Who are these demons that accompany you? We're just trying to restore the balance of power.
Before you had Ramses buried alive that is.
Fiend - spawn of Set.
I prefer you call me Pharaoh.
- Any sign of her? - None.
- She must have given up.
- Uh uh.
Not convinced.
Let's make it home alive then I'll be convinced; time to wake Summerlee -and for us to get going.
- Give him a minute.
He could use the rest.
Nonsense my child I'm as fit as a fiddle.
Of course you are, let's go.
Are you all right? Just tweaked my back should settle in a minute.
Oh he's all right, aren't you Summerlee? I tell you what Veronica and I will take point you watch our backs.
In case that things still out there.
Thank you John, you can count on me.
Good man.
Run Summerlee! Move it! Come on.
come on.
come on! We are Ramses risen from the dead.
Osiris himself kneeled before us.
Bidding us return from the underworld to lead our people into a new age of conquest, of glory.
Blessed by Ra our power is infinite.
Demon you are cursed not blessed.
Devil - perversion of darkness.
now who had who buried alive? No killing her Ramses that was the deal.
But of course not that would be barbaric.
A conscious now from the monster who murdered his own father.
- What? - Oops.
- Murder? Why do I get the feeling we backed the wrong horse.
I'll see your corpse rot for this brother.
You won't be seeing anything for much longer dear sister.
Perhaps you should have let me kill her.
You evil son of a bitch.
I am Pharaoh beyond good and evil.
Here, ample compensation for your trouble.
and your weapons.
This has not been a good day.
Ramses manipulated us from the moment we dug him up.
Yeah, that was our first mistake.
We can't leave him in power.
Was I at the wrong party or did we actually have a choice in the matter? - We have to go back.
- Wait Challenger how do you plan to dethrone him? - I don't know.
- Brilliant! - Why didn't we think of that? - Do you realize what we've done? Yes thank you I am well aware.
All I am saying is there's some things you can't undo.
He's right Marguerite we've got to try.
How? In case you've forgotten he took our guns.
We'd be lucky to make it back to the treehouse alive.
Let's at least rearm ourselves before we play cavalry.
It would be too late by then as long as Nefertiti is alive she's a danger to him.
- He's right we don't have a choice.
- Fine! You two want to go off and get yourselves killed have fun.
It's a matter of honor.
What good is honor to you if you're too dead to enjoy it? Hey! I'm not going with you.
I'm not.
George Don Quixote, as if there aren't enough ways to die out here already.
- We'll never out run it.
- I'm slowing you down.
- No, I didn't mean it like that.
- No time to argue people.
Roxton what on earth are you doing? We're going to need a tourniquet.
- For what? - Blood it's the strongest scent of all.
- There's got to be another way.
- Well I'd do it myself I'm sorry Summerlee but it's you she wants.
I'm afraid he's right Professor.
The more blood around the less likely she'll be able to pick up the real trail.
It's your curse you're just too charming; - you're her man.
- Just do it.
Hot isn't it? Not exactly the kind of stones I was hoping for.
Thanks for coming back to warn us.
You kidding? It had nothing to do with you.
Really? If I show up without the two of you what was I supposed to tell the others? More trouble that it's worth.
If it means anything, I'm proud of you.
Thank you - it doesn't.
uh not that way.
You can't be serious.
We can be the hunter or the hunted; it's your choice.
I don't see Nefertiti.
He must have sealed her inside the pyramid.
* - Let's go find out.
- No, first things first.
Let's get our weapons back then we can dig her out.
- She could be dead by then.
- She's probably dead now.
Come on.
Why do I bother? Just a few more inches.
Help would be appreciated.
That's it we've almost got it.
Well what are you waiting for? - Ladies first.
- Age before beauty.
- Well technically I was born in 1895 so.
- Don't make me hurt you.
There she is.
Its okay we're here to help.
What is it? Who's there? Three people who've made a terrible mistake.
Just get her unraveled so we can get out of here.
I don't think so.
I suspected something when my guards failed to return.
Maybe they took a wrong turn.
- Seal them in! - No! Save it, its solid stone and a foot thick.
Wait it's a foot thick.
The tomb is sealed, it's air tight.
There is another exit for the Pharaohs spirit to pass beyond.
Well, anytime now.
The way will be revealed after death.
Mind if we don't wait that long? Sorry about the climb Professor.
At least this is one terrain she is not suited for.
We'll soon find out.
- Well maybe she's given up.
- Would you? Her babies are dead.
Dammit what's it gonna take to lose that thing? Me.
You can't be serious? Oh yes I am child.
It's my scent the mother has in her brain.
No reason to sacrifice the two of you as well.
Professor you're coming with us.
I'll carry you if I have to.
We're all in this together.
I wish you'd reconsider my plan.
Dying is not part of the plan, let's go.
Dammit, there's no way around it no way over it.
Apparently your right John, we are all in this together.
Anything yet? Yeah, the crops came in nicely.
Oh a few wars won woman and slaves taken; man stuff mostly.
You? Nothing that says exit.
Can you give us a better idea of what we're looking for? It won't be a single word.
It's not something meant to be read by the living.
How do you talk to the dead? In a prayer.
Yeah a prayer, but to who? Apis guide to the underworld.
Is this guy tall,thin, short what? He's a bull.
Got him Come and read this.
Ra's love will deliver you.
It's the same here.
It's on all of them.
Yes this one too.
That's what these remind me of the mirrors in a periscope.
But Ra's love.
What does Ra love? The sun.
Get the torches bring them to the mirror.
Hold them close.
It worked.
- Ramses.
Ramses? - He's gone.
We're too late; my people are doomed.
Not if we can stop him.
Impossible, you don't know his power.
We've seen worse.
Even if I return, he'll divide my people with civil war.
He holds the scepter of Ra.
Listen lady nobody buries me alive and gets away with it.
We'll have to travel quickly.
I can see shadows, light.
Your retinas are seared.
Do you think you can keep up with us? If there's a chance to save my people.
Let's see, Ramses has our guns magic scepter; armed guards.
We have a blind woman and two swords any ideas? Maybe, give me a minute.
Well the wind shifted our scent.
She's confused but not for long.
Marvelous creature really.
A bit too stubborn from my liking.
You were right I should have told Ned.
You'll get your chance.
You have a plan? Seems you were right Professor.
There is only one way to stop her.
What? There that should do it.
This is the largest one I could find.
Yes, that'll do.
There's not much time.
Get it up.
Let me see your arm.
You need more blood; anything for the cause.
Not this time; just your bandage.
Summerlee? Come on.
There, I'd say you never looked better.
And just in time.
Stop Ramses I command you! I too have returned from the dead brother.
Down! You have returned for the last time you blind pretender.
Seize her! Don't tell me another surprise return.
A resurrection really.
- You should have stayed buried.
- I could say the same about you.
I command you Ra show them your power.
The light is mine! - Now! - No! Queen.
Well forgive me if I don't find it amusing.
- Oh you wouldn't precious one.
- Malone.
Well let's face it Marguerite he had you fooled.
While you two saw right through him; please.
Ned? You're back.
Yeah we were out with a Pharaoh.
- I'll tell you all about it later.
- Ned wait - I ah - What, something wrong? No.
I missed you.
Yeah? Yeah.
Ah there she is; the woman who would be Queen.
So you've heard.
Congratulations ever heard of knocking? I guess that Pharaoh guy well he was pretty sweet on you huh? You find something humorous in that? Me? No.
It may interest you to know that some men appreciate the finer qualities in a woman.
Well, do tell.
Oh a certain air of distinction; a noble bearing of gentility a sensuous passion smoldering beneath a thin veil of civility.
I see.
Of course it takes a special man to appreciate these things.
It's just a damn shame it took a power mad homicidal maniac to bring out the best in you.
Well so much for civility.
Why are you here? I just wanted to say hello.
Consider it said; anything else? Yes welcome home.