The Lost World (1999) s03e22 Episode Script

Heart of the Storm

Hey, Challenger, where do you keep the extra gunpowder? On the top shelf between the nitroglycerin and - What do you want gunpowder for? - No reason.
I don't suppose you have any detonating caps down there, primer cord, laser igniters? Laser igniters! What on earth are you up to now? I was just sort of thinking.
The electric fence is pretty good.
An electric fence in the middle of a jungle, made of copper mined from next to a T-Rex hatchery and powered by a handmade windmill is pretty good? I guess, but I was thinking, if we added a minefield to A minefield? In two days' time we'll be in the balloon flying home.
Come on! How many times have you guys tried to leave already! Personally, I've lost track.
It's become a way of life.
How come you think you're going to make it this time? Young lady, let me give you a brief introduction to the basics of modern meteorology.
George! No time for lectures.
The balloon will not load itself.
Finn, I think what George was trying to explain is well, once a year, the winds that circle this plateau, they change direction.
And once a year, when the skies are clear, well, we get to fly home.
Try to fly home, you mean.
I mean, why risk it? Do you guys know how good you've got it here? I certainly do.
Veronica, you know full well that the first thing we'll do when we get back to London is mount a return expedition to the Plateau.
We will not forget you.
- Or Malone.
- Or Summerlee.
That's what Malone said to me in his letter.
No matter where our journeys take us, we'll always be together, somehow.
These guys are loading the balloon, and I don't have anything to pack so let's go check out that T-Rex hatchery before somebody starts crying.
So, you and Malone really were I don't know meant to be together? It's just what you said about living here.
I didn't know what I had until until you didn't have it anymore.
I told Ned we could be friends.
What was I thinking!? If Malone were here right now, do you think he'd still hop on that balloon and head back to London? Well, he stayed behind the first time they tried to leave, but if he were still here, I think I'd go with him, just for a visit.
I get you.
It's like part of me wants to see what the world's like in the XX century, you know, all the cities and the people before it all gets blown up in my time.
But another part of me doesn't want to leave.
Especially you, Vee.
I'm going to miss you too, Finn.
Do you think that makes us like sisters, maybe? Yeah! Who knows what it makes the other guys.
Finn's family.
I like the sound of that.
You know everything about this place.
What's that? I don't know.
I've never seen anything like it.
You think it's like some kind of a mirage or something? Challenger would love it.
New Amazonia? Oh, puke! Vee, this is where I came from! We're in the future? And we're not alone! - Over there! - Run! Don't make me wait! - Yahoo! - Keep running, girls! At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World - What is that thing? - Slaver's car! If they catch us they'll take us to the oilfields! Are we back? We're back! Well, how are you, Arthur, how's my favorite beetle today? Good gravity! You are putting on weight.
No more tidbits for you, old son.
Oh, I wouldn't even bother with that.
We're considerably overweight as it is.
I'm sure we can find something less important to jettison, A dinosaur egg or two.
An extra rifle perhaps.
- Uh-huh! - Oh! Oh, Marguerite! It's not as though you have to smuggle them through customs! You pack your valuables, I'll pack mine.
I take it you found the T-Rex hatchery.
That was the easy part! Challenger, there was this strange rippling thing, and for a couple of seconds, we were in New Amazonia.
In the future you mean, in the year 2033? Sure looked like my time sounded like it, too.
But you returned with no ill effects.
Other than my ears are still ringing.
I didn't know automobiles could be so loud.
This is most curious, I believe you experienced an aftershock a secondary tremor of the temporal dislocation created by my tele-tranportation machine when it took us all to Finn's era.
Oh, is that all.
Another day, another mystery.
At least the rubber tree grove is well away from the hatchery.
Rubber tree grove! The balloon is repaired! We don't need any more rubber! No, no, no, Marguerite.
Roxton's right.
We should have emergency supplies.
Well, we don't want to get off the plateau only to find ourselves stranded in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest now, do we? Oh.
Challenger, what are you feeding that bug? Lead? Two mysteries in one day! England is going to seem quite dull when we get back.
Do you think we'll finally make it home this year? I don't know if I really want to, I'm going to miss this place including the times we've spent together.
This stuff smells awful.
Try not to get it on your hands, or you clothes for that matter.
You'll never get it off.
Never? Not without some serious scrubbing.
Which, of course, I wouldn't mind administering.
Are you offering to launder my clothes for me? Certainly.
Anything to get you out of them.
I think you're getting rather too bold, Lord Roxton.
Best keep your mind on the job at hand.
There you go again.
You, see it feels like you're always pulling away from me.
I'm right here beside you.
Oh come on, you can't deny it.
It's the little things, like no time for late night coffee.
Talking about trivia instead of addressing the issues.
Not looking me in the eye during conversations like this.
I am just preoccupied with all of the loose ends I'll have to cope with if we do make it back to England.
Well, we can deal with those together just as we've supported one another here on the Plateau.
My life back home is very complicated.
Well, from what you've told me, I'm sure it is.
That's the difference, don't you see? You HAVE told me.
I know quite a lot about your complicated life.
Including the fact, you may be the reincarnation of a Druid priestess.
I still don't believe that one.
Then how do you explain the birthmark of your shoulder blade? It's exactly the same as the one we found on that mummified body.
You don't need to remind me! I was the one who found it.
So if you don't believe in coincidences, what rational explanation do you have for it? Now you're sounding like Challenger! As convinced as he is that everything here has one simple explanation.
Sounds reasonable to me.
I think that the mysteries of this plateau are never-ending, and it would take a library full of books to explain them all.
Easy enough to replace when I get back to London.
This barometer could be helpful in determining altitude.
- That's odd.
- What's odd? The air pressure was rising this morning as I fully expected.
That's a good thing? Well, yes.
That means the local winds will blow us away from the plateau.
But now the pressure is dropping.
And dropping is a bad thing.
If the barometric pressure continues to drop, the winds will blow INTO the Plateau.
So we won't be flying out of here today.
Well, scientific instruments can always give faulty readings, Finn.
I'll crosscheck it with the altimeter in the balloon.
Why not? How's Veronica? Mmmm, she's all right.
But that car that chased us really got to her.
I'm not surprised.
She has never seen an automobile before.
It's got to be weird, I mean, growing up here, and knowing all about the outside world but never seeing it.
Now I guess she never will.
Vee told me that if Malone were still here, she'd probably go back with him for a visit.
I don't think Veronica can leave the Plateau.
Why not? You saw what happened that day at her father's grave.
Veronica is next in line to succeed her mother as Protector of the Plateau! But she doesn't even know what that means! You're the science guy, do you really believe all this stuff about her mom being in someplace called Avalon? Stranger things have happened.
Especially here.
Strange things and strange people.
Are you sure we can carry all of that? Unless you want to make two trips.
I'd rather not make any trips.
Here! Ready? Whenever you are.
What is that? It's New Amazonia! The ugliest city I've ever seen and never wanted to see again.
Just like Veronica and Finn said.
What was Challenger's explanation for this? Where did it go? Back to wherever it came from, I hope.
Now where are we? The witch's castle.
Is it over? That must have been some sort of optical illusion.
That puts us in three different places at the same time.
Let's get back to the treehouse.
Yeah! If only you could hatch.
Raptors at the London Zoo.
Now there's a recipe for disaster! The barometric pressure is still falling.
According to that, we should be in the middle of a brewing storm.
But there's not a breath of wind.
The sky is Hello! What a remarkable atmospheric anomaly.
Perhaps it's the same phenomenon that Veronica and Finn encountered.
This is it! I found it! I found it! Great Caesar's ghost! You are William Maple White! Have we met? In a manner of speaking, I watched you die before my eyes three years ago.
So after you stumbled into that native village, my guide brought me to you.
But you were delirious in the final throes of a massive infection brought on by what I subsequently recognized to be a wound caused by a Tyrannosaurus rex.
You asked for your journals and whispered show them, and then you died.
Yet here I am hale and hearty.
Maybe you're not who you say you are.
It wouldn't be the first time we've met an imposter.
White, what year do you think it is? I don't think I know: 1919.
It is in fact 1922.
Impossible! Yet here you are, hale and hearty.
Have you experienced any atmospheric phenomena optical distortions strange lights? We're in a rainforest, Challenger! The light is never the same from one moment to the next.
White, I believe you have passed through a temporal aftershock, resulting in a disturbance of time's normal progression.
You're the one who sounds disturbed.
Your discoveries are what brought me to this Plateau! A home to extraordinary phenomena that would astound the rest of the world, and yet you yourself refuse to open your mind to its wonders.
He's not here for the wonders, Challenger.
Marguerite told us why he's here to settle a debt.
What nonsense is that? You are sadly misinformed.
Then why did you come here? This spot where we are, right here is the grand intersection of a vast network of earth energy lines.
The exact center of the Plateau! Dr.
White, I have been mapping the Plateau since we arrived, and I can assure you, this treehouse is far from being its center.
An admission which reveals exactly how little you know.
I have live here for three years.
Challenger, you yourself said that your new maps don't match my old ones that some places seem to have shifted position.
Well, that's true.
The topography of the Plateau isn't exactly static.
There's no need for debate.
Do you have a shovel? Come, Marguerite, Not too much further! Are you still going to miss this place? This is getting worse and worse! That's Malone's pyroglyph.
That happened some months ago.
Now which way to the treehouse! That way I hope.
Not funny, Roxton! Observe the proof.
These markers have been here for millennia.
They form a circle around the center.
So the Treehouse is the center of the Plateau.
According to Dr.
White's map at least.
A triangular stone with a spiral just like my mother's pendant.
- Can't be a coincidence.
- I don't think it is.
You say this is the grand intersection of all the Plateau's energy lines.
It's not just the intersection.
It's the origin.
It's the source that fuels them all! It's what I've been searching for.
I didn't read anything about this in your journal.
How would you know what is or isn't in my journal? What if the treehouse isn't where we left it? Where else would it be? Well, on a day like today, it could be just about anywhere! Well, let's not subject ourselves to paranoia just yet, Marguerite.
Hold onto your hat here we go again.
Oh, damn.
Conquistadors? No, it can't be! Not in this century.
I mean, there haven't been Conquistadors in South America for something like 300 years! Tell that to them, Roxton.
Roxton! Capitan John Roxton.
Major LORD John Roxton, actually.
- Who are you? - Ferdinand Perez.
In the service of King Phillip II of Spain.
And whatever title you may go by, your days of plunder on the Spanish Main are over.
Throw down your weapons or die where you stand.
- That's not very friendly.
- Silence, woman! - You - Now, Marguerite.
Allow me to defend your honor.
Whoa, right on the button! Get off! Get off ! After them! Get after them! Go! After them! Dr.
White? Among the items in your pack are your journal book and a photographic plate of a pterodactyl.
Please take them out, and let me show you my proof.
I've kept these with me always, your journal, and this photographic plate are what inspired me to come here.
This is my writing my drawings! - That's impossible! - Exact duplicates, right down to the last entry.
White, I believe that you have come into our time less than a day before you were attacked and killed by that T-Rex in 1919.
But if you come back with us to London in the balloon, you will escaped your fate.
That's just the proof I need, that the future can be changed! I can warn the world that the war will destroy it in the XXI century! Billions of life will be saved and the world will be made whole! And you, William Maple White, will be the man who made it all possible! What madness are you talking about? How can you know what will happen in the future? Finn, that young woman with the crossbow.
She was born and lived in the twenty-first century.
White, I think it is time you read my journals.
I think we've lost them, John.
Now do you mind telling me what that was all about? Mistaken identity, I guess.
Don't give me that! That man recognized you! Don't be ridiculous, Marguerite! Your days of plunder are over, he said.
I have no idea what he's talking about.
Yes, you do! And since I am running for my life, with you, I think you owe me an explanation! Oh, look how the tables can turn! All right.
Look, if we really are back in the sixteenth century that man was looking for my ancestor.
Why? Because Captain John Roxton made his fortune by relieving Spanish galleons of their Incan treasures whilst bound for Spain.
- I don't believe this.
- Well, it's true.
And for his efforts on behalf of the British crown Queen Elizabeth the first made him a lord and gave him a parcel of land.
The Roxton family estate at Avebury? Yes.
Well, does that satisfy your curiosity? All this time I thought that your ancestor was a great statesman! Well he was, after he served with the British Navy.
He was a private! He was a privateer in the commission of the Queen.
A buccaneer by any other name is still a cut-throat, - peg-leg pirate! - Marguerite, he didn't have a peg-leg or a bloody parrot! Not even an eye-patch? No.
Why, Lord John Roxton, I never would have suspected you had such a colorful past.
Well, then, it looks like we have more in common than what you thought.
Any more dark secrets you'd like to share? Keep searching, we must find them! Family secrets will have to wait.
All right, Marguerite, I'll need a little extra firepower.
What? - Marguerite? - Bring him to justice! Roxton! Druids.
We have been searching for you, Morrighan.
What? The time has come for you to die.
What foul thing is this!? Allow me to give you a practical demonstration.
What do you think you're doing!? Whoever you think I am, I can assure you you are quite mistaken! You are a Druid priestess.
Your name is Morrighan.
You have done well to have eluded us for so long.
- No, this can't be true! - Bochra's reign is over.
I'm the leader of the Druids now - and I know what you've done.
- I haven't done anything! There is a storm approaching conjured by your dark powers.
A storm you hope will destroy the world.
What? The only way to stop the storm is by killing you.
- Take her! - Oh! Shall I end your life right here? Splendid, you're giving me a choice? Where did you get these weapons? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
- Where is your ship? - I don't have a ship! - We came here by balloon.
- English dog! Your ship is anchored somewhere on this river, and you are going to tell me where! Look, I think you have me confused with a distant ancestor.
There is no confusion.
Seven days ago, off the coast of Venezuela, you plundered and sank two Spanish galleons! Oh, I see.
Then what am I doing here? You put ashore to hide your stolen cargo.
No! that's NOT what happened.
Your ship was overloaded.
You had no choice! Captain John Roxton was a very capable seaman.
That I do know.
After giving you chaps the slip, - he made it safely back to England.
- Lies! This ring! This ring belonged to the commander of the ship that you sunk! You stole it from the Incas, my ancestors stole it from you.
The Spanish steal from no one.
You will die for this! Vee! Over there! We're still here! If Marguerite and Roxton were caught in one of those.
At least they're together.
This barometer is still falling.
By all reasons, we should be in the middle of a raging storm.
By all reasons.
I've just been reading your journals.
There's not an ounce of reason to them.
Trickster gods, spirit rescues, disembodied demons, Winston Bloody Churchill! You call yourself a man of science! So you contend that in the two years you've been searching this Plateau you never encountered phenomena that was inexplicable to customary science? Dinosaurs can easily be explained.
As for other oddities, all I've heard is second-hand stories shared by natives.
But those two outside? Protector of the Plateau and a foundling from the future! Huh! There's our storm.
That's not thunder.
What is that thing? The Flying Dutchman.
So tell me, Dr.
White how does your customary science explain this? An airship caught in a storm, no more, no less.
Now tell me, how do you explain this extraordinary disappearance? That airship was here, one year ago.
The atmospheric distortions have opened a window in time.
Are you saying that's how I came to be here? If this is the center of the plateau, I believe it is acting like a magnet.
- As if all possible - past, present and future are being drawn to it! But faster and closer than ever before.
It's as if the Plateau is folding in upon itself! Another airship? No! Just Challenger's storm.
Damn you, Challenger! The center of the Plateau is a source of power that could give humanity ultimate control over life and death! But you ruined everything! I have!? It's that girl from the twenty-first century! You plucked her out of the continuum, like like tugging on a loose thread, she's not where or when she's supposed to be, and so everything comes apart! You have set in motion the imminent destruction of the Plateau! No! The facts are against you.
Finn is from this Plateau.
How can it be destroyed in our time when it still exists in the future? You brought this on yourself and you bloody well deserve it! But I don't! I'm getting out of here.
Don't be a fool! Where can you go? I know the way off the Plateau.
Veronica! Finn! Stop him! You heard him, Doc.
You're not going anywhere.
- You can stop me! - Wanna bet? No! Finn! That's not what he meant! I was only going to wing him.
What happened? He went back to his own time.
Back to that fatal encounter with the T-Rex.
Now the secret of how he got off the Plateau has died with him.
My mother couldn't escape her destiny either.
Maybe no one can.
Now what is it? See how the compass needle is spinning? I believe this is the reason those shimmering windows have yet to reach the treehouse.
The electric fence creates a magnetic field which repels them.
So we're safe.
Not at our present power levels.
but if I can get another line to the windmill I can generate a magnetic field strong enough to disrupt those windows.
And then we will be safe.
What about Roxton and Marguerite? All we can do is hope they will be returned to us from whatever time displacement they are in, just as you and Veronica were.
So the only question now is, who goes with the second wire.
What does this spiral remind you of? A whirlpool, vortex, maelstrom.
What do you think the connection is, between these markers, the tree, and the fact that my parents chose to build their house here.
I know the spiral is a common enough motif in many cultures, Veronica.
Including the Zanga.
The Zanga believe that the world will end when everything is brought together and crushed in single spark.
The world is ending? Not for billions of years yet, Finn.
It's a quaint story, Veronica.
But I can recount dozens more just like it from countries all over the world.
Then maybe, just maybe, they all have some basis in truth! What's happened to Arthur? He's spun a cocoon! Challenger, beetles don't spin cocoons! Then perhaps he's not a beetle.
You keep playing out the safety line as I make my way to the windmill.
If I encounter anything unusual, I'll give three sharp tugs, and you can pull me back.
Challenger good luck! Good luck to all of us.
Challenger! Pull him back! Pull him back! Challenger! He's gone.
Challenger! - We've got to go after him.
- No, I don't think we can.
Whatever it is, it's all around us! We'd better stay inside the electric fence.
Shouldn't the fence be making some kind of a noise? There's no power! Something must have happened to the windmill! Then there's nothing left to protect us.
We have to look after ourselves now.
What on earth? Who are you? I asked you a question! Can you hear me? What is the meaning of this? I demand an explanation! No! Can't you tell from the way I'm dressed that I'm from a different time and place? If that is true, then how did you come to be here? I don't know! Your birthmark tells me who you are.
The sacrifice must commence immediately.
The storm is quickly approaching.
What storm? There isn't a cloud in the sky! As is prophesied, it will be sudden, and without warning, but the storm will come.
Proceed! The scouting party should have returned by now.
Where are they? - Well, are we lost? - Not lost.
My men will find the passage.
My friends and I, well, we've been trying to find a way off this Plateau for - three years now.
- Stop talking nonsense! What year is this? The year is, ah, 1580.
Oh, that's too bad.
It's doubtful you'll make it home in time for the great invasion.
And what invasion is that, huh? Well, eight years from now, your king is going to send a fleet of ships to conquer England.
How glorious that would be, eh? To crush you like the cucarachas that you are! Yes.
A sea battle to be remembered for centuries.
The great Spanish Armada humiliated by a fleet half its size.
You know knowing.
Spain will never be defeated.
Well, uh don't say I didn't warn you! Got him, after him! Got him, quickly! After him! This is everything they worked for we can't just abandon it.
Malone's journals? For Challenger, when he comes back.
Where's that coming from? It's a cone of light.
Finn, it's like a pyramid,like this! What does it mean? It's a sign of the Protector, my mother's sign.
My sign! Finn! It's my turn, my time! Your time for what? To save the Plateau.
And our friends, if I can.
Anytime you're ready.
Finn, we need to find the center.
Arthur, stay! The center of the treehouse? Finn! I know where it is! Remember when we moved the furniture? The furniture! The marks that we found on the floor! My mother put them there for me.
She knew I'd need them some day.
So what's next? What's happening? II don't know! Vee, I think you should get out of here! I can't! This is where I'm supposed to be.
Well how do you know! I mean, what you're doing could kill you! II have to try! Vee, what's happening? The pyramid of light and the storm of darkness.
Veronica, don't do this! Veronica! Finn! There he is! Not here.
I got her! All right, come with me he went this way.
Come on, this way! Move it! move it! All right! Don't let him get away! Four left.
I think I could be in a little bit of trouble here.
This is where you die, you English pig! More than a little bit of trouble.
On my command, charge! Marguerite.
Wherever you are, may it be a better place than this.
Come here! Come on! Your body will be sealed in this tomb, for all eternity.
The place Roxton and I found the body, it's not reincarnation at all! That body was mine! This will put an end to your dark powers.
Killing me will not solve a thing.
Great circle of life! Let not this terrible storm devour us! Take this dark soul.
Send us back the shining wheel.
Storms come and go all the time! Bring back the light! Roxton! where are you? Please talk to me.
Are you capable of speech? The year is 4666.
Who said that? Are you not a man of science? Are you not the greatest mind of the twentieth century? Well I wouldn't quite go that far.
You would be if I had not intervened.
Intervened? What are you saying? - What are you? - Technology.
We are now the dominant mind force on earth.
Thinking machines? No, I don't believe it! It is a better place now.
A peaceful place.
Humankind has finally found its calling.
But if you, George Edward Challenger, are allowed to live, this natural evolution may not transpire.
What? Are you saying I can prevent this nightmare? Icarus.
Extract the cerebral cortex.
We need to study it and learn.
You can't be serious! What have they done to you? You did it to yourselves.
And we thank you.
Mother! I don't know what I'm supposed to do! Help me, please! I thought you'd come to me! I thought you'd show me! Mother! Is this what I'm supposed to do? Am I saving the Plateau or destroying it!? Am I the Protector!? Not really, this is the end :(