The Lost World (1999) s03e09 Episode Script

A Witch's Calling

Two more days until the moon is right my boys! I call upon the powers of the supernatural Enter my body.
Fill me with your vision and magic! I am the southern witch of darkness.
Still out there, are you? Well, not for much longer.
Narina, Brywik, where are you? - We're here, Dame Alice, - Waiting on your calling.
Tonight your patience will be rewarded.
I need your help.
This will be the final test of your initiation.
- What is it you want us to do? - Anything.
We are ready.
I believe you are, Narina.
You are too, Brywik.
There is a wizard who dwells in a house built in the trees.
He is a dark magician who has devised machinery that threatens to destroy the supernatural.
He must be destroyed! But what can we do against a man like this? You can do a great deal.
He is protected by two guards I want you to bring them here to join in the celebration of your initiation.
I will vanquish the wizard and his familiar myself.
No more than a servant, like my dogs.
I'm sure of that.
Two nights from now, when the moon is full, you will gain the ability to fly, to change shapes into any human being, to heal or to destroy.
If you succeed in your tasks, then you will earn the power of the witch.
It is a big responsibility.
Where will we find this house in the trees? Go north to through valley until you reach the forest of the ancient trees.
I will watch your progress in the stone.
We will not fail you, Dame Alice.
We must leave immediately.
In two days, your fasting will be over.
The wizard's guards will die, and you will dine on their flesh.
As for you, wizard, enjoy the short time you have left.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Nothing! Nothing and more nothing.
Where are you, Veronica? Challenger built a fine balloon, Malone.
But do you really think it's still be in the air two weeks after it disappeared? I keep hoping she'll repair and get it flying again.
Why would she? This plateau is her home.
She'll return to us on foot.
But the balloon could have drifted She may not even be on the plateau anymore.
True enough.
Who knows? Maybe she's on her way to London right now to organise and expedition and come back and find the rest of us.
Wouldn't that be a fine chapter for one of your journals.
In other words, we may never find her.
That's a possibility we all have to face, Ned.
Until we know for sure, we can't stop looking.
We can't lose hope.
Just like we never lost hope when you were missing.
You're right.
If Veronica's on the plateau, we'll find her.
I hope I'm not invited on this little excursion.
Good morning, Marguerite! We wouldn't start without you.
Please do! My back are sore, my arms are sore, my legs are sore - Need I continue? - Please don't! My ears are sore.
Take a break, Marguerite.
Stay home.
Thank you, Ned.
- How long is this expedition last? - Two days.
Or less.
We're hoping that Veronica's already on her way back to the tree house.
I like the sound of that.
You can man the binoculars and take care of Challenger.
Where is he? Do you want to tell her or shall I? Oh, be my guest.
Challenger is working on a new invention.
A device for tracking flying objects.
What is the matter with you? Having a problem there, George? It was working fine last night, then this morning, I don't know.
Seems to have a mind of its own.
A machine that thinks! Now that really would be something.
Right now I'd settle for one that just functions properly.
Remind me what it's supposed to do again? As well you know, in 1888, Heinrich Hertz established that radio waves travel at exactly the same speed as light, and that like light, they could be reflected.
A few years later Hertz demonstrated the value of this discovery by using reflected radio waves to discern distant objects.
Like, ah, aeroplanes and runaway balloons, huh.
Veronica knows how that balloon works, Roxton.
She helped me build it.
If it's not too badly damaged, I'm sure she'll be able to get it airborne again.
Why would she, George? The balloon is what got her lost in the first place.
Roxton is convinced she abandon it and walk home.
That's right.
Yes, I suppose that is a distinct possibility, But we have to use everything at our disposal to try and locate her.
Science has always been my greatest tool when it works.
Well, keep working on it, If anyone can make it work, Challenger, it's you.
In the meantime, we'll execute the search the old-fashioned way.
Good luck! The wizard's guards are leaving.
This is going to be easier than we thought.
You know, Ned, I've been meaning to ask you and please, I don't mean to pry but I never did really understand what was going on between you and Veronica.
Well, let's just say I care for her deeply.
We'll always be great friends but romantically, I think she's looking for something else.
Like what? Well, she loves my stories not me.
I think she needs a man of action, more like you.
You know, sometimes you are far too hard on yourself.
I mean, for a man of words, you've seen more than your fair share of action.
Well, 'live when you're young, write when you're old', that's my new motto.
Why don't we split up? I'll continue on the crest of the hill, you continue through the valley, and we'll meet in about two hours at the creek bed.
- Tired of my company already? - I didn't want to say it, but you are slowing me down a little.
I'll see you in two hours.
Don't be late! They are splitting up.
Which one do you want? The blond looks very appealing.
Good! I like the other one myself.
Oh! Don't shoot! Well, who are you? My name is Narina.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Oh really! Why would that be? well, uh, don't you remember? No.
No, I don't.
And that's close enough.
Oh! Look! Look! Good one, Roxton.
Hey! Come back here! No balloon.
Excuse me! Hello? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to are you all right? Yes, yes, I'm fine.
You look a little out of breath though.
Yeah, I guess I do.
I didn't mean to startle you.
Are you lost? Lost? Oh, no, Not at all.
I left my village long ago to lead a life of my own choosing.
- What, alone in the jungle? - No.
I live in a castle.
It's not too far from here.
A castle.
Built into the side of a mountain.
It's very old.
- Do you want to see it? - Sure.
But I really can't right now.
I've got to meet a friend of mine due south of here in a couple of hours.
I'm going that way myself.
Maybe we could walk together until our paths diverge.
I don't see any harm in that.
Tell me about this castle of yours.
You're not getting away with this! Not with my bloody rifle.
Now I've got you.
Such good girls.
The guards are out of the way, and the wizard is alone and unprotected.
I think it's time to pay a visit, and to see just how powerful you really are.
I've checked it and rechecked it, so.
I don't understand! Looks like it's working fine.
The mechanics are the easy part.
It's not sending out a signal.
Maybe there's something wrong with the controls.
Back at the laboratory, you mean.
Well, that is a possibility.
Then again, you may have bitten off a little more than you can chew this time.
Nonsense! The materials may be rudimentary, but there is nothing wrong with the design.
At the risk of sounding skeptical, George, wouldn't it be more practical to just build another balloon? You have the technology, that new rubberized material is perfect, you said.
And with a new balloon we can continue the search for Veronica from the air.
And if we don't find her we What? we can all fly home.
What is it? Raptors.
Do you see them? How many are there? I don't know! I'm not Veronica.
Maybe you just imagined it.
No, when I use my imagination, it isn't for raptors.
It's a T-Rex! That's another fantasy I can do without.
Any inventive suggestions, George? I'm a bit short on ideas right now, We could take refuge in the base of the windmill.
The T-Rex will knock it down like a house of cards.
- Well, let's run for it.
- What kind of a plan is that? - Run.
- I'm right behind you What on earth? - Where did she come from? - Be off with you.
The T-Rex seems to be afraid of her.
Well, whatever scent she's wearing, I'll take a dozen bottles.
I hope I'm not intruding.
Intruding? I should say not! Madam! - However did you do that? - We have an understanding.
I'm a witch you see.
A good witch! Dame Alice.
How do you do! My name is George Challenger.
I'm a scientist.
- Oh, this is Marguerite Krux.
- A skeptic.
How did you really do that? I told you, with a little bit of magic.
That is what witches do, you know.
Play with the weather, make magic potions, cast little spells.
And fly.
Witches can also fly.
Can you do that? How else would I got here? Well perhaps you could give us a practical demonstration of this most extraordinary ability.
This is a most interesting apparatus What exactly does it do? - I don't trust her.
- Oh Marguerite! She just saved us from a T-Rex.
Let's not be uncharitable.
looks like some sort of instrument of magic.
No, It's not magic, Dame Alice.
I'm a man of science.
I attempt to harness the powers of nature for practical purposes.
With this apparatus, for example, I can transmit and receive electromagnetic waves through the atmosphere.
Much the same way I receive my power.
Sounds like our friend hasn't given up after all.
Witchis gone.
It's incredible, she just disappeared.
- Let's disappeared, quickly.
- Tree house let's go! Where are you? Don't tell me I lost you that easily.
Not likely.
Now you keep your hands where I can see them? You know, stealing a man's rifle is a sure good way to get yourself shot.
If you must kill me, do it quickly.
I have no intention of killing you.
what are your intentions? To turn around and walk the other way.
But what pleasure is there in that? Look, whatever you're offering, I'm not interested.
Tomorrow there will be a great feast of joy at my castle.
Just stay where you are.
Why must you be so cruel? Don't you want just a little taste? Thanks, but I have other plans Unless you've seen a young woman in a hot-air balloon.
- In a balloon? - I'll take that as a no.
So you go your way and I'll go mine.
And don't follow me.
I mean it! Are you sure I can't convince you to come to our castle? Well, next time perhaps, but I really have to meet my friend.
I know! We can leave a note for him! He's more than welcome to join us.
Well, I'll suggest that to him when he shows up.
I'm sure he can find his way.
I'm sure he can too, but I promised to meet him here.
Such loyalty to your friend! But isn't it deeds, not words, that make the man? Whoa! Wait a minute! There's no one around, no one is going to interrupt us.
Yeah, but I hardly know you! You keep talking about this woman you are searching for in the balloon but I've seen the way you look at me.
You don't now anything about me.
Don't you find me attractive? Like I said, I'll, I'll discuss it with my friend once he gets here.
You're late, Roxton.
You don't really think she was a witch, do you? I don't believe it for a minute.
Although she did seem to have some power over that T-Rex, not to mention her ability to appear and disappear.
- Which potentially makes her very dangerous.
- Indeed.
You know her fascination with my radio wave reflector makes me think that maybe her so-called powers were also Electro magnetically transmitted.
Her fascination with your equipment was just an obvious ploy to get close to you, my dear friend.
Oh, Marguerite, your concern for my welfare is appreciated.
But I'm just sorry we didn't have more time to speak to the woman just to find out more about her powers.
Well, it's not too late! I was on my way back to the castle, when I realized what wonderful company you are.
You never heard of knocking? How did you get up here? I told you, the way I travel everywhere.
I flew.
- And I can speak in tongues.
- Marguerite.
Well, we're not looking for any trouble, are we? I'll only stay a little while.
There, There can't be any harm in that.
I'm afraid the lady of the house has a few reservations.
Uninvited guests and such! Between magic and science, we have a lot of ground to cover.
We do indeed.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Whoa! At ease, Ned! How long have you been waiting? Only about an hour and a half, two hours.
- What took you so long? - Now that is a very good question.
I got side tracked by a bizarre woman who I'm embarrassed to say stole my rifle.
I have a sneaking suspicion she's still following me.
- You met a woman.
- Yeah.
You know was the strangest thing.
When I caught up to her and got my rifle back, she invited me to a festival at a castle.
What did she look like? Blonde.
- What is it? - I met a woman too.
She was a redhead.
We walked here together and then she headed off in that direction for her castle.
The two of them are working together for some reason, it would seem.
The one I met was very attractive also.
Yeah, trouble often is.
Come on, it's getting late.
We should find a place to camp.
What are we going to do? We'll think of something.
If we don't get them back to the castle, Dame Alice is going to be furious.
We'll never pass the initiation.
The one I was with said he was looking for a woman in a balloon.
That's what the one I met said too.
Well! Maybe we should find her! Or at least, tell them that we have.
Why didn't I think of that? When it works that apparatus you saw down by the windmill that transmits and receives electromagnetic waves.
Those instruments calculate the speed and distance of a flying object.
Electromagnetic waves.
I'll have to remember that phrase next time I call down the powers.
This powers, as you call them, I'm sure they can be explained by science.
What is science, if it isn't magic? Magic is the apparent use of natural or spiritual forces to produce a result that is logically impossible.
Science is exactly the opposite.
Can science explain the powers of the supernatural? Not as yet.
But the more we learn, about the nature and behaviour of the universe, the less mysterious it becomes.
Understanding the world around us doesn't make it any less mysterious.
Magic is a celebration of the unexplainable.
As a scientist I can accept not that there is much we have to learn, not that there is anything that is unexplainable.
Tell me more about your incredible invention.
Like putty in her hands.
Who's there? What do you want? We come to give you great news of your companion.
- The one in the balloon.
- You know what happened to Veronica? Yes, yes, we've heard she's back in our castle.
Come, Come with us, we'll take you to her.
I have to wake my friend.
Stay there! Roxton! Wake up! Go! go.
- What do you want, Malone? - These wom.
- Where'd they go? - Where'd who go? Well, that girl I ran into today.
And a blonde.
They were just here.
They said Veronica is back at their castle! Interesting I told the blonde I was looking for Veronica.
I told the other one the same thing! Dammit! They sure want us back at that castle of theirs.
By hook or by crook it would seem, and it's probably the last place we want to visit.
Well, we'll deal with it first thing in the morning.
Good night.
Almost ready for a practical demonstration, - Shall I turn the power on? - I can hardly wait.
Challenger! NO! The power is more than you can handle.
Challenger! No.
- Challenger, where are you? - Marguerite! - Whatever is the matter? - Oh! I just had a dream that that witch rewired your lab and electrocuted you! I can assure you she hasn't.
As you can see, I'm still here.
And where is she? I don't know.
I was talking to her and I turned around and she was gone.
I've looked everywhere where are you going? To your lab to analyse my dream! Don't touch anything.
Just tell me how it works On second thought, just answer my question, yes or no.
Marguerite, what exactly are you looking for? Good heavens! These wires appear to be crossed.
However did I manage that? I'd say you had some help.
- Oh, Marguerite.
- You didn't do this, George.
That woman is trying to kill you.
I saw it in my dream! What if we're wrong and they were telling the truth about Veronica? Do you really believe that? Somebody at the castle might have seen something.
Aren't you a little bit curious to get to the bottom of this? The bottom of the trap you mean.
how do you know they want to hurt us? What make you think they won't? Okay, how about this.
You continue on south, I'll head over to the next valley and check it out.
- We can meet again at sunset? - Are you serious? What's the point of searching for Veronica if we're not going to investigate all the possibilities? We're heading into trouble, Malone.
I don't like it.
Fair enough.
I'll lead.
Who would do a thing like this? Dame Alice! Good day, Challenger! Oh! What happened? You owe me some sort of explanation.
Surely you don't think that I did it! It was probably a dinosaur.
I think you were tinkering around in my laboratory last night.
Who told you that? That woman you keep around for amusement? Marguerite looks after me! Oh! She distracts you from your purpose.
She confuses you.
She fills you with unwarranted suspicion.
She's much more treacherous than you realise But an amateur compared to me! Good bye, wizard! She, she was going to murder me without a moment's hesitation.
I tried to tell you that last night! Lucky for you I decided not to sleep in this morning! - You did that for me? - Aren't you glad? What are we going to do with her now? If she really is a witch, then I've heard burning at the stake is the best solution.
Indeed! But now I have to start at the very beginning with all this equipment.
How can you be so sure that they'll come? I believe their desire to find their friend will be enough to convince them.
If they don't get here soon, we're going to have to go find them again ourselves.
What kind of story are we going to make up this time? Stories we don't need.
As long as we have this! Not enough to kill them just enough to make them sleep! You stay here.
I'll go take a look around.
You're a fool, Malone.
Then what does that make me? Big dogs I take as an early warning sign.
Big friendly dogs.
Anybody home? People who don't respond is also worrisome.
What's this? Numbers, symbols An altar.
- It can only mean one thing.
- Sorcery.
Or hocus-pocus.
- Witchcraft.
- Please, you have to help us! Do you really know where our friend is? Well, uh, I'm sure she can't be that far away.
- That's our cue to leave.
- No! No.
We were desperate.
We didn't know what else we could do? Where is your accomplice? Right here.
If you do not help us, we will be punished.
Please Let us explain.
Oh, what is that dreadful sound? Well, I suggested the water wheel or the rack, but our dear friend the scientist had a hunch that electromagnetic waves might be your downfall.
- Please turn that thing off.
- Is he right? Let's see you fly away, then.
What is it you want from me? I want to know who you are, why you're here, and what it will take to make you go away forever.
I will never go away forever.
Did I mention that the frequency can be enhanced on that.
Easy, Marguerite.
The windmill only generates a certain amount of electricity.
Enough to do the job I'm sure.
Yes, but we don't want to blow the circuitry.
Your lives may have been saved.
But I will soon take two in your place.
The two men that live here? They will not return.
Roxton and Malone.
- What have you done to them? - A night of celebration and dance? Well, how does that work? I mean there's no one here except you two and those dogs.
And you.
We're wasting our time here.
Sorry, ladies.
Too many things don't add up.
- What is it? - Our final invitation.
Roxton, are you okay? Yeah.
I think so.
God dammit! I was hoping it was just a bad dream! More like a nightmare.
Yeah, thanks to you! Or should I say thanks to me for listening to you! - You didn't have to follow me.
- What? And miss all the excitement? All right.
What is it that you want from us? The full moon is on the rise, and soon it will be time for our initiation ceremony.
Is that before or after the sacrifice, It's all right, ladies, you can tell us.
We're all chained up now.
When do you cut our hearts out? W we don't know what you're talking about.
Human sacrifice is not something we believe in or practice.
We celebrate the cycles of life the union of male and female.
Then why are we chained up? Why the big charade to get us here.
Oh, keeping you here is the last test of our initiation.
If we failed, there would not be another chance.
We promise no harm is going to come to you in any way! Oh, that's comforting.
What have you done with Roxton and Malone? There's nothing you can do to save them now.
- Where are they? - Turn it off! Not until you tell us where they are.
- In the castle.
- Where's that? Fine! Fifty miles south of here.
There's nothing you can do to save them! At the witching hour, - my dogs will slaughter them.
- What? Marguerite, no! not too much.
Upps! Where is she? Well, she can't have gone very far! - Oh yeah? - What do we do now? There's only one thing we can do hurry! Upstairs, quickly! I call upon the powers of the supernatural, Enter my body.
Fill me with your magic and vision! I am the southern witch of darkness.
All is well tonight.
We will not be interrupted.
It's just began.
Finally! Well done, girls.
I wonder who this might be? You have completed your task.
Oh, we had to chain them.
Of course you did, darlings.
No one likes to go to their deaths.
Wait a minute, ladies! You said no one had to get hurt.
Tonight we celebrate Narina and Brywik's initiation.
We have no use for you alive.
Surely there must be some way we can barter our way out of this, uh? Not unless you have something else to offer two other bodies in your place? - Well, ah - Why does anyone have to die at all? You have nothing I want.
No more clever questions, okay, Malone? Time to go, girls, This is your night.
The moment you have been waiting for.
This step-up transformer will significantly boost the power, and with the transtenna facing due north, we should be able to send a significant blast of electromagnetic waves at least for a minute or so.
A minute? Unfortunately, Marguerite, time is not on our side, and the heat generated by this process will certainly burn out the hastily assembled equipment.
For one whole minute, you may be able to limit this woman's power? This is the only help we can offer to Roxton and Malone? We're not going to be able to make it to her castle.
This is our best shot.
What minute do we pick? Dame Alice said the witching hour.
So midnight it is.
Is it necessary to kill the wizard's guards? Yes it is! And I advise you not to protest if you wish to pass your initiation, Send down your power! Arise my lovers! Your fast is over! The wizard's guards await you in the tower.
And now, my faithful daughters It is time for your transcendence.
Threetwo one! Is it working? Oh yes! It's sending out a signal! It's working! It's working! I bestow upon you the powers of the supernatural.
Damn you! What happened? What's going on? We can discuss that later.
We're running out of time, That is, we've done all we can.
Is it going to be enough? Malone, duck! - Thanks for the warning.
- The pleasure is all mine.
Same thing that the dogs are wearing.
Come on.
Time to move.
Your fearsome magic cannot be tamed by science.
What can we do? It's too late to save the guards, but we've got to try and stop her if we can Look! They're still alive! Run! You've escaped my dogs, have you? Your dogs are free of you at last.
You killed them! Better off dead than cowering at your feet.
No! How dare you? What are you doing? Malone Careful, Ned! Oh my God.
Congratulations on quick thinking, Neddy boy! Action and reaction.
No thinking involved.
You risked your life to save us! - Well, I guess that makes are even.
- We will not forget you.
Your missing friend? She is very lucky to have someone as loyal and strong as you are.
And I do hope you find her.
So much for a night of wild celebration.
You found something absorbing, Marguerite? In fifteenth century Ireland, Dame Alice Kyteler was accused of witchcraft, after the mysterious death of her third husband.
From each of her marriages she inherited a fortune, and fled the country, never to be heard from again.
Oh, that's who she was.
Fortunately for you.
She underestimated our man of science here.
Why would George take any of the credit! He wasn't even there! Then you tell me how to you explain the disappearing manacles, and Dame Alice's sudden loss of powers.
- Are you saying you did that? - We gave you our best shot, at the stroke of midnight, we bombarded her castle with all the electromagnetic waves we could muster.
I see.
Wasn't it your machine that got us into trouble in the first place? Oh, I understood you went to the castle quite voluntarily.
- We were looking for Veronica.
- So you say.
As we'll continue to do until we find her.
It's a pity those young witches didn't stick around to help us, we could use someone who could fly.
If that's the case, Perhaps we can get them back.
What on earth is that? That is a magic wand, Challenger.
More powerful than science I understand.
Humbug! *