The Lost World (1999) s03e03 Episode Script

An Eye for an Eye

Easy, old boy.
I'm not ready for the roasting pot just yet.
You didn't have any luck, either.
Oh, I haven't seeing a thing a little longer enough for shot.
Oh, it's very quiet.
Still we can't go back to the treehouse empty-handed.
I'd never live it down.
You know this small stand the trees.
Just down along the sore the inland sea it usually good, my be worthy a try.
I defer to your expertise.
I'll try here, we rendezvous back in half and hour? Right you are! Well, well, well, what have we here? This is one hell of a graveyard if I've ever seen one.
Best not to disturb it, dare I say.
Challenger? Perhaps something a little bigger.
Just leaving my friend not looking for any trouble.
Over there now.
What the Devil How many are you? Where did you go? Oh boy.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Mystery solved.
That's a little to close for comfort.
only back for more, hey? All right.
Come on, Come on, you near-sighted tank! All right back to where we started.
And no harm done.
Au revoir my friend.
No, I'm warning you.
You are making me very angry.
Last chance to run away! Enough is enough.
Oh I gave you a chance and you wouldn't take it.
You know, I have a good mind to mount that rack of yours on the tree house wall.
Too bad you taste so bloody awful.
Can move.
Not a good feeling, is it? Being helpless.
I am Oseena Protector of this sacred ground.
You have violated the sanctity of this hallowed place by killing one of these magnificent creatures without reason, robbing it of its final days.
You are thinking that I am here to kill you to avenge the life that you have so needlessly taken.
But you are wrong.
You will not die.
Not yet.
Nor by my hand.
There, you are cursed.
But you will not die quickly.
You will be hunted relentlessly.
You will learn what it feels like to be unable to escape the brutal hunter.
You will run and hide and plead for mercy, and find none.
You will be degraded and humiliated, and in the end you will beg for death.
Oh there you are.
What was all the shooting about? - What happened to you? - I don't know for sure.
I stumbled into some sort of dinosaur graveyard and almost got killed by one very angry triceratops.
Well, those brutes can be treacherous indeed.
Nothing compared to the creature I just encountered.
Oseena! She said she was some kind of woman part animal.
I was paralyzed, Challenger! I couldn't move at all.
I couldn't even speak.
Some kind of guardian.
Protector of the sacred arch, she said.
Challenger, you, you've got to believe me.
I swear to you, she reached in to my chest, and she pulled out something I don't know what it was, but it was dark and very evil! And I saw it devour my weapons like some kind of animal! How do you feel? Empty in a way.
I can't explain.
She said I was cursed for killing a dinosaur, and that I would be hunted, like an animal.
Then she just vanished.
So you're being hunted by some predatory- thing that came out of your chest.
Where is it now? I don't know.
But it's close I think.
Very close.
It's going to be dark in half an hour.
Let's get back to the tree house.
Here, you take this for protection.
Hunting is over for the day.
Roxton! Do you see it? No.
But I can feel it.
The last think I want to do is lead it back to the tree house! Well, that's what the electric fence is for.
Do you really think an electric fence could stop a shadow? Well, whatever it is, we'll deal with it together.
Come on.
Marguerite and Veronica will be worried.
Why does it seem you had better luck hunting when Malone was around? We didn't.
When Malone was here, there was just one more of us to do the job, that's all.
Maybe it's time you gave up meat altogether.
We have lots of fruits and vegetables around here.
Fine for monkeys and other distant cousins, but humans have been carnivores since we climbed down from the trees.
Except humans have a choice I can't find any reference to the name Oseena in your father's journals.
I don't remember my parents ever mentioning her, or the graveyard Roxton found.
Shifting planes of reality, another phenomenon of the plateau.
Whatever the explanation.
- This place was real.
- Oh quite so.
But it is odd that Veronica's parents never encountered this animal guardian.
Well, my parents are vegetarians.
That explains a lot of things.
I think when you're feeling better, we should return to this place for a closer examination.
the first thing tomorrow.
She had some very nasty nails.
Not nails, claws.
She had scales on her face and body.
- Sounds attractive.
- No, not at all.
But that predatory look in her eyes was somewhat familiar.
Be careful, Lord Roxton.
I have a pair of scissors in my hand! Yes.
It's another beautiful day, Ned.
I only wish you were here to share it with me.
Roxton was right.
Veronica! Veronica! - Where is she? - She must be beyond the fence.
Good gracious! - Hang on, Veronica! - Like I have a choice! Marguerite.
Here! Give me a hand! Careful.
Are you hurt? Not hurt.
Just angry.
Who did this? You know, if you'd been a couple of pounds heavier She'd be shish-kabob! It wasn't meant for Veronica.
- It was designed for me.
- What do you mean? If I had stepped into that snare, my weight would have brought me straight down onto those stakes.
That's true enough.
You said this thing that's hunting you is an amorphous mass.
Do you think it is capable of creating something as sophisticated as this? Apparently so.
Who else could it be? Maybe that woman you encountered in the graveyard.
No! More like whatever she pulled out of me.
Whatever that was, maybe you're better off without it.
Come on.
What do you think you're doing? - I'm going after it.
- Not on your own, you're not.
George, I will not let anyone else take responsibility for what I've caused! It could have happened to anyone of us.
But it didn't! It happened to me! We stick together on this, John.
If it's hunting you, it's hunting all of us.
There must be some way to lift this curse.
If only we knew more about this guardian.
What else do we need to know? She said there was no escape that I'll be hunted down and killed.
But it's shadow.
No, Marguerite.
It's obviously much more than that.
Roxton, do you recall anything specific about the location - because if you do - Look out! Challenger! The bullet went right through, but it's hard to tell how much damage was been done.
- I'm all right.
- Take it easy! You've lost a lot of blood.
He won't be the only one.
I'm going to track this thing down and kill it! - Not on your own, you're not.
- You're in no condition to move.
You're not walking out of here alone.
What are you going to do? You going to stop me? Yes! If I have to.
- Get out of my way, Veronica.
- I'm going with you.
Marguerite can stay here and watch Challenger.
John! Please! If you get shot If I get shot what? I won't have anyone to antagonize.
My life will be quite dull.
I can promise you I won't let that happen, Marguerite.
But I brought this creature here, and I And we'll get rid of it together! That's the way it's always been.
Veronica's right.
Divided we fall.
We can all use a little help once in a while, John.
Even you! Very well.
- Human footprints! - You sound surprised.
I told you what was following me.
A shadow pulled from your chest.
Whatever it was, it's obviously human now.
A triceratops is tough as leather.
Why did you shoot it when you didn't have to? Oh believe me, Veronica, I gave it every chance to get away.
It just wouldn't have it.
I really had no choice.
It just doesn't make any sense.
This woman, the animal protector she must have seen what happened! Well, if she did, she didn't see it my way.
Twice the damn thing tried to gore me.
I run, I ducked, fired warning shots over its head.
Ultimately, one tends to lose his temper Watch out! That was a little too close for comfort! Damn right.
A very clever piece of work.
He set this trap and doubled back on himself Exactly the kind of play I'd use.
Now which way did you go? What's he up to? Back and forth circle round and round.
Is he trying to lose us? If he is he's not doing a very good job.
I think he's playing a game.
He's the cat and I'm suppose to be the mouse.
Over there! He's coming this way.
His first and last mistake.
It's you! No bloody likely.
Throw down your weapons! Who are you? Last chance! Next one's got your name on it! Shoot him! Roxton! What are you trying to do? Get yourself killed? What kind of a thing is that! Some dark form of you.
I've seen it pulled out of me.
She gave it life.
Oh he's quick! Just one mistake, that's all I ask for.
Look! Can't be far.
How can it just disappear? This's really surprising, it must be around here somewhere.
Or maybe it headed back down to the river.
No, I don't think so.
Here! He's heading north! To the tree house! - The tree house.
- Exactly where I'd go.
Roxton! Thank God.
We were starting to worry.
Where's Veronica? I see you found your hat and your weapons.
What is it? What's the matter with you? What's wrong, Roxton? Is Veronica all right? Where is she, Roxton? Say something! John? What are you doing? That must be Veronica now.
Oh, there's two of them! No! No.
Not Marguerite! No! Damn No! Roxton.
Are you okay? Challenger! It's me you want! Come and get me! Here I am! Come and get me.
Not so invincible after all.
Ready when you are.
I hate leaving you alone like this, Challenger, but Roxton needs all the help he can get.
- This thing is like a one-man army.
- His darker side.
The ruthless hunter he might have been without the benefit of his higher faculties.
Thank God for evolution.
Are you sure you're going to be all right? Well I'm no good for travelling, but I can still handle a rifle.
You, ready? Yeah, let's go.
You be careful, I want you all back in one piece.
Including Roxton.
Including Roxton.
Do we even know if we can kill this thing? - Everything dies, Marguerite.
- I'm not so sure about that.
What is it? One of them is bleeding! Which one? Nothing! Surely think one of this journals will provide some inside and no.
Oh, Malone Based on everything I know about science your presence here is impossible.
But If you know something that will help us I'm willing to make an exception.
This is not a game! Show me, Malone! Show me what you know! Found this the 8th of May a cemetery of some sort.
on the sore of the inland sea.
Dinosaur's bones, scattered everywhere the only clue to its origin maybe these hieroglyphics.
It's done monument of mamut tusk.
Where is our translator when we need her? This only one thing for it, find her Come on my friend.
We'll end it right here.
Now what? It's him, run! - My rifle! - Leave it! Leave it! Leave us alone.
We're not looking for any trouble.
Speak for yourself.
Go ahead, you brute.
What you are going to do? NO! NO! Roxton! - Marguerite! - Run! Run! Run! - NO! - NO! - Marguerite! - Roxton! No! Marguerite! Marguerite! You lay a hand on her, my friend, and I'll rip your heart out.
If you have one.
He's heading for the graveyard! Good Lord! Veronica! What did Roxton do to deserve a brother like you? You know who I am, don't you? You know what I mean to him.
Say something! You look like him, but that's as far as it goes.
Maybe in a million years you'll be able to understand it like he does, but you will never be the man he is.
NO! Where are you going? I haven't finished talked to you yet! You're nothing but an animal! Do you hear me? A savage, brainless brute The very antithesis of him! You feel it don't you.
The emptiness.
The difference between the two of you.
You want to be like him! Kind gentle capable of something more than just mindless violence.
I see it in your eyes.
The pain, loneliness.
How sad it must be to never know the warmth of another living being.
To never feel their love.
Do you know what that is? Love? It's to value another person's life and happiness more than you do your own.
To willingly lay down your life for theirs.
The man you want to be, taught me this.
He's taught me more than anyone I've ever known! He helped me find this love within myself.
I love him! And I never told him! If there is anything of him in you maybe I could love that too.
Don't walk away! Please! Untie me! - Challenger! - It's all right, this is me.
- Where is he? - He is gone.
And taken Marguerite with him, I presume.
To use her as bait to get to Roxton.
That will be my best guest.
Look what I found in Malone's journals.
- He pointed it out.
- You saw Malone? No! No.
Unlikely as it may seems I believe he saw me and you we needed his help.
He'd visited the dinosaur graveyard where Roxton ran into Oceena.
And he copied down these hieroglyphics.
Do you think Roxton can use this to shake the curse? I don't know, if possible, but Marguerite is the linguist, we need her to translate.
We'd better go and find them, let's go.
That's better, A little closer.
Touch my face, feel my hair.
Don't be frightened.
You feel it? The warmth, the love? I'm yours! Untie me and we will be together always! Do it.
Do it now! Please.
Marguerite! No, no, It's just us.
No one else is there! No one else is there.
- Roxton! - Marguerite! Oh thank God! Are you all right? What has he done to you? Oh! Nothing you can't fix.
NO! No.
I wonder where you had ducked to.
Oh damn! If you insist.
Tell me when you've had enough.
Get up! Roxton, get up! That's the best you can do? Right here, my friend.
Right here.
What are you doing? You're mine! Kill him! Kill him! I beat you.
I finish you.
What are you doing? Roxton No! Roxton, Roxton Say something, say something! What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? That must be Oseena The mercy you have shown surprises me.
Perhaps there is reason to hope that your own compassion will continue to rule over your darker passions.
Your newfound respect for life has lifted the curse.
Now leave this sacred place.
And in peace.
Roxton! Is it really you? Never better, it would appear.
I think we'd better get out of this place before the guardian changes her mind.
The sooner the better.
Cementeries are for the dead.
Well you know what? He wasn't so tough! Oh! Your darker side left quite a mess around here, Roxton given us the perfect opportunity to evaluate my latest invention.
A manual vacuum cleaner Looks like more work than a broom.
When's the last time you pick up a broom.
The original vacuum cleaner were as big as a lorries.
At least this one is compact and portable.
I feel a little funny flapping my arms up and down like this.
Yes, Like some kind of animal.
Hopefully not like the one that came out of you.
Well I feel fine, like a new man in fact.
Not too civilised, I hope.
Why, Marguerite, whatever do you mean? Listen! Since the dawn of time, the world has been a brutal place.
Animals killing animals, but only for survival.
Man alone stands in opposition to this natural law.
But here in this sacred place, there is peace.
All who enter must respect the sanctity of life, and those who cannot control the beast within, will by it be consumed.
So that's what it said, So it seems, Roxton, your act of mercy saved you from yourself.
And made you whole again.
I wonder what other little secrets Malone scribbled down in here.
I think you should show more gratitude.
Oh! Sorry.
Very well, Malone If you can hear me, thanks for the contribution.
But do me a favour next time, speak a little sooner? What have we here? Another of Malone's journals.
More bloody trouble, no doubt! *