The Lost World (1999) s03e13 Episode Script


So far away again.
Sometimes I think I hardly knew you.
They were scampering off into the jungle like, well, like two frightened schoolchildren! They were raptors, Challenger! Baby raptors.
Oh, Veronica, you should have seen them.
Maybe I will.
I'm going for a swim.
- Oh, do you want some company? - Not really.
But thanks.
- Okay.
- Veronica? Are you all right? Uh-huh, I'll be back in a little bit.
I think you broke the poor girl's heart, Malone.
You know, I've been thinking about that myself, despite her denials, I think she may well be in love with him.
I'm not so sure about that.
Well, we talked about it a little while ago.
Good friends, she said.
No more than that.
Afraid to take a chance if you ask me.
No! Veronica's just reach a time in her life when she wants to fall in love, but not necessarily with Malone.
But it's definitely with someone.
Where am I? What's going on? At last you've come to see me.
Do I know you? Oh, I've been waiting for your visit ever since I first laid eyes on you.
Do you like my music? Yes, I like it very much.
I wrote it just for you.
For me? My dream come true.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World That's that was incredible.
You wrote that just for me.
I did.
I've never seen a real piano before.
- Can I touch it? - Certainly.
Sit down.
Don't be afraid.
Who are you? My name is Thomas Ducart.
I've seen you many times in the village.
Perhaps you've noticed me as well? No, I've never been here before.
I live in the jungle that surrounds this place.
- Jungle? - That's where I was born.
I've been through this valley lots of times and I've never seen your village here.
Ah, such an imagination.
But I'm afraid there aren't many jungles in Germany these days.
Not Germany! South America! A lost plateau in the Amazon jungle? My parents came here before I was born.
And how long ago was that? Its only 1822! No, it's 1922! Eighteen twenty two was a hundred years ago.
We should be back by late tomorrow afternoon.
I don't know why you don't wait for the morning and make an early start.
- My sentiments exactly.
- Well we could, but either way it'll take more than a day to get there and back so we may as well get started.
Did I really volunteer for this? We all need bullets, Marguerite, and without sulphur - we'll soon be out of gunpowder.
- Wouldn't you rather go alone? Well, I need someone to carry the sulphur.
Do I look like a pack mule to you! Absolutely not! Which is why I'm anxious for your company.
So, get off that fine tush of yours and let's get going.
- See you tomorrow, George.
- Good luck! Are you sure you don't need my organizational skills around here? Oh, I think I can manage without you, Marguerite.
Although I will miss your sunny disposition.
Well, whatever force brought us together, we were destined to meet.
But you think I'm someone else.
Well, yes, yes, I thought you were a young woman I've often seen here, but hey! I'm clearly mistaken.
You're nothing like her at all.
It must be your clothes that caused the confusion.
I don't even know how I came to be wearing these clothes.
You're from another place or time or a ghost or something.
This whole place it can't be real.
Well, you know, I feel alive, very much so.
I mean, don't I feel alive to you? Yes.
I can't stay.
I have to get back to my friends.
Well, then, may I come with you? I want to meet your friends and see for myself this strange world you talk about.
I'd like that very much.
What happened to your clothes? This is what I always wear.
You're beautiful! A goddess.
Thank you.
And this place! It is a jungle! Everything you said, it's true! So you're not disappointed? No, no, far from it.
It's like I've been given a second chance to live life.
It's wonderful! It's extraordinary.
I'm glad you like it.
What like? I love it! It's all because of you, the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me! How, how can this be? My friend Challenger might be able to explain it.
Come on.
I should have done this a long time ago.
A place for everything and everything in its place.
I can't wait for you to meet him.
Challenger! - He's probably in his lab.
- It's incredible! Challenger! What happened? Oh, are you all right? Where am I? I must have banged my head when I fell off the ladder.
You've got quite a bump.
Well, who's your friend? You're lucky you didn't fracture your skull.
I'm not sure you didn't.
I daresay I have a slight concussion, no more than that.
Well, a concussion can be serious, and sudden movements can make it worse.
You tell him.
You should take it easy for a few days at least.
I hope you're listening.
How is it that a musician knows so much about medicine.
Well, I studied medicine briefly at the university.
But music has always been my passion.
You should have heard him play, Challenger.
It was amazing.
I could have listened to him play for hours.
And I could play for you forever.
Yes, well I would like to visit this village of yours myself.
Not until your head's better.
Your appearance here seems to defy rational explanation.
No it doesn't, well, not for you.
Strange things happen all the time around here.
Well, yes.
I suppose it could have something to do with harmonics.
Etheric vibrations caused by your music could have ripped you and your village from their natural - place in time and space.
- See I told you I could explain it.
I'm not sure that I have.
You could still be no more than some supernatural apparition.
Well, Veronica and I have already established that I'm not a ghost.
What do you recall of your life in Germany? I remember growing up, going to school, studying music everything right up until this morning.
Did you recall anything unusual? Well, no, not until Veronica walked into my life.
I see.
The conditions that led to your sudden appearance here may not be permanent.
Are you saying I could disappear again.
As quickly as you arrived.
But until I know more about this phenomenon, I can't possibly draw any logical conclusions.
Do we have to talk about this right now? Come here.
I want to show you something.
- What is it? - Wait and see.
It's Mozart! Concerto number 21! - Isn't it amazing? - Absolutely! - Whatever is this machine? - It's called a gramophone.
Such clarity! It's like actually being in an orchestra pit! Isn't he fantastic? I can see how attracted you are to him, Veronica.
But he may not be as charming as he appears to be.
- What are you saying? - Just be careful.
And stay out of that village.
As I said, it could vanish as quickly as it materialized.
And you do not want to be caught in it if it does.
I can take care of myself, Challenger.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, no no, no.
- Are you hurt? - I'm I'm fine.
I'm just afraid I've broken your machine, that's all! It's okay.
Challenger can fix it.
It must have been lonely living here all by yourself.
But I got to know a lot of the tribes that live here as well as most of the animals.
But you never found out what happened to your family.
Oh! Not yet.
But I think they'd like to meet you.
- What is it? - Triceratops, I think.
What? A dinosaur! Come on! Thomas! Thomas! Are you all right? No broken bones.
Well, that was one of the less friendly inhabitants.
You saved my We really should be going in case he comes back.
I never thought it could be like this.
Better than this it could never be.
I feel like I'm in a dream.
Oh you feel wonderful to me! Well, it's still there.
The mist at least.
Oh, I'm sure my village is there.
Do you think Challenger's right about it being unstable? Well I hope not! I must see you again tomorrow.
I'll be waiting right here for you.
Good morning, Challenger.
How's your head today? Oh, a little better, I think though I had a splitting headache last night.
You should take it easy for a couple of days, like Thomas suggested.
I take it you're going off to see him again.
Yes, if it's all right with you.
He broke this on purpose, you know.
Why would he do that? To interrupt our conversation.
He didn't like what I was saying about his intentions.
Neither did I! You're wrong about him.
You don't think you're rushing things a little? No! I don't trust him, Veronica! You need to be more careful.
I can take care of myself, Challenger! I always have.
We all make mistakes especially when it comes to matters of the heart.
Mistakes! Is that what you think he is? No.
Worse than that.
I think he's dangerous.
You don't know what you're talking about! He makes me very happy! I think you should stay away from him.
I'm not a little girl, Challenger! And you're not my father! If I were I wouldn't let you leave this treehouse.
Oh really! Well, just watch this! Veronica! Some shortcut, Roxton.
Stop your complaining, Marguerite.
You're the one who was so anxious to get back to the treehouse! Besides, who looks like a pack mule here, huh! Strange.
I haven't seen the valley choked up with fog like this before.
It'd better not be choked up with dinosaurs! - What is going on? - Who knows? Howhow did this happen? I have no idea but you look stunning.
You look pretty dapper yourself! Yes, I do look pretty damn sharp, don't I? Some sort of uniform.
Which prompts the question, where the hell are we? Looks like a German village.
Where on earth are we? I have no idea.
Are we alive again? If we are, Ducart must be alive as well.
But only until I find him.
Do you hear that? Yes.
It sounds like a full orchestra! Where would Thomas find anything like that around here? It has to be him.
Come on.
This is just like being in Germany a hundred years ago.
Must be some sort of illusion.
I wonder if this couple can see us.
Good afternoon! - Good day, sir.
- Nice weather.
I guess we're not invisible.
Well, they are wearing the same kind of clothes we are.
Ow! What is it? Something in my shoe.
Sit down over here.
Here we go.
Such a gentleman.
Excuse me? We didn't order this.
They're on the house.
Enjoy your afternoon.
Oh, Marguerite.
I don't like this place! Oh why not! I think it's rather pleasant.
It's almost like being back in the civilised world.
How do you know it's not poisoned? How do you know it's even real? That waiter looked and sounded real enough.
Oh John! There are many strange forces at work on this plateau.
Do all of them have to be cause for alarm? I think we should go back the way we came and get back to the treehouse.
I am going to enjoy myself for five minutes.
Why don't you go look around and see if you can find yourself some trouble.
- Is that what you want? - Um-hmm.
What are you waiting for.
All right.
I'll be right back.
You wait here.
What strange kind of house is that? Ducart! Are you up there? Anybody home? Who are you? What do you want? We're looking for Thomas Ducart! You wait right there! What year did you say it is again? That doesn't make any sense.
How did our village get here? Yes, well, that's still something of a mystery to me as well.
Now, tell me, Captain Melrick, why are you so concerned to find Mr.
- The man is an utter scoundrel.
- I had my suspicions.
In 1822, he was married to me.
Until he ran off with a young girl named Julia Gesch.
She lived with her father.
He sent me a letter begging that I intervene.
My sister and I went after Ducart.
He was hiding in a cellar under the shops in the village.
When Julia learned of the scandal she had caused she committed suicide.
- Oh, that's terrible! - Yes.
It was terrible for us all.
Oh my god! Nadine, look at this! That's Veronica.
No that's Julia Gesch! Now where is she? You looking for me, Melrick? Who the hell are you? You know damn well who I am! - Just take it easy with that.
- Get out of here.
Not until I find the woman I came here with.
Get out of here! Oh my god! What the hell is going on here? It's just like 1822 all over again.
Oh, no.
Not again! We really are no more than ghosts! You died a hundred years ago? Yes! Yes, after Thomas ran off with that girl, Julia Gesch, Melrick and I went after them we chased them into a small village.
Melrick confronted Thomas, and Thomas pulled a gun on him and shot him dead.
What have I done? I found the cellar that they were living in.
My husband, once a great composer, now reduced to filth, living like rats.
Poor girl she was innocent.
What chance did she have? My husband filled her head with lies, said she was his muse, his inspiration.
How could she resist his music? It was so beautiful so divine.
There must be some way out of this! I must get her back here.
How pretty.
I stood in the doorway, listening to his music.
I could see her, reclining on the bed, enraptured watching him with such love in her eyes When she saw me, she gasped.
My husband stopped playing.
He turned to me I could see his madness then.
Even when he drew his gun, I didn't move.
The bullet in my chest was like a caress.
- He shot you? - Oh, the pain was gone.
He couldn't hurt me any more.
The young woman, having seen that took her own life.
Yes, by drinking hemlock.
A little makes a good sedative.
Any more than that is fatal.
How dreadful.
Her father was a lowly woodcutter who lived in a forest near the village.
He found her in the cellar.
She was his only child.
He must have been drawn here by Veronica.
If she is with him now, her life is in terrible danger.
Bravo! Exquisite! What are you doing here? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
The door was open.
No, no, please! Don't stop playing on my account.
You have no business here.
There's nothing left between us.
Was there ever? Why does a man with such obvious talents hide himself away down here? I'll never play for you again, Nadine.
I only married you for your money and your position.
You knew that! But you weren't happy being my patron.
No, no, you wanted more.
I'm not Nadine.
You must be mistaking me for someone else.
Oh there's no mistake.
You followed me here because you couldn't let me go! Move away from the door, and you'll never see me again.
Oh, no, I'm afraid it's too late for that.
You see, I've already killed your brother, and now you're going to have to die as well.
I'm not your wife! I don't have a brother! The captain, Melrick.
I shot him half an hour ago.
The captain? Roxton! He came here to defend your honour, as if you have any.
You shot Roxton! I despise you, Nadine.
I always have! And now I have found another woman, a creature so divine my music is for her and for her alone.
Then play for her.
I promise I won't try and stop you.
- You won't? - No! Nadine! There's still time.
Still hope.
Nadine! You must find your friends.
You have to hurry.
Veronica! Wait! Thomas! I didn't think you'd come! I never thought I'd see you again! I couldn't live without you! You're my muse! My inspiration! We shall always be together! Always! - Hey, hey, hey! - What's the matter? I think I'm falling in love with you.
And I don't want this to end.
And why does it have to end? - I don't want to lose you.
- You never will.
But Challenger said you could just disappear! You, your village - your music! - How how do you know that Challenger is right? How does he know? You forget about Challenger, hmm? Has he ever been in love? Does he even remember what it's like? No! I guess not.
No! Then come and live with me, Veronica.
Let my village be your home too! But what about my friends.
What need have you of friends? Hmm? We have each other.
But I belong out here.
- I'll come see you every day.
- No, no! no, no.
No, you must come with me now and stay with me.
I can't.
At least come and listen to my music.
I'd love to.
Marguerite, where are you? - No! - I've been looking all over for you! It was ghastly! I heard a piano he he thought I was his wife he shot me! It's all right.
It's all right.
It's probably the same lunatic who shot me.
He thought I was someone else as well? Where did he go? I don't know.
But we've got to get out of this village right now.
Come on! You were right about this place.
We never should have stopped here.
I'm always right.
You should know that.
Right for me.
I will not forget you said that.
Let's hope I don't need this.
Now all I've got to do is find that village.
Seize the moment! Live for the day! Is that not the way love should be? I thought you said that love should last forever! Well so it shall.
No one will come between us! Wait here.
I have a surprise for you.
A surprise? Come in.
Where's the surprise? Oh, you'll see it in a minute.
Let's drink to the sunny days ahead.
Aah! Go ahead.
Throw caution to the wind! Now come here and sit on the bed right where I can watch you when I play.
Oh, such beautiful music.
Genius tainted by insanity.
I will spare you no mercy if you have harmed her in any way! I could listen to you play forever.
And so you shall.
When I first looked upon her face, it was like I was looking at an angel.
So innocent so pure.
I don't understand.
Her name was Julia Gesch.
- Ah, she looked like you.
- What? I loved her as no man has ever loved a woman.
I turned my back on fame and fortune, shunned all humanity, even the light of day for her! I have to go! No! - Let me out of here! - No, no, no! I can't! I can't! - Now you are mine! - No! Yes, yes.
You belong to me.
These must be the clothes of the poor girl's father.
All right! Your wine was laced with hemlock.
The same poison she drank to end her life.
Now you will stay with me forever.
I love you more than life itself.
What have you done? She's not your daughter anymore.
Oh, you're mad.
You've gone completely insane.
You can't save her! You can't take her away from me! Veronica! Veronica? Veronica? Not yet.
Come on, now, now drink this.
Drink! Come on! That is, just a little more.
Good, come on now.
Oh come on drink, come on, now.
Challenger? Where are we? Back where you belong.
- Where is he? - He's gone.
You're safe now.
In your arms, not his.
Oh, it's all right.
It's all right.
Do you remember what you said to me back in that village? Um-hmm.
About you being right for me.
Yes! I was delirious.
I really didn't know what I was saying.
I didn't think so.
- Let go of me! - Veronica! - It's all right.
- Oh, I just had the most horrible dream.
Not a dream.
It really happened.
Are you sure? German village, crazed musician we were all there.
You saved me.
Oh, it wasn't all bad from what I hear being adored, idolised.
Love is much more than that.
It's unconditional nurturing and understanding.
But does it always have to hurt so much? - No.
- Oh, yes.
It may not always be smooth.
But it is always worth the effort.