The Lost World (1999) s03e17 Episode Script

The Imposters

What are you guys doing up so early? Oh, good morning, Finn.
We were just about to wake you.
Where are we going? We are off to explore a mountain cave we found last year to see if the village on the other side has returned.
What? This cave, overlooks a valley where every year, for just 2 days, the sun reflects off these brilliant mineral deposits in the hillside in such a way as to bring two separate planes of reality together.
Last year we found a quaint village run by a disgusting little tyrant who tried to hang Lord Roxton and me.
For crimes we did not commit, I hasten to add.
Fortunately Marguerite's quick thinking saved the day and we managed to get out of there before the village disappeared.
And now you want to go back there.
Well, Roxton and Challenger do.
I'm as ambivalent about it as you are.
Whatever that is.
As you are no doubt beginning to realize, Finn, there are strange forces at work here on the plateau.
Perhaps the most mysterious phenomena that we have encountered are the shifting planes of reality other worlds that simply come and go.
Who knows what we'll find on the other side of the cave this year.
- Why would you want to know? - Haven't you heard? The pursuit of scientific knowledge is never-ending.
How right you are, Marguerite.
The more we understand about the world around us, the greater our chances of survival.
Well, let's get started.
Well, I'm ready.
What do you say, Finn? Are you ready for a little adventure into the great unknown? Guess it beats sitting around here and watching the plants grow.
Hey, that's the spirit.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
- Come on, Marguerite.
Challenger - Seven, and Finn are going to be way ahead of us.
No need to wait for me, I'll catch up.
One, two, three.
- You mind telling me what you're - Almost there.
- Where is it? - Where's what? Here it is! Just where I left it.
What, you buried your treasure out here? Oh, some of it.
A little here, a little there it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.
You never cease to amaze me.
Well, one must always plan ahead, Lord Roxton.
I mean, who knows where this fissure will lead us this time.
There's no point in leaving the plateau empty-handed.
So how did you find this cave? Quite by accident, Marguerite and I thought it might lead to a way off this plateau.
Oh, that would be good, I'd love to see what the world looked like before it was destroyed.
So, what do you think of our new housemate? She's certainly direct, I'll give her that much.
She's been through an incredible ordeal, Marguerite.
She's lost her friends, family, and witnessed the obliteration of her XXI century world.
It's so hard to believe that every major city in the world will be destroyed by war in a hundred years from now.
We were there, and even in our own time, we have witnessed mankind's - potential for global annihilation.
- I suppose you're right.
All the more reason why we must get off this plateau.
It's up to us now to warn the rest of the world what lies ahead.
Well, perhaps this year, the fissure will take us home, huh? Let's hope so.
Is that it? Yes, It may not look like much, but if my calculations are correct, the light inside will be quite blinding.
Only one way to find out, ready? You're right about the light, George, It does look bright.
Let's stick together.
What is that? It looks like a face.
It can't be! Run! Finn, what is it? I think she knows something we don't, and we should get out of here! Let's go! At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Once again, we have escaped the darkness of the demon world.
He can't be here! We are free at last! Free to enjoy this world, as those we've replaced never could.
We must remain on this side for at least two days, Only then it will be too late to send us back.
To breathe! To feel! To see! To hear and smell.
So this is what it means to be alive! It means nothing, Maybe nothing to you, but I've spent an eternity in darkness.
And I could send you back there in an instant.
And don't think I won't! Sorry.
I won't let you down.
I promise.
See that you don't! What do we know of these people we have replaced? The woman was fond of gems.
A fortune-hunter I would say.
This one sure liked guns! I like them too! Save your ammunition! He wasn't armed like that for no reason.
We have no idea about this place.
We have no idea what we might run into! What do you got there? George Edward Challenger.
This man must have been a scientist.
That will prove to be very useful indeed.
The world will never be the same again.
What have we here? A map! it's a map of where they live! I wonder what sort of dwelling they have.
We'll find out soon enough Let's get moving.
Apparently this is a plateau somewhere in South America, Unknown to the outside world.
The perfect place to begin my work.
What was that? I have no idea.
A dinosaur.
I haven't seen one of these for a few million years.
What kind of wild uncivilised place is this? Just shoot the damn things! Somebody out there Una, that way, run! You hold them off.
- Me! - You like guns.
Start shooting! Oh great! The lab.
That was way too close for comfort! We're not safe yet.
What the hell are those? - Pterodactyls.
- Scavengers.
They've smelled the raptor blood! Behind you! We're easy prey out here in the open.
Try scare them off! This must be where they used to live.
In a tree house? It affords some protection from predators I assume.
That fence won't stop a dinosaur.
- Don't, don't touch the fence.
- What? What kind of thing is that? It's called electricity, Rixxel.
It's strong enough to kill you.
Very clever, Mr.
Very clever.
I wonder if they left any friends behind.
I don't know, but we're bound to find out.
Anybody home? Very nice! Anyone here? Not bad at all.
Well, looks like we have the place to ourselves.
Not quite! She seems to have taken a nasty fall.
She's very pretty.
Pick her up.
Bring her upstairs.
She's coming around.
Challenger? Don't be distressed.
You have nothing to fear.
You took a nasty fall.
What have you done to my friends? Your friends? They were with me in the cave.
I saw you in the light! Ah! They must have passed through.
They must be on the other side.
Then why are you wearing their clothes? You must be mistaken.
Clothes like these are very common in this climate.
We're searching for George Edward Challenger.
Is that who you were with? Yes.
Where is he? What happened to them? Oh, we have no idea.
Perhaps we can help you find them.
I would like that very much.
Now where does Challenger keep his journals and his notebooks? Why? If I know what he was working on, maybe I can explain where he and the others have gotten to.
That makes sense I guess.
Are you all right? Yes I just need a glass of water, I think.
I'll get it.
Now these, ah, journals of Challenger's.
Where does he keep them? In the lab, in a trunk under the workbench, I think.
I'll go take a look.
Hands in the air! One move and he's dead! Drop your weapons all of you.
No, no, no, no, no.
You only have one shot.
You can't kill us all.
- Where are my friends? - I told you, I have no idea.
Liar! I know who you are! You do? Then put down the crossbow and we can explain everything.
There's no need.
I know what you did, what you're going to do.
Why are you behaving like this? Your name is Zoth I've seen you before.
Why does she call you Zoth? Where has she seen you before? I have no idea.
But I'm going to find out.
I want her alive! Food, oh! What a glorious indulgence! You are not here to indulge yourself.
I can't hunt on an empty stomach.
Just bring her back.
Why is it so important to you? I don't have to explain things to you.
Just go! Right, I'll have her back before you know it.
You may not owe him an explanation, but I sure would like to know what you intend to do with this girl.
You know my purpose, Una.
To wreak havoc on the world, as usual.
Yes! To restore it to its natural state of chaos! Those who survive the destruction will be subservient to me.
I will be their true and rightful leader! You haven't answered my question.
Una, you've only been a human for a few hours and already your emotions - are starting to rule your head.
- Never! I am the one you chose, the one you need.
You will never have to choose again.
Not to share my glory.
But I do need another female.
- Who? - Another demon to assist me.
Salimyter is ambitious and uncontrollable.
But her knowledge of plants and animals biology, that's what the humans call it, is unequalled.
She will speed us our chaos.
But she'll not serve you or anyone else for very long.
If I take her from the demon world, she will serve us long enough.
And then you and I will dispose of her together.
So you intend to use this human female to bring Salimyter into this world.
We will take this human to the fissure, and we will feed her to the void.
Since I find your trail, you shouldn't be too hard to catch.
Walking, not running.
Run, pretty girl, run.
Let the chase begin.
How I have missed these simple pleasures.
It has been too long.
You've found the scientist's journals.
I won't ask what you've been up to.
Do you like it? I have always admired your choices.
As I revere your single-mindedness.
So what have you found? George Challenger was a genius.
In this jungle laboratory, he has invented the most incredible things you could imagine.
If he had lived, he would have been bound for greatness greatness that will now be mine.
Greatness that you rightly deserve.
With the knowledge and formulas in this journal, I will be able to create weapons of destruction that the world has never seen.
Do you know what this is? This is a drawing of an atomic fission bomb.
Apparently Challenger detonated one deep beneath the earth's surface last year.
- How exciting! - Oh, it's incredible.
It's incredible, that's what it is! Even a small atomic bomb has the power to just level a whole town.
Think what a large bomb would do! There's no limit to my power.
Of course, but once you build these bombs, how will you deliver them? I mean, won't you need some sort of aeroplane? Yes, but that's a minor problem I have yet to solve, and I'm sure the answer is here in these precious journals.
This man had no idea of the power he could have wielded! It was all here at his fingertips.
Since the beginning of eternity, I have dreamed of bringing chaos to the world, and now, thanks to George Challenger, I have found the way! No use! You can't get away from me.
That's close enough.
What do you want from me? We only want to be your friends! Then throw down your weapon and step out where I can see you.
How can I trust not to kill me? How can I trust YOU? What choice do you have? You're all alone.
You need our help to survive in a world like this.
I've survived in worse than this.
- Tell me how to save my friends.
- We'll help you search for them.
Just you and me? All right.
Just you and me.
We'll go back to the cave through the mountains, that's where I saw them last.
No, no.
We can't go there alone.
It's too dangerous.
Too dangerous for who? - To dangerous for all of us.
- Well that's where I'm going.
You can follow me or go to hell.
Humans need to eat, my dear.
How is it going? - Do you know what this is? - Not a clue.
It's an aeroplane without a pilot, powered by a rocket and guided by radio signals.
With a machine like this, I can launch my attack from here! I can target any city or country in the world! You found all this in Challenger's notes? His book of ideas, he called it.
Unmanned aircraft to travel cargo all around the world.
He also had another notion to put a camera in it and take photographs of the earth and changing weather patterns from high altitude.
If it can carry scientific apparatus, then it can carry bombs just as easily! Brilliant.
No need for soldiers just an arsenal of bombs.
I can make the prototype in about a month, a few test runs, and then mass production.
With weapons such as these, what need have you of Salimyter? Una, I need her more now than I ever did.
I mean, don't you see? If this rocket can carry bombs, it can also carry poison and disease throughout the atmosphere, wiping out anybody who survived the atomic destruction.
Salimyter will eliminate any possibility of retaliation.
But is it worth the risk.
- What risk? - Salimyter is a powerful demon.
She will know what you have in store for her and she will arm herself to fight against you.
IF I give her the chance which I will not do.
Don't underestimate her, Kayle! If you let her out of the void, you may bring about your own demise! Nonsense, when Rixxel returns I will take the girl to the fissure and we will make the exchange.
And then our little army will be complete.
Ah, okay.
This way! You're making this far too easy.
Come on out! I've got you now.
Guess again, sucker.
Okay, okay, take it easy.
Drop your rifle! Now! Drop your hand guns, one at a time, nice and slow.
- You're very good.
- And you're very dead unless you start filling in the blanks.
If you kill me, your friend will die as well.
- I don't believe you.
- It's true.
We come from a dark place beyond this reality, a void where life exists without form.
There's no escape except through portals that appear from time to time, but we need living souls to take our places.
So as long as you're here, my friends are trapped on the other side.
There must always be an equilibrium.
On your feet.
What are you going to do? I'm going to trade you in to get my friend back.
If what you say is true, he can help me with the other two.
No, no, please, you can't.
I've got until sundown tomorrow, that much I know for sure.
Now move.
MOVE! If you let me go, I'll help you trap the other two.
You'd betray Zoth and the woman for me? Why do you call him Zoth? His name is Kayle! Not where I come from.
And where is that? How do you know him? In a hundred years from now, he's going to destroy the world.
That's a good one! With nuclear bombs, chemicals and radiation.
Every city in the world will be destroyed.
The only people left alive will be right here, and most of them don't deserve to be.
You're making this up.
It can't be true.
Kayle has got plans, he wants power.
Maybe he wants to control the world.
Why would he destroy it? I saw his face, on posters and video screens everywhere.
Video! What's that? He killed my parents, my friends, everyone I ever loved! I can't believe it.
I was there! Now move! No! Dammit! What are you doing? Do I frighten you? No I find you very handsome.
Why would you ask such a question? I was just thinking of that girl that Rixxel was chasing.
Why she was so terrified when she first saw me? She called you Zoth.
Does that name mean anything to you? No, but she was convinced she'd seen me before.
Where? We have escaped from the void many times before, but I don't remember running into anybody like her.
Do you? Never! I mean, do I look like somebody else? How would she know what I was about to do? You'll have to ask her yourself, Sounds like they're on their way up now.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
She got the jump on me I had to run for my life.
You let that waif outwit you? Where are your weapons? She got them too.
And all she had was a crossbow! Kill her wouldn't have been a problem.
Why is she so important? Kayle wants to use her to free another of our kind.
- Who? - Salimyter.
What!? Salimyter thinks of nothing but destruction! Silence! I need her to complete my plan.
Y-your plan! What plan?! Do you think I came here to live as a human? Did I not tell you I had a greater purpose? Greater than life? I will destroy mankind.
I will return order to this planet, chaos a place which is fit for me, where I will rule! That's why I came here, didn't you? Of course he didn't.
He came here to escape from his own kind, to be weak and soft like the body he now inhabits.
- Is that true? - No.
Have you fallen in love with human flesh? No.
- Do you want to be like them? - No! Then bring me that human! I will.
I promise.
Wait! We have until sundown tomorrow.
By then it will be too late.
I'm quite aware of that.
Rixxel has failed you once before chances are he will again.
Then I'll kill him! That won't get you Salimyter.
What are you suggesting? I will capture the girl.
How? Oh, never underestimate the power of a woman.
Sorry, Veronica.
We can always build a new treehouse.
No, leave me alone! - Come back here! - No! You two can go to hell! Let her go.
We don't need her! Don't shoot! I beg you! Where are you going in such a hurry? As far away from Kayle as I can get.
Why? Because he turned against me, that's why.
He's planning on replacing me with another woman! - Too bad for you.
- You don't believe me? Well, why else would I run away from them, unarmed, knowing you're out here waiting? I have no idea, But now you're mine.
And one at a time or all together, I'm taking you back where you belong to save my friends.
I'm sure she's had no better luck than I had.
You're an incompetent fool, Rixxel, I should have sent Una to do the job in the first place! You don't understand.
The only way to save your friends is to capture Kayle.
We have to work together.
You're lying.
Well, you can think what you like.
But I'm not waiting around here for them to find us.
Stop right where you are.
You don't have the nerve to shoot.
One more step and you'll find out! Well done.
Oh, there was nothing to it.
It's a terrifying nightmare for civilized people everywhere I day we pray we'll never come.
Nuclear weapons reaped out cities around the world The sun blocked out by clouds of radiations Biological poisons started this at very begin Is it the insane ambition of one man? or are we all in this terrible land Zoth! Zoth! Zoth! Zoth! Zoth! Zoth! Zoth! Zoth! Zoth! No! - What are you looking at? - Are you all right? What do you care? Would you like something to eat? Just let me go.
You were having a bad dream.
What do you know about dreams? We all have dreams, I always dreamed of being in the light, being human.
And are you? What's that? I don't know.
A weapon I guess.
You guess? Who drew it Zoth? - His name is Kayle! - His name is Zoth! Where is he? He's upstairs with Una.
What are they planning to do with me? They're going to take you to the void to exchange you for another of our kind.
- And you're going to let them?! - There's nothing I can do.
Kayle would kill me if I tried to stop him.
- Unless you kill him first! - I can't! You're a coward.
Did you tell him what I told you? But you know it's the truth! How can it be? He's here now, not a hundred years from now.
He got out early.
He's going to destroy the world unless you stop him.
How's our savage little friend this morning? As repulsive as he ever was.
You know him well.
So, are you ready for your final journey? Yeah, I could do the walk.
Get your hands off me! I suppose Rixxel has told you what we have in store for you.
Anything would be better than living in a world with you.
Yesterday you said you knew me.
You called me Zoth.
What do I know? I've never seen you before.
And after today, I hope I never see you again.
Don't worry! You won't.
Bring her.
When the sun goes down tonight, my climb to glory will begin.
You don't need Salimyter for that! But you're the one who made this possible! You captured the human.
I only did that to prove my loyalty to you.
I still know that you are better off without her.
I don't need your opinion, Una.
With Salimyter my success is guaranteed.
Without her I could fail.
No, you're wrong.
You underestimate your own abilities.
Do you know what the world will be like when Zoth finishes with it? I don't want to hear about it.
Too bad.
For ten years, we couldn't see the sunshine.
We couldn't breathe the air.
We lived underground, ate contaminated food, and listened to the sound of people dying every night.
That was the world I grew up in the world Zoth created.
- I'm sorry! - You're sorry.
Is that all you can say? I mean, is that the world you dreamed of living in, when you dreamed of being alive? If you don't stop this from happening, you're just as much to blame as he is.
There's nothing I can do.
Then give me the gun and I'll kill him.
What about your friend, the scientist? Challenger? Do you think he wouldn't die to stop this from happening? If he knew the way Zoth was twisting all the things he worked so hard for, he'd do anything he could to stop it from happening.
Anything he had to.
All right.
I'll let you go.
But we have got to make it look like you escaped.
- What's going on? - Run! No, don't let her get away! NO! NO! No! Roxton.
Roxton? Finn! What's going on? I thought you were dead! I I could have killed them all along to get you back! Killed who? What are you talking about? Wait here, I'll be back.
Damn you! Now she'll hunt us down like animals! there are two of us and only one of her.
Until her friend recovers.
We have to get back to the void before the sun goes down! What about your plans? It'll have to wait until another time.
Come on! End of the line, Zoth! I'm not letting you leave.
Let us go and your friends will be released! My friends will be released when I kill you two.
You can't lie to me anymore.
She can't stop both of us.
It doesn't matter about me.
You're the one that has to get away.
We could have seen this through together.
Go! I'll cover you! Oh, no, you don't! Finn! Let me go! It's too late.
Do you know who that was? - Roxton! - Marguerite? - Where's Challenger? - He's still inside! We lost him too! You made it out! Thanks to Finn.
I could have saved the future, and all I saved was you! Ah, there you are, Marguerite.
Yes, here I am.
Are you coming up? I've made some lunch.
Oh, how lovely, I won't be long, I'm just looking around, and and thinking how how nice it is to be home.
Home? Oh, you know what I mean.
Back from that horrible place.
Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean.
I much prefer you as flesh and blood.
Oh, thank you.
- Well, don't be long.
- No, no, I won't.
There we go.
Everything back in place.
What is it? It's a radio guided robot aeroplane equipped with an atomic bomb! It looks a bit like that contraption that you you exploded underground last year.
On that occasion, Lionel and the Kobolds left us no choice.
But this creature has used my notes and my journals to design an.
an abominable weapon! And he was going to use it to destroy the world.
Just like he will a hundred years from now.
I think you should burn those plans, I never want to see them again.
Nor do any of us.
The most important thing is to find a way to stop this fiend.
- Oh, we will.
- How? Don't you see? Thanks to you, we now know what this creature is, and where it comes from.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean we can stop him.
Yes it does.
You know what he looks like.
You've seen his face.
I'll never forget it.
You can help us create a portrait we can show to everybody in the world.
That's right.
This monster may have escaped for now.
But when he returns, the world will be ready and waiting.
If I'm here when he comes back, he's history.